and the kiddos all grown up

listen to me, all the grown up batkids are dating people who either have experience with kids (little siblings, kids, etc) or common sense right. And Damian hates it. It’s like he’s being double patronized and babied. They all call him kiddo, try to set “playdates” with other kids (“Harper your kid is five, and clone, I already know Jon you complete imbecile”), they snitch on his siblings if they see him pulling Stunts™ etc.

And then there’s Kyle.

Dick, walking into the batcave: hey Kyle, thanks for helping train Dami while I wa-DAMIAN WHAT THE HELL DID WE SAY ABOUT SWORDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING-

Damian: Rayner is making himself useful and projecting some dinosaurs and ninjas to assist me with my sword training

Dick, turning to Kyle: KYLE IS DOING WHAT?





Damian: to be fair with Rayner, Todd and I train with swords all the time,


That Little Girl

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (]platonic)

Request: anonymous: Could you write something where Rumlow had a daughter that they had the winter soldier protect and they gave her certain trigger words that disable the soldier mode incase he lost control? Since he’s dead now and she’s still a minor she runs away to find the avengers and gets the trigger words to them to help Bucky. He remembers her and how as a child she would sneak him snacks and how kind she was to him. The team ends up keeping her since she’s a kid with no place to go.

A/N: I find this fic really cute, the idea was great so the story turned out great. Thank you anaon! I am too tired to write ANYTHING anymore, so I’ll just stop. I didn’t wanna use google translate so I sneaked in some hindi in this fic. Please overlook any mistake I couldn’t edit that much. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of being captive, being sedated, cells.

Word Count: 1696

Originally posted by coporolight

It was a usual day for him, for the winter soldier. After being stitched back together and being given the necessary to keep him just alive, he was thrown in his cell again. he didn’t struggle, struggling just made it worse. Struggling was of no use.

He looked up the window from where the moonlight or the sunlight would seep through sometimes, clinking his metal fingers against the bars so the biting silence which waited with its jaws open wouldn’t hurt so much. He was looking down, drumming his fingers when he couldn’t feel the light on his eyes. He looked up and found a child looking curiously at him. why wasn’t she scared?

‘are you the winter soldier?’ she tilted her head and looked at him with her curious (y/e/c) eyes. He was too tired to function, and he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, he kept mum and gave her a glare. ‘you have very pretty eyes’ she sat down cross legged and smiled at him. this was new.

‘go away.’ Was all he said.

‘it’s hot, are you hot?’ she asked unaffected by tone which was used with her. boy was he, they never gave him cold water, and the suit didn’t help either. ‘here, I got you an ice cream cone.’ She offered him the bright wrapper treat. He was always on a strict diet, he really wanted to take it, some voice inside him said he had really liked such sweet treats.

‘I can’t.’ He said almost grimly and looked down. ‘go away, or they will hurt me.’ he muttered and then looked at her. ‘you too, maybe.’

‘they won’t, please take it. you will fell nice and cool-‘she heard footsteps and quickly handed it to him. ‘sit in’ she pointed. ‘that corner, they won’t be able to see you there’ she said. ‘bye, wintey!’ she chirped and ran away.

It was an alien experience for him, he wasn’t used to such….. warmth. He hesitated a little but picked the cone up and unwrapped it. And that’s how the winter soldier had an ice-cream for the first time in decades.

Her visits became more frequent, and he wasn’t complaining. She was sweet, she would talk to him, crack weird jokes, bring him snacks, braid his hair, tell him stories, give him drawings of herself and him. it was all nice, he was feeling again. affection does that.

She came back and he eagerly walked to the window, almost forgetting his broken rib. But it didn’t matter, she was here, what was her name..? he didn’t care. He went there and received a little kiss on his cheek, it was the first time she had done that. She fixed her hairband and ran a hand through her (y/h/c) hair.

‘you look very happy, ___’ he looked at her.

‘yeah-‘before she could finish she was picked up by someone. It was Rumlow, he recognized him at once.

‘you slimy, sick, bastard, how dare you even talk to my daughter!’ he growled. Bucky’s ‘handlers’ busted in the room. everything happened so quick, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it all. She was being taken away from him, he struggled, he couldn’t let the little happiness he had left go away. He punched, he kicked but soon; he couldn’t. he was sedated.

  ‘he’s a bad man, sweetie.’ Rumlow started to walk away and rubbed her back soothingly. Her eyes were fixed on bucky’s and his on her. ‘wintey’ she mouthed with a hint of tears in her eyes. With the last of his strength, he shouted, he called out her name.

‘(Y/N)!!’ bucky shouted and sat up in his bed. he wiped the sweat and realized it was a dream, a repressed memory that found its way back to him. the memory of her, of (y/n), sweet, little, kind (y/n).

You were here, standing in front of the avengers’ base. you wanted to go, you wanted to help him, you wanted to expiate for what your father had done. But you couldn’t find the strength. After a lot of chaos, you made you way to the gates.

‘for him.’ you thought. ‘you were stopped by the guard. ‘I-I am Brock Rumlow’s daughter’ you said with great difficulty and the guard’s eyes gre wide. ‘I am here to help.’ You said and he was quick to make a call.

A call had set everything in a quick motion. What was it? bucky thought. A new mission? A new problem? Nobody would explain him. just pass away after giving him a soft expression.

You were standing in front on earth’s mightiest heroes, while they studied you. you hadn’t felt this conscious in your rugged clothes before.

‘I didn’t know he had a daughter.’ Clint broke the silence as he breathed.

‘he kept it off records, he knew the system quite well.’ Natasha said.

‘kid, we won’t hurt you, but before you tell us more about those codes you talked about, can you tell us how you got here?’ tony asked as he stepped forwards and looked at you. you too a deep breath and nodded.

‘i-I ran away. Dad was the only family member I had. With him gone… I couldn’t take it so I ran away. I don’t know how or what to feel about him. I just want to help,’ you looked up at them. ‘expiate for what my father did.’

‘it’s very brave of you (y/n)’ bruce smiled at you. it indeed was very brave for a teenage girl like you to travel such a great distance all by yourself.

‘where is he?’ you asked. Tony nodded and called steve.

Steve grabbed bucky’s arm and gave him an assuring smile, bucky returned it but he was scared, were they going to do something to him? he shook that thought away and got ready for whatever it was.

Bucky stopped when he saw the girl standing in front of him, same (y/e/c) eyes but less curious and more tired, (y/h/c) still shiny and what they seemed like soft, the same complexion just a little darker because of all the sun you must have been in. it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be you.

