and the last of the friendships


I truly believe that people come into your life when you need them, and our instincts tell us when it is time to let them go. But then there are other friendships that last forever.

You meet someone and after many weeks, months, and years, you realize how important to your life and how glad you are that they are in the world, even if you don’t get to see or talk to them everyday. Your friendship has been worked on, tended to, and encouraged because it is a beautiful thing.

Then there are the friendships that blossom overnight. The people who come into your life and have become an instant friend because the stars align, your anxiety is quiet, and an acquaintance becomes a best friend in a day. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I definitely believe in best friends at first sight.

Let us not forget the friends who have been in our lives for decades. Friends that are beautiful, intelligent, dynamic creatures, who, though you have known them for years, surprise you and your friendship is strengthened with every visit.

These are the friends who walked into your life, and never left.

Of course the bittersweet friendships are the ones that fell apart and came back together after years. These are the friends that knew you while growing up, but some circumstance caused a rift. Your life felt bereft of their friendship, but you thought it was just a part of growing up, and you moved on. But then, someone changed and the friendship came back. It’s stronger now, because you are adults, or the catalyst for the change is gone, but with it is the sadness that you missed out on some years together.

But let’s not forget the other friendships. The ones who were important to our lives for a time, but we had to let go of. The friendships that became too much for some reason. These are important too, because they showed us how we should be treated. They show us how to appreciate the other solid, more fulfilling relationships. They teach us how not to behave if we are to keep these beautiful friendships alive.

They are important in their capacity to learn the balance between opening our hearts to someone and opening our souls. They teach us how to walk that tightrope of being there for a friend when they need you, and being walked on. These are the friends that help us learn to balance between our want to help others, and our need to help ourselves.

But the most important friendship is the one we have with ourselves. Why do we allow ourselves to have these intrusive thoughts of being “not smart” or “not good enough” or “not worthy”? We would never be ok with our best friend saying that about themselves, so why are we okay with doing it to ourselves? And it’s not that our best friends are perfect! We know their flaws and their struggles, but we can also see the great things about them that they are too blind to see. Why can’t we do this for ourselves?

We need to nourish our friendship with ourself by taking the time to realize we are not perfect, and no one is expecting us to be. We are strong, smart, capable people who can do anything, but don’t need to do everything. We need to schedule time alone with the same vigor and intention that we schedule time with others. Embrace our time doing what we love without answering to someone else. Without worrying whether or not someone else likes what you are doing or saying.

Do YOU like it? Or better still, do you like YOU?

Because really, you should.


Thank you Bones, for the happiness, love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance.

The only one (Daryl X Reader) Part 5

Relationship : Daryl Dixon X Reader

Trigger warnings : Parental abuse , depression , 5 years age gap, consensual sex , death, violence, graphic scenes.

Rating : Mature + (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

Summary :

The narrative follows the reader and Daryl. The story starts pre-apocalypse and links the events of different stages of their lives as : kids, young adults and adults, focusing on their friendship and eventual love relationship . But when the world turns to dust, will they be able to make it?

CopyRight: I do not own Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.



Turns out that John didn’t change the scanners after all. He is absolutely a disaster when it comes to technology. Last time he touched some buttons you all almost died from lack of Oxygen. So he’s now forbidden to put his hands on anything except for guns and other essentials.

3 years have passed and you all became like a family, each playing his part.

You spend most of the time in the lab, researching, trying, hoping to find a cure for all this mess.

Rosie is cooking , cleaning. Nobody asked her to but she insisted it’s what she’s done all of her life and at least it passes the time.

The boys do nothing but training and waiting. Sammy is one of them now. At first you all thought it’s a way for him to cope after his mother’s death but now, he’s clearly enjoying the punching and all the kicking.

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A Battle from Within

I hide my pain behind a fake smile,
Pretending to be indifferent as time pass.
For how long I will be able to keep this up?
At night, you are the only one who cross my thoughts.
A presence that cannot be found in any of these days,
It is you despite of the unfortunate events.
As a consequence, two losses surround my mind;
The first one as something I never had,
The last, known as friendship apparently never existed since day one.
If you ask me, these are the things I regret for;
Falling in love after so much efforts,
Giving my all by ignoring my worth,
Caring too much and getting minimal appreciation,
Creating plans to strengthen our connection.
All those things after swallowing my pride,
Sadly, my dignity was left behind.
Yet you called me selfish even after my sacrifice,
What a low-key method to punish a loved one.
Here I am trying to move on, whilst some say “You deserve much more”.
Nonetheless, they are not aware of all the things we shared.
Tell me now, what am I supposed to do then?
I warned you about how I was,
A deep thinker and an empathic gent,
Such a rare combination nowadays.
Now I struggle to not change my true self,
A contradiction to avoid getting hurt,
A trigger to limit tears only for joy.
For the time being I cannot find peace in any of my dreams,
Even there your memories lie within me.
Flashbacks seen as torture,
Wounds that will turn in lessons,
Until today I still wonder, do you regret about your error?
Amber Coffman Shares Statement About Her Departure From Dirty Projectors

