and the last of the friendships

can you imagine being Khadgar right now?

the Legion is finally defeated; he’s gotten his final work done. sargeras is imprisoned, and, despite inflicting one last terrible wound to them all, it’s a wound that the denizens of azeroth can again come together as one to heal, and when all is said and done, there can finally be peace and rest and friendship. everyone as allies, champions of azeroth. he’s seen in through WoD and now through the Legion. Horde and Alliance working together

but then ….

they go to Silithus to the wound of the world, and the lifeblood of Azeroth being so powerful. so powerful, he thinks, that those who wish to rule the world will try to claim it at any cost

the dawning realization - the dawning horror - as the horde and alliance start claiming it, and trying to outmatch one another

the realization that resources are so low for both after the war with the Legion, that neither side can bring it in them to give the other a fair share. the knowledge that NEITHER can afford to lose anything, even to those who were JUST allies

that the people who want to rule azeroth are those who ARE ALREADY the most powerful

the realization, the horror, as he watches fights break out between this precious, immensely powerful, resource. how quickly old grudges come back. how fast generosity dwindles. the night elf mage needs that resource to help fuel the gardens of darnassus, to feed the kaldorei; they’re running low on food after the war efforts bled the gardens dry. the orc shaman needs it to help the water elementals they parched after pushing them so hard for fresh water on antorus for the horde effort. the dwarves need it for the dwindled supply of iron they used for weapons against the legion. all, in the end, for their homes. not for the others’. why share this with the alliance? the horde? we need it more.

the realization that the blow sargeras struck wasn’t simply superficial and fleeting. that everything khadgar worked for - peace for azeroth, an azeroth bound together, safe in the knowledge that if they defeated the legion, they can defeat anything - is literally crumbling before his eyes, and in the end, maybe sargeras will destroy the planet after all

RIP Khadgar, you almost had it all

in relation to my last post;

okay so i’ll start off by pointing out again that when Eddie, Bill, and Richie go into Neibolt Richie is complaining about drawing the short straw whereas Eddie seems sort of unbothered by having to go in there. Which is weird because he was one of the more visibly scared at other moments and only moments earlier had that freakout over when he tore the map down. okay? so then we see in the deleted scene outside with Stan crying (ugh break my heart) and saying how he can’t go in there. now, what if what happened was Stan pulled the short straw and Eddie volunteered to take his place?

Damon’s friendship with Bonnie changed him in many ways for the better, something that his relationship with Elena did not. I’m not bashing Delena I’m more criticizing how the writers had a great opportunity to change Damon through his love with Elena but instead had him remain the same even when he and Elena finally got together (and made Elena more of an enabler than someone pushing him towards redemption like she was originally was). I feel like they made up for that mistake through his friendship with Bonnie. He learned to put someone else before himself for once and so many other valuable lessons that by the end of the series Damon had become a better person and was nothing like his old self. And that is mostly due to Bonnie, you watch those last two seasons you see Damon genuinely changing, and not just to impress Bonnie but to genuinely be better. That is what a real healthy relationship does. Bamon may not have been romantic however just because it wasn’t doesn’t mean it still wasn’t a significant relationship especially to Damon Salvatore.

Colors; Part 2- Kylo Ren x Reader

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Request(s): “Colors part 2??? PLZ 👈👈👈😿😿😿” “colors pt 2?” “Oh man I just read Colors and angst wow. would you do a sequel where Kylo hasn’t seen her in days (you choose how many) and he asks Hux and he’s surprise it took him this long to figure out she left him and the order. Please” “Part two of Colors? Please?? :,3″

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Angst, but some friendship fluffs

A/N: There will be a third part to this series, but I loved writing this. Next part is going to focus a lot on, you guessed it, colors, but I wanted this to kind of show not only reader’s thoughts on leaving Kylo, but also on everyone else. Also I love Rey and Rose and Finn and Poe. Bless. I hope you enjoyed this!

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Red flashed across Kylo’s vision as he blinked. Kylo was angry. Angry that things weren’t going his way and angry that he couldn’t find you. You were the only one who knew what to say to calm him and he desperately needed your voice, your words, your soothing touches, and your love. He had searched everywhere you might be, the cafeteria, the command bridge, your quarters, everywhere. But there was no sign of you.

“Hux!” He yelled as he stormed into the room. The ginger General sighed, turning to the angry Leader.

“Yes Ren?” He asked.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asked. Hux stiffened as he looked at Kylo, glaring.

