and the gun was still in the bedroom

|| unexpected guests

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Horst blinked.

“what am I-? what are YOU doing he-?” he was dumb founded, standing at the top of the stairs having, just come home from a little trip away, to be confronted by a woman- a mostly naked woman- a mostly naked woman vampire- just outside his brother’s bedroom.

“JOHANNES?!” He bellowed, praying his brother was still alive. If he was, than baby brother had some serious explaining to do…

    {ƒ}– - “Wait– you know him? Who are you?”

Alarmed at how the much taller vampire was 
bellowing and advancing upon her, Laurelai 
backed away towards the bedroom door in 
the hope that she could buy Johannes time
to get his gun. In a fight, she would be hard
pressed to beat the much stronger vampire.

     “Wait- oh merde are you his dead brother?!” 

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Oh my gosh, you're amazing! Please write more sleepy Shaw!

It’s a soft ticking sound that wakes Shaw from her sleep. Even though she knows the sound, the drowsy clouds in her mind can’t pinpoint them, so she slips from under the covers and rips her gun from the velcro strip under the bed.

Root’s bed.

She barely aims it, somewhere aware that this clicking rattle is a safe sound, but brings the gun nonetheless.

A thin strip of light seeps under the bedroom door, and then it makes sense to her. Root’s bed. Root’s apartment. Root’s keyboard.

She doesn’t look up when Shaw opens the door and leans her shoulder against the wood, just looking at her with her arms crossed in front of her chest, the gun still in her hand. A smile tugging the corner of her mouth into a smile.

Shaw pushes away from the door and walks up to Root, placing her gun on the desk next to her and running her hands over her shoulders, wrapping her arms around them, resting her head on her arm so they are cheek to cheek.

“Come to bed with me,” Shaw whispers, turning her head so she can brush her lips down Root’s neck. She smirks when a soft shiver trickles down her spine.

“I’m working,” Root answers, but tilts her head anyway, granting Shaw better access to trail kisses along the curve of her neck and shoulder.

“I don’t care.”

Root laughs and turns while standing up, slipping her hands under Shaw’s tank top, splaying her fingers out over her back. When she dips her head down, Shaw meets her halfway and kisses her, tangling her fingers in Root’s hair.

“Take me to bed then, Sameen,” Root says, her voice all sultry and Shaw rolls her eyes.

“I thought you said sleep was for the weak,” Shaw says, pulling Root’s shirt over her head and tossing it into the room.

“Who said anything about sleeping,” Root says, sucking a hickey on her neck, and Shaw breath hitches. With her pupils dilated, she’s suddenly wide awake.

The Art of War

Summary: a fight that leads to the bedroom (wink wink)
Character: Clint Barton
Requested: sort of @arfrona
Warnings: none

The gun was clutched firmly to her chest, her back pressed against the cool white wall. She was crouched down behind the couch, not daring to peak over the top. Her heart was thumping loudly, blood rushing in her ears and her vision shook with its every beat.
Tony Starks living room was cold, frigid. The air hung heavily, laced with anticipation, fear dripping down the walls and onto the beige carpet. But the girl remained still, not moving a muscle, legs aching from the uncomfortable position. The smooth plastic of the gun dug into her chest, biting at the skin on her hands.
“Shit!” she exclaimed hand flying to the wound.
She’d been shot. The bullet had left behind an angry red mark, that she tenderly poked, while dramatically sprawling out across the floor. It had all happened so fast, how could anyone have seen her, unless they were above…
“Yes! In your face (y/n)! Or leg, I suppose,” Clint grinned.
His thickly muscled arms were pumping in the air, doing what she presumed was a “victory dance”, and she couldn’t help but laugh as the stocky assassin jumped up and down. The thin pyjama pants he was wearing hung low on his hips, strong torso completely on display. (Y/n) wondered how he had not an ounce of fat on him, despite eating what must of been a tonne of pizza. His pale blue eyes sparkled as he continued to shout out gleefully.
But she was undeterred, standing stealthily to her feet, sneaking up behind him, slowly, pressing lightly on the floor. Her hands shook as she whipped the gun up to his head, pressing it harshly to his temple.
“Who’s got who now bird brain?” she drawled, a lazy grin on her face.
“Aw fuck, don’t shoot, please don’t shoot!” he grumbled, shoulders slumping.
For a second she ignored him, pressing herself closer to him, revelling in the heat he provided and the heavy scent of his cologne. Her fingertips tingled as she ran them along his bare arms, grinning at the shiver it evoked.
“I quite like hearing you beg. Do it again,” her voice was ice, smile razor sharp.
“(Y/n),” he dragged out her name, the syllables sweet on his tongue and slightly stuttered due to the closeness of them both.
Her finger wrapped around the trigger, before-
“Jesus Christ Clint put me down!” she shrieked as he swung her over his shoulder, booming laugh echoing in the room.
The nerf gun slipped from her fingers, hitting the floor with a sharp snap. Damn, they’d have to go to Toys'R'Us again to get a new one later.
“Never! I do believe you were about to shoot me missy, and that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated,” she could hear the smirk in his voice, and suddenly became aware of the corridor they were walking down and where it lead to.
So maybe they both got a bit too into their nerf gun wars, but hey, if it ended with them both in the bedroom every time (y/n) was definitely not complaining.


Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum

In 2004 Harvey brutally stabbed her grandparents in their home. Carl, 75 and Sarah, 73 took in the wayward teen after her mother was in prison. The new living arrangement didn’t sit well with Holly 15, whose cannabis habit and her newly found lover Sandra 15, was frowned upon by her conservative grandparents. Sadly 5 days before the horrific slaying Carl told his son Kevin,  “She said she was going to kills us.”

Wanting to have her freedom and girlfriend, the night before August 2nd 2004, Ketchum sneaked into Harvey’s bedroom. The couple planned the gruesome murder. Unable to obtain a gun they still went ahead with the plan. Holly wrote the “to do” list on her arm in ink. The list read, “Kill, keys, money and jewelry,” On the 2nd Harvey’s grandparents were lured down to her bedroom by the smell of cannabis. Holly plunged the knife into Sarah after an argument perused (Ketchum was hidden under the bed). As Carl tried to fight, Ketchum helped with the struggle. Carl was stabbed by Holly but managed to run to the phone before Holly beat him to it. All together Sarah had 20 stab wounds while Carl had 15.

The lovers were caught 4 hours away in a beach house, with holly showing no remorse. After Sandra was willing to testify Holly pleaded guity. As she was only 15, she was not eligible for the death penalty. Harvey is currently serving 2 life sentences. Sandra being 16 was sentenced to 3 life sentences.

I find this case interesting, not only to wonder if she was older would she of got the death penalty. Was it really a crime of passion to show how much she loved Sandra or was it just for financial gain

Playing House: 10

You move back to the security system and punch in the silent alarm that will go directly to the FBI base. You slide through the house as quietly as you can. Ducking into the bathroom you listen for your opening. Right now they have Aaron as a hostage and that could have only happened if they had at least one weapon.
“Where is she?” One of the UnSubs growls.
“Why don’t you go look?” The other responds sounding impatient, “I’ll stay here and watch Mr. Tough guy O'Brian.” Good. They don’t know the two of you are FBI and they’re splitting up. You stay still as the first UnSub walks past the bathroom, you move quietly into the bedroom gun up, you press the gun to the UnSubs head.
“Put it down.” He drops the weapon with a loud clatter then turns on you. He takes a swipe at you with his left fist that you dodge. You catch him in the gut with your left fist. When he doubles over you follow up with a knee to his face. He curses up at you from the floor. It’s then you hear a rush of movement behind you. You turn, see the second UnSub gun aimed directly at you and fire. He hits the ground with a thud, you kick his gun away from his hand and move back to his partner whose bleeding on the floor.
“FBI. You’re under arrest for the rape and murders of Mary Alotte, Elodie Westin, Marta Henderson and Christine Dobel. As well as the murders of James Alotte, Christian Westin, Daniel Henderson and Davis Dobel. And for the assault and kidnapping of an FBI agent.” You pull your cuffs out of a drawer and handcuff the surviving UnSub. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for y-” there’s a loud crash from the front room. Another UnSub?
“Back here! We need a medic!” You call, “subject has been detained!” Derek still comes in gun up and looking deadly. He checks the pulse of the UnSub you shot then stands.
“Take care of Hotch. I’ll get this guy out of here.”
“I want to see his face.” You say moving away from him and starting on the gag over Aaron’s mouth. Derek pulls the mask up and you’re surprised to see that you don’t recognize him.
“He’s one of the maintenance guys that works for the development.” Hotch says sounding raspy.
“Derek do you have your knife? These ropes are really tight.” JJ and Spencer have entered the room by now and when your eyes meet JJ’s she gives you a knowing smile.
“Here.” Reid offers up his knife and you give him a grateful smile then free Aaron’s hands. He rubs feeling back into them as you close Reid’s knife and pass it back.
“How bad are the burns?” You ask not looking, you know they’re there. He would have done anything to get himself loose. Derek has dragged the UnSub out of the room by now and read him his rights for a second time, since you didn’t finish.
“I’m fine.”
“Aaron.” You say in a low warning tone, “don’t lie to me.” You catch one of his hands in yours and sure enough there are angry red rope burns around each wrist. “You’re getting those checked.”
“Fine.” JJ and Reid have left the room during this little exchange and Aaron pulls you to him. “Thank god you’re okay.” He whispers taking a deep breath. You wrap your arms around him and sigh.
“Thank god you’re okay. When I saw the light out I was so worried.”
“We’re both okay.” He murmurs.
“What’s going to happen now? When we go back to Charlotte Hooper and Aaron Hotchner?”
“We make it work. We were still us Charlie. I never faked anything with you.” You sigh into his chest then look up at him. He kisses you quickly then you move away from one another.
“Let’s get those wrists checked.” You say leading him out of the bedroom you had shared. If anyone could make this work it was the two of you.

Devil in the Details [Closed Starter]

Sleipnir should have known better then to go snooping, especially when he was alone and facing - supposedly - the demon himself. Still Sleip was adamant that it was just another demon who had gotten a little to big for his boots. He waited till the lights went out before scoping the building before breaking in through the back, gun in hand as he helped himself through the rooms, eventually coming to the bedroom. He remained quiet on his feet, not wanting to be cornered but he only counted one coming in.

Early Goodbyes

I woke myself up at around three in the morning. Alice was still fast asleep. I picked her up, my armor forming onto me. I blinked us into her apartment bedroom, putting my gun on the side and setting her down on the bed. There was still something important I needed to do.


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Guns n’ Roses: The Photographic History by Robert John
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4,5 Stars.
Welcome to the photographic Jungle, fans of GNR allover the world!
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This visually arresting coffee table book is certainly raw, boisterous and unique, exactly like our beloved group. Filled with photos that once adorned countless of teenage bedrooms -and probably still do- and many little gems that you surely won’t find anywhere else this is the book for every GNR fan. It’s actually so good that i had a pretty a hard time selecting the photos to use in this review.
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So why 4,5 stars and not 5? Simply because the photos were haphazardly arranged and the captions were too generic and lacking of any character. Of course i enjoyed it immensely so i’m not really complaining.
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Note: The forward is written by Axl Rose.

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                When it came to Brooke Davis, there wasn’t much he understood. She was far more complex than she was willing to show anyone else, yet he’d been lucky enough to slip past her guarded walls. She was smart, beautiful and intellectual despite the way she chose to carry herself. He wouldn’t judge, though, for she’d given him a chance too. He’d been the loser off the blacktop, and while his upcoming popularity could have been her motivation, she’d still chose to hang out with him in a place that wasn’t the backseat of his car or his bedroom.

                ❝  Tell me something about yourself. Something no one else knows.  ❞   

               He was curious and for good reason. He’d never been the type to jump the gun, not that’d he ever had any opportunities before. He had respect not only for himself, but for those around him, especially women. If anything, he wanted to get to know her before allowing anything to happen; it just seemed like the right thing to and honestly, he was enjoying their time together. 

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“Ssh, you’re okay. You're safe."

