and the fuzziness


1. I made a medieval campsite at the halfway point between the monastery and town… I had to edit the objk resources of the tents so they would be permanently set up (i Have no desire for bears to be toting tents around….)

2. I set up little alters all around town and found the silliest thing i could to live on this shrine. Of course i forgot to put the potty bush in my game before loading it so for now the outhouse stays… but soon trees will be bears shitting in the woods 😂

3. More ruins :) i found an override that makes a lot of rocks and ruins recolorable, bringing so much joy to my life. I hid a moon globe in the middle of the overgrown area… I’m sure the bears will want to know their fortune. 

4. Fuzzy playing air guitar (lute?) While i work on this. 

5. Entrance to the camp. It’s just off the road, hence the directional sign

A bonus: i loaded up my game after editing the files of the tents. I had tried grabbing fuzzy, thinking she could set up the tents and just leave them, but it didn’t work (i think the script editing mod interferes with some things… some pie menu options seem to disappear….) so I went the other route. I reloaded to this:
「不機嫌なモノノケ庵」原作公式ツイッター on Twitter
“落書き「がーんばれ!」 落書きして満足したので 本編執筆がーんばろ。 夜分に連投失礼しました。 (ワザワキリ)#不機嫌なモノノケ庵”

A doodle. “Doooo Your Best!”

I’ve doodled to my satisfaction, so time to doooo my best on the main work. It’s late, but excuse the double updates. (Wazawa Kiri)

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i've been stalking this blog for so long and i'm literally in love you have to marry me we have to get married so you can do the art thing and i can write the fics and we both drink tea wrapped in fuzzy blankets

Sign me the frickity frack up this is the domestic bliss Ive always dreamed of

it started off… pleasant. a warm fuzzy feeling. a blossom of a new friendship. like spring time - my favorite season.

the following fall and winter felt warm and our future as best friends, living for eachother, was for sure. but the future shook her head and changed her mind. or it was never meant to be like that in the first place.

as the weather got warmer you got colder, i introduced you to him and i was left in the dark, damp, and cold freezer in your heart, while i kept you warm in my heart. did i burn you? was my fire too much? i’m sorry.

like wax, my warmth melted the front you put up in front of me and you tried to freeze me, when all i wanted to be was warm - for YOU, and them too. you didn’t deserve it. you took my youth. you took my warmth. you took the love right out of my mind, body, and soul. your imprint has left a hole in my heart and left me a damaged heart similar to yours.

im wiser, but my fire has died because of you. everything feels like a threat and like ice and fire, we didn’t fit together. we never will, your true colors have been shown. i hope you become wiser like i have. you already lost three people who caref but you’re not don’t care. your icy tongue and cold, bleak mindset keeps you from loving anyone more than yourself. cherish those people who are even still with you to this point after all the wrong you’ve done to me. because you might end up hurting them too. you’ll be damned to the loneliness i have experienced the past 8 months.

stop pushing people away and help yourself by letting the people around you feel comfortable to talk to you so you can talk to them too. stop bottling everything up. the ice you bottle up in yourself spreads, and it shows. never do what you’ve done to me to anyone else ever again. don’t be the monster you were to me to anyone else.

Hey, so, i’m all for this sudden trend of neurotypicals using fidgets and stim toys (mainly fidget cubes and spinners bit still), like its helping normalise them, thats great, but PLEASE be respectful with how you use them.

What i mean is, like, dont treat them like “toys” or fun little novelties. For example, at my school those little hand spinners blew up, and id bought one too. It was really helping me focus in class and relax, but all of the nts who had them were, like, playing with them in class. and by playing, i dont mean fidgeting, i mean “lets pass this around all my friends and mess about with it instead of working” which lead to them being banned. 

Now they’re confiscated on sight at school, and teachers are beginning to do similar things to other stim and fidget toys (ive seen two stress balls and a fidget cube be confiscated just bc their nt owners were showing them off to all their friends and disrupting the class by messing about with them)

If nts keep this up, then nds will have an even harder time stimming in academic spaces, due to stim toys largely being banned

So please, if you’re a neurotypical, or even if you’re not tbh, dont treat stims like toys and end up getting them banned.