and the goat


Surrounded (Live 02-04-2009)

Pale white moon shines
Down on Colorado
Hide my dirty secrets
Down here in the shadows
Where the quaking aspens
Tremble in the snow
Haul me up the hillside
Hold me high and let me go

Let me fall down through my own roof like a meteorite
Let the world and all its wonders leave me to my toys tonight
And my ninety-six inch
Television screen
Let me die, let me die
Surrounded by machines

High winds knocked the power out last night
But I’ve got my own supply here
All my windows blaze with light
And the light spills through the windows
To the empty plain below
Finds nothing but some trees
And six fresh feet of snow

And I find a broadcast station that’s signed off for the night
And the static floods the speakers in glorious black and white
On my ninety-six-inch television screen
Let me die, let me die
Surrounded by machines

from Moon Colony Bloodbath (2009)

This week at Farm Sanctuary: Spring has sprung (well, sort of)!

It’s the first week of spring, and residents of our New York Shelter are already seeing very early signs of warmer days ahead. But until then, nature has equipped our woolly, furry, and feathered friends with warm insulation to keep them cozy during the last weeks of chilly weather. And we’re more than happy to provide extra amenities, like warm, dry straw, heated areas throughout the farm, and toasty coats for our more vulnerable residents!