and the lady made them bleed

Fair Enough | 01


Pairing: Jooheon x reader

Genre: Fairy!Jooheon, Fairy!AU, fantasy, romance, adventure, fluff, possible smut in future chapters

Word count: 3.1k

Warnings: language, rated T

A/N: a drabble idea that escalated, rip. This will be roughly 3 parts! I hope you’ll enjoy! :)

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IT 2017 AU Chapter 1

October 1988

“TAKE IT, GEORGIE.” The clown in the storm drain growled as he held the paper boat up.

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Georgie Denbrough shuddered inwardly at the scary change of tone in the clown’s voice. The blue eyes of the clown were not enough to lure him in a false sense of security. The boy in the yellow raincoat wanted to badly get away from the clown as fast as possible, but he didn’t want his older brother to be mad at him for losing the boat. So Georgie chose to get his boat back from the clown and run home as fast as he can.

Georgie carefully crawled on all fours to grab the boat that was in the clown’s hand. But the clown held it out of his reach, intending to draw the poor boy closer to IT. Georgie thought he saw the clown’s eyes change back to a glowing, sinister yellow but Georgie kept his focus on his boat. Georgie stuck his tongue out a bit and reached for his boat as far as he could.

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Georgie quickly managed to snatch the boat back from the clown, but the clown changed. The clown threw ITs head back and revealed rows of razor-sharp teeth. Georgie jerked his arm out before the clown could bite his arm off. Georgie stared in horror as the clown-no-MONSTER stared at the boy in a predatory manner and spoke in a distinctly monstrous voice. “wE AlL flOAt dOwN HeRe, GeORGie. AnD wHen yOU’rE DoWn HeRe wITh mE, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!”

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The creature grabbed at Georgie with IT’s now-clawed hand but Georgie managed to back away in time. However, the creature managed to scratch Georgie on the same arm that he used to reach for the boat. Georgie let out a deep cry of pain as the claws dug down his skin. His raincoat sleeve was now shredded and his blood was leaking out of the big, ugly wounds. Some of Georgie’s blood splattered on S.S. Georgie and the rest of his blood leaked down onto the rainy road and into the storm drain.

Georgie quickly got up on his feet and RAN as fast as his legs can carry him. His uninjured hand clutching his boat and also his injured arm. Georgie screamed for the first words he could think of while running from the hungry monster. “HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP ME! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!” Georgie looked straight ahead as his galoshes rapidly splashed through the rain as he continued to desperately cry out for help.

The monster shapeshifted ITself out of the storm drain like IT was made out of rubber and ran after the injured child. IT had just awoken from another 27 years and IT’s potential first meal was already running away. The monster growled in fury and hunger as IT chased after Georgie. IT’s stomach was already rumbling at the smell of Georgie’s FEAR and the taste of Geogie’s fear-coated blood on IT’s claws.

The cat and the old lady closest to that same storm drain went outside to see the poor boy running and yelling wildly for help. But they couldn’t see or hear what the boy was running from, they only saw huge splashes made behind the boy. Both of them didn’t care and went back inside their house like nothing was happening.

Georgie’s bleeding arm throbbed with his pounding heartbeat as he continued to run from whatever IT was chasing him. The splashing footsteps and growls grew louder as the monster gained on poor Georgie. More adrenaline rushed through the boy’s veins as he tried to run faster, trying to ignore the throbbing pain on his wounded right arm.

Luckily, one adult heard Georgie’s frantic screams outside and quickly ran out of the house without his rain gear on. Dave Gardener ran up to Georgie and grabbed the poor boy into his arms. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Sh-sh-sh, I’m here.” Dave rubbed the 6-year-old’s back comfortably. The boy’s right arm was clearly bleeding and his face was full of frightened tears. Dave guided the poor boy into his house as he looked behind him to see if anything was there.

Faraway from Dave’s view, he thought he saw a clown slither back into the storm drain.

Although Dave was soaking wet from not wearing his rain gear, his attention mainly focused on the frightened boy clutching his boat. A pattering of footsteps were heard as Dave’s son, Harold Gardener arrived down the stairs.

Georgie was still crying as he clutched his boat in his arms and sobbed uncontrollably on their sofa. Harold saw that Georgie’s arm was still bleeding from the wounds and ran in to help. Dave Gardener quickly ran to the kitchen and got the first-aid kit. He opened the box, got the cotton pads, soaked them in rubbing alcohol and disinfected Georgie’s wounds.

Georgie winced in pain as the rubbing alcohol left burning touches in the large, bleeding scratches. Dave then wrapped Georgie’s injured arm in bandage wraps before securing with medical tape.

“Harold, call 911! He needs to get to the hospital right away!”

The young five-year-old nodded to his father and dialed 911 right away on their home phone.

Dave cradled Georgie’s bandaged arm gingerly in his hands as he soothed the still-shocked child. “Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be just fine. You’re safe now, the ambulance will come pick you up and send you to the hospital. They’ll fix up your wounds and then send you back home, okay?”

Georgie nodded while he continued to sob quietly.

The other neighbors were alerted too from Georgie’s frantic screams and went outside to see what was going on.

The Denbroughs were the most frightened amongst them when they heard Georgie’s screams through the receding storm. His parents hurried outside into the rain as they looked and called out frantically for Georgie. Georgie’s older brother, Bill also ran out into the streets despite his parents’ protests to stay inside as he called out for Georgie.

Few minutes later, the ambulance came up to Dave Gardener’s house with a loud siren and flashing red-and-blue lights. Dave came outside his house with Georgie under an umbrella and escorted the boy to the paramedics.

When the Denbroughs saw Georgie, they worriedly ran to him and asked Dave what happened. “What happened to Georgie?!” “Is he okay?!” “I-I-I-I-S H-H-H-E H-HURT?!”

“Georgie has been scratched deep by someone or…some thing. He needs to get stitched up before he bleeds more.” Dave replied.

One of the paramedics walked up to the Denbroughs and asked, “Are you the patient’s relatives?”

“Yes, absolutely.” Georgie’s mother said. “I’m his mom, this man here is my husband, and this boy here is our other son.”

The paramedics let the whole family into the ambulance before closing the door. Georgie grabbed onto Bill’s arm as they sat next to each other. Georgie was still crying from his near-death experience with the monster-clown. Bill stroked Georgie’s head as his little brother clung onto his shirt and wept.

“Georgie, w-w-w-what h-h-h-happened b-b-b-b-back th-th-th-there?” Bill asked him.

“I almost lost her, Billy.” Georgie whispered to him. “I almost lost our boat in the sewer.”

“H-h-how d-d-did y-y-y-y-ou g-g-get h-h-h-her out?” Bill asked as he continued to stroke his brother’s head consolingly.

Georgie sobbed more before answering ominously, “A clown.”

“A-A-A-A cl-cl-cl-clown?!”

“A clown was in the sewer, he somehow knew my name. He even had our boat in his hand.”

“A-A-A-A cl-cl-cl-cl-clown i-i-i-i-in th-th-th-the sew-sew-sew-sewer?! Georgie! Wh-wh-wh-why di-di-di-di-di-didn’t y-y-y-you r-r-r-r-r-r-run?!”

“I didn’t want you to kill me, Bill! You were sick and I didn’t want to lose the boat you worked so hard to make! And…his eyes…he looked like yours’ and mom’s, Bill. He TRICKED me.”

Bill sighed and continued to stroke Georgie. He couldn’t blame Georgie for trusting a stranger hanging out in a sewer, he was only 6-years-old after all. Kids that age couldn’t make rational decisions by themselves without adult supervision. Plus, Georgie was already suspicious of the stranger and only tried to get his boat back so he wouldn’t upset Bill.

