and the kid next to me points to me

Not a shitpost, but some advice for my younger followers:

Try to eat healthy. I’m not saying you should live in whole foods, but try to get in the habit of having fruit or veggies whenever you can. You might be fifteen and feel invincible chugging three cans of energy drinks, but trust me. In a few years your body is gonna be craving all the healthy shit you didn’t eat as a kid.

Don’t romanticize staying up late. It’s not healthy. You may score brownie points with your friends if you pull an all-nighter for no discernible reason, but your body will hate you. Believe me when I say everything catches back up to you by the time you’re in your late teens. If you fuck up your sleep patterns while you’re young, you’ve pretty much screwed yourself over for the next few years.

Trust your gut. If you think someone is creepy, keep your distance. Even if your friends insist they’re an okay person, keep your distance. Better safe than sorry. And most of the time, you’ll end up right.

There’s no point in teasing people for their appearance. There’s no point at all. We all have to get up at like 6am to learn about things we don’t care about, let people wear whatever the hell they want. Shut your mouth and move on.

If someone older than you tries to talk to you out of nowhere, stay on your goddamn guard. Even if they’re a person you greatly admire, even if you think they’re the coolest person ever- You are under no obligation to humor them. If they start asking invasive questions (about your age, your sexual habits, anything that raises Warning Bells) then you need to get the hell out of there. Stop responding, either gradually or all at once. Whatever works for you. You’re not being rude- you’re looking out for yourself.

Be kind to people younger than you. You were just like them not too long ago.

Dick Grayson is a Goddamn Dork™ ACTUAL CANONS

1. The discowing suit. I mean, really?

2. Canonically was responsible for naming the batarangs, the Batmobile, and probably every other bat- thing in the cave.

3. Continued to defend those choices, even as Batman. “That’s a stupid name.” “You mean *awesome*.”

4. Little kid tries to punch him (as a cop!) and he responded by saying, “you’re throwing a punch wrong. Here, hit me again, like this”

5. Built an entire secret room in his apartment for vigilante purposes, still leaves his Nightwing suit in a heap on the ground next to his bed where Goddamn anyone can see it

6. Puts his fingers up by his head so that thugs who see his shadow will think he’s Batman

7. When deciding what to call his new a batarang equipment, unironically decided to call them “wing-dings”

8. Is honestly flattered when supervillains compliment his butt


10. Does not bother to park the Batwing or even bring it low, flings himself out of it from 1,000 feet up because *aesthetic*

“My older brother was my hero growing up.  Everyone called him ‘Jise.’  He was this hip-hop dude.  People loved him, especially the girls.  Everyone knew when he walked into a room.  I was the opposite.  I blended into the crowd.  I was quiet.  I made straight A’s.  I liked comic books and action figures.  So I always looked up to him.  He was murdered one night in 1989.  Somebody shot him.  I was fifteen at the time, and I just kind of gave up.  I thought our family was curs…ed.  I always had this feeling that I was up next.  So it was like, ‘What’s the point of being good?’  I dropped out of school.  I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  We started robbing people.  I never actually took anything myself.  I just tagged along for the adrenaline high.  Even at my lowest, part of me was always the same good kid.  I always held down a job.  I wrote poetry.  I kept dream journals.  Whenever we were getting into trouble, my friends would always tease me.  They’d say: ‘This isn’t you, man.  Why are you here?’  Hip-hop saved me.  It gave me a voice.  I started doing open mic nights.  I took all those dream journals and turned them into lyrics.  I joined a group called The Arsonists.  We toured all over Europe.  We pressed a lot of records.  Of course I always held down a second job.  My proudest moment was when they wrote about us in The Source.  My stage name was ‘Jise,’ in honor of my brother.  It was like I’d gotten us both there.”

A Punny Story

I had this girlfriend once where things were getting pretty serious. We wanted to move in together, so we went looking for an apartment. The second one our real estate agent took us to was perfect, we both loved it, so we made the decision to move in. Our neighbour was a really nice guy named Joseph. His wife had left him a few years prior, leaving him alone to take care of his eight-year old son. I always felt kinda bad for the guy. He had this weird accent that was really hard to place.

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boredom be damned - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary:  Prompt #2: “You’re hot when you’re angry.”

All Peter wanted to do was get his homework done before adventuring into the night, but Y/N walks in and turns his study session into a flush session.

Requested: yes @myfriendmagislit

Warning: slight language

Here’s another request for #2! So excited to write this bc this user is the og:) hope you enjoY!!! This is also kinda long so oops lol and I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!:-) @myfriendmagislit

MASTERLIST <———————-


Were you supposed to be on your way to Peter’s right now? No. Did you tell Peter you were on your way to him right now? No.

You were bored as hell, it was as simple as that. You tried to entertain yourself in numerous ways, even attempting to do your pre-scheduled homework for tomorrow night. But that put your state of mind into greater boredom. So, you decided you would carry your bored, sorry ass all the way three blocks to Peter’s apartment. It’s not that you only did this when you were extremely bored, you did almost every day. It just turns out that today, Peter didn’t mention to you anything about working on homework or hanging out for the night. This surprised you to an extreme length, due to the fact you and Peter were stuck like glue all day, every day.

So, you being the nosy ass you were, you decided to investigate. Which worked out perfectly because you were bored as well! Of course your sneakiness did play a part in your feet carrying you to Peter’s that night, but it wasn’t only that. And it wasn’t just the boredom.

Maybe it was the pulsing excitement that ran through your veins every time Peter would run up to you with good news about his exciting double life. Or maybe it was the way your heart grew heavy in your chest when Peter’s lean, muscled body would sit closely next to you as you worked on homework, the heat radiating off his frame to hit yours. Or it might be just spending time with your best friend—correction, beautiful best friend, that caused your feelings to intensify as you got older. Maybe it was all of those things and more, that caused your mind to shift your boredom to Peter.

You admitted these intense feelings a while ago, your instinct immediately knowing your affection for the brown eyes, sweet smiling boy as soon as you laid your eyes on him ten years ago. Your friendship blossomed, consisting of ever lasting laughs and good times, it was what everyone dreamed of in a relationship.

The only problem was, the feeling was only one sided. To your dismay, they were extremely one sided. Your friends would constantly say otherwise, swearing that he looked at you the exact way you gazed at him, but you never saw it. You knew they were just trying to make you feel better. Especially due to the fact Liz Allen was someone who constantly popped up in conversations between you and Peter. This obviously made you feel instant loss and regret. But if Peter was happy, you were happy.

