and the first thing they do is kill of the little brother


Genji and Mercy comic time! “Sayonara” takes place prior to the game, while Genji was still a part of Overwatch and had yet to meet Zenyatta.  Check out my page for the previous panels. In this episode, Genji takes home the award for greatest idiot at Overwatch base. As a little brother myself, I can tell you these are the moments when it’s nice to have an older brother to smack you on the head. Or, you know - almost kill you. 

Some notes - I’m sorry about putting people through my handwriting on a tablet last time! When I’m done with all the panels, I’ll do a clean-up and put the whole thing out so everything’s more consistent style-wise (except Mercy, who obviously gets a bit younger from here on… woops!). Finally, thank you so much for the amount of response on my last panels. This is really my first time trying to make a complete comic, so I’m super excited! Till next time!

AU Regulus went to go see Sirius when he decided he was done being a Death Eater, instead of trying to kill Voldemort himself.

“How was the wedding, brother?”

Sirius just got back from his best friends’ wedding and was about to light his cigarette when he heard the voice he thought he’d never hear again. Whipping around, still with a fag pressed between his lips, he found his brother leaning nervously on his cupboard in his kitchen, his head bowed down as the younger Black focused his eyes on his shoes. It had been four years since the last time they talked to each other, and two years since the last time they saw each other. The first thing Sirius noticed from his brother was how thin little Reggie got, his Death Eater robes swallowing his slight figure. Regulus was always shorter and thinner than Sirius, but, like all other Blacks, his brother was much bigger than normal people. And, no matter how hard Sirius tried to deny, he did worry about Regulus.

“What are you doing here?” Sirius said slowly, taking the lone fag from his mouth. “H-how…how did you find me?”

Regulus gave a small smile as he lifted his head to finally meet his older brother’s eyes. “Before you left, I put a Tracking Charm on your broom because I knew you would always keep it with you. Thought that one day I’d finally see you were right all along.”

The Marauder was impressed. Tracking Charms were very difficult to cast for an underage, and if Sirius counted it correctly, Regulus was fourteen when he put the Charm on Sirius’ broom. He tried to hide it though, and kept questioning his brother. “You haven’t answered me, Regulus. What the fuck are you doing here?”

The smile instantly dropped from Regulus’ face, taken over by the same scared-look he always had whenever Sirius caught him snooping around his things (Merlin, that felt like eons ago). Swallowing heavily, Regulus answered his brother with a small voice. “I left him. I- I left Voldemort. I couldn’t…I couldn’t stand being a Death Eater anymore. I’ve that doubt for rather sometime actually, but I wasn’t brave enough to do what was the right thing. I mean, I’m not you, Sirius.”

“So? What does that suppose to mean?”

“Well, there’s a reason why you were in Gryffindor and I was in Slytherin - and I believe it wasn’t only because you were rebelling against our parents. Anyways… I kept quiet for three years, doing everything he told me to do, until that day he nearly killed Kreacher to get what he wanted. He- he would stop at nothing till he conquered the world, and I finally realised that you were right.”

If Regulus hoped that Sirius would accept his explanation right away, then he was awfully mistaken. Narrowing his eyes at his brother, Sirius said, “It took him nearly killing that disgusting creep for you realise I was right all along? That this Pureblood supremacy thing was fucking bullshit?

“No,” Regulus quickly said, realising he’d made a mistake. “It wasn’t only-”

“And why the hell did it take you another year to finally come and find me? Did you have a sudden change of heart again? Too scared that Voldy would catch you going behind his back and-”

“I was trying to find his weakness. Apparently, he has one and-”

“Yeah, right. Like I’d believe that,” Sirius scoffed. “If Voldemort had a weakness, Dumbledore would find it first, and not you. Thus, this must be a trap. Congratulations though, Reg, you almost got me fooled. Now get the fuck out of here before I-”

“I saw you nearly died at his hand!” Regulus yelled, catching Sirius off his guard. “I was there during the Hogsmeade attack, and I saw him sending a curse at your way. It was luck that your girlfriend the McKinnon girl was quick enough to deflect because…” He stopped abruptly and let a shuddering breath. He was breathless from his little speech as small blush came to his face.

“Because what?” Sirius whispered, his own breath choking in his throat. If what he thought was correct, than that would mean-

“You are my brother, Sirius,” the younger Black said in a small smile, giving his older brother a teary-smile. “No matter what happened in the past, you still are my brother and I love you.”

There were only a few times that anyone ever saw Sirius Black at loss for words, too shocked to make a coherent speech. It was something really rare to happen to the Black Heir because he was always the one who was great with words. But, when he heard what Regulus told him, those three words they often told each other when they were much, much younger, Sirius had no idea what to say. His eyes looked deeply into his brother’s grey eyes, so similar like his own mercury ones, and found that, after all that had happened, Sirius had always loved his brother too.

