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So I had a super cute moment with the girl I nanny for that really reminded me why representation is important. The parents are from India and while we were chillin’ on the couch today, Oversumo alerted me that my weekly performance was available for viewing, I opened the app and the little girl stated doing what 4 year olds do: “Who is this” “Why does she have pink hair” “Is that a cow boy” “Why is there a gorilla” “Is he a robot like Wall-E” and the she asked about Symmetra. The reaction to her nationality was immediate, “SHE’S A HINDI GIRL!?!” the next half hour was spent reading Symm’s comic, watching her ability overview video, listening to her voice lines (“She sounds like my mom!”) she was not satisfied until I told her everything I knew about her and now she wants me to bring the game over for her to play. As a woman I’m well aware that my gender is usually underrepresented in the action genre, but as a white person I know I’m sometimes blind to how seeing someone of your race can be rare for some people. She says Symmetra is her new favorite super hero now, and I think that’s pretty great. So thank you Blizzard, your beautifully diverse game has given a little girl someone like her to look up to.


Happy Labour Day!

10 Women Directed Films About the Workers & the Workforce

Blackboards | Samira Makhmalbaf | 2000
Clockwatchers | Jill Sprecher | 1997
Dance Girl Dance | Dorothy Arzner | 1940
The Governess | Sandra Goldbacher | 1998
Harlan County U.S.A. | Barbara Kopple | 1976
I Like It Like That | Darnell Martin | 1994
A League of Their Own | Penny Marshall | 1992
The Nanny Diaries | Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini | 2007
Zero Dark Thirty | Kathryn Bigelow | 2012
Zero Motivation | Talya Lavie | 2014

Request: Anon. Can I get a daryl imagine where youre arguing and say you find out about his backscars(I dunno his shirt rips or sum)and he suddenly becomes this sad wounded puppy and there’s a lot of crying and hugging and feelings are admitted?

Word Count: 2109

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, fighting, swearing

A/N: This one took a bit longer, but once I started, I just didn’t want to stop..


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“The hell is your problem, Dixon!?” I screamed as I reached forward to stop him from walking away.

“Ya wanna know what my problem is?” He snarled, whipping around to face me. “My problem is that ya think ya can just do whatever the fuck ya want! Ya don’t care bout nobody but yerself!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!? You seriously think that about me? Then you don’t know me at all Daryl Dixon. Here’s an idea; why don’t you get your head out of your own ass and join the rest of us? Don’t you dare think for one second that I’m a selfish little brat, who’s only goal in life is to look out for herself!” I knew I should have walked away, but I was too riled up, so I did the next best thing I could think of; I punched him in the face. No, not slapped, punched, right square in the jaw too.

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The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple

A/N: So my dear good friend @spntrista tells me in great detail about a dream she had about Jensen last night. It has inspired this. Let’s all remember that this is FICTION and I do not in ANYWAY condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This is simply a work of fiction, please regard it as such. I mean no disrespect to Jensen or his family. Thank you.  

Word Count: 4185

Warnings: implied smut and cheating

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My name is Y/N. I am a nanny. I’m nothing fancy. I am a simple girl. I like simple things. I like white wine and game nights. I like tea and quiet mornings.  The people I work for, on the other hand, are anything but simple.

I was sitting alone in my apartment, enjoying the quiet when my phone rang. It was an local number but I did not know who it was and considered letting it go to voicemail, but curiosity got the better of me and I answered, after all, my bills were paid and the election was over, how bad could it be?

“Hello?” I chirped as I paused Netflix.

Y/N? My name is Genevieve Padalecki. You don’t know me, but I got your info and references from Stephen Amell. I am in need of a nanny, temporarily.” She spoke rather rapidly.

Genevieve Padalecki was calling me. I was slightly shellshocked as I looked up at my television, paused on Jared Padalecki, since my binge of choice today had been ‘Supernatural.’

“Hi Genevieve. How long are you looking for?” I questioned.