You slowly let your yearning thoughts of Peter vanish before arriving at Peter’s door. You sigh, grabbing the key underneath the mat Aunt May had told you about and open the door, the silence hitting you. You shut the door slowly, walking through the living room area, searching for Peter in the so far vacant house. As no sign of Peter approaches, you walk to his bedroom door, knowing that he’d be in there. Your knuckles hit lightly against the white door, shoving one hand  in your side jacket pocket and the other holding your thermos with water as you wait for the door to open.

You hear the jiggle of the door knob and and look up, seeing a wondrous sight that made your eyes look everywhere place in the world besides Peter’s eyes.

“Oh, hey! What are you doing here?” he questioned kindly, quirking his head to the side at your sudden appearance at his door. You tried to remember to breath as your eyes came in contact with a very shirtless, very ripped, and very hot Peter standing before you. Clutching your cup tightly,  your eyes lingered on his sculpted abs as your mouth stood agape at the sight before you.

Thank god for boredom. What would you without it?

“Y/N?” his voice quickly snapped your dirty thoughts of him out of your mind, disrupting everything good in this world. Y/E/C meets a playful brown as your mouth snaps shut, shaking your head vigorously as you leap out of a hazed state.

Almost breathlessly you rush out, “Oh! I-I was just really bored. Needed something to do,” you finish, shrugging your shoulders at your lousy interpretation of boredom.

He raised his eyebrows, opening the door farther for you to enter. You took note of his right muscle flexing at the stretch of his arm before he spoke, “Okay. Yeah, I’m just trying to get my homework done. Tony asked me to do something when I got done, and May’ll kill me if I leave without finishing it.”

You shook your head as a sign of understanding, noticing his seemingly stressed state as you sat down on his bed. He shut the door, turning towards you with his hands on his naked hips, “But yeah you can hang here, I’m just gonna finish the assignment for Algebra. You know how picky Ms. Roberts’ can be,” he chuckled lightly, smiling in your direction.

“Oh and those papers next to you are the chemistry homework, if you need to see it.“

You nodded, a close mouthed smile adorned your lips at his sweet gaze. He sighed before sitting down at his desk, continuing his work, leaving you there.

Is this a fucking joke? Is he seriously not going to put on a shirt? He’s never done this before! But, would you want him to? The view from here is fucking incredible. Boredom be damned.

Your eyes once again scaled his half naked body, but this time it was the back view you got to see. The lamp accompanied his brain in helping him finish his work, the remnants of the light shone on his back muscles. You felt your mouth open once again as you carved the muscles with your eyes, craving to run your fingers over every curve of his body. His bangin’ body was another added bonus to Peter Parker. His sweet smile, incredible personality, and extraordinary intelligence were the major factors that made you fall for him. But this, fuck. This was part of the premium package you didn’t know you had signed up for.

You dazedly watched his shoulder move with arm as he sketched the answer quickly on his paper, and sometimes bring his arm up and run his fingers through his ruffled brown locks. You suddenly remembered the drool dripping from the corner of your mouth, that had probably been there for minutes. You reached your arm up rapidly, attempting to wipe the drool silently and sneakily.

Well, that plan failed.

Because as soon as your hand hit the corner of your mouth, your elbow also hit your thermos, knocking it over and open, all over Peter’s chemistry homework that was lying next to you on his bed.


Eyes widened, your heart rate picked up as you made eye contact with the now soaking wet papers lying sloppily on his bed. A gasp emitted from your throat at the sight of the black ink spreading all over the drenched papers. ruining it even more. Well, your gasp awoke Peter from his intense gaze on his work to quickly looking behind him. His eyes grew at the sight of you directed to the now wet papers and thermos lying on top of them. Your mouth agape, you dared to look at Peter’s gaze hitting you like a brick wall.

He ran over to his ruined work, fingers picking up the wet paper, his gaze flashing from the homework to your guilty Y/E/C eyes staring deeply into his own, "Y/N WHAT THE HELL!”

You gaping lips barely stuttered out a response as you reached over and picked up the thermos, “P-Peter I’m so sorry! It was an accident I swear!” you rushed out, throwing the empty thermos to the ground before yanking the remaining papers off his bed and throwing them in the trash can next to you.


Your eyes shut off instantly as Peter’s voice grew weak and strong at the same time, defeat yet anger taking over his demeanor. But, instead of listening to his rant about your previous actions, you watched his arms point from you to the papers, his bicep flexing every moment he stretched them. His eyebrows furrowed and raised at your gaze just staring at him like he’s speaking gibberish. But, you were noticing his arm and neck veins popping out at the stress in his voice and your insides turned gooey, his state turning you on a lot.

“… Mr. Stark needs me! He finally asked me to do something for once and I  was so ready! Now May won’t let me go! Jesus Y/N, could you of been a little more careful? You-”

Your mind shut off his anger towards you, clouding with scandalous thoughts you’ve never thought of before. This caused your thoughts and apparently brain to shut down as you interrupted his rant.

“You’re hot when you’re angry.”

Oh my god. Those words did not just come out of your mouth. What the fuck are you thinking?! Holy shit he thinks you’re some creep-

“W-What did you just say?” Peter questioned, chest slowly deflating from his previous state. You felt your cheeks sprout bright red as his figure inched closer to yours. Your brain finally wanted to work again, your eyes peeking up from staring intently at the floor after your previous comment. His nerves rose immediately, realizing your thoughts on him.

“W-What? I didn’t say-”

“Yes you did. What did you say?” now Peter’s soft brown eyes were gazing intently in yours, his own cheeks matched yours, both flushed and embarrassed. His heart raced at your sudden exposed feelings towards him, and he couldn’t of been happier.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your lip in guilt as your eyebrows furrowed, “I really didn’t mean to say that. I meant to s-say t-that you were scary when you’re angry, not h-hot. Not that you aren’t hot when y-you’re angry, because you are, obviously I mean look at you! O-Oh my god, I’ll just shut up!” you hollered, an extremely nervous chuckle sprang from your throat, attempting to cover up your immense awkwardness.

Peter’s cheeks flushed even more as he heard it roll off your pretty lips once again, a smile played across his own. His eyes sparkled at your red cheeks staring at the floor. He stepped forward slightly, his head daringly leaned towards your ear, his own nervousness growing per second.

Your heart beat sped at his closeness as his lips brushed your tinted-pink ear, his hot breath whispering against your heated skin, “Maybe I should make you angry sometime.”

And you’re pretty sure you died right then and there.

