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Bare With Me - Chp 3

Also on AO3  You can catch the previous chapters there or on Tumblr (though there’s not a lot of plot here, so it’s not strictly necessary).
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Adrien couldn’t decide if he should be pacing or casually drape himself over Marinette’s lawn chair.  Past experience indicated that both had the potential to appeal visually, but what would Ladybug prefer?

He was still pacing when the distinctive zip of her yo-yo announced her arrival.  He looked up just as her feet touched down, and he made a point to use the wide-eyed expression his photographers wanted when they were aiming for a sweet and innocent look.

He smiled, delighted to see her cheeks darken slightly.  "Welcome back,“ he said,  throwing her a little finger wave.  "Everything go all right?”

Ladybug nodded.  "Yep.  Chat and I got it all taken care of. It’s safe to bring you home.“

"Great.  Uhm… so why was I in particular danger?”  Having helped fight the Re-Modeler, he knew.  But Adrien Agreste had been stranded with no cell phone, radio access, or clothes, and had no way to know what was going on.  "I didn’t cause the akuma, did I?“  He aimed for a horrified reaction, because, seriously, if he had caused it, he’d feel terrible.

"No, no, no.”  Her hand settled on his shoulder, as she rushed to soothe him.  Damn she was sweet.  "It wasn’t your fault the photographer and designer preferred you.“

Actually, it was totally his father’s fault.  The man was a colossal dick, and that was to people he liked.  "Oh.  Was it Johann, then?”  He sighed.  "I would’ve been more than happy to give up today’s shitty shoot for him.“

"He probably would have been fine if he hadn’t run into Chloe while he was getting over his frustration,” Ladybug pointed out.

“Ugh.”  His reaction didn’t have to be feigned at all.  "That girl needs to take akuma prevention sensitivity training.“

Ladybug giggled.  "So are you ready to go home?  I’m sure your… family is concerned about you.”

He snorted.  "My handlers, you mean.“  Her hesitation had suggested she knew more about his home life than the average Parisian.  He didn’t really want her to drop him off and head on her way.  Not yet.  "Nathalie is probably completely freaked out.”

“Ah!” Ladybug said in bright discovery.  She held out her yo-yo and opened it in communicator mode.  "I can call her and explain.  Do you think that would help?“

Adrien nodded eagerly.  It would certainly minimize the urgency of the situation.  When she offered the device to him to dial, he pretended to misunderstand and just reached over her to enter the number.

"Hello, this is Nathalie Sa…”  His father’s assistant hesitated.  She’d answered in video phone.  "Ladybug.  I see you have located Adrien.  His father will be most grateful.“

"It’s no problem at all,” Ladybug said, her professional hero mode in full force.  "As soon as I realized the Re-Modeler was targeting him, I moved Adrien to a secure location.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t even give him time to grab his phone.“

"I understand.”  Nathalie turned her focus to him.  "Adrien… are you naked?“

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New Attitude

Cesaro/Reader, implied Cesaro/Reader/Sheamus


Sometimes you need to take a moment when you first get backstage after a match. Win or lose, the adrenaline can be overwhelming; the physicality of it all, the high of performance, the energy of the crowd that floods through you like a drug. It’s not easy to come down from, so you like to catch your breath before you go back to the locker room.

Tonight you find a cold bottle of water and rest your spine on the wall of the main corridor, silently watching the multitude of staff and talent rushing back and forth in front of you, each one a piece of the giant puzzle that is Raw.

Everyone’s mostly too busy to even notice you, but there’s always a certain someone who never seems to quite understand your ‘leave me the fuck alone’ vibe.

And his name is Cesaro, and he is, as usual, sidling up next to you. He leans sideways against the wall, already dressed for the ring in his new gear, the kilt and the long black coat. And while you might miss the suit, you have to admit he does look kind of hot. Not that you’re planning on telling him that, of course.

“Good match,” he says.

“Thanks,” you reply, and he unceremoniously grabs the water bottle out of your hand, drinking down a long gulp before handing it back to you. “Rude,” you mutter quietly, but he ignores you.“So,” you say, louder now, “how’s this whole…” you gesture at him vaguely, encompassing the new clothes, the new attitude “…change going?”

“It’s going good,” he replies. “You like it?”

You take a swig of water and shrug. “I don’t know yet.”

“I’m sure we could convince you to like it,” he says.

“We?” you ask, because okay, yeah, that’s interesting. You turn sideways to face him, shifting almost imperceptibly closer, shoulder pressed to the cold brick of the wall.

“Sheamus and I are a team now.” His eyes are dark as he adds, “And not just in the ring.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” He smirks at you, meaningfully dirty. “We share everything.”

“I see.”

