and the kiddos all grown up

Yep. I finished Gravity Falls. I can’t accept it. I’m- I’m in denial.
So I thought “hey, if they are not gonna give me more, I’ll stop whining and make my own!” and so, my AU happened. Well, it’s not even an AU, it’s more like… an Alternative Future of my own, (that isn’t cannon, obviously) made just for fun cause… I’m too attached to let go orz
So in this AU basically all the characters are grown up and have made their lives as better as they managed to. I’ll be telling the story with little illustrations now and then… so, I decided to start by introducing you to a 39 year old Dipper with… his little redhead kiddo?? I’ll let you guess who her mom is, heheh!
The little duckling’s name is Ava Pines! I’ve imagined that Dipper would turn a really really busy science man when he’d get older, so he wouldn’t have much time for himself - but those little days when work would give him a break, he’d use them to spend time with his family - and usually, on the afternoons, he’d take Ava to discover the secrets of Gravity Falls by his side! Even if these don’t happen as often as they’d like to, the days Ava gets to be with her father would always remain as her best memories c:

Dadseph Week Prompts!

You voted, and the line up for the week of June 19th to June 25th is as follows:

June 19th - Holly/Holly and Joseph focused

June 20th - Josuke/Josuke and Joseph focused

June 21st - Shizuka/Shizuka and Joseph focused

June 22nd - Sibling Interactions

June 23rd - Extended Family [Grandkids, 15 year old uncles, etc.]

June 24th - Age Reversal [Grown Adult kiddos + Kid!Joseph]

June 25th - Fashion [Dress up and make up]

Feel free to start planning what you’d like to draw during the week now! When the week starts, be sure to tag your submissions with #DadsephWeek so I can reblog it here for easy viewing! If you can’t make all the days, don’t worry – feel free to do as many as you are able. Late submissions are welcome!

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Family Isn’t Always Blood

Drabble request from @superwholockian5ever for

3. “Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?”
13. “My weakness is you.”

Dean X Reader

A/N: Literally all of the word limits are going over haha but I don’t really mind. These things are so fun to write! Enjoy, you guys! With love, Kat

Words: 1139

You were in the roadhouse hanging out with your Aunt Ellen and cousin Jo when the grumpy old man known as Bobby Singer swung the door open.

“Bobby!” you yelled, running up to the man that was like a father to you and pulling him into a big hug.

“Hey kiddo” he smiled, looking at you, “I missed ya. You’ve grown up so much since the last time I seen ya” he laughed as the two of you walked over to the bar.

“Two whiskies for me and the old man here” you laughed at the fake scowl Bobby was throwing your way and tapped the bar to get Jo’s attention.

“Bobby Singer” you heard Ellen’s raspy voice from behind you and you both turned to be greeted with her smiling face and her arms crossed over her chest.

The three of you laughed and drank for a while, sitting at the large wooden bar. You missed Bobby liked hell, the man was a surrogate father to you and he and Ellen raised you from when you were 5. Your dad was Ellen’s brother and your parents were both hunters. They died trying to take out a vamp nest that was supposed to only house about 10 vamps and it ended up being more like 40, they stood no chance. The conversation moved to the subject of your parents when Bobby and Ellen started sharing stories about them. The three of you were so engrossed in your conversation that you failed to notice two men walking into the Roadhouse.

“Who we talkin’ so fondly about?” you heard a deep voice from behind you, with a hand resting on Bobby and Ellen’s shoulders. You turned to look at who the man was and from the looks of him he could only be the one and only Dean Winchester, and his larger brother Sam was behind him.

“My brother, Ricky” Ellen smiled, taking a drink of her whiskey while she waved over Jo. No doubt to get the boys some beer and say hello to them.

“Wasn’t he married to that hot little piece from New York? She was a wild one” Dean laughed, sipping his beer.

“Don’t talk about my mother like that” you spat out, downing your whiskey and lightly tapping the bar for another round.

“Well hello there darlin’” he said, moving over to sit in the open chair next to you. You simply raised an eyebrow at him, drinking a little more whiskey.

“I’m Dean” he extended a hand to you.

“I know” you said, leaning back in your chair and facing back forward so you weren’t looking at him.

“Hey I’m Sam” the younger brother came up to say hello to you.

“Hi, Sammy” you smiled, taking the hand he extended and shaking it, “I’ve heard a lot about you boys from my surrogate parents” you laughed, pointing a thumb back towards Bobby and Ellen.

You talked for a few hours before you realized that the boys had stolen Bobby and Ellen’s attention, making you feel a little awkward.

“Alright I think I’m gonna head out” you said, putting your glass down on the bar and moving to walk out the door of the bar.

Wait, don’t go! What’s your name?” Dean said, rising up from his chair and grabbing your wrist and spinning you around, “I know I was an ass, sweetheart, but please stay. Me and Sammy have had such a good time talking to you. Come on, stick around. Play some pool” he said, his green eyes sparkling and pleading for you to stay. How could you say no to the gorgeous emeralds that were staring you down? Damn, this man was gorgeous. You were going soft, you thought to yourself, you were finding yourself easily agreeing to his proposition.

“Alright, Dean. I’ll stick around. I’m Y/N, by the way” you smiled. At your words the smile on his face grew wider and he asked Jo to get you guys another round.

More hours passed with you speaking to Sam and playing pool with Jo, all while ignoring Dean’s advances.

“I’ve got winner” Dean announced, leaning against the wall and watching you and Jo map out your next moves.

Jo had one ball left, plus the 8-ball, and you had three. You sunk the first in a corner pocket by bouncing it off another ball which went straight into the other corner pocket on that side of the table. You only had one left and then you had to sick the 8-ball. You moved around the table to where Dean was leaning, your back facing him, and you bent over and sank your ball with Dean not-so-subtly staring at your ass. Then you flawlessly sank the 8-ball and looked up at Jo with a smirk on your face.

“You’re pretty good, sweetheart” the green eyed hunter said, his voice smoother than the whiskey you had been drinking all night. He walked over to Jo and took the pool cue from her.

“But you’re nowhere as good as me” he smirked, racking up the pool balls and clearly challenging you with his tall stance and puffed out chest as he circled the table to place the cue ball at the other end.

“You can break” you said, leaning against a nearby chair, “you’re gonna need the advantage, sweetheart” you emphasized the nickname and smirked. You were confident in your pool skills. After all, you’d spent the last six years of your life playing pool to make money to travel and hunt. You were a hustler by trade and Dean had no idea what he was in for. You spent your time reading Dean, trying to see a strategy or pattern and you totally found one. He relied really heavily on one corner pocket, using it for most of his shots. So on your next shot, you pretended to miss your shot, successfully blocking off that pocket with two of your pool balls.

After that, Dean was definitely thrown for a loop. The two of you were tied with four balls each at the time and he couldn’t seem to sink any with that pocket blocked off. You sank the two that weren’t blocking the pocket and quickly sank  the remaining two, with the 8-ball remaining. You sank it in a side pocket without even blinking, smirking up at the baffled Winchester in front of you.

“See and I didn’t think big, bad hunters like yourself had weaknesses” you chuckled, teasing him.

My weakness is you” he said, smirking at you and wrapping an arm around your waist, pulling you close to him.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe your initial impression of Dean was wrong, but you were silently wishing he would lean down and kiss you. And that’s exactly what he did.

Updated some older characters! I had drawn them quickly a long while ago during a Lord of the Rings marathon, but I wanted to develop the story and a bunch of things so here’s a quick painting over a sketch I had!
In the forefront is Azenriel, who is currently embarrassed wearing royal/fancy clothes and is also thinking about a certain mysterious wanderer. He’s the youngest of his five royal siblings and enjoys wandering off into the forest and hunting. The Wanderer in the back doesn’t have a name yet. 

anonymous asked:

"the making of future Commander Kirschtein".. You've reminded me of just how incredible Jean's development has been and continues to be. I'm so proud of my son. All the kiddos in Squad Levi have grown so much, but Jean just stands out to me

Oh yes, anon! Please allow me to expand on this!

Jean started out as the poster boy of normal in this series. He had a nice home, a doting mom and a bright future. Prior to Trost, his life had been untouched by tragedy. 

Three years later he’s a soldier capable of getting the job done - even if that job involves the ugly business of killing a former friend.

While Armin is the one who spoke about the need to give up his humanity, I’d argue that it’s Jean who has travelled that path most visibly. 

In Trost he took advantage of dying soldiers to get others to safety.  

During the female titan arc, it was Jean debating who to leave behind when they had three people but only two horses. 

In the uprising arc he went from declaring he would never take a human life to staring a man in the eyes while slicing his throat. This particular turnabout happened in just a day.

And now in Shiganshina, Jean is the one who is able to put his feelings aside and take the lead. His words are filled with fire while his eyes are filled with tears.

I do believe these are glimpses of future Commander Jean Kirschtein. 

So far “giving up his humanity” hasn’t meant losing his heart. Unlike Erwin who is filled with self-hatred and overwhelmed with guilt, Jean is building layer upon  layer of firm resolve based on the understanding that there is no other option. His compassion, thus far, has remained very much intact and he still manages to wear his heart on his sleeve. I just hope he can hold on to that.

So yes, anon, I agree  :)