and the last line sticks with you forever

Two Lines - Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Zach gets the reader pregnant and how they deal with that situation”

A/N: Hi guys! So I didn’t wanna bring too much politics into this but I felt it needed to be there for the characters to have a balanced conversation about this. (Abortion mention)

Just last month had been the day that had ultimately changed your life forever. You and Zach had been fooling around at your house since your parents were out. You hadn’t planned to do anything- but things had escalated and when it came to it neither of you really wanted to go to the store to get condoms, so you thought: fuck it. Fuck that, though. Because of that you’d been put into a very difficult situation. Here you were, looking down at the stick with two lines on it. The two lines which told you soon enough you would have a child inside you.

Your mind was all over the place- how could this be happening? Of course, you knew how, but it seemed too incomprehensible to actually be happening to you. There was also that pesky little problem of Zach, and not knowing how on earth he would react to the news. Your fingers trembled a little as you pressed his contact- a little photo of Zach with a pink plush fish, making an adorable fish face.

“Hey.” Your voice sounded like it was ringing out in a large empty room, echoing around you.

“Hey, what’s up?” Zach sounded happy that you’d called, no idea what would come next.

“Can you come over? We need to talk about something.” You knew those words sounded vague and daunting, but it was all you could think of. Zach’s mood changed.

“Uh… yeah… I’ll be over as soon as I can.” There was a fear in his voice, one that those words often ignited.

“Okay, thank you. I’ll see you soon.”


Zach knocked on your door. The nerves consumed you and you opened the door.

“Hey… you sounded… odd… on the phone…” Zach entered your house apprehensively. He was twiddling his thumbs.

“Hey.” You smiled, trying to disguise your own nerves. “Lets go to my room. You might wanna sit down.”

The boy followed you into your bedroom, he knew it well and had entered it many-a-time, but this time it felt entirely alien to him. He sat on the edge of the bed ready to burst. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Just get it over with. Break up with me. A clean break won’t be easy but it’ll be much easier than-”

“I’m not breaking up with you Zach! Christ. Although i don’t know how you’ll feel about that after the news.” You perched next to him.

“This is so much worse than I expected.” You laughed sardonically.

“Okay you have to tell me because I am freaking the fuck out.” Zach looked very stressed. You sighed.

“Okay. Okay. Urghhh! I’m - I’m - bloody hell i’m bloody pregnant Zach!” You shouted. Zach looked as though he’d been hit in the face with something really hard. Which, metaphorically, he had.

“Say something. Please.” You begged.

“I- I don’t know, this is such a shock. I don’t really know what I’m thinking right now, but I love you and we’ll figure out whatever it is together.” He rambled.

“You’re not leaving me then?” You sighed in relief. Zach chuckled slightly, seeming to come back to his senses, and shook his head.

“God no. We do probably need to discuss what we’re - you know - gonna do with it.” He awkwardly motioned toward your stomach. “And be 100% sure that you actually are pregnant. Like go to the doctor to check.” Zach seemed to be reciting all the facts he’d got off TV since really - he was pretty clueless.

“That’s a good idea, I’m not sure when I can go, I’ll have to google that.” You blushed. “Shit. How am I gonna look after a baby when I have to google how to do most things?”

“Hold on. It is mine right?” Sudden realisation struck him.

“Obviously. I can’t believe you’d even question that!” You were offended.

“I’m sorry, I just had to check.” He was apologetic.

“It’s okay, we’ll know if it’s Asian.” You joked.

“You wanna keep it?” Zach asked.

“I don’t know - I -”

“Obviously it’s entirely your choice. And I’ll support you completely if you decide to have an abortion, but i think I’d like to keep it.” Zach went slightly crimson, clearly uncomfortable about stepping on your toes, but knowing you wanted his opinion.

“You do?” You said, taken aback.

“Yeah… I mean it’s gonna be our kid. I know we’re young, but what if it’s fate, or something?” He was nervy, but sure of himself.

“I think I’d like to give it a bit more time to think over. And you have to help me tell my parents… I’m not too sure what they’ll think of you after knowing we didn’t use protection.” You giggled slightly.

“It’s okay. You’re my number one priority and although I don’t particularly want your parents to hate me, you matter more.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You smiled at him and leaned in to peck him on the cheek.

