and the investigators could tell the shirt was ripped by her because of the pulls of the fabric

Because I Wanted To

Summary: Sam takes the Reader to a famous haunted spot to investigate.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: Smut; oral( female receiving); orgasm delay. It contains spoilers for The Amityville Horror.

A/N: This was written for @roxy-davenport
for her birthday writing challenge.

The house was notorious. Everyone in the community was afraid of it. Stories and rumors of what had happened there had been circulating for forty years. People talked about hearing voices, seeing ghosts, and visions of demons. An entire family had been murdered there by one of their own and another family had barely escaped the same fate leaving all their possessions behind. The house had remained boarded up for decades just as the last family had left it.

Sam had decided it was something you should check out. He had told you recently that he was a better hunter than he had ever been because he wasn’t scared of anything anymore. That didn’t sound like Sam. He never backed down from what needed to be done, but he did get scared. This one made you nervous. There had been movies made about this place, and Sam was approaching it without any concern almost like it was going to be fun.

While Sam ripped boards off the back door, you looked over your shoulder jumping at every rustle of winds through the trees. He picked the lock without much trouble. He opened the door and stepped in looking around. You were still standing outside. He turned and walked back to you. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you up against him. “Come on, Baby.” He kissed you hard putting his tongue into your mouth. When he let go of you he said, “You’re not scared of ghosts. What is it?”

“These aren’t just ghosts, Sam. This is Amityville. People were possessed here and killed people they loved. It was bad enough to make this place famous.”

He slid his hand down to cup your ass. “I’m here to protect you. Let’s go see what’s here.” It was like time had stood still in the house. The furnishings were from the seventies. Family pictures still sat framed on the tables where they were left. You picked one up and looked at it. There was a smiling couple and three kids. Problem was the smiling had stopped. You put the picture down and went to look for Sam.

He was standing by the staircase. He held his hand out to you. “Let’s go upstairs, Y/N.”

“Isn’t that where everybody died?”

“It’s where we’ll find out the most. Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

You took his hand and followed him up the stairs all the way to the top of the house. He opened the door to a bedroom. “They found the little girl dead in that closet.” You shivered. Sam took you in his arms. “Are you okay, Y/N.”

“I don’t like this,Sam.”

“How about I show you something you like better?” He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Sam, what are you doing?”

“Showing you something you like better.” He pulled the shirt back off his shoulders revealing his perfectly muscled body. Your breath caught in your throat. He moved toward you putting his hands on the front of your jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them sliding them down over your hips and off. He stroked you through your silky panties. “You like this better, don’t you?” His touch was making you wet.

He pushed the fabric aside. His fingers found your opening and thrust inside. Your put your arms around his neck and wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved his fingers in and out. The sweet feeling was already building. You tossed your head back. “That’s it. That’s my girl.” He put his thumb over your clit and started making circles. You felt your nipples tighten and your walls tightened around his fingers. “Uh, uh. Not yet, Y/N.”.

He walked you to the bed and put you down on it. His fingers continued to move. You squeezed your eyes shut tight. “Hold it, Y/N. Be a good girl and hold it.” You let out gasping breaths. He pulled off your panties and sank down on his knees placing his head between your legs. His hands were on your thighs, and he spread your legs wide. His tongue found your clit flicking fast. You grasped his hair in your hands. His licked down your folds then pushed his tongue inside you fucking you with it.

You were so close. He was varying the speed of his tongue driving you insane. He reached up with his hands under your shirt pushing your bra out of the way and started pinching and rubbing your nipples. You happened to look over at the closet where the little girl had died and snapped your head back quickly. His hands. His mouth. “Sam, SAY SOMETHING.”

“Don’t come until I tell you that you can.” Your hips were thrusting into his face now silently begging him. When your thighs started to shake, he stopped. He stood and took off his pants. He lay back down on top of you. “Do you want it, Y/N? Do you want me?” You nodded frantically. “Let me hear it. Tell me what you want.”

Your nails were clawing into his back. “I want you, Sam. Deep. Deep inside me. Please.” With one quick thrust, he was buried all the way inside you. “Yes. Move. Please move. Give me more.” Each thrust went all the way into you. You could feel his balls against you. His thrusts were brushing against your g-spot. “Please, Sam. I need to come. Please!”

Your breaths were coming fast and shallow. You opened your eyes, and there was a dark haired little girl covered in blood on the ceiling looking down at you. You closed your eyes again holding Sam tighter. He was still thrusting. When you looked again, she was gone. “Sam, Sam!”

“Soon, Baby. Are you ready? Are you ready to come all over me?”