‘bucky, this is (y/n).’ steve said and he didn’t care what else he had to say. It was (y/n), his little companion (y/n). the sweet little, but not so little now, (y/n).

‘(y/n)?’ he breathed and you nodded with a familiar smile. ‘(y/n)!’ he moved closer to you and sounded happy. The avengers were very confused at this sight. Bucky wasn’t one to smile, how could he grin like that on seeing the girl?

‘wintey.’ You said rather sheepishly and he scrunched his nose. ‘how are you?’ you tilted your head in the same way.

‘very happy.’ He replied. ‘me too’ you said. ‘why are you here?’ he asked.

‘to help you.’ you answered. ‘your programming, I can undo it. you were once sent to protect me. I had a code which could bring you to the ‘neutral’ state if you were to lose control.’ You explained and everyone listened carefully.

‘buck, do you wanna do it?’ steve asked. Codes. The words did something to him he couldn’t explain. He was scared but it was you, you wouldn’t hurt him, would you?

‘I do.’ bucky looked steve in the eyes and then looked at you. ‘you won’t hurt me. I just know.’ He said and you nodded.

‘it’s a very powerful code and it was made in hindi. you might feel dizzy or faint.’ You said and he nodded understandingly. ‘okay.’ You smiled and took in a sharp breath. Everyone took a defensive position without looking too obvious.

‘dard.’ You said and his breathing hitched. ‘dost.’ He felt something flooding back to him. ‘vardi.’ He sat down, breathing heavily and steve and others stood by him. ‘loha.’ He felt a sting. ‘insan.’ Everything around him started spinning. ‘andhera.’ There wasn’t enough oxygen. ‘aatman.’ His eyes started to close. ‘shaanti.’ His eyes closed and you stood close to him.

‘what happened?! Is he okay!?’ steve asked and everyone looked at you.

‘he is. Let him sleep. he will wake up, things will start getting better.’ You smiled at him and lightly patted his hand.

17 hours. It took him 17 hours to wake up. steve greeted him with a tired smile when he rose from his bed.

‘how do you feel?’ steve asked.

‘light.’ Bucky replied after thinking a little. He rubbed his face ‘what happened?’

‘when (y/n) said the last word-‘

‘where’s she?’ he asked as the memory came back to him.

‘oh, here for now, sleeping on the floor in the living room.’ he replied and scoffed. ‘weirdly cute kid, said everything else was-‘

‘too soft.’ He interrupted and steve nodded. he quickly made his way to find you. upon reaching the common room he found you peacefully curled up on the floor with your old backpack. He ran to your side and sat down next to you. god, you had grown so much.

Your eyes shot open and you sat up to face him. your father had trained you well.

‘oh, it’s you.’ you rubbed your eyes.

‘yeah, it’s wintey.’he grinned and you chuckled.

‘I was a kid.’ You muttered.

‘you kinda still are.’ He shrugged.

‘not really,’ you stood up and he followed. ‘I have to be all grown up now.’ You gave him a tight smile and hung your bag. ‘bye, I gotta go, was just waiting to see if you are okay. I hope you have a great life-‘

‘nuh-uh. You are not leaving me again. you’re not going anywhere.’ He pointed. ‘but-‘

‘you can stay here, kiddo.’ Steve was leaning against the door frame. ‘we got plenty of rooms.’

‘thank you. but i-‘ you couldn’t speak anymore for bucky had pulled you in a tight embrace. When was the last time you got a hug?

‘nope, not going anywhere.’ He mumbled in your hair.

‘thanks.’ Your muffled voice came out. He pulled away and had a grateful look. ‘thank you,’ he kept a hand on your cheek. ‘for everything you did.’ he ruffled your hair.

Sometimes Forgiving Is Hard

(contains spoilers from Thomas’s new video’s including Morality’s new name. I know some people haven’t watched it yet for various reasons *cough* one reason was closed captions*cough**cough* so I’m just going to leave this warning here.)

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Tw: Morality angst, bullying, doubt

Patton was frowning. He had managed to keep a smile on his face, most of the time, but… he still felt torn inside.


“Morality! YOU are the issue here!” Logan said. He knew how bad Logan was at  expressing emotions so he just assumed that he was just saying something and meaning another thing. Besides, he was his best friend, he couldn’t possibly be being mean.

“Aww, Logan, I love this teasing lil back-and-forth we have here!” Morality said, not understanding it completely.

“No. I’m serious. And I always have been. And forever will be.” Logan snapped.


He closed his eyes. Logan had said nice things at the end, he was fine.


“YOU are holding Thomas back” Prince said.


He winced and took a sharp breath in. During the video, Roman had praised him for thinking of giving the others their rooms.


“His heart’s just not in the right place.” Anxiety said.


Patton bit his lips. Anxiety was just trying to lead him back to where he should be, and that was taking care of Thomas.

“I am always a proponent of following one’s heart… but, if it is not helping on the quest to fulfill one’s longing then what is the gosh darn ding dang point?” Prince glanced over at Patton as he spoke.

Patton let out a sob as he remembered the pain he felt when Prince looking at him.

“B-But, kiddo–” Morality was interrupted,
“That’s just it! I’m not a ‘kiddo’ anymore!” Thomas snapped.

Morality whimpered. ‘Thomas was just tired of being referred to a kid. He just wanted to be seen as a grown up.’

“We need actual contributions from you every now and then” Prince said.

Morality clenched tighter to his bed, trying to hold back sobs (and failed.)

“You stand there making your… puns… and are just… needlessly silly. All the time. Logic said.

Why did this hurt?


"Perhaps it’s best you just stick to knowing the difference between right and wrong and leaving the rest to us.” Prince.

He sobbed, letting the words rush around his head. They all apologized, he shouldn’t be feeling this way. He let it happen anyways, it felt so good to get it out.

He hated it.

‘But it’s good to let emotions out! Healthy even!’ he told himself

‘Yeah, but you shouldn’t be feeling this way at all. What they said stung. and why did it sting? becase they don’t care. They should be fixing it and making things better.’ another part of him said.

‘But they are already trying to make it better! They caught their mistake and now they’re trying to fix it!’ he tried to reassure himself.

‘Not really. They’re not here now are they?’ Morlaity felt a sharp pain as he inhaled. That thought hurt.

But… but they were his friends how could they do that to him?

‘They’re human, they all make mistakes.’

But why did it hurt so much?

Morality sobbed clinging to the bed. His thoughts confusing him. Why couldn’t he just forget about it. He’s probably said a few hurtful things to the others once or twice and they forgave him.