“He tried to eat me, Bill. Now I understand why he drooled when he saw me. He was trying to EAT ME.” Georgie sobbed into Bill’s shirt.

Bill’s eyes flew open when he heard that the perpetrator TRIED TO EAT his own little brother.

“His mouth was so big and he had rows of sharp teeth. He tried to bite my arm off.”

Bill’s fears rose higher when he heard about the unnaturally mouth and excessive amount of sharp teeth the clown had.

“He tried to grab me, but I backed away in time. He managed to scratch my arm before I ran away from him His glove was ripped off and he had claws underneath.”

Bill’s blood pressure surged through the roof as he tried to process the clown that almost killed and ATE his brother.

“A-a-a-a-a-a cl-cl-cl-clown wi-with a-a-a-a-a l-l-large m-m-m-mouth f-f-f-f-full of ra-ra-ra-ra-razor sh-sh-sh-sharp t-t-t-t-teeth a-a-a-a-and cl-cl-claws?!”

“Yeah, it was horrible! I was ALMOST EATEN ALIVE! I should have caught up to the boat before she fell into the sewer! I’M SO SORRY, BILLY!” Georgie sobbed harder into his brother’s shirt.

“N-n-n-n-no, Georgie. I-i-i-it w-w-wasn’t y-y-y-your f-f-f-fault. I-I-I-I-I c-c-c-c-c-could al-al-al-al-always ma-ma-make a n-new one f-f-f-for you. J-j-j-j-j-ust d-d-d-d-don’t go n-n-n-near the s-s-s-s-sewers a-a-a-g-g-g-gain, okay?”

“Okay Bill, I promise!”

When they all arrived at the Derry Hospital, Georgie’s wounds were stitched up by the medical staff and then sent to a nearby ward to rest.

The police then asked Georgie what the perpetrator looked like. They gave Georgie a small box of crayons and a piece of paper to draw on.

Georgie had to use his left hand to draw since his right arm was just stitched up. Georgie couldn’t see much of the clown since it was dark inside the storm drain.

He drew a big bald head with orange tufts of hair on both sides. He put in yellow dots on the face as eyes and a red mouth with razor sharp teeth drawn on top of it in black crayon. He also drew a large ruffled collar around the clown’s head and brown clawed hands.

The police stared at Georgie’s drawing for a minute and then asked him, “Is this the one who attacked you?”

“Mm-hm.” Georgie quietly nodded.

The police officer swore under his breath in disbelief as he put the drawing into a manila folder.

The police warned the Denbroughs not to let Georgie wander off by himself at ANY TIME. The police then issued a search for the clown with orange hair and yellow eyes throughout Derry, including the sewers. The police had labelled the sewers off-limits and closed off the house on Neibolt Street. The police even issued a 7 pm curfew for all of the residents of Derry and that no child shall be left alone without a “trusted adult.”

The Denbroughs thanked the police for their help before most of them left to search for the clown.

“A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-achoo!” Bill sneezed loudly, alerting the people the people in the room.

Bill felt cold all of a sudden and was shaking uncontrollably. Bill fell to the floor, his strength to stand on his feet leaving him.

“BILLY!” Georgie screamed as Bill collapsed onto the ground, hard.

The medical staff ran to him to make sure he was okay. Bill convulsed and vomited onto the floor. Everything was a blur for Bill as the medical staff wiped his mouth clean of the vomit and placed on a bed right next to Georgie’s.

Their parents were panicking as Bill suffered a huge coughing fit. “WILLIAM!”

One of the nurses felt Bill’s forehead and found out he was burning up. “Get me an ice pack!”

One of the other nurses ran out of the ward to get an ice pack while others tried to stabilize Bill’s temperature to the best of their ability.

Georgie and their parents kept panicking as Bill kept trembling due to chills from his high fever.

“William! That’s why we told you TO STAY INSIDE! YOU’RE IN NO CONDITION TO GO OUT!” Bill and Georgie’s father roared at him.

Bill groaned in his bed as he felt himself getting colder and colder.

A nurse shoved a thermometer in Bill’s mouth as the other nurse came back with a few ice packs. And ice pack was placed directly on Bill’s sweaty forehead while the other two were shoved in Bill’s underarms.

“His temperature is still too high! Get me more ice!” Another nurse shouted.

The same nurse who got the ice packs ran back to get some more.

Georgie continued to watch with horror as Bill wriggled around uncontrollably in his bed while the nurses struggled to keep his temperature down. Georgie started to cry again when he considered the whole situation to be his fault. Georgie felt really guilty for waking Bill when he was sleeping just to make the boat for him. Even worse was that he didn’t tell his parents he was going outside to play with his boat. He also went too far from their house and hit his head on one of the sawhorses, which caused him to lose his boat into the drain.

If Georgie never woken his brother up to make a boat for him and go outside by himself, Georgie would’ve never gotten injured by the clown, his family wouldn’t have been so worried sick about him dying, and Bill would’ve not gotten a life-threatening fever.

One of the nurses escorted the rest of the family out of the room so they could sit outside and wait for Bill to heal.

Both Zack and Sharon argued with each other in the hall while Georgie sat quietly and cradled the boat in his hands. His parents were distraught that both of their sons have almost been killed in one day because of various reasons. They argued about whether keeping watch of Georgie and Bill was each other’s responsibility. They fought and they fought for what seemed like a long time.

Georgie cried to himself as he watched his parents continue to fight and peeked into the door to see that Bill was doing well, but was sedated minutes ago. Looking back at his parents, Georgie carefully crept back into the room to see Bill.

Bill still had an ice pack rested on top of his forehead and he was covered by a warm blanket. He was lying still with his eyes closed and his breathing stable. His face was a tad less sweaty and pale when he was suffering from a fever. Bill’s expression was somewhat calm, but there was lines of uneasiness written on his features.

“G-G-G-G-G-eorgie…No!” Bill half-whispered and half-yelled in his sleep.

Georgie saw that Bill was having a nightmare about him and climbed onto the bed.

He tuned out the sounds of their parents’ arguments as he laid down right next to his brother’s sleeping body.

Georgie buried his head in Bill’s shoulder as he fell asleep with the boat resting between their heads.


My enemies have made my kingdom bleed. I will not forget that. I will not forgive that. I will punish them with any arms at my disposal.

King Stannis Baratheon | insp. X

The Dark Side of the Moon Door

When we last left Alayne Stone in the Vale, we left her on … an almost surprising and positive note. It’s Day 0 of the Tourney she’s put together for the Lord of the Vale; noting that Sweetrobin takes solace in stories of the Winged Knight, Artys Arryn, Sansa concocts her very first “scheme” as a ‘player’ (a term I use loosely); surround the Lord of the Eyrie with his own bodyguard of “Winged Knights” to give him a sense of security. And what better a way to choose these Winged Knights than to make it a spectacle- invite every young, single knight in the Vale to compete for the positions.

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Head Cannons Pt1 Dante

heyoo. let’s see if tumblr let’s this post through the gate… anyways, here’s some head cannons for dante! there is some stuff that touches on depression, so i guess this is a trigger warning? maybe? i just want you lovelies to know what you may be walking into <3

* A protector. The kinda guy who’d act like he don’t care, but would happily throw himself in front a car for someone. He feels this overwhelming urge to protect everyone, no matter what. Especially friends, family and any lover he takes. He feels like its his responsibility?

*Feels like, so much survivor’s guilt??? After the loss of his mother, brother, and other’s along his life (like Nell) Dante has grown to have a horrible case of survivor’s guilt, feeling like he’s cursed, that everyone he cares for will be taken away from him, due to him being the son of Sparda. This leads to him having abandonment issues and some heavy hitting depression. This guilt could also attribute to his overprotectiveness, and his hesitance to get too close to people. Like how he sleeps around, and tends to annoy everyone.

*He annoys everyone in hopes of maybe they’ll get annoyed and leave him, so in that way, they’d be safe from the curse he swears haunts him.

*He’s always wanted kids, but thinks maybe his life is too dangerous and unpredictable to afford having children with a long term s/o.

*Dante will totally deny acting like a demon, at all, which is cute, because he subconsciously does it. Like what he says is a walk around town is actually him surveying his territory. He scents other people, and displays normal adult demon tendencies, but totally denies it.

*This boy? He loves him some home cooked meals, and can actually cook. He’s no master chief, but he can make scrambled eggs and not totally burn them? Imagine the basic bachelor menu, and that’s what he can do.

*He’s not gonna make you spaghetti with pasta sauce from scratch and artisan noodles, but he can boil noodles and warm up a jar of pasta sauce.

*He usually doesn’t, because he never sees the point to.

*He knows his mother’s apple pie recipe by heart. Jarred pasta sauce? Sure. Box mac and cheese? Hell yeah! Frozen pie crust? HOW DARE YOU. EVA’S PIE MUST BE MADE FROM SCRATCH AND ANGEL’S TEARS YOU HEATHEN. NO SHORT CUTS!

*He usually makes it during holidays, and sometimes for a big event?

*Happy birthday, have a pie.

*He actually loves having people around his shop. Lady, Trish, Nero and Patty? He loves having them there, even though he complains. He adores the feeling of life people he considers family bring to his shop. It makes his devil side so freakin’ excited, because his family is in his den, being all happy and safe, where he can look out for them. (like the big alpha devil he is)

*Total, 100% bleeding heart. He is such a big, emotional guy, though he totally doesn’t show it. He’d be the one to bring donuts and coffee to homeless people, and act like its no big deal. He’d look out for street kids, though try to not get caught doing it.

*He heckin’ LOVES spending time with Nero and Vergil. Family outings! YES!

*Will heckle everyone he cares for. Thinks its funny when Nero yells at him.

*This 6 foot man child loves the boardwalk. Oh god, the rides are so fun, and he LOVES the shooting carnival games.

*He’s a total dork too. Loves music, and vinyls. He’s such an excellent guitarist, and is pretty good on drums too!

*Sometimes, he’ll start humming, or singing to himself. He never notices, but it’s so nice. His voice is deep and raspy, makes you think of whiskey in a way.

*Secretly, he actually likes reading. Other than magazines. He likes big fantasy novels, like game of thrones. He couldn’t get into the show much.

*He likes old cheesy action and horror movies, with bad effects.

*Loves old cars and motorcycles!

*Plays dumb, but is actually pretty smart, and great at solving riddles and puzzles!

*Will actually cry if you give him a heartfelt gift. Big manly tears for a big manly man <3

*He’d need an s/o that could assure him that they’d never leave, and never hurt him. That there’s nothing that could happen, that would make them leave. That they would stay with him through thick and thin, and not take it personally when he tries to push them away. Someone who’d understand his depression when it gets bad, and help him out.

*I don’t think he’d care too much about gender. Very open dude. <3

hope you enjoy ^^

Emmerdale Full Spoilers & Cast List 6-10 November

Monday 6 November

  • Adam makes a shocking revelation to Victoria, confessing that he found Emma’s suicide note in his car, but decided not to share the information with the police. 
  • When Pete having found out Adam had his car tyres changed shortly after Emma was killed, he grassed his half-brother to the police. With the detectives having searched the scrapyard and seized the mechanic’s car, they return to arrest him! But will Adam admit to killing Emma – or have they taken the wrong person into custody?
  • When Doug kicks Gerry out, Liv begs Aaron to let him move in. Aaron refuses.
  • Pollard’s sucked in when an old friend from the council, Morris, asks to meet up for a round of golf. As Pollard lies to Faith about what he’s up to, he has no idea he’s about to be set up by his so-called ‘mate’.

Tuesday 7 November

  • Adam is conflicted over whether to tell the truth about Emma, 
  • Ross and Pete talk about Adam, who’s been arrested in conjunction with their mum’s murder. But as their conversation evolves, the brothers end up arguing as Pete grows suspicious  of Ross, wondering when he found out about their mother’s death. Is Ross lying? Did he know about Emma’s demise before he and Pete were ‘informed’?
  • Pollard’s playing golf with his old ‘mate’ Morris from the council when he realises the guy has an agenda. Pollard reels as Morris informs him a road will be built through his house if he doesn’t cough up some cash to stop it.
  • Having been booted out by Doug, Gerry tries to wheedle his way on to Aaron and Liv’s sofa.

Wednesday 8 November

  • It all kicks off in the Woolie when news gets out that Wishing Well is due to be knocked down. But what’s Pollard got to do with the newsflash that gets Cain so riled?
  • Ross packs his bags and leaves the village leaving Adam suspicious about his half-brother’s behaviour. Did Ross have something to do with Emma’s murder?
  • At Home Farm, Rebecca and Lawrence reel when Robert informs them Kath has offered him a job miles away from the village.

Thursday 9 November

  • Rebecca’s car is playing up so Victoria persuades reluctant Aaron to take a look at it. Now, helping Rebecca, his ex’s baby-mother-to-be is the last thing Aaron wants to do. But the awkward situation ramps up to extreme cringe level when her waters then break! Will Aaron get her to a hospital?
  • Elsewhere, Lawrence is worried that Robert’s about to leave Emmerdale. Will Rebecca’s situation alter things?

  • At the salon, Bernice works on one of her regular customers, moody old Mrs Dumphreys who perks up when she hears she’s won a bet on the horses.

::::2nd Episode::::

  • Bernice finds herself in the middle of a very unusual and upsetting situation when one of her regular clients, grumpy old Mrs Dumphreys, goes and dies on her while she’s at the salon! One minute the old lady was whooping it up about a win on the horses and advising Bernice to go out for a drink with Daz and the next she’s dead as a dodo. As the paramedics take Mrs Dumphreys away, Bernice is in bits.
  • Meanwhile, with Rebecca’s emergency labour situation unfolding, Robert learns his ex-lover is in the throes of having their baby…

  • Will Robert be there to see his baby come into the world?

Friday 10 November

So Rebecca’s had the love child which has caused so many problems for Robert. He’s lost the love of his life, Aaron, as a result of the pregnancy and has reverted to his bad boy ways to try to carve a place for himself in Emmerdale. But, with the Whites now linked to him by blood can Robert really carry on trying to secretly bleed the family dry and oust them from Home Farm?

  • As Robert acknowledges he’s now a man with real responsibility, parenthood pushes him to make a shock decision about what he’s going to do next…
  • When Bernice’s client Mrs Dumphreys died in the salon, Nicola made a discovery as she was raking through the old lady’s bag – her winning betting slip! Can Nicola persuade her sister to cash it in?
  • His romance with Faith is on the rocks yet Pollard doesn’t seem to keen to do anything about it. Why is the ladies-man being so lacklustre?


  • Aaron Dingle Danny Miller
  • Adam Barton Adam Thomas
  • Bernice Blackstock Samantha Giles
  • Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
  • Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
  • Chrissie White Louise Marwood
  • David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden
  • Daz Spencer Mark Jordon
  • DC Wilson Jennifer Lord
  • Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen
  • Doug Potts Duncan Preston
  • DS Benton Justin Pierre
  • Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell
  • Faith Dingle Sally Dexter
  • Frank Clayton Michael Praed
  • Gerry Shaun Thomas
  • Giles Mark Carlisle
  • Jimmy King Nick Miles
  • Kath Claire Cage
  • Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson
  • Lawrence White John Bowe
  • Olivia Flaherty Isobel Steele
  • Lydia Hart Karen Blick
  • Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock
  • Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb
  • Morris Blakey Douglas McFerran
  • Mrs Dumphreys Shirley Dixon
  • Nicola King Nicola Wheeler
  • Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan
  • Rebecca White Emily Head
  • Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel
  • Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley
  • Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower
  • Ross Barton Michael Parr
  • Sam Dingle James Hooton
  • Sarah Sugden Katie Hill
  • Tracy Metcalfe Amy Walsh
  • Victoria Barton Isabel Hodgins
  • Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell
  • Midwife Ashley Hope Allan
  • Paramedic Lindsay Stanger
  • Solicitor Anand Desai-Barochia
  • Undercover officer Max Dowler 
Joker Imagine - Line of life and death

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Joker’s P.O.V.

I couldn’t believe what had happened because it just came so fast.

Y/N and I were walking a little in Gotham city because there had been a fight at the club and she wanted me to relax. For the girl she was she had a lot of guts. Yes even tho Y/N was my girlfriend, she seemed nervous sometimes. Anyway she practically dragged me out so we could walk. It sure helped. But then everything came crashing down.

We had crossed a road and she had dropped something. I felt how Y/N had let go of my hand as the lights turned green for cars. I tried to yell at her to stop, but she walked straight in front of a car, blinded by the night. Her body hit the red car forcefully and then flew many feet ahead of it, hitting the pavement harshly. The car stopped and I couldn’t even see the guy or girl because I ran to Y/N.

Her legs and arms were bleeding because the short dress didn’t offer any protection. Her body had gone numb and she could barely breathe. I was too scared to pick her up in case she had broken her spine. Fear took over me for the first time in years. ‘’Baby..’’ I breathed out and touched her cheek, having to see if she had any kind of a reaction. ‘’It..hurts..’’ She whimpered out weakly and looked at me. I bet she hadn’t seen the wounds and it should stay so.

The car driver knew who we were, yet he called an ambulance and shut the road with his own things. I grabbed Y/N’s small hand and then got down on the cold pavement. ‘’Keep your eyes on me, okay?’’ I asked her and fought against my own tears. I found out by one glance that her spine wasn’t broken, but her left leg was twisted unnaturally. ‘’J..’’ Y/N gasped and her hand started trembling while she held mine.

‘’It’s okay..You’ll be fine..Do you hear me? You’ll be fine doll’’ I reassured her, but I wasn’t believing myself. If she had an inner bleeding, she could die within an hour. Even the thought made my gut uneasy and I didn’t want to accept it. ‘’An ambulance is on the way’’ A random lady told us from the car. I didn’t even look at them, because I was focused on keeping my girlfriend alive. I didn’t care that it would be an ambulance. I’d force them to help her and give her the needed treatment or I’d shoot the doctors. Then I’d take her back home before they could send her to Arkham.

Tears gushed out of her pretty eyes and she found it hard not to look. ‘’Don’t dare to do that babe, it’ll make it worse. Just keep your eyes on me’’ I reminded her with a voice that cracked once. I was terrified to lose her, the only person I cared about outside work. ‘’I ..I want to sleep’’ She whispered weakly. ‘’No! Don’t..Y/N you can do it!’’ I got panicked. She couldn’t die now! Not like this, not so young..

‘’You’re a fighter baby..Do you hear me? You’re strong. You can get through this’’ I started to lose myself. My vision got blurry because tears were stinging my eyes. I bet the last time I cried was when I was a teenager. And hell it felt bad to nearly cry. ‘’Puddin..’’ Y/N said softly, but it was obvious she was in pain. ‘’I love you’’ She sobbed and nearly shut her eyes. Those three words were rarely shared between us even tho our love was obvious. Yes we were crazy and homicidal criminals, but we loved each other.

‘’I love you too’’ I let her know and then a weak tear rolled down my face, followed by more. Oh I’d kill whoever drove that car no matter what, but not right now. Suddenly Y/N shut her eyes, making my muscles tense. ‘’ no! No don’t! Open them!’’ I yelled at her, not allowing her to just die. I cupped her face and leaned closer. ‘’Baby! Don’t leave me’’ I pleaded and started to shake. Was this real? ‘’Don’t you dare to leave me..’’ I whispered and swallowed my tears.

Her eyes opened a little, but she seemed weaker. An ambulance was coming, but we were holding traffic back so it would take longer. ‘’Sing something’’ She told me quietly, but cracked a tiny smile in all that pain. I was so panicked, so scared and sad that I couldn’t think of a song at first. The only song that popped into my mind was stupid, but I had no other choice. I only knew the song because she had listened to it so much. I couldn’t even sing well, but it was okay for her.

‘’What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in and then kicking me out. You got my head spinning..’’ I started quietly, so only she could hear. She opened her eyes a little more and forced herself to stay awake.

‘’ kidding, I can’t pin you down’’ I mouthed the words of the song and it only made me sadder. The words seemed to fit us. Y/N looked at me closely as I tried to remember the words in this state of shock.

‘’’You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind..’’ 

‘’ ‘Cause all of me loves all of you, love your curves and all your edges, love all your imperfections..’’ I kept going. The ambulance was closer and good for us the hospital was only a block away from here. It stopped a few feet away from us and the ambulance men got out, walking closer to us nervously. The other one of them kneeled next to Y/N and started doing his job. I was too shocked to focus on his words. I just kept my gaze on my princess who was on the line of life and death.

I couldn’t let her die..

Go get her,” Amren hissed. “Right now.”
“No,” I said, and hated the word.
They gaped at me, and I wanted to roar at the sight of the blood coating them, at my unconscious and suffering brothers on the carpet before them.
But I managed to say to my cousin, “Weren’t you listening to what Feyre said to him? She promised to destroy him - from within.”
Mor’s face paled, her magic flaring on Azriel’s chest. “She’s going into that house to take him down. To take them all down.”
I nodded. “She is now a spy - with a direct line to me. What the King of Hybern does, where he goes, what his plans are, she will know. And report back.”
“She’s your mate,” Amren bit at me. “Not your spy. Go get her.”
“She is my mate. And my spy,” I said too quietly. “And she is the High Lady of the Night Court.”
“What?” Mor whispered.
I caressed a mental finger down that bond now hidden deep, deep within us, and said, “If they had removed her other glove, they would have seen a second tattoo on her right arm. The twin to the other. Inked last night, when we crept out, found a priestess, and I swore her in as my High Lady.”
“Not - not consort,” Amren blurted, blinking. I hadn’t seen her surprised in … centuries.
“Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.” My equal in every way; she would wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child-rearing. My queen.
As if in answer, a glimmer of love shuddered down the bond. I clamped down on the relief that threatened to shatter any calm I feigned having.
“You mean to tell me,” Mor breathed, “that my High Lady is now surrounded by enemies?” A lethal sort of calm crept over her tear-stained face.
“I mean to tell you,” I said, watching the blood clot on Cassian’s wings with Amren’s tending. Beneath Mor’s own hands, Azriel’s bleeding at last eased. Enough to keep them alive until the healer got here. “I mean to tell you,” I said again, my power building and rubbing itself against my skin, my bones, desperate to be unleashed upon the world, “that your High Lady made a sacrifice for her court—and we will move when the time is right.”
Perhaps Lucien being Elain’s mate would help - somehow. I’d find a way.
And then I’d assist my mate in ripping the Spring Court, Ianthe, those mortal queens, and the King of Hybern to shreds. Slowly.
“Until then?” Amren demanded. “What of the Cauldron - of the Book?”
“Until then,” I said, staring toward the door as if I might see her walk through it, laughing and vibrant and beautiful, “we go to war.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

riahchan  asked:

Lady x Ghost

Inadvertent sequel to my 101 Dalmatians fic from last year’s remix. 

Slowly but surely, I’m going to get through this prompts dammit!

“Ohmygoodnes, ohmygoodness,” Sansa whispered to herself as she ran across the apartment, dressed only in her floral silk robe, straightening this thing here, or taking that thing there and shoving it out of sight.  Lady had wisely chosen to stay tucked in on her dog bed as Sansa fretted over getting everything ready for “company” and finally returned to the bathroom to finish getting dressed.

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I think it was on your blog that I read a fic from Mycah's PoV? Anyway it obviously had a sad ending, but could you write one about the different "lowborns" remembering Arya? From Winterfell where she was Underfoot, to later on the road, and then King's Landing, and after that too, the BwB, and so on. Doesn't have to be long scenes... just people remembering the tiny but fierce girl and hoping/praying she's safe?

Mikken thinks of the little lady Arya sometimes. It is odd not having her underfoot. He wonders if she ever used that little sword he made. He remembers her well, the fierce, wilful little thing and hopes she did. He hopes she made them bleed for what they did to his lord. It is better to think that than to think she is gone.


Hot Pie misses Arry, even though she did tell him what to do a lot. He still calls her that, Arry. He finds it hard to remember she is highborn. Highborns never cared much for him but she is different. He hopes he’ll see her again. He hopes she isn’t still eating worms and beetles or worse. If she ever comes back to the inn he’ll make sure she never has to again, even if giving her his bread does get him in trouble with Sharna.


Gendry can’t stop thinking of her. When he’s hammering he imagines it is the Hound he is beating on, not a breastplate. He shouldn’t be surprised she has been taken away from him. Everything that matters to Gendry gets taken. He doesn’t matter, he never has. I mattered to her. She is highborn. She wasn’t meant to be his friend but she wouldn’t have it when he said. He’d smile remembering how stubborn she was if it didn’t hurt.

He has R’hllor, and he prays to the red god but he doesn’t pray the same as the others. Day has as many terrors for him as night. It’s Arya he prays for, alive and well and coming back to tell him he’s stupid once more.


Harwin feels guilty. He doesn’t think he should but little lady Arya’s eyes accuse him, even now she is gone and especially now that her mother leads them. He asked her to be brought back for Arya, for the little girl who already lost one parent and this was what Arya wanted, what she asked for. Lady Stark isn’t what she was though. Harwin still serves because even if the brotherhood has changed, they are what men have made them be but late at night he doubts. Late at night he remembers Arya, the angry little girl who spoke of justice and of her father. Maybe if she came back things might be different, less grim. He prays that she is safe, that he can see her again. Maybe then Lady Stark might find some peace. 

Maybe then they can all find some peace.

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As with every death, I really can't wait to see if you'll do your take on it with your Daemon AU! Sorry if this is a little forward, but I love/missed reading about VM and their Animal Halves

here’s the thing: that moment, the heat and fire and desperation––the please please please breathlessness above the roar of the dragon and the hiss of the lava and the rumble of the earth––what more is there to say about that? what else can be said about the unbridled hope, the moment Pike reaches out and grabs and doesn’t let go, because it’s not her time, because she made a promise to Kaylie (because for all her strength and love she cannot lose one, two members of her family)? what can be said that isn’t already clear as day?

(Miro holding onto Oraman by the scruff of his neck as Pike presses a lock of hair into Vex’s hand; Pike with one hand pressed to Scanlan’s cheek and the other to the daemon on his shoulder, fading away even as she breaks her promise and drags him back, dammit, because she made a promise to him, but she also made another)

imagine this, then: imagine Vax unconscious on the ground, life bleeding away, returning to his Lady; imagine Vax unconscious and Vex and arm’s length away, close but not close enough (fingers almost brushing, heads turned towards each other; even here, on the brink, they are two parts of one whole); imagine Vax unconscious and Vex right there, among the dirt and dust and ash (because the twins have always done all things together, and it seems that will follow them to their death)

imagine Vax unconscious, but Ilmariel still awake

Ilmariel awake, hazy and holding on until the bitter end; Ilmariel watching as Vex sighs, and does not breathe again; Ilmariel watching as Oraman stills, shimmers, drifts apart, watching as Miro grabs him, as Pike makes her plea; Ilmariel watching Vex die (again, except this time she’s here, this time she’s just close enough to brush against Vex’s fingers for Vax as she goes, just close enough to curl up into her palm as Pike dregs up the power it takes to cast her spell, just close enough for Vex to tighten her hand around her as she comes jolting back to life)

Ilmariel, awake enough to feel such overwhelming relief and let go, to drift off into the porcelain place between life and death where Vax waits, at peace with the knowledge that Vex is back, that Vex has made it, that she does not need to keep watch any longer (little sister, she thinks as she goes––they will always be the older ones, watching until they cannot watch any longer; at least they have not failed in this, here among the brimstone and sulfur and flame)

(Ilmariel afterwards, when they have survived against all odds, heavy with the lingering grief and fear, uncertain wether or not to tell Vax the truth. it is easy, you see, to hide the truth from yourself: you only have to want it enough. and ignorance, as they say, is bliss)

12th Advent Joker Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

My nerves were going to kill me! I was standing behind the curtains of the big bright screen, watching as people filled up the place. So far we had sold over 800 tickets and the place seemed full. I was going to sing for them today and naturally performing in front of so many people made me nervous.

In only five minutes I would be standing in front of them. I was wearing a long red dress that felt super soft. It was a sparkly dress and it hugged my torso nicely as the skirt was a little poofy. I was wearing golden heels and my makeup was done by my friend.

‘’Good luck Y/N!’’ Someone said, making me turn around. It was the sound check man. He was giving me thumbs as he walked away. That was a sign. I had to get ready. I took a deep breath and then cleared my throat. I had nothing to lose expect my reputation if I fail.


The curtains opened and the lights shone on me, making everyone focus on me going on stage. I smiled brightly even tho I wanted to go away. This wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to sing my own songs, but I had to sing stupid Christmas songs.

I grabbed the mic and kinda hoped for a miracle so I could go away, but it would never happen. The melody of ‘blue christmas’ started playing and I had to keep smiling. Just as I took a deep breath and tried to sing, a loud band interrupted us. I startled and the place got filled with smoke. People started screaming and running away, but I froze in shock. I just stood there, feeling how the wall was crumbling and panic raised here.

A shiver ran down my spine as realization washed upon me. People in crazy suits ,pajamas,eyeball masks etc ran inside with guns and started shooting people madly. I was in the spotlight, making me an easy target. That’s when I decided to do something in hopes to save my life. My heart was beating hard and I felt adrenaline and fear pumping through my system. I was only focused on one thing,

get away safely.

Just as I turned around, aiming to run backstage and outside from there, I stopped right in my tracks. Someone was in front of me. I screamed out in fear and without looking, I tried to hit the person.A man masked in a batman mask, but obviously he was bad, took a step back and groaned. Two men came from behind me, one looking like an eyeball as the other one had a suit and a purple tie. They pointed at me with guns, making me raise my arms in surrender. People were screaming and crying as I heard gunshots and overall a huge mess.

‘’Please don’t kill me’’ I begged while looking at the men. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder. I gulped and turned around slowly. That’s when I saw him. A man stood there with a wide red grin, metallic teeth, snow pale skin, bright green hair that was put back nicely, a very expensive looking golden jacket and those piercing blue eyes that made me lose my breath. It was the Joker.

I wasn’t sure whether to fear him or adore him. He was a scary man who did awful things, but he was so interesting as well. I just froze, staring at this wanted criminal who stood right before my eyes. He raised his arms playfully, probably mocking me. ‘’Oh don’t be so scared’’ Joker chuckled and then touched my cheek softly, almost like he was studying me. His touch wasn’t really making me uncomfortable, I felt a strange spark. It made me ignore all the fearful screams of the many people who were stuck here.

