and the intro of abby's guy!

Hey guys! I’ve had a tumblr for a while but I just decided to join the studyblr community and create a studyblr! I created this blog to help motivate myself to study, give me new study tips/ideas, and make new friends. 

Facts About Me

  • I’m a freshman in high school
  • I do a lot of theatre/choir at my school
  • I love to read and listen to music (I am always looking for new books to read and new music to listen to!)
  • I’d like to learn an instrument
  • I’d like to become a better writer

Classes I’m Taking

  • Algebra 2
  • STEM Physics
  • Concert Choir
  • Spanish 2
  • Literature And Composition 9 (freshman level English)
  • World History 9 (freshman level History)
  • Health 1
  • I’m also learning AP Biology on Khan Academy to prepare me for Biology 1 which I am taking next year

Favorite Studyblrs

@studylustre @sophocused @academiix @universi-tea @hardworkign @bookmrk @abby-studies-art  @yikestudies @busystudyign and so many more!

I will try my hardest to post original (hopefully even aesthetic) content and I want to start bullet journaling at some point so look out for that! For the most part, though, I will reblog other people’s content.

I’m so excited to join the studyblr community!