“Sirius? Sirius, say something,” Regulus said, wringing his hands together, a trait he shared with their cousin Narcissa. “Sirius, please.”

Blinking furiously (because no, he wasn’t crying), Sirius said, “Do you want coffee? Or something stronger?”

Excuse me?” Regulus said incredulously, eyes wide as saucers.

“I have Elf-wine if you want. Stole it from the wedding,” Sirius continued casually as he made his way to the kitchen, bustling around to find the wine and two glasses, completely ignoring the look on his brother’s face.

In the end, Regulus understood what Sirius was doing. Wiping his own tears as a wide smile began to form on his face, Regulus said, “Elf-wine would be great. And I’d make us something to eat if you’d show me where everything is.”

And so, the Black brothers began to prepare for a late-dinner before spending the whole night talking about trivial stuffs like Quidditch. Everything was going smoothly, as if nothing had happened in the past four years.

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Imagine Snoke having Armitage publicly punished for the failure of the Starkiller. It's broadcast out for everyone to watch and learn. William can only watch as his brother is flogged, hands clenched helplessly as in the end Armitage shakily pledges to do better and serve the Order.

(William Hux AU / Hux brothers AU)


The Resistance watch the broadcast. They’re all murmuring things to each other about how General Hux deserves it, about how evil he is and how inhuman he is.

William can’t look away, and he can’t stop himself from listening to their whispers. Little Armitage is being flogged for the galaxy to see, not General Hux. His baby brother, with his green eyes softer than they’ve looked in years as he begs for another chance to prove his worth to the First Order.

Williams slams his fist down on the table and walks out, determined to find Armitage and redeem him if it kills him.

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grantaire for the les amis thing?

  • Their first name.


  • Their sexual orientation.

Bi all the way baby

  • Where they come from.


  • What do they study or what’s their job.

I actually tend to make my Grantaire a photography student, though he does also do painting and sketching.

  • Their family.

Grantaire was the single child and lived with his mother and father, however his mother was killed and he ended up alone with his abusive father. He is eventually rescued and then adopted by the Bahorel family, and gains a loving mother, older brother, and little sister.

  • Their hobby

When not photographing things, he sketches and sometimes paints, and also enjoys video gaming and reading.

  • The running joke about them among les Amis.

That one time he drank paint water instead of his coffee.

  • A random fact about them.

Grantaire is a quarter Greek, and used to know how to speak Greek fairly well. He’s since completely lost the ability.

  • Bonus : Any fancast ?

Not entirely, however this guy from Numb3rs makes me think of him

Grantaire’s hair is a bit fluffier, his jaw a little more square, and his skin slightly darker.

Thoughts on Tonights TWD episode: The Other Side

Where do I begin.

First of all, you go Hilltop ppl for training, so proud of you guys.

Gregory you little punk bitch, he doesnt do ANYTHING to contribute, why the hell isnt he dead yet?!

Simon tho for trying to bribe Dr.Carson with icecream

i cant believe Dr.Carson and Dr.Carson are actually brothers, I thought it was a HUGE coincidence. 

The BEAUTIFUL AND SAAAD scene with Daryl and Mags. That scene just about killed me. How sad he was and how sorry he was that he wouldn’t even talk to Maggie, and the fact that she forgave him and didn’t even think it was his fault=crying forever. And that sweet quote about Glenn and Daryl being good things in the world omg

and it BROKE MY HEART that Maggie was crying because Daryl wasn’t talking to her or looking at her, FUCK RIP MY HEART OUT!!!! she was sad because he wasn’t talking to her cuz they’re family and it hurts her and just ugh

and Rosita and Sasha FIANLLY coming to good terms and for Rosita to confess to Sasha all about her anger and sadness was heartbreaking. Finally making up for Sasha to go in alone </3

and how did anyone think that was Daryl at the end looking at Rosita? That was CLEARLY Dwight; look at how fucking skinny he was; hes gonna help i think

and damn Eugene. cri


‘Wait, Bellamy, we need a plan. We can’t just go into their territory, you’re gonna get us all killed’ Clarke stopped him. The first thing he did as soon as he got to the camp and after the spear hit you, was to start grabbing weapons and telling people to prepare to leave.
'You don’t understand, I can’t lose her. I’m going to rescue her, with or without you’ he said, a little angry and a little scared.
'Hey, Bells, listen to her, she’s right. We’ll make a plan and go find Y/N. Don’t worry. We’re gonna save her’ Octavia tried to calm down his brother who obviously wasn’t in his sense.
'I can’t leave her O, she’s my girlfriend, I love her.’ for the first time he stopped and tried to calm down.
'And you won’t, ok?’