“Patton?” he could hear a voice. He tried holding back a sob.

“Y-y-yeah.” He cursed himself for not keeping a straight voice.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he still couldn’t recognize the voice.

“I-I don’t kn-ow” Patton let out a sob. Why couldn’t he just forgive them? They probably felt guilty enough, he didn’t have to make it worse. He hated himself for not moving on.

He felt a dubious arm around him. Morality wanted contact so bad so he turned towards the owners chest and grabbed their jacket, sobbing.

“I’m here,” they said. It sounded awkward, but he could tell they meant it.

Patton kept sobbing letting his emotions have control. He felt their arms hesitantly move up and down his back as if it was foreign to him. Patton kept crying, as the owner got more comfortable hugging him. A little while after Patton calmed down he was surprised to hear  Anxiety speaking to him;

“Do you want a patt-on the back?” he asked. Patton giggled.

“Th-a-t was funny” Patton sniffled.

“Yeah, you used it on me once, except you literally jumped on me.” Anxiety answered.

“Yeah, I’m-I’m sorry about that.” Paton said, feeling guilty about that day.

“It’s alright, it could have been worse.” Anxiety hugged Patton closer.

They stayed quiet for a minute. Patton enjoyed the silence, sniffling once in awhile.

“Do-” Anxiety hesitated before continuing, “do you want to talk about it?”

Patton thought about it for a minute. It was a good idea to talk about his feelings.

“I just-i hate myself for feeling bad about the things you guys said, you already apologized, but I can’t seem to get over it.”

“Hey, take it easy on yourself. I’ve been holding onto what people say for years and I’m still not over it. Its barely been a day for you.” Anxiety said.

“Y-yeah, but-” He hiccupped, “but I’m-I’m the heart, I’m sup-post to forgive people easily.”

“You can still take your time. You have feelings after all. Sometimes it’s good to take your time. It lets others know that what they did wasn’t okay.” Anxiety answered. Patton sniffled, but smiled.

“When-when did you grow up to be so-so smart?” Patton asked.

“Since i was born.” Anxiety answered. Patton laughed.

“If you say so k-kido.” Patton smiled and looked up at Anxiety.

“Thanks for-for being here.” Patton said. Anxiety shrugged and continued rubbing Patton’s back. Patton sniffled for a while and leaned closer to Anxiety.

“Would you like to play with some goo?” Anxiety offered after a while. Morality lit up and nodded.
“I have some in my room- or do you want to stay in here?” Anxiety sounded a little hesitant.

“Can we stay in here?” Patton was nervous, he didn’t want to ruin the moment with Anxiety.
“It’s fine, but if you dare tell anyone i did this i will not be held accountable for the things i do.” Anxiety snarled.

“Aw you tease!” Patton answered before getting up to find his Goo, and Anxiety’s grey sand. He found them in his desk and brought it over to the little table he had set up in his room. He beckoned Anxiety over pointed at the sand he had brought and opened the can of his goo. Anxiety sighed but walked up to the table and sat text to him, rolling his eyes when Morality showing Anxiety his colorful goo, Morality pulled the goo and squeezed it together, smiling at the sticky feeling.

Anxiety rolled his eyes a few times, but he seemed to be enjoying his sand.

They didn’t do much talking, but they did enjoy each other’s presence.

A quick drawing of my fursona. Kiddo the wolf. Kiddo usually has lots of energy. He is quite flirtatious with his partner and sometimes he is a bit jealous. 

He feels all grown up even though he’s only 17 years old. 

It measures 1.72 cm in height.

 Even though he is quite friendly, he has few friends. 

He really likes to eat rabbit. <3   

anonymous asked:

What would Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, and France be like raising a child? On their own, not together

(Two extra points added to Germany and Spain)


  • They will be raised off Italian food, no way around. Gluten free? Cool! Gluten free pasta it is,  Vegetarian? Vegan Lasagna it is! Don’t like Italian food? …I think you need more Italian food.
  • He is a very submissive parent. He does not have the best control over his children and their actions, they could murder someone and he’ll just pat their head and get back to painting.
  • Really tries to get his children into the arts. If they show any signs of enjoying art he’ll be super happy! They will have full access to all of his art supplies and whatever they want!
  • His children will be dragged around to alot of the time. He will take them to as many places as possible whilst they’re young, so that when they’re older they can go back to their favorite places.
  • As a parent his main goal is to be best friends with his children. He wants them to be able to be open with him, he’d absolutely hat to see his child upsetti (so he’ll make some spaghetti!) 
  • He loves to show his child off! He’ll constantly take them around to the other nations and talk about them. His kiddo will have to tug at his arm if they want to go home.
  • Ready for Captain Obvious? His child will likely raised to be catholic. Every Sunday he will ask them to put their best clothes on to head to church. He will accept if they chose another religion though! 
  • They will master the art of flirting by age one. They’re taught from one of the best after all~ although getting a call from the nursery teacher telling him they are in three relationships is not uncommon.
  • Adores teaching his children, he may not be the best at teaching them but he tries! The topics he can help them out with the most is History and the arts (Drama, art, music, etc.)
  • He tries his best, he truly does. Sometimes he doubts that he’s a good papa but he know that if he can make his children smile then he’s doing something right.

Dad rating: Don’t-a be upsetti papa made spagetti!


  • He will take his children to football matches rather often, if they like football of course. If not he’ll take them to any sports/performance they want. Free time is important after all.
  • A sucker for the puppy eyes, if his children ever find out his weakness he is done for. If he is telling them off for whatever reason and they use puppy eyes he’ll stop and walk away. (point one for team kiddos)


  • If someone was to go through his search history “How to be a good dad” will appear more than once. He wants to be the best father he can be and has studies the many “types” of dad.
  • He will often have his friends and family over to study them. He wants to see how different people interact with his child in order to find the perfect way to raise his child!
  • The house will always be clean. He believe that a clean environment can help focus and relaxation. His children will have chorus but none of which will be too demanding.
  • School will be an important aspect of his children’s life. He truly wants the best for them, he will always help them with homework and with studying. No doubt that they will be a A grade with Japan as their papa!
  • Taking them on trips is very common. He thinks that allowing his children to meet the other nations and get influenced by their cultures will make them more open-minded.
  • He buys them plenty of gadgets and toys through out their lives. If his child ever wants something he will happily buy it for them, so long as it’s alright for their age.
  • Certain rooms in their house are almost always locked for their safety. He has kept many of the things from his past, most of which are rather dangerous. Unless he gives them permission they are not allow in.
  • It’s not uncommon for him to text them when they want them, so prefers not to yell so giving his child a quick text to come down stairs is pretty common.
  • Emotions and him are not exactly friends. If for whatever reason his child cries or shows any strong emotion he will mentally scream. The old pat on the back and awkward dad hug is the best he can do sorry.
  • He will teach them self defense himself, he wants them to be able to defend themselves when he isn’t there. If he is there and someone hurts them…Oh lordy 

Dad rating: Do your homework before dinner!


