and the haircut

not saying I’m getting desperate but I’m getting desperate tbh

for the main cast on manga chapters that is, I don’t care if we have to switch focus later on between them and the warriors but jfc update us I’m dying right here and I don’t even have the weekly episodes to distract me anymore


I went to Olive Garden with my family here in Brazil wearing a rainbow pride beanie and as much as I was enjoying pride month it just got much better because our waiter beamed at me and joked “I’ll give you this Tour Of Italy in exchange for your beanie!” and I smiled at him and said “But you shouldn’t hide that fabulous haircut!” and we shared this moment where we just acknowledged that we were both queer and we had complimented each other. My skin was clear, the birds were chirping, my crops were thriving, there’s a double rainbow on the horizon. And my pride month is Made™.