and the homestuck begins

Jacksepticeye: *Plays Hiveswap and praises its art style, music and humor, visibly enjoys the story and the characters and praises it, shows perhaps a light interest in Homestuck itself*

Y’all: Omg LUL prepare for the exposure to ruin the Fandom, Undertale 2.0 here we goooooo.

VIZ Media: *Partners up with Hussie to bring Homestuck to a wider audience, with plans to deliver hard cover books for every Act, making a website, and working with Hussie in future projects to deliver the Epilogue and more content*

Y’all: Wow I can’t believe Hussie is a sellout, this is so bad.

Stop it. Please stop it.

Joking about ‘fearing’ Homestuck content or ‘the ride never ending’ and it being hell was never funny and it never will be. We’re on the brink of actually having new people come into the Fandom, we have a good game, exposure thanks to Youtubers and Streamers playing Hiveswap, and promises for future content by a big company related to Manga and Anime.

And all you can talk about is how ‘bad’ this is?

If it was stupid Homestuck hate, I could get it. I really could. The Fandom had bad reputation back in the day, and it was extremely undeserved in my opinion, much like how Fandom hate is thrown around nowadays soooo easily. But I could get it, if someone hated Homestuck, being an asshole. But if you’re a fan of the content, why the FUCK are you trying to sabotage it?

To people outside of the Fandom it looks like people can’t stand Homestuck. To people in the Fandom it looks like you’re being an asshole. You don’t like Homestuck? Then don’t post about it. You like it? Then don’t act like an elitist asshole.

If you’re afraid of a bad side of the Fandom being rekindled, and all you can do is shove people away, insult possible newcomers and question actually good business decisions, then you know what? Congratulations! YOU ARE THE BAD SIDE OF THE FANDOM. No one is holding you hostage, to this Fandom, to any Fandom. You don’t want to see content? Blacklist it, don’t go into the tag, unfollow/block people. You WANT to see content? Then stop talking about it as if it was the End of the World every time there’s something going on.

Homestuck is something dearly important to me. And I know it’s niche, and I know it’s weird, but it’s been an experience being in the Fandom that’s really shaped me, it’s something that will stick with me for a long time, if not forever. And the Fandom itself has been really good too for most of the part! The art, the music, the talking with people, the support! But every single time something like this happens, toxicity begins to rise for absolutely no reason at all.

Let Homestuck have a Fandom.

Let people enjoy it without ironically throwing shit around.

You don’t want toxicity to increase and discourse to return? Then contribute to it. If you’re enough of a Fan to be insulting things and people, you’re enough of a Fan to shut down toxicity as it begins to rise.

The downfall of Fandoms right now isn’t the content, it’s not the toxicity or the cringe, it’s you policing how a specific Fandom has to work, enforcing stereotypes about Bad Things and Cringey Things, and then doing NOTHING to actually help stop Toxicity.

There’s nothing worse than a Fandom that doesn’t appreciate and try to better itself.

Don’t let this happen. Let Fans, new and old, enjoy Homestuck without shame.

And I know a lot of you don’t actually mean it and are just bandwagoning on the meme, and I bet even I may have reblogged or said something stupid like that before, but come on! This is an exciting time for everyone involved, it should be a matter or rejoicing, new Homestuck Books with commentary, the Game’s first Act finally out, famous Youtubers (@therealjacksepticeye) and Streamers playing Hiveswap and talking about Homestuck, hell, Rev Scarecrow from Vinesauce (@revscarecrow) took a God Tier test!!! How CRAZY is that??? Even in the prime of Homestuck Popularity I could’ve never imagined something like this. This is big. This is GOOD.

Why can’t you all just enjoy this as the good thing it is?



And so, my dear, that is the inspiring tale of your people, and why you should feel rather privileged to be in the position for which I have groomed you meticulously. Are you not grateful?

Are you paying attention, protege? This is where your role in the story begins. 

The Handmaid (FB / IG) || Aradia Megido (FBIG)

Homestuck Vs. the Adventure Zone

-lighthearted beginning takes a sudden right turn into apocalyptic territory
- incredibly complex narrative supplemented by calling back to the most random bullshit
- extremely casual and well written inclusion of LGBT characters
-characters with siblings they didn’t know about
-irreverent even while serious shit is happening
-more stuff

What I’m getting at is that Griffen McElroy is almost certainly Andrew Hussies long lost Chaotic Good twin

one thing 17776 definitely has over homestuck is a much better beginning. most people get into 17776 because the opening (whether you start with the disintegrating article or the calendar) is immediately captivating, instantly induces sympathy with the main character, and makes you want to read further. homestuck’s opening, on the other hand, makes people go “uh are you SURE this is the right webpage”

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hey im like jude up in here, newspaper on the walls and all.

