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You had been nauseous.

That’s when you first thought of the possibility, but it still wasn’t time for you to have your period, so you didn’t think much about it. 

But when your time came and went and you still hadn’t, that’s when you got a test.

You weren’t sure if you should tell Shawn you were taking a test. Would he be disappointed if it said no. Or, would he be disappointed if it said yes. 

This was scary, the last time you went through this you were alone, and you didn’t want that to happen again. It was hard enough the first time, but now with Presley, it was almost impossible.

So you took the test without him. 

With shaky hands you peed on the stick, capping the end when you finished. You ‘bout dropped the damn thing when you set it on the counter, your hands were shaking so much.

You proceeded to get up and wash your hands after flushing. You thought the two minutes the first time you ever took a test was long, this time it felt like it was taking years for a fucking minute to pass.

The the timer beeped. 

You gulped, and rubbed your face as you walked to the counter. You slowly took the stick and made yourself look at the answer. 

Holy shit.

You are pregnant.

It’s been a week since you found out. Shawn has just gotten home from a small trip to LA. He’s recording what he’s calling your album. 

Everything is about you. The songs, the purpose, the muse. Everything.

You had gone over every way you could tell him in your head. You could do some cute, tumblr worthy reveal but that’s not your relationship with Shawn. 

It’s more of a personal, between just you too. 

So that’s how your gonna do it, when your alone. 

“Hey wife.” He grins walking in the bedroom, Presley on his hip. He sets his bag down and walks to you. You smile, and it’s hitting you hard. 

You’re having his baby.

“Hey.” You say, trying not to get tearful.

Damn hormones.

He leans down and kisses you. You lean up on your toes to reach him better and pull away remembering that he’s holding Presley. 

“Did you do something new?” He asks staring at you.


“I don’t know, you are just glowing.” He says, smile playing on his lips. 

“Presley, can you go get your jamas on?” You ask, looking over at her. 

Really you just wanted to get her out of the room so you could tell Shawn. He’s been home less than 10 minutes and you already can’t keep it from him.

“And brush your teeth and I’ll meet you for your bedtime story.” Shawn agrees, setting he down. She runs off to her room, closing her door. 

Shawn starts to walk to his bag but you catch his hand. He looks over at you confused as you pull him to the bathroom.

“What?” He asks as you sit him in the toilet lid. 

“I need to show you something.” You say, opening the top drawer and pulling out the positive pregnancy test. You hand it to him and wait to see his reaction.

“What is this?” He asks looking from you to him. He looks so confused but then it’s like it hits him. “Wait.” He looks up at your smiling face. He looks back at the test and then you again. “The two lines means positive right?” 

“Yeah Shawn, it’s positive.”

“Holy shit.”

You laugh and say, “That’s what I said.”

“You are really pregnant?”

“Yeah.” You rub your still flat tummy. He smiles wide, his large hand finding your stomach. 

“Come here.” He says pulling you to him by your hips. You stand in front of him, belly to his face. He smiles as you caress his face. “Hey Munchkin.” His hands rub your belly. “It’s your Dad.” You feel yourself tear up. “I love you so much, and I’m gonna be here for you whatever you need. Just do me a favor okay, just be nice to your mom while your in there.” He peers up at you. His face falters when he sees you crying, making him rise and take you into his strong arms.

“I’m okay, it’s just my hormones.”

“Oh okay, but these are good tears right?”

“The best.” You giggle. 

“So Presley, you know when I asked if you wanted a brother or a sister?” You ask one night, deciding on a whim that it’s time to tell her. Shawn looks up from his phone and she looks up from her drawing.

“Yeah.” She says nodding.

“What would you think if you were going to get one?”


“No.” You laugh. “In about 7 months.” 

“Can it be a sister?” 

“Maybe, but it might be a brother.” You say.

“Where does it come from?” She asks confused.

“It’s in Mommy’s tummy.” Shawn answers.

“Did you eat it?” She’s really confused now. You and Shawn both laugh at her question.

“No, I didn’t eat it. We have so much love in our family that we made a baby, and it’s in Mommy’s tummy and will come out when it’s big enough to be here with us.”

“Oh, so not for a while.” 

“Yeah.” You both nod.  

Shawn’s away for a meeting in New York, he’s also on a Talk Show and then Jimmy Fallon.

iMessage from Husband: Baby check up please.

iMessage to Husband: What does that mean?

iMessage from Husband: Send me proof my baby and babygirl are all good. 

iMessage to Husband: All good Love.

iMessage from Husband: God I love you, keep my Munchkin safe.

iMessage to Husband: Your Munchkin is safe, promise. 

