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hi! i'd love to hear what you think would have happened if wyldon hadn't let keladry stay after her first year!! love your writing :^)

“Mindelan, it may be that the best thing said of my tenure is that you were my student. Should that be the case, I am the wrong man for this post. I did all I could to get rid of you. Your probation was wrong. You know that, I know it. I was harder on you than any lad. Thank Mithros I remembered my honor and let you stay when you met the conditions—but it was a near thing. Next time, I might not heed the voice of honor.”

– Wyldon of Cavall (Squire)

Kel sat and thought about it all through the long summer– thought about joining the Riders when she turned sixteen, or going back to the Yamani Isles with her parents, or running away to become an unlawful bandit hunter. 

She drank tea with her mother and accepted her quiet sympathy. She wondered what was going to happen to Peachblossom. She did her morning glaive practice dances in the heady air of the tiny courtyard garden of her parents’ townhouse, where the cook grew herbs and spices in big overflowing boxes.

Summer rolled on. She sat, and she thought, and she did not tell her thoughts to anyone. On the first day of what would have been her second year of page training, she woke before the sun and had a quiet breakfast with her father, and then she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds.

When the pages trailed out of the building to the practice yards with dubious enthusiasm, she was waiting just outside their ground. Her chin was high, her shoulders loose while her hands gripped her weighted staff.

“Probationer,” Wyldon barked out her, when one of the boys went to fetch him. “Was I unclear in the spring?”

Kel stared him down, fingers white on her staff, and said, “I’m not a probationer anymore.”

“She’s a private citizen, just enjoying the fresh air,” Neal called from the other side of the practice yard fence. He got armor cleaning punishment for a week for his cheek and Kel lifted and lowered and struck with her staff to the call of the masters. Her staff hit thin air. The clack of the pages’ staves colliding hit her ears.

“That’s palace property,” Wyldon said ten minutes in, and plucked the staff out of her grip, so Kel followed the lesson with empty hands and brought her mother’s spare walking stick the next day.

They started calling her trespasser, after that, and Kel stood calm on the public grounds just on the other side of the practice yard fence, practicing her high blocks.

While the pages had riding practice, she sat in the dirt outside the riding yard and did the homework Neal smuggled out for her. He handed the finished assignments in for her, too, even though only Myles and the one Mithran priest who had never learned anyone’s names graded them. She took notes on what riding exercises the masters were assigning the pages and watched Neal where he sat on Peachblossom’s back like a sack of mulish peanuts.

“When I heard you weren’t t’ be coming back,” Stefan the hostler told her. “I wasn’t sure what would happen to the old lad.”

“Me, either,” said Kel, looking down at her math and trying to keep her face smooth and still.

When the pages went in for their seated classes, Stefan let her take out Peachblossom to try to exercises herself. Days the gelding was too tired, he found other mounts for her and Kel learned all their names– gentle Aubrey and fastidious Starfall and distractible, clever Redding and poor anxious Terence, who almost threw her more than once. “He comes by the fidgets honest,” Stefan told her and Kel brought extra apples for Terence when she could.

She still took on Lalasa when Gower found her feeding the sparrows in the courtyard beside her old rooms and asked her. Her parents’ townhouse had the funds to hire another maid, though Kel didn’t need or want a personal servant.

Lalasa pinched Kel’s torn clothes from her room all the same and returned them better hemmed and beautifully mended. Kel barely saw her, though she tried to leave a coin from her allowance on the piles of clothes she thought the young woman was most likely to steal away next.

She didn’t ask for the help and she told herself she didn’t want it, but she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds every day with her weighted harness weighing on her shoulders.

She stood just outside the low fence of the practice yards and ignored Joren’s comments and Zahir’s sneers and the rebukes of the swordfighting teachers– distraction, they said. Lump, waste, failure.

The sun beat down on her aching shoulders and she thought I could stand here forever, thought you are just noise and wind, I am a mountain. I will be here long after you cease howling.

