and the last of the friendships

The three types of close friendships (based on YouTube bromances)
  • <p> <b>rhett and link:</b> the pure strong one; this friendship has lasted for years upon years and been strengthened through shared experiences and troubles; closer than siblings<p/><b>dan and phil:</b> the close affectionate one; this friendship hasn't lasted quite as long as the first type, but is already equally as strong if not more due to circumstances and the powerful trust they both have for each other; overwhelmingly loving in the small ways<p/><b>danny and arin:</b> the beautiful gay one; literally everything they do/say is fucking gay; makes everyone wonder if they're legitimately dating; insanely close in a ridiculously short amount of time<p/></p>

Happy Birthday, @zivazivc! I hope you’re having a great day and wish you all the best in this world because you deserve it! You’re beyond awesome and I’m never tired of saying how much I appreciate you and your friendship. You’re a frigging talented and creative person always full of energy and with some great sence of humour and taste in music and I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday,  Živa! Stay awesome!

As for the drawing, I decided to draw your sweet humanization of Mona Lisa from the Human AU in some fancy clothes I found with google. Idk why the background is covered with oranges, it just happened xD


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“Victor it’s three AM here.” 

Victor ignores him. “Chris I’m in the middle of a crisis.” 

“We agreed that unless it was life threatening, you would reserve your crises for daylight hours.” 

“It’s morning here. Chris do you think Yuuri loves me?” 

“What the actual fuck Victor.”

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Prompt: “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Character: Chris Beck

Warning: N/A

You had been walking down the street with Chris, chatting to him about what had happened in the last few days. Being good friends it was great to actually get to spend time with him around his busy schedule. But not seeing him too often kept the long time crush in check, the one that you didn’t want to come out into the light. You liked your friendship with Chris, you didn’t want to ruin over some silly crush. 

“You know it’s so amazing that you went to frickin’ mars, I mean here I am on earth and you went into space” You gushed mostly because having a friend who was both a doctor and an astronaut was an amazing thing. He had done things you could only dream of doing. 

“Y/N! Oh darling!” You heard the familiar sound of your great aunt and almost froze on the pavement, your eyes glancing forward to find her making her way to you, in that familiar ostentatious garb she always wore. 

You grabbed Chris’ arm tightly and whispered to him “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” You put your own fake smile on your face, not quite ready to face your great aunt and her passive aggressive commentary on your adult life. 

“Darling!” She kissed your cheek once, twice, three times, before pulling back to look you over her eye as critical as always. “Still the same I see” the same undertone of criticism, ‘oh I see you’re still wearing the same clothes and haven’t gotten any richer in the year I haven’t seen you in’. You really didn’t like spending time with your great aunt. 

“And whose this!” 

“This is Chris my-” You found yourself stumped on what to call him, friend was accurate but it would simply give your aunt another thing to be critical of. “Boyfriend.” You looked over at Chris, eyes glaring a ‘what the fuck?’ but he simply winked at you, holding his hand out to your aunt. 

“Lovely to meet you, Chris” For once your aunt seemed to be actually genuine in her words, “Y/N, I didn’t realise you had a boyfriend! What do you do Chris?” It was odd to see that sparkle of pride in her eyes, she was usual nothing but disappoint with you. Not that it really mattered she was your Great Aunt not exactly your closest family member. But it still stung on the odd occasion you saw her. 

“I’m a doctor with NASA.”


“Chris just came back from Mars.” It sounded so space age and strange to say but it was the truth, unlike Chris being your boyfriend that definitely wasn’t the truth. No matter how much you wanted it to be. 

“Oh, how amazing!” The three of you talked for a few more minutes until you managed to drag yourselves away. 

“She seemed nice?”

“Nice? Nice? My great aunt has neeevveeer been happy with anything i’ve done! Ever.” You remember how she criticised your drawing when you were 6 and how she put you off learning piano. She was the most snobbish member of your family.

