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anonymous asked:

are there any plans to put the italian crown jewels on display?

None that I know of.

To those that don’t know, when King Umberto II of Italy went into exile in 1946 he left some of the jewels behind with a note saying ‘to those entitled’ because it was unclear who owned them.  The jewels have been in a vault in the Banca d'Italia ever since.  When the royal family left Italy they took all of their personal jewels with them and in my opinion that was a much better collection.  The family still owns the Musy Tiara and the Pink Tourmaline Parure.  Most of the Belgian jewels that Queen Marie Jose received from her family have been sold like the Baden Pearl Tiara, the Flanders Turquoise Parure, and the Leuchtenberg Diamond Tiara.

I like this article from the New York Times because Giovanni Bulgari, who was part of a team that examined the jewels in 1976, was so clearly unimpressed with them, “People were saying that the jewels were worth millions and millions of dollars but I am afraid they are not spectacular. The estimates of their value were, it’s hard to say exactly, but my guess would he they are worth only a few hundred thousand dollars.”

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