“Please, call me Gen. Well, here is the thing, Y/N. We are all at the Cowboys game right now. Can you come down to the stadium and meet us? I can leave you a ticket. But since we always have so many people milling around the house, I would like to meet you in a group environment first. I know it sounds weird.” Gen chuckled.

“Yes, I can do that. I can be there within the hour.” I replied, turning off the television and placing my cup in the sink.

“Oh, thank you so much. I will leave a ticket for you at willcall. Text me when you get here. Bye!” Gen ended the call and I went to make myself presentable for meeting my new potential employers. I got ready, left my apartment and arrived at the stadium in less than thirty minutes. Traffic is easy once the game as already started.

I texted Gen as I walked to the will call booth, mentally preparing myself to meet two people I had watched for years. I wanted to be my professional self, but my fangirl was really pushy sometimes.. Once I had my ticket in hand, I waited for her to meet me at the main entrance. My nerves started to get the better of me but before I could text her back and tell her I wasn’t available, I heard her call my name.

“Y/N! You made it so quickly! I am Gen Padalecki. It is so nice to meet you. Stephen had wonderful things to say about you and how good you were with his daughter. I am so sorry to spring this on you but our nanny just quit because she got married and her husband is being relocated.” Gen explained.

We carried on pleasant conversation until we reached the suite level and literally bumped into Danneel Ackles coming out of the restroom. Holy Shit! If Danneel is here, that means Jensen is here. Jensen Freaking Ackles. My mouth immediately went dry.

“Danni, this is Y/N. The nanny that Stephen recommended.” Gen stated.

“Nice to meet you Danneel.” I extended my hand, hoping it wasn’t clammy with as nervous as I was now. I was plenty nervous before but now, knowing the Ackles were here with the Padalecki’s, I was terrified.  I was fighting so hard to keep my composure. God, she really was beautiful, but she looked a little stressed.

We walked into the suite and Gen introduced me to Jared, who in lieu of a handshake, embraced me tightly.

“I already like you. Come on, sit down, let me get you a beer. You do drink beer, right?’ He joked.

“Yes, Jared, I drink beer. I would love one, thank you.” I laughed. He was just like I imagined he would be; an excited, overgrown puppy.

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I love you as bright
as each sparkling star,
and as way out as space,
I love you that far.

I love you as big as a great lion’s roar,
and as deep as the ocean,
I love you much more.

I love you as loud
as a thundery sky,
and as tall as the mountains,
I love you that high.

I love you as silly
as a puppy dog’s kiss,
and as quiet as midnight,
I love you like this.

“Do you love me every day?”
you ask with surprise.
“Or does love come and go
like passing butterflies?”
I love you as steady
as the moon and the sun,
though some of our days
are not full of fun.

I love you when you’re nice,
and when you’re cranky, too.
I love you without liking
the mean things you do.

My ‘love you’ doesn’t change
like the weather of the days.
It’s a certain kind of thing
in many different ways.

You’re my sweetie, my dear,
my smile and my giggle.
You’re my partner for always,
my hug and my wiggle.

Hanging out with you
is where I want to be,
eating ice cream sundaes
or watching the TV.

Under your umbrella,
behind you on a bike,
by you or beside you
is what I really like.

I can’t imagine life
before you came along.
You are the music to
my dance and my song.

I am meant for you,
and you are meant for me,
the one I love forevermore.


I Love You So… by Marianne Richmond

I was reading this children’s book to a boy that I nanny.  It’s a customizable book where you can put someones name and their picture into the book to make it unique.  While reading the book, though, I couldn’t help but think - if you love a person, these words could be said to them no matter who they are or what age.  So while reading this, I want you to think of the person that you care about or even love and I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your face. (source: x)

Top 12 Sitcoms To Watch

#1 Friends 

#2 How I Met Your Mother

#3 The Nanny

#4 That 70’s Show

#5 Cougar Town

#6 Baby Daddy

#7 Melissa & Joey

#8 8 Simple Rules

#9 Friends With Better Lives

#10 2 Broke Girls

#11 Big Bang Theory

#12 Modern Family

Are these your favorites too? Comment below!


     “I’m a nanny for two-year-old twin girls, and today I was hunting for a great Christmas present for them. I went to the hardware store, and I found a PVC end cap, and the girls are going to love it. They’re going to fight over it because they fight over anything that looks remotely like a cup—like egg shells. Then I bought tiny paintbrushes, and the girls will paint sticks and they’ll tell me that they’re painting my nails. I bought retractable key chains, and LED key chains, and all this random stuff, and I’m going to hook it all together. It’s going to be the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen. So I’m excited about that. It’s tactile and visual and useful, and it’s good for their brains.
     My dad used to stuff our stockings in the hardware store, with random but useful things. I still have an old screwdriver that I use on my bike.”

     Cambridge, MA

Of claws and clones: X-23′s genetic makeup explained

X-23 has a pretty complicated genetic makeup and family background. Not only was she cloned from a man whom she later came to see as her father and who more or less officially adopted her, but the head scientist behind the cloning process also became her surrogate mother and the closest thing she had to a parent growing up. She got her name Laura Kinney from that woman just after she’d been forced to fatally wound her under the effect of a chemical trigger scent.

As you can tell, Laura Kinney has a weird family tree.

Here’s what we know from the comics: Laura was cloned from the DNA of Logan (Wolverine). The genetic sample from Wolverine that the cloners had access to was damaged, leading to 22 failed cloning attempts. Male humans have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY) while females have two of the same kind (XX). By essentially dropping the Y chromosome and doubling the X chromosome from Logan’s damaged genetic sample, the cloners were able to bypass the damaged parts of the DNA and so the 23rd attempt was successful by creating a female clone instead of a male one. And that also explains the origins of Laura’s X-23 designation.

Seems to make sense so far, right? Well, things get a little bit complicated from there because, as I mentioned earlier, Laura was not grown in a vat, she was carried to term by a surrogate mother, Sarah Kinney, the lead scientist on the cloning project. The fact that Laura looks a lot like Sarah, including having her striking green eyes rather than Logan’s blue eyes, has led many fans to speculate that Sarah, in addition to manipulating the chromosomes, perhaps used some of her own DNA to replace broken parts of Logan’s DNA. I have liked this theory myself, because it would explain why Laura looks so much like Sarah and also any differences between Laura and Logan.

However, I recently had a chance to talk to X-23′s creator, Craig Kyle, and he delivered the final word on this discussion:

“As for Sarah’s DNA being blended into Laura’s, the answer is “no.” That said, Sarah was her incubator. Sarah’s blood and bio-electricity flowed into Laura, feeding and growing her into a fully formed being, as all mothers do. So, while they may not be genetically linked, they are biologically. We reverse engineered Sarah’s design to match X-23’s in an effort to reveal this connection.”

So there you have it. Laura is “all Logan” genetically speaking.

While we were on the subject of Laura’s origins, I mentioned to Kyle how I had seen some people listing Laura as an example of “whitewashing”, referring to instances of characters of color being turned caucasian. The “evidence” in this case is that when X-23 first showed up in the X-Men Evolution cartoon, she appeared to have a darker, almost brown, complexion, while when she was introduced in the comic universe shortly after, she had a pale white look. Kyle’s answer was pretty emphatic:

“The “whitewashing” thing is 1000% bullshit. As for X-23’s coloring in X-Men Evolution, her design was based on an 11 year old girl my wife was nannying at the time. I made a set of four small claws for the girl and did a photoshoot to create a visual guide for the character designer of the series. The coloring of X-23’s character in the show matches the real little girl’s coloring, as a nod to her from me. I wasn’t involved in X-23’s visual design for NYX but I love it! Middleton did an amazing job translating her look into one that better matched Wolverine, which is exactly what I wanted for the comics.“

So, in essence, X-23′s design in the Evolution cartoon, at least in terms of skin color, was based on a real girl. When they made the transition to the comics, they based her design around the fact that she was a clone of Logan and should look similar to him. Her “mother”, the scientist that cloned her, was also changed as a result, because they wanted a physical resemblance to illustrate their biological connection.