His hand reaches out, settling on your hip, one fingertip worrying ever so slightly at the top of your shorts. “The thing is,” he says, “that now, when I want something, I don’t wait for it to come to me, I just take it.” You don’t reply, holding your breath as his finger slides along your skin, barely touching you, stopping when it’s below your navel, just above your pussy. “Who are you driving with tonight?” he asks.

“Don’t know.” Which is a lie, because you’re with Alexa and Nia, but you know they won’t care if you cancel on them.

“Ride with us,” he says, voice so low he’s practically purring, and you feel a little dizzy.

“I’ll think about it,” you say, trying to sound casual, taking a step back, heading for the locker room.

But you’ve already made up your mind.

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  • In all honestly gender is not something that matters to him, so long as he is happy and his S/o is happy then it doesn’t matter what gender they are! He will respect their what gender they are, and their pronouns!
  • I can see him trying to get his S/o in kilts alot, if they allow him too he’ll spend an entire week trying to find the perfect kilt for him.
  • He might be rougher with his S/o? He is a wee gent but when he play fights he ain’t gonna go easy.
  • He’ll probably borrow their clothes quite often, whether it be a shirt or sock expect him to borrow it.
  • Protection level will be exactly the same, no matter who his S/o is. He will protect them with his life.
  • Might take them to matches alot more, if they like football of course (It’s football in Scotland, not soccer and I refuse to call it such so :P) if not he’ll take them to whatever sport match their little heart wants~
Friends in Low Places

A/N: FIVE YEARS LATER and the (first) chapter of my Demon!Ryan story is ready for the world ! If enough people are interested, I’m working on some more chapters… ;)  I’m actually kind of in love with Demon!Ry so <3 also we can all blame @kelseywritesthings for this terrible wonderful title
Words: 3075
Pairing Ryan x reader (Demon AU)
Rating: PG13 probs

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Seen Too Much (Jamie and Claire version) pt.2

“So,” I said softly as I rubbed lotion into my perpetually dry hands. “I assume you had reason to take Bree’s phone for the foreseeable future?”

“Aye. I did.”

Jamie flopped down beside me, Bree’s cell phone in his hand. It was password protected, of course, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. Jamie didn’t get it at first, but I suggested plugging in Roger’s birthday. I thought I heard Jamie mutter something about ‘that wee bugger’ when the phone unlocked.

“Investigating, are we?”

“Aye. I need to ken what they’re about.”

“I should think that was fairly obvious, darling. Had we been a minute or two later…”

“Aye, I ken that! But I need to see just how much of my daughter that man has taken.”

Smiling, I propped up some pillows behind us and nestled myself under his arm.

“You know Bree will be very cross with you if she finds out you snooped through her phone.”

“I pay for the damn thing,” he grumbled. “And you’re snooping too, Sassenach.”

When he opened the text messages, I saw that they’d been conversing for quite some time. The more we read, the angrier Jamie got.

“He’s done what?!”

“Oh come on,” I said, trying not to giggle. “You’ve done that to me plenty of times.”

“That isna the same thing! You’re my wife!”

“You played with my breasts before we were married, darling. Or did you forget that night the power went out?”

He huffed and continued scrolling through the messages.

Both of our mouths fell open when we came across a photograph that Bree had sent to Roger.

“She’s… Bree is…. My daughter sent… Blessed Michael defend us! What in the bloody hell was the daftie thinking?!”

“It’s quite a good angle of her,” I said, staring at the picture.

Bree sat cross legged on her bed, hands covering her nipples as she wasn’t wearing anything above the waist. Her thick red hair was draped over one shoulder and she was smiling at the camera. She really was a beautiful young woman.

Jamie growled.

“I should ha’ removed his balls,” he said darkly.

“I think Bree would have complained if you had.”

Further up in the texts was a picture of Roger without a shirt.

“Weel,” he said, getting to the end of the text conversation. “At least he hasna taken her virginity yet.”

“That had been planned for today, but we got home early.”

“Thank God for small mercies. The wee fool thinks he can have my daughter wi’out a fight? Ha!”

This time I did laugh.

“Are you going to challenge him to a duel for your daughter’s hand?”

“I might at that. We have dueling pistols in the laird’s study, ye ken.”

“But that isn’t a true test of manliness. You need to fight with a sword and dirk.”

He began to smile too.

“Oh? Sword and dirk, is it?”

“Oh yes. And your kilt. Like a proper Scottish Highlander.”

Both blue eyes rolled as he set the phone down on his bedside table.

“Ye just want to see me in my kilt again.”

“Of course I do. It’s like catnip. I just can’t keep my hands off you.”

Bree’s phone buzzed and Jamie glared at it.


Bree, darling. I’m sorry for running out without saying goodbye. I was afraid your father was going to follow through with his threat to gut me.

“I would have,” Jamie said.

