and the guy which i already forgot his name

just finished the campaign for battlefront 2 (the main reason i bought the game)… really disappointed. i expected it to be a gripping and unique star wars story from the perspective of an imperial soldier as the empire falls apart. less than an hour into the game iden versio joins the rebellion after her dad makes her blow up her home planet and from there on it’s just a bunch of random combat missions featuring various heroes from star wars with very little narrative patching them together. it ends with a kiss between iden and her fellow traitor imperial guy, who was so unmemorable that i already forgot his name (though he looked like a beatle which i thought was kind of funny). it’s extremely obvious that the story only really exists to introduce you to all the heroes and their powers and how to play the multiplayer game modes

i turned the difficulty down to the minimum and all but one or two of the guns still felt ludicrously underpowered, there was basically no variety in the gameplay, and i felt like i was being rushed from locale to locale just so i could play drawn-out, buggy sequences of fighting waves of stormtroopers and then pressing a button to open a door and fight more of them. the game somehow felt way too short and unbelievably boring at the same time. in conclusion…

Oh Man Dishonored 2 Was Great

I just got down with Dishonored 2 and I just want gush about it because damn I love games where I don’t have to kill anyone, and the environmental design is just so charming and detailed. I’ve never been a gamer to take many screenshots but I even got killed a few times trying to get the perfect shot lol.

Which couldn’t have been easy because victorian detail is so time-consuming and time equals money so I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into each room.

The fashion is also great. Even though I played Crovo because single dads are my kryptonite I adore the outfit Emily gets because women in men’s wear are also my kryptonite. The more colorful plate of Karanaca is such a nice change from drab depressing plague-infested Dunwall.

I was so enamored by the art direction so much that I even bought the art book.  

Enjoyed that some of your targets are not just terrible people and saving them does the world good and Miner Guy (Forgot his name) is such a sweetheart and bring Soklov back warms my heart! And the fact that Crovo is no longer a silent protag and you get to hear him talk about the little details he shared with the Empress and his daughter and the fact he worries he’s too old to complete the tasks ahead just makes me want to hand him some warm tea and a blanket!

Lastly, I find it so much fun that you can approach a level in so many ways and favorite levels where Clockwork place (which I’ve already gushed about) and the Crack In The Slab both that just had so many nice designs and great surprises.

Overall I loved it and I’m so glad I got around to playing it