and the hilarious and awesome songs

Why “Beauty and the Beast” was actually pretty great:
  • the music is not good, it’s great
  • production design, costumes (even the freaking yellow dress which is actually quite gorgeous on camera), everything is truly beautiful and quite breathtaking at moments
  • the acting was surprisingly wonderful. it’s disney, it’ll be cheesy at moments—but for the most part, it was terrific
  • this is not a childish adaptation
  • when it gets dark, it gets DARK. 
  • g a s t o n
  • new songs! new character development! 
  • the cgi is not even that bad. in fact, there are moments when it’s pretty seamless. the practical sets and effects compensated for it, in my mind.
  • and when it’s wonky? you won’t care because you’ll be too busy smiling
  • there is some hilarious shit in this movie
  • the beast’s expressions are actually amazing; you can really see the actor moving beneath them 
  • T H E    M U S I C
  • you get to see little kids and adults all freaking out the whole time
  • emma watson will make your heart stop she is so beautiful
  • sneaky political/ethical gestures that made me cheer
  • this movie is so pure and we need that right now
  • and by the end? i just started laughing and crying—in excess joy. i couldn’t believe it. i’ve never been moved by a movie like that in my life.
  • it won’t please everybody but if you loved the original and if you are prepared to attempt to enjoy it for what it is—a colorful, painterly, vibrant adaptation of a beloved story—then go watch it.
BMC Bootleg

Everyone else is giving their thoughts sooo

- First of all, as if we couldn’t think Michael was any gayer

- And Christine couldn’t get more extra

- Rich and Jake lifting Christine into the air is so great and adorable and I love it

- The choreography for More Than Survive, especially the cool build at the end, is awesome

- Paul Whitty (Mr Reyes/Scary stockboy/Jeremy’s dad) is hilarious! Especially as Mr Reyes
- “So what’s the story with Jake and Madeline??”

- Jake and Christine’s entire encounter was just asdfghjkl

- I kinda wish that worked out?? Like replace Jeremy/Christine (which I do love, don’t get me wrong) with Jeremy/Michael AND Christine/Jake and I’d totally be okay with that??

- Gerard absolutely nailed the big note in the Squip Song, like we know our boy is talented but I didn’t expect it to be so flawless


- After watching this I have such a big crush on both Chloe and Brooke and I am not ashamed

- Jeremy’s character is different to how I thought he’d be. Like in the soundtrack he kinda has a, little to no personality vibe but he actually has a lot of depth which I like

To all of you who like Portal 2, I recommend this awesome musical parody of the game by Geekenders. It’s hilarious with a ton of parodied musical songs to fit the game. Plus the Wheatley is really cute…

It’s an actual full length musical! Watch it here!

Here’s some screenshots:

They use portals…

There’s an entire music number and dance CENTERED around the portals!

Wheatley is honestly the best thing in this entire musical.

Plus the GLaDOS is killing it too.

Seriously, I recommend watching it.


Sorry this took so long to actually get on here…I’d been typing…too much…hahaha…right so, HIGHLIGHTS! Just a reminder that what I saw was the first PREVIEW and I already know they’ve made some script changes, so until opening night on April 4th things will still be changing! Anyway here are my highlights (Re: Lauren trying not to just type out the entire musical.)

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My Top 5 Pop Songs Made for Horror Films

I already covered my top 10 horror movie themes, but this time I’ll be covering my top 5 pop songs made for horror movies. This includes a radio-intended song made by an established band that was made specifically for a horror film. Just before I start, I’ll just say an honorable mention is “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” by Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th Part VI.


Fright Night – J. Geils Band from Fright Night

Fright Night is one of the best vampire films of the 80s, and definitely one of the funnest vampire films ever created. This song oozes cheesiness, which only makes the movie even more enjoyable. I love that there’s no shying away from making these lyrics too corny. It’s just trying to be a fun song for a fun film, and both deliver perfectly.


Howling – Stephen Parsons and Babel from The Howling II

This song takes cheesy fun to a whole new level, as the movie does. It’s trying so hard to be hip and so hard to be sexy. The film team even thought this song was so cool they added a music video for it at the end of the film. The video is even more shamelessly tacky, with the hot chick ripping her shirt off every time they say “howling” in the main verse. It’s hilarious, but awesome all the same. And this song is great. The movie is nowhere near as good as the first Howling, and is kind of a werewolf porn film, but great silly fun, just like this totally rad tune.


Pet Sematary – The Ramones from Pet Sematary

You know your film’s badass when you can get The Ramones to perform your theme song. It’s not even the only song by them we hear in the film. A band famous for punk/surf rock may seem like a really odd choice, especially for the film’s tragic plot, but somehow it just works. Great, dark lyrics mixed with that 80s synth keyboard that dominated the best horror soundtracks of the decade make it a perfect fit.


Dream Warriors – Dokken from A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors

An awesome movie deserves an awesome theme, and this time it sure got one. Dokken blessed Freddy’s third attack on audiences by allowing it to reach new levels of awesome with an extremely epic 80s hair metal powerhouse of a song for the film. The video was ridiculous yet awesome. Dokken literally defeats Freddy with their radical, triumphant music, followed by silly twist ending that needs to be seen to fully appreciate. I don’t think any song on this list can out-80s this one. And that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

and #1…

Cry, Little Sister – Gerard McMann from The Lost Boys

Shamefully, I didn’t know the correct artist of this song until about a month ago, when a Tumblr user corrected me on my mistaken artist credit. But, regardless, I LOVE this track, and this movie. Since I was little The Lost Boys has been a Halloween tradition. I can’t let the season pass without watching this one. It’s cool, hip, (intentionally) hilarious, and sexy. And this hypnotic song really helps tie the film together as one awesome bundle. The sound of impending doom, like a heartbeat, with the drums, the gothic organ solo reminiscent of classic horror, the chanting of the ten commandments, being utterly ignored by the vampires in the film, and the echoing shouts of McMann just create a dark and ambient, yet funky and hip, theme to perfectly set the mood of the film. The film also features a ton of other great music, like “Lost in the Shadows”, and the tubular “I Still Believe”, performed in film by the swollen as hell Tim Capello dry-humping his sax… maybe not the best description, but trust me, the song’s awesome.

Sorry these were literally all 80s songs, but, hey, I’m an 80s baby. It’s what I love most.

Watch on

Since NicoNico so kindly allowed me to pay with Paypal, I decided I might as well put down some money to see this. And I’m glad I did, it was hilarious!

Love these guys and I think they did an awesome job!

Please enjoy this little clip!

The rules of the game: If you win you need/get to sing a song! xD

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Omg, I'm so in love with your Thiam fanfictions!!!!!!!!!! Your characterisations of these two are so great and it seems so authentic and believable!!!!! I really, really enjoyed "as I bleed" because that seemed like such a 'them' thing and I'm currently addicted to "Airplanes". "Sweet talking" was gorgeous, I loved their snark and sass in that one. (Part1)

“Kiss with a Fist” was hilarious (but seriously that is so THEIR song) and I really adored Mason and Corey in that one as well!! “Fuck Yoda” is now officially my favorite advice ever. I loved that “Closer” started this snarky but turned out quite fluffy in the end and their conversation was amazing. (Part2)

“Mind over Matter” probably summed up what the entire Thiam fandom thought about the scene (also ‘it was very sleeping beauty’ I loved it). I really, really loved “Dreams may come”, especially the Mason/Theo ‘team up’ and Theo’s poor attempt at humor. The little glimpse of “Long live Lester” was awesome and kinda bittersweet. I’m super curious how that’s gonna turn out. (Part3)

And I really adore your headcanons (that makes me wonder about your favorite headcanon for Liam and Theo). Thank you for sharing all of this with us!!!! (Part4)

Originally posted by friendsthetvshow

THANK YOU SO MUCH OH MY GOD i’m dead. This was so lovely i am gone forever holy crap.

(Fuck Yoda is indeed great advice)

I can’t think of anything to say but thank you so much, i really appreciated your message like wow, i’m grinning like a total moron thank you so much.

As for my favourite Thaim headcanon i honestly have no idea?? umm

Liam kisses Theo first. Theo wants to, really really bad but he’s smart, he knows (or thinks he knows) that he’s done too much for Liam to ever like him like that, sure he can smell the arousal sometimes but he also knows thinking someones hot and wanting to actually act on it are totally different things.

He hates Liam for kissing him, not that he stops it but honestly. He’s spent so much time trying to keep him safe and Liam diving into a ..whatever they are head first, with him is like a slap in the face. Because sure, he knows he won’t hurt Liam but Liam should be smarter than to fall into bed with someone who manipulated him in the past because he’s been trying to teach him some self-preservation skills and it’s just not working apparently.

Theo is a virgin but far from a blushing one. Liam thinks it’s hilarious when he finds out until he realises he’s going to be Theo’s first time and then gets hilariously nervous about how when they actually have sex it should be romantic and meaningful and whatnot because he knows Theo missed a lot of firsts while living with the dread doctors and this seems important.

Theo doesn’t really give a crap when or how he loses his virginity, he doesn’t see it as a big deal. Which is a good thing because it ends up happening in the backseat of his car after they defeat the first big bad since Scott actually left for college. They’re both covered in blood and Theo’s still healing from a deep scratch the monster landed and Liam’s hair is greasy as hell and he smells vaguely of pond weed from getting tossed into one of the ponds in the preserve.

STAR GAZING!!! Theo doesn’t like enclosed spaces very much. He can deal with them but he does get stir crazy after a while so Liam will often find him parked up on the hill lying in the bed of his truck just enjoying the freedom and fresh air and Liam will join him and they’ll talk until they fall asleep beneath the stars.


Liam’s parents love Theo and treat him like a third son (the second is Mason).

Theo loves crappy 90′s/early 00′s music and Liam mocks him for it mercilessly until Theo catches him singing along to mambo no.5 and then they jam together, singing obnoxiously loud in the car.

Corey and Mason aren’t sure whether they’re cute or annoying as hell. Theo and Mason have a beautiful bromance once Mason eventually learns to trust him. They act like they don’t but Liam and Corey will often end up listening to the two rant excitedly about some supernatural thing while on the double dates they both dragged their boyfriends too.

okay so tha was like a million instead of 1 but shh

Thoughts on Steven Universe: “The New Crystal Gems”
  • …Is Peridot trying to flush herself like Amethyst did?
  • There is logic in what Peridot says.
  • Lapis is best Amethyst.
  • The new Crystal Gems are apparently the Avengers.
  • LAPIS! Way to get in character!
  • Reference to the old theme song YAY
  • It’s like the real Crystal Gems never left!
  • How does this show take mundane plots and make them hilarious/awesome?
  • I was going to say the “Crystal B-Team”, but “Crystal Temps” is catchier.

omg firebringer was so amazing and stupid and hilarious. like from the beautiful costumes to the massive puppets to the phrase “you just shat out a fire!!” to the fact that they thanked bob ross in the credits this thing was a work of art and i’m so proud of this little team of rag tag kids who keep making awesome shit and having so much fun with it

HVFF London: here’s my (way too long, if I were you, I’d keep on scrolling) report! :D

Oh, boy… What. A. Weekend!!! Seriously there are no strong enough words to describe how utterly awesome this whole experience was. But enough gushing, there will be plenty more as I go on. Let’s start this report! :D (I have highlighted the different parts so you can just skip to what you wanna read about)

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Stage Play Touken Ranbu “Akatsuki no Dokuganryuu”

There is so much I want to say about this play, but unfortunately all those things are major spoilers!! So I will refrain from doing that for now. So read on without fear, I’ll give a warning when the spoilers are coming up.

This play in one word:

I have absolutely no regrets about staying this long in Japan and paying 10,000 yen just to see this play! At this point there is absolutely nothing I can complain about, I enjoyed this play from start to end!

With half of the cast being from the previous play, and the other half being new to the team… things can go horribly wrong, or perfectly right… Thankfully it was the latter one. The old cast expanded on their existing characters and the new cast did a wonderful job at establishing themselves! Sure, it took me a moment to get used to the new cast, but… I can only say they did a wonderful job!

I loved this stage… They have a lot more moving props this time to created different places. It’s done really well! I actually have a photo of the “Honmaru” setting I took before the show started… (but it’s on my phone, so I can’t show it right now) Aside from that we have moving bushes, screens with projections and… folding screens…

Like the previous play we’re welcomed with an opening song, and the play ends with a closing song… Both of these songs, I loved them! I may like these better than the ones from the Honnouji play, but I’d have to hear them more often. At the very least I can say I absolutely loved the dance routine! ^o^// They looked so cool!
For the music they used a mix of old and new soundtracks. Which was pretty nice actually. Gave a bit of a nostalgic feel to certain moments. I’ve got to admit I don’t remember much of the soundtrack though. Let’s say that wasn’t really the thing I focused on. But, the fact I don’t remember it probably means it was a pretty good soundtrack and went really well with the event on stage.

Story-wise I guess this musical was split in two parts. One part focusing on Sayo’s past and his struggles with it. Which is mostly a Sayo/ Yamanbagiri focused plot with Kasen butting in whenever he can and Ookurikara being pulled in by Sayo against his will. And the other part focused on keeping history straight. Which is mostly Mikazuki/ Tsurumaru/ Kasen/ Ookurikara/ Mitsutada/ Sada, but also has some Manba-chan and Sayo included, especially in the first act. Both story arcs were incredibly enjoyable to watch in my opinion.

So, the play starts off with a flash-forward like the previous play. (which I didn’t realize until somewhere in the 2nd act, but…)  And then the focus returns to the citadel, where Sayo’s story is set up, everyone sings and dances and we’re introduced to the new characters. I’m not going to go too much into detail, because honestly. I feel like the story is way to complex for that. After I watched the Musical (Mihotose no Komoriuta) I more or less could remember the flow of the story. For this one, I do remember the flow of the story, but I have absolutely no idea in what order everything happened. Mostly because you keep switching between different story lines. If you’re watching the play that’s not a problem, if you try to puzzle it back together from the top of your head, it is.

Anyway, all I can say with certainty: They really upped the comedy for this musical!! And it was awesome! Especially the first act is a really great mix of comedy and seriousness. Second act is a bit more serious, but then you have Mikazuki coming by and, well… xD Also, without going into the details… in this play we don’t get a War council scene (like in Honnouji), but… remember how in the Touken Ranbu Hanamaru anime you have this one episode where they have thing song about making Udon…? Well, they won’t be singing, but expect something similar! It’s hilarious! (And then they’ll take it a step further in one of the final scenes of the play! Look forward to it!)

And here ends my (mostly) spoiler-free review, now let me go into the bits that make this play absolutely awesome. 

For the love of god, if you’re going to watch this play in the theater and haven’t spoiled yourself yet, please stay away from the next section. You’re going to enjoy it so much more if you don’t know what’s coming!! (I even would like to tell people who are waiting for the DMM live-stream or DVD release to stay away, but I suppose you’ll be spoiled anyway by that time, but…)

Really I’m serious, major spoilers ahead!!


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I think what works so well for me about the GotG soundtrack is not that the music really fits the scenes – because they don’t, not always, a song like “Hooked on a feeling” in a prison or “Come a little bit closer” while a man massacres a whole crew seems not very fitting for the situation at hand –

What really gets me about the music, apart from the fact that it’s damn catchy, is that each song either carries a message and / or is played along with a scene so memorable that it’s absolutely impossible to remember one thing without the other.

For example – “Ain’t no mountain high enough” is a message. It’s a message from Meredith to her son Peter, to remind him that nothing will ever be strong enough to make her and others stop loving him – no mountain, no valley, not death itself, there would always be someone who loved Peter and would come for him when he called for help. (That message proved true often enough in both movies.)

And “Father and Son” was a message from Yondu to Peter to tell him what he really felt for his boy, and to comfort him, both in a way that Yondu himself probably couldn’t do because he is the person he is, not good with feelings and talking about feelings.

On the other hand – songs like “Come a little bit closer” or “O-o-oh child” don’t really carry a message from either of Peter’s parents or about them, but those songs will now always be remembered with the either downright cool or absolutely hilarious scene going on during it. Music and songs are very good carrier of memories – I think everyone has that one song that they hear and immediately remember an important or impactful moment with it, no?

It’s just that the music in GotG is catchy and awesome in itself, but it’s also picked so carefully and is fitting in a rather unconventional way, which makes it absolutely perfect for GotG, where nothing really is conventional.

Guys... I saw Olaf’s frozen adventure

And it was awesome!!!

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it was absolutely perfect, and it focused on Elsa and Anna more than I thought it would. Honesty, I expected it to be a cute flic about Olaf going around searching for traditions, and all the hilarious situations this causes. But nope! That’s done mostly in just one song.

There was also a part where Kristoff appeared and started telling them about the trolls’ traditions, and i thought “Great. Now Elsa and Anna will probably go along with him” But no; they’re both like “Okay, that’s gross. Goodbye.” and enter the palace, pretty much forgetting about him for the rest of the short.

For a short, it also has some very emotional scenes. Like the one where Elsa is recalling when she rang the bell with her parents, or when they finally reveal what’s their tradition. Oh! And there’s also a scene where they are so close I thought they were going to kiss.

All in all, I think it’s great, and I hope you are able to see it soon, as well as Coco, which is a very good film, with all the quality we know Pixar is capable of (Honestly I liked it even more than Inside Out, despite not having such great expectations).
Variety’s 2017 10 Animators to Watch
Using different techniques, these animators manage to unite in one category: artistry.
By Variety Staff

In case you missed it, these are Variety’s 10 Animators to Watch list this year. So much good animation to look forward to!

  1. Arthur de Pins — director of 2017 Annecy film Zombillenium

  2. Megan Nicole Dong ( @sketchshark​ ) — creator of new @nickanimationstudio​ show Pinky Malinky

  3. Dorota Kobiela — director of 2017 feature (based on animated short of the same name) Loving Vincent

  4. Kirsten Lepore ( @kirstenlepore​ ) — creator of viral animated short Hi Stranger and general stop-motion pro

  5. Kira Lehtomaki — head of animation on Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

  6. Dave Mullins — director of Disney/Pixar short Lou, premiering before Cars 3 this summer

  7. Julia Pott ( @juliapott— creator of new @cartoonnetwork​ show Summer Camp Island

  8. Carlos Puertolas — head of animation on Boss Baby

  9. Dana Terrace ( @danaterrace​ ) — director and story artist on DuckTales, plus work on Gravity Falls and hilariously bizarre charity draw-a-thons with GF creator Alex Hirsch

  10. Nora Twomey — co-founder of Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon (Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea) and director of upcoming film The Breadwinner

Four of these awesome animators are on Tumblr, too (linked above) — you know, if you need to keep a really close watch on them or whatever ;) 

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )


Friday, May 5: Megadeth, “Take No Prisoners”

“Take No Prisoners” found the third (and ultimately best) iteration of Megadeth at their cantankerous best, as it was arguably the fastest, crankiest, snarliest, and simply most ridiculous tune the Rust in Peace lineup ever performed.  With its frequent gang vocals, stabbing riffage, Nick Menza’s gonzo drumming, hilariously awesome and awesomely hilarious coda (“Take no prisoners- TAKE NO SHIT!”) and, of course, Dave Mustaine’s agitated whine, the song embodied all that was glorious about thrash metal and put Megadeth at the very top of the heap right at the end of thrash’s golden age.  By 1990, Metallica was holed up in the studio and trying to simplify and move away from thrash altogether, Anthrax was recovering from State of Euphoria’s poor reception, and while Slayer was still at their furious peak, they were only just beginning to gain traction outside the underground, leaving Megadeth to capture the throne. And with Rust in Peace and “Take No Prisoners”, that’s exactly what they did.

The 200 Happiest Words in the English Language

Laughter, happiness, love, happy, laughed, laugh, laughing, excellent, laughs, joy, successful, win, rainbow, smile, won, pleasure, smiled, rainbows, winning, celebration, enjoyed, healthy, music, celebrating, congratulations, weekend, celebrate, comedy, jokes, rich, victory, Christmas, free, friendship, fun, holidays, loved, loves, loving, beach, hahaha, kissing, sunshine, delicious, friends, funny, outstanding, paradise, sweetest, vacation, butterflies, freedom, flower, great, sunlight, sweetheart, sweetness, award, chocolate, hahahaha, heaven, peace, splendid, success, enjoying, kissed, attraction, celebrated, hero, hugs, positive, sun, birthday, blessed, fantastic, winner, delight, beauty, butterfly,entertainment, funniest, honesty, sky, smiles, succeed, wonderful, glorious, kisses, promotion, family, gift, humor, romantic, cupcakes, festival, hahahahaha, honour, relax, weekends, angel, b-day, bonus, brilliant, diamonds, holiday, lucky, mother, super, amazing, angels, enjoy, friend, friendly, mother’s, profit, finest, bday, champion, grandmother, haha, kiss, kitten, miracle, mom, sweet, blessings, bright, cutest, entertaining, excited, excitement, joke, millionaire, prize, succeeded, successfully, winners, shines, awesome, genius, achievement, cake, cheers, exciting, goodness, hug, income, party, puppy, smiling, song, succeeding, tasty, victories, achieved, billion, cakes, easier, flowers, gifts, gold, merry, families, handsome, lovers, affection, candy, cute, diamond, earnings, interesting, peacefully, praise, relaxing, roses, Saturdays, faithful, heavens, cherish, comfort, congrats, cupcake, earn, extraordinary, glory, hilarious, moonlight, optimistic, peaceful, romance, feast, attractive, glad, grandma, internet, pleasant, profits, smart.

Time to start using more of these words in your everyday life!



I’’m in actual tears okay ;_;

I only started stanning them about a year and a half ago, and that’s the first comeback I have with them. I almost thought fnc forgot they even existed lol

This is the best comeback I could have hoped for! The song is amazing (as expected, fnc bands never disappoint me), the mv is adorable and hilarious (the ending killed me lmfao), Heoseung’s vocals are so good and he sounds so amazing with Seunghyub ;; (and Seunghyub’s rap oh my god)

Anyways go watch the mv go support N.Flying they’re amazing and awesome (lol, see what I did there?) and just. WOW.

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Heyy Lou!! :D How are you?!! And if you're still doing prompts I'd like to request Prompt 22... with Remus ofc ¯\_(ツ) _/¯ Hahah.. it's been a while.. you know..

Hiya! I’m good, thanks :) and of course, anything for my favourite werewolf

22. The first time they said “I love you”

Originally posted by roaringgoodshow

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