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Little Things (James)

Requested- Can you do a one shot where the guy (I don’t really care which one) has his head in your lap while traveling to howgarts? Kinda like when Draco had his head in Pansy’s lap, I thought it was so adorable tbh

A/n- I went w/ James since I haven’t done any imagine of him :)

- - -

Your train ride to Hogwarts at the start of almost every year was spent with your friends, the group of Marauders. You ran your fingers through your hair and grinned at your friends, “Wow, the seventh year. Just one more year and we’re out of here.”

“Took us long enough,” Sirius, who sat opposite of you, replied with a trace of a smirk appearing on his face.

“Yeah, well, then this is the last time for us to take the Train to Hogwarts.” Added James, sitting right beside you. Remus just looked up from his novel and gave you a smile while Peter nodded a little too hard. It was hard to explain, but you had a mutual connection with James, one that you didn’t have with the rest of the boys. You thought about what life would be like after school ends, but your thought was interrupted by the boy with glasses, who laid his head on your lap suddenly.

You opened and closed your mouth several times before you finally found your voice. “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the last ride,” he simply replies, sending Sirius into a series of chuckles.

You smiled, “right.” James shifted on your lap and faced you while lying on his back. He was staring at your face, and you stared right back at him before altering your sight towards the window. You didn’t know why, but you felt like stroking his messy hair, so you did. 

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“SIBLING WAR!” Headcanons.

Hello! im so so sorry for not updating this series! I’ve been busy with college work and these weeks i have the final tests.In the first week of June i’ll finish writting the next part of this series. I also need to catch up on the next chapters!

I got so many prompst regarding DC LOT, I’m so sorry for not be able to write them! as i said before, this summer i’ll write them all. Sooner than you think!

I’ve got a lot of prompst to continuate this series, i will do them all once im free of college in June. until then, i’ve let some easter eggs in these headcanons.

What happens in them can maybe happen in the official Part4!

So enjoy these hc, that way the wait for the much wanted part4 will be shorter.

Tags: @hamsterforlive ( she wanted to be tagged in all my imagines, if you want to be tagged, be free to message me!)

“Sibling war!” (Waverider crew x reader) Part1  Part2   Part3  HC (Here we are!)

  • Well, we all know they’re overprotective assholes.
  • So after Savage and your last heart….they don’t let you out of the ship
  • Like, really. They don’t.
  • You try to sneak out
  • “(Y/n) Where do you think you are going?” Len appeared in front of you, as you felt Mick behind you.
  • S*it
  • “huh,…I was getting-getting a glass of water? Yes water!”
  • “bulls*it, go back to your room” Mick said.
  • You pout but do as you were told
  • You’ll sneak out after they go on a mission.
  • When they got away, you successfully escaped.
  • You made new friends!
  • There was this superboy fellow…he was nice.
  • …Until they cached you
  • “(Y/n) (y/l)! what the FUCK?”
  • “Sara, errr this isn’t what it looks like?”
  • “you are coming with us, NOW!” Rip hands grabbed yours.
  • “But, Con and I-“
  • “WHOS CON???”
  • “Me”
  • Your fam glared at superboy, who stood there.
  • “Let’s get going, we are needed elsewhere” Kendra eyes never left superboy’s as she was threatening him to back off.
  • “You and I are going to have a talk” Len said
  • “oh no”
  • “oh yes” said Mick
  • You were grounded
  • Again
  • Srly, you ain’t 5 anymore.
  • Well
  • That was until a crazy woman hit you with her so called “GREATES WEPON IN THE 52 UNIVERSES….THE REGRESIVE GUN! THE AWESOME GUN THAT TURNS YOU IN A YOUNGER VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!OH SO GREAT!!!OH SO USEFUL!!!!” (Her words, not mines)
  • Now you were 2
  • And the Waverider couldn’t get enough of you
  • “Are you sure she can’t stay like this??” Ray coed “SHES SO CUTE!”
  • “No, now stop hogging her!” Mick said as he swooped you up. “She’s my little wildfire” Mick’s beard ticked you and you let an adorable laugh escape.
  • “AWWWWWW!” Coed everyone.
  • Kendra and Sara stole you from Mick and ran to their room.
  • “YOU-“
  • “There are kids present, Mick” Len put one of those horrible cereal bars.
  • “UAGH!” Mick coughed.
  • Hours passed before the guy could see you again
  • Kendra and Sara got out of your room with a white fluffy onesie with bunny ears and a lil tail.
  • The guys looked at your cuteness
  • They were cuteness overload
  • The first to come back was Ray, who hugged you tightly
  • “OMG, SHE’S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!” ray’s hair tickled your nose and made you sneeze like a kitten.
  • “Give her to me” said Len.
  • “no” ray answered.
  • “to bad” Len hit Ray in the shoulder and grabbed you.”gonna take MY little sister” And ran to their room
  • “SNART! GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER!” Rip yelled, running behind snart.
  • “NO”
  • “Sh-sh-shhhhip!!!” you laughed
  • AAAAWWWWWWWed everyone
  • Rip glared at Len.
  • “Give”
  • “no”
  • The next day, you were still a lil bundle of joy
  • The crew was so enamored with you
  • ……AAnd the  JSA kidnapped you
  • Yep
  • The crew went bonkers
  • So bonkers that they got kidnapped too, (or would it be adultnapped?)
  • You rescued them
  • Yep
  • How? Would you ask
  • Easy, this lil cute chubby face*squishes (y/n)’s cheeks* so cute
  • You had the JSA tied around your lil finger.
  • “Can i hold her, now???” stargirl says
  • “No.” Mid-nite says
  • “Awww,please?” Courtney insists
  • “….”
  • “let us hold her!” Vixen insists.
  • In the end they got to hold you.
  • “You ain’t going back with them, you’re ours now.” Mid.nite said
  • You started crying
  • No one could make you stop
  • “If you release me, I’ll calm her” Len said
  • “….release him”
  • “but-“
  • They did
  • And Len shushed you and sang you a song his mom used to sing to him
  • Then everyone got free and flied with you back to the ship
  • “MA BABIEEEH!!!” Cried Stargirl
  • “We’ll get her back” Said Vixen
  • Once in the Waverider
  • Everyone was fighting to get a hold of your tiny form
  • Like flying horrible cereal bars
  • A fight fight
  • Then Jax and Stein got a hold of you.
  • “she looks sleepy, we should read her a bedtime story” Jax said.
  • “Well, I got the Quantum vortex theory of the ultimate black hole, it’s a good thesis.”
  • “….” Jax looked dumfounded at Stein. He didn’t have any more books.
  • “…well If that can’t make her sleep, nothing will.” Jax said
  • A page in the book and Jax and you were soundly asleep.
  • Your soft breaths made everyone come to see your cute, peaceful expression.
  • …. Until Jax snored
  • That broke the moment
  • “…Do we have to return her to normal?” Ray whined.
  • “Yes, even though she’s the cutest thing ever” Kendra said.
  • Rip looked at you, grabbed your tiny form and went to your room.
  • He laid you on your bed, and caressed your hair like he did before.
  • You  looked at him and smiled, he smiled back
  • “Go to sleep, darling”
  • “p-pa-pa-paaaa-a-PAPA!” You smiled and raised your arms to Rip
  • His eyes clouded with tears.
  • He grabbed your hands and kissed them, making you giggle.
  • “Yes, darling. I’m here, you are safe. Papa is here.”
  • You yawned cutely, and feel asleep with Rip’s hand in you.
  • “My darling princess” He kissed your hairline.
  • In the end, they turned you back to normal
  • Much to Ray’s, Kendra’s and Sara’s sadness for losing their lil’ bunny.
  • “You can still dress her in fluffy thing you know?” Jax said
  • “Don’t give them ideas? Grumbled Mick.
  • Ken, Sara and Ray’s eyes twinkled
  • “Great, now you gave them ideas.”
  • “It’s all your fault” Mick said as he slapped Jax’s shoulder as he leaved the kitchen. Jax saw the face of revenge in your eyes
  • “s*it” thought jax
  • In the end the Waverider got a pretty lil bunny and an angry lil kitty.
  • Oh so much photos
  • Oh so much blackmail.
a weekend away

request: could you write a oneshot where Harry and y/n have 3 sons and y/n has to go away for work and Harry’s looking after them and when she comes back she’s all 😍😍😍 for her boys please? And can you include the type of banter you had in last Christmas? I loved that!!! Thanks for sharing! X

this got kind of long lol but i really liked writing it, i hope you guys love it too! no warnings, absolute fluff once again.

I was awoken by a five year old climbing into bed between myself and Harry.

“Jayden?” I heard Harry’s sleepy voice croak.

“Hi daddy.” I smiled at the sound of my son’s voice.

“Hi buddy, what’s going on?”

I felt Jayden cuddle up next to me, “Mummy’s leaving today, I wanted to say goodbye.”

I laughed, fully awake now, “Bubby, I’m not leaving for a long time, probably not until the twins go down for their afternoon nap.” I said, glancing at the clock that said 3:17 AM.

He looked at me with the widest green eyes. My three sons were all replicas of their father. Which was nice, because, obviously, they were beautiful, but I was a little jealous and hoped at least one of them would begin to show a feature of mine as they grew. “Please don’t make me go back in my room.”

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anonymous asked:

The band with an s/o being an actress/actor. Or maybe their s/o is leading Natasha in The Great Comet of 1812.

(Sorry but I’m not really familiar with that second part you added, so I hope you like this!)