“Yes, yes! Now. Please now!”

“Let go, Y/N. Give it to me. Give your orgasm to me.” You came screaming and crying. Sam spurted and spurted inside you. He kept coming. When he was spent, he pulled out. He got up and started putting his clothes on. He picked yours up and handed them to you. “Get dressed. Let’s go.”

You reached under your shirt and put your bra back into place then pulled your panties and jeans on. “Sam, this place is haunted. It’s haunted and dangerous. What about salting and burning, exorcising?

"I didn’t bring any of that stuff.”

“You didn’t bring it? Then why are we here?”

He smirked at you more than smiled. “Because, I wanted to fuck you in this house.”

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Quatuor Bestias Noctibus: Ashton

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5sos Mini Series-

Request: Yes- the 5sos boys make a bet with each other over who can make the reader cum the most in a day? Like they each have a separate day and they come up with all sorts of ways to have sex with her? 

chelsyamberxim5, you’ve been waiting for this one.

Rating: R

     You thought they were pulling some type of prank. Knowing usually when one of the boys called you on a Saturday night it was either to ask you to pick them up, or they wanted to have a meaningless conversation on the product of cheese. The next morning you showed up to investigate if the bet had been true. Their slightly hungover minds confirming that the conversation actually happened and that you in fact did agree to it. The next question was, who were you going to sleep with first? Something you had ponder over throughout the week. It didn’t take long to figure it out though. The light brown locks, hazel eyes, and dimples of gold flashing in your mind. The situation had practically planned itself, a perfect gift for his birthday.

Ashton tried his hardest to avoid the stare you were giving him. It was one of hunger, your eyes practically undressing him. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it because he did. He loved it to the point were his cock was growing hard by the minute. Ashton wanted to rip that dress off your body, have your lips wrapped around his cock and the dark colored lipstick stain it. Your lips curled up into a smile when you noticed him swallowing hard. You took it as your cue to walk over to him. “Enjoying yourself!?!” Ashton shouted over the music, his eyes scanning over your face. You nodded vigorously, leaning up so that your lips were close to his ear.

“It’s your birthday, which means you get to go first,” you whispered, loud enough for him to hear. Ashton chewed on his bottom lip, the details of the bet showing up in his mind. It was his birthday and you wanted to please him, but that wasn’t the rules. Ashton had to make you orgasm the most in one day and the day was nearly over. He was going to make the most out of it and cherish this wonderful moment as much as he could. You grabbed the beer from out his hand, setting it on the table, and pulled him upstairs. After finding a room that wasn’t occupied by other people, you shut and locked the door. Your back was immediately pressed against the door, Ashton’s lips crashing against yours in a heated kiss. You moaned against his lips, deepening the kiss and nibbling on his bottom lip to ask for access. His mouth parted and your tongue darted inside. His mouth tasted of caramel and the apple ale beer he had just been drinking. Your fingers laced into his hair, tugging on the locks. Your tongues battled for dominance and you pulled away for air, neck craning to the side as Ashton kissed alongside it. “You think people will notice you’re missing,” the words came out in a choke, knees becoming weak when he found your sweet spot.

“The guys might notice, but anyone else I don’t think so,” he mumbled, arm wrapping around your body to keep you up. “Besides I plan to keep this up all night,” he grinned, unzipping your dress and letting the fabric fall to the floor; the matching purple lace set revealing itself. Ashton was taken off guard by you pushing him away, his feet backing up until he plopped down on the bed. It was that stare again, the one of lust and passion, the one where it made Ashton want to cum right there in his pants. His breath became shallow as you moved closer, straddling his lap and sitting down hard. A grunt left his lips, hands resting against your hips. Your lips pressed against his once more, a breath of comfort coming from Ashton in return. He was still clothed, his cock pulsating with desire pressed hard against his jeans and waiting to be freed. You pushed your crotch against his a deep moan erupting from deep within his throat. 

“Tell me what you want,” you said against his lips, still grinding on him. Breaking the kiss only just for a second to pull his shirt off. You began to whisper a few things you wanted to do with him, leaning back to see which one he chose. A frown made its way onto your face when he shook his head.

“As much as I want that, the rules is that I have to please you,” his voice was gruff and in an instant you were flipped over. His eyes were clouded with lust, the hazel orbs drinking in your body. Hands cupping your covered breasts perfectly and massaging. A smirk embraced his face, “I wonder how many times you can cum in one night?” he whispered, reaching behind you to unclasp your bra. You moaned at the feeling of your breasts being free from the fabric chamber. Ashton’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip to hold in his groan of pleasure. 

