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Headcanon: At some point in time Yuuri got drunk with Phichit and started ranting about Victor. It started out as the basic "he's so awful i'm going to beat him into the ground" stuff but quickly devolved into "-and I hate the way the light glints off his hair and how bright his eyes are and how good he looks in red and-" Phichit films the whole thing and sends it to Victor after they get together.

Yuuri would be like ‘…and I hate his stupid beautiful face and his pretty eyes and I hate the way he looks good with both long and short hair and the way he smiles and the way when we were in bed together he…’ and Phichit is like ‘oh boy imma stop you right there before this gets very nsfw and I hear something I will inevitably regret’

It burns, doesn’t it? [Prologue]

Genre: Mafia!au I Mature I Fluff? Angst…so much angst I Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7 

SummaryWhy am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

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You heard police and paramedics say it was a hit and run. There were others who were injured in the accident but your father was in the worse condition. 

“Dad…please, you can’t-’

‘I love you, ok? Take care of your aunt for me…tell your brother I’m-’ 

 You sobbed vigorously as police had forcefully pried you away from your father’s now lifeless form.

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New York, I Love You

“It’s bloody cold outside, Joe. Can we please go back to the hotel with the rest of the boys?” Y/N whines, hunching her shoulders as she shoved her hands into her pockets further.

“Come on, love.” Joe chuckles, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “You wanted to explore!”

“I did before I realized that it was freezing. I can’t feel my eyeballs.”

“I don’t think you can feel them on a regular day.”

“Shut up. I’m cold.”

He just laughs again, pulling her closer.

The couple had left the rest of the boys, deciding to explore New York City and all she had to offer. Joe was especially excited, because while he had been here before, Y/N hadn’t, and he knew how much she was looking forward to it. He had created a list of different sights he wanted to show her, ending with Central Park, which was decorated for the Christmas season. It would be the perfect location he had decided, because this trip would be special.

“Where we going first?” Y/N asks, bring Joe out of his thoughts.

“I was thinking of Time Square. I know it’s not far, and I’m sure there’s a Starbucks around there somewhere.”

“You do know the way to my heart, Joseph.” She turns her heard, kissing his cheek gently.

“A warm store and coffee. How did I get so lucky that its so easy to please you?” He teases.

“Hey, we had to fly halfway around the world!”

“Well, we were already coming here…”

“You’re running the moment.”

“Sorry.” Joe smirks, leading them through the city.

Hours later, the two are exhausted, and the air is still chilly, although Y/N has stopped complaining as much, too in awe of the city. Joe had dragged her all across it, visiting all that they could, only being in New York for a short period, most of that time taken up by meetings.

Now they were strolling casually through Central Park, the lights twinkling to life as the sky had darkened. Most people had gone home for the evening, finding it to cold to be walking outside, which left them practically alone.

“It’s so pretty here.” Y/N sighs, relaxing into Joe’s side, their hands linked together.

“It really is.” Joe nods.

“Thanks for dragging me around today.”

“I didn’t drag you..”

“Yes you did. But it’s okay. I’m glad you did.” She smiles up at him, and he feels his heart flutter a little. He really loved this woman.

“I’m glad I did too. And before we go back to join the boys…I want to do one last thing.” Joe glances around, nodding to himself as he sees the tree covered lights surrounding them in a small circle, a light frost on the winter flowers blooming. He steps to stand in front of her, holding both her hands in his.

“Oh?” Y/N blinks up at him.

“I wouldn’t have done this trip with anyone else. I mean, yeah, okay, I needed the boys because of the meetings, but walking around New York, showing all the amazing little things…I wanted to share it with you. I want to share all my moments with you, forever and always. So that’s why I brought you here. To ask you a question.”

She felt her breath catch as he let go one of her hands, digging in his pocket and pulling out a small box.

“What are you…”

“I love you, Y/N. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you marry me?” He finishes by opening the box, displaying the beautiful ring to her. She lifts a hand to cover her mouth as tears begin to fall down her cheeks, and she stares at him speechless for a moment.

“Oh my gods…”

“A yes or no would be preferable.” Joe asks, shifting slightly on his feet.

“Right. Sorry. Yes, of course, a million times yes!” Y/N threw her arms around him, kissing him deeply. “I love you too, Joe.”

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What are your main reasons for shipping Pynch

I’ll be up front about this, and I honestly have no idea how much of an effect this had on me reading their interactions, but I knew about pynch long before I started actually reading the books. My friend Edna was the first one to pretty much shove The Raven Cycle in my hands and demand that I read it. (Thank you.) (And also, screw you. This series messed me up.)

Anyway, while she was ‘pitching’ the series to me, she told me all about the characters, premise, and romance. Going into The Raven Boys, I knew all the personality traits that Blue, Adam, Ronan, and Gansey would have. She didn’t spoil anything, but it felt like I knew the characters already. Repeatedly, she mentioned how much I would love Adam and Ronan’s romance, and talked all about what an interesting dynamic they exhibited, cute interactions they had, etc., and I was totally convinced– I was like, Oh man! Adam and Ronan are the CUTEST!

Then, I read the first book, (she warned me in advance about the long, winding road they’ve taken…talk about slow burn) and every time they were ‘on screen’ together, I paid hyper-attention to every bit of dialogue exchanged, and any hidden clues I might find. Then, by BLLB when it’s glaringly blatant, I was already a hardcore shipper. 

Had I not known that Adam/Ronan would become a thing, I doubt I would’ve picked up on any hints during the first one and a half books. I’m confident I would still have been on board with it for sure, though. Here’s why:

  • As I just mentioned, it’s REALLY NOT OBVIOUS at first. To me, that’s more authentic and meaningful than ‘love at first sight’, because Adam and Ronan had nothing CLOSE to that. First off, Adam’s convinced he’s completely straight (all right, son) and Ronan hasn’t really considered him as a possibility, nor has he self-admitted that he’s hella gay.
  • That makes the long, winding road ten times more interesting to me. I’m not trying to imply that weepy, emotional coming to terms with sexual orientation is what teens should ever have to go through– but from the aspect that it’s simultaneously inevitable and unexpected? It’s genius.
  • It’s undeniable that they had a strange (though very strong) friendship and kinship long before things got romantic. The fact that they have this bond to go off of highlights just how much they know about each other– the good, the bad, and the ugly. Still, they stick by each other, even if they’re both jerks in their own right. Meh. They’re good kids at the heart of it.
  • Anyway, my favorite thing was seeing Adam realize just how much Ronan knows him, especially when Adam put so much effort into appearing unknowable. Ronan pays attention. He cares, and he’s insightful. Adam has to take a step back, after getting to know so much more about his friend from the Barns and whatnot, and come to terms with the fact that he might have underestimated or simplified who Ronan is. He’s seeing Ronan in a new light– *wink wink*– and consequently starting to develop new feelings.
  • Sorry this got kind of analysis-y. To the point…
  • The sharp rebuttal of cliches.
  • The interesting, vividly real process of falling in love with a best friend.
  • The reevaluation of previous stereotypes and assumptions.
  • The synergic brainpower– how they took down Greenmantle together was pretty flawless and insanely smart. In short, they complement each other and function well as a team. 
  • The mutual awe. (Awwww!)
  • Pulling each other on the dolly, Ronan putting his leg on Adam’s, Adam stalling the BMW, just….everything is SO GOOD OH MY GOD
  • Shopping carts. (”Adam was full of the knowledge that this was probably going to end in scabs.”…that can be translated on a bigger level)
  • I really really hope they do eventually end up together, but I’ll admit there’s a ways for them to go! Here’s hoping for a happy end?

Something I think about with startling regularity are the pet names new couple Scott and Stiles would use. I have a personal, visceral dislike of ‘baby’ or ‘babe’, so I don’t care how realistic it might be, I would never want them to use them. 

I find myself imagining a scenario where Stiles is like, “I want an affectionate nickname, Scotty.”

“Stiles is my affectionate nickname for you. I can’t help that everyone else co-opted it.”


“Okay, how about nougat? It’s like soft and crunchy all at once, sometimes so sweet it’ll rot your teeth, sometimes so hard it’ll break them?”

“I feel like you’re not taking my valid concerns seriously.”

“Meerkat? Because you’re cute, always on high alert, and can kill vicious predators if provoked?”

“You’re a really mean boyfriend, you know? Everyone thinks you’re sweetness and light, but I know the truth.”

“Daffodil? You’re bright, you’re pretty, but at your roots you’re poisonous if consumed?”

“SO AWFUL. Good-day cruel sir.”

But later that week, they’re cuddled up together, Stiles gently stroking his hand through Scott’s hair, and Scott murmurs a word. One that stops Stiles short.

“What’d you call me?”

“Your name. Your birth name. That’s… it’s okay, right? I just. You wanted me to call you something. Everyone else has stolen Stiles, so. I just figured…”

“Scotty, it’s perfect. Say it again.”

So Scott does, in those quiet, private moments when no one else is around. When Stiles is beneath or above him. When they have their own little world. Scott says Stiles’ name with naked love and affection, and “Scotty” starts to sound like reverent litany.