The highblood Dammek post is really good- and it shares some things with the limeblood theory, but idk.
anyways imma stuff the evidence here:

-Dammek’s shades in this picture. I thought I was hallucinating before but no, that colour is lime, or at least my headcanon a-bit-darker-because-of-shades limeblood colour. No idea why it’d be there but hey.

-Shades, shades, who else uses shades to hide their unnatural eyes? Dave, duh, but with colour filling in an extinct shade of yellowgreen, you’d want to cover your eyes too.

-Hey.. he has circular CD’s, right? Well, limebloods were said to be the best people to calm others, so it’d make sense if, oh, I dunno, Dammek snuck into some highblood’s hive and using these Calming Powers to make them Not As Pissed that he just stole a dvd of troll little mermaid.

-The swappy-lasers are red and green, Joey in the bright green (or could u say… lime) one and Dammek in the red. Joey outright states ‘yo my bloods red my dude’ (not 100% direct quote), but Dammek hasn’t so much as talked yet.

-’hey wait dammek’s a terrible moirail he’s SHIT my man’ …yeah, agreed, though most moirailegiences in homestuck start off absolute shit in the beginning (eridan only accepting because he could get closer to fef, which forced him to kill luseses and end up going on a rampage, karkat continuously insulting gamzee, equius being very, very protective of nepeta in the beginning)

-holy SHIT this boy is PARANOID!!! VERY paranoid. yeah, that could be part of being a rebellious boy but… even then, that’s WAY too much security. we all know about the 2nd entry puzzle.

-hussie confirmed we’d be getting more information on limebloods in some tweet

EDIT 1: Though Dammek’s lusus (deercat) PREFERS having bronzeblood grubs, there’s a part in the monster book thing that specifically says it can choose any caste- only it’s illegal. Very illegal. WHY did they even include that detail??? More to the theory…. maybe THATS another reason he’s such a paranoid boy!! (thank you @sp-ace-ie for help on this one!!!!!!!!!!!)

aaanyways i’m tired and distracted so i’ll add onto this post later probably lmao

You know, I didn’t realize it the first time I watched the intro,that the Sun is the Homestuck Light Symbol Sun, like at the beginning and the end of the comic. I just, kind of.

The nostalgia hit me hard when I saw that.

I’m so happy.

I see so many people wanting John Egbert to be Crocker John. It’s a great and scary concept and all, but all I could think of was…


External image

She can’t have him.

External image

No one can.

External image

External image

External image

You see, he’s not like the other characters. No one can have John Egbert. That’s his role. Ever since the beginning of Homestuck

External image

John has always been the steadfast most annoyingly difficult to control character, and even the almighty Condesce and Caliborn himself can’t control him. 

He is mastered by no demon, no elder god, no omnipotent doggies friendly or otherwise, and certainly no fish queen. John Egbert is, as of now, the one truly free character in all of Homestuck, held back only by his love for his friends and no weaker bonds.

  1. Are you willing to read a lot of text, or would you rather have a more interactive experience?
    1. Brush up on the characters and world on the Homestuck wiki, then begin in Act 4. The majority of the exploratory, interactive Flash games begin there, and continue into Act 6.
  2. Do you like worldbuilding and fantasy adventures?
    1. RPG fantasy with a focus on war, destiny, and mythological magic powers?
      1. Begin at Act 2, where the main character John Egbert is transported to the Incipisphere and, with the help of his best friend Rose Lalonde, the ghost of his grandmother, and a mysterious creature from the future, gets a grasp on the new world he must live in.
    2. Darker fantasy/sci-fi with a cruel society and unforgiving social norms that push people to do evil?
      1. Begin at Act 5 Act 1, where we meet and get immersed in the Troll society, in which a strict caste system pits friends against friends, casual games can lead to lifetime paralysis and even death, and children are raised by literal monsters. Feel free to check the wiki if you get lost or confused.
  3. Are you super stoked to meet new characters and get to know them deeply and personally?
    1. Begin at Act 1, and read until Act 4. 
    2. At Act 5, are you interested in learning about the Trolls more in depth, or are you frustrated by them?
      1. If you’re interested, read Act 5 Act 1 in its entirety. You’ll probably enjoy it.
      2. If you’re frustrated, skip Act 5 Act 1 and jump to Act 5 Act 2. Any important points will be brought up again in the dialogue and referenced in the interactive flash games. If you’re still confused, feel free to read Act 5 Act 1 or peruse the wiki.
  4. Do you get very invested in romantic, interpersonal drama between interesting characters?
    1. Begin at Act 5 Act 1, because Trolls have a unique romantic system that makes for interesting and complex interpersonal relationships. Before Act 5 Act 1, romance is not a factor in the story at all.