Requested ↴

unicornsarefluffy: Can you do a bellamy blake one shot where instead of jasper getting hit with a spear its the reader and bellamy and the reader are dating

You can send me your requests HERE

Kisses xoxo


Well, well🙂Back to the idiots who thought Jon is not worth ruling. First of all, do you know why he is a great ruler? He chose Davos. The man who is true to him and not Melisandre. Some people say that he did not do the right thing because he owes her. Jon doesn’t owe anyone anything! Do you know what a bad ruler would do? Kill Melisandre. But Jon is smart, kind and generous. Dare one more time and say that Jon is not worth to be the king and let me shove his Royal origins right into your face. A little boy, raised as the Bastard of Winterfell, a boy who was never accepted as the part of the family, a ‘bastard of winterfell’ who became the lord commander of the night’s watch. A boy who was killed by the people who he thought were his brothers. A boy who almost died for Winterfell. This is the kind of man who deserves to rule. Jon - who was ‘bullied’ his whole life because he was known as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, is actually a Targaryen. Do you think this is not a big deal? It is a huge deal. He is a Targaryen! Son of Rhaegar Targaryen! He has rights to The Iron Throne more than Daenerys! He was chosen to be The King in The North! That’s what makes him amazing. He didn’t announce himself as the king, when it was obvious to everyone and even him that he had to be the ruler of The North. He’s not the bastard who’s not worth ruling, he is The King in The North, Son of Prince Rhaegar, the true Heir of House Targaryen and The Iron Throne.

Long live, King Jon.
You made it.❤️

Ok okay but legit. This opens so many dooors!

ONE: Shun is actually first son and heir. Everything thought he was the second son so could do whatever he wanted but with the older brother dead… nope he’s the heir. 

TWO: Blood. Their is blood between them… and it got me like  _:(´ཀ`」∠):_

THREE: LOVE! THERE IS LOVE BETWEEN THEM and she admitted it AND I THINK’S LIKE ROMANTIC… UM THIS MIGHT BE A CULTURE THING. Because I can’t marry my uncle but I feel in Edo century Japan it may have been a’okay

FOUR: Look how badass Nanao is! Her sword is amazing. She’s amazing. This chapter amazing if not a little stomach churning. 


S6 E1 Pll Thoughts and Theories

Damn, what an episode!!!!

First, let’s address Sara.

I believe Bethany has to be dead if the blonde girl is indeed Sara ( remember Mona pretending to be Ali, think how long ‘Sara’ has been down there, it isn’t really that hard to believe that Bethany really believes she is Sara, however I do believe the blonde is Sara)

Sara was kidnapped not long after Ali disappeared and Bethany was 'killed’. She was kidnapped to replace Bethany like the way Mona was kidnapped to replace Ali.

This means Bethany is indeed connected to Charles. ( unless Charles has a thing for blondes haha).

Charles is a DiLaurentis. Charles is somehow Ali’s brother OR cousin ( Spencer mentioned the word cousin).

This could also mean that if Spencer is adopted , then somehow Charles is her cousin and she is somehow related to Ali ( another theory to add to the already twisted world of Pll’s)

Andrew Andrew Andrew
I refuse to believe he is Charles ( that would just suck and I really wouldn’t be happy)

I don’t think he is Charles for one good reason.

It’s too obvious. Andrew disappeared with the girls? The police are after him bc they think he kidnapped them, etc. That is way too many fingers pointing in his direction. Just too obvious.

But I think he could be related to Charles. A half brother? ( Mr. D had Charles with another woman and that woman later had Andrew.)

The Campbell farm is important but why?

Maybe bc Charles step father is Mr. Campbell?

And I do believe Andrew is helping Charles. Someone has to be helping him.

When the liars went into their rooms, I swear I heard more than one girl scream. Now why would more than one scream if there is only one guy down there with them messing with them?

Someone has to be helping him.

Is it Jason? Andrew? Both? Neither?

Why was the fence down? Did A plan on letting the liars go? Did he plan on moving them? The fence has to be down for a reason. Surely A didn’t think the Liars wouldn’t try to escape again.

Maybe the fence was becoming too noticeable that worried him so he took it down. The fence this is kinda confusing.

Could Charles be Ali’s twin?
Jason would remember him but if Charles was sent off early enough, Ali wouldn’t remember him.

But then who was the second boy in the video?

Is the video really THAT important or is it something that is being used to throw us off?

Spencer said something about a missing necklace and how Charles had been planning the dollhouse from the beginning, like maybe before Mona?

Was Mona really the original A? Did Charles use her? Did Charles even know about the A game and could he had used the A game in a way to cover his ass while he was stealing things, etc.

My suspects for Charles right now is:

Jason ( not actually my first suspect but it’s always a possibility that Jason and Charles are twins)

Wren ( mostly bc of the spoilers and the fact he is old enough to be Charles in most theories)

Lucas ( maybe he is somehow Ali’s twin? Cousin?)

That’s all I can come up with right this second. Probably have another post later tonight or tomorrow.