and the gun was still in the bedroom

Mock up the courage

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, just pure fluff. 

A/N: Bucky is tired and needy and just wants to cuddle. (who. fuckin’. wouldn’t?!)

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

If there was ever something more adorable than Bucky being tired or in any way not feeling well, you’d never seen it. Now, the serum made sure he was never not feeling well, but it didn’t help exhaustion after a week long mission with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

This is why he came stumbling into your floor, somehow overriding every security protocol with his left over spy-skills, calling out your name at two in the morning.

Actually, it was more like a drawn out whine.

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Why there HAS to be a 4th episode or A quick reminder of everything that is fucky

I know that lately it has become difficult to keep believing in the existence of a fourth episode, one the fandom has decided to call the Lost Special. So this post has nothing but the goal to lay down the hard facts that prove not only the existence of that episode but also the necessity of it.

This is a collection of reasons why we believe in a Lost Special, all at the same place. No Arg, no speculations, no hard meta, just the irrefutable evidence we’ve gathered that shows how something is terribly wrong at the moment within the show itself. If someone starts doubting, this is supposed to remind them why we’re still in the expectative.

Tighten your belt, we’re going deep inside the show. It’s going to be long, and frankly not everything will make sense but that’s the point: nothing make sense otherwise.

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And suddenly there were 400

Seriously though, it was like three days ago tops when I announced 300. I swear you’re just trying to squeeze celebratory fics out of me … 

“You’re so fucking stubborn!” Stiles shouts in exasperation, running his hands through already messy hair. They had been at it for at least twenty minutes now, arguing because Derek didn’t want to go to Lydia’s engagement party. He didn’t want to, knowing Lydia would be inviting everyone and their mother who had anything to do with her and Parrish. It would be too many people, too much noise and he simply didn’t want to if she was going to hold a pack-only version the week after. Stiles said he should go out of duty as her Alpha. 

“No, you just won’t let it go,” Derek growls, fists clenched in his lap so his claws don’t rip up the couch again. Although, last time, it was under much more fun circumstances.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to argue. It ranged from small skirmishes that end in mumbled apologies to bigger blow outs that ended in mutually satisfying hate sex that Stiles seemed to enjoy enough to start shit for (and Derek plays along because he loves his boyfriend and absolutely not because he likes it, too). The fights could rarely be called fights because it just was never really that heated.

Derek’s nose wanted to shrivel up and die with the anger Stiles’ scent was boiling in and his wolf howled with such an unhappy mate. Even as his human mind wanted to throw something at a wall with how angry he was, his wolf prowled in distress and he wasn’t sure if that was annoying or reassuring.

“News flash, buddy, you can’t be a hermit,” Stiles spits and Derek growl increases in volume in response. He may grumble about ‘big guy’ and snap his teeth as Stiles giggles about ‘sourwolf’, but he absolutely despised ‘buddy’. It only ever came out when Stiles was pissed and his sarcasm grew teeth that he intended to shred whoever his opponent was.

“I’m not a hermit, I go out. We go out,” Derek snaps back, eyes tracking as Stiles paces in front of where he sits on the couch. The line of his shoulders is stiff and the soft skin of his cheeks is blotched red.

“Yes, thank you, you’re dating me, but that doesn’t count as social interaction.”

“Why not?”

“Because! You need more people in your life besides me and the pack! You can’t have just me forever!” Stiles shouts, throwing his arms up obviously trying to dispel the anger that seems to build in his joints when he gets worked up. Derek just scoffs as he gets up and retreats to their kitchen.

He stops right there, even as Stiles continues his angry rant in the other room behind him. He pauses in the middle of their kitchen with the backsplash Stiles chose after weeks of debating it over and the cabinets Derek bled over while he installed them (staple guns were dangerous, damnit). Down the hall was a movie room that Stiles insisted on because pack movie nights were always going to be a thing. Upstairs and to the left was the master bedroom where their scents were so soaked into the very frame work, there was no way to tear apart Derek’s from Stiles’. This was their home, their pack, their life.

Derek turned around, eyes wide but unflinching as he walked back to where Stiles was still ranting and pacing. He’s still seething, and Derek can relate. He still wants to throw Stiles onto the couch and pin him there in full shift for a week until Lydia’s party has past. Instead he stops a few feet away and opens his mouth.

“Marry me.” Stiles stumbles where he’s wearing a divot into the carpet, dropping off mid-sentence to turn his head and stare open mouthed.

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Request:You used to date Negan in high school. And know about his past. When he sees you he takes you in doesn’t make you a wife. But makes sure your well taken care of and shares his pain about everything and shows his real self. Which leads to loving smut. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: language. smut. angst. mentions of past abuse/assault.

Note: this is slightly longer than usual but I carried away oops. I hope you guys like it!

Tilting your head towards the setting sun, you decided to make camp for the night. Continuing to trek along the rocky dirt road, you hoped to come across a nice house so that you wouldn’t have to sleep in the forest again. You sighed and looked at your feet as you continued to walk. The sun was setting rapidly, and you knew you had little to no daylight left.

After walking about 10 more minutes, you finally came across a small house nestled in the woods by the road. You smiled widely and leaped in excitement, rushing over to the house and up the front stairs. Banging loudly on the front door, you listened for any signs of roaming walkers inside of the house. When it proved to be silent for a few minutes, you slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

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“Traditions” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,742

Carl Grimes x Reader, Maggie and Glenn x Adopted Daughter Reader

Summary: When you and Carl sneak out of Alexandria to “explore”, you find more than you bargained for in an abandoned house.

Warning: Fluff, drug use (marijuana), mentions of sex, implied smut, language, angry parents lol

Originally posted by monasax

“Are we still meeting up tonight?” You ask Carl as you hold Judith, bouncing her up and down on your hip.

“Yeah. We just have to be more careful this time. My dad almost caught me sneaking back in last time.” Carl says, taking Judith from your hands.

You and Carl had been dating ever since you got to Alexandria, and ever since you two got here, you’d sneak out a few times a week to go “exploring” outside of the walls. More often than not, you’d end up just going to the cabin that was a few miles outside of Alexandria to have sex, but occasionally you two actually went exploring around the abandoned neighborhoods. It was sort of a tradition now.

“I’m surprised I haven’t got caught yet. Maggie and Glenn are always up at random hours of the night for god knows why.” You respond. You and your parents were a part of Rick’s group ever since the beginning, but they had gotten killed during the attack of Hershel’s farm. Ever since then, Glenn and Maggie have acted as parents towards you, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

“Probably because they want to wait until you’re asleep to-“

“Ah, stop there.” You put a finger to Carl’s lips, making him laugh. “I don’t want to think about that.”

“If you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t be having it.” Carl said in a mocking tone, repeating what Maggie had once told the two of you when she had walked in on a rather heated moment.

“Ah, shut up.” You playfully roll your eyes.

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#20- Correcting each other’s technique (Sam x Eileen)

Requested anonymously for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, oral sex

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: Still sailing the Saileen ship hard, y’all. Enjoy! XOXO

Sam is good at sex.

Maybe it sounds arrogant. Maybe it sounds like exactly what every douchebag guy who isn’t good at sex thinks about himself.

But it’s true. It’s true, simply because Sam wants to be good at sex. He listens to his partners, takes the five minutes it takes to learn what they like and what they want, and then focuses solely on showing them a good time. And they always come first, usually more than once.

It’s a point of pride, really. Which is why this time, Sam is nervous.

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Roommates (l.h)

“Y/N, you’ve got about five seconds to put down that water gun or we’re gonna have a big problem.”

Luke stood in his spot across from y/n calmly with his arms crossed over his chest. She, however was still bouncing around on the couch like a crack addict who’d just had a fix.

Just moments before this, he was sitting on his bed half way to sleep. Now, he was trying to calm down the crazy acting girl jumping on their couch; how he manage to get himself into such an insane situation in a matter of minutes?

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anonymous asked:

“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes," with McCree and s/o?


McCree’s soft voice began to pull you out of sleep, your gaze bleary as you turned over in the bed and looked towards the doorway. You had taken refuge in the cowboy’s room a few days back when the heartache of missing him had made sleeping in your own bed next to impossible. His room was comforting; even though he wasn’t there, the lingering dark sweet scent of his cigars, gun powder and the unmistakable musk that was McCree calmed your racing mind. You had even pulled on one of his plaid button ups, the scent of his cologne still soaked into the shirt. Sitting up completely, a wide, sleepy grin overtook your features as he moved further into his bedroom, scratching your head listlessly. 

“Hi babe”, you hummed, your voice still thick with sleep. You could see a battle of emotions rush over McCree’s face, your sleep addled mind mildly confused before looking down at you dressed in his shirt, sitting in his bed, all without invitation. “Oh…I’m sorry…I know you must be tired Jess…I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“No no darlin”, McCree said softly  as he moved quickly into the room and sat on the bed next to you, effortlessly pulling your sleepy body into his lap. You shivered as his arms wrapped around you, resting your head against the crook of his neck and shutting your eyes happily. “It’s just…I can’t believe yer actually wearing my clothes sweetpea…they look real nice on ya.”

“Oh…hehe, they feel real nice too”, you hummed against his skin, just happy to be held in his arms again, ears barely picking up the sound of the man kicking off his boot as he laid back in the bed with you. 

anonymous asked:

i know everyone's excited about the tape but i made a mixtape for my best friend in like 6th grade??? you can make a mixtape and it can be platonic (not trying to be wanky...i do ship destiel)

Ok, so some of us might have been a *little* overdramatic by saying things like NO ONE HAS EVER MADE A PLATONIC MIXTAPE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL RECORDED MUSIC. Because, obviously, absolute statements like that are impossible to prove and absolutes are how the Sith think, and no one wants that.

But, in terms of a narrative? There’s no way this isn’t romantically coded. 

I think @mittensmorgul was talking about this, too, but a typical season of SPN takes place over roughly a year of the characters’ lives. But we only get 23 episodes, each about 42-43 minutes long. That’s roughly 16 hours of canonical screen time. There are, what, 8760 hours in a year? (Someone check my math…I teach literature for a reason…) Anyway, the point is we see just shy of .2% of these characters’ lives, each. 

That’s a lot of moments

  • when the characters interact and do stuff off screen – and the mixtape proves that Dean and Cas’ relationship exists and develops even when we’re not literally seeing it play out before us because we obviously didn’t see when Dean gave it to Cas in the first place.
    • (Heck, Jody even points out in 12x06 that she has a life even when Dean and Sam aren’t around…just like how the characters have lives even when the cameras aren’t rolling.)
  • that were deliberately cut because there were other, more “important” moments to show.

Therefore, any moments that ARE shown are shown because they are important. How important? REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT. Remember, we’re talking about cracking the .2%.

What does this have to do with the mixtape?

Well, besides the point that mixtapes are often romantic gifts (and are almost always coded as such in fiction)…

The mixtape served no purpose to the main plot.

The mixtape ONLY existed to show us SOMETHING about Dean and Cas’ relationship.

This was apparently important enough to devote several precious minutes of screen time to.

Notice that Sam and Cas did not get a similar moment. 

Notice that the gift was specifically from Dean, to Cas. (Not like, oh Sam and I got some stuff for you so your road trip doesn’t suck. No, this was a personal, dare I say, private and intimate gift between the two of them.)

Now let’s also consider the location of this conversation:

Dean’s bedroom.

Dean could have gone a million places in that Bunker and they could have had a conversation and it would have been all very profound and subtexty and we shippers would have donned our goggles proudly and gif’d and meta’d the hell out of it. But this? Holy crap. It barely needs meta and shipper goggles. (Not that that’s going to stop us.)

Consider: Dean storms out of the library and goes to get a beer and sulk in the kitchen, Cas finds him there and they have their heart to heart. Lord knows I’ve written that scene before. Or, Dean goes to work out some anger and some frustration in the gun range, Cas finds him there, and they have their heart to heart. Both of those scenarios would certainly work, but they wouldn’t have the same punch as this scene. The kitchen and the gun range are certainly very Dean (if this were focused on Sam, the library would be the most logical/significant choice), but even the kitchen – which we’ve meta’d to death (like with Cas’ mental Bunker when possessed by Lucifer, and I think either Mittens or @elizabethrobertajones has a whole tag devoted to that table) – is not as intimate as Dean’s bedroom. The kitchen, while kind of Dean’s domain, is still communal and it represents home and family. Dean’s bedroom? That’s all Dean. That’s private. If Dean and Cas are having a conversation in his bedroom, then the conversation is about them, just the two of them. Even if Dean does mention Sam (almost as an after thought), there’s no ignoring the intimate connotations of that location.

Besides, bedrooms are already coded as romantic/sexual. It’s a bedroom, and Dean Winchester isn’t exactly unversed in what fun activities can go on in a bedroom…

And in case you need more proof, outside this scene, that the relationship between Dean and Cas is more intense and personal than, say, Cas and Sam’s relationship, consider this moment:

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

Now, I’m not launching into a whole discussion on whether pushing someone against the wall like this is sexually charged or healthy or whatever. BUT, the framing is super important. Sam doesn’t react this strongly to Cas. But Dean does. The circle framing makes us focus on the two of them and their emotions, but it also gives us the feeling that we’re almost spying on something intensely personal and private. Something wholly and utterly different than any other relationship dynamic in that room.

So, yeah. To answer your question… Sure, in real life someone could make a platonic mixtape. It’s a free country, you do you. That’s totally cool. 

But in a narrative where everything is carefully selected to maximize the limited screen time, that mixtape is EVERYTHING.

Sugar and Spice (Negan x Female)

Summary: She has a huge crush on Negan and would do anything to make him happy. He misses the taste of real pumpkin pie, so she sets out to make it for him. 

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 4,348

Warnings: SUPER FLUFF, a lil’ angst, some swearing

Author’s Note: This was a a fic request sent in by @may85 who asked:

“How about a Negan one shot where the reader found out what kind of food was Negan’s favorite, so she goes out to find the ingredients, succeeds and makes it, but he finds out that she went outside the walls and flips his shit. Fluff with some delicious Negan kisses?” 

I don’t know why I picked pumpkin pie. I’m kind of one of those people who goes crazy over it in the fall, and I feel like Negan would like it too. This is just super fluffy and yummy. Hope you guys enjoy!

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! <3

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There’s No Place Like Home (1)

Avengers x Reader

Summary: What happens when a fictional world comes to life? Drama ensues.

Warnings: some violence and lot’s of humor and confusion

Word Count: 800+

Originally posted by there-and-always-back-again

Something was definitely off.

She had woke up in a different bedroom than her own when she specifically remember falling asleep in her room last night. She had fallen asleep to the sound of a rerun of FRIENDS on the TV. She hadn’t gone anywhere or drank last night, so she pushed the possibilities of getting drunk out of the equation. She glanced down at herself and sigh in relief, her clothes were still on and she looked visibly untouched. She finds her phone in her pocket and glance at the time, it’s almost eight. She glances at the nightstand, her gun nowhere to be seen. That’s not a good sign.

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pairing: reader x young derek hale.

summary: in which derek does everything in his capability to protect you from kate.

warnings: violence.

song inspiration: moondust → jaymes young.

he’s got electric blue eyes and a sculpted face. 

derek hale would do anything to make sure you were safe, even if it meant sacrificing his own existence.

however, being in love with the handsome individual had it’s disadvantages. one of them being the victimised by derek’s enemies.

kate argent would do anything to end derek’s happiness, she wanted you dead. derek’s love was to extreme to lose you, he told himself that he’d protect you despite the circumstances that he may have to endure.

you wore a midnight blue silk nightie that ended mid–thigh, the moon outside was crescent. 

the stars were littered across the sky, resembling the light freckles that were dusted on your nose and cheeks.

nothing seemed out of the ordinary, your parents were out with their friends tonight and you were home alone.

being alone didn’t scare you, in fact, you liked it. having the ability to do whatever you want without a lecture or having to ask permission.

derek would’ve been outside right now, either awaiting you to answer the front door or he’d be sat on the doorstep – waiting for anyone’s sudden movements.

he was concerned about your safety, he didn’t want you to get hurt since he’d only blame himself.

he knew that kate was after you, she could strike at any moment and he constantly panicked that he wouldn’t be there when she did.

you had walked downstairs and retrieved some strawberries from your fridge, the house was silent and motionless.

but you weren’t scared, and that was because derek hadn’t even told you about kate’s intentions. he should’ve, but he didn’t.

on numerous occasions, you’ve both discussed going your separate ways for each others well–being but he always managed to bring you back into his secure arms at the end of the night.

through the clear windows in your kitchen, headlights peered through the blinds. you assumed that your parents were home so you didn’t think much of it.

the doorbell sounded and you walked over towards the door, knowing that your parents would be locked out. 

you collected the keys and unlocked the door, swinging it open you realised that nobody was there.

the car that you had seen was no longer there, it was a blank landscape. convinced that your mind was making you see things, you closed the door and locked it for your protection.

noises were heard upstairs as a slight smile tugged at the ends of your rosy lips, you thought that derek might of made his way through your bedroom window but you were wrong.

as you picked up the porcelain bowl of red strawberries, you walked upstairs, softly murmuring your boyfriends name in hope that he’d respond.

you walked into your bedroom to be faced with kate argent, an assault rifle in her hands as an ear–piercing scream escaped your lips.

derek heard this, he knew that if he didn’t run then you’d be dead within seconds. he was coincidentally on route to your house in this moment, his legs ran as fast as they could as he runs towards your house.

kate’s devilish complexion was all you could focus on as she raises her gun into your vision. you knew that these were your last moments, derek’s figure was outside your house as he banged repeatedly on the front door.

gunshots were head as his heart stopped beating for a second, his knees gave in as he leans against the door. but his chances were still available, you weren’t dead. 

not giving up hope, he leaped towards your bedroom window with his supernatural abilities.

seeing you in a flood of tears, begging for kate to not kill you was heart–breaking for derek to see.

a woman who he once loved was doing this to someone who he couldn’t even describe his affection for. she was jealous of his happiness, you were envied by kate argent and she hated that.

derek lunges forward and snatches the gun from kate’s hands, her eyes widened at his appearance.

you automatically felt relieved from his presence, blood seeped from kate’s mouth as derek angrily throws punches at her.

he hated her, she killed his family and now she was trying to kill the love of his life. what more did she want?

as the blonde haired woman laid unconscious on the floor of your bedroom, derek’s features softened as he kneels down beside you. 

you didn’t blame him, you weren’t mad at him. you knew that he was protecting you all this time, this wasn’t his intentions.

you leaned into his chest, tears rolling down your cheeks as he wrapped his arms around your fragile physique. 

he feared that you would break into two halves, you were like glass to him. he rests his chin on the top of your head as he comforts you.

there’s nothing more you loved than him, he was one of the reasons that you kept smiling everyday.

“thank you,” you managed to choke as he shushes you. “y–you saved me.” you whispered as his eyes poured into yours.

“that’s what i’m here for.” he replies, his voice trembling at the state of you. kate was irrelevant in this moment, he plants a kiss on the top of your head as you cracked a weak smile.

“I–I love you, derek.” you breathed as he glances at you, his cheeks turning into a rosy colour. the words that he longed to hear.

“I love you too, y/n.” he replies, leaning down and pressing a gentle kiss against your lips. the world stopped for a moment as you allowed what was happening to digest for a few seconds.

derek knew that you both would experience so much more together, wether it be good or bad. 

you’d both grow old together and stick with one another forever, you were his anchor, his soulmate and the one that he loved unconditionally.

Game On

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt #7, #8, and #15: “how about we put the gun down and talk about this?” “i came here to kick ass and chew gum.. and I’m all out of gum.” “don’t tempt me.”

a/n: lmao you probably wanted a super serious angst fic but i couldn’t resist


Today has been a very long day for Lin. 

No, it’s been a long week, but today felt as though it dragged on and on and he would never live to see the end.

His whole day was full of interviews and shows and meetings. He was tired and needed a break desperately from his ever so busy life and rushing constantly. The only thing getting him through his rough day and tireless efforts was the thought of coming home to you.

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For the last few years, I’ve been making extra money petsitting (taking care of people’s animals when they’re out of town). Both of these stories are kind of old but mostly because I know better now.

The first one was a woman with a dog and a cat. She needed me to come by twice a day for a week to feed the animals and walk the dog, plus stuff like cleaning the catbox, watering plants, and collecting the mail. When I was getting the details of the job from her, I asked where she kept her cleaning supplies, in case the dog had an accident in the house.

She told me that I wouldn’t need them, because the dog never had accidents.

I said I believed her, but I’d like to know just in case.

She said that it didn’t matter, because I wouldn’t use them, because her dog had never had an accident in the house.

This went on for an embarrassingly long time until she finally told me her cleaning stuff was in a hall closet. I thanked her, confirmed the dates, and left without checking it because I didn’t want to risk making her more upset.

Well, the second day I come in the dog had made a huge mess all over the dining room floor. I have to clean it up, so I go to the hall closet and there is no cleaning stuff. I look in the other closet. I look under the sink. I look in the laundry room. If she owns any cleaning supplies they are extremely well hidden, so I clean it as well as I can with dish soap and paper towels.

The next time I bring my own cleaning stuff so I can actually do something, and the dog’s made another mess. I clean them both up, feed and walk the dog, and try to figure out what to do about this. I end up having to come and walk the dog three times a day instead of twice, which sucks because I only charged for twice a day but it’s better than having to clean up dog mess every morning.

The second one were a husband and wife who wanted me to actually stay at their house, overnights and all. They had four dogs who needed a lot of attention (one was blind) and agreed to pay extra for it, so I was willing to do it.

The problem was that the husband collected guns. Historical guns mostly, like pistols from the Civil War or whatever, which is pretty cool except I’m very uncomfortable around guns and these guns weren’t in a safe or anything, they were displayed around the house. I mentioned that I wasn’t comfortable around them and they told me that they always put the guns in a safe when they went out of town so there shouldn’t be any out when I was there.

Anyway, they didn’t. There were maybe one or two empty displays but practically all of the guns were still out: hanging on the wall, in a case on a table, propped up in the corner of the fucking bedroom. I got zero sleep the first night because, as it turns out, it’s hard to rest with a fucking rifle staring at you from directly beside the bed. I ended up sleeping at home and coming in real early for the rest of that job (thankfully just a weekend). I know it was dishonest since I said I’d stay overnight but I honestly did not care. The dogs were fine, the mail was brought in, it made no difference.

Tl;dr: When hiring a petsitter, tell them where your cleaning stuff is, or if you don’t have any then let them know so they can bring their own and not have to clean your carpet with dish soap. Also, put away your guns.

Cherry Bomb (1)

Series Preview
Part 1

Description: Your life coming to an end wasn’t the worst thing, but watching as your killer killed your friends was.

Word Count: 2,406

Warning: Blood, death

Pairing: Lee Taeyong x Reader (kind of ??? more of Ten x Reader, with Taeyong as the murderer idek) (also feat. NCT 127 members minus Haechan)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by softxingsoo

Your twenty-first birthday was a success. You were spending it with your friends, with the exception of Ten and Taeil. Taeil was busy hunting someone down, he was a detective. Ten was also busy doing something, but you couldn’t blame him.

Mark was also working on becoming a detective, but since he’d only just graduated high school, he was doing an internship until college started up in the fall. You were really proud of him, he worked hard and he did just about anything he put his mind to.

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saemi-the-dreamer  asked:

If you are stil taking request, how about a what if? -What if JD had broken down at the sight of Veronica faking her suicide and takes his gun to shoot himself instead of going to Westerburg to blow it up? Personnally, I'd like a happy ending (even if it is bittersweet) with Veronica succeding in saving him please^^



Once she had visited Martha Dunnstock in the hospital, Veronica Sawyer walked into the Sawyer residence, weighted with guilt. This was all her fault. If she hadn’t given into the Heathers’ pressure and popularity, Martha would probably be all healed and happy and watching rented videos on the couch.

Why did I let this happen? Veronica thought as she opened the door to her house, head hanging down sadly. If I had just said no and let the Heathers torment people themselves. Martha wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide, Heather Chandler might be alive, and so would Kurt and Ram. Maybe JD wouldn’t be so psychotic. This is all my fault. I should be the one on that hospital bed, unconscious and dying. I should be the one in Hell coughing up drain cleaner. I should be the one shot to death with bullets. I should be dead. I should be–

“Where have you been?”

Veronica’s head shot up as her mom ran over and pulled her into an embrace. “We’ve been worried sick,” she said to her, cupping her face. “Your friend JD stopped by. He told us everything.”

Veronica’s stomach tied up in knots at the mention of JD. And the word “friend”, as well. The Sawyers were clueless of what happened. “… Everything?” she croaked out.

“Your depression,” her dad responded. “Your thoughts of suicide.”

Her mom thrust a copy of Moby Dick at her. “He even showed us your copy of Moby Dick.”

Veronica flipped through the pages. A lot of the most depressing parts were highlighted and scribbled with depressing words. In her own handwriting.

The Heather Chandler who was to haunt Veronica for the rest of her life suddenly appeared behind her, peering at the book from Veronica’s shoulder. “He’s got your handwriting down cold,” Heather announced, as if it weren’t obvious already.

Veronica’s mom put her hand on the book. “Please, honey. Talk to us,” she begged. Her brown eyes were filled with concern.

Veronica just turned away from her parents. “You’d never understand,” she said coldly.

“Try me!” Veronica’s mom retorted. She grabbed Veronica’s arm as a nurturing gesture. Veronica wriggled out of her mother’s touch. “I’ve experienced everything you’re going through right now. I know it all seems impossibly dramatic.”

As Veronica kept skimming through the book, Kurt, Ram, and Heather appeared behind her mother. “Guess who’s right down the block?” they asked eerily.

Veronica’s mom kept talking, but Veronica’s heart beat fast as she realized that JD was heading over. Now. She sensed someone trying to climb the outside stairs to her bedroom window.

Guess who’s climbing the stairs?” Kurt, Ram, and Heather chorused.

“… I promise, they’re not,” Mrs. Sawyer continued.

Guess who’s picking your lock?

“You don’t know what my world looks like,” Veronica growled before turning away and running up to her bedroom as fast as she could.

As she tried to find a way to escape or hide from JD, she paced around her room, looking for a place to hide herself in.

You’re crazy,” Kurt, Ram, and Heather jeered. “Are you high on shrooms? Do you actually think you can hide from him? There’s no doubt that you’re done for.

Veronica started looking for something to keep JD from coming through the window. No use. There was nothing in her room.

“Notify next of kin, Veronica. No use trying to keep him out!

Suddenly, Veronica heard her bedroom window click.

Too late! He got in.

Veronica scrambled to her closet, locking the door shut.

“Knock knock!” JD sang creepily as he stepped inside Veronica’s bedroom with his gun in his hand. “Sorry to come in through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know.” But he didn’t sound sorry at all. He closed the bedroom window shut.

“Get out of my house,” Veronica ordered shakily through the closet door.

JD chuckled. “Hiding in the closet? Come on,” he begged, “open the door!”

“No,” Veronica responded. Her voice sounded less shaky and more calm, but she was still scared. “I’ll scream. My parents will call the police.”

JD took no notice of her threat. “All is forgiven, baby! Come on, get dressed! You’re my date to the pep rally tonight!”

“What? Why?” Veronica asked, confused. Didn’t JD hate her? Wasn’t he coming up here to kill her?

“Well, our classmates thought they were signing a petition,” JD answered proudly. He took out a piece of paper with various signatures written on it. “But you gotta come out here and see what they really signed!”

It didn’t take a genius to know that whatever they signed, it just contributed to JD’s proud sociopath personality.

“You know, you should be dead for chucking me out like trash,” JD started to say, attempting to get Veronica out. “But I had a better idea. What if high school went away instead?”

As he continued to beg for her forgiveness and explained his plan to plant a bomb inside Westerburg High and make it look like a mass suicide, Veronica looked around her cramped closet for something to drive JD away. She came across a long bedsheet. Perfect.

“We were meant to be one, Veronica!” JD continued. “I can’t do this alone! Come on out, and let’s finish what we begun!”

No answer.

“VERONICA!” he yelled. He lowered his voice to a frighteningly calmer tone. “Open the door, please. Open the door.”

No response.

“Veronica!” he said again, still calm. “Can we stop fighting? Please?”

Still nothing.

He sighed. “Look, I know you’re scared. I’ve been there. But I can set you free!”

Nothing. JD was starting to get impatient. And impatient plus JD equaled one thing.


“Veronica!” he shouted. His tranquility was starting to break. “Don’t make me come in there!” he threatened.


“I’m gonna count to three!” he warned. “One.”




“FUCK IT!” he screamed as he kicked down the door, only to see Veronica hanging from her impromptu bedroom noose.

JD suddenly fell to his knees, stunned and heartbroken. The only girl he had ever loved was hanging dead right in front of him, all because of him. “Oh… God… no…” he whispered. A single tear rolled down his cheek. “Veronica… Please don’t leave me alone… you were all I can trust…”

Suddenly, his motivation to get rid of all his classmates was gone. He was doing this all so he and Veronica could be together, and now the only place they could be together was…


“I’m so sorry, Veronica,” he sobbed as he brought himself up. “I wanted to do this for you. I’m so sorry.” He put the gun to his head and put his thumb on the trigger. “This was all for you, but if this is what you wanted…”

Out of nowhere, Veronica screamed, “NO!”

She untangled herself from her noose, ran over to JD and smacked the gun out of his hand. “No, no, please don’t,” she begged softly, taking his wrists. “I’m so sorry, I just wanted you to stop.”

“Veronica…” JD wriggled his wrists out of Veronica’s grasp to cup her face with his hand. “I’m sorry, this was all for you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He pulled her into a hug and whispered apologies into her neck. Veronica felt his tears against her skin.

“Please, just stop killing people…” she begged quietly. “Please. For me.”

JD nodded, pulling back from Veronica. He kissed her forehead. “For you. Just for you.”

He held her close. “I worship you…” he muttered. “I’ll do anything for you. If you want me to stop murdering people, I will. I promise.”

With that, Veronica pulled away from him and kissed him softly, still crying. “Let’s just be seventeen, okay?” she asked against his lips.

JD nodded in agreement, this time, meaning it.

Veronica smiled, sniffling and wiping JD’s tears away from his cheeks. “Now, let’s just ditch the pep rally and go bowling. What do you say?”

JD laughed softly. “I think that’s a good idea. Can we stop by 7-Eleven first?”

“Well…” Veronica pretended to think about it. “Will you finally buy me a Big Gulp?”

JD groaned. “You’re defeating the purpose of 7-Eleven,” he teased playfully. But then he smirked. “Fine.”

Then he took her hand and they walked out of the house.

And in the words of Heather Chandler: “And they lived happily ever after.”

Imagine: The Clown Princess Sneaking Out

Request: (anonymous) Headcanons for CP sneaking out the house unnoticed and hiding for days to freak her parents out for fun

  • The clown princess is feeling left out with her parents focusing so much on work and not giving her attention like they usually do. She makes the decision to take matters into her own hands , like father like daughter, and do something big to get the attention she feels she deserves back.
  • She knows her father will come and check on her later if he suspects something being wrong, so she sits on his lap or cuddles on the couch next to him, showers him with pecks on the cheek and asks for stories about when he beat batman to make sure his easily inflated ego is really inflated and unsuspecting.
  • She yawns and acts exhausted and kisses her parents goodnight so she can get to her room and prepare to get out. The black clothes and gold jewelry she stole from her dad and gun she stole from her mom are pulled out from under the bed and she begins to get ready.
  • When she hears her parents footsteps walk past her door she sneaks over to her window and taps on it to get the attention of the goon guarding down below. She says her mother wants him to go out and get more food for her hyena’s.
  • When questioned why he’s not hearing it from Harley she says her parents couldn’t wait any longer to be alone and the goon scoffs before leaving.
  • She waits for the car to leave before she uses the gymnastic moves her mom taught her to get out her window and down the side of the house. Once down she races off the compound and hops in the car filled with friends who were waiting for her.
  • She sticks her head out the car window as they race through Gotham, feeling the freedom of being out on her own and doing her thing without them knowing.
  • First they go to the gotham mall and break in through the windows, taking everything they have taste for and leaving destruction behind them. Her laughs echo through the alley ways warning all the street dwellers that the clown princess is out.
  • They take the opportunity to visit her father’s club when he’s not there watching their every move. She knows exactly how to break in through the back.
  • They blast music and dim the lights to dance and drink the night away pretending they’re the kings and queens of gotham for a night.
  • They find the abandoned laugh factory downtown and claim it as their own, kicking out or killing all the other runaways and criminals and setting up their place with all the things they stole.
  • Joker wakes up the next morning and immediately heads to his club early because he’s so loaded with work, not checking on his daughter like he usually does. He see’s it’s been broken into and ransacked. His immediate reaction is to blame one of his enemies.
  • He unleashes hell upon the city to track down who did it, attacking all the major criminals and hot points of the city growing more and more frustrated that he can’t find out who did it.
  • The clown princess see’s on the news that her plan is working and her father doesn’t suspect her, but apart of her feels sad that his mind is so focused on work still and not her. Part of her wants to be found.
  • Harley noticed her gun is missing and looks all over the house, last resort she knocks on her daughter’s bedroom door with no answer, she tries to go in but it’s locked. Harley hates locked doors because they bring back terrible memories of Belle Reve so she knocks the door down with her bat in a rage.
  • When she see’s her daughter missing her rage turns to worry when her baby isn’t tucked in. She calls Joker in a panic.
  • The clown princess and her friends continue to enjoy their free life for days and days and go on long drives in the city, shooting out the window and picking fights with gangs for a thrill.
  • The batkids are sent to find out who the hell is causing all the trouble and a war breaks out between them, CP finally getting to use her mother’s gun, ending in her driving away laughing hysterically and victorious.
  • Joker grows more and more unhinged as days grow to weeks, his mind consumed with the grief of not having his daughter. He can’t bring himself to smile anymore so he draws a fake one around his lips.
  • Everything besides his daughter falls from the Joker’s mind and he frantically searches the city for her. Not wanting to believe she left him on her own but not wanting to imagine her kidnapped.
  • Everyone who can’t tell Joker what he wants to hear has their throat slit.
  • He searches the places that he knows his baby and him can share like ace chemicals, the gotham harbor, the carnival, before he remembers the story he told her of when he knocked out batman at the laugh factory.
  • He pulls up to the place and for the first time in a while smiles when he knows he’ll see her again “oh yoooooou”.
  • The clown princess goes back to the laugh factory, hands bloodied and missing her parents even though she still wants to prove her point. But she can’t help but feel being away has lost its excitement and she longs to be held by her parents again.
  • A blast rings out through the place and smoke fills the space around her, she is terrified that something bigger than she can handle has come until she see’s the green hair and golden gun walk through the smoke.
  • She wants to remain stubborn and mad at him for ignoring her lately, but the pull is too strong and she runs to him. Joker lifts her up and spins her around in his arms refusing to put her down.
  • Holding her in one arm and his gold gun pointed to her friends he threatens to kill them for going along with this and thinking they kept her from hi.
  • She puts her hand on his and says to let them live, to make it even for not giving her attention. Joker gets the hint and realizing he has a lot of explaining to do, but is just happy his princess is in his arms again
Freedom (Tig x Reader)

Request: sad Tig x reader?

You watched as he laughed with the boys at the bar. You were going to miss everything about this place. From the boy’s mugshots to all of the sluty croweathers hanging around. It’s not like you planned it this way, it was just that you couldn’t take it anymore. The late nights waiting for your man to come home that never bother to show up was getting to you. Also that he would barely even look at you anymore. In the past month you really only talk to Tig once and it was about a club party. Putting away the last few bottles at the bar, you slowly took one last look at the place. This club meant everything to you over the last few years but now it was coming to an end.

