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Today’s a special day! Today is not only Father’s Day, but Alex and Ariel Hirsch’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by cracking open your copy of Journal 3, prepping your blacklight and invisible ink pens, and jotting down everything here in the special edition so you can have a copy for yourself without resorting to eBay or shady second-hand Craigslist deals!

I was lucky number 02149 to get a copy of the special edition of Journal 3. Well, lucky as in “I could afford to buy it and pre-ordered it back in March the exact day I heard about it going on sale.” Still, I am PSYCHED to share this with everyone! Admittedly I didn’t take photos of every single page – only the ones with black-light effects that were more than ink spatters. Some I had to take [kinda big] pictures of individually, to be able to read the text properly, and others were multi-page spreads that I couldn’t resist capturing in their beautiful glowy glory.

Of course I’ll be captioning them all for you, in case you can’t download/read them. Also, there’s a few secret codes in here! But did you really expect anything less? Also also, this is a 9 page word document (not counting pics), so I’m splitting it up into 3 parts. Especially considering the size of these pictures. 

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Pride Day on Diagon Alley

Someone, please remind Harry not to trust Hermione with something like this anymore. Of course it seemed like a brilliant idea at the beginning, but don’t they all? Every single plan they’ve had along eight years of school turned against Harry, and now this one will do as well. 

How does he know?

Well, because the simplest idea of attending Pride Day -that’s how Hermione called it- on Diagon Alley with Draco Malfoy gave Harry shivers and the anticipation about how bad this could go was making Harry want to hide into his cupboard.

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Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

Originally posted by markired

I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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thenonehater  asked:

Okay, hear me out. Blackhat gets invited to "The parent circle day" after being in yoga so long. He's so confused by what id until he figures out, its just a qhole bunch of parents gossiping about random crap. He is so into it, because good he needs it. Not to mention nobody tries to hook up with him. "No,girls don't flirt with Estaban! Because i think he's like my aro/ace you'll just make him uncomfortable. " #yogaparentBlackHat

omg aro/ace Black Hat is something i never knew I needed in my life until now bless

  • BH gets a nice place to vent about all the terrible clients he’s had to deal with at work
  • “And he started complaining when I cut his supply when he’s the one that missed his down payment! So I had to cut his han– his supply. down. further.”
  • sometimes the moms start talking about their kids and he’ll subconsciously mention his employees as well without even realizing it like “oh yeah dementia got in a fight with that kid too. honestly if Ryan’s this much of a little shit someone should get that principal off his lazy ass and make him do something.”
  • alternatively: they all get together and bitch about Helen and the PTA
  • “If she refuses to sign up for a shift for the bake sale I swear to the nine layers of hell and back I WILL FUCKING MAKE HER.”
  • The yoga moms find it hilarious how mad he can get. BH never admits it but he kinda enjoys these sessions– FOR THE FREE FOOD OFC YEAH THAT’S IT
  • “Esteban, sweetie, do you want some more tea?” “Don’t be stupid! Of course I want more tea! And some more of those biscuits, too!”
  • okay but. Book club. With the yoga mom squad.
  • each member gets to pick a book for the month. BH reads “Girl on the Train” under his desk and yells at 5.0.5 when he finds it while cleaning.
  • “no of course this isn’t mine, why the fuck would I have– DON’T TAKE THE BOOK WITH YOU, MORON!!”
  • When it’s BH’s turn, he brings in a fucking necronomicon.
  • “Uh Esteban? What kind of novel is this?” “[horrified gasp] novEL? This is a collector’s edition grimoire. Look– mine’s even annotated!“
  • (For the record, BH’s annotations include pronunciation tips, various blood substitutes, and extremely vulgar, angry notes on what not to do to a summoning circle)
  • The yoga ladies think that Esteban just has a really niche interest in the occult and manage to talk him out of making a “nice, but plotless book” their book club choice. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve probably just saved the world

((sorry these are taking so long guys!! i’m answering these chronologically (with small exceptions) so if I haven’t answered yours yet, it doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it! Unless our friend tungle is being an ass but yeah lmao))

Completely Bonkers *Jefferson x Reader*

Originally posted by mydearoldbuckybarnes

Requested:  Can I request a drabble with Jefferson where the reader and him get into a fight and it’s angsty and then fluffy at the end? Thank you!! - Anon
Warnings: Swearing &Angst
Note: This was originally a series idea but it seemed to fit this drabble, I’m still pondering on the idea but I’ve never written for Jefferson before now, so, year. - Rosalie

(In need of editing, ignore mistakes)

“You’re going to take up the Queen’s offer?” You asked in a raised voice, shocked that he’d even want to work with her again.

Jefferson rolls his eyes, “We need the money and this could be it. We could be set up for life, can’t you see that?”

“I don’t need money; we don’t need money, that’s why we’re here. I, we, both got away from that. I ran from that type of life, surrounded by money and riches,” You stare as Jefferson refuses to meet your eyes. “What is all this about? Why are you suddenly agreeing to this?”

He finally looks at you, jaw locked and his eyes full of mixed emotions. “Because you deserve better than… this life, I can’t give you what you need, let alone, what you want.” He exhales out of frustration, “I’m doing this for us.”

“NO, you’re doing this for yourself.” You yell, “We don’t need money to be happy, we already are, well I am!”

He slaps his hand on the dining table beside him, shutting you up instantly and flinching away out of fright, the mugs shaking at the force.  He’s not looking at you; his grey eyes are cast to the dark wood table under his clenched fist. “We’ll talk about this when I’m back, okay?” He speaks through a ragged exhale.

“If you walk out that door there’s a chance you might come back with me gone,” you tell him trying to hold back the tears as he looks at you, you blink looking away. “You should go before she sends someone to collect you.” You turn away, it’s silent for a second before you hear him sigh and walk, grabbing his things before walking to the door it opens and slams shut.


“Hey, Henry, what can I do for you?” You smiled brightly at your young pupil; instead of answering he presented the storybook you had given him as a present. “Oh, Henry, not again,” you sigh gently as you pack everything into your bag. “I gave you this book because I thought it would help you, not give you some outlandish theory that everyone is a character from it.”

Henry places the storybook down, “It’s all true.” He flips through pages of the open book and spins it around so it’s facing you; you look at him before looking down at the illustrated pages.

The colours are vibrant, beautiful and enchanting. “Rapunzel!” You read out loud, chancing another glance at Henry who points to the drawing. It’s two people, a young girl with (Y/C/H), in a pink dress and leaning out an open window with a grin. A boy with messy, curly, brown hair is on the other side and smiling at her. You frowned a little at the drawing before shaking your head, “What is this?”

“That’s you,” Henry pointed to the girl and you scoffed, “and that’s Jefferson.” He points to the boy.

“It says here that Rapunzel is a princess,” you chuckle, “I somehow doubt that I’m Princess, it’s cute that you think so, really.” You pack your stuff up and usher Henry out of the classroom, “besides Jefferson? He’s trouble, you stay away from him.” You ask following Henry out of the building.

Henry turns with a small smile. “He’s your boyfriend,” you raise an eyebrow. “Before the curse, he’d use his magic to go see you in your world, he’d spend his time calling up to you and you fell in love with one another from just his visits.” You smiled a little, “he’d bring you books and paintings from ‘far away lands’ because you couldn’t leave your room, he taught you not to fear the outside and you made plans to leave the tower and be with him.”

“That sounds like a beautiful story,” you admit and he nods. “But I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m not scared of the outside and I’m not a princess.”

“Why doesn’t anyone believe me except Emma?” Henry sighed.

“Henry, I’m sorry but this is too… ridiculous to believe. I really doubt Regina is the Evil Queen, I’m some princess that fell in love with a guy and a magical hat, and that this is all some curse to keep us here.” You smile and shrug. “Besides Jefferson as my boyfriend? He’s bad news.”

Henry raises his eyebrows. “I didn’t mention a magical hat, Miss Hart.” You open and close your mouth, before muttering a bye and leaving Henry.


*Curse Lifted*

“Henry is worried about you,” Mary offers softly. “Says that neither you nor Jefferson returned to one another,” you shrug but nod as you arrange stuff in your classroom. “I don’t want to push you but… why?”  

You sigh and look out of the window. “I waited, and waited, so long. He never came home, he never returned to fix things. I never got to be mad at him or forgive him,” you wipe away the stray tear from your cheek and turned. “He left and…” you trailed off into silence.