Joker was there, in front of me, not killing me, at least not yet. My lips parted and I felt like I was drooling while kinda trembling. I could die within five minutes. But I felt thrilled. ‘’I suppose you’re Y/N?’’ Joker spoke with a deep and raspy voice, coming closer to me. ‘’Yeah’’ I breathed out and then realized that I had held my breath.’’We’re causing a big show here’’ He giggled and looked around. That’s when I saw a few people that had been shot, lying on the ground. They were bleeding and I knew they were dead. Others tried to hide and get away from this cruelty.

But somehow I didn’t feel too bothered about them. Why? I had no idea.

‘’’re the Joker’’ I whispered without really thinking. It made him happy, at least his growing smile let me think so. ‘’Oh the lovely lady has done some research’’ Joker spoke with a cheerful tone. As quickly as they came, his smile faded and he looked at me seriously, making my heart beat faster. His dark eyes came closer and I felt like he could nearly kiss me. Still, I didn’t back away. I felt so intrigued by him.

‘’I need your help’’ He literally growled, making me a little more nervous. But damn I found him appealing. It was so wrong, but on the other hand I had to be on his side or else I’d get a bullet through my brain. I just nodded, letting him know I’d help him. Although it would probably be something bad.

Joker sighed and then his hands touched my shoulders gently. ‘’I need you to come with me, away from this place and help me decorate for Christmas’’He admitted, making me kinda confused. But then again something like this wasn’t surprising at all. It was the Joker! He did things like this for fun. ‘’How?’’ I asked him, curious to find out more. Suddenly he flashed me that shiny smile of his again.

‘’You could help me make a certain person’s brain into a wall decoration’’ He chuckled and that made more sense. So he wanted me to kill someone? I bit my tongue and tried to let this sink in. Why me? ‘’Okay doll face?’’ He purred and touched my jaw with his finger, bringing my face closer to his. ‘’Okay’’ I whispered and tried to smile.

Maybe I was a little mad.

‘’Oh guys I told you!’’ He yelled out loudly and threw his arms in the air. I looked around and tried to figure out whether this was a dream or not. Joker had blown up the theater wall, made his men shoot a bunch of people just to ask for my help? ‘’I told you I’d find a pretty lady who isn’t completely sane’’ He continued proudly, talking about me.

Me? Not sane? Insane?

‘’Oh Y/N this is going to be so much fun’’ Joker chirped and grabbed my arm, pulling me by his side. I looked up into those pretty blue eyes and felt like blushing. What was even going on? ‘’But baby if you disobey I might have to punish you’’ He whispered to me, only for me to hear.  I bit my red painted lips because his words made my legs a little weaker. 

Since when did I find crazy attractive? No idea, but I knew for sure it started by now.

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Could you maybe do the "ways to say I love you " 28 and 35? I'm a sucker for angst

Anon 2: Do prompt 28 when I’m dead please? I love your blog btw.

+ Anon whose ask I accidentally deleted asking for 28

28: When I am dead

35: As a goodbye

The Way You Said I Love You

Also decided to combine this with these asks

Anon: 20 <3

cleareyes95 : Prompt: I can’t lose you.

from the sentence prompts

1: “I can’t loose you”

20: “I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that”

“What do you remember, Nico?” Her voice was soft, it wasn’t accusing or degrading, it was innocent questioning. The same way someone would ask Nico what the weather would be like, or if his flowers were blooming, not asking Nico to remember memories he had suppressed so far back into his brain, he often forgot them all together. What do you remember?

“I remember screaming.” Bits and pieces of the memory floated through his brain, fuzzy and too far away to reach. “I remember someone screaming. I don’t know if it was me or not.” Her gaze was meant to be as soft as her voice, but that, Nico decided, she needed to work on. He could tell she wasn’t satisfied with his answer. “I remember begging. Begging him not to go. Not to leave me.”

Please,” the tears cut through the grime on his cheeks, “please don’t go. I can’t lose you. You’re all I have left.” Nico had never begged for anything since his sister died. He knew from painful experiences that begging never brought anyone back. It didn’t bring his mother back. It didn’t bring his sister back. But he had to try.

“Your mind is working to bring back the suppressed memories. Don’t fight it.” Nico wanted to punch them back into the darkest corner of his mind. He didn’t want to listen to this lady that Hazel had made him come see. She wasn’t helping him any.

“I don’t want them back.” Nico gripped the armrests with white knuckles and clenched his jaw shut.

“You have to accept them before you can move past them.” The sound of her sitting forward in her chair made Nico want to punch her. He would give anything to not be here, putting himself through literal mental torture. He’d give anything to be back home in Will’s arms.


“Nico,” Will’s voice was jagged with his panting.

“Don’t,” Nico was frantically trying to stop the bleeding. “Don’t try to talk. Just stay with me. Look at me. Stay awake, Will.” Will nodded, but his eyes were already drooping.

“Nico, I’m not going to make it out of here.”

“Don’t talk like that.”

“Nico, stay alive, okay?” Will’s hand touched Nico’s cheek, smearing blood on it. “Stay alive for me. Find someone who’ll make you happy. Be happy again. I love you so much.” His breathing was slowing with each word he said, and his hand fell from Nico’s face, his eyes closing. Nico heard himself scream.

“Will! No, no no! Will, wake up! Please wake up! I love you, oh my god, wake up!” Will’s body went limp in Nico’s arms despite Nico’s constant shaking. When he didn’t wake up, Nico placed his forehead on Will’s, the tears and blood dripping down his chin. “I love you.” It was nothing more than a whisper, words that were only ever meant for Will. His husband. “I love you.”

Nico didn’t know where the sense of calm that rushed over him came from. “I thought I could manage without him. I can’t. Not like this. Not ever like this.” He left her office without another word.

Okay, now you can take them away from me

i 1000000 % believe it’s Dr. Edwards

maybe aaaall of this was already pointed out. and if so, take this as a little reminder xD

we all know this famous short flash in the opening credits right?

the one, who reveals it’s Beth (YEP I’M SURE). i mean who else was wearing a yellow polo shirt with a collar in this episode (or in general)?

but let’s take a look at Dr. Edwards shall we?

in Coda (or more in almost every Grady episode) he wears the typical white doctor kittel. we saw him wearing it in his last scene in coda.

the flash shows someone with such a coat. take a look at the pocket.

and let’s return back to the opening flash:

and surprise, surprise he only had this pocket on his left side, just like in the flash.

now the arm.

cooooooooooooincidence? NOPE, definately not.

before some of you go “but his sleeves are rolled up” or “look at the end it’s all red”

do you REALLY think after a 800 herd attack his sleeves are still in the perfect position and have a shiny white?

we saw Team Family running away, so of course his sleeves are messed up, cause he was running, too.

“it’s reeeed?” O_O

that’s blood ladies and gentlemen, which could let me say, MAYBE happen when so many walkers appear and you have to fight them to escape AND you have a person with you that bleeds, because she was shot.

for me it’s absolutely clear that this is our warrior queen and the weird Dr.

- Melina

Someone please tell me...

…that I am not the only person in the Supernatural fandom who thinks that having serious headcanons about real people is creepy and indicates a tendency to fictionalize said real people (ie make them characters for you to play with).  I don’t care if it’s the J2 tinhatters, or the Cockles tinhatters, or the people who for whatever damn reason think there’s some sort of “polyamorous” Krushnic/Ackles quadrangle, or whatever your perversion may be, I find it really damned disturbing.  Equally disturbing are the people who force the cast - primarily Jensen, Jared, & Misha - to play “dress up” for their fantasies during the photo ops.  I’ve seen some cute photo ops in the current ‘free form’ style, but clearly some fans have no idea of discretion and have a frightening level of ‘character bleed’ because they can’t understand the line between Dean and Jensen or Misha and Castiel or Jared and Sam.  

