and the juniors

Older groups did not go through the struggles and work their fucking asses off for ignorant kpop fans to call them nugus when their faves probably look up to these people.




School Grade: Junior high school

In its current form this character is a combination of 車 carriage/vehicle, and 交 exchange. Older forms, however, show that 交 is not actually “exchange” but rather a derivative of (or confusion with) 爻 “crossed sticks.” 爻 itself contains the idea of “matching” and therefore “comparing,” by association. Originally 較 referred to small “cross-spars built out from the shaft of a dignitary’s carriage,” used for boarding and alighting. Symmetrical spars were a sign of good workmanship, and were thus the object of scrutiny and “comparison.”

Me: I love this sense of peace in my life

SM: Sorry to intrude, but SNSD’s coming back in July

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Me: Wha–

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SM: Super Junior is also preparing to come back this year

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Me: Wait–what the fu–

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Jaejoong: My album’s coming soon, so be prepared

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It was good while it lasted

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Kpop & views

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m tired of seeing people only care about views and not watching the videos go enjoy their favorite artist .
There’s is this one girl I’m friends with that ONLY post about beating goals and getting their favorite group more views .
Yes I understand you want them to succeed but the views aren’t what it’s all about.
It’s about the love for music that you and the artist share , the wins or awards are rewards for doing well but once again, it’s not just about that .
Instead of trying to beat how many views a video can get the fastest , appreciate the new music , the meaning of the song , the story of the video & connect to it .
You’ll feel more love and understand deeper why they are your favorite group .

Dark Bloom (For a moment, I was lost part 1)


Based on one of my favourite albums “For a moment, I was lost” by Amber Run.

This part is inspired by the song Dark Bloom.

Your best friend Caroline is none other than @mrshopkirk!

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, Howard Stark x OC!Julia

Summary: A devastating loss brings you closer to the man you are destined to be with, but a family dalliance keeps you two apart.

Word count: 2.464

Warnings: Angst. Other than that, you’re safe.

A/N: I wanted to do something different and as it turns out, Dominic Cooper is one hell of an attractive Howard. Please excuse any historical errors and even the timeline that may or may not be entirely accurate. And yes, Julia is in fact my granny’s middle name. I really hope you enjoy this little fic series! Let me know of you want on or off the tag list.

A/N: There will be of course more Julia x Howard moments in the future!

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So, I work at a place that does some book binding

and now that I know how to use the machine… would anyone be interested in some physical copies of “My Country Tis of Thee?”  I feel like now that i have more direct access I’d be able to produce and send them out a lot quicker than I have in the past.

Accounting for cost of materials/packaging plus the varying amount of postage, I’d put it at a minimum of $15, although any extra would be helpful and greatly appreciated!