and the funeral with mrs. landingham

top West Wing one-episode subplots:

  • CJ cons the vicious House of Representatives into investigating the MS instead of letting the fair-minded Special Prosecutor do it
  • a dead homeless man is found with Toby’s old coat, Toby gets emotionally involved, there’s a formal funeral because the man fought in Korea, Mrs. Landingham tells Toby about her sons, I weep openly
  • this was probably more than one ep but Will vs. Hazing
  • CJ vs. the cat figurine
  • Charlie, Bartlet, and the carving knife
  • Donna vs. the 20(?)lb of moose meat
  • Donna vs. North v. South Dakota
  • Donna vs. trying to get someone to vote for Bartlet to balance the fact that she accidentally voted for Ritchie (”It’s an honor thing!”)
  • Sam and Mallory re: school vouchers, Chinese opera
  • Toby trying to deal with Andy and simultaneously put together a blue-ribbon commission on labor, and there’s this one jackass who’s being stubborn but Andy accidentally gives Toby an idea for a somewhat underhanded way to deal with him and they smile at each other and they’re still so in love? In a slightly broken way?
  • Toby is struggling with the State of the Union and Will shows up and somewhat unwillingly auditions to help
  • any time, and I can’t emphasize this enough, but any time Jed and Abby are trying to have sex and it keeps getting interrupted
    • Election Night
    • Jed can’t get the radio address right all day, and then he insults Nellie Bly at the last minute
    • I’m pretty sure there’s a third time? Right after he’s cleared for it post-Roswell? Abby ends up catching a plane?
    • one time he’s sick and keeps insisting she’s really hot when she’s being a doctor, god I appreciate seeing middle-age/old people still being adorably in love but also It’s Complicated sometimes
  • Josh and Leo try to get the roof of a temple in Jerusalem fixed on Christmas Eve and I weep openly