•You actually met him on a job when you were in between shoots, and ran into him in the studio, when he was scheduled for an interview on live TV.
•He doesn’t really think of it much because he loves you for who you are as a person, not for what you do with your life.
•He’s ALWAYS going to events with you… not just for the back stage food.
•You guys would be the biggest celebrity couple out there, as you’re adorable together.

•Murdoc understands what it means to be in the line of fame, getting more attention from the media than you’ll ever want. Because of this, he’s more possessive over you than if you weren’t a celebrity yourself.
•He views your relationship to make you guys a “Power couple of the world,” as he states it.
•He doesn’t really like it when you have a kiss scene or something along those lines because he gets jealous easily.
•After said scenes, when you get home he would pull you into the bedroom for some personal time alone.

•You have Russel’s full support in your job, mainly because he knows what it’s like to pursue your dreams.
•He’s there for you to help you practice for auditions since he wants you to do your best
•He would mKe sure you don’t stay up super late doing anything for your work so that you’d be well rested for any new day of shooting. Or just to be healthy in general. A
•He would never brag about having you as his partner because he doesn’t want to treat you like an object.

•Not surprisingly, she’s seem nearly everything you’ve ever acted in because she loves your works.
•You’ve brought her along on some of your jobs so that she could see you in action.
•She doesn’t really interrupt you much but she’ll stand on the side silently cheering you on.
•After any important shoot, she would bring you out to your favorite restaurant for a mini celebration.

November 19th, 2014 - Share a Coke With...

AUTHOR: seecarrun

19th of November, 2014 - Share a Coke with…

“Hey Mattie, could you help me out with something?”

Matthew put down his fork and eyed his brother cautiously, slowly chewing the last bit of his pancake breakfast. “With what?” he asked carefully.

Alfred’s face flushed. “Weeeell-“

“And don’t lie to me,” Matthew interrupted with as much as a glare as the sweet boy could muster.

Alfred gulped. “W-what? I would never lie to you!”


"I just need some help with this school thing!”

Also a lie.

“And, uh, you see…” he paused before collapsing into the chair next to Matthew, head in his hands. “I’m an idiot.”

Sadly, not a lie.

“Go on,” he prompted, gesturing Alfred to continue.

The other boy sighed heavily, his head still buried in his hands, causing his glasses to slip up under his bangs on his forehead. “So, there is this guy, and I’ve got the stupidest little crush on him, and-“

Crush? What are you, twelve?”

“It’s the best way to describe it, now shut up.”

Matthew rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, he’s freaking adorable, but like, I can’t bring myself to even talk to him!” He ran a hand through his hair.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Matthew shushed him, holding up a single finger and smirking. “You mean to tell me that there is someone that the great Alfred Jones is intimidated by?” He whistled. “Must be some crush. Who is this guy?”

Alfred bit his lip. “The student council president…”

"Arthur Kirkland?!”

“Don’t… say it like that!” he whined, pulling at his hair. “I never even knew the dude existed until last month when I had to ask him for an extension on the football fundraiser, and he’s been on my mind ever since!”

Matthew sniffed, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye. “My little Alfie is in love!”

"It’s just a crush!” he insisted, flushing. But Matt just waved him off with a laugh.

“I know, I know,” he chuckled. “What do you need me to do?”

Alfred took a deep breath and started to share his plan.


Arthur unlocked the door to the student council room and haphazardly tossed his bag to the side, collapsing into his chair with a sigh.

Whomever decided that Monday afternoons would be the perfect time for his office hours was a prat and deserved to be hit quite roughly in the face.

He just wanted to go home.

After not too long, his personal pity-party was interrupted by a soft knocking on the office door, and after making sure he at least looked like he had been doing something productive, he cleared his throat and called “Come in.”

A far too familiar and devastatingly handsome face poked through the door.

Oh bloody hell, it was Alfred Jones.

Arthur sat up just a little straighter in his chair, subconsciously brushing his hair away from his face with his hand. “Can I help you, Jones?” he asked as calmly as possible, despite his rapidly beating heart.

There might have been a slight, itty-bitty chance Arthur had a big, fat, utterly stupid crush on Alfred Jones.

“The fundraiser money isn’t due for another week,” Arthur continued, feeling himself flush ever so slightly darker as the gorgeous American football player walked closer.

Alfred’s blue, blue eyes widened.”Wha-? Oh! No! Ha! I, um, didn’t come here about that.”

“Then what-?”


Arthur blinked owlishly, so taken back by Alfred’s sudden raised voice, he almost missed the item Alfred’s shaky hands extended toward him.

“A Coke?” he asked, obviously confused, as he took the offered beverage into his hands. “I don’t exactly drink the stuff, but- oh.”

There, on the side of the bottle, were the words “Share a Coke with Arthur” written in white against the bold red. One glance at Alfred’s face revealed he, too, was a similar red.

“I-I got it out of the vending machine, and, well, I’ve never gotten one with someone I know’s name on it before, so I, like, figured I might as well give it to you, and… stuff,” Alfred rambled, looking everywhere around the room but at Arthur.

Arthur held the bottle delicately, still a bit too taken back at the moment to do much more than blush lightly and stutter a quick “Well, uh, thank you” with a smile.

Alfred grinned in reply to Arthur’s smile, shooting the student council president an enthusiastic thumbs up. “No prob dude, enjoy!” he chirped, and before Arthur knew it, the boy was gone, practically sprinting down the hall.

Alone once more, he gazed at the bottle in his hands.

Yeah, there was no bloody way he was drinking that Coke. He was saving that thing forever.


Matthew smiled fondly when he saw his brother practically skipping across the school parking lot, a triumphant fist in the air above his head.

“So you gave him the Coke, huh?” he asked as Alfred slid into the driver’s seat, beaming from ear to ear.

“Hells yeah I did!” he practically sang, starting the car and pulling, just a bit too quickly, out of his parking spot. “Totally worth it, dude!”

Matthew scoffed. “I sure hope so. We only spent a small fortune on Coke to find that bottle. We’re gonna be drinking that stuff for months.”

But Alfred was all smiles, his empty wallet and his garage filled to the roof with Coca-Cola be damned.

7 Nights of BTS: V

She awoke the next morning keenly aware of how sore her ass was. As she yawned, she turned her face to the left and was immediately greeted by Taehyung’s smiling face. 

“Good morning, jagi.” He waved right in her face. 

“Oh my god V.” She turned away, hiding her head under the blankets. “Go away, I’m still tired.” 

“Oh, I bet.” He was making himself comfortable she could tell, relaxing on the bed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She mumbled from under the blanket.

“Nothing.” He sighed. “And everything.” 

She poked her head from under the blanket, brown eyes, studying him. “Start talking.”

V held his hands up. “I was just messing with you, calm down. Do you work today?” 

She shook her head, touching her head making sure her bonnet was still on. “No, I have a beauty appointment though.” 

“Why?” He seemed to ask genuinely. “You’re already beautiful. Why would you want to change the way you look?” 

She rubbed her eyes. “Because, I need to get my hair done.”

He thought a moment. “Only your hair?”

“Yes.” She didn’t really think about what he was saying, getting out of bed, she was glad she put clothes on, though at this point why would it matter. She walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. 

After she brushed her teeth, she noticed V had made the bed and was sitting in the middle cross legged. “I thought you meant for enhancements, or changes…plastic surgery.” 

She gawked at him, but remembered that plastic surgery was not an issue here in Korea. It was also much cheaper than it was in the states. “No, I’m happy with the way I look.” 

“I am too. I like everything about you.” He smiled at her before doing aegyo. 

She laughed. “Thank you for making my bed, and for the compliment.” Walking over to her window, pressing a hand against the glass to asses the temperature. 

“It’s going to be windy today, and it was drizzling this morning, should start again this afternoon.” V said to her, moving to lay on his stomach and watch her. 

“Where are the guys?” She walked to her closet, looking for what to wear today. 

“Suga is still asleep. Namjoon and J-Hope are downstairs, going over a song. Jin is doing his beauty routine. Jimin and Jungkook, went to a gym about 10 minutes ago.”

“So, everyone is preoccupied. Has everyone eaten?” She tossed a long black cardigan next to him on the bed. 

“Yes, we have breakfast for you downstairs. Can I go with you to the hair appointment?” He held the cardigan in his lap, picking some lint out from it. 

She smiled at V, holding a pair of jeans in her hand. “You want to go with me? I’m not going to look pretty, until he finishes.”

“Yes, I’d like to go.” He stood up, reaching for her hand. holding it tight. “Stop saying things like that. If I say you’re beautiful, you are. I don’t lie.” 

“No you don’t.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Let me get dressed and yes you can go with me.” 

She dressed quickly, taking her bonnet off and shaking her head. Her hair was in a need of a good wash. She quickly wrapped her head in a colorful scarf, putting on a little makeup. before heading downstairs. As she left her room, she met Jin in the hall who wasted no time, snatching her up in his arms. 

“Still sore?” He asked, pressing his lips to hers. 

“No, I’m good thank you for asking.” He rubbed his nose against hers, gently, taking another kiss. 

“Anytime.” They walked down the stairs together, Jin throwing his arm over her shoulders, as they entered the living room. 

She greeted the rest of the guys, Namjoon grabbing her thigh, pulling her from Jin and into his lap. “V says he’s taking you to your hair appointment today.” 

She felt her face get warm, looking from J-Hope to Namjoon. “Yea, he’s going with me.” 

Hobi smiled at her. “You can stay with V today if you want. We are gonna hang around here and do some stuff, go to the studio for a bit. At least me, Namjoon and Suga are. The other guys will be here when you get back more than likely.”

She nodded at him, getting up from Namjoon’s lap to go into the kitchen and eat. After she finished and said her goodbye’s to the others, V donned a mask and a coat with a hood, pulling it on, as he opened the door for her. She grabbed an umbrella, but put on a hood as well, walking out the door. 

Apparently, the hair salon was a short ways away. A good walk for them and they talked as they went. She asked V about his home and the last time he had been. V asked about her army father and her decision to stay in Korea, when her father went back to the states. 

“Sometimes, he says he want to come back, but, I know he likes it there too.” V slipped his hand into her own, pulling her close. 

“Do you miss him?” 

She sighed. “It was me and him for so long, after my mother died. I miss him, but it’s also a nice change of pace to not have him hovering over me.” 

V nodded, asking about where she lived in Maryland. Annapolis to be exact, and she talked about the bay air, and blue crabs for dinner. As they neared the salon, she let go of his hand. 

“Are you going to be ok in here? I mean you’re famous.” She stopped to face him. 

V shrugged. “We are relatively nowhere, I doubt someone will recognize me. I have a beanie on and my mask. I look like every other Korean guy.”

“Except like 10 times hotter.” She said, opening the door to the salon. 

“Hey babycakes.” A woman said as she took off her coat, hanging it on the rack. V did the same, he wore a long sleeved sweater and sat down on a chair looking, down at his phone. 

“Whose your friend.” The woman inquired, leading her over to a sink bowl. 

“His name is Tae, he’s visiting me from Daegu.” She leaned her head back in the sink bowl. 

The older Korean woman, started washing her hair. “I can’t see his face but he looks handsome.” 

“He’s ok.” She replied, smiling. 

The two women conversed while, Taehyung looked up every once in awhile. As she moved towards the chair, and got her hair combed out and sprayed with leave in conditioner, V got closer. 

“Why don’t you leave your hair like this?” Her reached out, touching a kinky coil. 

“I like my blow-outs better.” She shrugged. 

“I like the curls.” He pulled on one again, before moving to sit down. 

The hairdresser pulled out the brushes and blow dryer needed to start her hair. “So, you found yourself a handsome Korean man huh?”

If only she really knew, she bit her lip looking at V. He was handsome, not just cute. His firm arms and long fingers that gripped his phone. His long neck leaned to one side, and she imagined her lips trailing kisses down his throat. 

God, I’m horrible. She thought to herself, as flashes of Namjoon, Suga and Jin went through her mind. 

“He’s a great guy, very funny, handsome, sweet and caring.” She was basically describing all the guys. “Where’s Deon?”

“He’s at home with the baby, he might be by later.” Her hair dresser was in a multi ethnic relationship as well. Her husband was black. Another soldier who fell in love and stayed. 

“Good, I love seeing your son, he’s so adorable.” 

“He eats like his father.” She answered. 

One hour later, a flat iron was being ran through her strands, then a quick end trim and she was done. She waved her hair around. 

“You always work a miracle.” The older hairdresser, waved her off. 

“I know I do good work.” 

$8,000 won later they were out the door, with Taehyung walking around her, looking at her hair. 

“I still like the curls better, why don’t you have your hair like that?” He touched her shoulder length hair, feeling the texture between his fingers. 

“The curls are nice, but I don’t know how to manage my own hair when it’s curly, this is manageable.” She slapped his hands away. 

“Learn how. One day, I want to see you with you curls.” He bumped into her playfully,

A low roll of thunder sounded overhead, and they both looked to the sky. “Oh god, I just got this done.” She quickly found shelter, trying to tuck her hair into her beanie. 

“What’s the matter?” V asked, as he opened the umbrella holding it over her head. 

“If my hair gets wet, it will frizz and boom curls. I don’t want that. Just paid like $8,000 won for this.” She fixed her beanie, pulling on her hood just as the rain started to come down. 

V looked slightly confused. “So go home and fix it.” 

She sighed, hugging close to V under the umbrella. “It’s a black girl thing, I’ll explain it in detail later.” 

Back at the house, the rain still coming down hard, she made them a both of noodles. Some kimchi and meat in the broth, they sat at the table eating quietly in the house, they had to themselves. 

“It’s quiet.” V said, as he slurped the last of his noodles, finishing off the broth. 

“It is, just the rain hitting the roof. Kinda romantic.” She tossed her chopsticks into the sink, sitting on the couch.

V put his bowl in the sink, setting his chopsticks down. He could do what Jin, Jimin or Namjoon would do. Just go over to her and start kissing her, undress her and take her right there on the couch. Suga would tell her his intentions and then do it. Jin would be romantic about it. He didn’t really know what Jungkook would do. She had turned on the TV and was watching a rerun of running man, when he finally sat near her. FOr the next 10 minutes, he went through his head on what he could do. What he should do. What would someone else do. 

“I want to kiss you, but I’m afraid.” He finally said. 

She turned her head towards him, no smile on her face. “Why are you afraid?” 

V swallowed, hand running through his pink hair. “I want to please you, but I’m afraid of not knowing how.” 

She was closer now, her legs touching his, and he was keenly aware of her perfume, the sound of her breath as it left her nose. 

“Just do what you think is ok.” She turned her body fully towards him.

V reached out, his fingers over her lips. He leaned towards her, kissing her gently as he fumbled on what to do with his hands now. His lips pecking at her, he finally stopped, hanging his head. 

“Yea, I don’t think you like this.” 

“I like it, Taehyung. Your lips are soft, and you’re being cute about it.” She squeezed his hand. 

“I’m probably nothing like…don’t worry about it.” He turned from her.

He was whispering, and she rolled her eyes, getting up on her knees, she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close. “Stop it. I don’t like you because you’re all sexual and flirty. Or because you’re straight forward and take what you want. I like you, because you’re innocent sweet. You’re you.” 

He turned his face towards her. “I’m me huh?” 


She put her lips on his, taking the kiss. Now he was easing into it, his arms pulling her close, he held her body to his, as his lips moved over hers. His mouth opening, tongue touching her lips. he asked for entry and when she gave it, he shifted her into his lap, letting her feel the eruption she was causing in his pants.

The key in the lock made him stop and he released her mouth. “Can we finish this tonight?”

She breathed heavily, forehead resting on his. “When everyone is asleep, come to me.” 

The guys came in all the same time, talking and carrying bags with them. Jimin and Jungkook had went shopping after the gym then met up with Jin, and the others. They complimented her, on her fresh hairstyle. Suga bought dinner today, and they all ate. It was a normal night, like the last three, and truth be told, when they left she was going to miss this. She stood in the kitchen with Suga, who stood behind her as she washed dishes and rubbed his hands in the soapy water with her. Apparently, last night he watched Ghost by himself and she laughed, then suppressed a moan as he kissed her shoulder, pressing his length against her. 

She said her good nights and after she showered, she dressed and laid in bed, watching her phone. It was an hour later before V knocked gently on her door. 

“Come in.” She said, putting her phone down, sitting up in bed. 

V walked in slowly, head down. He crawled up onto her bed. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Truth be told, I’m content with just kissing you like that.”

“Kissing usually leads to other things.” She leaned back on her headboard. 

“I’m happy with a hand job as well.” He smiled at her, that continuously,happy Taehyung smile. 

“You’re so cute.” She sat up pulling V towards her. 

His lips connected with hers, and she laid them both down on the bed, her right leg lifting on his thighs as he settled his weight onto her body. His mouth opening as hers did, tongues connecting. He enjoyed this, holding her hand, holding her face. His mouth worked over hers, tasting her, savoring her. He didn’t know how long they kissed. He didn’t care. He just knew that at some point she was on top of him, his hands were on her bare breasts. She had on only her panties, and he was down to his boxers. His lips were sore from kissing hers, and she was steadily grinding on his crotch so much so that he was sure he was going to soil his boxers at any minute. He could feel her wetness on the fabric. 

Slowly, she lifted herself and pushed her panties to the side. V made himself comfortable, as she pulled his length from his boxers, stroking him slowly. Her hand on smooth skin, he groaned, moving himself in her tight fist. He let go of her mouth, head falling backwards, as she continued to pump her hand up and down. 

“Do you want more?” She whispered, asking him. 

“Yes.” All Taehyung really remembered was that he grabbed her hips, raising her body over his tip and he slid home within her. His fingers grabbing on her, he pumped a few times, before she pushed him down. 

“Relax.” She said, kissing his nose and sitting back up. She moved his hand to her breasts and helped him knead them, as she moved up and down on him. His legs, moving back and forth under her, his waist pushing up. 

V moaned, his hand touching her throat, the other coming to the V between her legs searching. Finally, he found what he was looking for, and he rubbed. Eyes open now, he looked at her move up and down on his length. He watched her hands leaning back on the bed, as her breaths started to come in shorter gasps. 

“Oh god, Taehyung.” She said quietly. Leaning forward on his chest, she moved her body, his teeth finding purchase on her shoulder as his toes curled and he finally released within her. Her groans as she pushed down on him and finally came. 

They stayed like that awhile. Her on top of him, arms around his chest, and his around hers. V, kissed her shoulder gently, before he realized she was sleeping. The gentle rise and fall of her back. He closed his eyes, adjusting under her weight, realizing that he could get used to a lot of things, and if one of them was waiting his turn to enjoy this. He wouldn’t mind. 


I have some Thinky Thoughts about the gender roles for the gaming system in Love o2o ^^;;

So, I’ve known married couples who play WoW. Almost always, the man is the tank and the woman is the support, and together they reach a very high level very quickly. MMORPGs are designed so that there are rewards built in for people playing together. What’s interesting in A Chinese Ghost Story is that getting married in the game is a feature that rewards a pair of players–and is heavily weighted in items and experience for the woman player.

Because in ACGS women are usually support players–healers and bards. This means their levels tend to be lower, so when they form a group with other players, their experience points are higher. (I used to play with that married couple and they would take me through high level dungeons to help me level faster. It’s great.)

Except, Wei Wei is a female tank who has risen up to #6 or #7 on a PvP server. Her first marriage was with another tank and she treated it like a business arrangement. When she got divorced in the game, it wasn’t a big deal to her (much like a man might treat his first divorce >.>), and she only experiences problems when her ex feels like his pride has been hurt or people think because she’s a girl, she should only be married once or is somehow ruined by fake game sex or something.

Xiao Nai is a bard who has risen to the top of the server through gaming with his friends, who all appear to be warrior class characters. In a way, he’s been forced to train and get equipment smartly so that when he is attacked by another player, he is so defended and his attacks have such good dps, that he makes winning look easy. But in a way, his class type makes having either a group or a wife necessary to advance. He’s literally had to spend all of his time in the game making himself look attractive to other people and hiding behind his perceived independent masculinity.

If you look at the Legend of the Condor Heroes quest, the dragon seal stage is clearly meant for a tank. If he hadn’t been agile enough or light enough, he wouldn’t have passed because the damage might have killed him. Someone like Wei Wei would’ve had a better shot. And Wei Wei was so bored waiting for him to come find her.

I think it’s interesting that the game forces a certain gender role expectation on the players, but both Xiao Nai and Wei Wei have found a way around it that suits their personalities better. Women often get praised for their agility and ability to manipulate while men get praised for their strength and ability to face problems straight on. But that’s not a part of who these two are, so they chose classes better suited to them.

Yet, at the same time, Wei Wei really enjoys being Xiao Nai’s wife in the game. She likes that he’s kind and protective towards her but he still has absolute respect for her skills and is paired with her because she’s a fantastic tank. He picked her specifically because he’s gotten real enjoyment out of playing with her.

Also, the three guy roommates are adorable. It’s like they thought Xiao Nai was a hopeless case and never would find true love so they’re nice and supportive of Wei Wei. 

Anyway, there are some frustrating parts, like the guy who publicly sex-shamed Wei Wei for getting out of an expensive car, only to turn around and go, Oh, you’re not a whore, so I like you now and It’s my right to pursue you until I change my mind, after getting rejected. I also find it frustrating that Yi-Ran, who appears sweet everywhere else, is being rewarded for her one-sided feelings by her friend. It would be different if she had some sort of relationship with Xiao Nai but she doesn’t. Talk about giving female characters only one purpose and failing them >.>

Unexpected Chapter Three

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans.

A/N : So I am utterly AMAZED with all the feedback with this story!!! Thank Y’all so much for taking the time to read it!! It means the world to me! xx

Word Count : 1,702

Warnings : Language. Thats about it.

Cover - Chapter One - Chapter Two

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The line for Astro Blasters was shorter than expected, only having to wait a minute to get on. Miles never let your hand go. He held on closely, and talked to you about all the disney movies he’s ever seen. He was excited, and the way he talked about it, made you smile. 

“I think my brother is secretly trying to mold him into his little mini me.” Carly cackled. “I mean, he reminds me of Chris more and more each day.” 

You let out a chuckle, but before you could say even a single word, Chris interrupted. Walking over to you. 

“Who reminds you of me?” He asked, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. 

Carly ran her fingers through Miles’ hair.” This little guy.”

“Well, he is awesome and quite the clever little man, so I take that as a compliment.” He smirked. 

Something over came you, maybe it was the sudden comfort you felt around him, but you couldn’t help the words falling out of your mouth. “Only thing different is Miles is adorable and you–well you’re okay.” 

Chris tilted his head back, laughter escaping him as he clutched his chest tightly. Just hearing his laugh, and watching his body slightly shake was somehow refreshing. Like you were seeing the most beautiful masterpiece in an art gallery. And for the life of you, you never wanted it to stop. 

The pull Chris had on you was strong, nothing you had ever felt before. And for that, you were terrified.

“Oh burn!” Carly cackled, snapping you out of your daze.

As Chris took in a deep breath, and wiped the tears from his eyes that formed while laughing so hard, he met your gaze, his lips sculpted into a curl. “That hurt.” He stated. 

You bit on your lower lip, feeling the blood rush to your cheeks as you held his gaze. 

The worker caught all of your guys’ attention, ending the conversation short. “How many?” 

Shanna looked back, counting everyone, before returning her attention to the worker. “Twelve.” 

“Okay, Two in each cart please.” She exhaled. 

Miles tugged on your hand, leading you to the first cart available. “I’m going to beat you!” He exclaimed, reaching for the blaster. 

Slipping in beside him, you only but shrugged, a smirk forming on your lips. “Oh we will see about that. I’m pretty great.” You teased.

Chris and his niece were next, and though you weren’t looking, he had his eyes glued to you. It was weird for him to say the least, to be so drawn to someone he barely knew. 

And no matter how hard he tried to shake this feeling, he couldn’t. You were different from everyone else.

“Come on Uncle Chris!” Stella groaned. “The ride is going to leave us!” 

The ride was short, and of course, Miles had beaten you. All part of your plan. He rushed to the pictures and practically begged you to email it to yourself and his mama. It was his best score ever and he was proud. You couldn’t say no to him. 

Walking through the little store, you and your friends huddled over to the pins. Something you all did every time you went to the parks. Collecting pins together was something special to each of you, and that was something that would never change. 

“So, when’s the wedding?” Rashelle whispered, making the girls giggle. 

You rolled your eyes, letting out a huff. “Shut up. It’s not like that at all.” 

“Bull shit!” Addie exclaimed. 

You immediately hushed her, swatting her arm. 

“Damn Addie, why dont you just call him over here.” Charm chuckled. 

She gave you an apologetic smile, shrugging her shoulders. “Sorry.” She mumbled. 

“But seriously Y/N, Chris is totally into you.” Penny muttered, nudging your side. “I mean, have you seen the way he looks at you?” 

As they continued their statements, you felt your stomach begin to flutter. Were they seeing something you weren’t? Usually they can’t ever agree on anything, but this, they were almost echoing off each other. It baffled you, but at the same time, it gave you hope. 

“Oh shit, he’s coming this way.” Rashelle whispered. “Act normal.” 

Chris cleared his throat, grabbing yours and the girls attention. “So, my family and I are going to the Peter Pan ride, and since I know it’s your favorite, I was wondering if–”

“Yes!” Charm interrupted. You immediately shot her a look, scrunching your brows together. “I–I mean, she would love too. She loves Peter Pan.” She smiled. 

Chris chuckled, looking endlessly at you. Gosh, those eyes, he loved the way they glistened, and the way your lashes fluttered every time you blinked. He was hooked.

The girls shared a look, a smirk playing on their lips. 

“So are we going or?” Carly asked holding Stella in her arms.

“Yea. You ladies coming?” 

“Chris and Y/N, you two are the odd ones out.” Scott chuckled. “Looks like you two have to sit together. I got Stella.”

You glanced at Chris, and felt your stomach begin to churn. You hadn’t been alone with him. And it was beginning to make you a bit nervous. Scared you were going to say something stupid or worse, nothing at all. 

But with a simple smile, all your doubt and fears had somehow dissipated. 

“That’s fine with me.” He smirked. 

After a few minutes of waiting for his family and your friends to get on the ride, you and Chris were all that was left. 

“Ladies first.” He muttered, motioning for you to slide on to the boat shaped cart. 

As he climbed in beside you, and the bar pushed over your lap, the ride began to move. His hand stayed pressed against yours, as your bodies slightly touched. 

He was so close to you, that you were able to breathe in his scent. 

“So, I’m curious.” He exhaled, cocking his head to the side. “Why is Peter Pan your favorite?” 

Your lip twitched as you felt a sudden warmth course through you. “Because Peter Pan got to live the life I had always wanted. I mean, no one ever wants to grow up, to get a job, to live paycheck to paycheck, eat ramen noodles every night because you’re too broke to buy or make food.” You stated. “He made a choice not to grow up, to stay in Neverland and be happy. Peter was free. And man, what I would give to be free.” 

Chris listened to every word that fell from your lips, watching the way you talked about it in such depth and not just because it was cute or funny. The way you spoke about it, comparing it to your life was real. And raw. To think he couldn’t possibly like you any more than he did.

“Sorry, that was blunt.” You chuckled. 

He shook his head, his hand slipping to yours. “It was honest. And we don’t get that anymore.” 

Your heart felt like it skipped a beat as he intertwined his fingers with yours. Molding your palms together. It was like a spark had ignited in you, slowly burning a flame. 

“But if you like this movie so much, how did you not get the hook question right, this morning?” He teased. 

Your lips curved, “I blanked! I knew the answer too, I just for some reason I couldn’t remember!” 

“Or maybe you’re just not as big of a fan as I am.” He shrugged. 

You dramatically rolled your eyes, scoffing. “Shut up.” 

“Just saying, since I am the one who got it right.” He winked. 

