and the guitar especially

there’s a cockroach era photoshoot where everyone except ruki and reita are just posing to show off their stuff really hard 

it’s the most unintentionally hilarious thing 

I mean

what are you even trying to show??? “ohh yeah i have… pockets… and a shoulder…” actually Kai is too young and small here let’s move on i’m getting uncomfortable 

wait actually uruha is a bad example because this is just his natural state in this era but LOOK AT THIS

!!! boy is a hoe

voiceless - langst

WARNING - extreme langst suffering :(

Lance loved his voice.

Ever since he was a child, his family proudly displayed his singing talents all over town. They bought him an expensive guitar, despite not being the wealthiest of families, and he learned to write songs and play the instrument. His mama would always ask him to sing the song he wrote for her before bed. Despite it being a very bad song in Lance’s opinion, she would always hug him afterwards and whisper about how much she loved it.

“My precious little secret,” she would murmur through a wide smile. “don’t give it to anyone else, ok?”

Lance was well-known for his voice. In his little town, Lance was very popular, because of his good looks and boisterous attitude, along with his voice. He entered many singing competitions, mostly to earn money for his family, and he won every single one. His family acquired enough money to send him off to the Garrison, which was a prestigious school far away from home. Lance was loath to leave his family, but they encouraged him to accomplish his dream, which was to go to space. No matter how much he loved singing, Lance longed to become a pilot. So he accepted and left, his mother humming under her breath Lance’s song. He would miss her voice. It sounded just like honey.

“Sing it to me when you come back,” was the last thing she said to him with a watery smile. Lance could only nod, unable to say anything other than “I love you.”

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Mr Pickle headcanons

* His full name was Percival Iwan Christopher Karl Lachlan Edward after all the fellow recruits, Kingsman staff members, and mentor whose dicks Harry got his greedy mouth on during training.

* When Harry pointed his gun during the final test, Mr Pickle started enthusiastically humping it and Harry pulled the trigger by accident because he was laughing so hard.

* The first time Harry bought Merlin home after a high stakes date where he tried with everything he had to prove how sophisticated and charming he was, they walked in on Mr Pickle sitting in the front hallway defiantly chewing a dildo about the size of a large man’s forearm which he’d somehow managed to get out of Harry’s sock drawer. Merlin spent the rest of Mr Pickle’s life afraid of him, which is exactly how Mr Pickle liked it.

* Enjoyed howling along to Queen on car journeys, especially when Harry made guitar noises.

* His favourite game was to silently fart and then slink away so Harry got the blame. Harry tried the same thing in retaliation but got blamed for those as well, and now he’s got a reputation he only half deserves.

* Once bit a baddie’s knob clean off. Harry was never prouder in his whole life.

* Loved his extravagantly luxurious baths in the downstairs sink so much that Harry couldn’t bear to put him up in the living room like he intended, but cleared a space among his butterflies so his best friend could stay in his favourite room forever.

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Johnny has an especially sexy way of playing guitar. The way he caresses the neck drives my crazy. And in the video with he and Patti Smith walking along together notice how she happens to keep banging her titty against his arm. No one can resist him. I apologize for my lust, but seriously.

oh MAN don’t get me started on his music playing omfg it’s just SEXUAL

while we’re at it lemme throw these back at u


The Beatles & Chuck Berry

Nothing can ever really sum up just how much of an influence he was to all of them but here are a few bits:

  • “Chuck Berry was another massive influence… We’d go up to John’s bedroom with his little record player and listen to Chuck Berry records, trying to learn them. I remember learning Memphis, Tennessee up there.” […]  “it had the greatest guitar riff ever.” It also had an impact on songwriters Lennon McCartney, Paul would always site the line ‘hurry home drops on her cheek,’ as a lesson in lyrical economy.

  • “In a 1964 interview, Paul cheerfully admitted to the wholesale lifting of the bass rift in Chuck Berry’s I’m Talking About You that runs throughout I Saw Her Standing There: ‘I played exactly the same notes as he did and it fitted our number perfectly.’

  • "George would say, ‘Everyone learned that guitar playing, everybody wanted to play like that.’ John became especially possessive of Berry’s music, not only singing the songs but instructing George that, though he was lead guitarist, John was going to play these ones, okay? Methodical study was never John’s style but he rarely came closer to it than when he set his mind on being Chuck.

