and the homestuck begins

homestuck fandom, a brief history
  • 2009: homestuck launches, riding on the wave of problem sleuths success. pretty big for a webcomic but still very niche overall. fandom is basically nonexistent outside of the mspa forums. mostly straight men and programming nerds
  • 2010: hivebent happens. hetalia fans, tired of being in a big, widely-disliked fandom and drawn to the promised land of a fandom with a large cast and its own shipping system, migrate to homestuck en masse. the fandom gets its first major boost in popularity, more than doubling practically overnight. new fans are mostly young women
  • 2011: fandom steadily expands over the course of the year. ben nye literally sells out of grey body paint prior to comic-con. vriscourse comes to a head and people continue to argue about her death for months after. cascade drops in october, enough to crash multiple flash and download sites, and act 6 begins in november. by the end of the year its near impossible to use tumblr without being exposed to homestuck somehow.
  • 2012: homestuck fandom peaks. this is the last year that homestuck is published regularly (the only hiatus lasts for about a month, before the dancestor intermission). homestuck is everywhere on your tumblr dash, on reddit, on 4chan. hussie has a tumblr and post and tweets regularly. in september the homestuck kickstarter begins, meets its $700k goal in less than 2 days, and finishes in october with nearly $2.5 million. this draws the attention of a few mainstream publications - pbs, wired, cnn, huffpo, etc. dante basco becomes a homestuck fan.
  • 2013: homestuck fandom begins to shrink. first, in april, when the comic goes on a month-long hiatus. around this time, several other fandoms gain popularity - attack on titan starts airing in japan, off and dangan ronpa have just received english translations, welcome to night vale is finishing up its first season - thanks to homestuck fans looking for something to tide them over during the hiatus. when it comes off hiatus, homestuck resumes updating (much more often than most webcomics, but not nearly at the multiple-pages-per-day speed it had maintained prior). in october, hussie announces hes putting the comic on indefinite hiatus to work on the game, and that it will return with one final massive update containing the rest of act 6 and the entirety of act 7. namco high is published in late december to a resounding “meh”.
  • 2014: homestuck remains on hiatus for nearly the entire year. the website only updates to announce new merch. paradox space launches in an attempt to revive the fandom, which has some success, but not nearly enough to compensate for the loss of interest over the hiatus. behind the scenes, whatpumpkin is wrapped up in legal drama with the odd gentlemen over stolen money and failure to adhere to a development schedule, finally severing their contract at some point over the summer. (hussie vaguely refers to “innumerable unspecified problems” in an mspa blog post, but due to a nda the full story doesnt become public knowledge until summer 2015.) hussie still tweets (but not regularly), but he nukes his tumblr. homestuck does eventually come off hiatus in october, hussie announces that the “one giant update” plan has been cancelled and serial updates resume. [s] game over stirs up the fandom
  • 2015: updates continue regularly through january, at which point another hiatus begins that lasts until 413. on the same day that homestuck resumes, paradox space goes on an indefinite hiatus which continues to this day (”cancellation” would probably be a better word). a6a6i5 begins and, accordingly, the vriscourse comes back with a vengeance (although the fandom is now much smaller). davekat is canonized and surges to become the most popular ship in the fandom practically overnight. homestuck continues updating for a few months, with page after page of huge blocks of ponderous dialogue, reaching an emotional climax at the end of the summer with [s] terezi: remem8er. homestuck goes back on indefinite hiatus. early this year, steven universe finishes its first season, and near the end of it, undertale is released, both popular with ex-homestucks. at some point this year, hussie clears his twitter account.
  • 2016: in february, hussie announces that homestuck is Ending, Seriously, For Real This Time. updates resume in late march. homestucks remaining fandom gets worked up, estranged fans rush to catch up, and ex-fans wax nostalgic. [s] collide drops to resounding applause and approval. opinions on homestuck are overwhelmingly positive up until act 7 drops and homestuck officially ends. the ending is almost universally considered a disappointment and the fandom works through the five stages of grief. there is a brief stirring of excitement when volume 10 is published in june, but it doesnt last long. fandom is lukewarm and disparate at best all the way up til october. hiveswap finally gets a trailer at the beginning of the month, and weeks later the credits drop. in spite of homestuck being “over” a canon jewish lesbian wedding is enough to interest a small number of new fans and revive the old ones. snapd8s keep interest high through the end of the year
  • 2017: hiveswaps “for real this time” release date comes and goes with nothing but an announcement of another delay. snapd8s grind to a halt. nothing happens on 413 but some flaccid attempts at pr by whatpumpkin and promises of development updates we have yet to receive. its mid-may. no gods, no masters, no hiveswap. we are all gay and were eating each other alive over vriska and dirk
Homestuck Vs. the Adventure Zone