I do love you very much. Though perhaps we should wait a little while before trying that again. I’d rather your father not gut me like a pig. I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble. I love you. I’ll see you around. 

Before I could stop him, Jamie tapped out a rapid reply. 

If ye have any wish to see my daughter again, I expect to see you at Lallybroch on Sunday at 6:30 sharp. And if I find out that ye’ve sent another naked photograph to her or received one of her, you’ll get one of me.

I dropped my head into my hands and groaned. I loved him dearly, but sometimes I wondered just what I’d done by marring him.

We waited patiently as Roger typed back.

Good evening, Mr. Fraser sir. I apologize. I didn’t realize you had Brianna’s phone. I’ll be there Sunday night. Good night, Mr. Fraser sir.

Jamie humphed and put the phone back on his bedside table.

“Well that was awfully brave of him.”


“Yes. The last time he saw you, you threatened to gut him in front of his girlfriend.”

“We’ll see just how brave the wee bugger is when he comes on Sunday. If he comes.”

With the lamp out, our room was dark and cozy. I felt sleep coming slowly towards me and I embraced it. Until a pair of hands began caressing my thighs.

“I thought you were tired,” I muttered.

“And so I am. But I canna stop thinking about what ye said a bit ago.”

“Oh? And what was it that I said?”

“That I’d fondled ye a time or two.”

“You have.”

He nudged my pajama bottoms down and was suddenly on top of me. As always, he was warm and heavy without being oppressive.

“Because ye’ve the most perfect arse I’ve ever seen, Sassenach.”

“Seen many asses, have you?”

“Ye ken what my cousins are like.”

I began to laugh but he stole it from my mouth with his own. His tongue pressed against mine and I felt his cock hard against my leg.

“Are you interested in only fondling, then?” I asked, smiling up at him.

“Nae, Sassenach. Though I do enjoy it from time to time. Tonight, though… I think I’d rather a different “f” word.”

“Another “f” word? Like… Flirting?”



“…no, Sassenach. Ye ken what I mean.”

“Perhaps I don’t. Surely you must mean frosting.”

He opened his mouth but paused.

“Weel, no. No’ tonight anyway. Perhaps another time.”

“Then I don’t know what “f” word you mean. I think you’ll have to tell me exactly what you mean, Mr. Fraser.”

With one large knee, he nudged my legs apart and settled himself between them. We truly were made to fit together. No one else had matched me so well.

“What I mean, Mrs. Fraser,” he said slowly, biting the bottom of my ear. “Is fucking.”

In one solid move, he was inside me, stretching me to my limit. He released a sigh like that of a man who’d been holding his breath for too long. I grunted, but he prevented me from making further sound by sealing his mouth on mine. My body throbbed as his tongue mimicked the motions of his hips. My hands took hold of his buttocks as hard as I could, driving him against me. I would likely leave bruises and scratches on his backside, but his teeth would leave marks on my neck too.

Each of his thrusts made my body lurch. At some point, he was moving too hard to stay on top of me as he had been, so he sat up. I began to cry out when his hips slapped against mine, which I knew was making him smile. He liked eliciting these sorts of reactions from me. It made him feel powerful and manly. That wasn’t how he’d put it, though. He’d said it told him that he was servicing me properly and he could sleep soundly knowing I wouldn’t seek another bed for satisfaction.

I was building, that tension between my legs getting worse and worse until all at once I fractured in bliss. My body shook and shuddered though Jamie kept thrusting like mad. Then I felt him shoot deep inside me, his grunting and groaning taking on the deep tone of satisfied lust.

Both of us still breathing heavily, he leaned down and kissed me, very softly. Then he rolled off me and gathered me into his arms.

“It isna that I dinna trust her,” he said quietly into my hair.

“I know that.”

“I want her to be happy, like I am wi’ you. But she’s so young.”

“She is. But she’s a smart girl.”

“Aye. That she is. But she’s still my wee lass.”

“Lass perhaps, but she isn’t so small anymore, Jamie. She’s nearly an adult.”

His arms tightened around me.

“I ken the sorts of things boys that age will do just to bed a lass.”

“You didn’t go around sewing your seed to every woman you met.”

“I didna, but I dinna ken this Roger. What if he’s no’ like me? What if he’s like Dougal? Or worse, Angus?”

I laughed.

“She’s seen Angus drunk enough times to know better than pick a boy like him.”

I felt him nod as he kissed the top of my head.

“Aye. Maybe so and maybe no. But it’s my job to protect her, aye? I’m her father. I willna like any boy that comes to take her from me.”

“I don’t think Roger wants to take her from you. But I understand your point. And you’re a good father, Jamie. More than I could ever have dreamed for my children.”

“I thank ye, Sassenach.”

I smiled and nestled closer to him.