Take, for instance, the remarks Jensen & Misha made about photo ops at Rome this year - one was recreating ‘Lady and the Tramp’.  Imagine being asked to do that with your good friend at a work function.  Remember these are work functions for these men, they are PAID to be there and to be “on” for the fans.  That DOES NOT make them your damned puppets, they are still autonomous people who have feelings and ought to have the right to say ‘no’ as well as the respect of others (supposedly their fans) sufficiently to not be asked to “dance for me monkey boy”.  Worse, one fan brought a Zorro mask and had Misha ‘wear’ it (it appears he held it up rather than putting it on) in the photo with Jensen.  Does no one else see the obvious issue with this?  First, DEAN made the remark to which this op refers - not Jensen.  Jensen is not Dean.  He portrays Dean, he knows Dean better than anyone else, but he is not actually Dean Winchester.  At a convention, he is there as JENSEN not Dean (exemption to this, when Misha does Castiel ops for his charity - then there is some room for ‘in character’ joke ops)..  Second, the line clearly says “a GIRL wearing a Zorro mask” and Misha is rather obviously not a girl, nor even is his character (see above that unless he’s there as Castiel, this is MISHA in a mask, not Castiel).  Third, it is blatantly sexualizing the photo ops which in most workplaces would constitute a form of sexual harassment (change the genders of the persons involved - have a man ask two women to dress up and play act something blatantly sexual when it is not actually their job at that moment to ACT at all - and maybe you’ll see the issue).  

Obviously, no one can or should police someone’s “headcanons” because policing thought is both impossible and even scarier than Donald Trump’s proposed policies.  What CAN be done is to stop encouraging fans with no sense of etiquette, no sense of appropriateness, or perhaps simply no sense of respect for the autonomy of the real people who portray these characters, by applauding them for their ‘creativity’ or my favorite, ‘bravery’ in pursuing and then publishing these photo ops or other expressions of “headcanons” about the very real people who make up Supernatural’s cast.  It takes absolutely no bravery to ask grown men (especially if you’re a young girl who can then bleat about them being “mean to you”) to do something humiliating, demeaning, or just awkward and uncomfortable, when you know they are in a situation in which it is very difficult and/or unusual for them to feasibly say ‘no, I’d rather not’.  

Consider the backlash when Jensen actually said no, apparently, at the recent Denver convention.  He was called a bully, among other more unpleasant things, for refusing the request of a disgustingly well-spoiled teenager (and given what he says ‘yes’ to, I fear what her actual request was or at least, what he heard). For another example, take the “pride flag” op from Phoenix Con (Misha with the Asexual flag and Jensen with the Bisexual flag): consider if Jensen had said no, that Dean isn’t bi and he doesn’t want to portray that - he’d rather switch flags with Misha, so same flags, same cast, same message of solidarity, right?.  Imagine the reaction to that, on THAT weekend of all weekends (given the horrific event in Orlando).  Do you see how he has no real power to say no? (I have no idea if he even cared, but given there was a delay in him saying yes…I do wonder)  This is not to say he does not care for the LGBT+ community, he has made it clear he does, but he’s also been clear that he does not want to perpetuate the “Dean is secretly bisexual” interpretation since Dean is canonically straight.  Do you honestly think Misha, Jared, or Jensen appreciates these sorts of situations?  What you are essentially saying is “I paid X dollars so you are now my dancing monkey, dance for me monkey boy, dance” and that is a horrible way to treat another human being, ever, whether they are staff at a restaurant, a professional you employ at your home or work (ie plumber, handyman), an employee, or yes, even well-paid actors at a convention.  

Thus endeth the rant.


One Shot.

This popped into my mind for some unknown reason I had to write it out. It was supposed to be pure funny but then turned a little fluffy at the end. ::shrugs shoulders:: I can never get over a fluffy Killian.

Takes place during the six weeks in Season 4 before Gold comes back. Emma and Snow’s monthly beast syncs up and David and Killian have to deal with some angry women.

Killian is sitting at the island in the Charming’s kitchen sipping on coffee with David when he first hears the sound of a draw being slammed from upstairs.

“Swan, you alright?” he calls up to her.


His brow goes together in confusion at her clipped tone. He and David exchange a look. The prince shrugs his shoulders and goes back to reading the paper while Killian turns back to his crossword puzzle. A few minutes pass before Emma comes stomping down her steps. He’s surprised to see her still in her cotton pajama pants and a tank top. She’s not wearing an undergarment either, he can tell, but he doesn’t let his eyes linger too long out of respect for her father.

“I’m not coming into work today,” she grumbles as she reaches the bottom step.

“Okay…?” David draws out.

“You feeling alright, love?”

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James (N)

Here’s Niall’s, I hope you like it! <3 :) 

I know you’re out there we’re meant to be

Niall stared out the windshield while he drove and Liam sat in the passenger side. Liam giggled at his phone as he spoke to his soul mate. “I miss you too,” he whispered and he smiled like an idiot. Niall was incredibly happy for him. For Louis and Zayn too…it’s just…he wanted his own. Wanted his angel. His princess. He knew you were out there. He imagined hundreds of melodies that could possibly go with his harmony He was excited he wanted to know how close he was–but mostly he wanted to start his life with you. “Bye sweetness,” Liam said to the phone. 

Which was responded with a shy giggle and then, “Bye baby.” Liam was a love sick puppy. He was smiling like an idiot five minutes after she hung up. 

“Is she going to move here?” He asked Liam.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I got her a job–better than the diner. She’s thrilled. She’s always wanted to live in London,” he grinned. “I was going to meet her anyway,” he sighed happily. Niall loved Liam, but he kind of wanted to kill him. Where was she? Niall hadn’t dated ever. He wanted her now. He wanted to cuddle and to kiss her. Niall continued driving to the charity football game Louis, the wonderful non-profit organizer he was, was hosting and playing in. 

Where he would sit with his friends…and Zayn’s soul mate, and Louis’s soul mate. And listen to Liam drone on about his soul mate. 

Niall absolutely loved everyone in that group…but he wanted his own soul mate. Zayn’s was an angel. She did her very best not to be showy about her love for Zayn in front of Niall. She knew how much it hurt to not know when and if you’re other half will appear. And of course he’d known Louis’ soul mate as long as he did. In fact, he somehow knew they’d be together–they were designed for one another. “She’ll show up, Niall,” Liam whispered softly “When you least expect it,” he promised. 

Niall nodded. He’d heard it. He just wanted to meet her now, though. Niall and Liam walked into the stadium heading toward the seats they were supposed to be in. He saw Louis and his girlfriend smiling at each other and Louis kissed her forehead and then pecked her cheek before running off to the field. Niall sat beside Liam. He cheered for Louis and drank pints while talking with his friends and the girls. 

He was happy–there was no question. But oh goodness, did he want to share his happiness and meet the beautiful girl he was meant to be with. At the end of the game, Louis’ team had won and had taken the microphone from the announcer and he smiled brightly. “Thank you everyone, for coming out and supporting this wonderful cause,” he waited as everyone cheered. “We raised a ton of money and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of that,” he said proudly. “But really we need to thank this lovely lady here,” he said and pulled you out from the sidelines and Louis crowned you with a bouquet of flowers and then kissed your cheek. “She’s been so helpful and deserves all the thanks in the world.” You blushed madly as people cheered and Louis made you bow and you giggled as you hugged him again and then headed off the makeshift-center stage. 

Everyone was cheering and standing. Except Niall. He felt like he was going to pass out. Liam turned to look at his friend as Niall’s breath came too quickly. “Ni, what’s wrong?” He asked and sat beside him. 