“She was happy with me?” You knew Chris was confused, after all he didn’t really know your extended family. He knew your close family sure, but other than that…

“But you’re not my actual boyfriend, Chris. That was a lie.” You could feel that pain in your chest, the heavy disappointment that those words were so true. It was a lie. 

“I could be.” You blinked up at him, brow furrowed. “What?” You removed your hand from his arm and stopped in the pavement again, head tilted to the side. 

“I could be your boyfriend…I like you, I just…we never talked about it.”

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” You hoped the answer was a resounding yes, that this wasn’t going to be simply another little joke. Not that Chris would ever do something so harsh…but there was that niggling doubt in the back of your mind.

“Yeah. I would.”

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UM!!! Mac is the Dayman and he protected Charlie from the toll troll (uncle jack) when they were younger and charmac is underrated as a friendship in general fuckingggg I'm a mess right now thinking about these boys ~softcharlie

omg omg so during my last sunny stream we watched this episode and i think we established that uncle jack was the nightman and that charlie’s mom was the toll troll (for letting uncle jack share a room with charlie and letting the abuse happen), and of course mac was the dayman (master of karate and friendship!!). i’m so, so sure mac was there to comfort charlie when they were kids and ahh i love their friendship too 💜

Malec fic(s) I’ve read this week and recommend

Everything’s Embarrassing by @lightshook

“Magnus is a single father. Alec is a 4th grade teacher.
Both men are scared of relationships, but secretly crave to have something more one day, life just keeps getting in the way.
But their plans of living single lonely lives doesn’t last for long, when Rafael and Madzie Bane decide to play Matchmaker.“

We can Solve this Together by @softshumjr

“Alec and Magnus have been friends since high school. They both love each other but are afraid to say anything because they believe the other one doesn’t feel the same way and it’ll ruin their friendship.
Alec and Jace are working on an overdose case and are stuck. Can Magnus be the one to help them solve the case?“

Jackboot & Buttercup

So, Sera and Cullen’s friendship is a big part of my mostly canon longfic Acts of Reclamation. There’s a lot of character and friendship development within the chapters. Sera is one of my favorite characters after all, but due to recent interest, I’ve pulled out some of my very favorite oneshots and drabbles and compiled them here. Spoiler alert! *waves hand* Since these are pulled from my long fic, there are likely spoilers in all of them. Especially the last one. :D

  • Jackboot and Buttercup: the one that started them all. 
  • A Bit of Starlight: Cullen and Sera. Friendship. 1.5k words. final piece in the First Winter Collection. Cullen knitting.
  • From book* six of Acts: Chapter Three: Honorable Intentions. 2462 words. Cullen x Essa. Sera.
  • Almonds: A little bit of ridiculousness from Sera and Cullen at the Winter Palace.
  • The Curious Lion & the Busy Bee: Cullen and Sera friendship. the Inquisition’s second winter at Skyhold. Satinalia prompt. Hilarity and fluff. Also Cole.
  • Just a Swallow: Wine tasting hilarity at Cari x Krem’s wedding weekend.
  • A Bit of Clever: Cullen and Sera friendship. Knitting. Sera comes to Cullen for romantic advice. Not that she’d admit it, or phrase it that way
  • Of Honey Bees and Apple Blossoms: Five years after Inquisition, Sera, Cullen, and Essa reunite (with a whole host of others) for the Rutherfords housewarming.

*my long fic is organized into “books” but they’re not actually book length. It was simply that (at the time) I thought I was clever in my organizing. lol Each “book” has six chapters, the titles of which are recurring.

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I'm sad that Holland isn't there and I'm the biggest Stydia shipper ever but the biggest ship is Sciles and the underlying theme of Teen Wolf is friendship and I'm happy that the LAST EVER Teen Wolf comic con has OBROSEY!!!! And will focus on Tyler and Dylan!

I know! This is how it should have ended

I know I’ve been pretty negative lately, so here is a thing. I want to feel happy again and the only thing I know of that could help me is focusing on things that make me happy. thus this positivity list!