Saying goodbye to the boys for the day as they thought, you made sure to kiss your old man on the cheek before you left. You always did even if Tig barely noticed and just went on with his conversion like he always seemed to do. You let out a sigh as you made your way to your parked car. Gemma shouted from her office not to forget about the dinner at her house tomorrow as you took the day off for your plan. Smiling and shouted back that you would never miss it, she waved and you were all set to go home.

You rushed into your house with all of the boxes in hand, making sure that no one saw. If anyone saw an old lady on the run the first thing they would do is tell the club. The town feared them so they wouldn’t just let something like this slide. You didn’t need anyone at the moment ruining this for you. Packing all of your things, you made sure to leave the gifts behind that Tig gave you over the course of your relationship, not needing a reminder that wasn’t memories. When it hit dark outside in Charming you had everything packed and ready to go. Loading your car up set a feeling inside of you that you couldn’t quite get. But as you made your way passed the Charming sign you fully understood what it was. Freedom. The weight of the club and your broken relationship was finally gone and now you were free.

“TIG” Gemma shouted as she saw the curly hair man walked over to his bike. He looked at her waiting for her to go on with it. “Can you go remind your old lady about dinner? I think she might have forgotten since I told her yesterday, she isn’t picking up her phone.” Gemma thought for a moment “Have you heard from her?”

“No sorry Gem, I’ll go get her” Gemma nodded her head happily and made her way back to her office. Tig wouldn’t tell her that the only time he actually saw you lately had been at the clubhouse when you were working. He hasn’t been home in over month with all of the stress from the club he rather just stay there. Not bringing home any of the drama seemed like the right choice or as he thought. Pulling out of the lot, Tig was pretty happy to actually to be going home to you.

Disappointment washed over Tig’s face as he pulled up seeing your car gone. He thought that you were already gone to Gemma’s but was given his answer when he walked into the house. It felt different the minute he opened the door. Not really knowing why, Tig took out his gun getting ready to shoot if needed. Slowly making his way in he noticed everything was in it’s place. Still on alert he went to your guys bedroom. The gun hit the floor with a bang as he entered. His jaw dropped as he looked around the room, everything you owned was gone. Speechless, he didn’t know what to do. Where did you go? He knew that he hasn’t been the best man around lately but he didn’t think it would come to this. Grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the bottom drawer he laid on the bed, taking in your scent from your side. Tears fell from his eyes but he didn’t bother to wiped them. You were gone and Tig knew you weren’t coming back.

All eyes were Tig as he entered Gemma’s and Clay’s house stumbling. Clay quicking went over to him making sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. No one truly knew what was going on, only that Tig was half drunk in the kitchen but they all knew it was something bad when Tig broke down crying. He was never one for tears. Gemma made her way over the broken man with the others behind her, leaning down to him her heart broke at the slight.

“Tig baby, what’s wrong?” Tig didn’t answer just kept crying, wishing he brought the bottle of whiskey with him more than ever. “Tig did something happen?” still no answer just tears so Gemma try something, knowing where he came from. “Did you have a fight Y/N?” You weren’t here so Gemma knew it was something with you two but just didn’t know what. Tig cried harder at the sound of your name.

“She umm..” Tig was at a lost for words but managed to get out with a hoarse voice “Y/N left me” Tig looked up at everyone who now had shocked looked across their face.

“Honey how do-” Tig cut Gemma off and started to speak

“Her stuff is all gone and her phone is disconnect Gem, I knew I wasn’t good enough but I never thought she would leave without saying goodbye.” Tig brawled into Gemma chest not knowing how to get rid of the pain he felt. The clubs eyes were on their broken brother, they didn’t know that you guys weren’t alright and they wonder how come. They knew they needed to find you to fix this but if you didn’t want to be found, could they find you? Anger filled the room from what you had done. As Tig cry from pain everyone got to work to make sure you would be coming home. But Tig knew and so did Gemma as she also let tears fall. You weren’t coming home, you left this life for a reason and never looked back.

You Saved Me - Part 2

Original request from @fandom-rpblog:  Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: So by the time I got halfway through this part I decided to go a whole other route in the story so I think it is fair to say that this is now going to be full of a lot of angst but fluff too! <3 I will still be including everything from the request so I hope the wonderful follower who asked for it enoys this part as well.

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,347

Warnings: Violence, language, and angst.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)


“Why did you put yourself in danger to help me back there?”

You had only just walked back into your apartment when he voiced the question so your breathlessness from the previous events was still very much apparent as you collapsed face down onto your sofa.

“I don’t even know your name and yet you almost got shot by those cops.”

An exhausted groan escaped you, muffled by the soft cushions your face was currently buried in, how was this guy not even breaking a damn sweat? Rather reluctantly you shifted your head so that you could now see him but your body didn’t move another inch.

“My name is [y/n] and I could ask you the same thing you know. You don’t know me and yet you put yourself between me and those bullets when you could have just left me there.”

“The difference is that you are an innocent civilian. I am not. I am a monster, have been for decades.”

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Equals [Rick Grimes x Reader]

I love your imagines! So glad there are finally some rick ones to read! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is pissed because they feel Rick treats them more like a child than a partner because she’s so much younger than him? Thank you and keep writing!

Here you go, anon! Sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy! 💙

Words: 1,822

Warnings: None

A/N: Yay, more Rick! But no smut this time either?! Honestly I was so tempted to add some, but I decided not to! Well, I hope you all like it.

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