“I can’t believe how cool you’ve been about this.” You grinned.

“I came into this thinking you were dumping me, this is a relief.”

“Yeah well we’ll see about that.”


Upon much debate, you and Zach decided to keep your child. It was a young girl who you’d named Hannah, after your close friend. Currently, you were sat in the hospital bed holding Hannah in your arms with Zach by your side.

“We did it, Zach.”

5 Last Lines Memes

okay I think a couple people have tagged me in this from kingsman so I’ll stick with stories from that fandom

Not Good Doesn’t Mean Bad

“I told you, I don’t want good, I just want you,” she said fondly.

Harry smiled at her and let her into his home.

I’ll Love You Forever

It took Percival a moment longer, mainly because his brain wanted a few extra seconds of denial. “Oh shit,” he repeated. Dual pregnancies. In their pack.

“Shit,” all three said looking at each other with too many emotions to possibly name.

An Unexpected Omega

Merlin just rested his head against Eggsy’s scared and mangled knee and kissed it, worshipped each line.

Eggsy sipped his whiskey.

It was enough.

It was everything.

My Darling Boy

Eggsy looked at Bobby who gave him a wink. He felt Merlin press a hand to his back.

“It’s perfect right Eggsy?”

“Yeah Daisy. It’s perfect.”

A Knight’s Guide to Falling in Love

“It was.” Harry agreed. “A very good night. Sleep now, no more thinking.”

“Very well.” Michael snuggled down and started to drift off.

Dread Pirate Mewttins took the opportunity to stand on his head.

So I don’t know if we learn anything here in my last lines, other than I like them short and ending more in dialogue.

think everyone has been tagged by now.


Written by: @troublegirl1987

“ as you wander through this troubled world
In search of all things beautiful
You can close your eyes when you’re miles away
And hear my voice like a serenade

How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, is forever enough
How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough
Cause I’m never, never giving you up”

 You were rocking Thomas singing as you sat on the edge of Abel’s bed. Both boys had been having a rough week. With Tara in the hospital for her arm and them catching the flu, poor things wanted the one person they couldn’t have because she was laid up herself. 

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My mind keeps going back to one line from the credits song to Big Hero 6 (“Immortals” by Fall Out Boy): “We could be immortals, just not for long.” 

I just… it sticks in my imagination, because it’s true. You watch these movies, read these books, and it may be particularly striking with superheroes, but it’s true of so many characters. Within that context you buy the larger-than-life personas, and abilities, and scenarios, but in the back of your mind there is that knowledge that… it couldn’t last forever. The timespan within which they would be physically/mentally capable of superheroing/otherwise taking part in larger-than-life adventures wouldn’t be all that long.  

And I like realism. I like stories that explore the more complex/realistic/sad aspects of these scenarios.

But sometimes, particularly with certain heroes who register with me more in legendary mythology status (a la Robin Hood) than limited to the context of one particular book/movie incarnation… Sometimes I don’t want that realism. 

I’m not saying I want literal immortals (though I do enjoy some stories like that). I’m not saying I don’t want the characters to go through hard things, or learn, or grow, or develop. But sometimes I do want the stories to ignore the passage of time and external consequences and certain life developments that would be necessary/healthy/inevitable and just keep that window stretching on. 

Sometimes I’ve had enough of real life changing, and the loss of things and people that I used to enjoy, and instead of the catharsis of reading about a hero going through the same thing… I just want to be able to come back and have them stay the same. 

Sometimes I just want the Legendary Hero, forever Having Adventures and Saving the Day. 

Think happy thoughts


You woke up panting covered in sweat. The nightmares, they have become unbearable. You shifted in your bed trying to calm your self down. Come on y/n it’s just a dream, you said to your self heart racing .

You got out of bed sliding your robe on and slid into your slippers heading to the kitchen for a snack thinking maybe a warm glass of milk would help.

You tip toed by the boys rooms , still shaking. Sam was sitting at the kitchen table tapping away on his laptop and Dean sat across from him sipping his beer and reading.

“Can’t sleep either ?” Dean looked up at you as you opened the fridge looking it over and then closing it

He noticed how much of a mess you looked , even after hunting all day you didn’t look as roughed up as you did right now .