“Okay, Evans. Whatever will help you sleep at night.” 

“Oh, using the last name now?” He cackled. 

As the ride continued, you and Chris kept the conversation going, laughing and cracking jokes at one another. For just meeting him that day, sitting next to him somehow felt familiar. You felt safe around each other, like everything around you alined and fell into place. 

It wasn’t forced. 

Stars filled the dark sky with the moon covered behind a cloud. It was finally near the end of your first day. A day you knew you and your friends would never forget. 

You and the gang all stood in front of the castle, waiting for the fireworks to start. One of your favorite things to do was watch them go off. It was beautiful and enchanting. 

Scott and his sisters treated you and your friends like family. They goofed around with each other, made sarcastic remarks. It was part of the reason why you and the girls hung out with them all day. You felt welcomed. 

“Okay, the fireworks need to start already. My feet are killing.” Shanna huffed. 

“Right? Mine too!” Charm exclaimed. 

And just like that, music played through the speakers, and the lights focused over the castle. 

“It’s starting!” You squealed.

Tinker Bell made her appearance, which made Stella freak out. Seeing Tinker Bell ‘flying’ was probably the best part of her day. 

The kids quickly covered their ears, as the fireworks began. The sparks shimmering in the sky, with the loud bangs coming from the explosions. Going along with the music. 

It was beautiful, and you were mesmerized. With your eyes glued to the sky, a smile lingering on your lips, Chris kept his gaze on you. Watching you in awe. 

There was something about the way you looked under all the lights. Maybe it was the sudden rush of adrenaline that pulsed through him, or Scott’s words echoing in his head, whatever it was, Chris managed to find the courage he thought he lost months ago. It was like having tunnel vision, only able to see you. Everything else around you, blurred. He could hear the sound of his heart pounding in his ears, and though this was nothing he would ever do, he couldn’t stop himself. 

Chris cupped your cheeks, and crashed his lips to yours. Both your hearts were racing as your tongues danced along each other. His lips were extremely soft and warm. It brought you to a high. 

You both were so deep into the kiss, forgetting everyone around you. 

In that moment, you were free. 

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Stilinski Triplets x Reader: Too Much Trouble

A/N: You’re their sister and you find wolf puppies so you and you’re brothers try to hide them from your dad.

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You and your brother, Stiles had rushed into the house with a box under his arms. “We’re going to get in so much trouble.” Stiles whispered shouted to you. You had got back from the movies with your brother, Stiles until you two stumbled upon a small group of puppies. You told Stiles to pull over so you could pet them but they turned out to be wolf pups. They were all alone at the side of the road and it was about to start raining. 

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Implied smut and quite a bit of angst! No I don’t just like splitting my scenarios into 2 parts it’s 3 AM and I keep writing the same type of thing so… pt 2 tomorrow :)

You walked into the club hesitantly, not wanting to be there but also not wanting to let your best friend down as she turned 20. You scanned the room of drunken bodies and found the one that was your best friend grinding up on some long haired guy with his tongue in her mouth. You sighed and rolled your eyes upon seeing them and ordered a beer, glancing at the people around you warily as you sat and sipped the cold liquid.

“Are you here with her?” A quiet voice sounded from above you, almost too quiet to be heard over the booming EDM they played, making you look up to find your eyes meeting the deep hazels of a beautiful stranger. He looked quite young, maybe around 18 or 19, and as soon as your eyes met his he gasped, blinking a few times before smiling and sitting next to you. “I’m with him and… as you can tell I’ve been left to myself.” He sighed and shook his head, taking another drink of his soju before setting it on the table before you. You put your beer next to it and turned to face him, shy smile on your lips as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and looked into his eyes again. It was easy to lose yourself in them, warm and kind, and he shuffled closer until your bare knees touched his denim covered ones and there was no longer distance between you. “I’m Vernon. You are?”

“Y/N.” you responded, fiddling with your hands that lie on your lap.

“Cute. You’re cute.” You could feel your face heating up and thanked God you were sat in a dark club with lights that wouldn’t give you away.

“U-um… thank you… you’re very handsome.” You mumbled your response, not good with compliments, and racked your brain for something to say as silence fell over the two of you.

“So… tell me about yourself. Where are you from?” He asked, cocking his head to the side and reaching for his drink again. You liked how he seemed so genuinely interested and so decided to trust him, and soon you were both sharing funny life stories about your awkward lives.

After an hour your friend and her new boyfriend (who you’d learnt to be called Jeonghan) had left, her not even acknowledging the fact that you came to wish her a happy birthday and Jeonghan giving Vernon a wink before leaving. You were left alone with Vernon, who you felt a connection with, and before long you found the silence setting back in as he looked at you fondly. He knew you a lot better than most of your friends did now, as you told him a lot of personal stuff. He had a trustworthy vibe, which you liked. His eyes searched yours and then he leaned forward, the world seeming to slow down as he pressed his lips to yours. His lips were soft and moved against yours gently as he set his drink down and pulled you closer by the waist, deepening the kiss. The chaste, gentle kisses soon became more, his tongue darting out to skim your bottom lip and you happily granting access. You shared the heated kiss with tongues tangled for another 5 minutes or so, just enjoying each other’s taste and feel, before you pulled away with lust coursing through you. You guessed from his darkened eyes that he felt the same and so took his hand, standing up and grabbing your bag.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait, Y/N.”

“What’s wrong?” You turned back to find him frowning slightly, his hand squeezing yours.

“How drunk would you say you felt?”

“I had one beer. I’m going not at all.” You laughed before pecking his lips, finding him to be crazily addictive in his taste. He smirked at your eagerness and nodded, allowing you to lead him out and to your car. You found yourself going home quickly, and as soon as you were out of your car his lips were back on yours. It looked like neither of you could get enough.

You kicked the door shut upon entering your apartment as Vernon grabbed your waist and pulled you close, kissing you hungrily before pulling back to look at your face.

“Do you want to do this?” He asked in a whisper, one hand cupping your cheek with his thumb grazing your bottom lip gently. He looked at you with lust but with care as well, and you felt such a connection by this point that it wasn’t even a one night stand anymore. You nodded, not saying anything as you pulled him back in and began working the buttons of his shirt as he kissed you again. You led him to your bed and lie on your back, immediately pulling him over you and throwing his shirt to the floor. He had a better body than you could have imagined, and you could swear you were drooling as you stared. He attached his lips to your neck, leaving small marks that would soon fade, with his hands roaming your body. “Do you really want this?” He asked you again as his hands began pulling your dress up your body, eyes taking you in.

“Vernon, just fuck me already.”

You woke up with the sunlight streaming through your window, however you were slightly cold due to a lack of clothes. The boy sleeping quietly before you, arms holding you to his side as he slept peacefully reassured you that last night was not a dream, his eyes slowly opening as you stared. He blinked a few times as he came around, a small smile taking over as he saw you and seemed to come to a similar conclusion that he had, in fact, had sex that night. He lazily brushed the hair from your face, pecking your lips and pulling the blanket further over you both as you shivered slightly.

“Good morning.” He mumbled sleepily, still smiling. “How do you feel?”

“I haven’t felt this happy in a while.” You murmured, making him chuckle a little as he got out of bed.

“I’d love to stay in bed with you but I have class in a few hours. Do you mind if I use your shower?” He asked, running his hand through his hair and collecting his clothes from your floor. You gave him the go ahead and he ran out, returning only 20 mins later with his clothes on, enough cologne to mask the slight alcohol smell he’d acquired, and adorably tousled wet hair. He dried it with a towel, returning to the room to find you also dressing. “So do you. Pretty sure we go to the same college.” He laughed. You sighed and nodded, brushing the tangles out of your hair and grinning at how fortunate you’d come to be. You’d found a guy you could connect with, a guy who treats you right, a guy who was just so nice and harmless in personality, a man who- “Y/N?” He snapped you out of your thankful daydream and you whirled to face him, raising your eyebrows slightly.


“I’m gonna head out now. Last night was fun. I’ll see you around.” He took his own keys from his pocket, realizing you weren’t too far from his apartment and he needed to grab his backpack. You frowned, cocking your head.

“Wait! I don’t have your number or anything?” You called.

“Oh, yeah. I guess we’ll be seeing more of each other now that Jeonghan’s dating your friend, huh?” He chuckled, grabbing a piece of paper lying on the side and a pencil from your nearby school bag and scribbled his number down. “There you go.”

“What do you mean?” You asked, coming closer to him. “Maybe we’d see more of each other because we have something, not Jeonghan and Minah!” You yelled. He flinched and wrinkled his nose as if that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard.

“Us? Y/N, that was a one night stand. I have a girlfriend.” At that point it seemed like your world came crashing down, tears already pricking your eyes as every good thought you had about him faded away with your shattered hopes.

“That’s fucking cheating, asshole. And to say I fell so hard for you, too. You just felt nothing?” You spat, bitter tears forming cold tracks on your reddened cheeks.

“Look, if we could not tell my girlfriend about this when she gets back it would be great. This was obviously a mistake.” He sighed, seeming way too remorseless to say your heart felt like it had been broken to pieces. It was amazing how quickly you could fall for someone - in one night you’d slept with a guy who’d come to know your life story. Then you realized you knew quite little about him.

“Gets back?”

“She’s on vacation in Europe right now. She gets back in a week, so… I just needed a release you know?”

“Get out of my apartment. Right now.” You couldn’t choke back the sobs leaving your throat, tears spilling without end as he looked you up and down once more before walking slowly out of your apartment. He sighed again before leaving and turned back, eyes back on yours. The trust, warmth, and caring seemed to have vanished.

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way, but I didn’t tell you I was looking for something serious. And I didn’t ask you to fall for me either. I guess I’ll see you at school.” He said with a shrug before shutting your door, leaving you alone and crying in your bedroom. You knew it seemed too good to be true.

You were reluctant to go to school but knew you had to anyway, coffee in hand as you tried to distract yourself from the hurt you felt. However upon walking into school and seeing Vernon laughing with Jeonghan, Minah and some boys you’d never seen before as if nothing had happened that became hard to do.

“Y/N!” Minah called you over, waving her hands as a gesture to join her. You stood at her side, gaze cast at the floor as you focused on not crying again. You could feel him burning holes into your skull but still couldn’t bear to return his look, instead looking up at Jeonghan and getting a kind, soft smile.

“Hi, I’m Jeonghan. I guess we’ll see a lot more of each other now because I really like your best friend.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at Minah and making her blush.

“Oh stop.” She giggled, noticing you suddenly falling more sullen with their affection. She nudged you and you let out a solemn chuckle, not all too convincing, and she groaned slightly in frustration before turning to the other boys you didn’t know. There were four in total, all of them giving you a small smile and a wave when you looked in their direction. “So, from left to right we have Seungkwan, Soonyoung, Jisoo and Jihoon.” She pointed to everyone as she said their names and they bowed. You repeated their names and they nodded, you following as you put them to your memory. “Oh, and that’s Vernon.” You looked up at him, trying to keep your breathing steady as he smiled at you.

“Hi.” he said in a whisper, pulling out his phone to serve as distraction. Minah frowned, looking between you both.

“Do you two know each other?” She asked. You held his gaze and he shook his head, shrugging as nonchalantly as he had that morning. That stung.

“No. She just… looked familiar.” He replied, looking back at his phone as he didn’t want to see the hurt in your expression. You knew it was there. The tears were threatening you again.

“Um… so… I need to… go to the bathroom before class… see you all later.” You excused yourself with a small, unsteady voice before walking away quickly, allowing the tears to fall again as you headed for the bathroom. Before you could go in, however, you felt a hand on your shoulder, making you turn around.

“Hey, I could tell something was wrong as soon as you turned up. What’s wrong?” You looked back to find Soonyoung’s pitiful eyes on you, sighing helplessly as you stared at him.

“Vernon has a girlfriend… but last night…he… with me…”

“He didn’t.”

“He did.”

“That bastard.” Soonyoung let out an annoyed groan before reaching out and pulling you into a hug, rocking you back and forth gently. “I’ll talk to him for you, if you want. Or just… kick his ass. He’s young and stupid, so…”

“That doesn’t excuse it.”

“I didn’t say it did! Don’t worry, he’ll get a piece of my mind. He cheated on his girlfriend, hurt you and acted like nothing happened. That is not okay.” He wiped your tears with his thumbs and patted your shoulder, smiling reassuringly. “I’ll see you in class. Try to cheer up.”

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Piano (Lin x Reader) Platonic

Could I request a Lin or Pippa platonic x reader where Y/N is their literal younger sister and they come to watch the show the the first time and meet everyone?

A/N: While I did take 3 years of Spanish, it’s been a while and I’m better at listening/reading it than I am speaking it. I tried my best to make sure the grammar was correct while writing, but I apologize in advance if it isn’t perfect.

Word Count: 1,121

You didn’t think it was your brothers idea for you to see his show, but as you walked with him to the theater, he was a ball of energy, even more so than normal.

“Hermanita hermanita hermanita,” he chanted.

“You’re so embarrassing,” you told him with a grin.

“Only for you,” he threw a sweet smile back to you. When you got to the theater, Lin brought you in through the back door and into his dressing room. He pulled out his phone, snapping a picture with you and then posting it to Twitter with the caption ‘Hermanita is back from 🇵🇷 and she’s going to see the show 😳’. Promptly after, he pushed you out of his dressing room and sent you off with an usher to be seated. Somehow you ended up in the famous person section. While you were considered famous in Puerto Rico, you didn’t think anyone here in the States knew your name. You buried your face in your playbill until the show started, desperate to avoid being asked questions.

Your brother’s show was nothing short of incredible. Obviously only your brother would consider the country’s first treasury secretary to be the embodiment of rap and hip hop, but it worked. You were engaged the whole way through, mesmerized especially by your brothers performance. By the time it had ended, you were visibly crying.

As the cast was taking their bows, the same usher from before tapped you on the shoulder.

“Lin wants you to come backstage and meet the cast,” she said. You nodded, frantically trying to wipe the tears from your eyes. If Lin knew you had cried watching his show you’d never hear the end of it.

You were left back in Lin’s dressing room. As soon as he came offstage, he practically ran up to you.

“What did you think?”

“It was… Fabuloso,” you said. Your brain was still in shock from the perfection of it all to formulate words in English. Lin laughed.

“So I’ve been told. Would you like to meet the company?” He asked. You nodded, standing up and following him out into the hall.

The first person you ran into was Chris Jackson. You had met him before, during ‘In The Heights’, so he greeted you with a hug.

“Glad to see you again, Ms. Miranda,” he said warmly.

“Nice to see you too. Your performance was wonderful,” you told him. Chris accepted your compliment, but before you could continue the conversation, Lin interrupted by pulling someone else towards you.

“Guys, this is my little sister, (y/n),” Lin said. Standing in front of you was the actor who played Laurens/Phillip, and the actress who played Peggy/Maria. You told them how much you adored their performances. As you spoke to them, Lin brought over more and more of the cast. You felt like you were dishing out compliments and praise left and right, but it was well deserved.

Finally, Lin took your wrist and turned you around. Alex Lacamoire had finally made it backstage, and you were at a loss for words.

“Señor, es un honor. Me encanta su trabajo. Es mágico” You said after a brief hesitation and a lot of stuttering, reverting to the language you had been speaking for the past two years. Lin laughed, paraphrasing the translation quite embarrassingly.

“She says she loves your work and is honored to be in your presence. In her words, ‘it’s magical’. Took her a few tries to say it though, even in Spanish,” Lin said. You blushed profusely.

“Thank you, but from what I hear you’re quite a star yourself,” Alex said. You nodded, even more embarrassed that Lin had told his cast mates that you had been working as a professional pianist in Puerto Rico.

“Why did you come back to the US?” The actress who played Eliza asked. This helped you relax a little, being asked a question you could put English words to.

“Our parents reminded me that while they were proud of what I was accomplishing in Puerto Rico, I hadn’t been home in 2 years and I had a nephew whom I hadn’t met yet,” you told them.

“Sebastian loves her. ‘Tia Tia’ he says,” Lin said proudly. While you missed your work in Puerto Rico, you enjoyed being able to spend time with Lin’s son. You chatted with the cast a little more, also observing the way Lin was so comfortable around them. It wasn’t until Alex appeared at your shoulder again that you moved from the spot backstage.

“(y/n), could you teach me one of your pieces? We can go down into the orchestral pit and play on that piano. I’d love to see you perform. And I’ll teach you any song from the show in return,” he said. It was an offer you couldn’t pass up. Lin, noticing you sneaking away, followed out of curiosity. He had heard Alex’s proposal, and wanted to listen.

You taught Alex one of your pieces. While you didn’t have any music on you, he was quick to grasp the bars you would play for him. After you had finished teaching him, he played through it a couple of times as you watched.

“That was it!” you said after he had played it through with only a minor mistake. Alex grinned, then reached up to his score for the show.

“What can I teach you now?” he asked.

“Burn, please,” you said. Upon hearing it the first time only an hour before, you had fallen in love. It was, as you said, magical. Alex found the music, placing it in front of you. You sight read it relatively easily, though slowly. You had been playing the piano for years. The language of music on your fingertips was as comfortable as the Spanish language was on your tongue.

You played through a few more times, each time taking Alex’s pointers and putting them into good use. The last time you played it, Pippa started singing along with you.

“Lin, are you crying?” you asked your brother after you had finished. Lin wiped his eyes.

“No way, I just got something in my eye,” he defended.

“Yeah, my awesomeness must have flown out of the piano and snuck in there,” you teased. Lin laughed, before getting up and sliding next to you on the piano bench. His fingers started plucking a tune you hadn’t played in years. It was a duet you had composed with him years ago. You joined in on the higher keys, and together your four hands flew across the instrument. This was your happy place, performing with your brother, and it was something you definitely missed about home.

Buried Deep Part 1

A/N: This is part of my Deep series, which addresses some of the self-esteem/self-confidence issues many people face.

Skin Deep

Part 1  Part 2

Length: 2016

“I just want to love myself. I want to be able to see past the ugly deposits of fat on my body that make me feel inadequate and unworthy of love. I want to see the bright, smart, and funny girl that lies beneath.”

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Erik Durm - Luckiest Guy

I checked the time one more time even though I had just checked it a couple of seconds ago. I was too nervous to calm down, just like everybody else in the stadium and all the millions of people who were watching the World Cup final via TV that night. I had decided to see the match sitting where all the Germany fans were instead of sitting next to the other WAG’s since I preferred to “feel” the game.

I often looked at the bench where Erik was. I always caught him biting his nails, which made me smile. He looked so cute when he was focusing on something…

The referee used his whistle to indicate the end of the 90 minutes the match was supposed to take. I sighed, exhausted. There was too much tension, and I felt sorry for both teams: they were too tired to play other 30 minutes. Erik was running his fingers through his blonde hair when I saw him. I only felt like hugging him since he looked really worried.

The tension didn’t decrease when the extra time started. In fact, all it did was grow and grow and grow. Right when everyone was thinking they were going to end with the penalties, Mario did it. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it; I had to rewatch it on the screens as well. The crowd supporting the German team went crazy, and so did I. We were winning the final! As if we were synchronized, Erik and I looked at each other. He had this huge smile on his face, the one that made me fall for him. I waved at him and gave him the thumbs up. He laughed at my gesture before focusing again on the match, which hadn’t ended yet unluckily.

The Argentina players tried to score a goal at least until the last second, which was stressful because we already wanted the time to run out. So when the referee blew the whistle we all went crazy, including the German team, which ran into the field and started to hug each other, some of them even crying. It was like a huge party and I felt so proud of all of them. They deserved to win for all I knew.

- (Y/N), all the couples of the players are going to meet them – said a security guy who had turned up out of nowhere.

I nodded and hurried up since I was dying to hug my boy.

*Erik’s point of view*

As soon as we got our medals and our desired cup, we went down to the field again. I started to look for (Y/N) like mad because I hadn’t seen her since the winning goal. Her seat was empty and I was worried: there were a lot of people and I didn’t want her to get lost. In fact, I needed her in my arms.

- This is awesome! – said Matthias, approaching me.


- Yes, it’s unbelievable - I answered a bit distracted since I was looking for (Y/N).

- Hey, Erik! – Christoph said, politely.

We shook hands before he left.


- I just can’t believe it… - continued Matthias.

- I’m sorry, I have to go, I’m looking for (Y/N) - I said, leaving him.


In that moment, I found her. Looking gorgeous as usual, she was talking to Sarah. I ran to her and hugged her tighter than I had ever done before.

*My point of view*

I was talking to Sarah when I felt two strong arms around me. The person who was hugging me put his head next to neck, on my shoulder. Erik’s warm body wrapped me, which was my favourite feeling in the world.

- I’m so proud of you, Erik. I really am.

He placed his body in front of mine and looked at me in the eyes.

- I was thinking I’m a really lucky guy. I mean, I have a job I adore, I’m part of a team that has won the World Cup, my family is great, I have amazing friends… But the most important thing: I have you. In fact, I’m not a really lucky guy. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. – he said before placing his irresistible lips against mine.

anonymous asked:

Hi there admin! Wow the ask box is finally open~ (I always miss it for some reason) Um, I'm sorry if you already did this but can you do all the Karasuno baes with their s/o and they do these 'I love you, no I love you more' battles? I find them fluffy of ;3;

((Hey anon! :’D Hopefully these head canons are fluffy enough~



  • Daichi is rather competitive so he might feel as if he wants to win this battle!
  • Rather than saying “I love you/I love you more” I feel as if he would show his love with his actions. Things like assisting you with anything or offering to do favours for you. He’s the kind of guy who thinks that actions speak louder than words.
  • Now, who would win in the end? I fear this may become a never-ending battle. Once Daichi began doing favours for you, you would return the favours as well. The little battle will be long forgotten and the two of you act like your normal helpful selves.


  • Suga was not going to let you win either!
  • This cheeky bastard would find a way to trick you. Who knows how, but Suga will end up ‘winning’ and having the final say.
  • Of course he knows you love him as much as he loves you! This is simply a childish banter between the two of you, so no harm is ever done.


  • These battles could go two ways: either Asahi plays along and will not back down until who-knows-when or Asahi backs down right away.
  • I feel as if Asahi would let his s/o win because he can be a pushover at times and doesn’t want to appear to be obsessed with his s/o.
  • It’s not that he doesn’t love his s/o, because he very much does! But he doesn’t show his love for you this way, instead he will show you with his sincere words and actions.


  • Oh dear this could go on forever.
  • If Nishinoya has a s/o which as much determination as him the two would go on forever.
  • Someone please stop them because these two love each other so much and they want to prove their love for one another.


  • Oh goodness his s/o is being cute and is saying they love him more than he loves them. Tanaka would not back down because he is a man!
  • …Eventually he would become flustered though because he never imagined he would be able to have these adorable battles with anyone. Why was his s/o so cute?
  • The battle would cease since his s/o had to calm down Tanaka who was busy in cloud nine.


  • “Oh you love me more than I love you? Let’s see about that!”
  • Don’t undermine Ennoshita because he will fight until the end! Also this “fight” was fun and cute, so Ennoshita would partake in it gladly!
  • I can see him and his s/o just going on with their daily activities, and somehow their concentrated in their work but still manage to speak to one another. Like Ennoshita would be doing math homework, still able to solve them correctly while he was telling his s/o he loves them a lot more than they did.


  • The longer the battle goes on, the louder he gets. Poor sunshine bby doesn’t realize this, but he really wants to tell his s/o how much he loves them.
  • Give him a kiss and you automatically win. Hinata will never get enough of his s/o’s kisses and he really loves physical affection.
  • Afterwards this would turn into some cuddle time because Hinata really loves that!


  • Kageyama doesn’t know why they were doing this. How did this even start? What is the point in this? Poor child is confused.
  • Kageyama would become flustered at some point because he’s vocally declaring his love for his s/o?? He would find that embarrassing and would want to hide his face away from his s/o until he cooled down.
  • The battle wouldn’t even have lasted long because Kageyama ran away after shouting some like “YOU IDIOT I LOVE YOU OKAY LEAVE ME ALONE.”


  • ‘Wow, this is childish…’ would be Tsukki’s initial thought. He wouldn’t budge and just let you go on saying whatever you were saying.
  • He doesn’t see the point of these battles. These only occur in sappy romance movies and he wasn’t going to become that guy who partakes in the cliche activities with his s/o.
  • Maybe if you talk long enough, you might receive a kiss from Tsukki? He thinks you’re adorable but you’re talking so much so he will make sure you quiet down for a while.


  • Would there be a victor in the end? That’s difficult to say. But does it matter? He and his s/o look so cute that it doesn’t matter.
  • Yamaguchi would be blushing but he’d still play along because he loves you very much and you are too sweet!
  • But he loves you and he wants you to know how he feels about you with his words. That is how this battle first started.

anonymous asked:

Please please do Ashton and #12.

note: ive been waiting for someone to request some stuff but please do request some prompts if you want i dont bite :)

prompt: “is that my fucking diary?!”


It happened the first time Ashton came over for band practice in Calum’s dingy garage. He walked down the hallway to find the bathroom and accidentally opened the wooden block to reveal a hyper, loud girl bouncing on her bed while belting the lyrics to a My Chemical Romance song. He was looking for a toilet, but he did not mind coming face to face with a girl of such beauty.

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EXO reaction when their GF lost a bet and had to write her name with her butt

OMG! xD I had to do this when I was still in school but it was more of an activity instead of bets. So, it was mandatory. It was kind of like a introduction thing?!?! IDK but it was funny! ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He was the one the records you and posts it on his SNS*

You: “I’m going to kill you!”

Yeol: “But it has so many likes and everybody thinks your red cheeks are adorable!”

You: “That’s why you should take it down!”


*Just watches you and hides a smirk behind his hand*

You: “Stop it! I know your smiling at me.”

Fan: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You: “Don’t play dumb. I know when your trying to hide a smile from me because you always put your hand to your face.”

Fan: “You’re very cute right now.”


*Laughing really hard at you because you’re too adorable and plus he really does think it’s funny.*

You: “Stop laughing at me.”

Hun: “I don’t want to.”

You: “Oh Sehuuun!”


*Whines about it because he thought it would be funnier but actually it’s too sexy for you to do it around others because he is the only one who is allowed to see you move your butt like that*

Tao: “Stop. It’s too much for those eyes to see.”

You: “Oh please. It’s only a bet.”

Tao: “Just stahppp.”


*He is the one that would be laughing with Sehun and trying his best NOT to but it doesn’t really work*

You: “NINI! Stop laughing.

Nini: “But your red cheeks are cute and your butt writing skills are terrible.”

You: “HEY!”


*Records you for blackmail*

You: “Are you serious?”

Minnie: “You’ll never know when I have to use this!”

You: “Why would you need to use it anyways?”

Minnie: “It is my weapon.”


*The one who says he was going to do it with you but right when your about to start he backs up and laughs at the fact that you’re doing it all by yourself.*

Baek: “Nice job babe! Try not to take a short cut with your letters.”

You: “Baek! You’re supposed to be doing it with me!”

Baek: “Why would I do this with you? It’s too embarrassing.”

You: “How do you think I feel right now?”


*Watches you like it’s nothing*

Group: “Why aren’t you doing anything about it?”

Han: “I seen better from her but I also told her not to go all out because she’s in front of all you.”


*Made the bet in the first place*

You: “I’m going to murder you when we get home.”

Dae: “Oh come on baby.”

You: “I mean it. You better run like you have never ran before when I’m done.”

Dae: “Can we at least talk about this?”


*Tells you not to do it because you’re in front of a group of guys*

Group: “Kyungsoo, she has to! It was a bet.”

Soo: “And I say for her not to. I don’t want your eyes roaming over her back side.”

Group: “Who said we were going to. She’s with you. We don’t want to really get on your bad side.”


*He is the one laughing and just watching you at the same time because you’re so adorable to him and he just can’t*

Xing: “You’re so cute right now.”

You: “Shut uuuuppp.”

Xing: “And now that your cheeks are really red you’re extra cute now.”


*He has to do it with you. It was a packaged deal*

Myeon: “Not cool guys.”

Group: “It’s better than having just one do it! Why not the couple!”

You: “You guys are the worst.”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

i found a shooting star in the pocket of my jeans

Bellarke AU Week Day 4: Modern Setting
or, the “I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them” AU

Rated: General Audiences

Read it on [AO3]

“Damn it,” Clarke groaned, rounding another corner and running right into a broad chest. “Sorry.”

“Watch it, princess.”

She drew back. “Bellamy Blake.”

“Clarke Griffin.” And there it was, that infernal smirk. (Fun fact: Clarke once looked it up, and one definition for the word “infernal” was of, inhabiting, or befitting hell. Quite befitting of the boy who had been her self-proclaimed nemesis since elementary school.)

“What the hell are you doing here?”

He huffed, raking a hand through his already messy hair. (He had constant sex hair. It was a major distraction, one that Clarke absolutely did not enjoy. Or imagine running her fingers through. Or — whatever.) “Looking for my sister.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Do you make a habit of losing Octavia in furniture stores? To think that all the parents hold you up as an example of what an older sibling should be.”

“You know my sister’s name?”

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All Together Again *Cameron Dallas Imagine*

Requested by serena-rodriguez

Sorry for the wait! I just realized that I changed around the plot because I dont reread so I’m sorry if it isn't exactly what you wanted I still hope you like it! 


Requests are CLOSED

“Hey Cam, be a good husband and come zipper this for me, please?” you said to your husband; Cameron who was sitting on your bed behind you.

“Anything for you beautiful” he said walking up behind you and sliding the zipper on your dress closed. You smiled at him through the mirror “Thank you” “No problem” he said kissing your cheek.

Seconds later you were interrupted by a knock at your door then it flew open and in ran your 4 year old son; Noah.

“Mommy, I’m bored!” he told you making you laugh “I know, we’re gonna leave soon I promise” “Where we going?” “To see daddy and I’s old friends from our school” you told him and Noah looked up at you confused “Why?” “Because we just are” you tell him knowing that if you don’t stop him now he’d never stop asking why, Noah’s a curious kid which you thought was great but sometimes you just couldn’t explain “why”.

Noah then ran back out of the room, you looked at Cameron “He’s all yours tonight” he laughed “On one condition…” “And that would be…” “You are all mine when we get home” “Aren’t I always?” “Yeah but I love hearing you say it” you kissed him “Let’s go before we’re late like we always are”

When you finally arrived at you old High School It was just you and your daughter; Avery, Cameron had taken Noah to use the bathroom since he decided to lie when you asked him if he had to go before you left.


“Mommy” your daughter whined at you as you got closer to where there were people. Avery wasn’t too fond of strangers it took her a while to warm up to them.

You picked her up and she held onto you tightly “its okay baby mommy’s right here” you reassured her.

Just as you were about to start heading inside the school gym you heard someone call your name so you turned around to look behind you.

“Oh my god, Hamilton” you said laughing as an old friend of both yours and your husband’s approached you.

“Ah you remembered my real name” he said hugging you “of course it’s not that hard to remember” he usually went by Nash but you all use to mess with him and call him by his real name.

“Y/n this is Jess, my fiancé” he said introducing you to the pretty lady behind him, you smiled at her and she shook your hand “Nice to meet you” she smiled back “Likewise; is this your daughter?” Jess asked you.

“Yeah this is Avery, Avery say hi” you told her but she just turned her face “Sorry she’s a little shy at first” you told them hoping they weren’t offended because sometimes people got offended which annoyed you because seriously? She’s 2 years old. “It’s okay, she’s adorable” Jess reassured you and you felt relieved that you didn’t have to fight with anyone “Thank you”

“So who’s her daddy, did he go here?” Nash asked you “Yeah he did actually, you know him” “Who?” “Cameron Dallas” before Nash could say anything someone ran into the back of your legs and as you suspected it was Noah and right behind him was Cameron.

“Hamilton!” Cameron said making Nash groan before they went in for a bro hug.

“So you two, made these two? He said pointing from you and Cameron to Noah and Avery. “Yup we did” Cameron said proudly “Good job Dallas”

You all managed to make it inside and while inside you ran into some more old friends and it seemed that you and Cameron were the only ones married with kids.

“It’s so weird that you and him have kids and are married now” your old friend, Matt said to you in disbelief making you laugh “It’s weird to me sometimes too but, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world” “You guys make adorable kids though” he said looking across the table at Noah who had taken a quick liking to old friends Aaron and Jack Johnson & surprisingly Avery warmed up really well to Nash so he was entertaining her at the moment it was so cute.

“Babe” Cameron said tapping you in the shoulder making you turn around “Yeah?” “Let’s go see if this place is still the same” “What about the kids?” “They’re fine” you trusted the guys to watch your babies so you took your husband’s hand and exited the school’s gym.

“You think Noah and Avery will be able to come here when their older?” You asked Cameron as you two walked down the dimly lit hallway.

“You never know; I think so this place has been around forever” you groaned “Ugh I don’t even wanna think about my babies going to high school” he laughed and kissed your cheek “You’re an amazing mom baby” “Likewise” “I’m an amazing mom?” “Oh my god Cam you know what I mean” he laughed again “I love you”“Love you”

It was really weird that you two were walking hand in hand through these halls right now, when you let here you never thought you’d be back here with him.

After the reunion ended you all decided to go to the par that was across the street, so now you were all scattered around. Aaron and Jack still occupying Noah and now Avery was with her father.

You, Cameron, Matt, Nash and Jess were all sitting together in silence when Nash finally broke it “So someone tell me the love story about you two because I still can’t believe it” “Yeah me either, enlighten us y/n” Matt said agreeing.

“Not much to tell really, we went to the same college, are families are friends we spent a lot of time together after High School” you said honestly, you and Cameron didn’t have a romantic movie like relationship it just kind of happened.

“Was there an attraction during High school, it’s so random?” Matt asked you but as you were about to speak Cameron cut you off and said “Hell yeah my women was hot” “Was?” you said pretending to be offended “My bad, is my women is hot” he corrected himself.

“Thank god you didn’t date in high school, you would have been so annoying” Nash joked with you guys you rolled your eyes “What about you two? How did you meet?” you asked him meaning him and Jess.

“We met at a strip club, I looked at her and said baby you don’t have to do this” he told everyone which made Jess slap him on the arm “No that is not how we met, you idiot” Nash burst out in laughter. “We met through friends, we weren’t a movie like romance either” Jess corrected him.

Nash had always been the wiseass of the group; some things really don’t ever change.

“What about you Matt? Any ladies in your life” Cameron asked him, Matt shrugged “No, haven’t really found anyone, not really looking either but y/n if you ever wanna leave Cam I’ll be here” “Thanks, but I think I’ll keep him” you said smiling.

Eventually it got late and Avery and Noah began getting tired so you and Cameron left.

You had really missed all your old friends and made plans to meet up with everyone again for a night out with no kids this time. You were glad everyone seemed happy with how their lives turned out just like you were.

That night you and Cameron laid in your bed, some random show plying on the TV “You have fun tonight?” he asked you and you nodded “Yeah was nice seeing everyone, what about you?” “Same, I really missed those guys, hopefully we can all reconnect again” “That would be awesome” “We should invite them over” “Definitely” you said yawning.

“Go to sleep babe and tomorrow I’ll worry about the kids so you can sleep in” god he was amazing “I love you” you kissed him “Love you” he said and that was the last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep.

Hey guys! Idk if you saw my sisters post, but today I met vixx. Holy shit. I’ve been in LA for a week and i’m here with my friend who isn’t a kpop fan, so kcon really wasn’t an option. I was so upset, because time and time again i’ve had opportunities to see vixx and money has gotten in the way. Anyway its a monday and kcon is over, and we decided to do some shopping at the grove. We were there for a few hours and right when we were leaving, i see this tall guy walk right past me. And. Its. Cha Hakyeon. HOLY SHIT. I did a double take and turned around, and there was Ravi. And Leo. All waiting outside of Abercrombie and fitch with shopping bags in their hands. I slowly walked up to N and I was shaking SO HARD. Every Korean word I know left me at that moment and I just stuttered, “picture? Can I take a picture with you?” THATS ALL I COULD SAY OH GOD and N was like “sorry, we can’t” and their manager ran out of the store (probably helping the other boys) and was like “sorry, you can’t take any pictures with them, i’m sorry” and she continued to tell me that they’re coming back to the US in December! I told her that was okay and then told the boys how much I love them and how much their music means to me. The manager was like “who is your favorite?” And all of them smiled and Leo looked so adorable smiling. I laughed and said that I loved all of them. But guys. Ravi. The sexual attraction was so real oh my god. I know i’m leo biased but Ravi was so hot. He kept grinning at me and then HE GRABBED MY HAND because he saw me start to cry. He was just so sweet. All of my senses left me and i would have said so much more but I just said “thank you so much!” And walked away after we were done talking. I had no idea what I was doing lol. I burst into tears and called my mom and she started screaming so hard omg. I’m just so happy. Like what are the chances that they were there at the exact same time as me in the same place? I’m just so happy. So happy. And I think I might be Ravi biased now. I got a picture because while I was talking to them my friend sneaked a picture! My yellow forever 21 bag is in the corner. Just holy shit, i’ve been crying all day. Best day of my life.