and the horrible things they say

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i'm really excited for the live show as well! life has been kind of ... how do u say it... horrible? and, as you said, it's really nice to have something happy and light and positive to look forward to :)

i know for me too it has been not that great. i am depressed as i type this but thinking about the liveshow makes me feel a little better so.. glad that’s a thing. i hope you feel better <3

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sorry for sending this ask but I'm just so upset I wanted to talk it out. I went to the promo for 3x18 to see all the supercorp goodness and then below I see a comment from a supercorp saying something like "why is lena kissing that monkey face man?" and it hurt me so much. I'm an indian supercorp fan and to see people of my fandom saying such horrible racist things about rahul made me so incredibly sad, and it wasn't even the only one. just why does fandom have to be like this i don't understan

Hi! Don’t apologize for sendig me this ask! It’s okay, we can talk!

I know what you’re saying, I’ve been seeing comments like that since the Rahul news were released and it’s extremely awful and the worst part is that some people even send those to him! It’s  inexcusable behaviour and it makes me incredible mad and sad too, especially as a woman of color myself. 

Sadly, there’s a lot of people like that in any fandom. The fact that some of these people are supercorp shippers and we support the same characters together doesn’t make them good people at all. They’re not. I’ve seen supercorp fans being awful to Rahul and to James and that’s unacceptable. I actually hate that they claim to love these characters and actors because that’s not what they represent. Kara, Lena, Katie, Melissa wouldn’t tolerate any of that. 

They’re being racist and they’re being disgusting and they don’t represent our fandom. I can assure there’s many supercorp fans that are decent human beings who love James and we don’t know Jack yet but even though some of us don’t like the idea of Lena with a guy we respect and love Rahul. And let me tell you, I’m a giant lesbian but I have eyes and Rahul is extremely good looking, I don’t know what they’re talking about, not that it matters, people should just learn to respect everyone. 

I wish I had an explanation as to why people are like that but I don’t. It’s awful, and it’s hurtful to so many people. I know how it feels, especially when it comes from people that you would think would understand. I don’t really know what to tell you because I’ve been on social media for so long that I’m just used to it by now. I just avoid reading comments anywhere and block anyone who’s being awful. 

But it shouldn’t be like that. Is not fair. Sadly, I don’t have any other solution. Just try to avoid that negativity getting to you. Know that nothing they’re saying it’s true. If you’re on tumblr try to follow and find positive, good people who also love supercorp as much as we do. I promise you, not everyone is like that. 

And if you need to talk to someone about whatever you want I’m always here! You can send me a message whenever you want :)

Those people are wrong.  Don’t let those awful things bring you down. Enjoy the things you want to enjoy. ♥

You’re awesome! Have an amazind day! 

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One thing I hope SU doesn't do is have Peridot receive her limb enhancers, and decide that she doesn't need them. It's a trope that's been done before in other shows, and I almost always find it so trite.

Oh god, I agree with this so much, you have no idea.

If they’re gonna come back only to be discarded again, then they ought to just stay gone instead.  It’d be so bland and horrible if, after all this, Peridot gets them back and basically just says “nah, don’t need them”.  Not to mention it’d be a massive (and somewhat cruel) tease for the audience - and especially to those of us who (like me) have been practically begging the Crewniverse to bring the limb enhancers back since Catch And Release aired.

Bringing the limb enhancers back like this only to immediately get rid of them again is honestly one of the very few things that would, quite frankly, piss me right off if it happened.  I was absolutely raging when they were thrown away the first time, I don’t wanna go through that again.

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ok but has anyone come up with trans dee headcanons??? Like it would honestly makes sense like thats why their mom was so horrible to her and praised Dennis so much for being a 'real man' and why she had such a hard time with beauty pageants bc of bigotry. (also the gang constantly makes fun of her hands and feet for being big)

trans dee is an interesting thing because i actually have seen a fair number of people talk about that headcanon before! i agree with you on pretty much everything you’ve said here, and while i don’t see trans dee as “canon” the way i see, say, lesbian dee and trans charlie as “canon,” i am really fond of trans dee.

but like….. nobody writes dee fics? like ever? and i’ll admit right now that i’m also guilty of this myself thus far but there just AREN’T a great many dee-centric fics period, much less any that deal with dee being trans. i think i’ve seen….. one? trans dee fic? and it was really really good don’t get me wrong!! but it’s still just one

god knows i have a long-ass list of things i need to do and things that i want to write in the near future but i really really do want to write some sort of trans dee fic at some point, just because it seems like nobody else is going to

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I'm sure you're like me but I'm starting to get really annoyed by all the Karamel haters in the tag who keep saying Mon El is abusive and is horrible person with Kara, when all I'm seeing is my adorable space puppy who is in a foreign environment and he just needs a hug. Like I get that not everyone has to like him but it seriously getting on my nerves cause I love them together so much

I used to get pissed and sad when I saw all the stuff the haters say, but then I decided to protect myself and stay away from hate. The best thing you can do is block EVERY HATER YOU SEE. Block them inmediately and ignore what they’re saying. They’re jealous because Kara is not with their fave and they’ve decided we are the ones who have to pay for it. They can’t accept reality. They can’t accept canon.