You just nodded , rubbing your sleepy eyes. Dean nudged Sam causing him to look to you and he frowned .

“Y/n? You know if something is bothering you Dean and I can help” Sam looked at you with puppy eyes

“Thanks guys” you even sounded like a zombie . You opted for cereal , it was quick and easy and sat down in between the guys .you took a few bites before dozing off spoon in hand sitting up.

Dean went to pick you up to take you back to bed and your eyes flew open screaming throwing fists and kicking causing Dean to almost drop you .

You realized what was happening and he held you close brushing your hair with his fingers . He looked to Sam who was standing up backed away from the table laptop in hand.

“Your not ok y/n? What is going on?” Dean said sternly setting you down on your own two feet

You were embarrassed ,you backed away gently removing deans arms from your shoulders . sitting back down at the table that you kicked , deans beer dripping onto the floor.

“I can’t sleep , when I do sleep… These nightmares… How do … This last case …” You stuttered and all you were trying to say all came out like word vomit

“Y/n we get them too… It’s a part of the job” Sams mouth formed a line , his tone was always comforting. But you could tell he pity’d you

“I’ll be ok” you smiled weakly , slowly walking back to your room mumbling , “think happy thoughts”

You laid on your bed starring at the ceiling which seemed like forever . You turned grabbed your iPod sticking the ear buds in your ears slowly drifting back to sleep.

You had the same recurring nightmare… You were on a hunt with Sam and Dean, and you have to watch them both die in excruciating pain before you wake up.

You started to stir, whimpering . you almost sat up before realizing Dean was laying beside you.

You pulled out your ear buds and smiled to yourself before laying back down. You closed your eyes inching a little closer to him.

“I’m right here y/n” he put his arm around you letting you wiggle closer. “Try to sleep sweetheart , just know I’m right here”

You nodded drifting back to sleep .

The same thing happened for the next few nights and You would wake up to Dean laying beside you .

One morning you woke up still in deans arms and him fast asleep. You smiled to yourself before wiggling your way out. Trying to be quiet, slowly getting out of the bed .

“So? How did you sleep last night” Dean mumbled sitting up with you , running his finger through his hair

“Much better , thank you for staying with me these past few nights by the way. It really does help”

“ Sam and I think you need a break from hunting… Just for a few weeks until you are back to your kick ass y/n self”

“isn’t that my choice ? Or are you and Sam deciding for me? I’m not a child Dean” you scoffed sliding on your slippers and robe to go get some coffee.

He sighed getting out of bed following you into the kitchen where Sam was already researching away.

“Good morning” Sam smiled. you turned and rolled your eyes giving him a grumpy look.

Dean sat down beside Sam, rolling his eyes shrugging.

“You two are such hypocrites… Oh y/n should stay home because she is having a few measly nightmares” you mocked slamming your coffee cup down yanking out the pot and pouring it into your cup. You shoved it back in grumbling nonsense to your self .

“Y/n” Sam stood sighed

“No ! No y/n … You two time and time again go through hell and back … Literally , and I am just some weak fragile being … What because I am a female , puh- leese”

Dean looked at you like you had never seen him look at you before . You could swear you were turning him on .

“I’m going on the next hunt and that’s final” you stormed back to your room coffee in hand.

“Wow” Sam chuckled , “that was…”

“So hot…” You heard Dean say from down the hall

You smiled to yourself , you had always had a thing for Dean . You could never bring yourself to him that though . you stripped out of your pjs not realizing you left the door open. Dean walked in lightly knocking on the door before he looked like a deer in head lights starring at your half naked body .

“ I thought I closed the door…” You crossed your arms over your chest even though you were in your bra and underwear you had nothing to be ashamed of . If anything you were proud of how you looked.

Dean shook his head shielding his eyes , “ I can come back… When your not … Looking like… Wearing something” he stuttered

“Don’t be so foolish Winchester , don’t act like you haven’t seen a half naked girl before… You bring girls home with you on hunts all the time … And don’t get me started on bars with strippers … It’s just me” you rolled your eyes spinning around going through your dresser finding clothes. “If your in here to tell me I’m not going on the next hunt your wasting your breath”

“No , no I was just … I can’t remember why I came in here” he blushed backing out the door slowly as you pulled your shirt over your head.