I’m only 18

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Request: Can you do a oneshot where the reader is an avenger and 18, she meets the team and the guys are being super flirty with her but have no idea that’s she is 18 and when they find out, they’re embarrassed about flirting with her :). Sorry if this super specific and long

Warning: No?

Being the new avenger was exciting. I had been able to shape shift into any person or animal that I wanted to since I was 5 years old. I scared my mother the day I turned into a dog. She could move things with her mind and she wasn’t sure of what I could do until the day we were eating dinner and I decided to act like a dog and turned into one. 

Since then, I would do small things like tricking my friends or I would turn into a bird and fly away. Like Spider-Man, I decided to use it for good. What really caught the public’s eye, was the day a grizzly bear stopped a gas station robbery. That same day Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff showed up at my house. They explained to me and my mother that they wanted me to join the avengers. Naturally, my mother put up a fight and said I was too young, but I am 18 so legally I can go. Waving goodbye to my mother 6 months later and I was officially part of the team. 

“You should turn into a cat, then when the team crowds around, turn into yourself.” Tony suggested. 

“I can’t” I laughed at him, “When I shape shift, My clothes don’t change with me so I can’t turn back until I’m in my room, usually.” 

“We’ll see about that.” He started thinking to himself. 

“Guys this is y/n” Nat called out t the team.

“Hello” I waved to everyone “I know who you all are already, I read the file.” 

“Nice to meet you” Steve shook my hand. “We didn’t hear much about you, it was suppose to be a surprise.” 

I smiled, looking around the room at the team. I noticed Sam, Bucky, Thor, Peter, and Steve were looking me up and down. I met Sam’s eyes and he winked at me and gave a slow nod of admiration. Bucky looked away quickly, Steve also winked, Thor smirked at me and then walked away, and Peter quickly turned around and started a conversation with Wanda. I noticed Clint and Bruce were watching the same thing I was and looked at me and then the guys and shook their heads. 

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Once everything was finally settled, I made my way to the kitchen to get a small snack, I had finally finished unpacking. I was searching for a snack when I hear someone speak up behind me.

“Nickle for your thoughts?” Steve spoke calmly

“I’m pretty sure it’s penny.” I laughed at him

“I just think your thoughts are worth more” he smiled, raising an eyebrow.

“Really?” I rolled my eyes “That’s so lame” 

“What?” He moved a tad bit closer leaning on the counter. “I just wanted to start a conversation.” He chuckled. 

“So start” I reached for the box of cheez-its, but it was too far up. Steeve reached up above my head and grabbed it. I couldn’t help but look at his bicep. Quickly looking down when our eyes met.

“Like what you see?” Steve smirked “There’s more underneath.” 

I blushed at first and then realized, he is old, I’m still 18 and I don’t think he knows that. Instead of telling him, I laughed at him and walked away. 

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The next person to talk to me was Sam Wilson. I had wandered into the theater room and put a movie in. Sam saw this and wanted to join.

“Can I join you?” He asked as I made my self comfortable on the love-seat, taking up most to the small couch. 

“Sure if you can fit” I joked, moving my legs slightly.

“I played tetris as a kid.” He smirked at me coming closer to the couch.

“Your point?” I asked slightly confused.

“I can make it fit.” He winked at me. I didn’t even react, I just had a straight face and I realized that he didn’t know my age as well, and just like Steve I didn’t tell him. 

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Peter Parker approached me the next day, as I made my way to the kitchen, he tapped my arm.

“Morning y/n” He greeted me with a warm smile.

“Mornin’ Pete” I smiled back. He followed me into the kitchen. 

“Hey y/n,” He got my attention back to him “Can you feel my shirt?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused. 

“I’m serious” He held out the bottom of his shirt and I touched the soft fabric.

“What about it?” I was still confused.

“Does it feel like boyfriend material?” I asked seriously. I laughed at him as my cheeks slightly turned red.

“Absolutely not” Tony cut in “Not allowed.” 

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“Why do guys have to be such jerks?” My friend Andrea spoke to me on the phone. I had her on speaker while me, Wanda and Nat sat in the living room.

“I know how you feel Ann. What we need is a genie” I joked. “Three wishes would be nice.” 

“That would help a lot actually” Nat joined

“What’s one thing you would wish for?” Wanda asked “ I would wish for world peace. Typical I know.”

“I’ll have to think about that.” Andrea said on the phone. 

“Ditto” Nat spoke up, thinking quietly.

“I would wish for the perfect guy” I joked, earning a small chuckle from Nat.

“Here I am.” Bucky stood in front of us “What are your other two wishes?”

I couldn’t handle this anymore. I had to tell them how old I was before this got worse. I found it funny but I can’t be this cruel.

“Hey guys” I spoke up walking into the kitchen causing everyone to look at me “I have done some thinking.. Some of you, not naming who, have tried to flirt with me.” all the guys looked at each other. “As flattering as that is, I think you should know something about me, and maybe this will make you rethink some things.” I tried to fight the smile forming on my face. “I’m only 18.” 

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Every single guy, except for Peter, Tony, Bruce, Clint, and Vision, went pale. They froze and looked at each other.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US BEFORE” Sam yelled, obviously embarrassed.

“I thought it was funny” I laughed at them

“I already knew that” Peter winked at me

“Lady y/n” Thor looked up from the ground “ I wasn’t sure of your age so I didn’t say anything, but I did not expect that” 

“I feel horrible” Steve apologized. Bucky couldn’t bring himself to say anything as he continued to stare at the ground.

There was a long awkward silence as we slowly continued our business. 

“Wait, You guys hit on her?” Tony raised his voice.

epiphany pt.2 | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + college au

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?


Reader’s POV

As your eyes fluttered open, the bright light from your window piercing through making you squint, you felt something heavy strayed against your body. Finally adjusting to the light, a gasp left your mouth when you saw Jungkook in front of you, his chest rising up and down softly, as his arm was draped around your waist, having you flush against him.

Wha- OMG!” You exclaimed loudly, as you threw his arm off of you, scrambling away when your sudden movement caused Jungkook to fall off the bed with a large thud.

“What the hell…” he grumbled, his voice low and raspy as he got up on his feet, rubbing the side of his head as he stared at you through his lidded eyes.

“Y-You! You were–Why were you in my bed?!” You shrieked as you quickly looked down at yourself, the clothes you wore last night still donned on your body, a sigh of relief escaping you.

Jungkook’s eyes widened in alarm when a look of realization dawned upon him, as he stared at you, words spluttering from his mouth in a frenzy.

“Wai–It’s not what it looks like! I swear, I didn’t do anything! Y-you’re the one that grabbed me and asked me not to go and-”

“I did what?!” you exclaimed, your own eyes widening to the size of saucers, when Jungkook added, “Last night, you grabbed my wrist and told me not to go in your sleep and I tried but you just wouldn’t let me go so I thought I’d stay till you let me go but then I fell asleep an-”

Moaning, you fell to your knees in dramatic fashion, your head in your hands as you groaned in embarrassment, “Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. This is so embarrassing, this is so embarrassing!!!”

“Y/N–” Jungkook started when you lifted a hand up, pointing towards the door without lifting your head, feeling too ashamed too look him in the eyes.

“Please, just leave Jungkook-ah…I can’t. This is too embarrassing.” you begged as you saw his feet shuffle around, before he grabbed his stuff and made his way out the door, a breath of relief leaving you as you sunk against the wall.

“You’re kidding me?!” Seulgi repeated again while you were walking next to her, your shoulders slumped as your trudged down the sidewalk.

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Alright so this has been the most bizarre experience of MY LIFE.

So my dad works for Jimmy Kimmel and when I heard Jared was going to be on the show, I asked my dad to see if I could potentially meet him. After talk with producers and such, they gave us the okay for meeting with him.

So I’m SHAKING and they lead me to the dressing room and there’s a bunch of people in there and Jared is sitting on the couch, but when he sees me he gets up and he is SO TALL. Like, extremely, y’all.

I introduce myself and I’m not really sure what I want to do with my hands, like, do I shake his hand or something? Instead of dealing with that awkward mess, he immediately opened his arms and said “We hug here.” Literally, I was SHAKING and hugged him and was super star struck. There were a bunch of people leading me deeper into the room and next thing I know, someone is saying “Gen is here, too.” AND SHE IS.

So I get a hug from Gen and Jared asks how I’m doing and everything is super chill and awesome. He signs my sweatshirt and Gen does, too, and I’m expecting that to be it because usually during the show, they’re trying to get things done as fast as possible.

It doesn’t end. Next thing I know, they’re asking me about my name. Is that my real name? Yes. Where did I get it from? Police woman. At one point, Gen even says that she wished she had named one of her kids Pepper because “it’s such a beautiful name.” Of course to this Jared responds “We’re not having anymore kids.” He does, however, consider naming a dog Pepper.

So, someone asks me how many years I’ve watched the show for (three). Jared tells me he likes my AKF shirt. I’m shook as hell. Then I tell him that Supernatural really opened my eyes to the realm of fandom which has really been my safety blanket for the last three years. In return, he shares that when he was young he was in the mutant ninja turtles fandom. He also shares that Jensen is jealous because he has to work while Jared gets to chill in hollywood. Evil laughter ensues. Delightful.

So, I don’t want to hold them up, but I DO want to take a picture with them. Gen wants to take my photo first. So Gen takes a photo of me and Jared together. I’m so surprised because usually the fan takes a picture of the star, not vice versa! Then, she situates herself next to me, switching places with Jared several times, trying to get nice light. I got so many hugs.

Imagine my surprise when she asks for my instagram handle (@dudewhatswiththeshorts). She wants me on her story. I am SO SHOOK.

As I leave, I get more hugs, and Gen says she loves my fashion sense. Next thing I know my phone is blowing up with instagram notifications from her post.

Shocking. Absolutely, wonderfully surreal. I can die happy now.

(y’all can repost, just give me credit first)

drunk boyfriend tag

summary: dan and phil get drunk and film the boyfriend tag (similar to what shane dawson did)

tags: alcohol, so much sweetness and cuteness your teeth will hurt, extreme fluff

by: angelboydjh on tumblr

word count: ~1.8k

first fic posted!! please, ignore any mistakes and reblog and like!! ilu!! send in requests for fics :-)


dan and phil got a little drunk. they originally got out some Ribena, which is completely unharmful, until dan spotted vodka on the kitchen counter, which they only keep for parties. its almost gone, with a half a bottle left, so dan thought of an idea.

“phil, lets get drunk.” phil looked at dan confused; dan never really likes drinking as much as he used to, hes grown, the satisfaction of being drunk doesnt really thrill as much, and its the same with phil.

“why?” asked phil, sipping his Ribena.

“because why not! we have no meeting tomorrow, we are bored out of our minds, and itll be fun! we’ll even be safe, we can control each other well.” phil thought about it. he never really likes hangovers, who does? he gets them bad, and he knows dan gets them worse, but dan was right, they were extremely bored and had no meetings tomorrow. phil shrugged, and replied with a sure, causing dan to jump up with joy.

dan grabbed the bottle and went to phils room, closing the door, and sitting on his bed. he opens to bottle and pours a lot in his drink, doing the same to phil. there is now many 4 shots full left of the drink and dan was happy he rationed out well.

“wanna do a toast?” asked phil.

“with our vodka filled ribena?” chuckled dan. phil nodded, giggling a little.

“why not?” phil responded, and dan nodded agreeing. they lifted their glass cups up and they look at each other. “to us!”

dan laughed at the cliché, but echoed phil, and a clink noise was heard when the touched glasses. dan downed about half of his drink in that one sip, phil only taking a baby sip.

phil made a face, hating the taste of vodka. dan hid his disgust, looking at phil.

“now we wait.” dan took another sip, already feeling slightly dizzy.


dan was fully drunk. he was giggling, putting his head on phil, slurring his words, all of it.

phil was only tipsy. he didnt drink much yet, only about half of his drink. dan, of course, drank all of it, even the rest in the bottle!

“phil!” dan slurred out, and phil glanced over slowly, so he doesnt get dizzy, and raised his eyebrow. “we should do a boyfriend tag.”

phil thought about this. is he that drunk that he doesnt really care if they do one or not? yes. he doesnt really care, its not like itll be posted. phil knows better than that.

“sure.” phil got up to get his camera from the other side of the room, and dan plopped on the bed laughing at who knows what.

it took phil about 2 minutes to set up everything for filming, and an extra 5 minutes to find good goddamn questions.

he finally found some question, a total of twenty. he can barely read them because of his blurry vision, and since he didnt have neither his contacts or glasses on. so he grabbed his glasses from the bed side and put them on to see if itll help. nope. he took another sip of his drink and locked his phone. he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it. he gets up and turns on the camera, praying to god its in focus.

“dan, its on, we are filming.” once those words left phils mouth, dan shot up from phils bed and looked at phil.

“okay, okay, okay, okay,” he kept repeating that until he finally was next to phil on the bed facing the camera. phil giggled at dan, dan looking at him with his red cheeks.

“okay, ready, babe?” asked phil, seeing double of dan. dan nodded, and smiled at phil and then at the camera.

“okay,” phil breathed in and then ‘took in his persona’.

“hey guys!” he said cheerfully, but all it did is make him dizzy. dan was like, on top of phil, so hes grateful that he was, or phil wouldve fallen over.

“im here with dan.” phil pointed at him, and dan waved, his white oversized cat shirt being exposed, and you could even see his naked legs, since hes wearing shorts. “we are doing the boyfriend tag.” phil said slowly, and dan nodded jumping up and down on the bed.

“phil is my boyfriend! boyfriend phil! philip lester, boyfriend!” he yelled, making phil giggle.

“okay, want ask the questions, or do u want me go ask them?” asked phil to dan.

“ask me the questions! then we will do it back!” dan suggested, and phil nodded encouragingly.

“okay, first question.” phil unlocked his phone and read it very carefully.

“when is my birthday?” he asked. “bonus points for the zodiac sign!”

“january 30th, that makes you a……” he strung out the 'a’ to think. “an Aquarius! aquarium.” he laughed, and phil chuckled.

“correct baby.” he leaned in to kiss dan, and dan kissed him, tasting of vodka and ribena.

“okay, now,” phil was going to go to the next question, but dan protested.

“now do mine! do mine!” dan pouted, crossing his arms.

“june 11th! youre a gemini.” phil stuttered out, making dan laugh.

“lucky guess.” he muttered jokingly.

“next question,” phil scrolled down the page. “where did i grow up?”

“im too drunk for this phil!!” he moaned out. “the north! thats all youre getting.”

“well, youre not wrong.” said phil. “ill give you the point.”

“what about me?” asked dan.

“the south.”

“ugh! exact place!”

“not fair, you didnt do that for me!”

“ugh, whatever.” dan pouted again.

“wipe that pout off your face princess.” phil whispered, grabbing dans chin.

“im just kidding philly!” dan kissed phil, getting him off guard.

“okay, next,” phil asked. “whats my middle name?”

“michael! these are too easy! i want harder ones. test me!” dan groaned out, and phil rolled his eyes.

“okay, okay,” phil said. he scrolled down to another website, which had different questions. “how about this: where was our first date?”

“EASY!” he yelled, throwing his hands up. “well, kinda,” he muttered. “its hard!”

“well, tell me.” phil said suggestively, leaning closer to dan.

“we first met of course at the train station,” he muttered out. “and then we went straight to your house, and, did things. does that count as a first date?” this took him way too long to say, as he was stuttering madly.

“yes, it does. great job, cutie.” phil said happily and leaned in for a kiss.

“okay, let me ask the question!” phil started to give him the phone, but dan refused, saying he wants go make one up.

“whats the first thing you notice about me?” he asked a bashful.

“your smile.” phil said simply. no explanation was needed to make dan feel all warm inside. dan covered his face and leaned on phils shoulder, grinning like mad.

once he got up, he looked at phil, seeing his wonderful, eyes.

“you know what mine is.” he muttered, almost inaudible. it was phils turn to blush. they lean in and kiss once again, but longer than before.

when they pulled apart, dan was seeing actual stars, and couldnt even understand what was happening, completely forgot about the video.

“oh my god, i love you so much.” he said in a shush tone, with phils hand on his cheek. they were only a few inches away from each other, and phil loved it. phil was exploding every inch of dans face, and so was dan. every moment phil made, it made him more dizzy and more dazed, but he didnt care.

within a few moments, they both locked eyes, and somehow, both remembered they were recording.

“uh, one more question,” phil stuttered out, as dan looked around for his almost empty drink. “okay, last question. what is my favorite color?”

“easy, blue.” dan said, as he drank his final sips of his drink before crushed it and threw it.

“hey!” phil protested, looking over at the cup.

“ill pick it ip later, babe.” dan slurred out almost incoherently. “whats mine?”

“easy, pink.” phil mocked. dan smiled softly, putting his arms around phils neck, phil put this hands on dans waist.

“what kind of pink?” he muttered, with his sloppy grin on his face, his curly hair perfect in tack still. (which surprised phil)

“pastel.” dan groaned jokingly, letting his head drop down onto phils shoulders.

“oh my god, i tried to trick you!” dan yelled.

“well, you didnt. 8 years of friendship pays off.” phil joked. dan put his head on phils shoulder, his head facing the camera.

“can we finish? i wanna cuddle with you watch disney movies.” phil chuckled and nodded.

“we’ll finish, lets do the outro.” phil tapped dan, so he can get up from his shoulder, but dan didnt move a muscle, indicating hes not moving.

“okay, well, goodbye everyone, please like a subscribe to me and dans channel, and our gaming channel! love you!” he waved and awkwardly looked at dan.

“i need to turn off that camera baby.” dan groaned and got up from phils shoulder. phil got up and turned off the camera, sitting right on his bed again next to dan.

“can we just cuddle?” phil can tell dan was getting tired, and getting all drained. he gets like this when hes drunk, but also after recording videos.

“of course, princess.” phil laid down, then wrapping his arms around dan who is not next to them. they peacefully fall asleep, with the lights on and phils snoring.


it was the morning, and phil is posting his premade video on lessamazingphil, just a quick vlog from florida. its taking surprisingly long to process, since its only 2 minutes, but phil didnt question it. its almost done, so phil went to go see dan, who has the worst hangover ever.

“how are you baby?” asked phil, laying next to dan.

“better, how bad was it?” he asked, and phil laughed.

“you were fine, not as bad as a few months ago, but you were not any better.” dan groaned, and at that moment his phone dinged. he unlocked his phone to see the notification, YouTube popping up, and it was phils new video.

“uh, phil.” dan said.

“yes?” phil hummed.

“you posted the wrong video.”

“what?” phil yelled a little too loudly for dan, as he backed away and gave phil his phone in just one beat.

“i uploaded our drunk boyfriend tag.” dans eyes widen.

“we filmed a video? no way, i dont remember this. did we kiss?”

“i was drunk too!”

“well, i would keep it up.”


“we already made this mistake once, lets just let them have what they want.”

Context: My group, a Tiefling Bard, a Human Blade-Lock, and my Warforged Samurai-themed Barbarian (With Great Weapon Master) are all running through a homebrew 5E game. We have just run into a Young Green Dragon at 4th Level. 

Me: Well, I’m the tank, so… Charge past and swing around behind it, hopefully set up a flank. Let’s do this. 

I proceed to roll an attack, Reckless for Advantage and Great Weapon Master for -5 to hit, +10 damage. 

I crit. 

DM: You get another attack, remember? Great Weapon Master.

Me: Oh shit, yeah. Alright. Using Great Weapon Master again, why not.

Second Critical.

DM: Oh my god. 

Me: And don’t forget, I did say I was using Great Weapon Master, so that’s an additional 10.

DM: You’ve got to be kidding me.

At this point, the Dragon has just taken a truly massive amount of damage in one turn, which makes it’s next move understandable. It uses crown of madness to shut me down, which since nobody was near me (Going next to the Path of the Zealot Barbarian while raging is not a good idea.) I proceed to stand there like an idiot for the next several turns while the other players take potshots at it. They’re whittling away, but missing more often than not, especially with the Dragon going airborne. 

Bard: Alonne, I’m giving you an inspiration to break that crown. Make the will save. (I’ve been rolling under 10.) 

Me: No prob, thanks man. *6* FUCK. 

The crown eventually breaks, but the dragon swoops back down and uses a breath weapon on myself and the warlock. It does about 49 damage. I make the save. The Warlock does not. She manages to inch out of death by about 6 points. 


I try to get at the dragon, currently about 15 feet up. I make the Jump check, but not the attack roll, and miss, landing on the other side. 

Bard: Dammit, that would have been cool.

Me: FUCK!!

Finally, finally, the dragon lands in front of me. It goes to town with the claws, bite, all that, but raging halves the damage and I manage to stick it out through my relatively bulky AC. The Dragon still has a small chunk of HP, and tries to fly away. 

Me: FUCK. NO. 

Attack of Opportunity, as the dragon lifts over my head. Third hit on the dragon. 

Critical #3. 

As the dragon falls to pieces, showering my character with blood, I go to the sheet and give the Warforged the last name Dragonslayer. The metal man earned it, and based on the special trait “Dragonslayer” I got from the DM after, he agrees.  


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Requested: hey can u make something like liam and hayden are dating and the reader is his best friend and everyone is trying to protect hayden from the dreddoctors but when the dreddoctors appear they all protect hayden but they take he reader instead cuz that who they wanted and liam tries to stop them but they still take her and during the time shes gone he realizes his feelings for her and he saves her or something like tht

Pairings: Liam Dunbar x Hayden Romero (ew), Liam Dunbar x Reader

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Harass me while I'm waiting for the train? Enjoy getting escorted out in cuffs.

I take Amtrak a lot due to the sheer convenience and cost. Sometimes it gets delayed a couple hours but I’m never usually in a hurry so I don’t care. Anyway, the train station is a joint Amtrak and Greyhound station with a couple places to get food, so it’s not bad when I get hit with a two hour delay like I did Friday.

I show up forty minutes prior to scheduled departure, only to find that I’m delayed. Okay, I grab a coffee and decide to read my book. As I’m walking to the waiting area for the train, I see a woman and her toddler. The woman is chatting up another woman while not watching her kid. I nearly run her over when she darts out in front of me and have to try really hard not to spill scalding coffee on her. Whatever, I go on my way. About an hour later, same woman comes over to the train waiting area and sits down immediately next to me. Like moves my bag to the floor. I politely ask her not to move my things and that I would really prefer to have my bag on the seat next to me (the waiting area has many empty seats at this point), and I move to the benches across from where I was, again setting my bag on the seat next to me. She probably thought I was a bitch but I have pretty severe social anxiety around strangers. So she starts chatting with me about my purse and my outfit and makeup, just general small talk, which makes me really uncomfortable. At that point, during a lull in the conversation, I put in headphones and start reading my book again. She didn’t get the hint. She then comes over and taps me on the knee (can you say awkward?) and starts asking me for cash to buy a train ticket so she can go get her kids before they get taken away. She goes into this teary eyed rant, while neglecting her toddler who ends up falling down the stairs up to the platform, about how she’s a good mom and people think she’s a junkie trying to score drugs (meth teeth certainly indicated that was the case), and that her kids are all she has. I tell her I don’t have any cash but would be happy to place the ticket on my debit card and email it to her. She said that won’t do as she needs to have a hard copy of the ticket since she doesn’t have a phone (yet I saw her with one at the bus terminal) and she asks me to get cash out for her to purchase the ticket. At that point I tell her I’m not comfortable with that and she starts calling me a racist and a cunt bitch who only cares about herself.

I went up to the platform (the train was only ten mins out at this point) and called Amtrak on her. She followed me up to continue her tirade. Security comes up, tries to reason with her and tell her she can’t panhandle, she won’t stop, they call the cops, they cuff her and take her kid to CPS. Next time maybe she will leave people alone.

i can promise you that.

Word Count: 1,798

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film. While filming, Reader’s boyfriend admits some harsh news right before an emotional scene between Peter and Reader’s character. Tom notices that something is wrong and eventually comforts and cheers her up. This is somewhat platonic but can really be taken any way. Mostly angst but some really cute fluff

Notes: In light of the new Spiderman movie that is coming out in like, two days, here’s a little thing that I’ve been thinking of. I might do a small follow up one shot if you guys want! Feedback is super appreciated, too. Enjoyyy! 


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I Wanted It to be Real

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Baz and I walk down to breakfast on Sunday bickering.

‘You do it just to piss me off,’ I’m insisting.

‘It’s not my fault you can’t figure out how to cast a simple spell,’ Baz sneers.

‘You’re just showing off!’

‘You’re the one who keeps opening the window!’

‘Yeah, but at least I’m making the effort to get up and do it,’ I say, tugging on his hand to lead him across the dining hall.

‘That’s because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to use magic,’ Baz says.

‘You could just use more blankets.’

‘I shouldn’t need to.’

‘What am I supposed to do, then? It’s boiling with the window closed.’

‘It’s the fucking middle of winter.’

I harrumph. ‘So spell yourself warm if you’re so brilliant,’ I say.

Baz snorts. ‘Crowley. How can I be in love with such a git?’

I stumble, and Baz’s other hand comes up to my arm, steadying me.

‘Careful there, Chosen One. Can’t have you injuring yourself before you save the world, can we?’

‘Says the one plotting to kill me,’ I mumble. I realise we’ve drawn the attention of everyone at the tables around us, and I wish I could cast nothing to see here on all of them.

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anonymous asked:

I could use some cheering up and as an idea I was wondering if you could do the batfamily as 'things you've done' or something like that? If you feel like it, there's no pressure. Thank you for being around, your crack tag helped me a lot last night :)

bruce: got downstairs, realized my mom had guests, stared at them, immediately went upstairs again without a word as my mom kept yelling after me to come down

dick: every time i open the fridge at 4am thinking i’m silent but wake up the entire neighborhood because i remembered we have leftover food

barbara: i used to be an ultra fast reader in elementary school to the point my teachers never believed me when i’d finish assigned passages for reading in half the time compared to the other kids, so i once wrote a report on the text i had finished reading at the same amount others were done reading the assignment. added “you’re sometimes rude :)” in a corner for the teacher

jason: convinced with a straight face an ultra conservative teacher in high school that the smutty fanfiction she confiscated from the girl sitting next to me and kept showing me during class was in fact part of a book i was planning on publishing

tim: didn’t drink my (gross) antibiotics when i was sick but kept insinsting i had when my mom asked me why i was lying. the following morning i got a spoon, poured some medicine on it and then “dropped” it near the sink. my mom later found it and apologized because “it must have fallen on the floor last night and i didn’t see it”

damian: as a kid visited a family friend’s pet shop during rush hour, went to their backyard, played with some cats and dogs around the place, accidentally stayed too long so i was locked inside for two hours in the middle of the night. bonus: my father hadn’t realized

stephanie: told a very annoying kid of a family friend that children who shout all the time transform into donkeys later in life. he didn’t believe me so the next week they visited, i showed him a googled picture of a man with a literal ass for a head on the laptop. he cried (i laughed)

cassandra: age 13, blatantly told someone i would rip them a new one if they kicked their cat in front of me again. he took a step back

alfred: baked a cake to mask the smell of blood after i had patched up my wounded dog


I don’t know if this counts as a near death experience in the classical sense, but when I was younger I was abused by my family and found refuge by who I later found out was a pedophilic rapist and murderer.

He had confessed to me about his crimes, because I was just a lonely kid, explained to me how he did it, but he must have seen something in my face, and suddenly punched me in the face, then dragged me in the next room which windows didn’t point towards the street. I can’t fully recollect what happened next, but he must have partialky undressed, choked and beat me, before pulling out a hunter’s knife from under his bed, and pressing it against my throat.

It was all so weird, because when he threatened to slice through my skin, I saw it as if I was a bystander, not as if I was in my own body (though I have memories of the look in his eyes which I can only describe as “depraved”). I don’t know WHY he let me go, but I saw myself running, not having taken any of the clothes he pulled off, and it took an unknown amount of time before my memories are from first person perspective again.

Since this incident I often leave my body and float over the scene, and it’s quite freaky.

Now I know that it’s a common response to life-threatening trauma, but it still feels like the line that held my body and consciousness together was snapped.

I debated about posting about this, because it’s a subtle and difficult issue, and I don’t want to tell the Raven Cycle fandom how to live their lives. I don’t want to hamper creativity or enthusiasm.


If you are going to racebend Ronan Lynch — aggressive, petulant, thuggish Ronan Lynch — as a POC, please, please, please consider racebending the rest of the characters as well. There are two big reasons for this:

1) When only Ronan is made into a POC, not Noah or Blue or Gansey or Adam, it begs the question: why is the fandom seeing him, and only him, as a POC? It just comes with a subtle suitcase full of stereotypes and questions, and I don’t know — it makes me uncomfortable to see only tough-guy Ronan racebent. 

However, I wouldn’t have posted merely for that. Also important is 

2) The books are shamefully white-washed; I’ve posted about how my next project is going to be better but there is no point sugar-coating the present. When the fandom continually racebends Ronan and only Ronan, you’re giving me credit for representation that isn’t there; people coming from the outside believe that POC Ronan is canon. 

Please: Point out that the books are white. Keep holding me to better writing. Racebend the characters. But please, racebend all of them, not just the punk-ass kid who gets into fights.  

|| rivalry ||

[request prompt: can u do a peter x reader where they “"hate each other”“ and one day he finds her crying and u can take it from there pls!!]

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Best Gift Ever

I am loving this storyline, so I’m gonna write some blurbs that aren’t really blurbs, about it. I hope you enjoy. I’ve decided to name the kids, it just makes it more personal. The Daughters name is Presley, the Sons name is Raul.

She’s had this idea for two years now. She has begged you, cried to you about it. 

You just wanted to wait until she was old enough to really understand what she would be asking. It’s a huge deal, and you really wanted her to understand.

She’s 12 now, you’re baby boy now 6. 

He’s been with her for 8 years, you the same amount. 

He’s her Dad, he knows that, she knows that, you know that. 

But it was time. 

“Really?” She says dropping her fork as you tell her at dinner. 

Shawn was at a late meeting, so he could have all day tomorrow off.

“I think it would be alright, if you still wanted.” You say wiping your mouth on your napkin.

“REALLY?!?” She jumps up, scaring her younger brother.

“Why are you yelling?” Shawn asks walking in the room. 

“Sorry.” She sits down, losing her excitement to hide it from him. 

“How is my family?” He asks taking a seat next to you. He looks at Presley and quirks a brow. “How was school?” 

“No different than yesterday.” She sighs playing with her food. 

“Still bugging you?” He asks taking a bite of his pasta. 

“Yep.” She says taking a bite of her salad. You look up confused. 

“Who’s bugging you?” You ask leaning forward. 

“Oh nothing.” She says shaking her head. 

You look up at Shawn and he doesn’t look at you, just keeps eating. What is she talking about? 

“Raul? How was kindergarten?” Shawn moves to the next kid. 

“It was good, we had pudding.” He smiles. Shawn smiles too. 

“And you?” He asks looking over at you. 

“My day was just a day.” You say taking a bite of garlic bread.

“What does that mean?” He asks. He moves his hand under the table to your knee, giving it a slight squeeze. 

“It means nothing exciting happened? Other than finding out that y’all are keeping something from me.” You say pointing your fork between the two of Shawn and Presley. 

“We aren’t hiding anything.” Shawn shrugs.

“Care to tell me who’s bugging you.” You say looking at Presley. 

“Just drop it okay.” She snaps at you. You sit up in shock, you have never seen her like this before. “I told Dad, it’s all good.” She covers. 

“Okay.” You sigh dropping it, looking at Shawn. He nods and winks at you. 


That night, once the kids are in bed. 

After helping Presley get her gift ready for tomorrow, you lay down with Shawn. 

“Hey.” He smiles taking your hand in his.

“Hey.” You sigh.

“What’s up?” He asks pulling you closer.

“Nothing.” You sigh against him.

“I don’t believe you.” 

“Who’s bugging her?” 

“Still on this?” He chuckles.

“Shawn.” You are staring to become frustrated. 

“Babe, she talked to me about it. She didn’t want you to worry. I’ve got it under control.” He says sitting up. 

“But if it’s someone at school you gotta call…”

“I called her teacher this morning, she noticed it, gonna keep an eye out.” He says running his hand up and down your back.

“Who is it?” You ask softly.

“I don’t know, Mikayla, McKenzie. Something that starts with M.” He shrugs. 

“Is she okay?”

“Baby she’s fine. They were bugging her about her shoes I think.” He knits his eyebrows together.

“You think? Did you not pay attention.”

“I paid attention, it was about her hair. They told her she was a baby because she had it in pigtails.” 

“And she’s still wearing them?”

“Yeah, I told her that if she liked them then that they shouldn’t let her change the way she looks. They aren’t her, and if she likes them then that’s all that matters.” 

“When did she tell you about this?”

“When I was away last week, got a late night call. Thought it was you, but she was on the other line crying. Felt like my heart was ripped out of my body, I hated that I wasn’t here to hold her and make her feel better in person.” 

“When did this happen?” You ask yourself, wondering why you didn’t notice.

“She told me that Raul was sick, you were busy and she didn’t want to stress you out more than you already were.” 

“I wasn’t…”

“Don’t take it as an insult, she was worried about you. I was too, she just needed to talk and to vent, she would have done the same thing if I were here.” He said sitting up with you. 

“I know, she just used to tell me everything.”

“She will, when she’s ready. I think that this one is all better and she doesn’t need to tell you to help her fix it because it’s already fixed.” 


“Come on, don’t be all sad. I turn 29 tomorrow.” He says smiling.

“I know, you’re so old.” You tease him.

“Hey, you will be here in just a few months.” He says nudging your shoulder.

“So what do you want to do tomorrow?”

“hmmm I don’t know, what do you have planned?”

“What?” You ask.

“Y/n, I’ve been with you for 8 years now, you always have something planned.” He chuckles.

“Okay, so breakfast with the kids. Then your family is coming over for the day, hang out. Then gifts I guess.” You shrug.

“Sounds like a great day.” 



“Daddy!” Raul said clapping.

“Shhh not yet.” Presley says picking him up. 

The three of you walk into your bedroom to see Shawn laying on his stomach. You nod at Presley and she sets Raul on the bed and he climbs over to Shawn. 

Shawn jumps when his son crawls on his back. 

“Daddy! Happy Birthday!” Raul yells clapping. You laugh as Shawn sits up rubbing his eyes. 

“Hey guys.” He smiles, still sleepy. It’s so cute.

“Hey Dad, Happy Birthday.” Presley smiles as she sits next to him. 

“Thanks baby.” He kisses the top of her head. 

You walk over with the tray of food, setting it on his lap. He looks up at you with a smile. 

“Happy Birthday.” You smile at him. 

“Thanks.” He smirks. “This looks amazing. Who cooked?” He asked looking a Raul. 

“Actually Presley made you the muffins.” You say nudging her leg. 

“Really?” He asks looking at her. She nods and takes on, ripping a piece off and taking a bite.

“It’s good, you should try one.” She laughs at his face. 


“Shawn let’s do gifts.” Karen calls out to Shawn and Manny. 

They were out back, watching Raul run around his playground. 

“Come on Bud, it’s time for presents.” Shawn says taking his sons hand walking to the family room. 

“Come on Dad!” Presley says excitedly as he sits down. 

“Ok ok, I’m here.” He says taking a seat. 

“Here babe.” You hand him a gift. “It’s from Raul.” 

Shawn opens the gift to find a new guitar pick, this one is one he made. 

“Raul! Did you make this?” He asks looking up in shock.

“Yeah, Mommy found this new maker thing.” 

Shawn looks up at you. 

“We call can make some, I bought the machine.” You shrug. “That’s my gift.” 

“Thanks bud! I love it.” 

“We didn’t get you a gift, but Aaliyah sent us with this.” Karen says sliding Shawn a box. 

He opened it and found a new Harry Potter coffee mug.

“Sweet, I’ll put them with the rest.” He smiles. 

“Ok, there’s one last gift, but it’s a big one.” You say looking at Presley. She smiles and gets up. She hands him a box and stands next to him. He looks up at her and then starts to open the box.

“Awe thanks honey.” He smiles as he sees a shirt that says, ‘Studied at Hogwarts’.

“There’s more.” She points at the box. 

He looks down and picks up the stack of papers. He reads the first few lines and then looks up at her. 

“Wait? Really?” He asks looking at her in disbelief. 

“It’s time its official.” She shrugs.

“Oh my god.” He stood up and hugged her. 

“Dad are you crying?” Presley asks, holding her dad. 

“I’m allowed to cry.” He says holding her close.

“Mom are you crying too?” She asks you.

“Stop this is emotional.” 

“I know.” She says.

“What is happening?” Karen asks. 

“She asked me to adopt her.” Shawn says pulling away. “You asked me to adopt you.” He says to himself, running his fingers threw his hair.

You stare at him and get a flashback to the first time she called him Dad. 

“Presley wanna know something.” You say looking at her. 

“Sure.” She smiles.

“He did this the first night you called him Dad.” 

“Oh yeah.” Shawn smiled. 


“Yeah he liked freaked out, but in a good way. He kept repeating it to himself. Like he was trying to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.” 

“That’s exactly what I was doing.” He nods. “That’s what I’m doing now. You just asked me to adopt you.” 

“Yeah, and you haven’t…”

“Of course, Jesus Pres, you are my daughter. Now it will be official.”

“There’s one other thing.” She said. “It kind of involves all of you.” She says looking at his parents. You look at her confused.

“Oh?” Manny said standing up. 

“I want to take your last name.” She says confidently. 

“Really?” Shawn asks excited.

“Yeah, Mom has your last name, I mean of course. You guys are married. But like, I want to be a Mendes too. I just wanted to ask you all.” 

“Oh honey, of course. You are already a Mendes.”

“It will just be official.” She smiles.

“When can we fill out the papers?” Shawn asks clapping his hands together.