and the freaks

At first it started with nights on the floor, begging for any god to make me feel something other than the hurt. The sadness consumed me and I felt the heartbreak of thousands of different lives. I have always been romantic with my word choices huh?

Then it became journaling and waking up each day asking myself “what do I want to do today.”

I started to wash my sheets and clean out my closet. I listened to music that made me feel alive and jump up and down, acting like there wasn’t a care in the world. But eventually my sheets got dirty again and the jumping made me exhausted.

God, I was so exhausted.

Take this how you will but not everyday will be a good day. Some are better than others and your heart is happy and content in the moment you are in. Some days you will be looking forward to tomorrow and not 100% in the now. And some days you will have darkness clouding your mind and you may seem like a lost cause but I swear to you this sadness isn’t forever.

At the end of this all there is love, only love. Love will get you through, love will break you heart but then I swear, love will find you when it’s time again.

—  love is here and there but it’s always within you

okay but this was really sweet