You packed your duffel and your own pillow for the ride , heading out to meet the boys to leave on a hunt. Dean nervously grabbed your bag from you and smiled.

“What’s gotten into him” Sam laughed

“Beats me” you shrugged getting into the back seat of the impala


The ride was somewhat quiet besides Sam blabbering on about the details of the case and deans music filling the impala. You hummed along to your self noticing Dean peeking back at you in the rear view mirror . You furrowed your brow giving him a look like “ what”. He quickly shook his head looking to the road again.
When You arrived to the hotel , Sam went inside to check you three in.

“So good news there is vacancy… Bad news only one room left” he held key up shrugging

“Bad news ? It’s a place to rest our heads …”you smiled getting out heading for the trunk your pillow under your arm .

Sam opened the door revealing two beds and a small couch . You headed straight for the couch setting your things down. Dean shook his head grabbing your pillow replacing it with one off one of the beds .

“You can have the bed y/n really … I’ve slept in worse places … And you need your rest”

“Thanks Dean , really I don’t mind though” you sat down on the edge of the bed

Sam cleared his throat , “so guys get this. There has been another attack”

Digging into your bag you pulled out your pant suit and headed straight to the bathroom.

“So uh, I guess she is going to talk to the sheriff… Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes with her?” Dean had his hands ready

“No you two go and I’ll go to the first victims house” Sam winked

You came out with your hair up in a neat top knot and put a little make up on your face and a pair of glasses Charlie gave you to look professional. You thought they made you look like a dork , but they were from Charlie so you kept them and incorporated them into your fed suit.

“Well ? Come on guys …” You waved your hands , “anyways how do I look?”

Dean rolled his eyes going to grab his suit before looking you over .

“You look great y/n , lovin your glasses by the way” Sam smiled

“Thanks Sam , they are definitely special” you smiled fixing them on your face

Dean came in, going into the bathroom to change . He came out hair slicked to the side a little and god damn did he ever look good in a suit . You felt you cheeks turn red , trying to shake it off .

“Are you alright y/n? Are you sure you can’t sit this one out…” Dean fixed his sleeves

“Dean I’m already dressed , let’s go” you playfully rolled your eyes grabbing your badge out of you bag leaving the rest .


After questioning the sheriff and a few witnesses, you two were still back to square one. Dean seemed upset , noticing how flirty the sheriff was being . You brushed it off , your sites were set else where.

The sheriff handed you his card thanking you for your interest, giving you a wink. You rolled your eyes but stuck it in your pocket , motioning for Dean to come on.

Dean grumbled to himself as the two of you walked back to the impala . He texted Sam and he also had no leads so far. He was being short with you , and couldn’t help but realize he was jealous.

"Well , this is fantastic” Dean started baby and turned up the radio

“Why don’t we …” You reached for the dial to turn it down and Dean shot you a look, “fine..”

You got back to the hotel and Sam was already there. Dean pulled in so quickly the car jerked .

“Damn it Dean” you gritted your teeth jolting forward.

He just shrugged it off ,getting out of the car loosening his tie and pulling off his jacket.
You followed grumpily and Sam looked at the two of you feeling the tension.

“So?” Sam crossed his arms looking at the two of you

“we got nothing, doesn’t seem to be anything supernatural” Dean grabbed a beer from the mini fridge sitting on the couch. “Well y/n got the sheriffs number”

you rolled your eyes storming out of the motel room to the snack machine. The sheriffs car pulled in front of you as you were walking back to the motel with your snacks.

“Agent, a beautiful lady like you really shouldn’t be outside this time of night” he grinned out the window

you revealed your gun attached to your waist , “I’m sure I’ll be just fine sheriff”

Before you could blink, he blew dust in your face causing you to drop to the ground. Luckily for you Sam was coming outside just as he was about to get out of the cruiser .

“Y/n” he jogged over helping you to your feet, “what just happened”

“I … I don’t know, he was telling me I shouldn’t be outside this time of night … I got dizzy and fell to my knees” you groaned brushing yourself off. “such a creep”

Sam nodded helping you back into the room, Dean looked at the both of you confused jumping to his feet taking you from Sam.

