and the goat

Goat yoga is what happens when you have a terrible idea (yoga) and then punch it in the balls with the best idea (goats). The result is an idea that is not the best idea ever, because you’re still doing yoga, but it’s a hell of a lot better than doing yoga without goats. And do you know why? Because there’s goats, goddammit! GOATS!

How’s this whole shindig go down? You go to your yoga dojo or whatever, put down your yoga tarp, and then there’s a goat that just climbs on you. A Nigerian dwarf goat, so as to not break your back. You get into the Prolapsed Lotus position and the goat mounts you like you’re a shitty ottoman and it’s trying to reach the cookies. “Why?” you ask. We’re way past why. Why are you even asking why? Name one thing in your life that wouldn’t be improved if a small goat were literally on you while it was happening. Did you name one? How’s life as a dirty liar?

7 Of The Most Adorable Animals On The Whole Dang Internet

Wear Black

Rain every day
Fog all night
Wind in the evergreen cypresses
See me, Lord of Wind and Rain
See me, guardian of the Underpasses

Wear black when it’s light outside
Wear black when there’s no light
Wear black following the left hand path
Wear black but I get right

Waves at night
Hard waves at dawn
All this coast is vanishing
Check me out, I can’t blend in
Check me out, I’m young and ravishing

Wear black on your forgotten radar
Wear black in the present tense
Wear black when you come around
Wear black in your absence
Wear black high as a kite (wear black)
Wear black dead sober (wear black)
Wear black when the trouble starts (wear black)
Wear black when it’s over (wear black)

Sun through the trees
Head for the sun
Can’t find the path back to the main road
See me, Lord of The Thomas Guide
See me, Keeper of the Source Code

Wear black to the intervention
Wear black back to the car
Wear black wherever I go
Wear black wherever you are

from Goths (2017)

Somewhere, John said this was his favorite song on the album, and I completely agree.

warm-up thing with Alice and @jsk244 ‘s Buttercup!

With these two, there’s a lot of cooking and a lot of sizeplay.  Sometimes at the same time, which is fun!  Here we have a tiny Buttercup perched on Alice’s shoulder as she learns to properly flip her eggs in a pan.  It’s hard for Buttercup to not just take over while Alice is learning these things since it’s a slow process, so it makes things easier if she’s too small to intervene.