and the guards kept telling her to leave


this video of harry is very cute ok it’s a girl who went to the same school as him and when she met him at the signing he said he recognized her & for her to wait for him after the signing

they talk about an art teacher and harry is like “didn’t she lock someone in a cupboard once?” lol. you can’t see his face ‘cause her phone was in her pocket or something but you can see his body and him holding his notebook and IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE and ppl should see it <333

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Send in a symbol and I’ll write a drabble of one of my muse’s memories.
☽ — a memory of their father

It was a nice, warm afternoon. Wandering around the villa, Nero wondered what she should do. The guards surrounding the villa had been told to follow her if she were to leave to the town, so she would not go bring in another lawsuit. With a pout she looked at the ground; her mother was wrong, she was of enough age to be a judge. She was fairly good at it also, so she did not understand why her mother kept telling her that she should not do it.

With a sigh she decided to let it be. If she were to stay at the villa the whole day, surely she would be able to sneak out in the next few days again. Hearing a loud, roaring laughter, Nero headed towards the source curiously. Passing a few maids who looked like they had dealt with it before, her curiosity began to grow. What could be the source of the laughter?

Stepping into a large room, the first thing Nero saw was a huge table. There was a large map on it, surrounded by all sorts of books and various things. She sometimes looked at the map, but as she was never there to listen when planning was done, there was not much she understood. Next to the was standing a man, her father, who looked like he had heard some great news from the other man she had passed while entering the room. Giving a curious look at the table, Nero did not notice anything different about it.

“Ah. Nero! Great news!” Not having the chance of asking what the ‘great news’ are, Caligula was already explaining about them. Listening to him, Nero smiled. He was always in a good mood whenever things went according to plans.

After a small while one of the maids came in with fruits fresh from the market. They had been apparently meant for the evening, but she had been allowed to take one to celebrate Caligula’s succession. Taking one also, he shared a fact about the fruits they were eating, before continuing to explain about different things. Taking a look at one of the scrolls, Nero listened to her father in great interest. For once she was glad that she had not been allowed to go to the courthouse again.