“Seems like the sheriff is a witch…” Sam looked to Dean helping you to your bed

“Great, what voodoo did he pull” Dean looked you over , you seemed normal.

You just lay there , still in your fed clothes still on . Your eye feeling heavy.

“Can you guys keep it down your like yelling” you put your hands over your ears

Dean sat down on the edge of the bed, you reached swatting him away. Burying yourself under your pillow falling fast asleep.

You woke up breathing heavily , another nightmare great . looking around Sam was in his bed and Dean on the couch. You slowly climbed out of bed tip toeing over to Dean. You tapped him lightly , your startled him and he almost fell onto the floor still squinty eyed.

You grabbed his hand pulling him to the bed , he stumbled over crawling in holding his arm out so you could cuddle into him. You nuzzled your head on his chest , wrapping your arm around him drifting back to sleep feeling his hand rub your back . You slept so much more peacefully in his protective arms.

Instead of nightmares you dreamt of happier times, a world with no monsters . Dean , Sam and you had a house with a white picket fence. Dean even agreed to let Sam get a dog , even though he was hesitant .

You and Dean weren’t just friends and hunting buddies , but you fell in love . The sex in your dream was mind blowing, and you the feeling of your bodies close , disco discovering things about each other . God you wished this wasn’t a dream.


You woke up the next morning to Dean bear hugging you from behind , you could feel his member against you. Well that’s a bit awkward you thought to yourself , Sam was no where in site . You slowly reached for your cell phone to see a note under it .

Another body , went to check out some lore on this witch.
Keep you guys updated
- Sam

You tried to wiggled yourself out of deans grasp without waking him but it didn’t work he woke up grinning to himself.

“Y/n you know you talk in your sleep”

Oh god you thought to yourself, what could you possibly of said. Knowing you ,it was probably embarrassing.

"Yeah and what did I say for you to be sporting such a goofy grin?”

“well, I don’t want to embarrass you too badly sweetheart”

“ oh please Winchester , enlighten me to what I could have said that was so embarrassing” you slightly blushed

Dean sat up cupping your face looking into your eyes. He was close to kissing your lips, feeling his hot breath brush against them . He grinned pulling away putting his hands up.

“Maybe I heard wrong , don’t worry to much about it sweetheart” he said grabbing his bag going into the bathroom.

You heard heard the water to the shower turned on , you bit your lip . You wanted him, you wanted him now . You felt instantly confident , you already knew he had some sort of feelings for you … But you wanted to know if they were the same as yours. You slowly walked to the bathroom stripping you clothes as you went .

you opened the door without so much as a squeak, Dean was to into washing his hair to notice you yet. You climbed into the shower and Dean spun around shocked , looking at your body up and down.

"Uh y/n?”

You smiled at him , crashing your lips into his . He held you into him, pulling away to look at you . He pressed you into the shower wall, your body getting wet under the warm water.

You guided his hands to your breasts, he has this look like “ok this really is happening” he brought his mouth down to your breast sucking gently .

“are you sure you don’t want to take this to the bed”

You ignored him , pumping him lightly

He wrapped your legs around his waist and sheathed himself inside of you with a long, slow thrust.

You wrapped your arms around his neck , crying out. Dean grunted resting his forehead against yours ,water streaming down your faces.Your toes began to curl , Dean found your G-spot which caused you to moan .

“Dean..-” you warned seeing white and your stomach tightening with pressure.

Dean nodded, picking up his pace and resting his head in your neck placing a few open mouth kisses . He pulled your hips into his violently, trying to get his release along with yours . Your moans got louder, almost choking on the stream of the water.

Your body began to shake, eyes rolling back, toes curled, fingers digging into his flesh. Dean growled, releasing in spurts inside of you . He desperately tried to thrust into you, to give you the best orgasm you’d ever had.

It was earth shattering for you , Dean held you for a few seconds before pulling out and setting you down on your shaky legs.

He caught you from falling, pinning you to the wall. You reached up placing another soft kiss on his lips .

You were silent trying catching your breath , he let go of you slowly as you regained yourself . He finished his shower, leaving you to finish having yours.

You came out wrapped in a towel Dean was already dressed sitting on the couch .

You didn’t speak , just grabbed clothes out of your bag And piled your discarded clothes into the bag before Sam came back .

