and the guitar in the bg

from the directors that liked Harold and Kumar way too much comes a NEW teen comedy… *jump cuts to aerial view of high school, the footage of the camera moving towards it is sped up until it reaches a certain point, at which it starts scrolling at about normal speed* (guitar strumming and clapping music in the bg) dude did you hear about the party? teen2: no, i don’t usually attend parties because i’m not popular. teen 1: that’s ok but consider this: the girl named “Jessica Cotch” will be attending ths party (while this line is being uttered footage of an actress who is obviously about 25 years old is playing a high school student and it’s a shot of her walking down the hallway with DOF blur on teen boys checking her out behind her making an OOOOUUU face actually everyone is 25) 

teen2: oh wow! she is the hottest girl in our most beloved high school and coincidentally the one that i have lustful feelings for. it is truly amazing that i will never be able to attend this party and to get my penis involved with some lurid debauchery. sex sex sex alcohol cock cock cock. (music stops so you can hear him say “fuck dude” after smoking weed)

also like how the band has talked about how they used to fill ever empty space on songs with music and patrick’s said that he keeps drowning his voice out with bg instruments because he’s scared of it… like even in ABAP u can still hear that happening. but then in young and menace it’s literally just guitars and drums and his voice is so clear and good and not drowned out at all and AJSJDJDJFJSF GOD

first impressions
  • From The Dining Table - amazing melody, he sings it so gently and the harmonies are gorgeous. this is the song you want to be emo to while you drink five glasses of wine and stare out a rainy window after your breakup
  • Woman - this is like if harry tried to do funk? I’M SCREAMING THAT DUCK NOISE….bye. (it’s more like someone saying ‘unh’ but super nasally and very edited) but it’s so catchy and something I can see myself dirty dancing to. and he does some super dreamy bg vocals in this too
  • Kiwi - he’s going to lose his voice singing this song, I just know it. he sings this almost in a billie joe armstrong-esque kind of way? but yeah he had to be hyped the fuck up when he sang this. super guitar-heavy, very 90′s rock vibe imo. I would mosh to this HA
  • Only Angel - omg the opening…I am ascending. he uses one of the same effects as SOTT, I think? it sounds like it could be a companion song to it right in the beginning…but then the funky rock comes in. if I heard this on a throwback radio station I would totally believe it was like 30 years old HA. make your dads and uncles listen to it. ngl though I got kind of bored of it 2/3 of the way through…
  • Two Ghosts - the melody immediately reminded me of Home (by 1D), the way the verses were being sung…but the guitar in the background actually sounds exactly like Hello Beautiful by the Jonas Brothers?? but omg I love it? the lyrics are great and it’s one of those songs you’d see being played by someone at a coffee house. really chill vibe
  • Carolina - I’m putting this in here (even though I’ve already heard it) bc the studio version is so different than the live version, imo. out of all the songs he’s played live so far (sott, esny, sc, and this one) this is the one that sounds most different than how he sang it live. there’s some nice vocal effects but it’s even more enjoyable this way, I think. This is the kind of song I’d be blasting as I’m getting ready to go out haha. But I wish he’d gone even wilder at the end and just screamed into the mic as;ldfjsf
  • Meet Me In The Hallway - omg it sounds like he’s underwater. I’m getting a very I Am The Walrus vibe from the verses? Also like if you were walking through a city late at night when there were only streetlights on and you had your backpack on and you were just reflecting on your life as you walked home. 

anyways as a whole I’d give the album like an 8.5/10, I think it’s very harry at its core and he shows a lot of different sides of himself in this musically and it’s great. a few weird decisions on his part technically, in my opinion, but I’m already excited to see him perform these 

i hit a low point tonight but i didn’t do anything self-destructive! i’m in bed practicing slow chord changes on my guitar with ‘the wind rises’ playing in the bg and i’m gonna take care of myself before i go to sleep

the same type of inspiration i feel thanks to les goes for wyatt shears as well. the garden is a duo comprising of strictly wyatt’s bass and fletcher’s drums, and it sounds SO FUCKING GOOD!!! i love it when basses are the Main instrument as compared to being watered down to just a single bassline for a whole song that usually gets drowned out by the plethora of accompanying instruments anyways, so my dream and aspiration is to like. be one of the few frontmen that man a bass instead of a guitar.


hahahHAHSBHSHAhahahaha i’m ashamed of myself

more headcanons here

sehun: will have a gaming channel. has 4 subscribers- kai, suho, tao, and some weird person trying to sell him acne cream. he makes videos of him gaming with a couple of friends and that’s it. he’s boring and never really comments on other people’s channels

kai: would vlog his dogs! me bringing my dog to a park. me bringing my dog to a spa. my dog sitting, rolling over and playing dead. my dog taking the biggest shit ever. also i’d like to think he’d upload origami tutorials once in a while (with his dogs barking in the bg). suho is his number one fan

kyungsoo: would do mukbangs and cooking/baking vids! he NEVER gives the recipe though, so the video is just… 17 minutes of him sauteing onions and chopping up carrots. sometimes chanyeol ‘accidentally’ wonders into the shot and kyungsoo chases after him with a spatula. sometimes a pot. it depends

chanyeol: all music! he does song covers and plays the guitar and gives tutorials on how to play the drums. some videos are just him composing music and chilling with a bunch of people. he’d also vlog about what’s going on at home and with his friends

chen: he’d do LOADS of song covers and he’d have like half a million subscribers. he would also do things like the chicken nugget challenge, the soda challenge, easy bake challenge… with the beagle line of course. will sometimes vlog himself going to the dentist or the grocery store bc jongdae’s like that

baekhyun: eating loads of food and pranking others! he’d also have videos of him trying out funny cheap toys he gets at random markets like a mini cotton candy machine, a gumball machine, etc. maybe a few candy tasting vids here and there? and also reactions to different music vids. or him dancing

lay: yixing would have an advice channel, like you tweet him your life problems and he talks about them in his videos. he doesn’t really know how to edit or when to stop though, so his videos are like 2 hours long. he might also have some videos of him giving a studio tour, the occasional mukbang, and maybe some gardening tips too

suho: would subscribe to EVERYONE to see what they’re up to. comments on people’s vids, ‘stop swearing sehun ah’, ‘baekhyun, that’s not very nice’, ‘woW ksoo i didn’t know that was the salt container!’ he wouldn’t have any videos of his own… maybe just him singing and dancing a bit and then someone comes in and bothers him so he stops the recording

minseok: would have a hair styling channel maybe? and would vlog the boys being silly lil potatoes. sometimes he has collabs with kyungsoo and they cook and clean together. OH, he would totally have like a home diy hack channel thing where he shows you the fastest way to load the laundry and hang the clothes at the same tiME!!! WOW 

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💖💖💖 BAEKXING 💖💖💖

Who said “I love you” first:

Baekhyun did one day that Yixing was staring off into space and strumming away on his guitar. He knew he’d surprise him but Baek still knew to expect that dimpled smile.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:

*ahem* Baekhyun makes sure they both have the same pic they took together as their bg, thank you very much. In his humble opinion, who wouldn’t want to be blessed with both their faces when looking at either phone?

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:

Yixing does, not really expecting Baekhyun to notice since Baek just showers and gets out quick when he’s alone. But Baekhyun actually thinks they’re so sweet and likes for Yixing to think he doesn’t see them since it makes it extra special.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:


Who initiated the first kiss:

Yixing suprised Baekhyun with their first kiss because well…how else do you get him to stop talking..

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

Yixing drags his lips ever so gently across Baekhyun cheeks and lips in the morning, enjoying the soft sounds he makes while just waking up

Who starts tickle fights:

Baekhyun starts wars and Yixing is just caught up in the storm. But it’s okay because who wouldn’t want to see Baekhyun smiling? Even if his laugh can get pretty ridiculous

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:

Baekhyun creeps in not-so-sneakily and snorts when Yixing pretends to be over-dramatically surprised

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:

Yixing does because he know’s better than anyone how much time and effort Baekhyun actually puts into his work. But then Baekhyun just starts demanding lunch dates instead because he knows Yixing is much the same

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:

Baekhyun was exremely nervous, but of course he’s mastered how to talk around it by now.  He’d just never imagined Yixing would actually want to date him since Yixing was always so nice and close with everyone? He wasn’t sure what made him special enough for a date but he enjoyed it so much anyway

Who kills/takes out the spiders:

Yixing does with that infuriatingly serene smile of his and Baekhyun just stares from on top of the couch until its completely gone

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

Both. Loud drunk duets make for the best memories. And the best blackmail material. as Jongdae and Kyungsoo have learned

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Hey so I don't think he was playing the guitar at that point he was just tuning it so the BG wasn't what he was playing His left hand is definitely on the tuning pegs not the frets

Hi Anon, 

Yeah, I think you’re right. Looks like he was just tuning the guitar, caressing those strings but not strumming them. Good catch! 

I’m really interested in how music fits into Advay’s life/past. I think it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Like, it’s not a casual, throwaway prop and its placement seems intentional. It was featured pretty prominently in the first teaser, then again in the initial episode/s. It’s a clue, me thinks. And I can’t wait to know what the backstory is!


Part One: Aqua Quartz attempts to convince Blue Jasper that being a Crystal Gem is fun and cool!

I was planning on doing a comic with the new gems to introduce Chrysocolla, then I saw one of the August 2016 Gemsona Prompts was “Suit Up,” and I thought of an idea to start it~ Also, got to put my main ladies in suits <3

Azurite - @404sketcherror
Tourmaline - @solosart
AND Introducing:

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Could you perhaps do a coloring tutorial? You're other one helped me loads, maybe this next one can help me as well?

Of course! I’ll try my best, but if I have to be honest, my coloring isn’t all that complicated. Not much has changed since my last one. But, let’s jump into it! 

1) Let’s start with my lineart. I prepared a Pat for you guys (lineart is always that darkish brown. I find blacks too neutral/boring). To the right are my brush settings.

2) I overlay my drawings since they tend to be light. I make a new layer, dump a dark brown color, and select it to overlay. To the right are my layer settings.

3) Next, color. I start with skin on a brush tool. I use SAI, and my all time FAVORITE brush type is Bar 1. No texture. To the right are my brush settings.

4) Okay, so here’s the thing: I ONLY use one layer to color (and it is set to multiply, 100%). With the brush tool, taking and drawing from colors really creates this soft/sorta blending/messy look I like. So, below, you’ll see me using Pat’s skin color to draw into his hair. Let’s look!

5) Yup, that’s really all I do. *laughs* Easy peasy, yeah? So, let’s do the rest of the flats with that technique.

6) MY FAVORITE PART: Shading. Note: I ALSO do this on the same solid color layer (yes, my drawing don’t have many layers!). I do very subtle shading, usually to lay emphasis on curves to the face and to add springy colors to cheeks/lips. I normally always use a variation of pink/salmon/orange for shading lighter skin tones and purples and orangey-pinks for darker skin tones.. For clothes, etc., I normally use a darker variation of what is there, but if I want to add dynamics, I use differing colors (like pink on brown, greens on blues, etc). Again, I use the brush tool for this. To the right, you’ll see my layers again. The orange you see is the color I used to brush in ALL my shading.

7) Now, here, I usually do another overlay layer with any color I wish. I normally stick to browns, but whatever works to make me happiest. I lazily added a bg layer.

8) Final step: Photoshop. I play around with levels/curves/color filters if I want. Then, you’re done.

FINISHED. Pat playing guitar, haha. Based off this gif here! Happy coloring, friend!

UM gangsey band!au thank u n good bye

  • Gansey would have 2 b their manager im sorry there is no way in all of cabeswater that that Boat Shoe Wearing Mess of Dollar Bills can sing or coordinate himself enough 2 play an instrument
  • [ronan let me in the band…… I can harmonize and learn guitar!!] [trips over his shoelaces] [tries to hit a high note and shatters glass]
  • she would totally reorganise the stage so the drums would b at the front
  • “Wtf i work as hard if not more hard than u finger wiggling dickheads i get sweaty OK and im hot so ppl deserve 2 see me more close up”
  • So they manage 2 rig the stage so there is a slightly lower platform for blue 2 drum in w the boys a lil higher above her runnin around cute cute
  • dam would die watching his fingers good bye n good night rip me
  • He’d be the Dark and Brooding one that would stick his middle fingers up @ paparazzi so the pics couldnt be published
  • Whichever way round lead or rhythm w/e
  • Adam would prefer acoustic i think but oh my god. He’d get so totally lost in playing on stage. W all the adrenalin and stuff he’d be going HARD and so would ronan good thing the bass covers his crotch am i right
  • Noah would bounce around the stage god bless he’d be so energetic and entertaining
  • “I CANT HEAR U R U FUCKING READY !!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Noah no one can hear anytbing over u shut up n introduce our first song” thx adam
  • Noah and ronan would b lead singers probs w adam harmonising SO FUCKING WELL DAMN WHY
  • he’d be getting all close up in his microphone w his lips parted around it and ronan woudl accudent allu forget the words shit
  • r onan same
  • i have . No clue what they’d be called
  • They’d be one of those bands that change their sound every album
  • Theyd be punk n then indie n then ??? Folk???? Who let ronan write the songs mysteriously abt some Boy With Freckles And Nice Hair w lots of acoustic guitar?? Hmm
  • Then they’d go like . Electronic. God bless ronan the musically multifaceted nerd he is he can do it all
  • They’d do acoustic livelounges !!!!!!!! And they’d drag their manager in (gansey boy) to help sing the songs n demand a solo from him
  • Gansey would start singig and. Here come the cries of pain
  • Maybe thats what they should name themselves #dontsinggansey
  • Blue would do most of the singing in acoustic !!!!!! Still w adam softly in the bg like a tiny angel
  • Ronan wouldnt have 2 play so could. Just. Stare
  • Adam is bright red all the way through the acousic


  • Ronan learns how 2 play “i’m gay” by Blink-182 and makes adam play it with him when they Come Out 2 Their Adoring Fans who already knew lbr

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What's your top 10 baekyeol moments?

THIS WAS SO HARD OMG are you satan

this has taken a few days for me to answer and as i’m typing i can think of about 10+ more things i want to add :( the struggle to narrow it down to 10 istg i was internally battling myself but alas, here we go (i’m putting a read more cut because this post is extremely long lol) but let me start off with my favorite photo ever

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