“You’re welcome. Just try not to stay mad at your daughter for too long, hmm? She values your opinion a lot more than she lets on.”

“I’ll try. Rest now, mo chridhe.”

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"The Royal Dogs: A Most Regal History" by Vartrand Tetris, focuses on the legend of two Gray Wanderers in the events of the Fifth Plague. The dynamic between the orphaned noble maiden from the north, Ruthven Castleland, and the last Wanderer, (1/2)

(2/2) Alfstain, unfolds into the darkest, sweat-summoning fantasy under the slings and arrows of the traitor Lochlann Mac Dick. Despite the juicyness, the book lacks subtlety, and some events are too far fetched. Three out of five bottles of wine.

Of course it’ll involve Rythlen Ruthven in ridiculous armor and Alistair Alfstain in a kilt.

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Hi! *waves* lovely blog. Would you be able to update the selkie!stiles portion of non-human!stiles? Thanks a bunch!

hi bb of course

The Weathered Shell by trilliath (1/1 | 14,356 | NC17)

The young man is standing with an arm casually thrown up to lean against the door frame, displaying his bare torso to advantage, his powerful swimmer’s shoulders and lean body pale with moonlight. His cocky grin, however, is fading quickly into a look of shock and confusion. Other than a pelt shaped into a sloppy kilt, his legs are bare too, despite the chill winds coming in off the ocean.

“You’re not a girl,” he says in a gently lilting accent that’s like an odd blend of all the coastal voices Derek’s ever heard, squinting at Derek like his eyes might somehow be deceiving him.

Unlikely, given his dark beard and broad, well-muscled shoulders, let alone what he’s got under his kilt.

Real as the Sea by prodigaldaughter13 (1/1 | 3,826 | G)

Stiles is a selkie, not that the pack knows, but when his pelt goes missing, Derek arrives to help him find it.

Son of the Sea by cheshirecat101 (1/1 | 3,326 | NR)

Derek knows for sure that Stiles isn’t human. The problem starts when he finds out what he is.

what the water gave me by haalander (orphan_account) (1/1 | 2,060 | PG13)

With interest, Derek watched as it stretched its- his, pale human limbs. Moonlight danced and dazzled along his sea slick skin in a tantalizing manner. His dark hair was wet and plastered to his finely boned face. The selkie was truly beautiful and the legends rang true.

Dazzling And Tremendous - part three -

Two summers ago I wrote Mad Naked Summer  or, the summer of sexual experimentation. An anon asked if I might revisit the story, so I thought I’d try. Picks up around the time that canon leaves off, in NYC in the summertime. 

This is less of a multi-chapter fic and more of a verse, so not really a plot to keep up with, just the boys going through items on a sexy summer bucket list.

Part One / Part Two 

He’s doing it on purpose. Blaine knows. Kurt knows he knows. Kurt relishes knowing. He took it out to steam the wrinkles, the same exact kilt from a prom that seems to be both in the distant past and like it happened just a heartbeat ago. Dug it out from god knows where and hung it clipped to a hanger, then hooked it the rod for their room partition right at the spot where they walk in. The bottom hem brushes Blaine’s neck and shoulder whenever he walks into the room and it’s driving him absolutely crazy.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” Blaine says, after Kurt has taken it down and pressed it to his waist, hummed and then put it right back for the dozenth time.

“Am I?” Kurt says, with his voice high and breathy and one shoulder lifted up coy. He still doesn’t put it on, just strides past the curtain with his hips swinging far more than necessary and Blaine would consider a pledge of abstinence for a little while in protest, but well. Kurt is swinging his hips and walking away and Blaine is only so strong.

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10 things you never knew about Scotland.
  1. We are not tight arsed bastards according to 1970′s English sitcoms and comedians, we are the most generous peoples of the earth
  2. Most people don’t like haggis, about 90% , I know this because I had 10 people in my house once and we made haggis and neeps and chicken curry, 9 people (all Scots) went for the chicken curry
  3. We only wear kilts at weddings
  4. Most Scottish people hate the bagpipes and Scottish country accordion Dashing white sergeant music (but over 70′s grannies love it)
  5. We have more castles and golf courses than any other country in the world
  6. the Edinburgh festival has too many stand up comedians, and too many pretentious nitwit snobby arty farty student type cunts
  7. Our food is full of fats and sugars, our heart disease count is one of the highest in the world
  8. We have loads of oil and whiskey, but most of us are in debt and skint
  9. Our sporting achievements are nothing to be happy about, except Andy Murray, Andy’s a fucking god in Scotland
  10. We do have Billy Connolly, Susan Boyle, and Sean Connery and David Byrne was born here, but John Logie Baird and Robert Burns are our greatest national heroes

(hey tuckerfaescotland, feel free to add, correct,edit or delete, also cuntatadesk (I still don’t know yer name man)

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