  • writing all things gravebone. I immensely enjoy creating endless stories per my ideas or your beautiful prompts. I love writing and making pictures come to life with words. and if it has ever made someone smile, cry, laugh, feel in anyway, then what I wrote already had a point.
  • knowing amazing people. alone I wouldn’t feel as happy. I’m glad to know people who are there for me no matter what, who accept me as I am and I’m grateful for every step in our friendship, may it last for many a year @typhongeneocratis @angst-wizard @tssoni
  • all the wonderful people who lend me their support via reblogs, likes, recs and comments. you give me a hint that what I’m trying to do is worth it.
  • having a job I don’t hate. it’s not perfect but it’s interesting and I learn a great deal. and it gives me money for buying things to make me happy.
  • playing video games. one huge joy of my life which gives me countless hours of fun and rest, only feeding my creativity and allowing me to meet new people.
that’s it for now. I think I should make a list like that every week.
Reminisce | 4

Park Jimin
“I found myself falling more in love with you as I grew older.”
You and Jimin were childhood best friends until you had to move away. As years passed and you both aged, the separation between your friendship deepen and you never heard from him again. More than a decade passed and you suddenly stumble upon the man who you never stopped thinking about.
Word Count: 3,314
Italics = flashback
(Y/F/N) = Your Full Name

Prologue | 1 | 23 | 4

thank you to everyone who reads my horrible writing )): im really sorry i haven’t been updating, my life has just been so hectic !! pls give me feedback bc im always looking to improve ((: this is NOT the last chapter !!

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“Dad!” You yelled as the familiar man stepped out of his car. He looked tired, eyes heavy with dark circles that rimmed the bottom. His face sagged and his posture was bent. However, the sound of your voice instantly lit his sulky face.

“My dear!” He whispered as you quickly jumped onto him for a hug, like a small child would do. He laughed, hoarse and deep. He had grown older and weak, so he stumbled back to maintain his balance.

“Dad, I missed you!” You squealed, giddy and eager to see your parent after several years. 

“Honey, when did you get back?” He set you down and tried to take in your grown face.

You went on to explain how you were to be in town for the next couple of days. “Did you not hear my voicemail?”

He lightly knocked his knuckles against his temples and groaned, “I forgot to check my machine these past couple of days. I’m sorry, my love. Where are you staying?” 

“Dad, have you been well lately? I slept at Jimin’s apartment last night.” Your father looked behind your shoulder to see the cool Jimin leaning against his door frame, observing the daughter-father reunion. 

He smiled lightly, “I’ve been a little tired recently. You are staying for dinner tonight, right?” 

“Yes. I was planning on staying here now that you know I’m back—”

“–No, no, my dear. Your room is no longer here. I don’t have your bed anymore. You should go and stay with Jimin.” Your dad began walking towards your home. Confused, you followed after him.

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I'm the anon that asked for dating advice and well...I talked to him last night. Turns out he's super intelligent and just as much a nerd for Greek mythology as I am. Also we're having this deep conversation about how history and nature and people repeat themselves and I think this is looking up....but how do I pop the question that I like him? Is it too early? Should I become friends first?

Good job!!! Takes guts to start a conversation, in my experience. Omg history nerd where can I find one. (I’m a history education major XD) If I were you, I’d want to form a good friendship first. Friendship is the most important part in a romantic relationship in my opinion–ya know, just being able enjoy each other’s company. That’s what makes a difference. But you’ll also want to consider that I have no experience and therefore you may want other opinions. Yo followers–any of you not as single as me with some advice? 

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I'm really nervous about the next chapter because either Viktor finds out that their relationship is fake or thinks Yuuri cheats on Yuuko and I'm pretty sure it's the latter cause Yuuri can't communicate

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What? Me? Have a misunderstanding and miscommunication? I would never

Okay but for real, either of these situations are really plausible. After what happened at the end of last chapter, it’ll be difficult to maintain their friendship the same way it’s been. Thank you for thinking about PoL! I wish I could tell you not to be nervous, but I can’t promise that we’re at the happy ending yet. We will get there, though!

Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends