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executive dysfunction is so difficult for me to explain to people who don’t experience it, because they’ll see in some cases, such as mine, where I can do incredibly complex things, but then the simplest task that has a lot of importance attached to it, like putting a letter in a mailbox seems insurmountable to me.

It doesn’t make any sense to people?

How can you do so many difficult tasks, but then when something is easy and important to your life why can’t you do it?

And I don’t fucking know the answer to that, alls I know is making food, or signing onto a website to schedule an appointment with my caseworker just seem out of my reach. I literally need help to do it, lmao it’s absolutely too much for me to do on my own.

I can definitely understand why people … don’t get it lmao, not even I get it

But just know … the more important it is … the more difficult it is for me to do it lmao. 



@/xqfxsigbzzek (without the slash) is a N S F W blog that reblogged my original art and removed my caption (seen above). The banner clearly says no NSFW blogs!!! I looked at their tumblr and realized they do this to EVERYONE. They take someone’s photo, remove the caption and replace it with a link to some naughty website where they do… naughty things. It goes unnoticed unless you look at your notes because for some reason the fact that they reblogged it didn’t show in my activity tab. Be on the lookout and stay safe, smol ones. Also, report this person, pretty please. And reblog this post! Don’t just like! Please reblog!

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What happens when you die? Because right now suicide seems to just be there.

Trust me kid, you wanna stick around. -Dean

Suicide might seem like the easy answer but the world would be a lot dimmer without you in it. -Sam

Keep fighting kiddo. -Dean

So on a serious note if you need to talk I’m here. If you don’t wanna talk to me there are tons of hotlines or website you can go to, IMAlive is very dear to my heart. If you’re thinking about hurting yourself right now dial 911 & they can immediately help you.

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Hello :) Wondered if you can help, I’m running a campaign for the promotion of autism acceptance and educate against autism speaks as a part of my a level media studies. I am looking for people with autism to help me out, i am currently in the process of being diagnosed, if you could please share with your followers. I am asking for anyone with autism to take a photo, draw a picture or anything. (E.g. Taking a picture of holding sign saying whatever.) about anything to do with autism, SI or anything you like. This is to be used on my facebook campaign, website and instagram all in the idea of promoting education etc. If you could please help I would be grateful, thanks. For more info please see my blog post on here. People can email queries or pictures to

Oh, yes!!!! Help them out if you’re interested, everyone!! @smashingstigma


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How would Shawn react if you had a panic attack?

I think the first time he would be quite overwhelmed and he would just try to hold you and get you to breathe normally and he would be so so scared. 

after you had one panic attack he would do so much research on how to help you during one. He would ask you what helps you the most and he would go on all those hospital websites. He wouldn’t be calm when you get your next attack but he would be able to help you better which would allow him to remain somewhat calm. His heart would be breaking because there is nothing worse to him than seeing you in pain and he can’t really make the panic stop he can only hold you during it and try to help you through it. But he would try his best. And if it’s a regular occurrence he would beg you to see a therapist regularly because what if you have one while he is on tour? A therapist would very probably provide you with better help. And he just wants you to be alright and healthy. 

I find it bizarre and somewhat unsettling on a website where people celebrate going against the status quo that a character who successfully went against the status quo and arguably helped revitalize a franchise and influenced some of the most recognizable villains later on could be so divisive.

Like, I get that we all have our favourites and everything, but the fact that I’m hearing from people that they’re getting hate for even liking Kefka is ridiculous. You don’t have to love the guy, but denying his influence on later villains is downright ignorance.

Without Kefka you don’t have Sephiroth and you don’t have Ardyn. Period. I don’t care who you like better, but there it is.

Also, seriously, hating on people for liking a video game character? Grow the fuck up. People like characters for different reasons. Don’t hate on people for stupid shit like that.

VI was a massive game for it’s time and if you haven’t played it, you should. If you’re only familiar with Kefka from Dissidia, go play Final Fantasy VI so you can experience that pants-shitting moment that made everyone else question wtf they did wrong, as well as just how fucking dark and bleak things got.