Neal landed blows on Joren’s fingers, apologizing blandly to the masters for his clumsinesses, because Kel had ordered him to get in no fights for her honor. The sun beat down on the careful stitches of Kel’s cotton shirt, which fit as perfectly as Lalasa could manage from a shy distance.

She told herself she didn’t want the help, didn’t need it. Her harness weighed down her shoulders, her makeshift staff weighed down her arms, but the cotton laid light and kind on her back.

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⇁ dick n’ go (m)

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pairing → Seokjin x Reader

genre → smut, crack || shopping for dicc!au

warnings → male objectification, superficiality, fuckgirl!reader, dirty talk, and cocky!jin if that isn’t your thing

☆ word count → 12.8k 

After trooping through a series of horrendous first dates and mediocre hookups, you were convinced you would never find a man capable of satisfying your needs. Your friend recommends you try a slightly unconventional method to remedy your bad luck.  

alternatively: seokjin has a five star dick and you decide to give it a go

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I hope that I see the world as you did cause I know
A life with love is a life that’s been lived
insp | song: Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran |

growing pains

simon’s speech at penelope and micah’s wedding

word count: 644

for @oohmurder, first place winner of my fic giveaway! please enjoy! :)

“I’ve gotta say, it’s a little bit scary to see you in a wedding dress, Pen. It makes me feel like an adult,” Simon laughed, then stood up.

“I’ve known Penny for a long time.” It was a simple way to start a speech, tried and true, but Simon still found the words sticking like honey in the back of his throat. “When I first met her, she’d been warned to stay away from me. She said her mother told her I was dangerous, and I was! I was scared and frazzled and always on the verge of something crazy. That’s why she hung out with me, I suppose. Because she was the opposite– scared of nothing. Prepared for anything, smart as a whip and capable as a little girl could be. The only thing frazzled about her was her hair.” A small laugh from the audience. Simon gulped.

“When I met Penny, she was this tiny, pudgy little kid, and her glasses were too big for her face, and her opinions were sometimes too big for her brain to know how to say. My magic was too big for my body and she saw that, she saw how it was squeezed into me like you’d squeeze into a too-small pair of jeans, and she saw how much it hurt. Just by association, Penny has almost died more times than I could count, but she always stuck around.”

“She’s always known better than me, too. Most of those times, I would have died if not for her, if we’re being honest. She’s been the one, when I need it most, to look me in the eyes and tell me, ‘Chosen One my ass. You’re Simon first and foremost. You’re a person before you’re a prophecy.’ I know I’ll never be able to thank her enough for that.”

“I won’t lie. When I first heard about the wedding, my emotion was panic. I mean, how are you meant to cope when the only thing that’s been keeping you sane since you were eleven is shipping itself off to America? That’s insane. I didn’t know who I was without you, Penelope Bunce, and I’m still not sure that I do. But what I know for absolutely sure is that you deserve to be the happiest person on the planet. And if America is going to make that happen, if Micah is going to make that happen, then it’s the obvious choice, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Besides,” Simon paused, and squeezed Baz’s shoulder. “You’ve left me in capable hands.”

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that friendships grow and change and evolve, just like people do. We’ve gone from first-years to celebrities to flatmates to this, now– grown ups, if you must (although I’m not sure that’s entirely true in my case). But love stays the same, and there will never be a day when I don’t love you, Penny, or when you’re not the best friend I’ve ever had. I’m so happy for you and Micah (though I fear for the sanity of your future children sometimes). I’m so happy that you get to go to a whole, huge country and start brand new, leave all these bad memories behind and raise a family and- shit, I’m choking up. You and Micah were made for each other, Pen, and so were we.”

“So cheers, I guess, to love in all its forms. To Penny and Micah, whose love came out of a storybook. To the love of friends, close enough to be family. To the love of adventure that we shared as youth, and the love of peace that we share now, and most importantly, to the love of each other, which I hope we never lose.” Simon raised his glass, but no one else did. They were too busy cheering.