Dave and I indeed broke up in the summer of 2012, after a 6 year relationship. After a long tumultuous period, we managed to patch things up enough to leave the future open, and in 2014 we gave working together on my music a test run. Eventually I brought him on in a greater capacity as a producer, he moved to LA and we recorded my album at his newly built studio in 2015. All went considerably well, but things took an unfortunate downturn around the completion of my record, at which time we stopped speaking.

It was never my intention or wish to leave the band or end my friendship with Dave. It was a surprise to me to learn last September about his album plans, the content, timing, use of the band name, etc… I consider it a loss to no longer be involved with Dirty Projectors, but ultimately walking away was the only healthy choice for me.

I’m really proud of the album I made and my hope is that people will listen to it on its own terms. I’ve waited a long time to share it and I’m looking forward to it.

she’s being incredibly gracious but this is honestly fucking disgusting i am… so tired of men

I’m numb right now. Bones is over. A show that I watched for over a decade is over. A show that i laughed to , cried to , convinced other people to watch.Looked forward to every week. Became sad whenever there was a hiatus or when a season ended.

A big part of me over the last decade has come to an end. I will forever love this show. the cast. the amazing people that brought the characters that I love come to life.

A show that allowed me to meet SO many of you on tumblr. make friendships. react to everything together. over. finished.

I’m so thanful for our community and everything that I have learned the past twelve years.

So much love always for each and every single one of you.

Congrats on 15 Million Jack

@therealjacksepticeye I wish I can draw but I can’t. I wish I can sing but I can’t. I love writing poems so this is for you.
Lisa . R. Age:19

Jacksepticeye is a name that people know
You makes us laugh
While your channel grows

15 million subscribers later
And some things changed
But your humbleness
And your love for this community
Had stayed the same

You’re a boss with green hair
You show us how much you care
You’re an Irishman that’s loud
And you make us so proud

The Last Guardian made me cry
When I thought Trico died

Bea, Angus, Gregg, and Mae
Had a heart warming friendship
That will never go away

Your voices for Night in the Woods
Was hilarious to me
They fit the main characters perfectly

So Congrats on 15 million subs
This community will always have room
For septic high fives 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿  How is it we have this conversation in the same game that:

1.  killed a trans character off screen, and killed a gay turian man off screen

2.  had a trans character tell ryder, her dead name

3.  had gil, a gay man treated in a homophobic way by his straight female friend, and had his entire character arc written around said terrible friendship

4.  had reyes, a bi man whose scenes with mryder were clearly slapped on last minute in comparison to his scenes with fryder

5.  had peebee a bi asari, have the same sex scene with fryder as she does with mryder, because they clearly just tacked peebee and fryder’s sex scene on as well

6.  baited mlm with jaal only to have him be straight in game

It’s honestly so jarring how this respectful nice little lgbt+ friendly conversation, made it into a game that clearly is disrespectful to lgbt+ people in other ways. 

I ask you, this time, do not dwell on what you have lost but instead on having had it. The undeniable human truth is that none of this lasts forever. We are all built around a heartbeat that serves as a ticking clock. Such is time relentlessly slipping away from us, and nothing can stop its moving on and on. Apply this to all human things; lives, lovers, friendships, wonderful times and bad times, your good looks, your dreams, your future. We use up so much of our present staring back at what we lost, wondering what we could have done differently not to loose it. What great suffering we put ourselves through because we cannot rewrite history and because we cannot hold onto anything that tightly. But I ask you to think now, of how you have advanced through life as you would advance through any learning. How you have gathered knowledge and experience. How you have succeeded in this. Think of what you and whatever it is that time has taken away again, have exchanged. Remember you can be apart and still a part. And that you have other parts yet that you need in order to form a greater whole. Moreover, I ask that you consider an image of yourself in the future where you have seen this loss at hand and the other losses too, that came before and after. There you will see them all from a greater distance. You will see what grew from the seeds that were sewn by each and understand the greater good that knew more than you knew at the time when you thought you wanted to hold on to something you couldn’t. You will find that regret is not the thing you were meant to take from this or anything else. That everything is as it should be. You will understand why, and you will think of time to be a design greater than you could have ever made with your hands. You will see then, the other hands that never stop turning around you. And for this, my god, you will be grateful.