I am getting off my soap box now.

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Hey I was wondering if you could promote this website called myCompass on your blog? Basically it is a self-help programme that is free, and you can work through modules to help you monitor and regulate your emotions better, to help create achievable goals, to increase better sleep etc. Basically it's just a great mental health tool kit and I thought I'd just mention it to a few of the popular blogs I follow! I have BPD and it really has been helping me out.

thank you for the info! i’m definitely going to check this out - my followers should too :)

Love bites,kills,stabs,etc.

I’m a bi highschooler residing in a small township. Love is really hard to find because I’m a male who prefers other males. It’s hard to deal with attraction and whatnot because the “straight guys” love teasing me. Two days ago a guy was humping me while we were crowded at the lunch line….so I punched him in the dick. Point is, how do I find or wait for the love that the people on this website are telling me that I’ll find?

MOD EDIT: I’d say choose a metropolitan college/career/future because the area you’re in now sounds like there’s a large homophobic base of people. You will find someone, and it will be fantastic. 💜 - Casper

The IRS’ website is so helpful and it really makes me enjoy tax law more and more each time I have a new assignment. :D Tax law is so quirky sometimes - I stg.

i need help please lmao

i talked about this in my french platforms but it didn’t pick up so i am going to mention that here too

i am a french autistic advocate and autism representation is scarce here in france. we are ~40-50 years late when it comes to autism and we need more #actuallyautistic voices here.

a few weeks ago a youtuber and Deaf advocate i follow, Rikki Poynter, has created a website called Deaf Poynters where fellow d/Deaf people can talk about their experiences as d/Deaf people, and about their lives/diagnosis stuff.

i had an idea to make something similar about a/Autistic people like myself where there would be three series of posts :

1) posts about the mod’s life (it’s me !) where i spark discussions by talking about an autistic experience

2) the featured posts made by fellow a/Autistic people about their experiences such as

- being autistic in school/university (tips about accommodations/accessibility ?)

- being autistic in the workplace

- getting The DiagnosisTM

- anything in the life of an autistic person ? (no nsfw tho pls)

3) like Rikki was inspired by Kat Blaque (another youtuber)’s series True Tea, i would make posts where you can send me questions and i answer them very honestly

the problem is, i lack visibility and i still need the title of the blog that i will try to do on Wordpress (and idk what to get tbh). the title of the blog will influence the e-mail adress where you will submit the stories and ask the questions.

i can recieve stories/questions in english too ! i will translate them for a french audience and anonymous submits/asks are more than welcome !

thanks ! :)

traduction française :

j’ai besoin d’aide svp mdrrrrr

j’en ai parlé dans mes plateformes francophones, mais ça n’a pas pris, alors je vais le mentionner ici aussi

je suis un.e activiste autiste français.e et la représentation de l’autisme est faible ici en france. nous sommes ~40-50 ans en retard lorsque l’on parle de l’autisme et nous avons besoin de véritables voix autistiques ici.

il y a quelques semaines, une youtubeuse et activiste Sourde, Rikki Poynter, a créé un blog intitulé Deaf Poynters où d’autres personnes s/Sourdes peuvent parler de leurs expériences en tant que personnes s/Sourdes, de leurs vies et de leur diagnostic.

j’ai eu une idée de créer un blog similaire pour les personnes a/Autistes telles que moi où se trouveraient 3 types de posts :

1) les posts à propos de la vie de le.a mod (c’est moi !) où je pourrais commencer des discussions en parlant d’une expérience autistique

2) les posts d’autres personnes a/Autistes hébergés à propos de leurs expériences comme

- être autiste dans le système scolaire/à l’université (conseils à propos des accommodations/de l’accessibiité ?)

- être autiste dans le monde du travail

- tout ce qui peut arriver dans la vie d’une personne autiste ? (pas de nsfw svp)

3) comme Rikki, a été inspirée par Kat Blaque (une autre youtubeuse) et sa série True Tea, j’aimerais avoir une série où vous pourrez me poser des questions auxquelles je répondrai très honnêtement.

le problème est, je manque de visibilité et j’ai toujours besoin du titre du blog que j’essaierai de faire sur Wordpress (et je ne sais pas quoi prendre en toute honnêteté). le titre du blog influera sur l’adresse e-mail où vous pourrez soumettre vos histoires et me poser des questions.

je peux aussi recevoir les soumissions/les questions en anglais ! je les traduirai pour un public francophone et les soumissions/questions anonymes sont plus que bienvenue !

merci ! :)

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Ohh got it lol I don't think it was an option before :). How do you find what fusion would fit best so accurately? Do you have a website/book that helps with that? Lovely account :) amazing job keeping it perfect!

Thank you again for the compliments! I personally, for fusions, mix the colors of the gemstones given or find gemstones that contain the colors of the separate gems. I have a tutorial that also goes into how the show tends to create fusions as well as my own method. As for choosing gemstones, I don’t have a website or book that I use. I have made a long gemstone list that I made for myself and gemsona makers. I memorize as many gems as possible for when I create fusions. Here are the links to my references:

Fusion Tutorial:

Gemstone List:

-Mod Stevonnie

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Hey i wanted to learn korean but somehow i'm kinda stucked(?) i already know hangul and a few words (from kdramas and kpop) but i don't know how to continue. I also learn japanese and it was easier to find material to study and the process of learning too, but with korean it seems to be different. So please if you have any tips, could you PLEASE tell me what should i study? Thank you so much

If you’re asking for resources for beginners, I can’t help you there I’m afraid. :( I learned the basics from my Korean friends. But there’s plenty of textbooks and websites and videos out there you can check out! A simple google search will bring up thousands of options.

Hi friends!

I’m in the middle of translating some stuff for the association i’m part of! Since our aim is to soon promote a crowd-funding campaign to help pay the rent for our homeless queer youth, i’d like to provide the website page with a brief summary in english, in case English-speakers might be interested in making donations! (and i know you will!!). I’m especially invested because this time, all the money will go directly to the apartment located in La Réunion, the one i know, to shelter the young people i know and love. Even better, if the crowd-funding is successful, the platform will DOUBLE the earnings!!!

I’ll be talking about it soon, but before it’s launched, i’d just need a little help with proof-reading please!

it would be so so so so so so so so easy for netflix to be a good, trustworthy, and useful website that helps you find good tv and cinema to enjoy, instead of being a shifty red hell that plasters stars on everything and thinks that you’ll like sharknado if you liked the blair witch project


i haven’t been on this website for a while but i went to New York and went wild for a bit and found a lover who still messages me at 3 AM that he thinks i was a little dream. i also took some drugs that I was hoping would help give me an epiphany but i realized both the travel and the drugs did not have the easy answers i was banking on which led me to the real epiphany: i gotta go and i gotta go soon before i lose my nerve. idk what’s out there for me but that’s kinda the point i think

dear person reading this:

  • your crooked teeth make your lovely smile extremely cute and endearing  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • your splotches of freckles? yeah, those are places where the galaxies whirling inside of you leaked out to radiance their brilliancy into the world
  • your thighs touch? that’s a GOOD thing. you’re getting proper nutrition! you have muscles! d o  n o t  b e  a s h a m e d!!!! also, thigh gaps are awesome too! anything related to thighs is awesome! all thighs are different because every person is different, and honestly, why does it matter what your thighs look like?? people who are bothered by thighs are weak tbh
  • “bingo arms”???? listen up: you only have bingo arms when you’re WINNING. otherwise why would you be yelling “bingo”?? thought so. you’re a winner – you can do anything you set your incredible mind to!
  • your hair is so unbelievably gorgeous and don’t you deny it. don’t forget to style it, dye it, try new shampoos with it, as long as you want to! your hair is your own, whether it be frizzled or dry or thick or thin – be proud of that, and remember that you can always change it up!
  • your eyes are not too small, or too big, or too wide apart, or too ugly. your eyes are your own mortal doorway into your soul, expressing your thoughts and emotions in dazzling swirls and hues for others to decipher. don’t be afraid to cry, don’t be disgusted by the crinkles at the corners when you smile, don’t hate on the small, microscopic blood vessels running through them. don’t lock your door out of needless shame!
  • scars!!! scars are so cool! they’re visual results from a chapter that makes up the story of your life! no matter where scars are, don’t be conscious of concealing them! ppl loVE scars! even the tiny lil ones! anyone who has a scar is automatically known as an ultimate badass sorry that’s the rule
  • same goes for stretch marks! those little ripples on your thighs, your hips, your waist, your belly? those mean that you’ve GROWN. your body has adapted frequently throughout your life, and leaves those little ripples as little hints of your amazing journey from babyhood to adulthood! (or maybe you’re just a mystical ocean god/goddess and those waves are symbols of your enormous power, onlookers should be on the lookout)
  • sorry, did you say you had a pig nose? do you even kNOW how cute piggies are you should be PROUD of your nose cAUSE U CUTE
  • long, thin nose? p l s. that just means you’re king/queen of everything. don’t deny it. you know how powerful you truly are
  • tummy rolls? everyone has them. seriously, no matter how thin a person may seem, tummy rolls are inevitable. you are not alone! tummy rolls rock! ROCK THOSE TUMMY ROLLS!
  • trust me, barely anyone see your feet anyways. besides, feet aren’t that bad – how do you think your hands would look if they walked everywhere over the earth’s rough terrain? feet are hella 
  • ears are so cool omg they’re like fingerprints, unique to you and you only! plus you can pierce them! repeatedly! how cool is that? ears are best
  • do nOT be anxious about flaunting your legs! wear that short skirt! wear those shorts! own that bikini! your legs are marvelous! ppl would kill for a pair of dandy lookin legs like yours! pale or tan, legs are glorious! L E G S
  • lips. lips. do you know how many magic tricks your lips are able to perform? the formation of words, the ability to smile or frown, the ability to express, to kiss, to wear makeup; lips are ethereal and exquisite in all forms!
  • #1 tip: your eyebrows are always on fleek  (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • and lastly: you are not dumb. you are not worthless. you are not a waste of space, an empty void, a meaningless shell. you are loved. you are worth everything. you are so incredibly intelligent, you are utterly unforgettable, and you are breathtaking in every single way.
  • next time you look in a mirror, blow yourself a kiss and don’t worry – you’ll kill it out there today. ♥

🌹- SaintHaven Is A Website I’m Creating For Us Black Artists. A Community Where We Can Come Together, Support, Motivate, Network & Showcase Our Work. It Will Feature A Wide Artistic Spectrum Of All Art Forms. All Is Welcomed. I Realized That My Passion Not Only As An Artist Is To Influence, Create & Express Myself Is To Help Others Be Happy In Themselves And The Body Of Work They Too Create. If You Have The Power To Help Someone. Do It ! You Never Know Who You’re Inspiring, By Just Being True To Yourself. So If Your Interested DM For A Feature. OUR ART MATTERS!!!!


Hackers just helped NASA save a treasure trove of climate data from an uncertain future

  • Roughly 200 programmers congregated Saturday in the Doe Library at the University of California, Berkeley, to take part in a hackathon focusing on NASA’s earth sciences programs and the Department of Energy.
  • Wired reported the group of coders had the common goal of saving data that could be deleted or otherwise tucked away under Trump.
  • Using web-crawler scripts and patching together data sets, the hackers were able to successfully preserve 8,404 web pages onto the Internet Archive — a digital library with a plethora of screenshots from websites — and download 25GB of data from 101 public datasets. Read more (2/14/17 3:06 PM)

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