and the guitar in the bg

I am so confused…but honestly, confusion has been the norm for a good long while now in my corner of the fandom.


Why is Louis at a hotel? My thoughts before I explode:

- I would’ve bought he was there for a meeting (but two days in a row?) until we saw the guitar and Xbox, which implies he was or is staying there.

- He supposedly is renting a huge house for himself and a more modest home for B. Why not stay at his rented house? Or even with B so he can spend time with his son? (Or, you know…maybe neither house exists.) Or even at B’s mom’s condo, since they’ve been there so much lately.

- He has a home with Harry in LA. Why isn’t he staying there? Maybe he is and Oli was/is staying at the W and was holding onto the guitar/Xbox (both were probably empty anyway) explicitly for the look that Louis was staying in the hotel when the time came to show it.

- Harry was rumored to have left LA earlier this week. He was last seen in Palm Springs, so it’s possible Louis was staying at the W because he didn’t want to be there alone during all the bs, or because he had stunting to do and he can’t do that at his private home.

- I doubt his family is staying at the W if he has a rental house. And if that house doesn’t exist, I think they have previously stayed in their own rentals, not hotels. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Just some of the thoughts running around in my head. Guess we’ll see where it goes. Ftr, I don’t know if those pics of his belongings are to show him coming or going. If he’s going, well…..either they’re setting up the move into his house or he’s about to jump on a plane.

Little guitar to end my day. Thanks @bobs0n for bring bg in this design and letting me tattoo it. @goldeniron_tattoos_toronto #dotwork #dotworkers #blackwork #tattooworkers #dotsandpatterns
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Part of why I enjoyed watching Gabrielle Aplin live was because of Tom Crouch (BG Vox, Piano & Guitar). Incredibly talented musician. 

Greetings From The Phoenix

Hello everyone! I am The Phoenix, founder and president of BGS. I am a filmmaker, writer, actor, and musician. I play guitar and bass (feel free to laugh at the later of the two instruments) and am an avid writer of short stories. I try to be as diverse as possible when writing screenplays and hope to share some of those with you soon. We will be starting up soon on YouTube and I do sincerely hope that you enjoy what we do. Stay majestic!

-[BGS] The Phoenix

dad delivers coffee, day II • a little bit of b.b. (1964) // a little bit of petty (1981) // a little bit of the maine (2013) • if you’ve been here for awhile, you know i love a little bit of everything, when it comes to music.. as i picked these out of my collection, this morning, i did so for a reason..for the strings that connect them. this weekend, prior to watching buddy guy play a once in a lifetime residency show at his intimate chicago blues club, legends, i walked around + saw heartfelt notes scribbled on the guitars of BG’s friends..b.b + petty + even keith richards. before heading downtown for the show, @themaineband’s @daytrotter session showed up on my doorstep..the rock band’s major influences being tom petty + mister keef. even with nearly 20 years bridging two of these LPs + more than 20 between the other one, we see that music is eternally linked to what came before it.. nothing comes from nothing. 🎶🎸

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Okay, gotta start off by admitting the actual art for this is quite old,
but a Valentines Day sale never happened due to an array of reasons.
Also, yes to backtrack this was made for an ad but altered to just show
the art and be cute <3. I did some minor touch-ups and then slapped it into a simple BG for the storepage. It’s one of my favorite images of Goo.If you had any interest in our drums or guitar gear that we hand make, have a visit here: I just hope you like the art! :)Pencils/Flash/PhotoshopGoo © Green Gizmo