“She’s beautiful,” he whispered to Liam. Liam’s eyebrows rose in surprise. He told Niall when he least expected it, but he didn’t mean today or in the middle of a football game. “I can’t breathe,” Niall gasped. His chest ached, he was terrified he’d lose sight of you. God, if you weren’t his soul mate, he’d break his rule of dating for you. 

“Where’s your inhaler?” Liam asked. Niall patted his pockets. 

“Son of a bitch,” he hissed as his breathing increased erratically. “It’s in the car,” he gasped for breath. 

“Alright, just stay calm,” Liam said and rubbed Niall’s back as he held his head between his knees. You literally stole his breath. “It’ll pass, take a minute,” he promised. Niall remained as calm as possible. 

“What’s the matter with him?” Louis asked. 

“Asthma,” Liam said. “He forgot his inhaler.” 

“Oh, I have one,” a melodic voice said gently. 

“Of course she does,” Liam murmured under his breath so only Niall could hear. Niall listened to the clink of metals hitting, he assumed it was his princess’ purse. You knelt down to Niall’s height and lightly placed your hand on his back. 

“Here,” you offered. Niall sat up slowly. His head was starting to ache. It wasn’t a dire attack or anything, but it was extremely uncomfortable. His eyes locked onto yours and you blushed a bit from the intensity of his gaze. You handed him the inhaler and stood up. “I’ll get you some water,” you said and then scampered up the steps to get Niall some water. He took a puff of the inhaler. He thought a bit about how often your lips touched the inhaler. He realized how dorky it was. You returned quickly with a cup of water and handed it to Niall. You introduced yourself to everyone Louis pointed to and Niall was just absolutely in love with your name. 

Did you feel something too? It felt like the air between the two of you was completely electrified to him. How did you not feel it? He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe. “And you met Niall,” Louis said to you. You smiled gently at Niall. 

“Are you alright?” You asked politely. He nodded and held his hand out to you. He pressed his lips to our knuckles. 

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “Thanks for helping Louis,” he chuckled. “He can be a handful,” he smiled knowingly. You rolled your eyes. “And this is yours,” he said handing you your inhaler. “Thank you,” he said sweetly. “And really, sorry about Louis.” 

“He is, but it was fine,” you shrugged with a smirk. “It’s a good cause, and Louis’ fun, he keeps me on my toes,” you laughed. Oh God, that was a pretty sound. Louis was currently talking with his girlfriend and she was talking and he couldn’t tear his eyes from her. He was so in love with her. It was so sweet. “It’s really nice,” you murmured. 

“Hmm?” Niall asked. You bit your lip and looked at your hands in your lap. 

“Having someone that’s just…that can’t look away,” you mumbled and blushed brightly. Niall hoped you realized he couldn’t look way from you. You looked at Niall to find his icy blue eyes staring at you. Like he was trying to see through your skull and into your brain–like he could actually read it. He was searching for your melody and he hoped that it would just ring in his ears. You had to be his. 

“Wanna come play down on the field with us and play around?” Louis asked you and Niall. 

“Sure,” you said and rolled your sleeves up a bit. There was an ‘N’ tattooed, it was swirly and beautiful. Niall’s stomach rolled. You weren’t his. But you were so close. 

“That’s cute,” Liam said. “What’s that for?” He asked gesturing to your wrist. You blushed and looked at your feet shyly. Niall couldn’t believe how cute you were. You were so gentle and lovely. 

“Oh…uh…I got my palm read…My soul mate’s name supposedly starts with an ‘N’” you explained. “It wouldn’t leave my head, so I thought I’d get a tattoo.”

“What if it’s wrong?” Liam wondered.

You smiled. “What if it’s not?” Niall’s heart was still freaking out. At least he could breathe…kind of. But it was for a better, different reason. Niall kept his eyes on you as you all headed down to the field and Louis kicked the ball around and the other boys followed suit. Niall hung back a bit so he could be close to you. You set your bag and flowers on the side bench and stood on the field with everyone else playing pass. Niall chatted with you as much as he could trying to probe you for any hints that you could be his. “So…you haven’t met your soul mate?” You asked Niall. It wasn’t an uncommon question really. Everyone asked it at some point. It was interesting to know if you knew someone His heart fluttered. 

“Uh…no, not yet,” he said shyly. “I wish though,” he smiled softly. 

“I don’t,” you mumbled. Niall’s heart stopped. 

“Why not?” He asked. 

“Uh,” you sighed shyly. “I don’t know…just…I don’t really know anyone that would want me…you know? I don’t know the type of person that would like me. I’m a bit eccentric and I don’t…I don’t know. I don’t make a big deal out of myself. And it comes across as not confident–and who wants someone that’s not confident?” you explained. He opened his mouth to speak but a ball sailed across the way and slammed into the side of your head. You stumbled and Niall caught you. Tears sprung to your eyes upon contact. But you weren’t in pain. Niall wanted to kill Louis for kicking the ball at you but he knew it was an accident. 

“I’m so sorry, babe,” he said quickly. You tried not to cry, but you were embarrassed. And you tended to cry when embarrassed. Niall couldn’t believe how good it felt to hold you in his arms. He sighed softly holding you. He knew it was you. It had to be. But you were scared Niall wouldn’t love you. Which was insane to think–he was pretty sure he already did love you. Your nose started to bleed. 

“Of course,” you grumbled and sniffed once softly trying to hide your embarrassed tears.

“C’mere,” Niall said gently tugging you to the bathroom. He didn’t care it was the ladies’ room. You tried to cover your face, but it just made everything look worse, blood pooled in your hands cupped around your face and then seeped between your fingers. You were a disaster.

But Niall held you over the sink for minute while he grabbed some paper towels and pressed them to your nose. “Is it broken?” He asked.

“No,” you sighed. “I get them easily, don’t worry.”

Easier said than done. He sat there humming but he honestly didn’t know he was humming while he tended to your nose. You stared at him, your lips parted. He tilted his head at you. “What’s wrong?” He asked seeing the confusion in your eyes.

“Y-you…knew?” You asked.

He stared at you curiously. “Know what, love?”

You looked down at your wrist at the tattoo that wouldn’t go away in your dream. Quietly you hummed. Niall all but moaned. It came out as a strangled gasp. It sounded so good. He wiped your face clean of blood in a hurry and both of you washed your hands in the two separate sinks. Then when you were clean Niall cupped your face and stared into your eyes.

“I was complaining to Liam that I hadn’t met you yet on the way over,” he whispered. His breath smelled like mint with just a tint of alcohol, but it was a beautiful combination. “I…I thought you just,” he sighed. “I’ve wanted to meet you for years.”

You blushed. “I didn’t think if I had a soul mate he’d be as attractive, kind, or sweet as you,” you mumbled.

He smiled softly at you and hummed quietly again and you matched his harmony. He kissed your forehead. “I’ve been waiting for forever for you…and I of course want to be with you. I’ll help you be confident…you’re…you’re so beautiful, princess, it will be so easy,” he promised. “Ugh, I’ve wanted you here for so long,” he whispered and pulled you close to him in a warm, snug hug.

You blushed and sighed softly into his shirt. “Oh wow,” you mumbled contentedly. “Princess,” you sighed. “I’ve never been a princess,” you sad quietly.

“You’re my princess. Always. And I’ll always treat you that way. You’re a beautiful, lovely, kind, angelic princess,” he whispered to you. You smiled up at him.

“Guess that would make you my prince,” you said cheekily.

He chuckled. “Yeah,” he smiled. “It would,” he whispered and pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose. “Guess it just means that we’re meant to be,” he said softly.

“It would,” you giggled and he smiled softly as he pressed another kiss to your forehead. You were out there just waiting to meet Niall.

But now you were here. And you were all his and he was all yours.