“She’s gone Ren. She’s been gone for almost 2 weeks now!” Hux explained. Kylo shook his head. He could have swore he had seen you only yesterday. Only yesterday you were smiling at him with the same smile that melted his heart and made him forget he was Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Only yesterday that you had hugged him, wrapping yourself in his black cloak and telling him you loved him. Only yesterday you were with him.

“No she hasn’t. Tell me where she is Hux.” He said. Hux sighed.

“I already told you, she’s gone. If you don’t believe me, then look at this.” Hux said, pulling the security footage from his Data pad. There Kylo saw you, in his coat, look at Hux.

“Tell Kylo I’m not coming back.” You said, before getting on the ship. And just like that, you were gone. Kylo’s heart shattered. You had left, in the middle of the night if the records were correct. Kylo glared at Hux.

“Why did she leave?” He asked, growing more sad and angry by the second. Hux furrowed his eyebrows.

“I don’t know Ren. She didn’t tell me.” Hux said. Kylo looked into Hux’s eyes and knew it was the truth. The only way he could get the answer was from you. His anger flared once more.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He yelled, pulling out his lightsaber and throwing it across the room, barely missing a soldier’s head. Hux rolled his eyes.

“I wanted to see how long it would take before you realized that you’ve just lost the one thing you had left all because of that scavenger girl!” Hux exclaimed. Kylo yelled angrily as he willed his saber back into the palm of his hand and stormed out.

In his quarters he brooded. How could he have been so blind? What could have driven you away? To be fair, he was being an asshole, but not more than usual. Or so he thought? Kylo paced back and forth trying to piece what could have cause your sudden departure together.

“Where could she have gone?” He asked himself, hand pressed to his mouth in thought. You didn’t have anywhere else in the galaxy to go aside from here. But his mind drifted and suddenly, he knew exactly where you had gone.

To your home. To the place that was always in the back of your mind. The light that was always in your soul. The one place he knew you felt the most like yourself. It wasn’t with him. It was with her, with them.

He stormed out of his room, and walked to the command center.

“Get my ship ready. I’m making a trip to the Resistance.”

“There, good as new.” You said as you finished stitching up Poe’s face. Poe smiled. You had missed his smile, despite not having seen it since you were children. Poe was a bit older than you, but you had talked a lot when you were both young. He had been so excited to see you back and was always at your defense. You were so glad to have him back, considering you thought of him as your older brother.

“Thanks Y/N. It’s great to have you around again.” He said, smiling. You nodded happily.

“I missed the Resistance. I forgot how much I loved the people here. It’s so full of light and hope.” You said, smiling. Almost two weeks since you had let the past go, and you hadn’t felt happier since you were a child. You were a great asset to the Rebels, containing lots of information in your brain. But part of your brain still longed for your lover. Wondered how he was doing, wondered if he thought of you.

“Are you finished here for the day?” He asked. You nodded, putting the thread and needle back.

“Yep. You’re my last patient. Why?” You asked, putting Kylo’s jacket over your shoulders. The only part of him you still held. Poe smiled.

“Rose, Finn, Rey, and I are going to the cantina. Wanna come?” He asked. You smiled.

“Lead the way flyboy.” You said.

The cantina was fairly empty, so it wasn’t hard to find the ex-trooper, the mechanic or the scavenger girl. Poe and you greeted them as you slid into the chairs saved for you two. They all smiled and greeted you. These were your new friends.

Finn and you had bonded so much since you had gotten here. Finn completely understood how you felt coming to the Rebel base after spending so long with the First Order. He had been one of the first to accept you and helped you get accustomed to life on the base. You and him often talked about the things you missed, and he was the one who would listen to you drone on for hours about the things you missed. He even let you talk about Kylo, something most others (besides Leia), didn’t want to hear.

Rose was amazing. She was everything a perfect human would be. She was so kind, immediately trying to help you when you struggled during the first couple of days back. She was who you went to whenever you struggled to sleep, or dealt with the pain of leaving your old life behind. She would sit you down and you two would just talk to one another about everything and anything. She told you about how much she loved being able to help around here, and how much she admired you for leaving the First Order. You told her you admired everything about her. And it was true.

Rey and you had surprisingly bonded the most out of everyone. When you had first met, things were a bit awkward, considering her name was the reason you had abandoned Kylo. But one night, when you both happened to run into each other, you had a heart to heart. Rey revealed she wasn’t looking for any romance with anyone, and you revealed that you felt like a coward for only leaving the First Order because of such a petty reason. Rey was quick to tell you that the decision was one that was in your mind all the time, you were just so in love you couldn’t force yourself to leave. You apologized for thinking that she would be so cruel as to try and take Kylo from you, and since then you two had bonded immensely.

