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Will you ever come back on your France askblog? ,,]

Hello love ! ♡ 

As much as I love France and how much they have helped me with my studies and other people - I’m honestly not sure if I’m willing to run my ask blog during this time.

For the past months, the community has made me uncomfortable. They have disrespected me as a human being. They disrespected my friends. And they disrespected my character with xenophobic remarks. I don’t feel safe continuing on.

I really want to share interesting trivia, jokes and make diverse characters that everybody can relate to as people. I’ve met so many great people who have supported me and of various backgrounds and views. But it’s hard when no matter how many times I have tried to defend myself and other people of similar identities, no one is willing to listen. I know this is a bit overwhelming to read this but I feel like it’s fair that people should know why I am losing interest.

Perhaps I will return when I feel like the toxicity has calmed down because really, I do appreciate all of you. For now though, the answer seems like a no. 

Phillip: “Look at this one, Pop!”
Alex: “Phillip that’s fantastic! It looks amazing”

Day 3: Smol Phillip and the fam sitting around the Christmas tree.
This is sort of a continuation of day 1. The tradition of Ham being a tree topper continued as a joke, but once John died, the tradition died with him. Ham still loves to sit up there and see the world from a different perspective sometimes, though.

Guys trends that women HATE

-being an asshole
-toxic masculinity
-unwarranted dick pics
-bothering us while we are working
-predatory/threatening behavior
-obsession over ‘natural’ beauty
-body hair comments
-always being defensive when we talk about feminism
-lack of acceptance for LGBTQ+ women
-period jokes

But please, continue to tell us why you hate high waisted shorts


1.) undocumented immigrants cannot vote, accusing 2 million plus who voted are undocumented immigrants has no basis or truths behind it.

2.) by making this ridiculous claim that will make liberals rebuke it, it then also makes the calls for auditing the vote and recount also appear as ridiculous and make democrats look like sore losers and hypocritical.

This is how Donald won and continues to win, everything he says his opponents are doing, he is doing himself.

Endless Writing Possiblities For “Said”...

acknowledged            added            admitted            admonished            affected            agreed            allowed            amplified            announced            answered            apologized            articulated            asked            assured            avowed            backpedaled            barked            began            begged            bellowed            blathered            bleated            boasted            breathed            burped            burst out            cackled            cajoled            calculated            called            chanted            chastised            chattered            cheered            chimed in            chirped            choked out            chuckled            clarified            coaxed            commanded            commented            complained            complimented            concluded            concurred            confided            confirmed            conjugated            contemplated            contended            continued            conversed            conveyed            cooed            corrected            coughed            counted            cracked (joked)            cried            croaked            crowed            cursed            declaimed            declared            demanded            denied            dictated            digressed            disagreed            disclosed            discoursed            drummed in            echoed            elucidated            embellished            emoted            emphasized            ended            enlightened            enthused            enunciated            exaggerated            exclaimed            explained            explicated            expounded            expressed            extemporized            exulted            fabricated            fibbed            finished            fired back            flattered            flirted            flung            foreshadowed            forewarned            formulated            fumed            gasped            giggled            gloated            goaded            grated            ground out            growled            grumbled            grunted            guessed            gushed            harangued            hinted            hissed            hollered            howled            huffed            hurled back            implied            importuned            informed            injected            inquired            insinuated            instigated            instructed            insulted            interjected            interpreted            interrogated            interrupted            intoned            joked            joshed            jumped in            justified            kidded            laughed            lectured            lied            mentioned            mimicked            mocked            mumbled            murmured            muttered            nagged            narrated            noted            noticed            objected            offered            opined            ordered            outlined            paraphrased            placated            pointed out            pondered aloud            pouted            praised            predicted            preened            presented            prevaricated            proclaimed            professed            projected            promised            pronounced            proposed            provided            punned            purred            pursued            put forth            queried            questioned            quipped            quoted            raged            rambled            rapped            rationalized            ratted            raved            read            recalled            recounted            reiterated            related            remarked            repeated            replied            reported            responded            restated            retold            retorted            reviewed            rhymed            ribbed            riddled            riposted            roared            rolled onward            rumbled            sang            scolded            screamed            screeched            shared            shouted            sighed            signed (as in sign language)            simpered            simplified            snapped            sneered            sniffled            sniped            snipped            snitched            snorted            sobbed            soothed            spat            spewed            spoke            sputtered            squawked            squeaked            stammered            started            stated            stressed            stuttered            submitted            suggested            supplied            swore            taunted            teased            temporized            thought            threatened            thundered            toasted            told            translated            trumpeted            twittered            uttered            vented            verbalized            verified            vocalized            volunteered            voted            vowed            wailed            warbled            warned            wept            wheedled            wheezed            whimpered            whined            whispered            wondered            yapped            yawned            yelled            yelped            yodeled            zigzagged(verbally)            zinged

i love how they dealt with the night changes failure. they stopped and tried to correct it. harry made up a new song. they chatted back and forth in some sort of native one direction language. when it still didn’t work, they started cracking up. harry started making jokes about how he just wanted to sing that same bit over and over again. harry “reassured” fans that they were “professionals??" liam apologized. niall decided, ‘fuck it.’ and just started performing the song on his guitar. the fans and the boys backed him up. they made it through the song by winging it that way. harry decided to do a stand up comedy routine. then they jusT DECIDED TO DEBUT THEIR NEW SONG with just niall’s guitar. AND THEN NIALL RESPONDED TO THE LYRIC "EVERYBODY WANTS YOU” WITH "NOT ANYMORE, SIMON.“ and then continued to make jokes at their own expense. and it ended with the fans just helping them sing the damn song.

i don’t know how on earth they managed to make this such an endearing trainwreck, but, god, i love it.