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Team prime's reaction to puns maybe? :3

Ratchet rolls his eyes huffs. If you have any medical-related puns you may be able to pull a chuckle out of him. Other than that he gets annoyed with them because he’s trying to focus on his work.

Optimus Prime smiles his pretty smile- the one that lights up the room. He loves puns. One day he leans down next to you and says “Back on Cybertron, I did a theatrical performance about puns.” “Really?” “Really. It was a play on words.”

Bumblebee buzzes with laughter. Then he whirs and beeps, then looks at you expectantly. You have no idea what he said, but Raf is laughing, so you giggle along.

Arcee mock groans and rolls her eyes. “Primus help me.”

Bulkhead does finger guns at you “eeeeyyy”. You two exchange puns all the time. 

Wheeljack barks a small laugh. “I see what you did there. That’s funny, kid.” 

Smokescreen just found his soul mate. You two annoy everyone with your silly puns and cheesy jokes. Every time one of you makes a particularly bad joke you high-five.

Ultra Magnus take things literally, so you’ll have to explain things to him. He thinks it’s clever once he gets it.

Basically the CU characters in my RPs

So me and @theanonforever are responsible for this mess:


- eats everything
- is “not tubby”
- is low-key tubby
- “the kid who ate a bath bomb”
- McDonalds
- “the kid that ate octopus food”
- spaghetti child/ ramen noodle Boi
- low-key acts like a dog
- loves to be snuggled but won’t admit it
- constantly whines about something


- useless as fuck
- laughs at everything
- terrible liar
- danger is fun
- the kid who cracks the most jokes
- robots
- low-key retarded
- irritating but funny at the same time
- “the kid who got covered in glitter glue”
- loves to annoy Harold


- catch him at the right time and he’s nice
- S H A R K
- his injures bleed the bloody Niagara falls
- internally just wants to be loved
- always fucking done with life or tired as hell
- C O F F E E
- swears his coffee is being spiked all the time by someone
- has a sense of humour behind all his seriousness
- turtles do not like him


- a little shit
- cries over anything cute
- builds fucked up inventions that almost kill him
- turtles are the love of his life
- easily offended
- probably spends 10 years doing his hair


Tokuten cd for buying all ~More Blood~ Situation CDs


Sakamaki brothers: Kaji Yuuki, Midorikawa Hikaru, Hirakawa Daisuke, Toriumi Kousuke, Konishi Katsuyuki & Kondou Takashi

Mukami brothers: Takahiro Sakurai, Kimura Ryohei, Tatsuhisa Suzuki & Kishio Daisuke

「カールハインツの部屋の恐怖」Karl Heinz’s Room Terror

*One day Yui coming to Ayato. She made Takoyaki and wanted Ayato to eat together with her.*

*knocking SFX*

Ayato: Huh? Who is it? *Ayato opened his room’s door* What is it, Chichinashi? It’s you, huh? Why are you here? Huh, are you coming here to ask me to suck your blood? *laugh* By the way, you have different smell than you usually have. *sniff sniff* Hm? This smell is… Takoyaki??? You… why are you smell like Takoyaki? Huh? You made some because you want to eat it, then you bring them to me too? Damn… What are you doing in such a time! I don’t need it! Don’t ‘eh’ me! It’s not your business if I eat takoyaki or not! Damn! Go away! *Ayato shut the door*

*Yui then going to Reiji. Reiji seemed to doing a weight-lifting(?)*

Reiji: *groan* Oh my… it’s you. What’s wrong? Eh? Ayato refused to eat Takoyaki? *smirk* I see. Ayato too then? No, I don’t know anything. Yes, it’s the truth. *shock* It becomes a little bit hard. But I don’t want to give up here. Right, That’s true. What is it? Eh? My movement is funny? Ho… How could you speak like that to me? You said I am funny. Just how funny exactly I am? I move like a robot? Me? My head is stiff, and my leg movement is very cautious? How dare you say as if I am a wild goose? You even said me look like a robot. You seem like longing to be punished by me. *laugh* But, I don’t have any time to take care about you. I am busy. Excuse me. Really. So annoying. I need to strengthen my dorsal muscle!

*Yui then go to Kanato*

Kanato: Hm? Eh? What are you doing? Eh? Takoyaki? Heh… No wonder I smell something unpleasant. I’m amazed you can easily eat something with strong smell like that. It’s unbelievable! Well, I don’t really care. For a lowly insects like you that thing might be a delicious food. What is it? You are so noisy. This manor is my home! This is a place where I can do everything I want! I don’t have any obligation to ask for your permission! If I drink this, for sure… But, I don’t like this drink. Right, Teddy you don’t like it too, right? But I know. The me right now need to drink this. Teddy will you across this wall with me? *drinking* Finally I could finished it all. But I still have some more. *Kanato’s stomach grumbling* My stomach already grumbling… Heh? What is it? There’s a huge supply of milk in the refrigerator? Right. They are all mine. Do you have problem with that? You are so noisy! Don’t disturb me now! *drink more milk* No… I won’t give up. If I give up now, my pride… *drink*

*Someone came in.*

Raito: Ah, Bitch-chan, I’m wondering what kind of smell is this. So it was you. Are you bringing Takoyaki? Ufu. Are you giving that to Ayato-kun? I want you to make Ayato-kun chubby. He was making fun of me once. It’s better if he died in consuming much cholesterol. Ufu. Eh? What do I mean? It’s not something important. On top of that, Kanato-kun, you’re drinking that much milk. Are you okay?

Kanato: Don’t disturb me!

Raito: Ufu. Well, I don’t care about it though. Ups, Bitch-chan, can you move your foot a little? Wow, what a good view. Nice happening(?). Stay like that. So today you’re wearing the pink one? Ah… she runs away. I want to see more though… Ufu. Ah. It’s here. My secret weapon. Eh? What is this? You understand what is it, right? This is vinegar. You asked what I will do with it. You know, I will *Raito open the botol and drink it, then he coughing hard.* this sour taste, I am really not good with it. But, if I give up drinking it more, Raito-kun’s forte will get bad. *drink more* *cough* what? Why do I drink vinegar [1]? Well, that’s… do you want to know, Bitch-chan? Are you taking interest in me? Ufu. I will tell you, but, if you want to do some sport with me until our bodies soft over there, okay? Ufu. You don’t have to runaway. Just because we’ll do sport until our bodies soft, why are you draw back from me? Bitch-chan, what did you imagine? Bitch-chan? You’re going already? That’s unfortunate. If you want to eat Takoyaki, I think you better go to dining room~

*Yui went and met Shu*

Shu: Don’t disturb me. Now I’m getting irritated. Sleepy… Huh? Why I feel irritated? This house is more noisy than usual. And now, because you’re disturbing me too. Hm? Today seems like everyone is strange? That’s for sure. Huh? The reason? It’s too troublesome to tell you. Well, whatever. I am so sleepy, don’t disturb me. If you disturb me more than this, you have to give me your blood. *Yui avoided Shu and go* Finally you go away. *closed the door*

*Then Yui met Subaru*

Subaru: Hm? What is it with you? Geez. You really have so many annoying habits! Moreover, what is that? Huh? Just by seeing it, I know that that is Takoyaki! Are you making fun of me?! What I want to ask you is whether you’ll eat that or not! Or Ayato gonna eat that? It’s not like I care who will eat those things! Tck. Whatever. You sit there. Just sit there! No, sit farther from me! Bring your chair farther away. Right. Stick to the wall is good. Yosh. You can eat your takoyaki there. Huh?! There’s no special reason. Just don’t bother about me. *Subaru staring at Yui intently* Huh? Why I stare at you? Shut up. It’s not your concern, right? Well, I just want to increase my eyesight by staring at you. Well, Reiji told me that if I keep staring something from distant my eyesight will get better. Why I want to increase my eyesight? You still need to ask? Because there will be a physical measurement! If I was judge that I have bad physical condition, I will not have to clean Father’s room! Moreover Mukami brother will join this measurement too. I don’t want to lose! Huh? Finally you know why everyone acting strange? That’s for sure. Because cleaning Father’s room is so troublesome. So everyone doesn’t want to do it. Moreover, I don’t know what will come out. You might think that his room is just a normal room. But Father is a vampire who had lived more than 2.000 years. And he also likes to collect some weird things! His room is like an enormous armored room! One time, Kanato enter our Father’s room to look for a book he wanted to read, he said he saw a gigantic slug inside. I’m starting to shiver. I really don’t want to go inside! Gigantic Slug is… so disgusting! So I want to get my physical measurement this week is not to be the worst one. So, for now I will increase my eyesight.

*Meanwhile in Mukami house*

Ruki: *smirk* This time being I’m sure they are in a haste. *drink* By the way, this Russian tea is so delicious.

Azusa: *drink* It contains so much sweet jam. So delicious. I like it too. I Love it.

Kou: They must be so haste? So laughable. Well, those lazy noble young masters deserve it. *eat a cookie*

Yuuma: Oi, Kou! That cookie is the last one, right? Don’t eat that!

Kou: *Talk while eating*

Yuuma: A! You! I told that I want that too! Why don’t you give half to me?

Kou: Why I have to? You were always eating so much sugar blocks , right? Why don’t you give me this one? Are you okay to eat that much sugar? On the coming up physical measurement you might be told overweight.

Yuuma: Don’t lump me with those certain lazy asses! Every day I always drip sweat and work hard on the field! Moreover beside sugar, I always eat vegetables every day. Don’t be mistaken me with those luxury noble guys!

Kou: Well, you have a point. Because of my job as an idol, I too always move my body with dancing and doing a live performance. Ah… but, Azusa-kun, are you okay? Are you exercising your body properly?

Azusa: I’m okay. Even I’m not look like it, I’m quite strong. Look. *Azusa bent a fork*

Yuuma: Whoa-! You bent a fork with only your fingers! You’re unexpectedly strong, huh! Is that kind of supernatural power?

Azusa: Hm… It’s not a supernatural power. Mine is just a pure power. Every day, in order for me to could speak with the Justins (can’t hear the name clearly. Justin is name of his scars XDDD), naturally I become stronger. It all thanks to all the Justins.

Ruki: I don’t want to imagine it, but, for causing yourself a scar, you definitely need power, right?

Kou: If you hurt yourself that bad, you’ll lose your arm!

Azusa: It’s fine. I’ll be troubled if I lose them all. I will not hurt myself until I broke my own bone. *chuckle* I’m very good at stopping at the very dangerous limit to hurt myself.

Ruki: Hh… It makes my dorsal muscle rigid just to imagine the pain.

Yuuma: By the way, is your condition okay, Ruki?

Ruki: Me? Who you ask that to?

Yuuma: I never saw you doing exercise before.

Ruki: Eventhough I don’t move my body, I always use my brain to think. So I am totally fine.

Kou: I heard that using your brain used so much energy. Then, Ruki-kun always burnt his energy finely.

Ruki: I might not use energy as much as Yuuma. But so far I will not ranked the lowest. So don’t worry. But, that person had made so much trouble.

Azusa: The true purpose… is not to clean his room, right?

Ruki: Right.

Yuuma: It’s because they’re too lazy, he wants them to work out. What a drag guys.

Kou: Is that so? He might want them to plainly clean his room.

Ruki: If he wants to clean his room, he can order the familiars, right? On top of that, those guys are ignorance if it comes to cleaning. The real reason is…

Azusa: As expected, his real sons are important to him? Even though he had us too.

Ruki: And the reason behind all that happen so far is for them all too.

Yuuma: Tck, so boring.

Kou: Right? So irritating. After all that happens, what they have gotten though?

Ruki: Stop, Kou. That person is a benefactor for us. You understand it, right?

Kou: I know, though.

Ruki: Living in world is not fair. Now, let’s just enjoy our tea for a little while more. With just four of us.

Ayato: Yosh! Finally it’s the day of physical measurement! Every day I endure myself from eating Takoyaki. Now my body feels so light, and I must be on the proportional weight.

Kanato: I… won’t drink sugar-contented milk anymore. No, I think I had drink sugar worth for the time I live. With this, I should gain height. If not… it’s cruel. It’s so cruel… *crying*

Raito: I’m agreeing with that. Ufu. Because of that healthy vinegar, I think my body is soft enough. Right, Bitch-chan?

Subaru: Why are you asking her? Well, It’s such a long time for me not to locked myself inside the coffin, and because I was always seeing something from a far recently, I feel light my sight is getting better.

Shu: Hah… so troublesome. Who cares about all that, right? Even if I do as I normally do, I will not rank the last.

Reiji: *laugh* If you think so, you could normally eat something oily. Good for nothing. That means you’ll be the lowest rank.

Shu: That won’t do.

Reiji: !!

Kanato: Hm? What is it? Seems like you have something to say.

Raito: What’s wrong, Bitch-chan?

Ayato: Huh? Today we are not going to measure our physical health, but our physical strenght? Didn’t we already say that before?

Subaru: Huh? Beside Reiji the rest of us had do something that has nothing to do with physical strength measurement? Huh… *shock in realize*

Kanato: Why didn’t you tell us before?!?!?!

Ayato: Seriously? Oi, Chichinashi, don’t joke around! It has nothing to do with it?!?! Even I endure myself not to eat takoyaki for so long too?

Raito: Eh… Vinegar also had nothing to do with it??

Ayato: Oi, you Chichinashi! Are you joking?!

Ruki: Hh… whenever I see you all, it hurt my eyes.

Ayato: Huh?!?! What? It’s you Ruki? I thought you were so scared and run away.

Ruki: I don’t have to do that, right?

Kou: Hey, don’t bully M-nekochan!

Azusa: Hmm. Right. I heard you all. Eve is not in fault. Right?

Yuuma: Hm, you’re right. Mesu-Buta, not different from us, is a hardworker. *laugh*

Subaru: HUH?!?! Don’t tell me, you are that kind of girl?

Kanato: Heh… you’re not? You said you are not like that, I can’t believe that!

Raito: Ufu. It seems I will have to give you an intense punishment later~

Kou: Hey, I-Told-You… It’s not M-nekochan’s fault. Can you please listen to what people said?

Ruki: Kou. Leave them. Whatever the result of the measurement later, there will be one group among us who will have to do the cleaning. Livestock, don’t worry. (Ruki called Yui with Kachiku/livestock)

Reiji: My, my. Everyone, the measurement will start soon. Let’s move to the sport hall.

Shu: So troublesome. In the sport hall the noise will resound back, it’s so noisy.

*The measurement had ended*

Kanato: *laugh bitterly*It’s already night…

Ayato: Impossible. What the hell is going on?

Raito: I don’t know. It’s only something happen in manga. They were just too perfect.

Reiji: Even though it looks impossible, it’s still the truth.

Kanato: I don’t want to accept it. Ah… No way… to clean that man’s room… I will never forget it… a giant slug… No… I don’t want to enter that room ever again!

Kou: Ahahaha…. This is really a miracle! It’s amazing thing, right? Amazing~ Amazing~

Yuuma: You’re right. Even if there are six of you, the total score of your measurement is the same six number, only 666 points! *laugh* Well, we got more than 900 points. In physical strength we are unbeatable.

Subaru: No way. I’m not good with slug. Moreover it’s the giant one. It’s really not happening! But more than that to run away from that damn old man is more impossible. I want to be inside my coffin…

Azusa: Subaru-san, you look really desperate. It’s a bit pitiful. Are you okay? Do you want me to lend you my knife? If you hurt yourself a bit, I think it will cool down your feelings.

Kou: Oh my, Azusa-kun, that’s so scary, please don’t

Azusa: Ah, sorry.

Ruki: Hm? Livestock, what’s wrong?

Kou: Hm? Everyone doesn’t need to be so desperate; you are willing to clean the room?? M-Nekochan you’re really… a doM, huh?

Yuuma: Mesu-Buta!! Do you know how the real condition of Karl Heinz room is?

Azusa: I heard something before. There’s an insect there, and it’s a big one! It’s far bigger than us… Do you know it?

Raito: Bitch-chan, you’re… not just a mere Bitch-chan, right? You’re a good girl, right?

Ayato: Hey, for just a mere chichinashi, you’re being so cheeky!

Kanato: Right… For no reason I’m so pissed off because you’re covering for us. If I got a help from someone like you, even if I scared, I will clean it by myself!! Don’t make light of me!!!

Shu: So tired. Whatever with cleaning.

Reiji: It can’t be helped. We can make no more excuses. We have to do it.

Subaru: Darn… Then… then… I have no other choice except to destroy it! Whatever exists inside that room, insects or something, I will crush them all!!!

Raito: Wah… Subaru-kun you’re so reliable. Rather than cleaning the room, that is a better solution.

Ayato: Right! That’s a good idea! Let’s just shock our father! Hahaha…

Kou: Seems like it will be so fun. Really. I never get bored to Sakamaki Brothers because they always think such a stupid idea.

Ruki: Kou, are you going to join them?

Kou: Heh… of course not! Karl Heinz-sama might get angry at me.

Azusa: Hm… it’s okay if we do nothing, right? I kind of want to see the slug. I want to keep it.

Yuuma: Oi, oi, Azusa you want to see that slug?

Kanato: *laugh* Right, that’s true. Let’s unified our power and kill all the insects. Right! Stab, chop, then burn them all! And then let’s hang them! *laugh*

Ayato: You’re right! I’m in the mood to crush down some building!

Ruki: They’re no longer desperate about it.

Reiji: *sigh* Well, finally even how desperate we are, we are still going to do whatever our father says.


Translator’s Note:

[1] Drinking vinegar is said to be good for your health. Even in Japan, there’s a vinegar health drink which already contain more sweetener.



Translation team member: Kanransha


Doodled losers today. 

Moon and Back - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Can I have a George imagine where you fight but than makeup?


y/n’s pov~

Fire ran through my veins like an erupting volcano. Steam could be practically seen flying out of George’s ears while he stood not but seven feet in front of me. Venomous words were thrown back and forth between us for the past half an hour, insults piled upon insults. George, George Weasley that is, and I had been dating for the last three years and they’ve been nothing but magic, well that was until now.

George had spent the whole week working on new products and improving old ones for Fred and his’ new joke shop that they planned to open the first week of summer. I didn’t exactly have a huge problem with it at first, the joke shop was his dream and he was perfect at it, but that meant less time for us to spend together. Heck, he would rarely even allow me to be near him when working on a new project for the fact that; a.) I was going to ruin it or b.) I’d just distract him and make things worse.

Bringing this too his attention, I thought maybe we could work it out in a civilly fashion which obviously wasn’t working out. George claimed I was overreacting while I stated he was oblivious. It was like taking one step forward and two steps back; we clearly weren’t getting anywhere any time soon.

“Can you just listen to me for one freaking second! My God all you do is interrupt and accuse me of meaningless things!” I shouted annoyed beyond belief. The cold hallway we shared was dead with misery, sending shivers down my spine. George scoffed loudly, crossing his hands over his chest and shaking his head in a bobble head like motion, almost robotic.

“I find that funny because here you are accusing me of ignoring you! Y/n, you out of all people should be the one supporting me with Weasley Wizard Wheezes! That joke shop is my life and it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of! Can’t you at least pretend to be happy for me and give me a god damn break?” Anger and rage soaked his words as silence fell between us as his words sunk into my heart. George sighed taking a seat on the brick ledge, letting his head hang low into his folded hands. My breath hitched and I could feel my throat clenching up at his regretful statement.

“Y/n, y’know I didn’t mean that. I-it slipped, honestly and I would never actually mean something that horrid and selfish. Please tell me that you understand and… and that you believe me…please darling. You’re my everything Y/n… you’re my dream.” George struggled out stammering here and there with finding the right words. He ran a harsh hand and pulling at his ginger locks. For the first time in a long time, I felt a set of emotional tears flow down my cheeks and puddle up onto the floor next to my feet. I kept my head positioned downwards, turning around to head back to my dorm room. My body ached for rest and my voice was too hoarse for arguing anymore and George was right. I had been nagging and buzzing in his head every second of the day but that was only because I cared about him. Much to my dismay I got about ten steps out of the corridor before a hand clasped around my shoulder, spinning me around so I was pressed tight against their chest. George.

His hand was quick to stroke my hair, traveling down to the end of each strand then continuing the pathway down my back to try swift and smooth circles and various shapes. His mouth was close to my ear, his warm breath whisper sweet nothings that I could barely comprehend. Digging my head into his shoulder, I wrapped my arms around him as his snaked around my waist.

“Y/n, I am so sorry, my love. Not a single word of that nonsense was true, I swear. I wouldn’t be able to have a realistic dream if it wasn’t for you, besides you’re a big part of that dream. I love you so much, more than you’ll ever notice but I love you from the bottom of my heart, to the deepest rock in the bottomless ocean. Please beautiful…” I could hear the truthful sincerity in his voice and it broke my heart. The little fight was stupid and purely meaningless! Laying my head on his chest, I drew in a heavy breath, intertwining our fingers.

“We’re both at fault, Georgie. I don’t blame you for anything, you were upset and so was I. I love you too, handsome. To the moon and back, remember?” George grinned a mile wide, placing his forehead against mine and pecking my lips lovingly. A wave of warmth took over my entire body and for a moment I was taken aback by the sudden gesture. None the less, the small kiss of affection meant the world. George leaned away, keeping our hands as one walking me back to what I assumed was the Gryffindor tower,

“Of course I remember. How could I forget a word that comes from those sweet lips of yours?”


-Daizy xxx

I think the concept of a robot saying shut up is just really funny to me. Especially if it’s one of those hahaha, shut up, but with a really sharp pissed off/annoyed emphasis on it

Oh, look, it’s that annoying dog, inside a robotic kangaroo… and he crammed one of the generic bad guys in there, too!

Gee, looks awfully small… how did he even manage to fit him in there–


Also, bonus points for that expression.