“Are you ok did I…” Dean cleared his throat ,trying to break the awkward silence

You grinned playfully rolling your eyes , “you talk in your sleep too”

He blushed as you winked turning around to go get dressed .

Sam knocked on the door of the motel before entering .you came out of the bathroom brushing your damp hair.

“Where have you been Sammy?” Dean regained his composure still trying to take in all of what just happened

You forgot to show him the note he left , damn it .

“I woke up early , researched some lore and I decided to go to the library … Do you guys know you talk in your sleep” he frowned giving you both a look . “I figured I’d let you to get out whatever it is you needed too . And it seems by the looks of both of you … You figured out something”

Dean, chuckled nervously and jokingly punched his brother.

“Ha-ha Sam, now what did you find out at the library” you blushed

“So the powder he used on you initially is just to make you sleep… The side effects can cause …” he cleared his throat “high sex drive”

“So the pervy sheriff was what going to kidnap me … Hopping that I would sleep with him because he blew some dust in my face…”

“Well he would have been the first person you seen when you woke up… And I’m not sure how it works … But you can’t control it?” Sam looked to you and Dean.

“That’s just silly” you scoffed

"Well you woke up next to Dean … So…”

“Yeah , yeah Sammy ok … Ok that’s enough” Dean grabbed his jacket going out side.

Sam shrugged at you knowing what Dean thought .

You went outside looked around , the impala was still parked out front and Dean was leaning against the trunk.

“Hey” you walked towards him , he just kept his head down. You stood in front of him crossing your arms.

He looked up at you with a sad look on his face , still not speaking .

“Ok , just to make things clear … Pervy sheriffs sleeping dust had nothing to …”

“Y/n, it’s fine … we don’t have to talk about it…but”

“Oh … Ok” you felt an instant pit in your stomach . You shook your head holding back tears. You were embarrassed , you threw yourself at him earlier thinking he felt the same as you . Now you just felt like another girl.

You didn’t believe him though, you felt stupid regardless . You went back into the motel room , Sam sat at the table reading. Hearing the impala start and take off.

“So what are we waiting for , let’s kill the witch” you grabbed your witch hunting gun. Pulling the number out of your fed outfit pocket

“Y/n what are you doing?” Sam sighed trying to grab your phone

“Hi sheriff ? It’s agent ford, I have a few more questions . If you wouldn’t mind … Ok sounds good , yep you too”

“What ? What are you ?” Sam looked out the window noticing Dean was gone, “y/n he probably just thinks the only reason why … He really does care about you , whether he shows it or not… I mean he has stayed with you every night this …”

“Sam …” You shot him down heading out the door, getting into a cab that just happened to be parked out front dropping someone off


Creepy sheriff had you meet him at a coffee shop , he smiled waving you over to his booth. You asked him a few filler questions. He answered a few before interrupting you . Your phone kept buzzing Sams picture lit up on the screen , you hit the silence button.

“Agent, You could answer that” he smirked , “unless you would much rather talk to me, you asked me here for your own reasoning huh”

“You caught me sheriff, now what do you do on your free time?”

he gave you a look and then rolled his eyes. “I know what this is agent … You think I know who the unsub is …”

“Enlighten me”

“Let me show you something just across town, I never even thought to tell you guys the other day… But I got to thinking last night…”

“Ok , let’s go” you smiled grabbing your cell phone texting Sam

Sheriffs taking me somewhere “suspicious” , for now I’m safe turned my location on my phone just in case !

After going a few miles down a dirt road ,You got out of the cruiser looking around . It was a cute little house . It was kept up well, although it didn’t look like any one had been home in weeks if not months with all the newspapers in front of the door. You looked to the sheriff who shrugged , pointing to the woods.

“So what is so suspicious about this place” you turned around and the sheriff was just inches in front of you

“Agent ford , you must think I am stupid. Your not an agent are you… More like a hunter? Perhaps …” the sheriff evilly smirked

You went to go for your gun but he knocked it out of your hands . You looked around it was either run into the woods (where at least you could hide if need be) or go down the road you came through.

“Your not going any where , except with me” the sheriff picked up the gun whipping you in the face with it . “Such a shame ,such a beautiful face”

You heard rustling in the wood , the sheriff didn’t seem to notice .Your heart was racing. He grabbed ahold of you holding your arms behind your back handcuffing you. He held on to the cuffs holding you into him.

