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Either Way | Part 2, Hoseok

So here is part two to my little series. I’m not sure how many parts there are going to be, but you cant definitely count on a third (and probably a fourth). 

Genre: slight angst, fluff

Part 1

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You woke up the next morning, dread weighing you down, not allowing you to get up and escape your own home. You refused to open your eyes, feeling the peaceful, deep breaths of the source of all your newfound fear next to you. Your heartbeat sped up as you remembered your actions and everything you had seen the previous day.

Hoseok wasn’t the normal college student you thought he was. All of his cute, lip-splitting smile and upbeat words he had spoken around you had vanished in one night. You could still see his harsh grip on the baseball bat, the man cowering in fear in front of him and his two friends as one pulled a fucking gun on him. He was in a gang-or something worse-and you had slept with him. You had allowed him into your home, your bed, your body, and your mind-and you couldn’t curse yourself out enough for being so naïve. You had fooled yourself into thinking that everything would turn out okay last night, but now with your mind cleared of the lust and pleasure he had evoked from you, you knew it would be anything but fine.

Hard cold dread gripped you even harder, but you finally found the courage to maneuver away from the sleeping boy, only to find that he had draped his arm around you sometime in the middle of your inner breakdown. You bit your tongue to stop yourself from whining in despair, and grabbed his wrist lightly, ready to make your escape from your own home. Slowly you pulled his warm limb from around your torso, and just as you were laying it on his side, his eyes opened. You jumped back in surprise, about to tumble over the side of the bed before he darted out to wrap his arm around your waist again, pulling you back into his chest once more. Your eyes locked onto his, and a smile was making its way onto his face as his eyes conveyed amusement.

“You aren’t trying to run away from me, are you angel?” His words were heavy with sleep, causing them to blur together as he blinked lazily. Despite the hard situation you were in, your heart fluttered at the pet name. Hoseok had been the guy you secretly pined for throughout the entire year. When Junho, a boy in your shared class, had asked you out a month ago you had considered saying yes as he stared down at you hopefully. However, right as you were opening your mouth to enter your ball of sunshine had entered the class and sent a smile your way your “sure” had turned into an “I’m sorry.”

Now, staring at the man you had wanted to be close to for so long, you found yourself torn between letting yourself forget yesterday and spend the day in bed with him and telling the truth. You now knew what he sounded like when he just woke up, how tousled his hair was after sleeping and how cute his puffy morning face turned out to be. You wish you had found him yesterday just on the street randomly, or saw him sitting down to eat somewhere, so you wouldn’t have to know what transpired late last night.

“Hoseok, I…” You trailed off, looking away from his face. Biting your lip, you closed your eyes, not wanting to see the sweet Hoseok in front of you anymore. You wanted to be reminded of his black mask that was embellished with gold studs, you wanted to remember the cold glint in his eye when he turned to look at who had interrupted him. You wanted to be reminded of the harsh grip he had on the metal bat, and the fear in the cowering man’s eyes.

“Hey…” He cooed softly, trying to coax you back to look at him by caressing your cheek. You opened your eyes, looking at him apprehensively. The sweet Hobi was back, and you found yourself forgetting about the other side of his life, like it was nothing more than a dream. How could you believe what had transpired the previous night was real when you had this angel sitting in front of you? His previous amusement was replaced by a soft look of concern. “What’s wrong?”

You couldn’t help but laugh almost bitterly. “What’s wrong?” You tried to pull away, and this time Hoseok let you. You sat up, running a hand through your tangled hair almost angrily. “What’s wrong is that I thought you were a really nice guy and then yesterday I see you with two guys beating the shit out of another guy-that one of you pulled a gun on-and for some reason I let you take me home and then I slept with you!”

“Hey hey hey.” He said quickly, sitting up too. The blankets fell from his body, and suddenly you became hyper-aware of the nudity. Everything was so quick last night you didn’t give yourself the time to fully appreciate the entirety of his body. Now, looking at his washboard abs, you regretted both not taking the time to really look and not insisting on clothes before bed. You blushed deeply, pulling the blankets back up around your breasts. He didn’t seem to notice as he continued to talk. “I’m still the same guy you talked to in the library.”

“No you’re not.” You insisted, frustration tinging your voice. “You’re the guy who beats people up with a baseball bat-are you in a gang or something?”

“What?” He questioned, not really following your line of thinking.

“Or do you just attack random middle-aged men on a Friday night?”

“What-why-no.” He laughed, the sound involuntarily calming your tense muscles. “Look, we do do some… illegal things. But that doesn’t mean I’m not the guy who tried to check out a Barbie book and used it as an excuse to talk to you.”

“You do illegal things? Like what?” You asked, pulling the blankets tighter around yourself.

Hoseok tipped his head back and laughed. When he looked back at you, a teasing smile was on his face. “I just basically confessed and you ignore me?”

You blinked, not seeing how he found any of his funny, and simultaneously trying to stop the blush that was threatening to take over your cheeks again. “Are you seriously ignoring me now? Hoseok, if you aren’t going to take this seriously, you need to leave.”

“Okay, okay.” He answered, the amusement draining from his face. “What you saw last night was a guy who is three hundred fifty thousand won in debt to us.”

“Three hundred fifty thousand?” Your exclaimed, your eyes going wide with shock and your mouth hung open. He just watched you silently, waiting for your judgment. “That’s more than one year at university for me-what-how did you guys get so much money?”

“I’ll tell you if you agree to go on a date with me.” Hoseok he implores mildly, an innocent smile forming. You were taken back, not knowing exactly what to say.

“Hoseok, I can’t go on a date with you.” You finally respond, feeling terrible when you see his shoulders drop.

“Don’t you want to know though?” He prods. “You’re always asking questions in class, I know how curious you can get-not knowing will only bother you until you agree.”

You frowned at his words, knowing they were true. After all, that’s what got you in trouble yesterday. You couldn’t just walk away. “Fine.” You finally acquiesce, your resolve dissolving. Not believing you had just agreed to a date with someone who seems to be a debt collector of a very violent sort, you rubbed your face with one hand. You flinched in distaste, feeling the dried sweat and flaky mascara on your face from the previous night. How Hoseok had managed to maintain eye contact and ask you on a date was a mystery.

“Yes!” Hoseok grinned in victory, getting up and your face automatically turned red, turning away from him. It was like he didn’t notice or care that he was naked and prancing around with morning wood. Hoseok didn’t seem to notice, or if he did he didn’t say anything as he left the room. You were slightly confused, but he entered the room again as he buckled his pants, his shirt already thrown on. “Let’s go, I already have it all planned out.”

“Today?” You questioned, before you shook your head. “I have an essay due Monday; I don’t even have it halfway finished. It can’t be today, or even tomorrow.”

“But Y/N…” He whined cutely, dropping to sit on the bed next to you. “Don’t you want to know sooner?”

“My schoolwork is more important than figuring out what you do in your spare time.” You admonish, trying to be serious, but unable to keep a smile off your face in response to his antics.

“Okay…” He relented, returning the smile. “How about Monday?”

“Why Monday?” You question, crossing your arms over the blanket covering you. You still didn’t want to get up and prance around naked like he had earlier. If things didn’t work out and you discovered you couldn’t deal with whatever illegal things included you most definitely didn’t want him seeing you naked again. Which, at this point, you were in favor of ignoring seeing the gun because 1. you didn’t hear it go off and 2. the cute guy of your dreams was sitting in front of you smiling.

“Because Mondays suck.” He responded, and when you only blinked in response, he elaborated. “It’ll give me a chance to make your day better. If I can turn a boring day into a fun one, then you’ll definitely agree to go on a second date with me.”

“Fine.” You concede once again, and he gives a bright smile. “But I really need to get this essay done…” You tried hinting, but he just laid back on the bed.

“Okay.” He responded. “Do you want to get some breakfast first? There’s a really great kimchi place just a few blocks from here-”

“Hoseok.” You stopped him, shaking your head. If he didn’t leave soon you would be too tempted to take him up on his offer. You needed him to leave so you could get your thoughts together. Having him here was too tempting; you were tempted to invite him back into bed so you both could cuddle, you were tempted to go to breakfast with him, and most of all you were tempted to forget what you had seen. You hated how you were so weak.


“I’ll see you on Monday.”