BTS reaction to you adopting a baby and surprising them

Requested by @butterbunny57. Hope you enjoy!

Scenario: Ever since you were young, you knew that you wanted to have kids. No matter whether they were your own, or if you were foster parent or adopted a child, you just wanted it to happen. After you met your boyfriend/fiance/husband, you made sure to express this feeling, just in case it scared them off. It didn’t, as they agreed to having the same feeling, although they did say they wanted to wait, due to how demanding their career is at the time. It didn’t take long for them to change their mind, as just a few weeks before leaving on tour, the two of you began the application process to adopt a child, hoping for that to be the first thing you did when they came back. However, as they were gone, you found yourself to be struck full force with baby fever. So, when the agency called asking you to come meet a child that they thought would be a perfect match for you, you couldn’t resist. Fast forward a couple of months, and your partner has returned home, only to be met with a surprise as soon as he walks through the door.



He looks down at the little girl that’s smiling up at him, having conflicting feelings of confusion and fear. “Honey!” He calls out, inching his way around the small child, too afraid to touch her just yet. “Who is this little princess?” Even though he didn’t know who the child was or where she came from, he couldn’t hold back from going ahead and giving her that nickname.

You enter the room and see the expression on his face. “This is Nari. She’s 2.” You explain. “I may or may not have adopted her while you were gone.”

The expression then changed to mock anger. “You adopted a child without me?! You were supposed to wait until I was home!” He said, in his joking mad voice that we all know and love.

“Appa mad?” Nari asks with wide eyes.

Jin immediately crouches down next to the little girl. “Of course not, Princess! Appa’s just so happy to see you!” He pulls the girl into a hug before looking up at you. “I say we go out to a celebratory dinner.”

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He walks into the living room quietly, wanting to surprise you. Instead, he finds himself to be the surprised one as he sees a young boy on the iPad he accidentally left in his rush to the airport. “Y/N?!”

You immediately run into the room and engulf him in a hug. “I missed you!”

“Yeah, yeah, I missed you, too. Who’s this?” He rushed through the reunion, more focused on why there was a small child on his iPad.

“This is Jongsoo…our son?”

He turns to you with wide eyes. “Did you just say our son?” You only respond with a nod, and he slowly approaches the boy, who has yet to look up from the cartoon he’s watching. He pokes the child, successfully getting him to look up. “Hey there.”

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Hoseok jumps in shock and falls back against the door, staring down at the little girl. “Y/N!” You come running to the door, assuming there was a spider due to the fear in his voice. “Do you see her too?” He whispers to you.

“Yes, Hobi, I see her.”

“Oh, good, so she’s not a ghost.” He straightens up, but still looks at her warily. “Then who is she?”


“Okay, and what is Minji doing here?”

“Meeting Appa!” She yells, rushing to hug his leg.

His eyes widen even more. “Did she just call me Appa?”

You nod, and he screams in delight, picking the girl up and spinning her around.

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You were about to head out to the store to get some more pull ups for your son when Namjoon arrived home from tour. “Oh, good, you can watch Yeonggi!” You call out, too scatterbrained to fully register that Namjoon was back from tour, before running out of the apartment.

And that’s how Namjoon found himself sitting across from a toddler, staring in an awkward silence. “So…” he starts, “your name is Yeonggi?”

“Appa/Eomma go?” The young boy asks, wanting to know why you left so suddenly after getting him all dressed to go.

“I’m sure they’ll be right back.” He responds, not realizing that Yeonggi was referring to you, thinking that maybe you were just watching him for a friend or relative.

20 minutes later and you were back from the store. You finally pull Namjoon in for a hug and a kiss, telling him how much you missed him. “I missed you, too.” He assures you before pulling back from the hug. “So, when are Yeonggi’s parents going to be here?”