  • "John always considered Berry, "one of the all time great poets, a rock poet,” […] and addressed his admiration directly when he said “I’ve loved everything hes done,ever.”

  • While in India Paul wrote Back In The USSR as, “an homage to his boyhood idol, Chuck Berry.”

  • John had to change Come Together so it sounded less like the blatant rip off of Berry’s You Can’t Catch Me that it was: “John acknowledged the debt when Paul called him on it during a run through. It was too obvious, they had to spin it in a different direction, both agreed.”

Best Friend confesses Series: Joshua

This is part seven of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

For as long as you’ve been friends, Joshua has been trying to pester you into learning how to play guitar. He wants to teach you all sorts of songs, especially because you constantly compliment his playing. But you keep refusing. You don’t really know why, but it’s such a habit now that you keep it up, even if it does make Josh look sad each time. 

Right now, you eye Joshua’s guitar sitting in the corner of the room, wondering how long it will take him to get bored and start playing it on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Sun is streaming in the windows and lighting the whole place up and sending dust motes spinning like tiny crystals in the air. As much as you love all the boys in Seventeen, your favorite days are days like this, just hanging out around the dorms with ‘95 line while you and Joshua roll your eyes at the antics of S.Coups and Jeonghan. 

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Workout Log 6-4-17


I think systems are online! I’m still a little gunky from that cold but I went out for a run. The goal this morning was to see how far I could get without needing a break whatsoever. The Hal Higdon for my half marathon begins at the end of July (24th) and I want to start touching base with my cardiovascular endurance while I’m still this far out from the start date.

I went 1.5 miles at a 13-minute pace, though to my surprise I wasn’t exhausted whatsoever. I honestly felt I could have gone much further but it was starting to drizzle and rain so I decided to turn back at the lake shore. Then, I walked the way back. My “protocol” for walking during races is to try and not let my walking pace dip too far below 4 mph (15-minute pace).

Trust me, the morning of my first half marathon I calculated exactly how slow I could go and still finish before getting “bussed” and it came out to about a 3.5 mph pace. I was running on fewer than four hours of sleep because my now evicted upstairs neighbor moved in that night and was vacuuming and dropping shit on the floor all night. I was preparing for the worst.

Playlist Picks: When I go on outdoor runs I pick a new album and download it to my phone so I don’t use data. I listened to Kamelot’s The Black Halo. I really, really like it! The album has a great pacing, variety, interesting mixing at times, and the vocalist has a really great range; especially during the ballads! It’s got great metal guitars in many of the tracks but the vocals are very melodic (my preference).

Dim Rooms & Daddy Kinks

Genre: Smut

A/N: Thank you so much, sweet anon!! I genuinely adored this prompt so much and loved writing this!! Thank you for reading my first proper fic on this blog!

Word Count: 2420

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Age Gaps (Dan’s 17 and Phil’s 21) that’s really it

You can read this and my other older fics on AO3 here

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things to remember about muse when ur feeling down

•chris wolstenholme, who struggled with alcoholism in the early years of the band, is now completely sober with a truckload of kids!! he is also pure sunshine

•matt bellamy,, a child , had a son named bing whos favorite song is starlight.

•matt has 2 cats named kim and kanye, , what more could u ask for

•he also has tOns of sheep and doubles as a farmer as opposed to his usual rockstar persona

•they are all dorks and giggle through all of their interviews. kids, i tell ya

•dom howard went from a lil dork in showbiz era to a fucking hUnk in drones era. the biceps… the biceps

•they have all been bff s for most of their lives and have also been friends with tom kirk and consider him the fourth member of muse !!! so cute so cute

•speaking of tom kirk, he exists and trolls the muse fandom thru his twitter (#soon)

•morgan!! nicholls!!! exists!!! and is the Sun

•matt is so smol and his guitars r too big for him (eSPECially in showbiz era)

•they wrote a whole album based around science and energy use and it is so amazing

•matt is a conspir acy theorist omg

•one time muse was forced to mime so they all switched places and matt wad the drummer and dom was the lead singer/bassist and chris was the guitarist and none of the ppl noticed and if they did they were too scared to say anything

•also another time they had to mime matt just acted like a lil twat the entire time and waved his hands over the keyboard like a lil dork

•ok this list could b a mile long so im just gonna end it with the fact that muse exists.

