and the hand on his shoulder!!!!

Let’s talk about Poe Dameron for a minute. Not the fandom created “flirty, cocky smart mouth” Poe Dameron, but the real and incredibly interesting Poe Dameron.

This is a man who risks his own life, dives back into the line of fire, in order to save someone who got left behind. He willingly runs back to rescue Threepio when the latter can’t keep up in Issue #12 (or #13, I can’t remember which) and literally picks Threepio up and throws him over his shoulder.

This is a man who is so dedicated to the cause, that even Leia Organa, Queen of Dedicated, comments that she sometimes worries “what that dedication may cost him.”

This is a man whose enemy makes the comment that he “has” to save everyone, and it’s true. Poe wants/needs to save everyone, and when he can’t? It breaks his heart:

This is a man who went through physical torture long before he went through mental torture under the hands of Kylo Ren. He endured the physical torture for an undocumented amount of time without breaking. And under the imminent threat of mental torture, all he says is “The Resistance is not intimidated by you.” 

Poe is the man who broke regulation to find out what the First Order what was up to after a close friend of his was killed in a battle and the New Republic wouldn’t do anything about it (which led to him joining the Resistance). This is the man who couldn’t even voice the possibility of BB-8 possibly being destroyed. 

And above all, he’s loyal. Extremely loyal. To his family, to the cause, to Leia, to his squadron, to his droid. He goes back to Jakku for BB-8, and you can bet that even if BB-8 hadn’t had the map, Poe would have still gone back for it. He hates not being able to trust his squadron, he gets openly frustrated (even with BB-8) after realizing that there could be a traitor in his squadron*

He gets even more frustrated and upset when both BB-8 and Threepio “sacrifice” themselves so he can escape with a droid that may or may not have information regarding Snoke, and can’t believe that it’s “gotten to this point.” 

(literally don’t even get me started on that one)

Poe Dameron is literally such an interesting character and only gets more and more complex the more we learn about him. And this is all just from: one movie, 12 (or 13) comic book issues, and a short story.

I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in store next for his character.

*after a few issues of optimistically hoping that his and BB-8′s suspicions were wrong about there being a traitor.

Kpop Masterlist <3


Reaction: Falling for their phycologist

Reaction: Being protective over their girlfriend/wife

Reaction: When your dad upsets you again

Reaction: Their crush coming out as bisexual

Reaction: Being paired with an American on International WGM

Reaction: Realizing they’ve fallen for you

Reaction: When you almost faint/get dizzy

Reaction: You cry over racist comments

Text (reaction): (Namjoon) when you’re sick

Text (reaction): Jimin gives you hickeys

Text (reaction): Yoongi worries when you’re in the hospital

Text (reaction): Teasing the hyung line

Scenario: Jungkook cuts his hand during their Blood, Sweat and Tears performance

Scenario: Teahyung x (male) Reader have a cute study session

Scenario: Namjoon x Reader

Scenario: Sugakookie/Yoonkook sick Jungkook

Scenario: Jungkook is sick

Scenario: Jungkook runs into you at the airport


Reaction: You bite their shoulder so you don’t moan

Reaction: Love at first sight

Reaction: You ignore his cuddles because you’re tired

Reaction: You have a bad migraine

Reaction: He feels your nipples piercings

Reaction: You hugging him and saying how much he means to you

Reaction: He accidentally makes you moan

Reaction: Dancing Troublemaker with you

Reaction: You play the piano

Reaction: You’re two years older than him

Reaction: Finding out Ken and the maknae (you) are dating

Aesthetic: How they’d seen the day with you

Monsta X:

Reaction: You don’t like skinship because you have Keratosis Pilaris

Reaction: You sing a powerhouse song amazingly

Reaction: You sing to them to make them feel better

Scenario: Minhyuk x Reader when he has to take you to the ER


Reaction: When you’re a vampire

Reaction: Liking a girl who has a child

Reaction: They find out you’re Greek


Reaction: You’re an idol and you return from tour

pls keep Good Temple Boy Baze in ur thoughts as he tries some teenage rebellion in the hopes that Chirrut will think he’s cool (jokes on him Chirrut’s only acting out for his attention) and he gets drunk and really clingy and handsy and OVERT in a way Baze never is, and Chirrut can’t deal and runs away to blush in private because ohgod, Baze is hanging off his shoulders and slurring about how incredible Chirrut looked that one time three months ago, and that other time, and right now-

thus the beginning of Chirrut being a tad more responsible because he loves Good Temple Boy Baze and he wants him to be lucid when (if) he ever says these things again. And he doesn’t want to torture himself with Grinning Octopus Baze before they’ve even held hands, god

only a tad more responsible, though. not much

(in the chaos of post-scarif celebration, Chirrut can’t anticipate and intercept all the congratulatory drinks pressed into Baze’s hand, but he’s still able to make red faced excuses and a hasty exit for them both when things start heading towards the point of no return)

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Hi! Could you please write a fic in which Reggie and his jock friends harass Betty for dating the "weird kid"? Thank you in advance!

I love doing these!

“Elizabeth Cooper, my very favorite blonde.”

Betty cringed at the familiar voice of Reggie Mantle, she looked over to the boy next to her currently holding her hand and carrying her backpack on his shoulder, she knew her boyfriend hated Reggie, and while she saw the way he treated Jughead, Reggie had never done anything to her and she wasn’t raised to be rude (contrary to her incredibly awful mother, Betty Cooper had class.)

So she turned around, moving Jughead with her, as he set his jaw and put on his positively bored expression.

“What’s up Reggie?” She asked politely, squeezing Jugheads hand.

Sure enough, half the football team staggered almost single file behind their captain.

“Nothing much, sweet stuff. How about joining us for some late night tailgating before the big game tonight? I mean you are a vixen now.” He eyed her tiny skirt, his eyes lingering on her legs.

She heard Jughead growl softly from beside her, trying to halt any obnoxious fight that she was sure would happen if this went any further, she shook her head, moving closer to Jughead

“Sorry Reg, me and my boyfriend always spend the few hours before the game together, maybe another time.” She turned around and started walking away when Reggie opened his big mouth one more time.

“Come on Betty, you can’t be serious, you got hot as hell this summer, you don’t have to pretend to be interested in the loner anymore. You can have anyone on the football team, even Mantle the Magnificent. Save the weird kid for.. the other weird kids.” He finished off cockily, high fiving Moose and laughing with the boys.

Jughead instantly felt Betty stiffen and he knew what ever was about to happen, was not gonna be good.

“Bets.. it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, just…”

She whipped around so fast her perfectly in tact ponytail smacked him square in the face.

“Really Reggie? The weird kid? You really think you’re one to talk?” She snorted wickedly, as the boys in front of her watched her wide eyed, almost flinching at the venom coming out of her mouth “you’re the fakest boy in this high school, you hated football, remember that? You used to say "I don’t ever wanna go near that stupid ball, it’s made out of pigskin did you know that?” You wanted to be a veterinarian, you were a vegetarian. You got kicked out of elementary school for smuggling squirrels inside from recess.“

Jughead bit the inside of his cheek, trying desperately not to laugh. Betty meant business and she was not playing around.
While Jughead held in his laughter, the rest of the team was practically crying in hysterics.
But she wasn’t finished

"And you! Moose.” The bulky boy immediately cut off his laugher “you didn’t know how to spell "dinner” until you were 13. So I don’t want to see you laughing at anything this airhead says.“

The muscular boy, nodded quickly ducking His head "yes mam.”

She turned almost too slowly to Reggie again, he was still recovering from her digs

“So before you think of calling my boyfriend "the weird kid” again, you might wanna think back to who helped you hide three stray kittens in his garage when your mom wouldn’t let you keep them. Jughead is the best damn boy in this high school and it would do all of you good to remember that.“ She turned on her heel, connecting hands with jughead again and pulling him along.

He couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as Betty pulled him into the blue and gold office in a huff
"Ridiculous, the way social hierarchies are established so early on in developmental…”

Jughead cut off her rambling by placing a deep, dizzy kiss to her lips.

