and the inner frame is pink too


The books spend pages upon pages of describing how these two gravitate toward one another. We’re not talking about instant friendship, but from the first moment they have any real contact they get linked by more than their past (Wille) and more than their present (The Circle). It’s done with subtle little details in the books, both through inner voices and by descriptions of their subconcious behaviour which in the end paints a picture of them as highly compatible.

The movie doesn’t have the luxuary of spending that much time with them and inner voices seldom translate well on screen. However there are other ways of saying the same thing, for example by using visual cues to promote a certain feeling in you as you watch it. This scene and the setting was one of those and it worked so darn well. 

Linnéa’s apartment is 100% Linnéa, it’s as telling as any inner monologue. It’s that mix of soft and hard, kitsch and fun, but a very loud consistent personal style too. So to then transplant Vanessa into this- this extension of Linnéa, and have Vanessa fit, dress her up in the faint pink and turquoise that are decorative themes found through the entire room helps to create that sense of Vanessa belonging in that space. What’s more, Linnéa is literally surrounded by pink and turquiose pillows, she’s framed by the same colour theme that is embodied on Vanessa. They fit. And even though they might not realise it at that point, but Vanessa belongs in Linnéa’s space. The movie might not have used any words to say it, but it comes across as loud and clear as in the books.