•the edn

In early-twentieth-century urban Peru, few cultural traditions remained that were considered Afro-Peruvian. Race was perceived as changeable, whiteness was equated with social mobility, and, as Raúl Romero explains (1994), Peruvians of African descent typically were not viewed as a separate ethnic group because they identified culturally, along with the descendants of Europeans, as criollos, a term that originally described the children of Africans born into slavery and later included European descendants born in Peru. After independence, the word criollo came to describe a set of cultural practices that were believed to be of European origin, including música criolla, or Creole music. At Lima’s jaranas (multi-day, invitation-only social gatherings involving the communal affirmation of shared criollo culture through food, drink, humor, music, and dance), ethnically diverse criollos performed música criolla, especially the marinera, on the guitar, cajón (box drum), and other instruments. Those who did not play an instrument sang, danced, or performed the special rhythmic handclap patterns unique to each musical genre, affirming the participatory character of creating and maintaining a shared culture. Although the performers were of mixed ethnic backgrounds, by the middle of the century this music was considered to be of strictly European origin (Romero 1994).

Before the Afro-Peruvian revival, many blacks in Peru identified with criollo culture, yet they were denied the social benefits afforded white criollos. In the 1960s, while African independence movements and the U.S. civil rights movement sought to overturn colonialism and racism, respectively, in Peru, music and dance were the first successful arenas for the politics of black resistance. Whereas for some critics, staged music and dance might seem an unlikely format for collective protest, the first step for Afro-descendants in the isolated black Pacific was to make themselves visible as a group by organizing around a newly embraced collective, ethnic, and diasporic identity before they could unite in a political struggle for civil rights. In the Afro-Peruvian revival, black Peruvians began by mounting staged performances that reinscribed forgotten and ignored black culture in Peruvian official history, starting with times of slavery (plantation settings, slave dances, and so on). The leaders of the Afro-Peruvian revival reconstructed lost black Peruvian music and dances for theatrical performances and recordings, musically promoting racial difference to challenge the prevailing ideology of criollo unity without racial equality.

Many Peruvian musicians date the beginning of the revival to 1956, when Peruvian scholar José Durand (a white criollo) founded the Pancho Fierro company, which presented the first major staged performance of reconstructed Afro-Peruvian music and dance at Lima’s Municipal Theater. Several black Peruvians who participated in Durand’s company formed their own groups in the 1960s, including the charismatic siblings Nicomedes and Victoria Santa Cruz. Perú Negro, the only group from the revival still existing in the twenty-first century, was founded in 1969 by former protégés of Victoria Santa Cruz…

Like her brother, Victoria Santa Cruz looked toward the black Atlantic to forge a transnational diasporic identity for black Peruvians, transplanting musical instruments and cultural expressions in revival productions. But Victoria Santa Cruz’s most celebrated legacy in Peru is her idiosyncratic deployment of “ancestral memory” as the cornerstone of a choreographic technique that enabled her to “return” to Africa by looking deep within her own body for the residue of organic ancestral rhythms…

Explaining what she means by “ancestral memory,” Victoria Santa Cruz writes: “What is ancestry? Is it a memory? And if so, what is it trying to make us remember? … The popular and cultural manifestations, rooted in Africa, which I inherited and later accepted as ancestral vocation, created a certain disposition toward rhythm, which over the years has turned itself into a new technique, ‘the discovery and development of rhythmic sense’ … I reached my climax … when I went deep into that magical world that bears the name of rhythm” (Santa Cruz 1978, 18). Elsewhere, she said: “Having discovered, first ancestrally and later through study and practice, that every gesture, word, and movement is a consequence of a state of being, and that this state of being is tied to connections and disconnections of fixed centers or plexus … allowed me to rediscover profound messages in dance and traditional music that could be recovered and communicated. … The black man knows through ancestry, even when he is not conscious of it, that what is outwardly elaborated has its origin or foundation in the interior of those who generate it” (V. Santa Cruz 1988, 85).

—  Heidi Carolyn Feldman,  “Strategies of the Black Pacific: Music and Diasporic Identity in Peru,” Comparative Perspectives on Afro-Latin America (2012)

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How would Gladio treat his crush who was blind?

Good morning all! Here is a quick lil’ something I threw together before I am off to work. Hope you enjoy it, and hope everyone has a good day :) And as I always mention, requests are still open!

As gruff as this dude can be, he does in fact have a heart—a big one, at that. He is the King’s Shield, and it is his duty to help those who need it. What he quickly finds, though, is that his crush doesn’t always need his help, and that the way to their heart involves no whiteknighting. 

He starts off awkwardly, at first, unsure of how to approach this beautiful, interesting person in this unique circumstance. He is quickly and politely put in his place—”Don’t worry, Gladio. I can handle this.” “Yes, you can still say it’s good to see me. It’s good to see you, too.” And he is completely entranced. Gladio has always been attracted to strong, capable people, but his crush seems to exceed even his expectations on a daily basis. They are strong, capable and their accomplishments precede them. 

Gladio eases into their friendship a little more easily after some embarrassing corrections are made, but this doesn’t seem to phase his crush at all. They are just happy to have friends who respect them and understand their situation. Eventually, Gladio is comfortable enough to describe their surroundings in vivid detail and though some things remain abstract to them, they enjoy listening to Gladio becoming impassioned by the beauty of their world. He enjoys taking them camping, and they bask in the sounds of nature together. They especially enjoy when Gladio breaks out his guitar, and they are lulled to a comfortable sleep at the sound of his fingerstyle acoustics and the crackle of firewood. 

Gladio is used to getting romantic attention from just about everyone, but feels challenged by the fact that his crush cannot see him. He finds that over the years hes become a little lazy with his technique, and finds himself exercising his voice and his words a lot more than usual. Like a giddy schoolboy, he is pouring over romance novels in an attempt to familiarize himself with the language of love. “Dude, are you seriously reading that in this car? Six,” Noctis grumbles as his eyes glaze over the title ‘The Secret History of the Pink Carnation’.

His crush notices the change in him immediately—the tone of his voice, even the smell of him is changing. They find themselves shuddering at his low voice, shivering at his lingering touch. “Hey, it’s Gladio.” He places a calloused hand on their shoulder to announce his presence. He leaves it for a tick longer than they’re used to, and gently squeezes them before his fingers slide from their skin. It is…tantalizing. 

In a surprisingly short amount of time, his crush advances their own affections. Touch is essential in this relationship, and they use it to paint a picture of Gladio in their mind. “Gladio, have you been working out recently?” they murmur as their fingers ‘accidentally’ roam over his bicep. He scoffs. “Tch, that’s a given. Maybe you just never noticed before. I must be doing something right.” Gladio uses this proclivity to his advantage one night and brings their fingers to his face, where he allows them to freely roam and map. They chuckle at his gruff beard, inhale sharply at his strong jaw, and a thumb comfortably rests on his lips. “Positively…kissable.” 

Once the barriers are down, and they are free of the constraints of propriety, this pair finds they can truly enjoy each other. And they do. Often. “Consider it…for science.”


Sara: I just found a very upsetting book in this store that I just can’t stop thinking about. I forgot it upstairs, otherwise I’d show you, but. It’s so upsetting, and I just feel like I can’t…
Tegan: Can’t let go.
Sara: I can’t and I won’t… Ever… Let it go… What I found in this store.
Tegan: And it’s got nothing to do with this store.
Sara: It’s not the store’s fault. It’s society’s fault. And it’s so profound. This book… Amanda and Melissa are gonna teach the world… Especially all the lads in this world to play guitar. And I just figured out that we’re doing everything wrong. Because this book has shown me that we’ve really just taken the wrong approach to playing music. Especially if we want lads to like us. [x]

Glad you enjoyed reading that one ^^ MC stepping up with her guitar skills would be the most badass thing ever, in my opinion.

~Admin Kei


  • You could already tell that he’s totally in awe
  • Clutches his heart to show exaggeration
  • Did he just offered help to someone that’s been playing the guitar for years?
  • Especially when he learnt it from one of his friends from college, for like a week or so
  • His poor heart couldn’t handle the quickest paced song you’re playing
  • After watching you perform, he was even more interested to seek help from you
  • Would gladly skip LOLOL for a while just to learn the basics first


  • can you feel my heartbeat
  • She’s literally like ???!!!!!!
  • “Omg MC you should have told me earlier that you have a talent like this”
  • Facepalmed herself as soon as she heard you playing a song that’s from like a higher ground compared to what she’s been practicing lately
  • Wants you to show off your skillz by participating in a contest
  • Look at my ultimate bestfriend™ playing the punkest rock song EVER


  • Covers his mouth in surprise ( ºΔº )
  • Oh my goodness gracious!!!!! BaBE!!!!
  • I know you’re just being extra Zen
  • Guess who’s going to record the whole thing and post it in the chatroom
  • So damn proud you can play the guitar cooler and better than him
  • Actually a bit embarrassed that he asked if he could teach you
  • Shows his love towards you more passionate than he has ever been


  • He thought he couldn’t be more surprised after Elizabeth the 3rd escaped from his penthouse
  • He waS WrONG
  • “I-I would have hired someone for you to keep up with your forte if you said so.”
  • Needs time to calm down how he met the love of his life that has a unique talent
  • He would NOT let you waste any more opportunity after seeing you play like this
  • Bought a higher quality guitar to support you from practicing further
  • Would not admit it but he fell more in love with you by then


  • He’s so in hype while you’re nailing the song
  • He did so many background checks but never once realize that you know how to play the guitar, especially this good
  • Records it and immediately posted it on youtube
  • So many positive comments received from strangers and you couldn’t felt happier
  • “Wow MC, I feel so ashamed that I tried offering you advice on this, like really.”
  • You couldn’t help but blush when he’s actually offering genuine compliments for once

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How do you think the Mercs like to relax? (Seeker included)

Ah thank you for including my bird, I always have this massive urge to add her on my own but I never do out of politeness ya know

Scout: Goes for a nice, easy jog. He may have his earbuds in with some positive or energetic music. Scout likes to move move move, so some easy going repetitive exercise (possibly through a nice setting like a woodland trail) will help him become nice and calm. 

Soldier: Jane is not one to be very relaxed, but a short nap, some beer drinking while watching the sun rise with demo, or cleaning his guns and launcher may help calm him down a bit. 

Pyro: Pyro may relax by soaking in their little pool, watching engie work, playing with their toys, or some nice warm cocoa!!

Heavy: Reading books, writing, listening to instrumentals or gentle work outs help calm Misha down. The calmer his atmosphere, the better. An alternative would be cleaning Sascha or having tea with medic

Relaxation for Dell is probably just more work (the nerd). Steady building or planning sets his mind to something that he enjoys, so that calms him a bit. Naps, reading, and even baking/ cooking also calm the nerves (or he can go drink a beer with sniper). Playing guitar is also rather relaxing, especially in the early mornin’ when the sun rays make the dewy grass glow.

Demo: Napping and makin’ bombs! Like engie, it’s something he can set his mind to and enjoys! He also likes drinkin’ with his buds (like solly at sunrise), reading on occasion, and playing piano.

Sniper: Naps. Sleepin’ is always the first relaxation method. After that, sniper likes to take drives away from anyone in his van, drink some beer under the stars with or without a friend, and play his sax. Sometimes, when major pick up is needed, he goes through his old photos with his parents. Good times, but he may get a bit emotional. Cleaning his rifle and knoife are also an alternative.

Spy: Drinking wine, smoking, and reading magazines. Spy is definitely one for a serene type of calm. He likes dimly lit areas (ex. his smoking room), with very soft classical type music playing. He also likes to take soothing baths and watch stupid romance movies that make him chuckle.

Medic: Counting his tools, playing with his doves, drinking tea with heavy, playing the violin, and maybe a nice book break. He also likes to take little strolls when it’s cooler, but he doesn’t get much time for that. I would say playing chess as well, but he usually gets frustrated after heavy contemplates his move for 15 minutes 

Seeker: Catching a nice current allows seeks to glide across the sky in the most calm way possible, taking in the view. Flying is always a way to calm the nerves, especially when she is upset or on edge. Down to earth, Avi likes sun bathing with her wings all spread, preening, drinking beer, listening to music and writing in her journal, and listening to bird song outside.