The good

We have some amazing friends. One is giving us a Crate & Barrel sofa, another is selling me a very pretty bed, still in the box, for half of what she paid for it a month ago. We saw my good friend/ M’s classmate’s mom at drop off this AM and M ran over and gave her a huge hug. Friends keep promising to visit and saying we can stay with them anytime we’re in NY. Even though it will be different than living in the same place with them daily, I am hopeful that we can maintain these friendships after the move.

Had a last minute early dinner with the ex of the guy from hiking pseudo date. She is so awesome, no wonder it didn’t work out, she is way too cool for him. She said before she knew about the move she’d been wanting to talk to me about being parenting backups for each other, help each other out since we’re both single moms and live a few blocks from each other. I wish we’d become friends sooner. Her mom lives near the new city and they visit her once a month, so we’ll still get to see them.

The bad

While we were at dinner the broker called. She said the owner is very conservative and she doesn’t know for sure yet but she isn’t feeling like it’ll work out. I told her it’s fine and not to knock herself out trying to make it work- I don’t want to live somewhere where the owner has a bad feeling about me and only signed a lease begrudgingly because I want a sooner start date than the other applicant. That house had lots of cute things about it, but owner wanted a 15 or 18 month lease, and I don’t want to commit for more than a year.

Any of the houses I saw would be a huge step up from my current apartment. The broker knows the owner of a different house which was my favorite before I saw it. When I saw it in person it stopped being my favorite because the living room is very small and the bedrooms are on different floors. But I still have a real soft spot for it because despite the wonky layout it had a warm, sweet vibe. And there are lots of great things about it: finished basement (playroom!), two bathrooms, the room that would be M’s has a dressing room that could be a magical princess costume room! Broker is going to have a convo with owner tomorrow laying it all out for her. I am cautiously optimistic. If it doesn’t work out, onto the next.

The ugly

A’s mom didn’t reply. Shocker. Whenever I’m assertive instead of bending to their will they thing I’m being “difficult.” In the words of the pot heads from the punk store below me, whatever dude. On to the next.

Haven’t spoken to A since Saturday. Missed his call Sunday and he hasn’t tried since. In her text yesterday his mom said he called her Monday. In reality, he probably hasn’t had a chance to get on the phones. In catastrophe land, it’s easy for me to imagine him having a tantrum when she told him no, being mad at himself for not being here to support his child, and getting high. I’m tired of worrying that the stress of being alive will send him over the edge.

Terrifying incident at pickup today. I was picking my friend’s daughter up too and bringing the girls back to her house for a play date, but her daughter wasn’t there at dismissal. The teachers said “what she just left with so and so’s mom.” So and so’s mom wasn’t answering her phone. I panicked that she was being kidnapped. Turns out so and so’s mom had asked for a playdate, my friend told her that today wasn’t good, but she took it upon herself to pick her up anyway because a play date would be convenient for her. WTF, who does that?!? My friend is totally freaked out, never letting her kid play at so and so’s house again, and having a discussion about dismissal policies with the teacher because that is not supposed to happen. It was really scary.

PS: my new boss is wonderful. He said I can work any 8 hours. He likes to do 7:30-4. I’m thinking 8-4:30. Also, as a parent / professional / person who’s gone through shit/ human who has a felony conviction he is really supportive and kind about the housing stuff/ everything.

anonymous asked:

{ When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼 }

   this message is so sweet,   i’m yelling   !!   i don’t think i can pinpoint five exact things that make me happy,   mostly because there’s a plethora of things that contribute to my happiness and to pick out five things from that would be exceptionally difficult.   that being said,   i’d like to say that the one main thing that makes me happy are my friends   +   followers.   the support,   the laughs,   the friendship,   a shoulder to cry on   —–   everything they offer and give to me is enough to make me smile even in the darkest of times.   i love everybody and honestly   ???   whenever i think of happiness or if i ever have to think of something that correlates to my own,   i will always think of them :-)

Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “