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Imagine if the double-date was Hide's idea, to hook Kaneki up with Touka and he asked her to bring a friend so it won't look weird and then they ended up as HideKane and Touriko anyway lol. Or Hide wanted to hook up with Touka so he asked Kaneki to arrange something and Touka found it awkward to go out with two guys, so she asked Yoriko to come too and they went home in the same pairs they came, just happier <3

Victuuri on Singing

- Yuuri Katsuki has a soft voice, one that soothes and sparkles, that flows like a small stream, peacefully, shimmering. He will sometimes sing a bit, for Victor, only for Victor, as they sit next to each other on their couch. He sings songs in Japanese, sweet ones, and Victor melts into him, even as Yuuri forgets the lyrics and begins humming instead. Victor picks up on some words, some phrases, but even though he doesn’t know what it all means, he loves the songs because they’re Yuuri, and anything Yuuri is beautiful, and these delicate melodies are just for him. Still, Victor wishes that others could hear him. Maybe one day.

- Victor is a hopeless–hopeless–romantic, and has always been, but Yuuri has never become immune to his affections. Victor doesn’t sing much, and he isn’t amazing, but he will softly croon Frank Sinatra as he places red roses and forget-me-nots in a vase on the kitchen table, and primroses in the spring–and Yuuri will forget every time that he’s been in love with Victor for years, because every time, he seems to fall in love again. And quietly, after he’s finished serenading him with romantic songs from the fifties, Victor will whisper with a smile into Yuuri’s ear, that he’s shown Yuuri his agape, that its Yuuri’s turn to show him his eros. 

- The candles go out, but they can still see each other smiling in the dark, every curve a secret, every touch a treasure, melodies and laughs still ringing in their ears.


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Percy is highly offended that the Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for blue.

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dominick and i are trying to figure out our anniversarry plans and like. we got married in june and this june is suuuper hectic and folks always take a bunch of time off work June and July. A big bucketlist thing is seeing Deaner with the Invitational at John and Peter’s, it’s only 2 hour drive but wednesday are tough. Sooooo when Ween is between tour legs/after the summer tour we’re gonna do a cabin near New Hope in the middle of the week and have a Real J&P night I am…so pumped

the Assemblers in ME: Andromeda look like someone tried to draw sexy robot legs onto the Millennium Falcon and every time one walks towards me it makes me uncomfortable


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