and the glorious wind

Wow! Take a look at this 1950’s vintage Movado 3 Register Chronograph. This watch features an original, patinated dial with luminous Arabic numerals, a 35mm, stainless steel case and a 17-jewel, manual-wind CML-90 movement. A glorious example! (Store Inventory # 10973, listed at $4800, available for purchase online & in store.) 

Marcus had only wanted to go for a nice run, he felt the absolute need to go for a run, just strip himself of his human form, shake out his fur and feel the dirt under his paws. And it was glorious, wind in fur, senses on full blast as he ducked and weaved through the trees. And once it was over…he just stayed in his ashy toned form, he felt free and empowered in this form. He was originally going to head back, go home, shift and shower but he shook his head and then shook out his body. Letting out a huff he takes a step back before he hears a movement, pausing he lets out a growl.

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Greek films that draw their themes and visuals from the antiquity:

Μανία/ Mania (1985), by Giorgos Panousopoulos

A businesswoman (Alexandra Vantsi) goes out for a stroll in the National Garden. In this narrow patch of green in the heart of modern Athens, she is suddenly possessed by a sacred mania. Children run away from their parents and the animals from a petting zoo become free and run amok in the park under her influence. The police are called to arrest the woman that has caused the commotion. While everyone searches for her, she suddenly appears floating in the air in a scene of epiphany. She quickly vanishes leaving behind her a goat and a crowd of stunned policemen as well as her husband. The song at the end alludes to her union with the cosmos: “My soul passed above, vanished in the stars, I’ll put in your scarf three blessings of the world, the sun, the wind and the glorious moon” 

This film draws its inspiration from the play of the Bacchae. The lead of the film, Zoi, loses her “logic”, for which she is greatly valued by those around her, only to attain a liberated form of consciousness. The film starts with the dawn in the National Garden, one of the last remaining parks in the city of Athens. The next shot reveals the Garden from the sky above as a small square of green in a sea of cement. Functioning as a portal to another world, nature may still overwhelm those who are sensitive to it and provide “us” with a chance to escape the narrow confines of “our” selves. 

Shot with a really tight budget, the film relies on photography and editing to convey a deeply nuanced story.

Luckily you can now watch it on youtube.

Let’s review some of the highlights in the CA:CW trailer, shall we?

first up, we got Bucky leaping out of a building

2. then we got him in civilian clothing in which he looks amazing in

3. next up we got cap in black ( and NAT’S NEW HAIR)

4. BUCKY ON A MOTORCYCLE ( question is, wHOSE?)

[ his glorious hair flies in the wind (。◕‿◕。)]

5. more Natasha cuz there will never be enough NAtasha

6. sTeve in disguise \(• ◡ •)/

7. tOny

8.  Bucky selects a weapon with his slender finger ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

9.  bro stucky moment

10. tony in his Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist glory

11. Sam my other bird son
( i am sorry there isn’t much Sam i cant get a good pic of him)

12. Steven “ draw me like one of your french girls” Rogers

13. Steven “ too cool for you” Rogers

14. some more Sam in a maroon cap

15.  because Clint’s fabulous biceps (✿◠‿◠)

16.  relatables™

17.  aMazED.

18. lil truffle found ❀ܓ

19. running because cars are overrated

20. he is in so much pain my heaRT

21.  SO IS HE

then i just can’t anymore because i find their fighting sad so here have this instead:

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2015.05.10 In 60 meters altitude, Crown Princess Mary - in glorious sunshine and strong winds - inaugurated Denmark’s new major tourist attraction: Bridge Walking on the old Little Belt Bridge.

“I’m really excited,“ exclaimed a smiling Mary before the start. And here she goes - Denmark’s Crown Princess bridge-walking over the Little Belt. At the top she cut the ribbon, and inaugurated the new attraction "Bridge Walking Little Belt”.

The Crown Princess was all smiles, and revealed that she and Crown Prince Frederik had previously been bridge-walking on Habour Bridge in Sidney: - “There you’re walking in the middle of a big city. Here you’re walking out in nature. It’s fantastic.”
She also assured that she will be back again, when her four children all have passed the 140 centimeters height, which is the requirement if one is to go bridge-walking on the Old Little Belt Bridge.