  • He loves to cook with them, especially baking. Whenever he get the chance he’ll open up the cooking cupboard and call them down to make some churros with him!
  • As much as he loves them he does need some chill time with his friends. Once his kiddos have gone to bed and are asleep, he’ll pull out a cold one and hang with the bros.


  • Do you mean one of the best dads ever? Him, Sweden and China are probably the best dads out of all of the characters. He loves his children and pampers the hell out of them!
  • Cooks five star meals for every meal. He wants his children to be raised on the finest of cuisines, even their packed lunches are perfect. The lunch ladies and him have a slight rivalry.
  • He will pay B I G money so that they can follow their dreams. Once they have a goal in life he will do whatever it take to make that dream come true, even if he personally dislikes it he wants them to be happy.
  • Loves to take them on trips around his place, he wants to show them the beauty of the country that they were raised by. Perhaps he will show them the battlefields he was victorious him~ 
  • He will send them to the best school in his place, even if it’s a private school it’s worth it in his eyes. If it’s a boarding school he’ll buy a home nearby so they don’t have to stay in a dorm room.
  • Always buying them the latest fashion trends, If his Kiddo wants to look their best he’ll happily buy them Channel or Dior! Looking good ain’t an issue with papa France!  (I actually had to look that up).
  • Is always encouraging his children to be open with him. He wants his children to be able to talk to him about anything without fearing getting in trouble. He will be open with them to!
  • Whenever they go on school trips he will cry, full on tears. He can’t help but cry seeing his baby all grown up. He will hug them close to his chest when the bus is about to leave. Cue the “Papa. Papa. Let go.”
  • Family photos are extremely common! He really enjoys seeing their smiling face, framed and placed on the wall. It’s proof that they are a part of loving family that cares for each other.
  • Whenever England comes over he turns into a TV dad, he turns into one of those parents that will not stop talking about how amazing his child is, he just loves them so much~

Dad rating: Papaoutai

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Hello wonderful readers, it’s been awhile, but I do believe it’s time to write another blog post. It’s been about 9 months since my first “visiting uncle Dimitri” post, and even though we’ve visited each other many times since that day, this is only going to be my 2nd post about the topic. But a lot has happened in 9 months, both have been extremely busy with College, and Caius just graduated about a month ago. But only a little over 1 week ago, my brother and his boyfriend’s lives suddenly changed. Well, long story short, they have welcomed a baby into their lives - a little boy named Maddox. He was born on June 9th, and even though they were originally told he might have to stay at the hospital for about a month, they suddenly had only ONE WEEK to get everything ready. So yeah, this is pretty much where we’ve been for the past week, helping Dimitri and Caius move into their new home, and just dropping in to see how everything is going (on Dimitri’s request, having a baby is still very new to him, and he tends to worry a little too much - if you ask me, then they’re doing absolutely wonderful). But I was also there when our sisters had their first baby, so it’s also a fun experience for me - a little weird, too, with Dimitri being the youngest of me and our siblings. We’re 9 years apart, and I can still remember when he was just a newborn, and I thought he looked like a scrawny baby bird, haha. But years have passed, and he has now grown up and become such a wonderful young man, and one can only be proud of him.

Today, it was only Aiden and I, who went to visit uncle Dimitri. Actually, only I went to have lunch and pick Aiden up, since he and the twins decided they wanted to sleep over at Dimitri and Caius’ house. Unfortunately, Em and William had both gone to school before I arrived, so I didn’t get any photos of them today. The three remaining kiddos stayed at home with Damian. But we will visit them again very soon, so you can all expect to see more photos, here in the nearest future.

Thanks to my dear brother and Caius for having Aiden and I over. It’s so wonderful to see how well little Maddy is doing, and just to know how much love and joy he has brought into these two amazing men’s lives, really warms my heart.

anonymous asked:

I wonder how many raised eyebrows Batman gained from his allies when Robin showed up. Some of his fellow leaguers must have guessed he was somewhere in his early twenties, while Robin was 9 (cause Dick probably told them). Bruce likely didn't outright state the nature of their relationship, leaving room for interpretation. I'm sure some rumors have gone around that Batman was a teenage father.

Lmao I love this. I entertained myself for a while with the belief that Bruce was the youngest of the JLA and that while, everyone thought he was 40+ cause of how he acted he was just a babyfaced late 20s who had the attitude of a grumpt middle aged man. Idk why but that’s always been hilarious to me.

But yes, and even more amusing is all these robins and batgirls keep appearing, all grown up and ready to follow Batman’s footsteps. Obviously by the time Tim and Cass come along the JLA know who B is and that all these kiddos are adopted. But imagine Hal gets drunk and starts sobbing to himself one night because Batman has like 7 children, the oldest of which is 20, and when did he have time for this to have all these kids in between his training to become the night? He calls Barry up at 3am, still crying, asking what kind of woman would birth all these children for Batman. That’s too many kids, is she okay??? Barry, man, we gotta save her. Barry hangs up but he spends the rest of the night staring at his ceiling wondering himself how Batman has so many older kids.

Shit The Skeledads Say

Inspired by my dear father. I love you, dad.



The Daddiest Dads of All Dads

“homework problems? i gotchu.”

“hi hungry, i’m dad.”

“late for school, kiddo? don’t worry. i know a shortcut.”

“you see, when a man and a woman love each other very much, the man sticks his peepee (consensually, of course) in the woman’s lovehole.”


Caring Dad is Caring







The (Over)Protective Dad

“yeah no. you’re not going out dressed like that.”

“yes sweetheart. the baby monitor’s absolutely necessary.”

“are you alright, doll? who needs to get their face bashed in? just say the word and they’re dead.”

“I think it’s about time i let ya have your first drink, kiddo. just don’t tell your mom/dad.”


The Overbearing Dad


“YOUR CURFEW IS 10:00 PM SHARP! NOT 10:01 OR 9:59. 10:00!!










The Man-Child Dad

“heh. don’t tell mom/dad, but i’m taking you out to eat tonight.”