She pulled back smiling, her eyes foggy and a goofy grin on her face that matched his

“What was that for?” She giggled

He smiled, pressing another kiss to her forehead
“Just for being you, Betty Cooper.”

Now, I hadn’t planned to drabble this but it has been on my mind for hours nooooow!! It’s the start of Spring and lambs are allowed to skip around their excited hearts in the grass and there’s the small rows of ducks following in their mothers trail!!

Now guys, can you believe how Isak and Even took a walk today? Their hands joined together like super glue, spring-inspired lips and swimming stomachaches dancing in railroads all the way to their knees. They stop once a while, watch the lambs play tag with each other between their mothers legs. They hug and for the first time they hug outside and can actually feel it. Their arms so so close to eachother because the jackets are thinner and their hearts are that tad bit thicker.

But, it’s pink visioned on emerald green when Even looks up and sees Isak cross legged on the ground next to the lake. His jacket all falling down his shoulders but he doesn’t really bring himself to care. He looks so, vividly pastel around the new forming apple blossoms and Even’s heart blooms into the brightest fushia around his ribs. 

Because Isak is sitting there, jacket forgotten and light pants going green stained too, with the tiniest of yellow black ducks on his lap. Hes smiling that little bit, the way that breaks a scream to a tiny whisper, down and it just yaps happily at Isak’s fingers. Even hears him laugh ‘auwch’, like the way he does when he kisses him too hard or teases fingers around his bones, when it bites a little bit. 

And, god damn, Even wishes his eyes were a camera. Because if he could, he’d forever want to remember how the one that’s his started his favourite season with a chorus of birds chirping and all, without Even even needing to taste a bit of sticky sweet lemonade against his lips. 

She wore a flowing, pale peach gown that cinched at the waist, her hair long enough now to be piled onto her head in elaborate knots. Truly, she was an image of feminine innocence, which was likely why Hux had singled her out amongst the shrewd women donning slinky black.

Rey saw him before her unwitting partner did, eyes rounding in panic when she felt the rage that licked at his boots like hellfire. Her glossy lips parted, breath hitching as he stepped behind her, one gloved hand snaring the wrist that rested at Hux’s shoulder while the other glided down her spine, prying Hux away to grip her backside with obvious possession.

White-hot anger crossed Hux’s face, his jaw dropping in shock at his sudden intrusion. Kylo ignored the other man, growling as he buried his nose into the crook of her neck from behind, gulping in the sweet, floral scent of her perfume. He preferred the salt of her sweat.

Chapter 4 of Bathwater

(honestly i just wanted to draw her dress)

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65. "I don't want you to stop." :)

“What are you doing?” Robert slurred slightly, blinking sleepily at his husband. Aaron’s hands were on his shoulders, strong fingers working into the knots in his back, soothing his sore muscles.

Aaron just grinned at him, straddling his waist. “You fell asleep,” he said pointedly, Robert barely holding in a groan as Aaron worked through a particularly bad knot in his shoulder.

“’M sorry.” Robert had only intended to lie down for a few minutes after his shower, but the exhaustion of the last few days had caught up with him all at once. They’d all been working overtime, the scrapyard busy, Robert constantly driving to meetings for Home James, and the two of them even helping up at Moira’s farm, Adam’s mum struggling after a weeks worth of flash flooding.

He was knackered. Robert genuinely hadn’t done that much manual labour in years, and it showed - his body ached, and it wasn’t that blissful sort of ache that often consumed his body after an evening in bed with his drop dead gorgeous husband.

No, it was honestly sore, and he was exhausted.

“You were complaining your back was sore,” Aaron continued, Robert wincing as Aaron’s hands travelled downwards, working his palms into Robert’s lower back. “I figured I’d be a good husband and give you a massage.”

Robert groaned helplessly, feeling his body start to finally unwind after the week from hell. 

“I can stop, if you like.”

“God - Aaron, jesus.” Robert whined as Aaron’s hands stilled, moving away from his back. “I don’t want you to stop.”

