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I'm imagining the Hux is a proud papa who carries pictures of the kittens around and forces everyone to look at them and cop over them. Phasma, Stormtroopers, Snoke, doesn't matter, he's pulling up pictures of his datapad. 'Oh, this little rascal got ahold of Ren's cowl and was using it as a chew toy! And this one just fell asleep, right there in my hand- can you believe how small they are?' Just, constant. People start avoiding Hux for fear they won't be enthusiastic enough and get airlocked.

I love proud cat papa Hux ❤


april study challenge / 27/04/17 - What’s your favourite thing to do outside of  school?

for a while now i’ve been LOVING going for walks. i love spending time in beautiful nature surroundings and just chilling. i just love discovering new places in my area. sometimes living in a big city makes you feel like you know all the places you visit all the time but truth is theres more you dont know than you know and i’m so lucky to live around the outskirts where we have lots of forests and cute places YAY.

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I know you probably don't care, but an anti is getting attacked for standing up for you and saying you don't deserve hate and I think it's really nice to see that even antis can be good people and stand up for what's right. She keeps saying that she doesn't agree with anything you say, but that you don't deserve to be sent hate and in response she's getting tons of anon hate. People suck.

i saw the original anti post in question because i got tagged in it and just blocked everyone who reblogged it without scrolling further because i just assumed every one who reblogged it also hated me so that’s really surprising (in a nice way) to hear. do you mind submitting me a screenshot (i won’t post) so i can message the person privately?

but yeah, people do suck :(

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How do you make a perspective grid without getting confused?

Quick and dirty one point perspective:

just following the guidelines and keeping equal spacing on the bottom ^

Most digital art programs actually have perspective tools built into them. Photoshop, Sai2, MediBang, and Clip Studio all have tools that will automatically make perspective grids for you (for any kind of point perspective)

There are also TONS of resources on linear perspective if you google it. It’s one of the most commonly used art methods. Give some of them a read for a better understanding. :)
I know one through six. But I only ever use up to 4 most the time.