“there’s no other point in life other than to live and let live, so enjoy yourself. besides, you don’t know when it’ll all get taken away from you.”

“whatever you do, just please don’t get pregnant.”

“wanna play some mario kart? you do? great. i call playing rainbow road.”



The Eccentric Dad






The Nervous Sideline Dad

“n-now now, love. we don’t say that word. only mommies and daddies can say ‘fuck’.”

“do you guys need anything? some snacks? a condom? let me know.”

“remember kiddo, netflix and chill is a euphemism for sex. trust me, i would know.”

“you’re not trash, my child. i am. so quit with the put-downs and pick up your appetite. i’m treating ya’ to muffet’s.”

i can’t say the words out loud

Fridays at Pantheon High School during football season are a nightmare. Fridays at Pantheon when the games are against Legion are simply hellish. The hallways around her as Annabeth saunters to her locker are abuzz with anticipation and nervous energy. Their teams are usually evenly matched, and the night has the promise of being interesting at least.

She’s thumbing through her calculus notes and mentally preparing for her upcoming quiz when she hears the familiar screech of the locker next to her. She withholds a sigh and turns to face her friend. Will is a grinning mess of floppy hair and a giant blue HOSA sweatshirt as he shoves his school bag into his locker. She really has no idea how his locker is next to her when they’re supposed to be arranged alphabetically, but she isn’t complaining. He’s always been a steadfast friend and she’s glad to have him around. What she is not always glad for, however, is the melodrama.

“Annabeth I’m like 97% sure that I’m in love. Love, Annabeth. Love” She smiles slightly at that and leans against the wall.

“The date went well, I take it?”

“It was amazing. He’s so cute and funny and cool and nice and cute and- “ he pauses and a thoughtful look passes over his face “you should meet him. He said he was probably going to come to tonight’s game.”

“Sure, kiddo.” she reaches out with the hand that isn’t gripping her binder and ruffles his hair.

“Chase, I am one year younger than you.” he groans. She grins at that and his accompanying scowl.

“You’re adorable. I can’t believe you’re all grown up and have a boyfriend. William, I have never been so proud of you.” she coos

“My name isn’t even William!” he yelps “and speaking of boyfriends, Piper sent me a very interesting text last night about your not-so-secret admirer. I didn’t think you’d be one to fall for the enemy.” This. This is what she had been trying to avoid. She made a mental note to find a quaint closet to murder Piper in after her first class.

“I talked to a guy for a couple minutes at a store. It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet, Will.” she said, exasperated.

“Yeah, but you like him.” he prods “how long has it been since―”

A shrill chime echoes throughout the building, signalling that it was time to get to class. Saved by the bell. Literally. She smiles at him in mock frustration and makes her way to her math classroom.

Her quiz is much more challenging than expected, but she’s pretty sure she did moderately well on it. She turns her phone back on as soon as she walks out of the classroom, and moves next to the bannister in order to read the messages she collected.

Pipes: will says we’re going to meet his guy at the game maybe annabeth’s will be there <3

Reyna: Piper’s making us do social things can we at least get food?


Leo: do we HAVE to spend time watching annoying jocks? -_-


Will: Yes we do. Kids these days smh


Annabeth quickly types out a response.


Annabeth: We should hang out at argo’s first also he’S NOT MY GUY


Leo: uh huh. very convincing

Piper: not yet ;))))))))))))))

Annabeth: Ugh. Piper…

She shoves her phone into her pocket and slips through the horde of students in order to make it to her next class on time; AP US history, which she thankfully shares with Reyna, who was probably the one person she could stomach talking to no matter the circumstance.

As soon as the school day ends, she heads over to Piper’s locker where her friends usually gather. She has one class with Reyna, two with Malcolm and Leo, and none with any of her other friends. Save lunch, she usually doesn’t see them all day.

Piper grins and calls her name as she approaches, and as usual she’s the easiest person to spot in a crowd. Her dark hair is braided on the sides, and she’s wearing a neon orange Pantheon Spartan sweatshirt and shorts. While Annabeth and Reyna and most of the people in their friend group are relatively neutral to the rivalry, Piper is… not. She’s the type of person that makes posters and brings airhorns to football games. She started cheerleading during sophomore year and hates the stigma surrounding it.

Piper grabs her hand as they walk out to the parking lot, and starts swinging her arm like a child. The main entrance of their building is surrounded by handmade posters advertising the game. Will’s phone chimes with the Grey’s Anatomy theme song. He smiles as he reads the screen, and gestures at them.

“Nico says that he wants to hang out this weekend.” Will gasps frantically “Does that mean hang out as friends or another date? Do you think he actually likes me?”

Annabeth mentally drops her head into her hands as Piper swoops over and loops her arm through Will’s. She zones out when they begin to analyze emojis and the enthusiasm of different amounts of exclamation points. She and Reyna have a theory that they both secretly participate in a two-man drama troupe during night hours.

The walk to Argo Cafe from the high school was short. It lies a couple blocks away from Chiron’s and is nestled deeply into their side of town. Leo waiters there most days after school, and a couple of her older friends work there in between classes at the local college. It’s the absolute epitome of the stereotypical small town diner, with peeling vinyl siding and 90s style booths. It’s Annabeth’s absolute favorite place to study and hang out. Piper picks a booth near the back of the building, and they all slide into the seats: Annabeth and Reyna sitting opposite the other three.

Annabeth manages to join the conversation unscathed for the first couple minutes, but as soon as Piper orders her usual strawberry milkshake she scoots closer to the table with a predatory gleam in her hazel eyes.

“Have you texted him yet?” she presses. Will winces in sympathy. Once Piper gets on one of her matchmaking quests, she turns into a lion stalking her prey. Impossible to defeat, and absolutely terrifying. In all honesty, Annabeth had dealt with the issue of Percy Jackson’s number in the same way she dealt with everything else of emotional importance. She ignored it’s existence and avoided thinking about it. She was about 50% sure the note was lodged at the bottom of her backpack. Now, all she had to do was find a way to get her friends off the blood trail. She sighs in exaggerated despair.

“Alas, I seem to have lost his number. Now I’ll never know what might have been.” she drawls. Reyna looks at her in obvious disbelief. Piper huffs.

“Well. Fortunately for you, I took a picture of the note while you weren’t looking!” she says “you have zero excuses for not talking to the cute guy you have a crush on.” Crap. She should’ve burned it when she had the chance. Annabeth takes a pointedly long sip of her milkshake before shooting Leo an expression that hopefully conveys her SOS. Leo returns a small nod in her direction.

