and the kiss one and the third pic too


Can we just talk about THAT
I’d seen only first pic… And I thought that was only the one and only bc it’d been already too much. It was way too odd to me.
I’d never think that could be something more nasty and more Lashton than that.
However, then I’ve found second and third picture and my feelings about Lashton were like ‘I’m done, I’ll leave us together, bye’.

WHATS THE HECK. It’s not even funny, guys….
I don’t wanna talk about modest, like how they allowed to 5SOS to make such, er, photoshoot, omfg. Just let’s talk about what we have.

Well, we have that. Gosh, I don’t even know how to name that… Just Luke…. Just.
He is totally obsessed with Ashton. Even tho it’s just cardboard Ashton (believe me, if we give freedom to Luke, he will f-, oops, you know, I’d better keep silence).

Who will deny Luke’s obsession with Ash after all that, huh? C'mon, don’t even try to say it’s just photoshoot, so he decided to play jokes. Who will play jokes like that, all the more not only in one photo… He did not even make that twice… Three times. Three photos where Luke seems like he can’t stop being clingy to Ashton. MY GOSH.

First pic. I was like, yeah, “kooopppawodjkf, I’m not okay” when I saw that. Then, even when emotions have gone away, “wow, Luke is kissing Ash to the neck, woah, hot! Definitely he loves him!”

Second pix. Luke? Stop, Luke. It will be weird for fans… Nope, ofc, it’ll be funny, but, huh, when it’s the second in the row picture of obsessed Luke it’s not funny anymore. Luke licking Ashton’s neck. Um. It’s… Nice, Hemmo. Ashton is just your friend, you can do that, it’s okay to lick friend’s neck (even if that’s just cardboard).

Third picture. No. YOU COULDN’T MAKE THAT. STOP. Gosh, guys, really? Tell me, I know I’m not the only one for sure who doesn’t understand what’s going on here!!!! I see what Luke is doing but I’m so confused and embarrassed… He touches his…er, crotch, genitals, dick? Ffs, Luke….. I should tell you, it’s not normal, if you didn’t know. All these photos, that’s not okay!..

… Of course, if only you’re not in love with that guy ;) If it is so, then I can explain it on normal way, really.

All the same, these photos are still killing me. Me, Lashton shipper af… They’re way too hot, nasty and Lashton af, honestly. Luke is totally obsessed. Ashton is funny here, coz he’s like he didn’t see what Luke was doing with his cardboard at the photo shop, lol. Michael, btw, seems jealous. Or just in shock; his eyes are telling Luke “stop, Luke, you’re way too obvious! You’ll be misunderstood!”. Nah, Michael, I’d got what Luke would like to tell us.
He’s obsessed, he’s fallen in love with that guy whose name is Ashton Irwin.