As you sat next to Rey, you smiled.

“How was everyone’s day?” You asked, reaching for your pre-ordered drink. Finn rolled his eyes.

“Boring as usual. Ever since we landed on this planet, there’s been no action.” Finn complained. Poe chuckled.

“You’re going to miss the calmness of the base as soon as the blasters start shooting again.” He said. Rose smiled.

“Poe’s right. For once, I’m enjoying getting to work behind the pipes. It’s a nice break from the constant threat of dying.” She joked. Everyone laughed as you sipped your drink. These people had all brought a new color to you.

White, the color of goodness, peace, protection, and light. Such a contrast from the blacks and reds you associated with the First Order. You’re friends had brought this new color, this new feeling to you.

“How was your day Y/N?” Rey asked, leaning back in her chair. You shrugged.

“It was alright. Nothing unusual happened and nothing exciting. Though I did have to patch a certain pilots lip again. For some reason he just can’t keep the wound closed. Poe smiled sheepishly.

“Poe, how the hell did you split it open this time? We weren’t even on a mission!” Rose exclaimed, incredulous. Poe laughed.

“I have a knack for getting injured during training.” He said. You laughed.

“No kidding Dameron. I’ve seen you more in the past 2 weeks then I would have liked.” You teased. Poe lightly punched your shoulder. You smiled as your friends continued to talk and poke fun at each other. You enjoyed this moment. It was a moment of happiness, something that was rarely found when you were with the First Order.

It was ruined by red. Red flashing lights, signaling danger. In an instance, you were all out of your seats and running to the command center. General Leia stood there, calmly waiting for you.

“General, what’s going on?” Poe asked. Leia held up her hand to silence him, before looking straight at you.

“It’s him. He wants to talk.” She said. Your heart caught in your chest. You knew exactly who she was talking about. You stood frozen for a second when Rey rested a hand on your shoulder.

“You don’t have to go Y/N. We won’t force you, and we won’t blame you if you decide to not go.” She said. Her words were comforting for a second, before you shook your head.

“I have to talk to him. This is something I need to do. Maybe, I can bring him home.” You said. Rey nodded, letting you walk towards Leia. You looked once more at your friends. You could feel their thoughts, the force connecting them to you. The light inside you swirled. This was it. Your last attempt to rekindle the light inside of Kylo. It’s now or never. You turned back to Leia.

“Where should I go General?”

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Sara Lance story lines I want to see - part 2

I would love to see a story line where the Legends got stuck in 1 time period for longer and they have to survive purely on their skills. I want to see Sara using her skills for surviving in a hostile environment, her science knowledge and basically how a woman of today can cope in a different timeline. I know we kind of had a glimpse of that but I would love if they give such a story more focus.

Sara - Mick story line: I would love to see the story from last season of Mick betraying the team and Sara trusting him with the spear to be addresses again. This season we had 2 scenes where Mick accused Sara and her choice being the reason of the broken timeline, I want a story that acknowledges how Sara feels about that and how she has to work with Mick on a important mission and has to trust him, and this bonds them and give their kind of friendship a real meaning.

I want to see White Canary destroying and violently killing Darhk this season. He has to die anyway and it will be cool to see that she hasn’t fully gotten out of her killing revenge mode. I don’t think this will be against her progression since Darhk’s death will restore the timeline this season.

I would love if Sara has some connection with Malus too, and why he knows her name. It will be cool if he is not just some random evil but something connected with the Legends

I would love to see Sara Lance training scene, and training with Amaya and Zari would be awesome.

And I would love if the show decide to show us some side of Sara that we didn’t know about, to surprise us about something, like something from her past, or her future - if Sara has a change to have a glimpse of her future and my guilty pleasure will be if she is recognized, as well as the whole team, as a real heroes.