“Hey, Pipes?” he ventures “What did you think about that last chem quiz we had?” Piper scoffs and shakes out her braids.

“You can’t distract me from uniting Annabeth and her soulmate!” she barks “Reyna, please,”

Reyna shoots Annabeth an apologetic smile before swiping Annabeth’s phone from her hand and tossing it into Piper’s waiting ones.

“Treachery!” Annabeth squeaks. Reyna just shrugs and places her chin in her hands.

“She said she’d pay me five bucks. Take it up with the psycho.” she says dismissively.

The sight of Piper furiously typing on her phone is.. something out of her nightmares to be honest. She has no idea when she had the chance to add her fingerprint to Annabeth’s phone but it doesn’t surprise her. Piper’s passion for her friends is one of the reasons Annabeth loves her so much, but also one of the reasons she is terrified of her.

“aaaand, send!”

Piper taps the screen in satisfaction, barely missing Annabeth’s attempt to dive across the table and take it from her. Their glasses clatter all over the floor, and Annabeth’s hand is dripping with maple syrup from Will’s plate of waffles. The staff barely spare them a glance. It’s quite concerning how regular this is. She slides back into her seat and wipes her hand off with a napkin.

Piper tilts the screen towards Will who nods in approval.

“It’s honestly not as bad as I expected.” he states in an attempt to reassure her.

Knowing Piper, that could range anywhere from a simple hello to three paragraphs of heart eye emojis and cheesy pick up lines. Annabeth groans and drops her head in her hands.

“I’m going to murder you to death, Mclean.” she mumbles.

“You wouldn’t have to if you’d just man up and do it yourself.” Piper yelps “You obviously like him, so what’s the problem?”

The problem was, that Annabeth liked him. He was sweet and smart and while she hated the nights that Piper forced her into watching rom-coms, it was like something shifted into place as soon as they met. She had absolutely no idea how to approach the situation and it warranted at least another week of avoidance. Her phone chimes and if Piper’s squeal is anything to go by, Percy Jackson has horrible timing.

She lifts her head and clasps her phone before Piper can do further damage. She sighs in relief once she sees what Piper sent him. It just says “Hey, it’s Annabeth from the store. What’s up?”  

Annabeth’s Mans: hi! I wasn’t sure if you were going to text but it’s super cool that you did. Apparently Nico’s bf is going to come to the game so I’m on babysitting duty to make sure he doesn’t pass out from lovesickness. Should be a blast.

She smiles and changes the contact name to something more fitting, before typing out her response.

Annabeth: Will’s super excited about it. Hopefully I’ll see you there??


Percy: yeah!! A few of my friends are on the team so I usually have to go to every game


Annabeth: same. Piper quit cheer after last year but she still makes us fill our social quota through school events


Percy: yikes. I’ve never understood why football gets so much attention. There’s just not enough.. I don’t know.


Annabeth: Water? I guess land sports are boring for half fishes.


Percy: STOP you can’t let the NSA know about me being a merman, Annabeth!

She huffs out a laugh at that and Piper makes a screeching sound that sounds concerning. Annabeth sighs and flips her phone over so the screen is facing the wood of the table in front of her.

“What’d he say?” Piper presses. Annabeth raises one shoulder in a shrug and rolls her eyes at the idiot she calls her friend.

“He’s coming to the game with Will’s boyfriend.” She replies, jerking her thumb across the table. Will ducks his head and blushes and Piper beams at the both of him. Leo leans over and steals a bunch of her french fries while she’s distracted. She claps her hands together in finality.

“Great!” Piper chirps “We can meet both of them tonight.” Her voice contains her usual air of excitement but beneath it there’s an edge of firmness, which let’s her know exactly how serious Piper is about the whole thing. Reyna signals for the waitress to give them their bill. Today it’s their old friend Silena who’s majoring in Public Relations a town over. She thumbs through her phone again as the rest of her friends make conversation.

Annabeth: my friends want to meet you when they meet nico. prepare for insanity!

It’s about a minute before he responds

Percy: they can’t be more intense than my friends *shudder* but i can’t wait to see you there :))

She can’t help but smile at that. A warm feeling spreads throughout her as she imagines him curled up and typing this with his dumb eyes and furrowed brows. It’s not just him, it’s her idiot friends curled up around her, forming a steady backdrop of people she loves. It’s this pulsing feeling of contentment that she’s never felt before. She leans her head on Reyna’s shoulder as she types out another message.

Annabeth: I can’t wait either <3

AN: yikes this is still pretty bad but eventually ill get better at writing that’s the dream! please give me feedback (be as harsh as you can) and maybe read this on ao3 or the first chapter of this is right here 

Arthur’s your single dad with PTSD

You love your father. You always had and always would, but it was hard when you sometimes had to be the strong one. Your mother had died when you were four, whilst your father was going through a rough spot. He was drinking a lot and she got drunk one night with him, she fell into the cut and never came home. You didn’t remember her, it was unfortunate really, but you had a terrible memory. When she died, your father went mad, insane even. He couldn’t look after you and he scared you more than anything. As a four year old, you didn’t understand what was going on. He would be yelling and crying all the time and you couldn’t do anything.

He never got violent with you, but he got violent with random people. You would just be walking hand and hand with him down the road as you laughed and he smiled down at you. But then someone would accidentally bump into him and he would turn into a vicious animal. Your father would let go of your hand and start yelling at the person who was either apologising or (very rarely) fighting back. If it turned into a full on fight you’d go and hide somewhere, crying. Eventually, your Great Aunt Polly took you away from your father. You lived with your Aunt Ada in London with and her nine year old son, Carl.

Your father didn’t seem to understand that you needed stability from him. You loved him, but whenever you saw him, every other weekend or whatever, hello was the same as goodbye. He couldn’t take care of anyone and he didn’t want to tell you how he felt. You didn’t know what it was like for the ‘Great Arthur Shelby’ to practically lose his only child because he never talked to you. He scared you. You weren’t ashamed to say it. He was a scary man, a violent man and you didn’t want to be like him.

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apocalypse-on-legs  asked:

*finger pyramid of contemplation* scrappy lil Starjack kiddo????

*brain buzzes and vibrates with idea notifications*
…Crim why?

- StarJack kid is just a straight up tiny mad scientist. He likes building things with the soul purpose of blowing them up.

- Literal star-child-whiz-kid that never stops babbling about his ideas. Your dads are proud…but please shut up and go recharge?

- 100% Starscream’s kid tho, 10/10 will stab a bitch and find a way to blame it on someone else.