My muse has just woken up from a particularly vivid and terrifying nightmare. Send “Ssh, you’re okay” to calm and comfort them.

The loud sounds of gun shots has her sitting upright in bed. Her dreams had brought her right back into the middle of a war zone, she could still smell the sulfur of the gun residue that clung to her own clothing, hear the screaming of innocent people and soldiers alike. Feel the stains of war blood that painted her fair skin. 

The feel of a hand on her arm, the soothing voice of her girlfriend was able to make the nightmare fade, back into reality. She wasn’t outside in a bunker, but in the safety of her own bedroom. Wild eyes turned to look at the blonde. “Clarke?” her voice was hoarse, from lack of use. Lexa settled down when realization set in that she was indeed safe. No could harm her here. With a soft nod she laid back down and snuggled against the warm body, her nostrils being filled with the sweet scent of the blonde. Strong arms wrapped around Clarke’s body, needing her to anchor her and keep her in the safety of her apartment. Face buried in the crook of her neck, she finally felt her body relax and calm down. Her heart rate turned to normal, settling back into a steady pattern. 

Sleepy Talk(Fanfic)

(buffyscribbles told me I should repost this after deleting because I got a little shy so…. Here we go! Coldflashvibe fluff!)

Len entered his apartment warily, aware that someone had sneaked in by picking his lock and he kept his cold gun cocked in one hand as he walked through the place. He had cleared everywhere but the bedroom when he finally realized who had broken into his place. Cisco’s jacket was draped over the back of his couch and next to it was Barry’s red hoodie, a sign that they had dropped by after finishing the day. Len exhaled in relief before laying his gun down on the coffee table and removing his parka. After quickly getting a drink of water and checking the door to make sure it still locked Len made his way into his bedroom where Barry was wrapped around Cisco like an octopus. Len smiled at the sight of Cisco’s mouth hanging half open as he curled against Barry’s chest and he quickly stripped down to his boxers before moving under the covers to throw an arm across his boyfriends and get some sleep. Cisco stirred slightly and moved around to face Len.

“Hey, what took you so long?”

“Had to freeze a few assets, when did you get in?”

“What time is it?”

“One twenty three in the morning.”

“How do you do that, you always know what time it is it’s annoyingly perfect.”

“No, just aware. I thought you two agreed not to break into my apartment again, that’s why I gave you both keys.”

“Latest Meta melted Barry’s keys. Mine lost themselves again.”

“You mean you lost them, pretty boy.”

“No, they lost themselves, I swear.”

Cisco pressed his finger into Len’s chest to make his point making his boyfriend chuckle,

“You’ll have to tell me about it in the morning, Kid. Get some sleep.”

Cisco sleepily snuggled into Len’s chest before mumbling, “M’kay,” as Barry popped one eye open. He pulled back a little from Cisco only to realize that part of him was stuck under Cisco while both of his legs had somehow wound up around his boyfriends waist.

“What happened?”

“Well if I’m not mistaken you broke into my apartment, fell asleep in my bed, and had sex in it too. Would almost make you wonder who’s the criminal in this relationship.”

“Oh, right, when did you get here?” Barry leaned over Cisco’s light snoring to kiss Len lightly, “We missed you.”

Len hummed, “I’m sure you did, I had business to take care of.”

“I hope you didn’t do anything Flash worthy, you promised.”

“That I did and nothing Flash worthy this time, just a little murder.”

Barry’s face screwed up as he realized Len was teasing him,

“Very funny, what happened?”

“Just had to take care of a stray criminal in my territory, they’re not coming back anytime soon Mick got a little trigger happy.”

“Mmm, I’ll interrogate you in the morning, you can’t blame everything on Mick.”

“You do that, and he’s a pyromaniac I don’t have to blame him for anything.”

“Mmhmm, keep telling yourself that… Night.”

“Goodnight, Red.”

Len watched the two young men sleeping under his arm and he smiled a little, “Sweet dreams.”

We cut up the broken apple tree branch today...
  • Dad:Oh this chainsaw is quite light! You could use it!
  • Me:Whoa. Okay. I just used a glue gun and caulk for the first time yesterday. Let's take it down a notch, okay Dad?!