It was Dean he must have been following you , you sighed relieved . You were also afraid , you couldn’t bear if something happened to him . Before the sheriff noticed you threw your head back breaking his nose .

He let go of you and dropped the gun holding his hands to his gushing nose .

“You bitch” he cursed trying to grab you

You tumbled grabbing the gun gripping it tightly finger on the trigger , turning your body shooting him from behind your back . He fell to the ground. You huffed blowing your hair out of your face,

Dean ran out after you from his hiding spot in the woods . He dug out the keys to the handcuffs in the now dead sheriffs pocket. Quickly undoing the cuffs throwing them down at the sheriff .

“What were you thinking y/n going out on your own? And Sammy I’m going to beat his ass when we get back to the motel” Dean kicked at the sheriff

“Hey I handled it , and he’s dead “ you grumbled , checking the sheriffs pulse

“ yes y/n , you did good “Dean half smiled ,looking at you noticing the gash on your cheek from where the sheriff whipped you with your gun. “Let’s get you back and stitch you up”

You followed then stopped in crossing your arms , Dean turned around realizing you weren’t following him.

“Y/n” he huffed

"I’m not going until you talk to me about earlier”

“yes y/n I like you okay , maybe even more than that . I have for some time, more and more you do little things that make me lov… Like you even more . Earlier I felt relieved you felt the same way … Then to have Sammy say that you only acted the way you did because of some spell”

“ I never told you what my nightmares consisted of … All of them were of loosing you … And Sam … you guys are my family, I tried to keep my feelings at bay where you might not feel the same… But this morning I couldn’t handle it anymore”

“So when you joined my shower …it had nothing to do with the spell ?”

You walked towards him he stood there frozen . You smiled grazing your hand on his cheek placing a kiss on his lips.

“You Idjit . I love, like you too” you chuckled giving him small smile tears glazing your eyes

He smiled wrapping his arms around you engulfing you in a tight hug “so what are we going to do about this”

“Just kiss me” you smiled

“That I can do” he brought his lips to yours kissing you with passion

You pulled away , “shit call Sam!”

“Too late guys, I headed your way once you sent the text … By the way thanks Dean for thinking I would let her do this alone …” Sam laughed standing behind you guys ,Gas and salt in hand. looking behind the two of you noticing the witch sheriff . He poured the salt and then gas over the lifeless body .

“Alright come guys lets get out of here” Dean wrapped one arm around you and nudged Sam .

JB Birthday Scenario (With complimentary smut)

Oh yes. There is smut.
But if you just want a JB birthday Scenario, you can read this until the time jump, because that’s where the sex starts.
Anyways—— This is so late and not even proof read and god IDEK but I’m feeling good about this one! So Happy Birthday Leader-nim! I love you, IGOT7 loves you, and your members loves you! Be happy forever!

also omg it’s been so long since I last wrote female smut I just didn’t know what to call her… parts… that I just ended up calling it womanhood omfg. What are you suposed to call it in smut I don’t know

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Part 1
Choi Sooyoung
Part 1




Girls’ Generation . Ooh-La-La! . Baby, Baby . Complete . Kissing You . Merry-Go-Round . Tears . Tinkerbell . Honey . Into the New World . Gee . Himnae! .  Dear.Mom . Destiny . Let’s Talk About Love . Genie . Etude . Girlfriend . Boyfriend . My Child . Oh! . Show! Show! Show! . Fun & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) . Forever . Be Happy . Boys & Girls . Star! Star! Star! (☆★☆) . Stick Wit U . Run Devil Run . Echo . Hoot . Mistake . My Best Friend . Wake Up . Snowy Wish . Mr. Taxi . Genie (Japanese Version) . you-aholic . Run Devil Run (Japanese Version) . Bad Girl . Beautiful Stranger . I’m in love with the HERO . Let It Rain . Gee (Japanese Version) . The Great Escape . Hoot (Japanese Version) . Born to be a Lady . Time Machine

NOTE: Repetitive lines from the last album (Girls’ Generation - 1st Japanese Album) in this post have been cut so that it fits the Tumblr limit. Sorry :(