“We’re his parents.” He looks at you with a blank look, not fully understanding, making you question, once again, how this man has an IQ of 148. “I adopted him a few weeks ago.”

Realization finally crosses his face before he quickly turns around to face his son. “You wanna go see my Ryan collection?”

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“Jagi, I’m finally home!” He calls out, immediately pulling you into a hug, not caring if the food you were making burns or not. “I missed you so much!” He pulls back, ready to pull you into a kiss, but pauses when he sees a baby sitting in a bouncer. A sight he missed in his excitement to see you. “Who’s this?” He asks, crouching down in front of the infant and taking her tiny hand.

“This is Bora. She’s our new daughter.” You can visibly see his eyes brighten at those words.

“Our daughter?” He whispers, reaching out to pull the baby out of her chair. “You’re so pretty.” He whispers to the baby, pulling her into his chest to cuddle her.

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“I don’t care whose baby this is, but he’s mine now.”

Taehyung, upon seeing you holding a napping baby, would rush to you and pull the baby out of your arms, holding him as close as he possibly could. “Good thing he’s ours then.”

Taehyung’s head shoots up after he hears your words. “Really?!”

You nod while standing up from the couch. “Bongju,” you say, even though the child is still sleeping, “meet your appa.”

Taehyung would smile widely down at the baby, barely able to wait until he woke up so he could play with him.

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“What do you mean we have a child now?!” Jungkook had just walked in the door, barely even had his shoes off his feet when you told him the news.

“Shhh!!” You were quick to quiet him down. “He’s napping right now.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.” He whispers, looking confused, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

“I, well we, adopted him a few weeks ago.” Jungkook gives you a disapproving look, as you were supposed to wait until he was home so you both could go meet with children. “I’m sorry! But he was just too cute to resist! I had to bring him home!” You say, reminding you of when Jungkook used the exact same argument after bringing home a dog when he was supposed to get milk. He didn’t even get the milk.

Jungkook sighs. “When can I meet him?”

You smile and quickly kiss his cheek. “Nap time’s almost over, so we can go now.” You take him by the hand and lead him to the extra bedroom, that is now occupied by your son. You sit on the bed next to the sleeping child and lightly rub his back, trying to bring him out of sleep. “Heeseon….” You coo, and he slowly wakes up, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “You ready to meet Appa?”

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Okay so what about an AU where Midoriya is like a small bar/coffee shop performer as a job with nothing but his voice and his guitar and Kaminari and Kirishima drag Todoroki to the bar, where he just hides in the corner away from everyone. He doesn't expect much until this cute little dude comes up on stage with this guitar and he's like "!!!" and is so entranced by his singing and shit so he starts going to all of his performances in the area. (1/2)

(2/2) They happen to meet one night after a performance where Todoroki is trying to take care of the K duo and Midoriya heads over to the bar to get some water, and accidentally bumps into him and spills his water all over him, leading in much flushing and stammering and apologies. They slowly start to talk more and more with Todoroki being like “He’s even cuter than he looks??? Wth???” until they slowly start falling for each other but they’re oblivious as hell???

(3/3) And one night, at the same bar they first met, Midoriya has a show and he dedicates it to someone in the audience and just grins before he starts playing and singing I’m Yours, with him staring at Todoroki the entire time– ~Song Anon

subtle izuku is subtle.

i’ve been thinking of a lounge singer au ((i thought of shouto being the singer cuz shits man have you heard his VA sing before??? it’s heavenly)) and god heLP me if tddk don’t do a duet (would shouto play the piano? the violin? the cello? maybe they sing together?) at some point in this au i will be v upset. 

Last Name

Request: Can you do a Jamie Benn imagine where you’ve been in a relationship for a year and you meet each other’s families and you’re in awe over Jamie playing with your nieces and nephew. A month later after a long road trip, you make a homemade meal for Jamie and you end the night slow dancing in the kitchen in which Jamie then proposes to you.

A/N: I’m so, so sorry this took so long. Work has been killer. I hope you like it.

Word Count: 1199

Warnings: None. 

It wasn’t the first time Jamie had come home with you. No, Jamie had met your family before. Sure now it’s a little more relaxed because your dad has come to like him, but it wasn’t the first time so you weren’t sure why you were acting like a love-struck teen.

But this is the first time your family and the Benn’s would be together. You should be nervous. Jamie might be a veteran at hanging with your family, but this was the only the third time you’ve been with his. You loved them all, but you were still a little worried they might not like you or think you were after his money.

Well, after this they wouldn’t think you wet after his money, but they still might not like you.

“This is my dad, Dr. (Y/L/N) and my mother Dr.  (Y/L/N).” You introduce Jamie’s parents to yours. Your father was a neurosurgeon and your mother was a pediatric neurosurgeon.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Your mother hugs Jamie’s mom. “Sorry, were huggers in this family.”
“Oh, no worries.” Jamie’s mom laughs. “You have a lovely home.”

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modern day! Race Headcannons

- first things first, race is a little fucker.

- at the end of the school day race will make sure he’s the first one out of class so he can run downstairs and throw the chain over the door so that when people open it it only opens a bit and they bang right into the door window.

- race watches from the other side of the door and usually gets Snapchat videos of it

- that’s how him and spot met. when it happened to spot he was gonna soak race but he saw how cute race was and instead asked for his number (when asked about this tho spot will say he didn’t soak race bc he didn’t have enough time to fuck around with some annoying Italian guy)

- he also loves getting in fights and also for some reason throwing chocolate milk @ the wall is a fun thing to him bc “chocolate milk is a disgrace and cows should be offended that it’s a thing”

- gets in detention a lot for telling off the republican teachers in the school.

- is actually really smart and surprises everyone with his math and science skills.

- can totally dance!! tap, ballet, contemporary, even hip hop. no one knows until one day he’s tap dancing to som song in front of spot and spot takes a video and puts it on instagram with the caption “what the fuck, race???”

- race is super super flexible. like this boy can do the splits and contort his body in weird ways.

- (spot doesn’t know if it’s hot or creepy)

- will fight you if you think rent is overrated

- loves musical theatre

- gay as hell.

- is in drama with Romeo and Blink.

- his best friend is Albert

- (they get high together whenever they have enough money and lets just say that if anything ever happens to their friendship then they both got a lot of shit on each other to spread around)

- lives with Albert bc his parents kicked him out for being gay

- loves spot more than anything.

- so grateful for spot and his friends. he thinks he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for them.

Bubbly S/O Headcanon

(Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested: yes, by a dazzling anon

Request: May I request some headcanons with Jason having a sweet and bubbly s/o?

Warning/s: none

Tag list: @just-a-girl-maybe, @ms-crxne, @pinkwitch21

  • When you two first met he thought you wouldn’t even become friends
  • You were so different from him
  • His completely polar opposite 
  • But at last you two grew a friendship and a relationship after
  • Jay will admit that the first month was weird and he wasn’t used to such sweet and bubbly person in his life
  • Unless you count Dick, but we all know how Jay is with his family and he really isn’t
  • The first time you spent the night the next morning Jason woke up to find breakfast already set up on the table 
  • “Did you do this?”
  • “Uh yeah I did, why? Don’t you like it?”
  • He was shocked yes but appreciated it
  • “No it’s amazing, I love it”
  • After a couple of moths he got used to it and your personality
  • You were his personal cheer up buddy (much to Dick’s displeasure)
  • And everyday he told you how you were the one to safe him and that without you who knows where he’d be and that he loved you so incredibly much
  • *blushhh*

God damnit i cant believe i have to move back home my momma gonna be asking where i was all the damn time and i dont have the heart to tell her i was letting some random men i had met on the internet rip my soul apart with his meat cleaver behind the buffalo wild wings off the first exit of the freeway 

244. James met Peter Pettigrew for the first time in Diagon Alley, in side Ollivanders, where James almost made Peter lose an eye, testing out different wands and sending boxes flying. After bonding about sports and finding out they were both going to be first years at Hogwarts, they became friends.

The next time they met was at the Gryffindor table after they had both been sorted. Peter has been rarely seen more than a few metres away from from James’ side ever since.

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hi santi what did u eat today i just ate a brownie but it was kind of stale also what color are ur underwear currently and whats your name whereare you from iwant my eggs crack ed

“hi haha, uh ive been making my way through texas and literally just pulled over to eat for the first time all day cause i felt like i was gonna pass out. do you know how fucking big this state is? i got a chili burger at some diner and it was probably a bad decision. my underwear? we only just met…jk theyre purple boxer briefs. my name is santi but you knew that, and im from new jersey. i dont really know what to tell you about your eggs, i always broke the yolk whenever i tried to crack them and my mom would yell at me for it.

p.s. save a brownie for me if you have any left 😉 ”

Once Bitten, Never Shy - Part 3

(( I’m having too much fun with this AU! @endlcss-possibilities ))

Mark had been doing a lot of inadvisable stuff since he had met Dark, but hanging out in an alleyway at one in the morning was definitely one the worst. Since the vampire had broken into his home and Mark had somewhat willingly offered his blood to him, it had become a regular thing stretching out for four months and Mark was enjoying it a lot more than he had thought. But, he also couldn’t get Dark out of his mind. He dreamt about him, longed for him, spent a lot of time scratching his neck where the wound had long since healed, and yet Dark hadn’t returned for nearly two weeks since their last encounter.

The alley he was standing in was the place he had first met Dark, when the vampire had been starved and had nearly killed him. Mark wasn’t entirely sure why he thought Dark would be hanging around in the same alley again, but it was the only thing he could think of. The bar had been a no go for the vampire, and Mark didn’t know any of his other haunts.

It was cold, and raining slightly, and Mark had been standing around for an hour when he decided this wasn’t going to work. As he began making his way down the alley back towards his house, he heard footsteps behind him.

Turning, half hoping it would be Dark, Mark found himself being once again slammed into the wall by a force too strong to be human, but the scent of the being holding him was nothing like Dark’s. Mark fought back immediately, shoving the person off him and striking them, hard, across the cheek. His knuckles didn’t split this time, which he was glad for, because he was met with eyes too bright for a human, and every instinct told him that this was another vampire.

“What’s a sweet little thing like you doing walking around so late at night alone?” The vampire asked him in a raspy voice, barely bothered by the punch and grinning as he approached Mark again, backing him into a corner.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Mark cursed, “Again, in the same fucking alley. Get the fuck away from me!”

“Ah…I don’t think you really understand the gravity of the situation.” The vampire laughed.

His movements weren’t as staggered as Dark, and he moved a lot quicker, so Mark barely had time to react before he was shoved into the wall again with such force Mark felt as if his ribs had fractured under the vampire’s hands. The pain was nearly unbearable, but a hand covered his mouth before he could scream, gripping him tightly and forcing his head to the side. This vampire was stronger than Dark had been when he had first attacked, and Mark was pinned without any room to struggle. He couldn’t do this again, couldn’t have someone else’s lips on his neck, this was so wrong. Every fibre in his body screamed it and he tried as best he could to break free.

“Relax doll face, this won’t hurt for long.” The vampire chuckled.

Mark squeezed his eyes shut and wished for Dark.

A strangled noise passed the vampire’s lips as they touched Mark’s neck, and his presence was suddenly torn away, allowing Mark to slump down to the floor, clutching his ribs and gasping for breath. Through the rain and the tears in his eyes, he saw a suited figure standing over him, holding the other vampire up in the air with an arm straight through their chest. It was Dark, and Mark had never seen him so angry. There was no trace of humanity left on his face, red eyes set in black sclera, sharp fangs bared, hands ending in claws that dripped with blood as the stranger choked out their life on the end of his arm.

