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Children Don’t Do The Things I Do

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Pairing: Bucky x younger Reader

Warnings: SMUT GOOD LORD, lil bit of sir!kink, spanking, hair pulling, swearing, orgasm denial, reader dresses like a little girl (idk what that’s called lmao)

Summary: Reader is much younger than Bucky. The youngest Avenger at that. They come home from grocery shooping just to overhear Bucky, Tony, Clint, and Steve talking about her and her childishness.

Word Count: 1,994


A/N: Reader is 18+ and i literally know nothing about anything hahahah

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'Bout Damn Time ch.1

This is a Chibs x Reader imagine  requested by a friend!! Hope y'all enjoy!!

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“Hey there hot stuff, where’s my partner in perfectly legal activities? ” Y/N had just come in the clubhouse looking for Juice but only found Chibs nursing a beer.

“Oh, Hey, he’s ‘round here some where. 'Ow ya been darlin’?” Chibs had been half asleep after his shift in the shop but perked up at the sight of Y/N. She was beautiful long hair, bright eyes, that smile. Good lord that smile Juice had a grin on him but his couldn’t even compare to her smile. But pretty is only skin deep, no this one here was beautiful. The sweetest woman you’ve ever met loved all, judged none. She was fierce too, don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. As open and warm and inviting she may seem if you even caught a glimpse of that dark side you would be scared too.

She was good and pure and loyal and strong. Naturally Chibs fell head over heels for her.

“Been good I guess. Just work, the shop, and the doggies. How bout you? I missed you, I mean… all.. of you, while you all were on that run.”

Chibs chuckled at her stumble it was cute and it happened all the time. Despite her kindness towards everyone she tended to keep to herself, so she was always a bit awkward in conversation. “My run was good, real quiet. I heard tho the guys got a bit loud down in Indian Hills.”

“Yeah I heard that too. Also heard Juicy brought a girl home!!” She started to get louder as Juice came out to the bar from the back.

“You talking shit again Y/N?” Juice smiled when he saw her. She was his best friend and majority share holder in the weed shop. Him being second largest share holder they tended to do most of the work together.

“Who? Me? Never! How dare you accuse me of of using my extended vocabulary in such a manner!” Y/N attempted a serious face that didn’t even last a second before she was smiling.
“Although there was a whisper of a lady friend you brought home? Ooohhh” She goaded Juice.

“She wasn’t a friend and she definitely wasn’t a lady.” Juice defended.

Y/N laughed at her friends tone. “No, I know all about Cherry and what you did you gullible goober.”

“'Ow ya know 'bout that?” Chibs wanted to know how she got the full story before him.

“Kipper.” Was her cheerful reply. At their confused looks she decided to elaborate. “Ya know Kip, Half-Sack.” They both let out an ahh and nodded yes once their brains made the connection as to whom she was referring. “Ya know you guys should really train him to keep his mouth shut if your gonna patch him in. Push up my boobs, call him Kipper with a smile and a few Batts of my eyelashes that kid is singing.”

Chibs looked at Juice like he expected him to do something about the prospect. Juice wasn’t biting though he had a dinner date with his best friend to go over numbers for their shop. “Don’t look at me he’s your prospect.”

Chibs growled and stood slapping his hand hard on the bar top. “PROSPECT!!!”

“Let’s go.” Juice ushered Y/N out the door before things got ugly and she would feel the need to defend the poor kid.

At dinner Juice and Y/N went over numbers, once work was done the fun started. They had each had a drink or two each and were loosening up.

“Oh my God you pussy just ask her out.” Juice and Y/N had just gotten on the topic of girls and she was currently pushing his buttons about a woman who had a shop in the same strip as the one they were putting their shop in.

“You did not just call ME the pussy here. If either one of us is a damn pussy it’s you!”

“WHAT?” Y/N played offended by the accusation “How am I a pussy?”

“Chibs.” Was Juice’s smart ass reply he topped it off with a shit eating smirk too.

“That’s.. that’s different. He’s…. I dont know!”

“Oh, I know you’re a pussy.”

“Am not he’s just intimidating.”


“He is! Look I can’t just go up to him and say… what.. 'hi ya daddy take me now’?”

“Daddy? Really?” Juice looked both disgusted and worried for her mental health.

“Don’t judge me.”

“I’m tryin’ not to, but…….Daddy?”

“Ugh I’m done with this conversation take me home.” As they got up to leave Juice threw a wad of cash on the table and Y/N put on her jacket.

“Ugh SHUT UP!”
They continued to bicker on their way out.

Attention - Leto!Joker x Reader

Look at me! Spoiling all of you like this! I know I haven’t written much Leto!Joker recently so this is my peace offering to all of you. I’m so sorry this is so short. Enjoy kiddos! - J.xx


Curled up in a sea of blankets, my gaze flicked to the form sitting beside me, a displeased expression on my face. He, of all people, should know how much I hate being interrupted while I was reading, especially a good book too. But there he was, my green haired crime lord, pouting at me.

Sighing loudly, I went back to reading my book, knowing exactly what he wanted. He wanted attention, but I was busy. He’d just have to wait until I was finished. A low growl came from his direction once he realized I wasn’t going to put my book down.

“I said, hey,” he said, pouting even more and scooting closer to me.

“And I ignored you because I’m reading,” I retorted, sliding further into my cocoon of blankets.

“Well then stop,” he replied matter-of-factly, moving closer again.


Growling again, his pout turned into a scowl. Lifting a hand, he proceeded to poke a finger into my cheek. Hiding even more into the blankets, he just continued to poke my cheek, unrelenting. I growl myself, but then only ends up making him giggle.

“You’re cute when you growl at me, Y/N.”

“Stop it.”

Ignoring me, he kept stabbing his finger into my cheek. Getting more and more irritated with every poke, the next time he went to touch my face, I turned my head and bit the tip of his finger.


“I told you to stop.”

“I didn’t think you’d bite me!” he pouted again.

Shrugging, I turned back to my book, hoping he finally got the message. But not less than a minute later, he was back at it again. This time I tried batting his hand away with my own, but then only resulted in his grabbing it and trying to hold it.

“I’ll bite you again!”

“Pay attention to me!” he whined.

“Are you blind? I’m reading!” I said, waving my book at him.

“I told you to stop!”

“And I said no, J!”

Pouting, he let go of my hand and went back to poking me, now harder than before. Shaking my head and grumbling, I shoved my bookmark back into place and lunged at him, tackling him to his side of the bed.

Starting to poke him all over the place, I shouted, “How do you like it!”

“At least my plan worked!” he giggled, “You’re paying attention to me!”

“You’re such a little shit, J.”


From noodles to being a little French girl, or I suppose, Lord Farquaad.

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