- Grown up kiddo finds a way to look damn good doing all of the above. Covered in ash and soot? Sexy. Sparkly and clean? Bam. Sexy. Drenched in someone else’s energon and other bodily fluids? Damn Fragging Fine.

- Unapologetic flirt but also a total dork

Batman Under the Red Hood sentence meme

change pronouns as fit, loooots of trigger warnings ahead
  • “You know, I thought… I thought I’d be the last person you’d ever let them hurt.”
  • “If it had been you that they beat to a bloody pulp, if they had taken you from this world, I would’ve done nothing but search the planet for this pathetic pile of evil, death-worshiping garbage and then send them off to hell!”
  • “You don’t understand. I don’t think you’d ever understood.”
  • “Awwww, so you DO think about me.”
  • “But if I do that, if I allow myself to go down into that place, I’ll never come back.”
  • “I’m talking about THEM, just them. And doing it because… because they took me away from you.”
  • “Is that what you think this is about?”
  • “ I don’t know what clouds your judgement worse, your guilt or your antiquated sense of morality.”
  • “[name], I forgive you for not saving me.”
  • “But why, why on God’s earth …are they still alive?”
  • “Gotta give the kid points”
  • “ They came all the way from the dead to make this shindig happen.”
  • “You’ll be as quiet as possible, or I’ll put one in your lap first.”
  • “Party pooper. No cake for you.”
  • “What hurts more? A? Or B? Forehand? Or backhand?”
  • “A little louder, lamb chop. I think you may have a collapsed lung. That always impedes the oratory.”
  • “Now, that was just rude.”
  • “I suppose I’m going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps.”
  • “Nah, I’m just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar.”
  • “You wanna die? There’s easier ways to kill yourself.”
  • “You know, it only hurts when I laugh.”
  • “You said we knew one another. You do seem really familiar.”
  • “No. I’m just something you helped make.”
  • “That’s pretty cryptic… but interesting. Tell me more.”
  • “Who are you working for?”
  • “Lie to me again, and crashing into a wall head-on will be the least painful activity of your evening.”
  • “You look good. Been working out? You could probably use a little sun. Then again, who am I to talk?”
  • “No. It’s going to be a nightmare.”
  • “I’m chatty. It’s part of my charm”
  • “You don’t just do that. That has to be practiced. Learned.”
  • “But they’re locked up, like a lot locked up. Maybe we should go for a visit.”
  • “do you want me to take it down?”
  • “No. This doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change anything at all.”
  • “You’re so much less fun now. All grown up and in your big-kid pants.”
  • “Still, better off than their replacement, right?”
  • “You gonna do it this time?”
  • “do you really think I would go through all that trouble and not make sure you knew it was me?”
  • “I want this person dead. When I say "dead,” I mean seriously dead. Beaten, broken. Their head mounted-on-my-wall kind of dead!“
  • "Understood. We’ll be taking further precautions at every transaction.”
  • “You know what I miss most about running with you? The toys.”
  • “Okay kiddo, I’ve got to go. But it’s been fun though, right?”
  • “Well maybe a smidge more fun for me than you, I’m guessing, since you’re being awful quiet.”
  • “You say you want to be better than me, but it won’t happen. Not like this”
  • “ I’m sorry, that seems to imply that YOU organized this little flambé.”
  • “Please, I can help you. I know what happened.”
  • “Do you remember how they where when I found them?”
  • “Different than [name] in so many ways but still full of potential and power.”  
  • “But I knew, even from the beginning, they were dangerous.”
  • “Then I got hem killed. My partner. My soldier. My fault. I own that. I’ll carry that like everything else.”
  • “They’ve taken everything I’ve ever taught them and turned it on me. It’s a hell of my own making, [name].”
  • “You loved them. They know that. It should be enough.”
  • “You can’t stop crime. That’s what you never understood. I’m controlling it. You wanna rule them by fear, but what do you do with the ones who aren’t afraid?”
  • “I’m doing what you won’t, I’m taking them out.”
  • “It’s too late. You had your chance. And I’m just getting started.”
  • “You shattered his collar bone!”
  • “I didn’t think I had to prop up some pillows before I took him out!”
  • “I’ve got a problem and you are absolutely the person who possesses the gifts to take care of that problem”
  • “I’m gonna need something to wear.”
  • “Don’t be nervous, kid. But if you keep staring at me like that I’m gonna cut your eyes out.”
  • “No! Don’t spoil it, this is better!” “
  • I’m the only one who’s going to get what they want tonight!”
  • “Don’t you just love a happy ending?”
  • “That took me two hours. You wanna see what I get done in a whole evening?”
  • “This wasn’t part of the damn deal, you freak!”
  • “This is what it’s all been about.”
  • “If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to kill me!”
  • “This is turning out even better than I’d hoped!”
  • “Maybe they’re primping.”
  • “This is the best day of my life!”

Yep. I finished Gravity Falls. I can’t accept it. I’m- I’m in denial.
So I thought “hey, if they are not gonna give me more, I’ll stop whining and make my own!” and so, my AU happened. Well, it’s not even an AU, it’s more like… an Alternative Future of my own, (that isn’t cannon, obviously) made just for fun cause… I’m too attached to let go orz
So in this AU basically all the characters are grown up and have made their lives as better as they managed to. I’ll be telling the story with little illustrations now and then… so, I decided to start by introducing you to a 39 year old Dipper with… his little redhead kiddo?? I’ll let you guess who her mom is, heheh!
The little duckling’s name is Ava Pines! I’ve imagined that Dipper would turn a really really busy science man when he’d get older, so he wouldn’t have much time for himself - but those little days when work would give him a break, he’d use them to spend time with his family - and usually, on the afternoons, he’d take Ava to discover the secrets of Gravity Falls by his side! Even if these don’t happen as often as they’d like to, the days Ava gets to be with her father would always remain as her best memories c:

anonymous asked:

"the making of future Commander Kirschtein".. You've reminded me of just how incredible Jean's development has been and continues to be. I'm so proud of my son. All the kiddos in Squad Levi have grown so much, but Jean just stands out to me

Oh yes, anon! Please allow me to expand on this!

Jean started out as the poster boy of normal in this series. He had a nice home, a doting mom and a bright future. Prior to Trost, his life had been untouched by tragedy. 

Three years later he’s a soldier capable of getting the job done - even if that job involves the ugly business of killing a former friend.

While Armin is the one who spoke about the need to give up his humanity, I’d argue that it’s Jean who has travelled that path most visibly. 

In Trost he took advantage of dying soldiers to get others to safety.  

During the female titan arc, it was Jean debating who to leave behind when they had three people but only two horses. 

In the uprising arc he went from declaring he would never take a human life to staring a man in the eyes while slicing his throat. This particular turnabout happened in just a day.

And now in Shiganshina, Jean is the one who is able to put his feelings aside and take the lead. His words are filled with fire while his eyes are filled with tears.

I do believe these are glimpses of future Commander Jean Kirschtein. 

So far “giving up his humanity” hasn’t meant losing his heart. Unlike Erwin who is filled with self-hatred and overwhelmed with guilt, Jean is building layer upon  layer of firm resolve based on the understanding that there is no other option. His compassion, thus far, has remained very much intact and he still manages to wear his heart on his sleeve. I just hope he can hold on to that.

So yes, anon, I agree  :)

everything inside and out

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SIB @sroloc–elbisivni​! Last year, I gave you the first part of the Amnesia Verse. This year? Well… let’s get Part 2 out here. I wouldn’t say it’s done, but it’s what I’ve got so far. I hope you enjoy, kiddo! You’re so grown up now. :’)

Warnings: None

Pairings: All ships background/minor/implied, but: Tuckington, Niner/OC, Church/Tex/OC

The problem with the ship is that it’s too crowded. Freelancers and Sim Troopers and civilians are packed in practically elbow-to-elbow, making it impossible for David-Wash-Washington to get alone long enough to try to process the splitting headaches and echoes of memories he keeps getting.

Wash can’t tell his siblings this, but he knows the Freelancers are telling the truth.

He remembers colorful armor and recognizes the voices, and his dreams are filled with combat and shouting voices, not the supposed calm of the deserted planet.

He denies it when they talk about it, but no one believes it anymore. Martha keeps looking at him like he kicked Shadow; this unacknowledged betrayal. He’d left them. He’d left them and let them think he was dead to play super soldier, until whatever had happened and wiped out his memories.

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@izuqu I’m really loving this trend of Izuku not finding out that All Might and his mom are dating unless it’s completely on accident with a new sibling because it’s hilarity and angst wrapped up in a perfect little prompt with a bow on top.

So one day the kids at UA get permission to visit their families as long as they get to their home in an allotted time, inform their teacher that they’ve arrived, and stay there without making trouble. It shouldn’t be hard but when you’re a UA student even the simplest of things go awry pretty damn quickly. 

Such is the case when Izuku is barely two blocks from home and passing by his old park for nostalgic purposes when he hears some commotion behind the slides. A group of kids are there, three of them pushing around this scrawny kid who’s all elbows and knees and calling then all kinds of mean things.

A little bit of puffing out his chest and using his authority as an older boy gets those kids out of the way but not before those horrible words “Quirkless loser!” ring out behind them. A few words of kindness and some genuine helping up later and Izuku is escorting the little Quirkless child home before he goes to his own to visit with his mom.

They happen to live in the same direction.

They happen to live on the same street.

They happen to live in the same apartment building.

They happen to live in the same apartment.

“You live here?!”

The kid is startled because what, yeah they should did they get pushed out for some reason oh no- but Izuku is loud enough for his mother to hear and so Inko is swinging open the door to crush her son in a true motherly embrace while crying tears of relief because she was so worried about her boy because Toshi’s reports can only do so much and of course her other baby reminds her of Izuku sometimes and-

Well. That baby (”I’m not a baby, I’m five!”) right beside Izuku actually. Izuku can hear All Might humming around out of tune somewhere in the kitchen making tea because yes he did know about the reports but he didn’t know exactly how well the two of them got to know each other because when did they have a baby???? And when did All Might become Toshi?


And it gets all convoluted afterwards, too many words and not enough sentences with more stops and starts than are legible for talking because whoops they actually forgot to tell him. 

And the kid is finishing making the tea because they’re a big kid and they can and it looks like Mama and Papa need the help with the stunned nice older kid who they recognize as Mama’s son who’s away at school. They make a game out of how many times they can save a cup from spilling when Izuku or Mama make hand gestures or when Papa’s shaking hands finally shake too much from nerves and need to take a moment to rest. (the score ends up being more than they can count but they still save the spilling more than the carpet gets stains)

Everyone gets so caught up in explaining the situation that they forget about the need to send a message to the pro-hero in charge. They’re all pretty shocked to find Eraserhead at their door looking annoyed and bored when he finds them all safe, and almost heads out immediately before he spots the kid. He pieces it together right then and there, before turning to the three of them with a basic, slightly stunned, “Congratulations,” and leaves.

Izuku feels pretty stupid because yeah, he should be congratulating this news, not be dumb and feel out of the loop because his extremely busy mother and teacher have a life outside of him that just happen to involve each other (and a new sibling holy cow he always wanted to be a big brother!) so he pushes aside all his weird feelings to tell them both honestly that he couldn’t be happier about the development. 

Everyone’s happy, everybody hugs, there are tears because Midoriyas can’t have strong feelings around each other without crying and Izuku gets introduced properly to his new little sibling who is utterly enchanted by the fact that their big brother is going to be a hero!!!!!!

(Izuku goes home the next day after sleeping on a spare futon in his sibling’s room, All Might still out on the couch and Inko in her room. Izuku and his little kiddo stay up way too late freaking out about heroes and talking about how much they love their grown-ups. Izuku spends a lot of time telling them that being Quirkless is never enough to stop them from achieving their dreams, whatever they are. The kiddo falls asleep to the sound of Izuku telling them about how Quirkless people built the world and it’s always still building, and another Quirkless person might be exactly what it needs. Izuku falls asleep to the soft breathing of a tiny child whose dreams are still bendy and building and full of life. Izuku falls asleep to the knowledge that his family is growing.)

(They all dream of sweet things that night.)

oops i wrote a lot oh well this was an AMAZING PROMPT OMG and wow i love everything about Mighty Family and it’s just so pure and i love it


Patterns to be printed on fabric and made into heated and weighted blankets for disabled kiddos (and grown ups!)

(Image description: three different illustrated patterns of assistive tech/aids. They all follow the same color scheme of peach, mustard, olive, purple, orange, blue, and red. The first pattern is pills of different shapes and colors with a white background. The second pattern is support canes of different styles and colors, including a blind support cane. Between the canes are some pills from the previous pattern. The background is a muted purple. The third pattern is hearing aids of different styles and colors, including a cochlear implant. The background is white. There is a fourth image that shows all three patterns side by side.)