I’m enjoying a lot now, because Mon-El keeps proving how much he has changed, how much he cares about Kara… Karamel keeps proving them that their relationship is VERY HEALTHY AND STRONG. They are running out of arguments… as I’ve said before, let the haters rot in their own misery. Just enjoy the show and the ship, because we couldn’t be more blessed. Besides, the karamel fam is here for you in case you need us.

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y*tori is a horrible ship...why u gotta condone pedophilia like that huh

I didn’t want to answer this at all, but since anon messages seem to be a Thing That’s Happening Now, I will just say one thing and be done.

Please love yourself more, Anon!! It’s too much work to send hate to people over fictional characters…especially when you know it’s not going to make a difference, and will only spread discord!

I don’t wish you harm at all, but I hope you let this end here. All the best ~ <3

Note to my friends

To better myself…I have decided to take at least a week off social media. (I’m not even sure if it’s possible). But personally I feel my anxiety is off and on at an alarming rate more than usual. This isn’t a good thing at all, sorry to say. I need time to take care of myself instead of destroying myself with horrible things that I think are gonna happen to me. To all the people I’ve talked to so far, thank you for your kindness and support. I appreciate it immensely. Don’t worry I plan on returning. This time I want to take it seriously and help myself get better. I’ve been doing unhealthy things such as drinking coffee or over eating, over thinking and having lack of sleeping. So it’s my intention to use this time wisely to improve myself for the better. 

Thank you <3 

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okay i get what ur saying but i still do think that both women and children are very vulnerable in this world and often adult men are capable of horrible things and that if multiple women say that men are following them around starring at them and their children making them uncomfortable, for you as someone who wasnt there, to say you are absolutely sure she was making it all up feels similar to all the men who assumed I made up my assaults or laughed/scoffed when i said i was uncomfortable

buddy, i am sorry that you feel that me laughing at a woman in ikea with her mother and children is the same as people laughing off your assaults. i really do not want to make you feel sad or hurt or dismissed.

the two are not the same.

I am sorry you don’t feel respected right now, your pain and experiences are utterly valid.

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I think what JD did wasn't good personally cause I'm not trying to start a fight, but he was obviously mentally ill and believed what he was doing was right. Just my opinion, hope you have a nice day!

It’s no problem at all!

Honestly, that’s what we’re kind of trying to say. He’s a bad guy, because obviously killed people is a horrible thing.. but he wasn’t AS BAD as people made him out to be, you know? People were making him seem like he knew what he was doing and that he was some loveless monster that he killed these people just for the fun of it, which is so far from the truth. He thought he was doing the right thing, and so he kept going. And then, at the end, he finally caught on and realized he fucked up… thus, yano, the whole suicide mission he went on. He realized he wasn’t doing good, but actually made Veronica’s life a living hell.. so he killed himself to save her, a final act of true love.

I would like to point out that I’m not trying to fight you either, hun! Just trying to explain things a little bit for my followers and anyone else who may see this, because your ask was really good!


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )

you can love villains and anti-heroes and antagonists without justifying their behaviour, You don’t have to make up excuses for the horrible shit they do. It’s totally fine to love these characters as they are, to accept the ugly parts of them- that doesn’t mean that you agree with the choices they make, it just means that you happen to love complex and three dimensional individuals.

“I’ll get your body back. I promise.

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you would think that Shiro would be a little more…cautious around Keith after learning that he is part Galra.

I mean the Galra tortured him-For a year , took his arm - a part of himself,replaced it, and now it serves as a constant reminder.

They made him do things so horrible he was referred to as a monster…

Even Allura, the diplomat that she is, the peaceful altean,
Allura who has done nothing but try to get the paladins together since they met,

Allura who recognized and acknowledged Keith as the amazing pilot that he is, who got to know Keith for the person he is, started to hate and resent him after learning that he is part galra.

When Kolivan is talking to allura, to try to get her to see that not all Galra are bad…well as bad as Zarkon, she turns and looks at Keith and says “I hope so”.

This really stood out to me. That Allura would look at Keith and “hope” that not all Galra are bad, as if he could turn at any moment. As if he was someone she couldnt trust, as if he has changed.

It’s understandable of course, the Galra killed her family and destroyed her home

but then there’s Shiro
Not giving a fuck

He’s been tortured, dismembered, and mentally attacked by the Galra, but he still sees Keith for who he is.

and I think that’s beautiful

So ACOTAR is supposed to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling...

Originally, we thought Tamlin was the beast, but…..
Rhys should be the beast, because he thinks of himself as a monster. Not because of his talons and wings, but because of all the horrible things he believes about himself, that’s why he thought that Feyre would never love him.

BUT Feyre sees him for who he is.
she literally says:

“You are good, Rhys. You are kind. This mask does not scare me. I see you beneath it.”

Tamlin is supposed to be Gaston. Besides the fact that Gaston was introduced before the Beast, JUST as Tamlin was introduced before Rhys, Tamlin is selfish, anti feminist and too proud to realize it. He can’t let go of the fact the Belle (Feyre) doesn’t love him, and believes that she needs to be saved from the Beast (Rhys).

Well played Sarah J. Maas, well played.