and the jokes are six months old just stop

I never would have expected this like???

• Yuri knows how to pole dance??? Does anyone know how hard it is to pole dance because I do, and Yuri knows how to fucking pole dance.

• Yuri stripped near enough naked in front of everyone, and pole danced with a near enough naked Chris I’m fucking dying

•I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris whispered into Yuri’s ear “challenge someone to a pole dance competition” devil on the shoulder style, and when yuri did Chris, already naked was like “we’ll ok then it’s you’re idea lol”

• Yurio pretended that the dance off was embarrassing but that kid was going fucking hard

•Viktor went along with it !!! He took photos of Yuri as he was in a dance off. This old man fucking fell in love long before he saw that video post.

•Viktor happily danced with Yuri cause this must have never happened before. Like this must have been the first time anyone had any shred of confidence to just go up to him and challenge/invite him to dance with them.

•nobody stopped Yuri, like they all loved it!!

•Yuri doesn’t remember a thing, and nobody made a joke??? Like if he’d gone quiet for six months and showed up again, I’d at least make a “tough hangover huh?” Joke I mean come on!!


L/J: Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
A/N: Written for fanficsunderthestairs 1000 follower challenge. The prompt: James and Lily enjoy a rare night of fun with some of the other members of The Order of the Phoenix. It got a bit angsty along the way. ———————————————————

Everyone’s laughing. James hates how ridiculous it is that he notices it so much, but everyone is absolutely off their tits, laughing hysterically and that is fucking rare nowadays if you’re a member of the Order. Laughter feels like an echo most of the time, long lost but not quite forgotten, and tonight, James Potter is relieved to hear it firsthand once more. Happiness isn’t out of the question. Maybe this will be the first of many happy nights. Maybe laughter won’t be so elusive.

The Order have congregated at the Longbottoms’ house because Alice – kind, round and rosy-faced Alice – turns twenty-six tomorrow and she made the truly horrible joke that such a feat needed celebrating because it had seemed unlikely she would reach such an old age. Its gallows humour, that’s what they say, but it doesn’t stop the truth resonating with each and every person.

Benjy Fenwick died last month – he was 23.

Even so, Alice is right. They need to celebrate something and what better excuse than a birthday, really? James feels like he blinked and he missed his 19th. And for the boy who was known for his birthday parties at Hogwarts, this was just downright unnatural and, in the immortal words of his best friend Sirius Black, fucked up. So it was decided there and then - Alice Longbottom’s birthday party would be a real, pissed-up, royally messy shindig and everything they had lost or worried about would dissolve in the wake of dancing and the biggest bottle of firewhiskey legally available to them. Tonight, James Potter and all of his friends would act their age.

Wasn’t that the saddest thing you ever heard?

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groundhogs day is just a tradition and isn't anything to be taken seriously, stop bashing your country.

I’m not bashing my country by making jokes about groundhog day, also that post is six months old. chill, please

I live in Sydney Australia and I’m not at all surprised by that lady’s racist rant on the train. Look at how our government treats asylum seekers and Indigenous people! That tirade is just the tip of the iceberg; a smidgen of an ignorant culture being fostered against Asians here. 

I’m not trying to say that being Asian in Sydney is like being Black living under Jim Crow laws, that’s not at all the case. While I’m personally well off economically and my family and I are grateful to be living here, that hasn’t exempt me or my friends from racism. Racism for most people like me isn’t when strangers go ape shit in your face, it’s in the everyday micro-aggressive ignorant comments and actions.

Recently, I overheard a girl in college commenting how a patron’s wife of the pub she works at must have a been a mail order bride, because you know, she’s young and Asian, and he’s middle aged/old. 

“They look pretty cute though”

I’m sure you wouldn’t be thinking ‘mail order bride’ if his wife was white. In addition, thank you for reducing the thousands of Asian women and girls trafficked daily into your ten second joke. 

I went to a predominantly white high school, where thugs ruled the roost and people thought it was ok to write 'SPEAK ENGLISH’ on an Asian student’s locker (this girl couldn’t speak much English and enrolled in ESL classes).

When I objected to ignorant opinions in a class discussion about refugees my “friend” said to be that I could be here because I 'accepted our ways’.

Buddy, did you even know that because I had such a difficult time adjusting in the first three months of migrating here (a six year old with undiagnosed Aspergers) I consciously choose to stop speaking Bahasa Indonesia just so that I can 'become like you’? Do you know how much it pains me now as I’ve grown older and realise how foolish my decision was? To want to be someone like you???

You, people like you who will never accept someone people like me no matter how hard we strive, forsake and struggle. Even if we’re the one’s who treat you when you’re sick, cooking and serving your favourite takeaway, doing your hair and nails, produce your favourite games, make your clothes, operate the public transport you use to commute to work. 

We are here everyday, on a regular basis. Your colleague, fellow commuters, doctors, nurses, shop assistants, but we’re either accessories or pest to people like you.

I personally don’t feel I’ll ever be considered a 'true Aussie" by the dominant (white) society. And if being a 'true Aussie’ means I have to conform to the sea of nasty drunken, white mobs on Australia Day Invasion Day or become the mouthpiece that spouts have comments thrown around me, then I don’t think I want to be someone like you.

*** And in case a tsunami of trolls come crashing by or people who shout “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE/AUSTRALIANS”, I am not painting a broad brush of all Australians citizens as mean spirited individuals. There are white Australians who are aware of their white privilege and some are friends of mine.

I’m just giving a very brief personal account of how this white supremacist way of thinking has favoured the dominant white society with it’s members having adopting this dangerous mindset. In turn, white supremacy has hurt someone like me indirectly and directly and jeopardised the lives of other people who are in a much more vulnerable circumstances than I.