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Myths About Betta Fish

I’m sick of the pet industry always fucking animals like the betta over so let’s get some things straight
MYTH: bettas like small spaces, they live in small rice paddies in the wild
REALITY: No they absolutely do not, sure some survive this, but it’s a cruel life to live. Rice paddies are actually quite big although shallow, the average male betta has about 3 feet of its own territory in the wild. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallons, but a 5-10 g is even better. You can get a 3 g tank from petco for like $10
MYTH: you should feed your betta whenever it is hungry
REALITY: a bettas stomach is the size of its eyeball, it is very easy to overfeed. I feed my betta 3 pellets twice a day, but lots of people feed at different times with different food so I suggest doing some research and deciding what works best for you.
MYTH: bettas are lazy
REALITY: bettas are inactive in small tanks because they’re aware that they have no space to swim and will hit walls, in larger tanks bettas are very active
MYTH: bettas can only be kept alone
REALITY: it is true that male betta fish cannot be kept with any other betta, but (depending on the bettas personality) bettas can be kept with fish that are smaller and drab looking that won’t bite your bettas tail. I keep my betta with 2 snails and 5 ghost shrimp and he rarely bothers them. Female bettas can be kept in groups of 5 which is called a sorority. Keep in mind that these options are only possible in large tanks with lots of hiding spots.
MYTH: bettas will eat live plants so you don’t have to feed them if you have plants in the tank
REALITY: bettas are CARNIVORES. They won’t eat plants, they will eat blood worms and brine shrimp which you can buy frozen. In fact feeding real prey is good along with pellets or flakes.
MYTH: bettas don’t need filtration or heat
REALITY: they need both. As far as filtration goes, strong currents don’t mix well with bettas so a sponge filter is best.
MYTH: bettas only live a couple months anyway, why should I be doing all this?
REALITY: with proper care, bettas can live 5 years.
MYTH: bettas and all other fish are dumb
REALITY: bettas are actually very smart and trainable. Mine was taught to jump out of the water on command and come when called (by wiggling fingers). Some people have taught bettas harder tricks such as going through a hoop. They can even learn when meal time is and be ready for it.
MYTH: My child will take care of the betta
REALITY: your child will lose interest within a week, YOU will be taking care of their fish. If you’re not okay with that don’t buy your kid a fish.
MYTH: I should completely change the tank each time I clean it
REALITY: you should instead do frequent partial water changes of about 40% of the water
MYTH: bettas are throw away pets
REALITY: there is no such thing as a throw away pet and if you think there is you shouldn’t own pets

Please always read care sheets before buying a pet because -newsflash- PET STORES LIE.
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I seem to have acquired quite a few blue hair dyes over the years …

These paper swatches might be useful for some of you.

Manic Panic - Atomic Turquoise
Special Effects - Fish Bowl
Renbow Crazy Color - Peacock Blue
La Riche Directions - Lagoon Blue
Manic Panic - After Midnight
La Riche Directions - Midnight Blue
La Riche Directions - Atlantic Blue
Sparks - Electric Blue (this one has the greatest longevity btw)
Arctic Fox - Poseidon

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Pro-animal testers: "It's okay we don't test on cats and dogs! We only experiment on animals that you don't care about like mice, birds, fish... so it's ethically justified!"

Animal testing absolutely does involve cats and dogs though, they just don’t tend to put those animals on their websites. Beagles are especially common due to their docile and friendly nature. Dogs and cats aren’t as commonly used as rodents are, but many do still die in labs. In 2011 alone the EU reported that 17,896 dogs, 3,713 cats, 358,213 rabbits, 6,686 horses, 6,095 monkeys, 675,065 birds, 77,280 pigs, 28,892 sheep, 30,914 cattle, over 1,000,000 fish and over 8,500,000 rodents were killed.

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  • taures: its perfectly fine to watch tv all day.
  • gemini: turning lemonade into lemons since 1981
  • cancer: you treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol and you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. science.
  • leo: this place is so fancy i don't know which fork to kill myself with.
  • virgo: i can buy my own pizza. can someone loan me 15 dollars?
  • libra: i hate doors!!!
  • scorpio: shall i compare thee to a summers day? no, a summers day is not a bitch.
  • sagittarius: i've got two perfectly good forks at the ends of my arms!
  • capricorn: i like getting older. it feels like i'm finally aging into my personality.
  • aquarius: i am not a successful adult! i don't eat vegtables and/or take care of myself
  • pisces: i don't trust fish! they breathe water that's crazy!

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A family member brought home a betta suddenly, and apparently I'm responsible for his care. I love bettas and want to care for him properly, but the number of options for tanks and filters and heaters and food and decorations is dizzying! Most of the "betta starter kits" I've seen I'm suspicious of. Are there any you know about that are actually good?

Aggh that’s so frustrating, I’m sorry this got dropped in your lap! But congrats on the new betta – I’m sure he’s going to be very happy living with you. ^-^

I don’t really recommend betta starter kits. Most of them are crap and a waste of money. Here’s what you’ll actually need:

1. A glass or acrylic tank, 3 gallons and up. Personally I like plain 5-10 gallon tanks that you can buy from any pet store because they are relatively inexpensive and perfect sizes for bettas. But any tank 3 gallons or larger works!

2. A heater. This is crucial, which is why bettas don’t live very long for most people. They just don’t know bettas are tropical fish and need warm water to survive! Heaters are just one of those things that you really get what you pay for. I suggest purchasing one at the midway point, like $15-30 USD. Submersible and shatter-resistant are ideal.

3. A filter. The type is totally up to you, but I usually recommend hang-on-back filters or sponge filters. Good HOB filters include ones with adjustable flow rate. I particularly like Aquaclear Fluval. Bettas can’t handle strong water currents, and those with especially long fins may get trapped in them. Very sad. Alternatively, if you have enough space in the tank, I recommend sponge filters. They are HELLA cheap and do an excellent job providing mechanical and biological filtration. They sit at the bottom of the tank in the water and shoot up a small stream of bubbles. You’ll also need an air pump to use a sponge filter, though.

4. Water conditioner. CRUCIAL. You’ll need a water conditioner to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your tap water each time you change the water in the tank or add more. Chlorine is especially dangerous for fish, which is added to drinking water to make it safe for people to drink.

5. Betta food. Protein is important for maintaining a healthy betta. They are carnivores and a protein should be the first ingredient on the list, not wheat/fillers/other plant matter. I strongly prefer pellets over flakes.

6. Decorations. A bored betta is a destructive betta. Some bettas when they are anxious or bored will nip their own fins, leading to infection and other problems. Decorations give them a place to hide when they are frightened, things to explore and prevent boredom, and taller decorations can provide a nice resting spot by the surface of the water, which older or long-finned bettas may appreciate. It doesn’t really matter which decorations you choose, as long as there are no sharp edges, toxic paints, or holes small enough for a betta to get stuck in. A good rule of thumb is to run a pair of stockings over the decoration and file down any rough spots that snag.

Other optional (but nice to have) supplies include:

7. A light. As long as your betta isn’t sitting in the dark all the time, you don’t necessarily need one specifically for the tank, but it provides them with a nice sun-like feel and it makes them easier to view. Win-win. Just make sure to turn it off at night – bettas need to sleep, too!

8. Treats. Frozen/thawed bloodworms make excellent junk food for bettas. Just make sure you don’t feed them bloodworms too often, or they’ll get fat and bloated. It’s expensive to have frozen stuff shipped to you, so look for them in stores instead.

9. Aquarium salt. Always good to have on hand. Can be used to treat/prevent numerous diseases in bettas and other fish.

10. A small mirror. This is just for laughs. Hold up the mirror for a few minutes at a time and enjoy the show. Just don’t do it for too long or too often, or else your betta may stress himself out.

Here’s a little shopping list on Amazon for you, so you can see what I mean!




OR  /








GOOD LUCK! I know it may seem expensive, but most of these items are one-time purchases. And you can find better deals online/in stores, I didn’t really bargain hunt or anything.

Dear Betta Fish tumblr,

I’m not getting a betta fish anytime soon but I have been thinking about it for a long time and thought it would make a good apartment pet for when I finally move out of my parents place. I have had betta fish before but now that I’m older I realize we did not take as good care of them as possible due to misinformation etc. 

I admit I understand cats and dogs better than I understand fish as far as language and behavior etc. so I have some general and specific questions. I would like short answers but don’t hesitate to give me a thorough explanation for anything. The more accurate info the better. And I’m asking some basic questions because as I said I don’t know fish or their language and after finding out about how bad the teeny tiney tanks and bowls are for betta mental health I’m not sure I trust most of the “Basic Betta Care 101″ blah blah blah thingys.

So my questions are these:

- What is the smallest size “tank” I can reasonably house a betta fish in?

- Do I NEED a filter? If so what kind is best? Can I use plants instead? (is that even possible?)

-Can I have more than one betta fish in a large take as long as they are partitioned from each other or do they HAVE to have separate tanks and just stay away from each other? (On that note, it it more important that they can’t SEE each other? Like if I have another tank across the room or in a corner would that be a problem?)

-What decoration for the tank is ok and what isn’t? (like are there any colors I should avoid because is hurts their eyes or mind? Or certain materials?)

-What the minimum decoration I should have for the tank? (do they NEED a ledge to lie on of those little houses to swim in and out of? They seem so small and low tot he ground I’m not so sure. I would think they like to swim higher and through larger holes than that.)

- What is feeding time supposed to be like? (I’m worried that if the tank is too big he won’t know the food is there and won’t eat or the food will go to waste? Do you just have to feed them at a certain time religiously? If so, is there a best time of day to feed them or does it vary from fish to fish? ((Do fish have personalities? How can you tell?))

- How different is care for babies/females? (I saw some baby bettas at the store, one being female and I just…. 0_o)

- Are there any mistakes or misconceptions that first timers make that you can think of? Like what do you wish someone had told you you’re first time?

I acknowledge that maybe fish just aren’t for me but I also just cringe when I see those fish in the store and I wish I could save just one. I also understand that it is a commitment to care for these creatures. I’m not just bringing this beautiful animal into my home and space I’m agreeing to give it a good and healthy life for it’s life time. I just find myself very lacking in the fish knowledge department and find i can’t parse through the all the good and bad information out there and find myself distrustful of commercial information. 

I appreciate any and all help in knowing how to care for ONE of these lovely creatures.

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  • "I'm done being embarrassed about my boring taste in sushi. If it looks like it killed Nemo's mom, I'm not eating it."
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  • "It's cute how I used to think this 'barely holding it together' feeling was temporary."
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  • "Sometimes I think, I need to think before I speak. And then other times I think, I shouldn't leave the house or interact with people ever."
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Sentence Starters : Things that have come out my mouth
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Don't tell me how to care for MY fish

Refer to the other posts about my betta!!!! Stop telling me what tanks to get ect!!! I have already been told this I am gonna get a different tank(self cleaning,works well aka the my fun fish tank) I just got him/her today at a baby shower I know how to take care of them I’ve had my other betta since September and before you tell me it needs a heater I’m not gonna buy a huge tanks for each of them I don’t have the space small house!!!!

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((To try some angst)) “You don’t even care, do you?!” Cassidy sat in Aelita's bed at the Hermitage, unable to go to Kadic Academy. “I’m a fish out of temporal water, and you don't care about my condition!”

“Of course I do!” Aelita called back to her. She sat down next to her on the dusty bed. JerX and Jeremie stood in the corner, unsure what to do.

“We all care Cassidy. We are a family of friends, and love you so much. You been keeping it all in and not even letting Odd in to tell us what’s wrong. How can we help you?” She went further on.