-lighthearted beginning takes a sudden right turn into apocalyptic territory
- incredibly complex narrative supplemented by calling back to the most random bullshit
- extremely casual and well written inclusion of LGBT characters
-characters with siblings they didn’t know about
-irreverent even while serious shit is happening
-more stuff

What I’m getting at is that Griffen McElroy is almost certainly Andrew Hussies long lost Chaotic Good twin

I see so many people wanting John Egbert to be Crocker John. It’s a great and scary concept and all, but all I could think of was…


External image

She can’t have him.

External image

No one can.

External image

External image

External image

You see, he’s not like the other characters. No one can have John Egbert. That’s his role. Ever since the beginning of Homestuck

External image

John has always been the steadfast most annoyingly difficult to control character, and even the almighty Condesce and Caliborn himself can’t control him. 

He is mastered by no demon, no elder god, no omnipotent doggies friendly or otherwise, and certainly no fish queen. John Egbert is, as of now, the one truly free character in all of Homestuck, held back only by his love for his friends and no weaker bonds.

pages-in-movies  asked:

okay but hussie literally created sbahj as a direct parody of ctrl alt del before beginning homestuck because he absolutely HATED them. sbahj's ugly art, absurd punchlines, and the abundant usage of the "bro"-lingo were all meant to specifically make fun of the toxic, sexist, gate keeping gamer culture. later on he decided to put them in hs and have dave make them along the comic, and the rest is basically history


william-from-england  asked:

what's homestuck?

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Homestuck is a webcomic written by Andrew Hussie, featured on a website called MS Paint Adventures. It attracts many followers worldwide due to its video game themes, plot development, and lovable characters. Despite its sci-fi and fantasy nature, many people find Homestuck to be rather relatable.

External image

It is a story about four kids (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley) who all want to play a new video game called SBURB that just came out. Little do they know that not only will the game seal the fate of bringing the apocalypse to earth, but they will also be the heroes put in charge of saving their universe.

External image

In an alternate universe, twelve alien kids, who call their species “trolls”, experience the same fate as the kids whom you’ve already been introduced to. Finding evidence of success from the human kids’ session, the trolls seize opportunity to communicate with the kids in order for both sessions to save their universes.

Without trying to give too much of the plot away in case you’re curious to read it, I will say there is a third universe involved. In this universe, the guardians from the kid’s universe are now the children in this universe, and the kids are the adults (basically a swap in age and family role). These kids will also be destined to play SBURB, and they will be destined to meet the kids you were first introduced to.

From an outsider’s perspective, Homestuck appears to be a long story with nothing but confusing wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey issues and the instabilty of all that is space, but if you come around to reading it and appreciate it for its video game-like structure and sarcastic humor, you’ll learn that Homestuck

is about friendship

External image

is about family

is a story about love

External image

Four kinds of love, to be exact

Including themes of forrbidden love

External image

… and it’s about loss.

External image

It’s a story of self-doubt

External image

It is a story about reevaluating your life decisions

External image

and suffering the consequences of your decisions

External image

It’s about the fear of living in someone’s shadow

It’s about gaining confidence so that you may someday fly

It’s about helping everyone out no matter how people view your actions

External image

It is about recognizing the intelligence and beauty in the person whom you care most about, regardless of gender

External image

It’s a story of betrayal

It’s about coping with apathy and bipolarity

It’s about maintaining your strength while staying true to your heart

External image

It’s about self-esteem issues

External image

And it’s about acknowledging that, no matter where you’re from, everyone is equal.

External image

It’s is about how we, as people, must work as one despite our cultural upbringings and differences so that we can work together and make the most out of the life we are living.

External image

So we have to work together and stay positive

No matter what trouble lies ahead

External image

… no seriously there’s a lot of trouble that lies ahead I am not even joking here

External image

i am not even fricken kidding man do u think i look like i am kidding 

External image

it gets INTENSE

So whether you suffer from alcohol abuse or depression or any other personal problems, or if you ever feel like you are alone in this world

Homestuck is an adventure.

External image

An adventure worth celebrating.

External image

So I invite you all to have a taste

External image

Of justice

External image

Of exciting news, and of course

External image

And constructed together, you have the incredible tale

External image

of a webcomic called

External image

If you would like to begin reading Homestuck, click here

To support the original artists/musicians, you can purchase Homestuck music here

If you’d rather watch the adventure instead of read it, Homestuck is featured on YouTube here

Thank you, and Happy Homestucking!

Hiveswap release date? Farther than you think. 3/28/17.

Welp, January has come and gone and still no Hiveswap. My prediction for the release is a bit farther than most people’s.

Why 3/28? Let me explain.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Hussie is extremely sentimental.

It’s not a coincidence that [S] Collide was released on 10/25/16, exactly two years after [S] Game Over was released. And it wasn’t a coincidence that Homestuck ended on 4/13/16. It also wasn’t a coincidence that Volume 10 was released on 6/12/16, exactly seven years after Act 5 started and Karkat was first properly introduced.

And do you remember when the Omegapause started? 7/28/15. And when did it end? 3/28/16.

This brings me to my next point-

On the 26th of January, Hussie mentioned how the bug testing of Hiveswap will take “several more weeks”, and 3/28 is definitely “several weeks” away from the 28th.

Now for some “Hussie Logic”-

The resolution of [S] Terezi: Remember signified the end of the second to last segment of Homestuck. And from the day the comic updated on 3/28/16 to 4/13/16 was the last real segment of Homestuck. So for Hiveswap, it would make sense to release the beginning of what will sort of be ‘Homestuck 2.0′  on the anniversary of the start of Homestuck’s end.

Other possible release dates for Hiveswap could be


But the last three are unlikely.

I predict that Hiveswap will be released on 3/28/17.
Force and Flow — Know and Change – optimisticDuelist – Medium
Mage/Seer Key Verb: Know Copacetic Sub-Verbs: Understand, Guide, Learn, Speak Unifying Myth: Prophets
By optimisticDuelist

Here’s the last one of this Classpect essay series! This is on the Know and Change pair, the quartet of classes closest to the Spectrum:

Mage and Seer & Heir and Witch 

Coming soon will be:

  • More Homestuck Explained videos, covering Homestuck’s core themes from beginning to end
  • Writing about Jane Crocker, Davekat, the Alpha Timeline… . 
  • Hiveswap lore and analysis, linking the game to Hiveswap once it comes out and probably handing streams and such if all goes well!
  • And more stuff as I think of it, too. Really, figuring out the Classpect system made me realize we’ve only scratched the surface of Homestuck (it keeps happening), and this is only the beginning of a new extreme.

If you can spare me a buck a month you can help me make all this content and, like, not die and stuff– and get your hands on it earlier, too! Higher reward tiers will let you invite friends to the Discord so they can access this stuff and talk about it, too!

Feel free to @ me, reblog or send me an ask with your thoughts on these first two essays. There may be some things I can’t answer as they will be answered in later posts, but I might use those as inspiration for what teasers to release from sections of the next two essays over the course of the week.

You can also feel free to talk to me in the Hiveswap Discord where I moderate and cry about Homestuck. I’m very interested in seeing how my thoughts stand up to scrutiny, so don’t be shy!

[Patreon] [Hiveswap Discord]

[Active/Passive Masterpost] [Destroy and Create] [Serve and Steal

revolutionaryduelist  asked:

thinkin bout the fact that Homestuck is a creation myth that celebrates LGBT people and presents mortal effort as the ultimate divine force, and what a sharp counterpoint that presents to like every other creation myth out there, like say Genesis. The world isnt a gift from above handed from God, but something we create for ourselves. And LGBT people aren't an abberation from the base model of humanity but simply normal people who existed at the beginning. Homestuck is good thanks

Yesss. Sometimes I’m like, huh. I like Homestuck? And then I remember that this long and epic and entertaining read, which had a Huge follower base, ended with so much positive LGBT rep. It really didn’t have to; anyone who accuses that these relationships are pandering has no idea what they’re talking about. I certainly don’t think the fanbase would have diminished any to have had Rose end up with John, but instead Rose ended up with a girl. Dave cool-guy Strider ended up with a boy. His cool brother, gay. Roxy dreamboat cool-girl, wlw. That’s not even all of it; I have good reason to like Homestuck. 

anonymous asked:

what's with all these dad comments all of a sudden, is it just because you revealed you were old enough to have been around from the beginning of hs lol

Nah, I misread somebody’s message as “rad dad” weeks ago and people have been calling me that since. Also I actually haven’t been here since the beginning! I first read Homestuck in late 2011.

full disclosure, I love jade/davepeta

my ultimate it will never happen but if it could it would own wish for jade harley’s post-canon Direction is that by day she and Roxy work tirelessly on applications of absurdly advanced technology together to improve the lives of all residents of Earth C. Meanwhile Jade is just constantly up in everyone’s business, EVERYONE’S, all her friends and family who she loves very much become duly accustomed to just having her walk in unannounced at all odd hours to catch up or talk out her latest theories or just generally exult in the glory of human connection while the horror of 3 years in near-isolation recedes behind her, increasingly less forefront in her thoughts every day until some days she almost doesn’t think about how awful she felt and how lonely she was at all

Then one day she gets a message from Terezi, whose search for Vriska eventually somehow culminates in her finding a way into Ground Zero of the Green Sun incident, where she finds Vriska – along with Meenah, Tavros, Sollux, and Davepeta (the actual best character in Homestuck.) Jade uses the power of Science and Determination to help Terezi and various other involved people rescue these cosmic refugees

Eventually Jade and Davepeta are able to establish a romantic relationship based on current mutual attraction and a mingling of feelings referred from Davepeta’s recollections of being a Davesprite who adored and dated another version of Jade and Jade’s recollections of being a thirteen year old girl who was maybe kinda hoping resident Cool Kid Dave “Akwete Purrmusk” Strider might just go ahead and tell her he likes her already before he was murdered horribly and their paths diverged. 

They go into this relationship aware of those referred feelings but with a sense of purpose and agency and awareness that what they are doing while informed by those things is something new and Jade Harley Now is not the Jade Harley who died a meme-tastic death as the Wicked Witch stand-in of the Game Over timeline and Davepeta Now is not Davesprite and ALSO is not Dave Strider.

Davepeta enchants her with both cosmic insights about the Self and they talk constantly about Meaning and Purpose, sometimes in heated debate and sometimes in commiserative fashion, and fall in love based on things about them that are Uniquely Them as they are now, and everyone is very supportive of them 

And it’s a fun subversion of Jade’s implied character path if homestuck were any other popular piece of media from the very beginning (“ends up in a romantic relationship with Popular Male Character #1″) 

This satisfies my shipping heart which naturally does want everyone to Find Love without aggravating any of the things I expressed discontent about in my previous post

Thanks 4 Reading and please remember Homestuck Is Good and fandom, while it can oftentimes be frustrating, is also good

So I remember the first time Homestuck disappointed me a bit.

It was right after cascade when it was slowly revealed that the kids and trolls would traveling over the course of three years to meet up in the new session.

Okay, first off. I didn’t care about the alpha kids at all (still barely do tbh. Sorry!). But I still gave them a chance. I’d read Homestuck and been through a similar thing at the beginning of Act 5 (Who are these trolls? Go back to the kids!), So I wasn’t worried much about that.

But the fact that they traveled for THREE YEARS. What was the point of that? Just so they could be the same age as the alphas? Why not just not have them be 16? This served no narrative purpose. On top of that, we only had glimpses of what their life was like during those 3 years. The ENTIRETY of Homestuck up to that point took place over the course of like a day or two MAX. Outside of the trolls’ backstory of course, but I’m not convinced that added more than a few days to the mix. We spent that entire time getting to know our characters. We know then at a very specific point in their lives.

And now, they have to grow and change for THREE YEARS without us keeping up with them? This affected me especially badly because Homestuck is what brought me out of a depression caused by realizing people can change at the drop of a hat, and even the shortest amount of time can cause friendships to fall apart.

So this hit close to home for me. They are apart for years. Longer than they probably have even known each other! Realistically they could come out of the other side of the journey completely different people (which would be great if we watched them all along the way. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT).

But of course that’s not what happened. It basically played off of my worst fears at the time. We just saw snapshots of them as time moved on without us watching. THEY moved on without us watching. Every update was like “Hey. Remember when these characters dated off screen? Good times. Boy we sure learned a lot about them and ourselves in that time.” It was awful and painful. And it did nothing to make me care about the alpha kids even more. It was distracting at best!

At the time, it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I just trudged through it and still enjoyed the comic. Little did I know that that kind of passive narrative style was going to be the new norm and it’d get even WORSE with things like the retcon.

You can’t just set up a narrative where you learn about and fall in love with characters only to have them go through time skips at the height of your interest. And then you can’t just ERASE everything that happened in the time skip so that you feel like you know the characters even LESS. It made me think that nothing mattered. I didn’t WANT to become attached to any new characters because anything could change at any time. It was so frustrating.


Happy 4/13!!

These last nearly 6 years of being in such a devoted fandom and earning a huge variety of friends and learning how to make cosplay and expand my artistic ability has been so amazing!! I know ive peetered out of homestuck in the last few yeas but it still honestly does hold such a close place to me. I wouldnt be the same person if i wasnt part of wastuck and homestuck in general