and the hair is perfect

I’m usually not one to get deep with a character/actor, but I am fiercely overprotective when it comes to Carol/Melissa. Melissa doesn’t even know I exist, but I defend her from ageist assholes, as if I knew her personally.

Think what you want to think about Carol, that is fine, but keep your ageist opinions to yourself. Carol is not real, but Melissa is. What you say/think about Carol’s physical appearance is also saying it about Melissa, and Melissa does not need to see or hear anyone thinking less of her because of her damn hair color.

Grey hair does not mean you can’t be loved, found attractive, or be anything more than just a “mother”. Hair color is just hair color.

Seriously, stop making women unlovable because of age or hair color.

Carol deserves all the love she wants. Melissa deserves nothing but love and kind words as well. 


I AM SCREAMING SHE IS SO F***ING GORGEOUS. My incredible, beautiful, beloved Kelandris, as drawn by the incredible, amazing, talented @xla-hainex. It’s exactly what I pictured! I am so in love!! I cannot recommend this artist highly enough!!!!

The most aesthetically pleasing era