“Maybe you should go to him,” Mary offered. “He probably feels guilty, afraid that you won’t want him now, you might need to fix this, this time.” She shrugged with a sweet smile, you sighed and nodded. “Just think about it,” she hugs you before leaving.

It had been two days since the curse was lifted and you hadn’t seen or hear from Jefferson, you wanted to see him, to maybe slap him. You grabbed your jacket and bag before locking up your classroom and walking home, it wasn’t a long walk, a short distance. You kept your head down, hands in pockets as you strolled slowly.
When you reach home, you stop and raise your eyebrows. He’s stood in your front yard, throwing tiny little pebbles at your window, his arm pulling back and gently calling your name; like how when he met you, actually, he climbed to your window and snuck in to steal things.

“There’s a doorbell for a reason,” you call out, watching as he jumped and spun around to face you. You open the gate and shut it, taking a breath before finally looking at him, he hadn’t changed. Same face, stupid and beautiful, as always. “You’re an idiot.” You tell him, all seriousness and no playfulness behind it.

He let’s slip a sigh and drops all the remaining stones and pebbles before walking to you, grabbing a hold of you and hugging you, tightly and not letting go. “I’m sorry, so, so sorry. Forgive me, please.”

You smile and pull away, taking a hold of his face in your hands, staring at him and chuckling lightly. “You’re mad, Jefferson. Completely and utterly bonkers, I love you and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t forgive you.” Kissing him softly.

(This was meant to be a drabble, I don’t know. The ending and title would make sense if I wrote this as the original series -mostly about how he found her tower, how they fell in love and how she actually hated him in Stroybrooke, maybe I should still do that, I might do. Let me know if you want a series of this idea. - Rosalie)

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...I Need You...

Soft clicks were the only sounds surrounding the “evil” scientist. His hands were fidgeting with the mechanisms of a familiar box with many, many lethal devices inside. 

There were little buttons to trigger each little mechanic, but Flug found that some of the springs weren’t stable enough to be tested, let alone the chemicals in one mechanism was much too intoxicating.

The chemicals Flug combined had been the cause of dizziness and almost… drunken side effects. He didn’t trust himself around it while the testing happens during the commercial…

He let out a sigh and tried configuring the mechanisms again. “Flug, get in here.”

Startled, he almost dropped the device. As he caught his breath, he stared hard at the small box with negativity. This would be used to kill someone.

He entered Black Hat’s office and held tight onto the device, hoping his boss wouldn’t chose the black button and let the gases fume the room. “S-Sir, Are we d-doing all the b-buttons?”

Black Hat stared at him as if he was a unicorn, “Of course, Flug.”

Flug bit his lip nervously, “C-Can I step o-outside when you p-push the black one?”

Black Hat narrowed his eyes at his scientist, “Excuse me?”

Flug flinched and shook his head, swallowing his pride for a second, “N-Nothing, sir….”

Black Hat blinked and looked away in thought before taking the device from Flug, “5.0.5. Begin.”

The bear nodded, sending Flug a questioning, worrying glance. Flug shook it off as the red blinker began on the camera. He stared at the camera and listened to BlackHat begin.

“Welcome, villains and viewers! My newest invention has come and you better buy it- OR ELSE!” Black Hat smirked, his tongue poking out from his sharp teeth slightly, “Dr. Flug will explain the device and each mechanism. We can discuss the prices after.”

“U-Um…” Flug started softly, walking into frame and taking the device from it’s little stand, “Th-this device is for t-trapping and helping euthanize your opponent. E-each button on the surface t-triggers a spring that trips a w-wire… and begins it’s options… Y-you can use them interchangeable to create your f-foe’s worst nightmare!”

 Black nodded boringly, “Yes, yes. Let’s show them how to use it.”

Flug nodded slowly and pressed the red button, producing a ray from a little circle at the very top of the box. Just then, Demencia walked into frame and was zapped automatically. “The ray attacks any motion from your foe…” Flug explained, pushing the green button and so on.

However, as Flug went to put the device back on it’s stand, Black Hat pushed the black button. “You forgot one, Flug.” Black Hat smirked as he pushed it.

Flug flinched away, dropping the device on it’s stand as a black smokey gas formed from the circle, spreading around the room and surrounding 5.0.5. and the doctor. It had no affect on Black Hat, who simply watched the destruction with a grin.

Flug threw a gloved hand up to pinch his nose but the chemicals on his fingers still passed through his respiration system. 5.0.5. had fallen asleep not soon after, his eyes swirling about.

“Well, that’s it for now, ladies and gentleman! The prices are starting at 5 grand and there are only 100 in stock! Better buy some quickly before we run out.” Black Hat smirked, clicking the off button as Flug gagged on the smokey chemicals.

Flug fell to his knees, grabbing at his throat as the chemicals burned his lungs and throat. He sputtered out coughs every now and then as he struggled to breath deeply. His mind began going into the estimated haze.

Black Hat watched with a sadistic smile, “That’s a good one but it doesn’t work on heroes and villains, so you’ll have to make it stronger, Flug.”

Flug inhaled deeply and tried controlling his breathing as the burning subsided. “That w-was t-too much… c-carbon…”

Black Hat’s eyes widened as he watched his scientist rub at his throat sorely, his eyes downcast at the ground in worry for himself. This stuff didn’t harm 5.0.5. at all.

“Carbon?! Flug, why Carbon?!”

“I th-thought it would e-explode the p-person’s lungs….s-sir…”Flug answered, his throat dry and sore and begging for something cold.

“Well, we’ve tested that one now. Go fix it and return again.”

His breath was shakey and he felt like throwing up but he only coughed when the feeling came. In fact, he coughed up red onto the floor and his gloves. Black Hat was gone in a second and back with a glass of water and ice, placing it in front of Flug, “Drink.”

Flug nodded and greedily chugged the cold liquid. “As fun as it is watching you get injured, I can’t have you dying on me yet when my product isn’t finished…”

Flug sent his gaze to the ground again, knowing he was more of an item if anything. He simply nodded and excused himself to his lab, trying not to swallow the water too fast.

As he entered his lab, he placed the cup on his desk and looked at the lunch 5.0.5. brought him. He shook his head and moved it from his workplace before editing the blueprints. Not even twenty minutes later, Black Hat teleported in without a word.

Flug felt his mouth raw and sore once again and tried ignoring it to the best of his ability. He swished his tongue around his mouth and swallowed nervously as the clacking of shoes was suddenly present.

He fixed the solution, adding less Carbon and more of the other elements to make things explode when it got wet. He made sure to add enough to make the explosion enormous enough to blow up a being of over 200 pounds with thicker flesh than a human.

“Is it ready yet, Flug? We have less than an hour.”

“F-for the auction?” Flug asked, glancing partially at his boss.

“Yes, we will have to test it in front of everyone there as well. Might want to perfect it, Flug. And find someone in the crowd or something to test it on this time.”

Flug slowly shook his head, “Y-You mean ch-choose someone f-for death, s-sir? I c-can’t do th-that…”

“Are you disobeying my command?”

“N-No, s-sir…” Flug muttered under hs breath, glancing away to finish his work on the product.

“Good. Keep it that way, Doctor.”

As he finished it, he decided he’d have Demencia test it out. Therefore, when they approached the stage, Demencia was chained by her hands to the stage floor with a frown on her face. 

her arms were crossed as she sat cross-legged on the floor. “Why am I chained here?! Why can’t it be 5.0.5. or something?!” She angrily groaned.

““Do it for Black Hat, Demencia. He’ll be happy.”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, “Really? Really really?”

Flug nodded, feeling bad for manipulating her but going against his instincts. The crowd began forming so Flug decided to join Black Hat near the front, the device on it’s usual stand between them.

“Hello, every villain. Welcome to the auction of our first product for the week, hopefully our top seller as well.” He sent a grin to the other monstrous beings that slightly frightened Flug as much as BH.

Flug sent a fearful glance around the crowd, a few of them winked at the scientist while others glared or snarled or smiled. He sighed and smiled as Black Hat continued, “This is my scientist, Dr. Flug. This device is called the Lethal-Proctor. It will euthanize and help you get rid of those pesky heroes and maybe even humans once and for all! Maybe help you achieve world domination if you’re ever clever and strong enough.”

Flug shuddered at the mention of world domination. His device being used for that, sheesh… He’d be all over the news and known then, everyone would be trying to kidnap him. Something he most definitely did not want. At all.

“My scientist here will explain the device.” Black Hat smiled at the crowd then sent a smirk to Flug.

Flug flinched and nodded, “Ahem… U-Uh… This d-device is composed of multiple t-traps and lethal d-destructive mechanisms. Such as lasers, r-rays, shock nets, l-lethal smoke, and more. Th-this blue button here-” Flug pressed the least lethal button and points the circle of the box at Demencia with an apologietic gaze, “-will s-send out a shock net th-that will cause h-humans to go unconscious and w-weaken heroes.”

Demencia flinched as the net came in contact with her head and shoulders, wrapping around her whole body and wrapping her up before sending multiple levels of different shock charges through her nerves. It fried her will to move for ten seconds at minimum, leaving her breathless but exhilarated on the floor of the stage.

Flug chuckled softly to himself, it worked first try! He nodded softly before pressing the green button, “Th-this one is a ray th-that sends out flames in i-it’s path.” 

A large combustion of bright blue and red flames engulfed the net and Demencia, burning the net into ash and causing burn marks to form on her skin. Black Hat caught in, “These marks on this demon’s body helps to show just how hot the flames are.”

Flug nodded softly and showcased three more buttons before placing the device on the stand, hoping his boss wouldn’t try and press the black button while he stared at the crowd to see if any of the evil villains had questions.

There was one, “Yes?”

“How much is the scientist?”

Black Hat stared at the boy in unfamiliar shock, “What?”

“How much is Dr. Flug? I’m sure I can buy him with the much I got.” The male smirked and sent a wink to the scientist.

Flug blushed beneath his bag and stepped back slightly as Demencia giggled behind him. “Look, nerd boy, someone actually likes you out there!”

Black Hat snarled, “He’s not for sale.”

“You won’t even take 20 grand for him?” The man frowned, “I’ll give you 50…”

“He isn’t for sale!” 

“I’ll take him for 100 grand!” Another man in the crowd spoke up.

A female grinned with sharp teeth and spoke louder than the others, “I’ll buy him for 10 million!”

Black Hat’s eyes brightened and he seemed to consider the offer, 10 million could buy him multiple scientists and materials. The crowd silenced itself as Black Hat held a finger to his chin and glanced to his scientist.

He noticed how the scientist had his eyes trained on the floor, wet and moist as if he were going to cry. His hands were crossed in front of him and he stepped back again in uneasiness.

“He is not for sale. The device is.” Black Hat spoke out, glared at the crowd, “Take it or leave it. There are now 200 new ones in stock and 100 of the commercial prototypes in stock. The prototypes are 5 grand, the new ones are 10 grand.”

Flug stared at the tall demon with immense joy, he wouldn’t be sold off thankfully and he didn’t have to deal with unfamiliar people or other villains that COULD BE worst than Black Hat.

As the auction went on, multiple prototypes had been sold out of the few 100, but almost all the new ones were sold. With only a sixteenth of the new stock left over and a fourth of the old prototypes left, the villainous crew headed back home.

“S-sir…?” Flug tried to manage out in a mumble but the words barely left his lips.

Black Hat didn’t seem to hear him but Flug didn’t try again, instead he just said, “Thank you..” and moved on.

It’s the good ol’ dapper maniac man xD

(right click the picture and select “Open link in new tab” if you can’t see it clearly)

Will do the three others next time :)

but i want to draw Black Hat first cuz he’s my favorite character xD

it’s kinda obvious

not because he is badass or hot or anything whatsoever

but it’s because he’s funny and he kinda relates to me sometimes

and yea, that smile xD

had a lot of fun with that 0u0

Art belongs to me

Black Hat belongs to Villainous

galway girl [jacksepticeye x reader]

a/n; this is my first ever song fic and i can proudly say i had NO IDEA what i was doing…still hope you like it tho!!! <3

warnings; alcohol usage (heavy ups)

words; 2,415

prompt; Can you please please do a jacksepticeye x reader based on Ed sheerens song Galway girl and perfect. Plus they’re already together. Pretty please. Xx  ( anon )


She played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she fell in love with an English man
Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
Said, “baby, I just want to dance”

He really needed a break, he kept telling himself. Really really needed a break. This whole Youtube business proved time and time again just how ridiculously stressful it can be and Sean felt like the walls of his office had started to close in on him. Pushing himself away from editing, he somehow managed to slip on his hat and rush out the door to greet the sunset before it faded into the horizon. The air was still pleasantly warm when he stepped outside, inhaling a greedy breath and immediately feeling much better. Taking a few more leisure steps down the pavement he suddenly remembered that he forgot to lock the door and had to go back.

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“Top Hat Troubles” (Villainous Drabbles)

“Top Hat troubles” Drabble 1

Dr. Flug was sweating more than usual as he stood above the sleeping demon known as Black Hat. His lab coat was already stained with wet sweat, and the stressful situation was made worse by Dementia poking him in the sides. 5.0.5, the lovable blue bear, was shaking behind the two with his paws over his head. He already knew the outcome if they were to ever wake the dreadful villain Black Hat.

Black Hat was sleeping in his red chair from his private office and had made it very clear to never be disturb him under any circumstances. He was sleeping peacefully, which was a surprise and a honor to see from their cruel boss, who always wore a devilish grin or scowl. His gloved hands were over his stomach, as if he were thinking, but his slow breathing made it obvious he was in a deep slumber. Dr. Flug’s fingers twitched in nervousness over his Boss’s black top hat and flinched when Dementia poked Dr. Flug’s side again. He whirled around at her and stomped his foot silently on the carpet.

“Dementia!” He whispered harshly. “Would you stop that? D-do you want to wake him up?!”

Dementia put her hands behind her back, giving him an innocent smile. “I’m not doing anything and besides, if you’re too chicken to do the dare you can always show me what’s underneath your paper bag?” She grinned, gently stroking the bottom of his paper bag. He swiftly pulled down his bag, his eyes widening behind his goggles.

“N-no way! I’ll do the dumb dare.” He turned around and raised his hands up towards Black Hat, ignoring Dementia’s quiet giggles and 5.0.5’s whimpering. Dr. Flug had been dared to take off their boss’s hat due to Dementia’s curiosity. Black Hat always wore his hat no matter where they went, and even when he went to bed. Dr. Flug also found it curious that the hat seemed to stay in place when Black Hat slept or whenever he walked upside down on the ceiling. When Black Hat did remove his top hat, usually another small hat sat underneath. Even though Dr. Flug was frightened to attempt this suicidal dare, he also wanted to relieve his own curiosity to see what exactly was underneath Black Hat’s prize hat.

With a small breath underneath his bag, Dr. Flug gently grabbed the rim of the hat. Dementia and 5.0.5 leaned forward, their breath right on the doctor’s neck. With shaking hands, he slowly lifted up the hat. He watched in anticipation, as the rim was now above Black Hat’s forehead and in a moment the trio would see the secret Black Hat had been hiding underneath.

Unfortunately, due to Dr. Flug’s sweating problem, a drop of liquid seeped through the fabric of his lab coat and onto Black Hat’s monocle.

Black Hat’s eye slowly opened, his right pupil glancing at his monocle and seeing the liquid fall off the glass and onto his cheek. His eye quickly narrowed when he saw the trio in his peripheral vision and the young doctor invading his personal space.

“What…is…going…on…HERE?!” Black Hat growled, his voice switching to his demonic voice. Dr. Flug immediately dropped his hat, making it fall over his Boss’s eyes. Black Hat snarled, his sharp teeth snapping like a shark when he stood up, his claws extending out of his gloves. Another pair ruined.

Dr. Flug let out a pitiful scream when he fell backwards. He desperately began to crawl backwards away from his furious and advancing Boss. Dementia and 5.0.5 raced towards the door but one extension of Black Hat’s hand made the doors immediately slam shut. Dementia and 5.0.5 clawed at the mahogany door, their nails carving into the wood before they turned around and embraced each other as they fell to their knees. Usually begging for forgiveness would help appease Black Hat’s anger, which is what they did once Dr. Flug made it toward them. The trio fell face first onto the carpet, their arms extended out over their heads in a dramatic bow when Black Hat’s eye and monocle glowed red.

“Forgive us! Forgive us!” Dr. Flug cried out, the tears already running down his paper bag. “We didn’t mean to disturb you, Sir Black Hat! Boss! Master!” He clasped his hands together, silently praying for a miracle. He hoped this time Black Hat wouldn’t send them to the torture chambers.

“Didn’t I told you all that I did not want to be disturbed!?” He shouted, before letting out a terrifying, almost godzilla-like, roar. Dr. Flug and the others embraced each other, all of them crying out fearfully.

Dr. Flug did the only thing he thought off, which was to come up with an outrageous excuse. “We just wanted to tell you that your dinner is ready!” Black Hat’s demeanor swiftly changed into an unimpressed scowl, glaring right at Dr. Flug, who slowly made eye contact with him while also hiding behind his own shaking arms. Black Hat turned to Dementia and 5.0.5 with the same scowl. The two flinched when they heard Black Hat’s growl.

“Is this true?”

The two nodded feverishly, going along with the Doctor’s excuse. Black Hat narrowed his eyes, making the trio gulp before their Boss, then he straightened his back and adjusted his black tie.

“Oh, well, why didn’t you idiots say so in the beginning?” His claws disappeared back into his gloves and with a wave of his wrist, the doors opened. The trio fell backwards and became the foot stools of their Boss as he walked right over their backs. “It better be Chinese!” Black Hat grumbled, making his way to the dining room.

The trio got up and breathed a sigh of relief for having escaped with their lives. Dementia and Dr. Flug soon made the agreement to never dare each other if it involved Black Hat. From then on, they kept their games inside the lab and away from the demon.


Edited by @obsessivegeekgirl13

I hope you guys like this short Drabble! ^-^

anonymous asked:

i don't know if you've answered this but what hogwarts houses would all of katie's character's be? and for morgana before and after she turned evil?


Alrighty for the record, I am excluding minor characters (Bess, Rachel, Vixen, Dessie’s Girlfriend) and Lady Thelma and Princess Margaret.

The Rambling Thinky Thoughts of Brittane Presents: Hogwarts Houses - Katie McGrath Edition

Originally posted by zuzalou

Alright ladies, Sorting Hat on! Let’s do this.

Lena Luthor

Originally posted by luthorial

Some may remember that Lena has already been placed by this Sorting Hat but I can’t leave out our love, so I shall revisit and elaborate. I still believe that placing Lena in Slytherin is not the way to go. I know some just associate her with that notion because Slytherin is known for its baddies and SOME PEOPLE still think my cupcake is evil. Don’t make me cut you. On the other hand, speaking more precisely, she does fit the bill in some terms. She is very smart and ambitious. She is cunning and puts maximum effort into achieving her goals. However, Slytherins have an all-or-nothing appeal and aren’t afraid to step on the little guys to get what they want. Slytherins are often in it for the glory of the achievement. That’s just not Lena.

The Hat Dictates: As previously mentioned, Lena is intelligent, creative and very intuitive. She wants to be judged on her own merits and be recognized as independent of the darkness that the Luthor name implies, expressing her will to be recognized as an individual. She is an excellent go-to friend offering meaningful advice and help when needed. She’s also a bit extra and has a slight lick of eccentricity. All traits very commonly celebrated by none other than RAVENCLAW. She says with surprise in her voice, for some reason… Yay Lena!

Hey you! Yeah you! Keep reading for the Sorting Hat’s decision on the rest of our lovely Katie ladies (if you want that is).

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A Tricky Thing

Falling in love was a tricky thing, and it also could hurt like a bitch.

Joe wishes he had known this before he had fallen in love, because maybe then he wouldn’t be staring blankly at his computer screen, trying to work up the motivation to continue editing. The problem was that his mind kept drifting elsewhere.

“Joe!” Jack laughs, swatting at the other man’s hands, “Stop it!”

“Not until you admit it!” Joe grins, easily dodging the flailing hands and finding purchase along Jack’s sides once more, successfully finding the ticklish spots there.


“Do it!”

“I can’t!”

“Yes you can!” Joe shifts his body, causing the back of Jack’s knees to collide with the couch, making the younger man fall back onto the couch, his laughter echoing off of the walls further. He reaches out for Joe’s arm, tugging him down with him, their bodies resting against one another, their faces suddenly very close.

“Hi.” Jack mumbles, his tone breathless from laughing, his blue eyes shining brightly.

“Hi.” Joe replies, closing the small distance between them, their lips moving together slowly.

But before the kiss can deepen, Joe pulls back, ignoring the small groan that comes from his boyfriend.

“You still have to admit it.”

“Admit what again?” Jack asks, his eyes blinking open slowly.

“That I’m amazing and wonderful and you love me.”

“I’ll always love you.” Jack tells him, sincerity shining in his eyes, and the look causes Joe’s breath to catch in his throat for a second.

“And I’ll always love you.” He finally whispers back, moving in to kiss him once more.

Joe shakes his head, shifting in his seat. He needs to stop letting memories distract him, this video was supposed to be going up tonight and he was only partially through it.

Letting out a deep sigh, he lifts the hat from his head and runs his fingers through his hair before replacing the hat in its previous position.

Swiping his fingers across the trackpad, his laptop comes back to life, the paused video staring back at him. The moment is paused on his face, and he was smiling and laughing at something the other person—he thinks it was Josh or Caspar—had said. But what catches Joe’s attention is the fact that the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. He frowns as he studies his own face on the computer, wondering when the light and happiness had left his eyes, because he remembered past videos when the joyful emotion had filled his entire face.

He had wondered when a lot of things had changed before though. And just like that, he’s lost in another memory.

“Dammit.” Jack growls, tossing the keys on to the counter, “Why don’t you fucking trust me?!”

“It’s kind of hard when you go and act like that!” Joe replies furiously, gesturing wildly in front of him. “What did you expect me to do? Sit back and just let you flirt!?”

“I wasn’t flirting!”

“Then what the hell were you doing?!”

When Jack’s mouth open and closes, his mind clearly trying to work through a plausible excuse, Joe simply shakes his head.

This was the fourth night in a row the two had come home and argued. The past two nights Jack hadn’t even stayed the night, not after storming out of the flat, both of their emotions running high.

Joe was tired; tied of fighting, of questioning Jack’s loyalty, of feeling like this.

“I wasn’t flirting.” Jack finally says. “And you should take my word for it.”

“I’m not sure I can.” Joe answers honestly, wondering when Jack had started looking at him like that, like he didn’t know the man standing before him.

And did Joe truly know the person in front of him? He wasn’t sure anymore.

That was the first moment, Joe realizes, the first moment that made him think that perhaps him and Jack were heading down a road they couldn’t turn around on. And it was a road he never wanted to take.

Shaking his head, he finally focuses on the screen, and Joe quickly jumps to another section of the video, letting it play while he watched for moments to be edited out. His mind and body go on to autopilot, working through the video and editing it without him really paying attention. His heart wasn’t in it any more, hadn’t been for a while if he was being honest. Not since….

Joe shakes his head again, determined to not think about how long it’s been. And how he knows exactly just how long it has been since he last saw him. And he is definitely not going to think about how it still hurts. Even the happy memories.

Because as soon as he starts thinking about all of that, he’ll get no where. Except further into that black hole he’d just barely crawled out of.

“Come on, Sugg.” Joe mutters to himself, his eyes following the movements on the screen, “You have to get over it.”

But he knows he won’t get over it, not yet. Not over him.

“You promised me.” Joe says weakly, “You promised me you’d always love me.”

“I know.“ Jack replies, closing his eyes, because he can’t bear to see the look on Joe’s face, not when there’s such anguish.

“What…what happened?”

“I,” Jack wets his lips quickly, “I don’t know.”

The younger man’s eyes reopen, blue meeting blue, and there’s a heavy silence between them, a feat so abnormal for them.

“You can’t be surprised, Joe.” Jack finally says, “You can’t tell me you haven’t started to feel the same way recently. You know things have changed.”

Joe takes in a breath, buying himself a moment, before finally he nods, because Jack is right, things have changed. And it kills him that they have.

“I’m sorry.” Jack whispers, his hand reaching out so his fingers brush against Joe’s, “I truly am.”

“Don’t.” Joe shakes his head, his hand jerking away from Jack’s. “Just…don’t.”

A slow breath moves past Jack’s lips, but he doesn’t say anything more. Instead, Joe remains standing there while the other man moves past him, and then out the door, the click echoing loudly in the room. A room that used to be filled with love and laughter, their love and laughter. Now it was empty and silent.

Except a moment later it’s filled with the quiet cry coming from Joe, the sounds of his heartbreak filling the void left behind by Jack.

Joe starts when he feels something wet hit his hand, and he realizes a moment later that he’s crying. Fresh tears are falling down his cheeks, and a small sob slips past his lips a moment later, cut off as he slaps a hand over his mouth.

He pushes his chair back from the desk, his torso bending over his knees as the heartbreak washes over him afresh, and he can’t help but sit there and cry, letting out all the anguish and pain. He wishes he could make it stop, he wishes he could stop loving Jack.

But he can’t.

And god, how Joe wishes someone told him that falling in love could hurt so much, because maybe then he wouldn’t be sitting here and feeling like this.

“Santa, Baby” (Hyungwon Fluff/Smut)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Title: Santa, Baby

Featuring: Hyungwon (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Romantic smut

Summary Hyungwon is playing Santa at the Christmas Party, and gives you exactly what you want.

Requested by anon!

“I have to admit, you make a lousy Santa” you said as you pat Hyungwon’s non-existent stomach. The Santa outfit draped him, hung off him in red and white velvet. He pulled the hat on his head and sighed.

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midautumnnightdream  asked:

Courfeyrac is very much There for various Romantic shenanigans, but he's a bit like Gautier with "But Practicalities??" Dancing wildly through the streets all night is an awesome concept, but his feet hurt and really he wanted to fall asleep hours ago? Anyone who thinks stealing a skeleton is a great idea has never tried to transport one through several quarters, in the dark, while keeping it more-or-less in one piece. (He has never quite forgiven Prouvaire for that one. (1/2)

Or Bahorel for laughing at him when the skull dropped on his foot. Or Combeferre for saying he deserved it while bandaging him up) (2/2)

I have nothing to add to this beautiful headcanon except this: 

Courfeyrac was draped over the sofa at a salon in the Latin Quarter, his eyelids drooping heavily, his hat askance, his cravat abandoned to some charming young woman. He refused the third cup of coffee that was offered to him.His head was spinning from lack of sleep and he was pretty sure he had just vomited on the fashionable Turkish rug in the middle of the room. He could not tell for sure, because time kept its warp pace and he had no idea how long he had been at this party, it could have been years or months instead of several hours, which his pocket watch showed. 

‘Is it fashionably late to make excuses to leave?’ he shouted to Bahorel amid the noise of the talk, ‘I’ve danced with charming young women for hours till my feet hurt, even participated in a cancan, which I suspect is illegal and drunk some of the punch and passed out, I think I’ve reached peak fun times.’ 

There were people talking, reciting poetry, putting on a dramatic performance. Someone was even juggling knives. In the far corner a piano was being played upon, rather badly. Courfeyrac who had taken piano lessons in his youth, because of his older sisters, could tell it was off-key and it pained him to hear it.    

Bahorel put away the pipe he was smoking and raised his eyebrows. He was thoroughly enjoying himself at this salon, he had acquired a reputation as an outrageous member of the petit cenacle. The young men and women flocked around him as he easily moved from talking about Robespierre to talking about art and theatre.  

He looked at Courfeyrac closely and noticing his friend’s haggard appearance and sleep deprived face said gently, ‘Can you walk? I’ll call a cab.’

As the cab rattled along the narrow streets, Courfeyrac lightly closed his eyes.

‘Why is it that I always find myself in impractical situations, with you two? Remember when you and Jehan asked me to help you in smuggling a skeleton across half of Paris?’

‘Vaguely.’ Bahorel said with a twinkle in his eyes. 

Courfeyrac was wide awake now, ‘I should write a manual on how to transport skeletons: Bouzingo edition. First, don’t get caught in the rain while supporting the damn thing. Second, make sure you have a good excuse when dealing with curious gendarmes and no, this is the skeleton of a pretty young lady who is now haunting Paris as a ghost and we hope to unite her with her lover, does not count, be sure to inform Jehan of that. Thirdly, do I need to continue?’ Courfeyrac said as they reached his lodgings. 

Marius was still not home from wooing his lady love, a good thing, Courfeyrac thought as they collapsed on the bed, he would have hated to have woken his roommate up. 

Thirdly,’ Courfeyrac said with more emphasis, ‘Don’t let the skull fall on your feet while trying to navigate the streets in the dark and have your friends laugh at you.’

‘I am chastened and ashamed, I did not mean to, Courfeyrac.’ Bahorel said with a dramatic flourish which made Courfeyrac think his friend would have made a better Hernani than any living actor in Paris. 

Bahorel helped Courfeyrac to clean up and discard his hat, shoes and waistcoat. Courfeyrac slipped into his bed and smiled, ‘It was a good joke, running around with the skeleton. I tell this story to everyone, they laugh and I enjoy it. Though, it was less comforting to end up with a broken foot and having to explain to Combeferre how it was I got the injury. I wish to pay him back for the insult. He had the nerve, the absolute nerve….’ 

‘For what?’ Bahorel was grinning. 

‘To say that I had deserved it.’ Courfeyrac said ruefully, ‘The worst part was that he wasn’t actually wrong.’          

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 11: The Day The Tutor Had To Go Home

Recommended Song: As I Told You covered by BTS

|All Chapters|


It was the day you had to leave and it was a day you would not forget.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 5313

Length: 11/?

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Theory 1: Thoughts on Nerris and Harrison

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this blog’s first official theory!

As I had already revealed in a previous update, this theory is going to be centered around my personal favorite background characters: Harrison and Nerris! As I’ve also revealed, the topic is going to be about why they appeared to be rivals in episode one, and what might have caused a shift in their relationship.

To do this, I’ll be analyzing their interactions episode-by-episode, and will be adding some thoughts along the way.

Episode 1: Escape from  Camp Campbell -

Was mostly based around the main trio and counselors, but there was a certain interaction between them worth noting.

When Harrison was innocently walking past Nerris’s ‘camp’, mostly likely to go wash the tomato off his face, Nerris whacked him upside the head with her fake sword. I first wrote this off as her being in character, but then I paused the scene.

That look is someone who is pissed, and with good reason. Plus, if you pause before the scene with them ends, you see this:

To me, Harrison’s expression here can be taken as either one of two ways: A) This has never happened to him before and he’s genuinely scared and confused, or B) He knows exactly why Nerris is pissed and regrets going near her area of the camp.

Both options are good, but if we hypothetically say the latter is correct, then their interaction next episode surprisingly makes sense.

Side note: It took Neil cursing to make Nerris stop whaling on Harrison.

Episode 2: Mascot -

Once again, these two were mainly in the background, but there was a little scene that caught my attention.

After David announces the rest of the campers would be on his team for the mascot hunt, we get a quick little scene of what appears to be Harrison and Nerris trying to perform magic. However, if you take a closer look, Nerris actually gives a short glance to Harrison with an almost challenging expression as she tries to cast a spell.

To me, this suggests that these two were actually competing against one another, possible to prove who was better at magic.

Plus, their reactions to David referring to them both as “Magic Kid” could confirm this.



Them correcting the other in this way, to me, clearly shows they don’t want to be grouped together under a broad label. Furthermore, we could even go out on a limb and say that they both believe they’re the best at magic, and are currently in a feud to prove themselves.

Plus, under this theory, Harrison pulling that rabbit out of his hat makes so much more sense; he was simply trying to upstage Nerris in front of an audience.

Side Note: Just look at how smug he looks when pulls that rabbit out of his hat.

I have no idea who he was looking to, but I almost guarantee you it was Nerris.

Episode 3: Scout’s Dishonor -

Not Featured

Episode 4: Camp Cool Kidz -

Okay, so far them feuding makes the most sense theory wise, but I believe that this is the episode where their relationship begins to change..

For example, right after Nikki tells Max she won’t regret choosing Erid for a leader, the scene cuts to show Nerris and Harrison guarding the mess hall.

To me, this shows something significant has happened between them.

Sure, Erid may have their respect, but I highly doubt feuding ten-year-olds would just stop fighting because someone told them they had to work together. Maybe they would at first, but more than likely, they’d just go back to fighting. I honestly see David being the cause of their teamwork. Afterall, he’s been shown on multiple occasions to strive for diplomacy over violence, plus he had nothing else to do while tied upside down. Perhaps he was able to talk the two into discussing what had been bugging them, and through that, the two were able to agree to a stalemate.

This is further supported by the two not corrected Erid when she refers to them as “Magic Dudes” - something David had essentially done just two episodes prior.

The only thing that disproves this is what Nerris yells after Harrison accidentally sets David on fire.

“You suck, Harrison!”

Despite this, I firmly believe this is the episode where they slowly started becoming friends, and the only explanation I have to offer for that last bit is that old habits die hard.

Episode 5: Journey to Spooky Island -

Not Featured

Episode 6: Reigny Day -

Nerris and Harrison were sadly given little screen time this episode, but there is actually some evidence to support my earlier claims.

After interrogating Space Kid, the scene cuts over to the rest of the campers to reveal that Nerris and Harrison are actually willingly sitting at the same table as one another - albeit a few inches apart. To me, this shows that the talk they most likely had during episode 4 is paying off, and are slowly becoming comfortable being friends.

Additionally, look at how concerned Nerris looks for Harrison when Dolph kicks his art off the table.

Episode 7: Romeo and Juliet II: The Resurrected -

After David’s initial try to silence the crowd, the scene cuts to show Harrison performing a trick for a happily watching Nerris and Erid.

This image just makes me so happy for a multitude of reasons.

For starters, just look at how closer Nerris has moved toward Harrison compared to the last episode alone. Additionally, just look at how undivided her attention is, and that smile; she’s genuinely interested in his trick and thinks it’s cool.

This alone shows me that the feud they most likely had is now over, and are now finally seeing each other as friends instead enemies.

Episode 8: Into Town -  

Not Featured

Episode 9: David Gets Hard -

After David recaps that the camp had gone base-jumping for Erid’s extreme sports camp, the camera pans over to show a very worried looking Nerris hurriedly trying to free a frozen Harrison with an ice pick.

Additionally, before the moment ends, Nerris looks very regretful for accidentally chipping Harrison’s arm off.

“I can fix it.”

Just the worry in her voice alone tells me she genuinely is concerned for Harrison’s well being right now, and desperately wants to help the other. It’s just such a big change from how they treated each other at the beginning of the season, and I’m glad to see such a strong bond of friendship forged between them.

Side note: If you pause right before Nikki and Neil’s conversation, you can actually see Nerris and Harrison playing a makeshift version of baseball in the background.

In conclusion, it’s in my personal opinion that we’ve witness Harrison and Nerris go from enemies to friends all from the background of these nine episodes. It’s unclear at the moment exactly where their relationship goes from here, but at the very least, they shouldn’t be enemies again anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading this theory, and I hope you enjoyed it! If I happened to miss any details that may prove/disprove this theory, or just have a different opinion on the subject, please let me know so I can add it on! :D And as always, please feel free to submit suggestions or even your own theories through the ask!

(Edit: Okay, so I saw that I accidentally forgot to add one of the pictures, but now it’s fixed. :))

Comics to Read, Post Pi Day, Ides of March edition

Greetings from the land of Snowpocalypse (not really). Sadly I did not have any pie yesterday for Pi day but will send a postcard to the White House for the Ides of Trump. 

But on to comics! And today I have three for you (I might have had four but Dark Horse dropped me from their reviewers list). I am most excited for the arrival of yet another first issue for one of my favorite characters.

The 0 issue was a good, necessary introduction or reintroduction of the character. This issue puts Kate smack in the middle of a case and it is expert piece of writing and art. I want to start with the art by Steve Epting which is smart, sharp and expedient in its story telling while also offering beautiful backgrounds and character work. Epting is known for his work on Marvel’s Winter Soldier but he did equal if not superior work on Image’s Velvet and he is the perfect pick for this book. The writing by James Tynion and Marguerite Bennett is also very strong. If you read Detective you know Tynion “gets” Kate but I can see Bennett’s hand too and look forward to her flying solo. Batwoman has been through so much in the last decade and its good to see the book is back in strong hands with a team who respects her past and is building an exciting engrossing future. Jump on board this.

I’ve enjoyed each issue of this book but while I was reading this crazy train issue I thought how much it will be good to reread this all the way through once it reaches its climax. This issue runs into the Mad Hatter and he Mad Hats the fuck out of Batman with his mind altering. The art by Giuseppi Camuncoli reflects that mind-hatting experience with a surreal, pop feel. I don’t often note lettering work but Steve Wands is a standout here in creating the mind altering feel of the book. The Batfamily shows up here and it leads to one of my favorite Snyder/Bat lines. I’ll let you discover it.

LIz Prince’s Tomboy was one of my favorite graphic novels from a few years back and she has been busy doing sequential work for the Boom folks. Today her all ages Coady and the Creepies debuts and its is engaging first issue crossing multiple genres - All girl band ala Jem and Josie? Check. Mystery solving team ala Scooby Gang? Check. Energetic romping feel with younger chacters ala Gotham Academy and the Lumberjanes? Check. I think that says what you need to know if you’re going to pick this up, which I recommend you do.

That’s it for me this week. I am still engrossed by Riverdale and my daughter and I have been obsessed with rereading Archie comics since the holidays. This past weekend we discussed the show, Jughead being Ace and the need for the show to include more characters (My daughter demands Nancy) on a long trip from a college visit. That’s why I am going to give a shout out to this comic from a few weeks back that leads into the new series launching next month. It’s the backstory to the show and is a must for anyone who is into this show (although I can understand the issues of those who aren’t). 

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

cherryminted  asked:

idk if u still do the 3 sentences fic or fic request at all but im feeling a lil down today and maybe ur fic can enlighten it! what if kakashi jr. find his parents are quarrelling and its like, a very huge fight?

Technically the three sentence prompts are done but what’s this about feeling down??? How dare the world???

 *straps on writing hat*

I don’t know why I have a writing hat or why it has straps

Also I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t actually name him Kakashi Jr. just because it would get really confusing referring to them by the same name. Enjoy some really quick writing and I hope you feel better soon! Edit: You can also read it on AO3 now as well!


Takashi’s mom was kind of famous for having a temper, and a destructive one at that. The whole village was familiar with just how loud she could be when riled. So it wasn’t really the volume of his mom’s voice that was bothering him right now so much as what she was saying.

She’d been yelling at his dad for what felt like forever and, like he always did when confronted with this kind of blunt accusation, Takashi’s dad had shut down and was not responding. The young boy wasn’t even in the room but he could picture the Rokudaime Hokage standing utterly still, hands deep in his pockets and both eyes half lidded in a misleading expression of detachment.  He could also picture his mother, Sakura, with her thunderous expression and her strong arms waving madly through the air while she continued to throw words like knives, seemingly uncaring of the wounds they inflicted. 

And the worst part was that Takashi knew it was all his own fault. His dad wasn’t to blame yet he’d said nothing in his own defense. Takashi wasn’t sure if it was because Kakashi always said he would back him in anything he did in life or if it was just because he didn’t appreciate the way he was being spoken to and refused to engage. Either way the thirteen year old recognized the very serious dilemma in front of him: to tell or not to tell. 

On the one hand, owning up to what he had done was the right thing to do and both of his parents had always taught him to do the right thing whenever possible. On the other hand he was terrified. His mother would turn her anger to him and most smart shinobi tried to avoid that exact situation; it had spelled death for many people before him. He shuddered to think of what she would do to him upon finding out what he had done. More terrifying, however, was the thought of her finding out some day that he had allowed his dad to take the fall for him and that decided it. He would have to tell. 

Takashi gulped as he swung open the door to his room, feeling a little like he was marching to his death. He gathered every scrap of courage he had and placed one foot in front of the other, step by step, until he had reached the center of the storm that raged through their house.

Sakura looked as if she had run home straight from the hospital upon hearing the news. She was still wearing her Head Medic uniform and there was a small bloodstain on the hem, wrinkles on the arms, stress lines on her face. Across from her Kakashi looked as if he were pulling farther in to himself than Takashi had ever seen and it broke his heart to be a peripheral cause of that. He knew very well the hard life his dad had lived; he didn’t deserve any more unhappiness, no matter how fleeting. 

“-still a child Kakashi, how could you!? Do you not care about his well-being? His life? Do you want him to be like you so badly? How dare you!” 


Sakura’s voice cut off at his quiet, pathetic call. The quiet in the absence of her words was like a ringing in his ears and he trembled under the weight of it. Kakashi seemed to slowly rise from a stupor, his eyes sliding over to rest on his son with a flat, dead look to them. 

“Takashi,” Sakura grunted, “you can tell we’re in the middle of something. Now is not the time.”

“Mom, it’s important.”

He watched his mom lift a hand to rub the bridge of her nose. She sounded as if she were barely controlling herself as she asked, “What is it?” 

“It’s…you shouldn’t be mad at dad.” Sakura looked at him sharply and he rushed through the rest of his words, knowing if he faltered then he would lose his courage and not say them at all. “You should be mad at me. It wasn’t dad who signed the form, it was me. I forged his name.”  

He swallowed thickly, shaking and scared and refusing to cry as the ire built up again in Sakura’s face. Her fists clenched and un-clenched rhythmically.

“You forged his name?”


“On a form stating that, in his opinion, your team was ready to take on a B-rank mission meant for seasoned chunin?”


He’d known that Naruto-sama had asked his dad to help oversee the missions being handed out, to help assess each team and assign them appropriately. He’d also known exactly which genin was carrying the assessments and where they were filed. It had been easy for someone in the know to switch one of them out so that his team was noted as being highly skilled, ready for advanced missions. 

It wasn’t the greatest plan he’d ever come up with, in hindsight, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Sakura had already looked ready to start spewing steam from her ears when he had come in to the room. Now she seemed about to breathe fire. The full weight of the wrongness of what he had done came crashing down on Takashi like a doton burying him in an avalanche. 

“Do you understand what could have happened!?” Sakura screeched. “Your team is not ready and there is a reason for those assessments! You could have died, Takashi! Your teammates could have died! Your jonin-sensei could have died trying to protect you! Do you want that on your conscience? Do you want your teammates to come home with scars and trauma? For every time you look at them to be reminded that it was your actions that led to those things? And all for what? To look cool!?”

Takashi was crying before she had gotten through her third sentence. 

“And that’s just the personal implications! You-you-look at your father Hatake Takashi. You look him in the eye and tell me what part of your genius plan seemed smart to you. To lay the blame for your stupidity at his feet.” 

Sakura railed and ranted and by the end both she and her child were weeping messes of emotion. Of fear and anger and relief - such strong relief that nothing bad had happened. That he was alive and whole and safe to do something just as stupid on another day. 

He hated to see his mother cry, to know that he had caused her pain, but Takashi stood still like the strong shinobi he wanted to be and let her storm wash over him. He had brought it on himself and he would take the consequences. 

(He would never never do something this stupid again)

When it was over Takashi had been grounded for a month, had his video game privileges revoked, and been warned of the overwhelming list of chores he would be sentenced to attending to around the house for the foreseeable future. All in all, he felt almost as if he had gotten off lightly considering how serious the consequences could have been. 

He shuffled back to his room when his mother stormed off to the forest behind their home to vent the rest of her emotions. He tried desperately to stem the flow of tears and nothing seemed to work until the door to his room creaked open to reveal his father standing there.

Kakashi looked nothing more than tired, exhausted, like shutting down had taken all of the energy from him and he wasn’t sure how to get it back. Takashi looked up at him helplessly, not knowing what to say. 

“That was very brave,” his dad told him quietly. “Very brave of you to tell the truth knowing what would happen if you did.” 

“I’m sorry, dad! I’m sorry!” Takashi burst in to tears all over again, burying his face in his hands. He felt like the scum of the earth. 

He was surprised to find arms winding around his shoulders, pulling him in to his father’s chest and letting him cry there like he had as a child with a scraped knee. Takashi sobbed, clinging to his dad’s shirt and burrowing in to his embrace. Nothing was safer than Kakashi’s arms and they had always held the power to make the world disappear no matter how old he got. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered again after a long time had passed, when his weeping had become a steady slow trickle of tears. He felt Kakashi pet his hair soothingly. 

“Yes, I know. And you should be.”

“Why didn’t you tell mom that it wasn’t you?” he asked. Incredibly, considering how little emotion he had seen in his father when he’d come in, Kakashi chuckled.

“Your mother has always been…spirited, I think I’ll call it. When she’s angry she’s not very willing to listen to reason. She knows that and she’s been trying to work on it for years. But this involved you and your safety. You are the single most precious thing in both of our lives. Loves makes us all irrational, but especially your mother. She needed to yell and scream. She needed to vent. I thought it would be best for her to get it out first, then when she had calmed down enough she might listen.” Kakashi pulled them apart a little to look in to his son’s eyes. “Better that she yells at me than you. I knew what her temper was like when I married her and I have accepted that part of her, ugly as it is.” 

Takashi puffed up automatically. “Mom’s not ugly!” 

“Her temper is,” Kakashi pointed out. “No one is perfect, Takashi. Every person you meet will have ugly parts but loving someone means that you accept their ugly parts as well as their beautiful ones. You don’t have to like it, only accept it. I love you very much but that doesn’t mean I have to like the fact that you are a giant squish-face knucklehead.”

“Daaaaaad!” Takashi scrunched up his nose. “I’m not five anymore! Quit calling me squish-face!”

“Never!” Kakashi turned his eyes up in a smile and even though he was still full of grief and terror and guilt and annoyance, Takashi smiled back, just a tiny bit happy.

“I love you too, dad,” he said. “And I’m really, really sorry.”

Kakashi’s eyes opened to give him a very long look. Takashi bore it in silence until finally his dad told him, “And I forgive you.”

And he felt like everything might be okay after all.

(When Sakura came home and he heard her whispering apologies to her husband over and over, Takashi kept his ear pressed to the wall and made himself listen to every single word. His dad was right. Sakura’s temper was an ugly thing but that didn’t make her less of a beautiful person. He could only hope to be more like her some day.) 

Some high school advice

1 2 3 eyes on the overachieving upperclassmen! Alright kiddos. I still have (about) another 50 days until I go back to school, but I know some people who are starting the first week of August (wth). So here is some solid ass advice to up your high school game.

  • Every school seems to have SOMETHING that is outlawed. Either it’s hats, headphones, or you have a killer dress code. My protip? Walk fast. Seriously. Walk like a raging hurricane, like you ABSOLUTELY have somewhere to be and you can’t be stopped. This isn’t a 100% guarantee but this saves me from about 85% of grief from the school security about my hats (they’re cuTE okay??).
    • Don’t run though, then you look suspicious. Just walk so fast you pretty much could be running.
    • Upon editing this I do realize it probably helps my legs are super long and that probably gives me an advantage here but if you got ‘lil legs just do the best you can
  • If you have a locker on a prime hallway? USE THAT SHIT SON. Oh my god. I have so many friends who drag their coats around or leave their lunch boxes/sweatshirts in classrooms. 
    • My locker is on the English hallway and I use it every day, usually multiple times a day. I keep non-perishable food in there, a first-aid kit, a change of clothes, extra books, emergency cash, etc.
    • My locker honest-to-god saved my back when I was writing a 5000 word essay on the Russian Revolution. Those books were bigger than me! 
    • Don’t know how to use your locker? Ask someone for help! Can’t remember your locker combo? Write it in your phone! Don’t even know where your locker is? Go to building security!
  • Don’t skimp out on these given school supplies: Binders, highlighters, essay pens. Cheap binders break before you can even blink your eye, cheap highlighters WILL bleed all over your bag and ruin everything, and cheap essay pens WILL run out of ink halfway through your essay. On that note:
  • Have essay pens. One or two nice pens that are ONLY for writing essays, I would suggest one in black and one in blue. Ink that dries quickly and doesn’t smudge, that isn’t super thick so it’s easily readable. If you write in both cursive and print, make sure it’s readable in both. Nobody touches the essay pens. 
    • My favorite is the uni-ball vision pen in ultra-fine or fine thickness. (If you have messy handwriting, fine may be too thick and might bleed together).
  • Want yourself a nice, sturdy case? Get yourself one of these. 
    • I honestly couldn’t tell you where I bought mine from, it was so long ago, but do you want to know how long I’ve had it? TWELVE. FUCKING. YEARS. You want to know if it still works? YOU BET YOUR FUCKING ASS IT DOES.  LIKE A FUCKING CHARM. THE ZIPPER HAS NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED FALLING OFF
    • I tell people and they’re like … nooo … not possible. Look at the bottom of my case, where the stickers are. You see the stickers above my thumb? I GOT THOSE IN THIRD FUCKING GRADE. 
    • And I am the fucking TANK of school supplies I go through this shit faster than you can blink your eye. But does this pencil case still work? YES. BUY YOURSELF ONE OF THESE FUCKING TANKS OF THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES WORLD.
    • The color is really nice too, despite lil baby me being obsessed with pink.
  • Deodorant. Keep deodorant on you. Or keep it in your locker. Stuff it into your period pouch. 
    • Wherever, whatever, but there is going to be multiple days where you get to school in the middle of summer and the heat is ON and nobody can turn it off and I can guarantee everyone will smell super gross. 
    • But you can smell as fresh as a heckin’ daisy if you just stuff some travel deodorant in your bag.
  • Makeup wipes are multipurpose. If you 
    • (1) don’t bring deodorant they work to remove the stink in a pinch, 
    • (2) can wipe off most of your sweat after gym class, 
    • (3) if you fall asleep and somebody writes ‘penis’ on your forehead you can wipe it off, 
    • (4) can actually remove makeup in case something disastrous happens like getting caught outside in a rain storm. Yes… all of those have happened to me… bring makeup wipes kids.
  • Make friends. . with ur teachers.  IDK if you’re that type of person but I 900% am. I can’t really instruct you on HOW to be friends with your teachers, either you’re that type of person or you’re not. 
    • Also depends on the teacher. But if you can’t be friends with them, at least be a teacher’s pet, and if not that, be proactive at the very least. 
    • Ask questions/show them work outside of class and ask for help. That shows you’re interested & invested in the class. It will also probably help you understand the material way better, and next time they’re grading your essay/test and you go out on a bittt of a limb they’ll accept it. 
    • Story time! I once wrote about how the moon in one scene of the Odyssey represented Artemis and her eternal fight with Ophiotaurus as Odysseus and whomever battled underneath the moon, as a symbol of the deus ex machina that is so heavily found within the Odyssey. 
    • Where did I get Artemis and Ophiotaurus from? Percy Jackson. Did I actually read the Odyssey? No. Did she accept my answer? Yes. Why? I’m a bit of a teacher’s pet. Every other student in class badmouthed me and called me a suckup and a bitch but whatever, it got me an A in her hard-as-nails english class sooooo.
  • On that note, it’s much better to write something on a test than nothing at all. Hurr durr, then my teacher can tell I didn’t read. Yeah, they can for the most part. But giving a dumbass answer is way better than giving no answer, and is more easily explained away. On multiple choice tests, go by process of elimination. If it’s not A or C, it must be B or D. 50/50 chance. Something is better than nothing I promise.

And that’s everything. I hope this helps y’all out a bit!

"The locket" (Villainous Drabble)

“The locket” Drabble 5

He remembered the first time he accidentally saw the locket. Dr.Flug needed to turn in his reports on the new evil inventions he had created for Black Hat Inc. to his boss, Black Hat. He was fumbling through his papers, nervously checking every detail in the hopes that there was nothing for Black Hat to be angry about. Dr.Flug slightly opened the door to peek in and see if it was the right time to enter. Through the crack in the door, he saw Black Hat sitting his chair and staring out of the large window behind him. Dr. Flug’s first instinct was to come back later, as he assumed his boss was busy, but he noticed something in the demon’s gloved hand. The young inventor’s eyes narrowed and saw Black Hat fiddling with a locket the size of a pocket watch. He couldn’t make out the fine details but noted that it was gold in color.
It wasn’t strange that Black Hat had memorabilia of the heroes he defeated, which is what Flug initially thought the locket might have been. But for the first time, instead of cackling to himself and reminiscing on how he defeated said hero…Dr.Flug heard a sigh.
He saw how Black Hat stared down at the locket, his gloved thumb grazing across the round frame before he pressed a button in the side. The locket sprung open, and Flug was surprised to see his Boss with a look a sadness in his eyes.
Flug gasped softly, accidentally pushing against the door and making it squeak loudly. The sudden sound made Black Hat immediately shut the locket, and he shoved it into the right drawer of his desk.

“Dr. Flug! What are you doing?” Black Hat growled, watching Flug stumble to keep his balance while trying to keep his papers from flying out of his arms.

“S-sorry Sir! B-but you wanted to take a look at my reports?” Flug stammered, his eyes moving towards the drawer as Black Hat slammed it. The demon rolled his eyes and motioned the doctor to sit in the spare chair in front of him.

“Alright, but make it quick! I have a meeting with a villain named Hook soon.”

“Y-yes sir!”

The reports went smoothly, and he was able to retreat to his lab to work on perfecting the devices. Yet the sight of the locket would not leave his head. He had never known Black Hat to intentionally hide something, especially if it was important to himself. The demon usually liked to brag about his things, but it appeared that Black Hat didn’t want Flug to see it if the way he quickly shoved it away was any indication.
Dr. Flug had to see it. He made it his personal mission to see what was in that locket. Was it a reminder of a loss? Against a hero? That could be a reason as to why he would hide it. Could it be that Black Hat wasn’t invincible? The thought ran through his brain.
The doctor silently snuck through the dark hallways that led to Black Hat’s office. He hid behind the corner of a wall when the door suddenly opened.

“Alright Mr. Hook, I’ll be happy to show you what kind of devices we have for your little “Pan” problem.” Black Hat said with a grin. Flug took a glance and saw an eccentrically dressed pirate.

“Do you also have something to get rid of a crocodile?” The pirate asked, rubbing his hands together. Black Hat raised a brow. “It is also a problem.”

“Have you tried a gun?”

Black Hat led the pirate down another hallway, giving Flug the chance to run into the office. He silently closed the door and took a nervous look around the room to make sure it was safe to proceed. Flug tip-toed his way to the desk and stood behind it. There was a series of drawers, but he was only interested in the top right. Flug gulped, knowing full well that being caught could mean extremely painful torture.
He slowly pulled out the drawer and saw the gold glint of the locket. He immediately grabbed it as if he had found a personal treasure, and cupped it in his hands. The cover of the locket was etched with swirls and had Black Hat’s logo on it, which was a top hat. He turned it around and saw a message.

“For my beloved, Blackhat…1857.” Flug whispered, surprised to see the word “beloved” and “Black Hat” together. “What?”
He turned it back around and pressed his thumb against its side, making it open. His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw the black and white photo. It was worn due to age, and the details weren’t fine, but it was obvious who was in the photo. He saw Black Hat standing erect and proud as he was in many of his photos and paintings. His suit was slightly different. His tie was instead a scarf tucked into a vest that had three buttons on the right side. He still had his top hat and monocle, but what surprised Flug the most was the woman.
She was a young, fair faced woman with large black curls pulled back in a pony-tail. She had a small smile on her face, and her eyes had a look of mischief and playfulness. She wore an elegant short sleeved dress of the era, decorated in floral designs.
Flug stared at the photo in silence, not sure what to make of it. They were both looking at the camera with a frozen smile when it was taken. Flug blinked and glanced at the left side of the locket, seeing another message inside.

“In hopes for your future conquerings….Eliza.” Flug tilted his head. Eliza. Who was she to Black Hat? An employee? A poor soul he kidnapped for his own financial gain? (Like him.) Or could she have been a lover?
Dr.Flug scoffed at the idea. No. She couldn’t be. But deep down, he wondered if it could be possible. He immediately snapped the locket shut and placed it back in the drawer. He would have to conduct some research on her if he wanted to know. He walked back to the door and was about to open it, when he had his face smashed in by the door suddenly opening from the other side. He fell over, clutching at his paper bag in pain.

“Dr. Flug!” Black Hat shouted. “What are you doing in my office?” He snarled, as he stepped over the doctor. Flug gasped and began to shake in fear.

“I was uh! I was! Looking for you! I thought you might have needed me to show your client our new inventions?”

Black Hat’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, and he moved away from him. “That is not necessary.” he said, straightening his tie. “I gave him one of our jet packs; apparently his enemy can fly and he wanted to match him. I told him a cross brow would suffice but he wouldn’t listen.”


Black Hat whirled back at the doctor. “What are you still doing here? Get out!” He demanded.
Flug gave out a cry and immediately ran off on all fours. That was twice in a row he had escaped from his wrath. He must have had extremely good luck that day. Now, all he needed to do was find out who Eliza was and her relationship to Black Hat.

To this day, no matter how much Flug tried to find out Eliza’s identity, he had always come up empty.

Who is Eliza?

I hope you all enjoyed it!
Edited by @obsessivegeekgirl13