He could practically hear the smirk in Aaron’s voice. “Your wish is my command, Mr Dingle.”

send me a number and i’ll write a drabble

Crowley & Death

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this!! <3 <3

Word Count: 233

Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort

(gif is not mine)

Crowley watched as you wept on the floor.  He wished he could help you, but there was nothing he could do.  He couldn’t snap his fingers and bring them back to life.  He couldn’t bring them back; not the way they used to be.  He knew it was better to let you grieve.

“[Y/N] I wish I could bring them back, but you know I can’t,” Crowley spoke in a low voice as he stood behind you.  He put a hand on your shoulder, giving it a squeeze.  “We should go kitten, they’ll be back.”

“Let them come back,” you muttered, a hint of anguish in your voice.  “I’ll kill all of them.  Whoever, or whatever they are.”

Crowley pulled you up from the floor, pulling you away from the room where your parents were.  He grabbed your arms, his brown eyes peering into yours.  “Dying won’t get your parents back [Y/N],” Crowley halfheartedly scolded.  “Let me help you darling.  I’ll get you the revenge you’re looking for.”

“My parents didn’t deserve to die Crowley,” you whispered as tears streamed down your cheeks.

Crowley wiped away your tears, his expression emotionless.  “I know darling,” Crowley murmured.  “But you’ll be safer with me.”

You nodded, letting Crowley take you away from the place you used to call home.  You hoped Crowley would keep his word.  You wanted to avenge your parent’s death.

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Cookies [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: I need more Sebastian. somebody give me Sebastian rp or something. I have a Sebastian shaped hole in my heart

Who would know that opening doors when you’re drunk is so hard?! Frustrated, Sebastian twists the knob again, shoving his shoulder into the wood; his hand slips off. “Fuck!” he shouts, giggling as he tries yet another time. Okay, he’s got this. “Y/N/NNNN… I need heeeelp!” he sings, mouth hovering in front of the apartment door.

Suddenly, it opens and you stare back at him, arms firmly crossed over your rosy red tank top. You do not look amused. “Woah! You look…sss’hot…” the former Warbler smirks, black petticoat wrinkling at his elbows. Oh man, the temperature - “I’m hot!” he exclaims, wrapping his hands around his clothing.

Before you can even register, his jacket lands on the floor as he walks in. Sebastian stumbles but manages to kick off his shoes, chuckling the whole time. “Um… Seb? Why are you…” you pause, gesturing to the ground, “Here?” you try, bending your upper body to the side. Your black sleep shorts sway against your thighs while you follow him.

Sebastian rips off his black and blue striped shirt, leaving his chest bare, and tosses it on the floor. “I want cookies.” he randomly states, spinning to face you. Locking eyes with you, he unbuttons his dark washed skinny jeans and pulls the zipper down. Oh my god; you cover your eyes as he drops his pants, face completely stoic. “I was at the club-” he hiccups, stepping out of the jeans. “And I re’lly wanted those kiss cookies you make. The ones with the kisses on top and peanut butter and taste très bon (very good)…” he mutters, rubbing his flat stomach, green eyes scanning the cabinets.

Snorting at the sight of the Warbler scratching his tummy, you shake your head. Gently stepping in front of the brunette, you grab a container from the lowest shelf, waving it. “You mean these cookies?” you grin, craning your neck faintly.

Gasping, Sebastian’s eyes go wide and his hands fly out, snatching the container. “Mmm… cookies…” he hums, popping the plastic top off. His long fingers pink up a treat, bringing it to his lips: chestnut locks fanning in front of his ears. “‘hank you…” he mumbles, chewing. The container is cradled to his chest while he stalks back into the living room.

Laughing, you roll your eyes at your boyfriend, putting away stray dishes that the boys didn’t put away. It only takes a few minutes until you finish. “Hey, Seb, I was w-” you cut yourself off, hearing soft snores. Quietly, you tiptoe into the room, smiling at the sight of one of your boyfriends passed out on the couch; cookie hanging from his lips, body hunched. “Aw…”

My first fanfic ever, so go gently on me :)

There is something hugely appealing about the concept of Sister B and Doctor T kissing and then being discovered by Sister Julienne. I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist ;)

She scrubbed the sink with such force that her fingers ached. Suds flew up and floated gently down unto the tiles, shimmering in the sunlight. Sister Bernadette stopped for a moment to get a better grip on the slippery sponge, then attacked the sink with renewed vigour.

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“what did you say?” I ask him

He started rummaging through the parked car nervously. From the passenger side he turned around to the back seat and muttered something else
I placed my hand on his shoulder
“hey just tell me”
he gave up and stopped searching for unknown objects.
“i think i may be in love with you” He said quietly
a smile spread across my face and i knew i’d remember this moment forever.
he slowly turned back and met my eyes
my hand grazed his cheek and i smiled.
“well i know i’m in love with you”
and suddenly this 17 year old boy had a smile bigger than anyone i’d ever seen. His eyes lit up and it was grand.
“what?” he questioned as if no one could ever love him. but i did and i had
“i’ve known i’ve loved you since we first met. i knew it then and i know it now. when we were talking about our favorite movies and i told you mine was stuck in love and you asked if i was stuck in love, i said no but i knew it then. i knew i loved you”
as soon as the last syllable left my lips his were there.
“i love you”
“i love you too” i laughed
“i-i have to go. i’ll call you when i get home” he said unable to gather his thoughts and got out of my car and walked to his. I watched him stumble over to the blue parked Ford and he opened his door and then stopped and ran back to my window.
Confused i rolled it down
“i love you” he said again
“i love you” he said and smiled again
“i love you” he laughed
he peered his head through the window and kissed me with the 4 letter word dripping off his lips and then he ran back to his car.
i shook my head, this boy.
I was only about 5 minutes down the road when i received a call from him
“hello?” i answered
“i love you” he said again
“i love you too nate” i laughed

—  the first time we said “i love you” // 3.23.17

anonymous asked:

Can I request "I'll hold you together" with Bruce Wayne? You're such a beautiful writer ❤❤

He just stares at you, eyes wide, and you can see him trying to wrap his mind around the words.

“You carry the world on your shoulders,” you continue, taking his hands in yours, smiling sadly. “But you don’t have to do it alone, Bruce. You take care of Gotham, of Alfred, of the boys and I. But who’s there for you, huh? Who takes care of you?”

He just keeps staring, and you giggle lightly as you reach out and lay a hand on his cheek, leaning on your toes to rest your forehead against his.

“Let me help you, Bruce Wayne. Let me carry some of that weight.”

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Good Graces - Alfie Solomons Imagine

All this Alfie on my dash today – got me in some kind of way!!  Here’s a little ditty about an angry Alfie trying to get back in the good graces of his lady.

No one could clear out a room quicker than Alfie Solomons.   His legendary temper struck fear in the hearts of men who normally struck fear in the hearts of men.   Currently he stood red faced, with shoulders hunched before a petite brunette; –  who was supposed to be whimpering and cowering under the verbal onslaught he had just released.  

It wasn’t going exactly as he planned.   And he was pretty sure the fact that her one foot had started tapping was not a good sign.   He dragged his fingers through a patch of scraggly, ginger beard as he met her gaze across her desk.   She didn’t waver.  Fuck.   Relationships were hard.   Much harder when you hired a beautiful and fiery tempered minx to do your paperwork, and subsequently couldn’t keep your hands off her long enough for her to do said paperwork.   Because banging her on your desk daily was definitely much more satisfying.

He was pretty sure his odds for a right proper desk banging were slipping away today.   Alfie wasn’t one to give up on any negotiation so easily though.

“Listen sweetie.  I’m only saying…”

Her hand come up to stop him mid-sentence, and though his brow furrowed, he was dying to hear what she had to say.  Fuck she was beautiful when her temper was up.

“Do you see an apron?”   She lifted her skirt a teasing height.

He only saw a good amount of shapely thigh and raised a brow.

“Do I look like Ollie?  Ya think I’m gonna go stand in the corner like a good lil boy?   What the hell ya playin?”

“Well, I was hoping to play with ya but…”

She walked around her desk to come stand before him.   Chin tilted to meet that glare most buckled beneath, but her eyes were spitting fire and Alfie was sure he just about came right then and there.

“Listen sweetie,” she mimicked his endearment,  “Ya wanna fuck ya stay here and be a gentleman.”  She ran her hands up his chest, leaning in to press close against him, feeling the hardness in his trousers.  A smirk played upon her beautiful full mouth, but Alfie stood his ground; half praying she’d give in and half wanting her to poke the grizzly bear just a little bit further.  

“Ya wanna play boss, ya get yer ass back in the office and boss someone else around, and I’ll just start here without ya, and ya can play catch up later when yer business is all done.”   She removed her hands from where they had settled at the top of his trousers, and ran them down her own body, a wicked gleam cast his way.

“And ya better hope I don’t finish my business first.”

Alfie watched her hands roam down between her legs and the air hissed between his teeth, then a mumbled “ yeah, well … sorry luv.”

She leaned back against the desk, arms folded across her chest.  “Damn right yer sorry Aflie,” she shook her head, but her eyes had begun to soften, “Honestly, playing that gamble with me.”

Alfie stepped into her space, gently pushing her legs apart so he could settle himself between her legs.  His strong, lean fingers reached down to the hem of her skirt, lifting it slightly so they could trail up the soft, silky smoothness of her legs.

“How about I give you good odds for a very favourable return?”

She arched into him, grabbing his suspenders and dragging them down the strong shoulders.

“That would be a good start.  You’re gonna have to do that thing I like… and I’ll tell you what, you double down on that offer and ya got yerself a fuckin deal Mr Solomons.”

His hands grasped about her waist and he set her upon the desk,  “Fucking hell luv, that mouth of yours.”   His mouth crashed down upon her own, and she kissed him soundly, but briefly - before pushing his head down her body.

“No sweetie, the deal was about your mouth.”


Am I doing Horny Hardy Friday right?  @banes-tshirt , @badassbaker@thihaf, @feminamortem  ;)

Shocking, Right? [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: there was a request but…i lost it. did you need more stripper!barry cuz I needed more stripper!barry

“Who the fuck are you and why the fuck do you have my face?!” Barry seethes, trapping his leather-clad doppelgänger against the wall, forearm pressed to his throat. Earth one Barry cringes slightly, squeezing one eye shut with his slender face turned. “I’m not asking again.” he grits his teeth, squaring his bare shoulders. “You were in my house, near my daughter… I swear, if you don’t answer…” he vibrates his hand, scowling.

How did Barry get into this situation? Think, think… “Why am I a stripper?!” Earth one Barry blurts out, gulping. His light green eyes travel down his double’s body; thick eyebrows furrowed together. “And why do I have a belly button piercing?!” he adds in, frowning, eyes creeping back upward. “And earrings?!”

“Gauges.” Earth four Barry corrects, shifting on his black Vans. Honestly, this guy is really getting on his nerves. “And by you, you mean me. Also, why the fuck have you been following me? If you’re even thinking about my wife or my daughter, I’ll kill you.” he says blankly, squinting. “Who do you work for? I thought I made it clear to Snart…” he huffs, tugging on one of the backs of his small black gauges.

A sound of confusion exits the hero and he cocks his head to the side. “I have a daughter?” Barry breathes, pale forehead crinkling. “With Iris?” he questions, tucking his chin. The evil him blinks, shaking his head. “With who? Who would have a kid with a stripper?!” he mumbles; feeling guilty when the other him growls. Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

The door to the safe house creaks open and Earth four Barry covers his doppelgänger’s mouth. “Barry?” your tired voice echoes in the air as you curl your arms to your chest. “Are you out here? I…” you yawn, “I only have two more hours with you…” you frown, resting your head on the doorframe. It’s almost time for his next heist.

His lips flip down; he peers behind him. “Yeah, babydoll, I’ll be there in a minute, okay? Stay with Ellie.” Barry calls out. “I love you.” A second later you say it back, closing the door. Earth one Barry stares at him with wide eyes, backing up slightly. “What? Y/N and I… She’s my babydoll.” he smirks, “Now, would you leave? I don’t want you near my daughter.” he bites, stepping back and crossing his arms over his pale chest. His abs scrunch slightly, hiding the silver ring.

Earth one Barry gulps, “Okay…” he breathes, running a hand through his quiffed hair. “This is crazy…” he mumbles, speeding off,

A grunt escapes Barry’s plump lips and he spins on his heel. “I’m coming, baby…”

anonymous asked:

Im curious what if s/o is so stressed It makes Her Sick af but she has no idea of how To deal with that and 76/reaper try To help Her uh Can You do Lil fics for 76 and reaper ?( like 2 fics)

Soldier 76

You felt nausea building up, hands burrowed in your hair. Tears welled up in your eyes as you stared at the swimming paperwork. A tear slipped out and that nausea built up even more. The door opened and you didn’t even look up as Jack slipped in.

“Do you know you’re doing this to yourself,” he asks, hand hesitantly resting on your shoulder.

“Yes,” you stressed, “I can’t help it.”

“How about we take a break,” he pulled your firm grip off of the desk, “Before you vomit.”

You struggled for a moment before acquiescing, tiredly following him. He made you turn around, resting his hands on your shoulder. He pressed into the muscle, massaging the skin underneath him.

You groaned as he worked out your kinks, your shoulders relaxing and stress ebbing. Way too soon he pulled away, you feeling a lot better.

“Thank you,” you murmured and he pressed a tender kiss to your forehead.

“No problem,” he whispered, breath tickling your skin, “Let me know if I can help again.”


You leaned against the bathroom door, body shaking as you vomited into the toilet. Shivers spread through your body, suddenly cold and you hesitantly flushed down your sick.

“If I come in are you going to vomit on me?” Reaper’s muffled voice came from behind the door.

“No,” you groaned, head pressing against the cool seat.

The door opened and the wraith stood there, dropping down next to you. He rubbed your back as shivers wracked your body. 

“You should probably learn how to relax,” he deadpanned and you groaned, “Especially when you get so worked up you vomit.”

“I’ve tried everything,” you felt tears prickle at the corners of your eyes, your bottom lip shaking.

“Shh,” he cooed and he rubbed a little faster.

“Let’s try to deal with this,” he finally said, hand reaching out for you to take.

When you took it he helped you out, returning back to the paperwork. Giving you tips on how to relax a little while you work.

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43. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Aaron hated how he couldn’t hold back his tears, how he couldn’t stop himself from crying in front of a total stranger. “It’s my husband,” he managed to choke out, the woman’s hand on his shoulder a comfort. “He’s in a coma, and they don’t know if he’s going to wake up.”

She gave him a sympathetic look. “You’ve got to have hope, love. That’s the only way to get through this, you’ve got to keep hoping.”

“How?” Aaron begged, his voice exhausted. “It’s only been a week, and I - I feel like I can’t breathe, or think without him here. What if he doesn’t wake up? What if I never get to talk to him again? I wouldn’t survive it.”

The woman gave him a firm look, her expression reassuring. “He needs you to hope for the both of them, now. Okay? You need to go in there, and keep hoping, and keep talking to him, and he might be able to hear you. Hearing your voice might make all the difference.”

Aaron let out a shaky breath, roughly pressing the palms of his hands into his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she shook her head, giving him a bright smile. She reminded Aaron of Diane, the same comforting demeanour as Robert’s step-mother. “It’s better to get all this out.”

“Thats what my mum says.”

“You should listen to her, she’s a wise woman.” 

Aaron gave her a grateful smile. “I better get back to him,” he jerked his head toward the hospital, thinking of the room where Robert was lying, having not made a single move since the crash a week previously. 

“Don’t forget to keep breathing, love.”

Her words rang in Aaron’s ears as he headed back inside, the stark white walls of Hotten General turning his stomach.

Easier said than done.

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