One time my ex-boyfriend called me a hipster because I wear scarves and I’m sitting here (wearing a scarf) being really offended by that, like he totally was erasing my record collection, my glasses, the last city I called home, my quirky pet rabbit, my gluten free diet, all the oxfords and Doc Martens I own, all my grey shirts, all my band shirts, my two(2) monogrammed cardigans, my American Apparel hoodie, my purple skinny jeans, my leg warmers, my Mickey Mouse t-shirt, how much Stumptown coffee I drink, how much time I spend correcting people who pronounce Sufjan wrong, how Asthmatic Kitty Records follows me on Twitter, my friendship with the lead singer of the Dismemberment Plan, Bryan Devendorf being my wingman, the rockstar coming to my apartment, my partying with the Dandy Warhols, my unironic love of Steely Dan, I’m a Ravenclaw, I had pink hair in college but now I dye it jet black, I cut my own bangs, I always fuck them up, I dropped out of art school, my four(4) large paintings of bunnies, I shop at Whole Foods, only like 3 people have ever heard of my favorite pho place but I swear it’s the best in Portland, my ethical dark chocolate, how much I like turnips and kale bowls, my Moleskine sketchbook, my Moleskine notebook, my seven(7) tote bags, my six(6) Micron pens, I love Flight of the Conchords but I LOVE Taika Waititi (I knew who he was before he was famous), I don’t watch tv, I have $35 in my bank account, I prefer the Robert Fagles translation of The Iliad, my poetry, my creative nonfiction essays, my knitting project, my baby blue Instax 9 camera, my Canon SLR, my MacBook Pro, my iPhone with a cracked screen protector, my blog, my Instagram, the menswear influence on my personal aesthetic, my condescension, how I really hate Pitchfork but read it anyway, my Pitchfork Interviewer fanfic, my childhood best friend is a girl with a boy name and in a band, I’m always on the guest list, I look just like Buddy Holly, my porcelain owl figurines, my used books, my vintage velvet sofa, my vegan chili recipe, my spirit of choice is whiskey, my heart-shaped sunglasses, my organic perfume, my name dropping Vonnegut, my July trip to Brooklyn, graphic design is my passion, my mom thinks I’m cool, that I live in the basement,

siinoevil  asked:

In high school (2012) I had a really really intense bout of jealousy that almost destroyed my friendships. I got it managed and my friends have been pretty good about it but recently (as in the last 5 months) I've been having issues again. That, combined with unstable moods that may or may not be caused by birth control (nexplanon), makes me apparently 'undesireable to be around'. Do you have any mood regulation resources? Having four intense moods within two hours is not fun.

From September 24 2017

No kidding that’s not fun. I’m sorry this has taken so long to respond to. Were you able to get through the fall and possibly change your birth control?

Something that helps me with mood regulation is to literally stop whatever I’m doing and close my eyes and just breathe slowly, take stock of the situation, and figure out what I actually feel in the moment. Sometimes I’m reacting to something but haven’t really processed what I really think and feel about it, so taking this moment to do that helps a lot. If you want to try this, tell your friends what you’re going to do and why, and then when you start getting worked up just say, “Okay, I need to take a moment. Care to join me?” Then you can all stand around with your eyes closed, calming down and figuring out how you really feel. This is a technique that can be really helpful for non-ADHDers as well!


One year ago, Regular Show said goodbye. One year ago, Pops sacrificed his life for his friends and for all of us. I don’t have enough words to thank JG and the whole crew for making this show a masterpiece that left great messages like the meaning of friendship. The only thing I regret about all this is that cartoon network hasn’t given the place and recognition that regular show deserves. The last thing i have to say is: 



I’ll be a bit inactive

So, like you can see up there, I’ll be a bit inactive in the next days or even weeks. I know I was inactive in the last days, but I need a bit more time to recover. It’s just that I didn’t feel very well and now I want to change that.

I hope you understand ☺


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Shimono Hiro X Kishow relationship?

Good buddies, as far as I (as a mere fan looking in from way outside) can tell. Yes, Kiiyan did leave a hickey on Shimono’s neck once, apparently because he just felt like it. (He explained the situation on an online TV show last year – it came out of a birthday celebration for Shimono that started in the studio, ended up with much drinking; Shimono was also asked about it, but I didn’t get his side of the story). And yes, Shimono did blog about it, thus setting a thousand fujoshi hearts aflutter. But my assumption is that they’re just really good friends who happen to be adorably cute about it.

They’re quite aware – at least Kiiyan is – of how some female fans perceive their friendship. At the GuraP & Rodeo live event in 2016, Shimono leaned over and fussed with Kiiyan’s t-shirt sleeve (he had them rolled up, the better to show off his guns), prompting a high-pitched squeal from the audience. GuraP’s voice actor, a comedian unlikely to be aware of the fan propensity for Kiiyan x Shimonu did not know what to make of this, but Kiiyan quickly assured him it was just the fujoshi in the audience (yes, he said fujoshi). Heck, Shimono must be aware too, else he wouldn’t have gone through Kiiyan’s iPad looking for a half naked pic of Kiiyan (which we knew he had, because of Sato Takuya) to post while the two were filming in Yamaguchi.

I kinda wanna delete and remake again just because I found out last night someone I had really considered a friend has me blocked… I don’t know what I did wrong, or how I upset them. I feel like the shit that happens on this app ruin friendships as often as it makes them and I don’t know if I like it.

Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends