and the hat just ugh



Ten Days of LawLu Day 1: Meeting//First Impressions

I didn’t have a lot of time to create anything for the start of this event, but Luffy’s fascination with Bepo is one of my favourite things. Poor Law, he was probably sitting there just waiting for the most dramatic moment to strike up a conversation and then Luffy flat out ignores him.

It makes me really sad when fanart using traditional methods (like painting with acrylics etc) is less recognised in comparison to digital.
Sometimes more time and effort is put into the old-style stuff! That stuff ain’t easy
All art is rad, but sometimes it’s draining for the folks that do so much for little results you know?


Ooheeh, boys. We’re driving supercars. (x)

Above: Trott in Ferrari 458, Ross in Lamborghini Gallardo, Smith in Nissan GTR