“You’ll just have to find out,” you seductively said. Your panties had to be soaked by now. The combination of Ashton’s kissing, biting, and dirty talk had you clit throbbing for attention. His mouth latched onto your breasts, biting at the plush skin and sucking in love bites. He pinched at your nipple, playing with it until it had become a hardened nub. A soft moan left your lips as he showed the same attention to the other breast, nipping at your nipple with hunger. A shiver ran down your spine as his tongue trailed between the valley or your breasts. He stopped short when he reached the waist band of your panties. His breath hot against your skin. Ashton sucked at your pubic bone, marking the skin to his liking. He glanced up at you through his eyelashes, silently asking for permission. “Please,” you hummed in pleasure, hips rising impatiently. He grinned, using his teeth to pull your panties off. Ashton parted your legs, starting from your knee and kissing down your inner thigh. Goosebumps rose against your skin as his lips inched closer to your dripping wet core. He nipped at the soft skin, making tiny whines of pleasure leave your lips. Continuing to mark it to his liking, you felt his tongue glide across your skin to soothe the bruises. Ashton leaned back to admire his the work he had created. His mouth parted, a moan leaving his lips when he ran a finger between your folds. 

“So fucking wet,” he groaned, pressing the pad of his thumb against your clit. He didn’t press directly on it, just enough to get you riled up. You let out a loud gasp, eyes closing in bliss as he placed a bit more pressure, circling his thumb around. Ashton’s eyes flickered up, wanting to watch your reactions. Your head was pushed flush into the pillows, hair sprawled out around you, nipples erect, and scattered with love bites. The action was quick, his head coming down, tongue poking out, and taking a long swipe up your cunt. Just the feeling alone made your back rise from the bed. You were thankful for the music being loud. Once Ashton fully went to work, you had become a moaning mess. Your legs wrapped around him, involuntarily pushing him closer to your heat. He kissed at your clit, The tip of his tongue playing with your bundle of nerves. Ashton had dreamed of this moment for the longest; being between your thighs and giving you immense pleasure. His fingers massaged around your entrance, slipping in one then another finger. 

“Holy fuck that feels amazing,” you said through a moan. Hips raising so that his face was buried into your heat. Ashton was quick to push your hips down, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of your cunt. The feeling in the pit of your stomach was deep, bubbling up and rising. Ashton removed his fingers, his tongue replacing where his they used to be. A hum of pleasure came from you in return and your hand reached down to lace into his golden locks, tugging at it. Ashton moaned into your heat, tongue darting in and out of you at a steady pace. It was when you started to clench around his tongue that he pulled away, sending sloppy kisses to your clit. The tingle started from your fingertips to the tips of your toes. He didn’t let up when you began to pull away. Nipping at your clit until your thighs began to shake. Once you cooled down, he pulled away to watch your juices leak out of you. 

“That’s one,” Ashton whispered, tongue softly licking between your folds to clean you up. Your head nodded lazily, lipstick smeared all over the place from your make out session. He stood, hands fiddling with the zipper of his jeans and pulling them off. You laid breathless on top of the duvet, watching with hooded eyes as he kicked off his pants. The boner was prominent in his boxer briefs a damp splotch present to how much precum had leaked out. You rolled over, crawling towards him and waited for him to full undress. “I’ve always wanted to try something…you up for it?” he mumbled, arm curling around your neck and hand rested against the back of your head. Before you could even answer his lips were on yours once again. The sounds of your kissing echoed around the room and he parted your legs, gripping onto your thigh and lifting you up. With you still in his arms, he sat down on the bed and sat your on his thigh. His large hands grabbed your breasts, leg beginning to bounce up and down. You were still worked up from your last orgasm, the muscles in his thigh hitting against your clit. 

“Oh shit,” you hummed against his lips. You pulled away, teeth sinking into your bottom lip and crotch rocking against his thigh. Your hand slipped down, resting over his bulge and giving it a squeeze. Your lips attached to his neck, fingers sliding into the waistband of his boxer briefs. The bouncing of his leg halted for a moment when your hand came in contact with his cock. Your thumb swiped over the head, smearing the precum around. You nipped near the black tip of the wing near where his new tattoo was. His hands dropped from your breasts, resting against your hips and moving you over his thigh. A whimper left his lips when you squeezed his bulge once more. Your juices leaked out of you, coating his thigh. Once again you in the thrones of another orgasm, breath hot against his neck as you moaned loudly. 

“That’s good baby girl, come for me,” Ashton whispered, fingers stroking through your hair. You clutched onto him tight, tugging at his boxer briefs. Ashton needed you bad, wanting to feel your warmth wrapped around his cock. “I want you to ride me,” Ashton said in a low voice, shifting a bit to take off the boxer briefs. A moan of ecstasy left his lips as he felt the cool air rush over his cock. The girth and sight alone gave you a mini orgasm. Ashton feeling your body jolt at it. He grinned at the fact that he barely touched you in this moment and that you had came once again. He tapped your thigh, wanting you to get up so he could find a condom. Ashton stroked his length as he rifled through some drawers. Seconds later he pulled out a condom, ripping the package open with his teeth and sliding the rubber on. So far you’ve came three times and Ashton was striving for at least five. He knew you were becoming exhausted and would soon be overstimulated, but he had to try. Once again you straddled him. He teased you by rubbing the head of his cock between your folds, your fingernails digging into the skin of his shoulders and creating half moons. Slowly you sank down on him, stopping halfway and letting out a puff of air. Once again you lowered down, fully sitting down his cock buried deep within you. An animal like growl left Ashton’s lips, his forehead resting against yours as he waited for you to adjust to him being inside of you. “Shit you’re fucking tight,” he whimpered, eyes closed as you moved just a tiny bit. You felt like liquid gold wrapped around his cock, feeling him pulsating inside of you. 

“Move please,” you said almost in a demand. Ashton nodded, hips raising as he began to thrust into you. You lifted up, swirling your hips down in figure eights and dropping into his lap. Once you got into a steady rhythm things started to become heated. Ashton’s arms snaking around your body, pulling your chest flush into his. His grip tightened as he began to pound up into you. Your skin slapping against his filling the bedroom. “Oh god! Yes, yes, yes,” you chanted in a piercing shriek. The head of his cock hitting against your g-spot. The kiss he gave you was slow and full of passion. Sucking on your tongue and eliciting more moans from you. You really began to ride him, bouncing on and off his cock with determination. Ashton’s eyes widened in pleasure when you clenched around him.

“Fuck, do that again!” he exclaimed, laying back against the bed and hands landing on your ass. 

“You like that?” you questioned, breasts rising up and down as you slid back down, clenching when he nodded rapidly. Ashton’s eyes was locked on where you two were connected, biting onto his bottom lip hard at the sight of your juices covering and glistening his cock. He began to take control, speeding up the pace and bucked into you. Your pubic bone hit against his, clit brushing each time you sat down on him. “I can’t take anymore,” you whimpered, body laying down on top of his and face resting in the crook of his neck. Ashton’s moans was loud next to your ear, hands kneading at your ass. You jumped in surprise when you felt his thumb press into the your asshole. At first it was a weird feeling but the more he massaged the forbidden part, the more the pleasure increased. You squirmed in his touch, cunt clenching hard as you came raining down around his cock. Ashton flipped you over, beginning to work into you. He went in deep, hitting all the right spots and making sure you felt every single inch of his cock. Ashton was close to his release too, thrusts becoming sloppy as he rode out your high. You were becoming sensitive to his touch, body jerking with the overdrive. 

“S-So good. Fuck you feel so amazing wrapped around me,” he grunted, reaching down to rub your clit. You came once more, crying out at the pressure. After a few minutes his back arched and Ashton spurt his seed into the condom. Moans coming from deep within his throat. He pulled out a minute later, discarding the condom and plopping down beside you. “I think that was the best birthday gift I’ve had so far,” he said in a pant. You smiled at his words, eyes closing as your body began to wind down from the intense orgasm you just had. “We should get back to the party,” he said, “I’m pretty sure the guys are looking for me.” Ashton still didn’t move after saying the words, pulling you into his side. His fingers ghosted over your skin, a shit eating grin on his face. He wanted to win this bet, but knew the guys always had something up their sleeve. 

“I’ll give you that blowjob another time,” you promised, “But until then you have a cake to cut.” You grinned, kissing him one last time before sliding off the bed to get dressed. Ashton laughed at your words, following in pursuit, ready to get back to the party. 

How much

Post 7x11 “Cancel Christmas” (Densi)

The short walk from the car to the front door was spent in silence. A silence accompanied by screaming gazes, shy, trying not to get caught, but if they did the fire could have lit up the entire street.

When they made it through the front door, he had her backed against it in less than a second, his body pressing into hers, trapping her. Her chest was heaving with every ragged breath she took. His breathing was anything but even as his eyes bored into hers, his hands on either side of her head steadying him as he leaned in impossibly closer.

She felt tremors running through her body, making her weak in the knees, and for a brief second she wondered whether this was a California earthquake. Their heated gazes meeting told her it wasn’t.

“I meant it,” his words caught her off-guard and she blinked, trying to make sense of what he was trying to say. Her mind was clouded, clouded with him, everywhere, surrounding her, making it impossible to breathe and impossible to form a coherent thought, let alone a sentence.

She heard herself breathe out a word that sounded like “what”, but she wasn’t sure, couldn’t be sure. Her eyes met his as she tried to read the meaning of his words, the meaning of her own words.

“What I said earlier,” his lips danced dangerously close to hers, and she knew that one more fraction of an inch would do it for her.

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There’s like no Tindy fic so I thought I’d make a contribution! This is just a drabble unrelated to events in 1x04


“I can’t believe you did that.” Lindy turned around at the sound of Tommy’s voice,cringing at the anger on his face. “That was stupid. And reckless. You could have been killed.” Lindy bristled. They were standing in a corner of the cyber crime unit, out of the way enough that Lindy wasn’t worried about being overheard. Still, she didn’t need to be reprimanded. She wasn’t a child. She pressed her finger into his chest irritably.

“Have you not been paying attention? I could be killed in my living room. This psycho has been breaking into my apartment from day one. I’m not safe anywhere. I might as well make a play at catching him.” She crossed her arms, trying not to let the concern on Tommy’s face soften her irritation. He was just looking out for her, she knew, but she had lost more than anyone, and she’d hoped that Tommy of all people could understand that.

“You used yourself as bait, without backup, in the middle of the night. It was a suicide mission. If Yeager hadn’t followed you…” He trailed off, but Lindy got the picture. She sighed.

“What do you want, Tommy? For me to apologize? To promise to be a good girl and stay indoors and not even shower without an escort? You know I can’t do that.” She stared helplessly up at him. This was their impasse. Her independence had been causing friction in the investigation, more specifically between the two of them, since she’d agreed to work with them. She was set in her ways, and he was a worrier at heart, and this was an argument they had daily. Nothing had changed, but it was starting to become tiresome and they were going to have to find a way to work around it.

“I just want you to be safe.” Tommy said, his gaze intense enough to send a shiver down her spine. Then the look was gone, replaced by something more casual. “I mean, that’s my job. Not that you make it easy.” His frown, the one that Lindy was beginning to think was permanently etched on his face, softened into a smile. “But if you really want someone to cover you while you shower I’m sure I could get one of the guys around here to volunteer.” Lindy rolled her eyes.

“I think I’ve had enough of people watching me get undressed for now, but thanks.” The smile slipped off his face.


“I just meant that my webcam has been on and off and I didn’t know, so…” Lindy hesitated, gauging Tommy’s reaction. Apparently this was news to him.

“He’s been watching you change? And you didn’t tell me?” He looked livid. Again. Fighting the urge to groan and pull her sweater up over her face, Lindy shrugged.

“It doesn’t matter what he saw, you know he tapped my webcam, and he hid cameras in my apartment. They’re off now.” She let her hand drift to rest on his forearm. “Look, I know you don’t understand what I’m doing, but I have my reasons.”

“I know about your reasons.”

“No.” Lindy shook her head. “You don’t get it. Do you know what I felt when we went to the Becker house? When I watched Mrs. Becker find out her daughter was killed?” Tommy opened his mouth, but didn’t respond. “I felt envy. I wanted that.” He looked confused.

“Wanted what?”

“Closure. How awful is that? I was standing there, watching this woman’s whole life dissolve in front of me and all I could think was ‘maybe that would be better’.” She looked down at her hand, pulling it away. She hadn’t told anyone that, hadn’t planned on telling anyone. But she needed him to understand what she was doing, she needed him to know.


“I wanted her to be dead. Just for a second. I just wanted to know.” Her voice shook, and she glanced out the window, at the whiteboard, anywhere but him. Then she felt something brush her cheek. She looked back at him, and leaned her face into the hand that was cupping it. There was something addictively soothing about his touch. Lindy tried not to read too much into that. “I just want to know.” She whispered, and then the dam broke. A sob ripped it’s way from her throat, and Lindy, Lindy who never cried, who had shed a few tears on the roof for Ben and then kept her eyes dry for weeks, Lindy who was stronger than anyone Tommy had ever met, she broke down. He gathered her easily into his arms as she cried, as the years of frustration and bottomless questions and pain bubbled to the surface. He held her, arms wrapped around her so tightly she could barely breathe, but in that moment she thought those arms were the only thing holding her together.

“We’ll find them.” He whispered, and her fists curled around the fabric of his shirt because he was the only thing she had to hold onto. “I promise you, we’ll find them.”