and the holy grail

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O- Jason Todd

“Jay, where’s the pain medicine?” you asked while searching the cabinets in the kitchen. “Did you use it up last night?”

“Check the back of the tea cabinet!” he shouted from the bathroom.

“Thanks, Jay!” you said and shut the cabinet you were looking in.  “You’re about to become my bitch mother nature.”

You walked over to the tea cabinet and opened it, searching for the holy grail of pain medicine you kept in the apartment for occasions like this and when Jason had intense wounds from patrol.  Shoving tea boxes out of the way, you grasped the medicine and popped open the bottle.  Without grabbing something to drink, you swallowed the pills dry and walked over to the sink.  You turned on the faucet and took a quick sip before turning it off.  Without a warning, Jason crept behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you sigh.

“Why are you always the perfect temperature?” you asked and leaned up against him. “I’m really curious if you could adjust your body heat.”

Jason smirked, “I could if I didn’t have my clothes on.”

“Jason!” you laughed and lightly slapped his chest.  “I would like to take up your offer, but I’m waiting for the pain medicine to kick in.”

“That time of the month again?” he asked and buried his face into your neck.

“Yup,” you replied.  “Mother nature’s a complete bitch.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that, (Y/N).  She might curse you even more,” he warned jokingly.

“Please, Jay, don’t underestimate a woman’s pain tolerance,” you said and turned around to face him, pecking his lips. “Is the offer still valid?”

“Maybe,” he said and wiggled his eyebrows.

You snorted,”Well if that’s a yes, I’m going to go take a shower and you’re joining me.”

“Yes, ma'am!” Jason saluted and ran to your shared bedroom.

“You are such a dork.”

“But I’m your dork.”


All-New X-Men vol. 2 has come to an end. Finally. And Hopeless goes out in style with this as the final page. Kind of sums up the run, in a way. He didn’t have anything meaningful to end on, so he just did a silly Monty Python and the Holy Grail thing. “And now for something completely different.”

P.S. This is basically also all we see of Laura in the issue, so now that you’ve seen it you don’t have buy the issue. At least that’s a win!

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why do i feel like aramis falls into the category of characters that when he has a cold he's like lying on the ground going "this is the end.. my body has betrayed me.... porthos, my friend, you must carry me my legs have forsaken me" but when he's actually got a serious injury it's "don't worry about me gents i'm just a little under the weather"


I can really imagine like. The black knight from Monty Python and the holy grail. The bleeding profusely but saying “it’s just a scratch” type of person

Like really theres so much comedic potential here oh my God???? like can u imagine d'artagnan in the very early days of their friendship getting stuck in a Sticky Situation w aramis and ofc aramis is that friend who bodily flings themselves in front of the danger when they’ve decided ur worth it, so he gets like a musket ball to the arm or something and it’s bleeding really badly

“Your arm is covered in blood!” dartagnan is saying, a little bit hysteric

“Oh, is it?” says aramis cheerfully “I hadn’t noticed”

And dartagnan is like THERE IS LITERALLY A PIECE OF METAL IN YOUR ARM ARAMIS and hes like no really it’s no big deal how are you

Or like i can really see post s3 there being Attempts on the queens life and aramis obviously is like Well That’s Unacceptable but somewhere along the way he gets badly injured

“Your ribs are broken” says anne, in a concerned voice. “let me go find porthos to move you”

“oh no I’m perfectly alright” says aramis, who tries to stand up and promptly collapses

“babe” says anne. “we’re all fine. u are literally half unconscious”

“Im resting” says aramis. “this is my resting face”


(And of course usually everyone goes to porthos afterwards to be like “is he always like this” and porthos w a face of a man who has Endured this for Years is like “u have no idea”)

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To you and your followers : The top 5 concealer and the top Highlighters for you 💕

I only use urban decay naked concealer is my holy grail!
Jeffree star ice cold
Mary Lou the balm
Abh glow kits
Mac double gleam
Mac sweet peach face compact Christmas collection limited edition ❤️

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So I really want a new eyeshadow palette that has a nice variety of colors and some nice pigmented glittery ones as well.... Do you have any recommendations of what I should get??

Look at morphe 350, 35T & the holy grail palette from violet voss and the Laralee X violet voss 💖

Couldn’t attend the nearest Women’s March the other day and I’ll forever mourn my own loss but that only means more purpose for me to draw my faves obviously having been there. In this case, these cuties were travelling their way from their barnz to the city lyfe to march alongside. Country folk getting lost/explorin’ city vibe much??

A quick lil’ shoutout to Thomas @thatsthat24 for creating such a beautiful phrase that’s on Peri’s shirt that will be featured in another piece soon because what a godsend of a phrase.