“You do not touch him!” Dark barked, his voice so distorted by anger that Mark could barely tell what he was saying. “No one touches him but me.”

The other vampire tried to say something, but Dark didn’t give him the chance, ripping off his head with one smooth movement, turning his entire body to dust. Immediately, he crossed over to Mark and knelt beside him, eyes slowly returning to normal.

“What did he do to you?” Dark demanded, eyes boring into Mark’s.

“M-my ribs.” He stuttered out.

Dark’s hands were on him immediately, gently probing Mark’s ribs and taking him out of the curled position he was in. It helped, allowing Mark to breathe easier.

“You haven’t had anything broken, or fractured that I can feel.” Dark murmured, “It’s going to bruise badly though. What are you doing out here?!”

“I came looking for you.” Mark replied, using the wall to support himself as he forced himself to breath normally. The pain was slowly beginning to fade the longer he forced himself to breath, his lungs going back to full capacity even as the adrenaline from the attack began to fade. “You’ve been gone for a while so-.”

“You thought I wouldn’t be coming back?” Dark looked torn between smirking and rolling his eyes, arms folded as he surveyed Mark, evidently annoyed still despite his calm exterior. “I already told you, Mark, I don’t want any other blood than yours. Coming out at night, especially around here is foolish. Vampires are everywhere, and you seem to attract them easily. I may have to do something about that.”

Mark swallowed thickly, unsure if he liked the predatory look that had taken over Dark’s face.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I’m going to make sure that every vampire knows you are mine.” Dark said firmly, “I’m going to put a mark on you.”

“A mark?”

Dark nodded, pressing himself closer to Mark but allowing him space for the bruises forming on his ribs. In the low light of the alley, his eyes shone, pinpoints of light for Mark to focus on, and when their eyes met, Mark couldn’t look away.

“I don’t want this happening again.” Dark growled, “You belong to me.”

“What if I don’t want to belong to you?” Mark breathed. There was no conviction behind his words, and Dark knew it, but Mark liked to press and see how much he could get away. Dark knew that too, and he loved Mark all the more for it.

“What makes you think I’ll give you a choice?” He murmured, baring his teeth before he pressed his lips to Mark’s neck, the opposite side to the one he normally drank from.

“You always do.” Mark whispered, “Always.”

“Then tell me, what do you want?” Dark asked, voice low and right next to Mark’s ear.

Mark shivered and reached up to draw Dark closer. “Do it. Make me yours.”

Dark grinned against his throat, and Mark gasped when his teeth slid into the soft skin there. It was never a feeling he had gotten used to, despite all the times they had done it in the past, and he wasn’t sure if he ever would, but it was such an enjoyable feeling to him now he could barely focus when it happened. This time, it felt slightly different. Dark was using all his teeth, not just his canines, and he wasn’t drawing any blood. Mark’s neck felt like it was burning and stinging at the same time, and when Dark drew back, Mark reached up to touch the place he had kissed.

“You won’t feel anything different,” Dark chuckled, “But you’ll see the difference soon. It’s going to appear almost like a tattoo, but other vampires will know the meaning of it. It’s unique to you, and to me. So, no one is going to be able to feed from you, and if they’re foolish enough to try, they end up dead.”

“Thank you, I guess.” Mark said, hand still over the place where Dark had bitten. “You um…you’ve been gone for a while, do you need to drink?”

Dark’s eyes flashed, and he smirked, “I can sustain myself until we get to your home. I’m not really one for consummating something like this in a back alley.”

“You make it sound like we’re married.” Mark laughed as he looped one arm through Dark’s for support and began walking with him. It would be slow going because of his ribs, but he was going to make it home and give Dark what the vampire clearly wanted. And what Mark wanted too.

“Marriage would be a good term for it.” Dark said nonchalantly, “You’re bound to me for all eternity. Even if you move on and get married to a human, I will always come to you for blood.”

Mark stared at him. He hadn’t considered that, but his heart was telling him that right now, that future was perfect.

“Can you remove it?” He asked.

“Yes.” Dark admitted, “But there is no reason for me too.”

“And if I asked?” Mark pressed.

Dark side-eyed him. “If you truly wished it, then yes. But for now, let us enjoy this. Bonding like this makes the feeding even more intimate. I hope you’re ready for that.”

Mark flushed, and Dark laughed at his reaction. Nobody paid attention to them as they walked the streets, and Mark never once thought about the fact that the hand he was holding inside Dark’s coat pocket was smothered with the blood of the dead vampire.


“Gency finally happened!
I met @ulovelucie for the first time in Kuwait!
We’re so excitied to attend Kuwait National Overwatch Tournament @knotkw with @jonnycruzzz & @keithsilverstein !”

-from Gaku Space’s instagram

these two adorable dorks ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

Can’t Reach Heaven (Wonwoo AU)

“Mommy, I’m scared bad things will happen to me.” You recall whispering to your mother mother on the first day of school. 

“Don’t worry. Your guardian angel will be looking after you,” she told you before patting your head. You smiled at her. At the time you didn’t understand the concept of a guardian angel, but now you do, and you wished you never understood in the first place. 

Guardian Angel: Noun; A spirit that is believed to watch over and protect a person or place. 

Wonwoo: Noun: Your guardian angel, that you wished you never met. 

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What about having An Affair With Kylo Ren??? 😻😻

Having an affair with Kylo Ren would include: 

  • The two of you being the worst at hiding it.
  • You were a Knight of Ren when you met your boss and you instantly were stricken by his attitude. 
  • You were dating one of Phasma’s personal stormtroppers and to say the relationship was boring was an understatement.  
  • Kylo could sense that you weren’t appeased in the relationship and started to give hints about his feelings. 
  • The first time he pulled you aside, he dropped his mask on the floor and gave you a kiss right before he left on a mission. 
  • The two of you would meet really late at night.
  • You would go to his quarters and snuggle him for hours. Running your fingers through his hair and have small talk. 
  • He would personally take you with him on missions if Snoke allowed it. 
  • Hux would instantly know about the affair. He would sneakily follow the two of you to see if his thoughts were correct and they were. 
  • Phasma found out when she seen you going into Kylo’s room but it wasn’t any of her business what you did outside of work hours. 
  • Kylo would leave you a small note at the beginning of the week and tell you how much he loves you. 
  • Kylo would rage when he seen you kissing your actual boyfriend. He would make him go out and make him do petty missions so the two of you couldn’t be together. 
  • He would constantly berate your boyfriend about you when you were out on a mission and sometimes, your boyfriend had his suspicions but he was to dumb to realize it. 
  • Kylo constantly promised you that the two of you would be together soon and he couldn’t wait to show you off to the world. 

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Hello congrats on the 500 followers you honestly deserve it ❤️ but anyways can you write a chris evans fic where reader and chris have known each other since they were little and one day everything changes and their moms have a hard time dealing with eventually they come along ?

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“I swear I’ve been in your house a million times, why is this so scary?” I ask, still looking forward from my spot in the passenger seat, unwilling to move.

“I don’t know, babe, but it’s going to fine. I mean, she already loves you” Chris holds my hand, trying to reassure me.

I met Chris sometimes between preschool and first grade. We both have different memories as to how we first met, but we can at least agree it was in that time frame. He is the one person who I’ve stayed friends with since childhood, so it seemed natural when our relationship turned more than friendly.

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This is the first time I've met someone like myself. Can you shift as well? - @badlydrawnwolftaro

“Ah! Yes, of course!”

“Though… it is a bit straining at times, haha;; I just don’t have the stamina I used to have, I suppose…

And say… you look quite like someone I know, hmhm~” @badlydrawnwolftaro