You don’t hear from him after that, knowing he was on Fallon tonight you knew he was busy. You stay up late to watch him and get a notification from Instagram. 

shawnmendes has posted a picture

You open the app and wait for the picture to load, you gasp when you see what he’s posted. 

@ shawnmendes: October 4th 2021

You’re eyes go wide, he just told the world you were pregnant. 

You go to call him but then he walks out on stage on Fallon. His phone goes to voicemail, and your eyes narrow on him on the screen in front of him. 

“Hey man!” Fallon starts. 

They talk about his music, and new music videos. You’ve tried to call Andrew, Geoff and Brian ready to rip someones head off, but no one is answering their phone. 

“So I’m hearing that you shared an interesting picture before you came out here.”

“I did.” He nods. The picture shows in the background and he blushes as he looks back at it.

“Care to explain.” 

“I mean, what is there to explain.”

“Are you and your wife pregnant?” 

“I mean, what do you think?” He chuckles.

“How’s the wife taking the excitement.” 

“I’m sure she’s pissed at me, she didn’t know I was posting that.”

“Oh, yeah I’m sure your phone is blowing up.”

“It is.” He nods. 


“Extremely. This is number two for us, but so exciting.”

Holy shit he’s about to spill about Presley too.


“Um” He’s caught himself, realized what he just did. “Yeah, we’ve got a little one.”

“Since when?”

“Five years ago.” He laughs uncomfortably, knows he’s dead once he’s off that stage.

“Wow, I think that deserves a commercial break.”

The second a commercial comes on you are calling again.

“Hey.” He answers, he’s wary.

“Shawn? What the fuck, you just told about Presley and Munchkin.”

“I know, Munchkin was planned, she was not.”

“What the fuck?”

“Hey don’t use that language around my Munchkin.”

“Shawn, I am not in a joking mood right now. You didn’t even discuss this with me.”

“I know and I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to post.”

“I hate you sometimes.”

“How are you?”

“A little pissed off and craving a burger.”

“A burger?”

“Yeah and fries and a chocolate milkshake.” 

“Hey I have to go back on, but I’ll talk to you after?”

“Yeah, don’t spill anymore personal secrets.”

“Promise” He says before the line goes dead.

You are drifting off to sleep on the couch, Shawn’s interview over, A knock sounds on the door and you jump awake. You walk to the door, grabbing Shawn’s flannel and pulling it on over your tank top. You look out the window and see Matt standing on your porch.

“Matt?” You ask opening the door for him.

“Hi.” He smiles, sleep thick in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been sent with food.” He says holding a brown bag that smells of fries. “Also a milkshake.”

“Did he really send you to get me food?”

“Yeah, said it was part of an apology.”

“Awe.” You sigh.

“Here.” He hands you the food. 

“Do you want like coffee or something for the road?”

“Nah, thanks tho.”

“Thanks Matt, you didn’t have too.”

“He loves you, and I know he spilled the beans without telling you but don’t be too mad. He’s just excited. He literally ran around the whole arena after your first appointment, showing the picture to everyone.”

“He did?” 

“He’s just so excited, and when he’s excited he can’t keep his mouth shut.”

“I know.”

“Alright, I’m gonna go. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks Matt.” You wave as he walks down the driveway to his car.

iMessage to Husband: Thanks for the burger, fries and milkshake. I love you Baby. Love that you’re my Munchkins Dad.

“Hey Baby.” Shawn smiles as you walk out of the bathroom.

“Morning.” You smile at him. He grins back, loving your energy.

“Wait stop, I want a picture. You look so good there.” He says taking his phone out. He snaps a few pictures, telling you how hot you look and how much he loves you.

“Did you get your picture?” 

“Yeah come take a look.”

“Damn my wife is beautiful.” He smiles as he looks at the picture. 

“Shh.” You blush pushing his face to the side. He grins and kisses you, hands on your stomach. 

“My munchkin is getting so big.” He whispers looking down at his hands that hold your stomach.

“I know, he can’t get much bigger. I’ll be a whale.”

“Shh.” He hushes you. “You won’t be a whale, you’ll be my smoking hot wife that’s carrying my Munchkin.”

“You know, we found out it was a boy and we decided on a name, you can call him Raul now.”

“But he’s my Munchkin, been calling him that since day one.”

“I know.”

“So yeah, I’ve got my Raul, but Raul is my Munchkin.”

“I hope he looks like you.” 


He was nominated for a Grammy. 

Although no one wanted to talk about his music, they just wanted to talk about you and Raul. 

They were dying to find out a sex, and a name. You both had decided that that was personal and that you wanted to keep that to yourself, you’re family didn’t even know. Not even Presley. 

“You look incredible.” He whispers in your ear, whiskey on his breath.

“Thanks Babe, you’re killing me in that shirt” 

“I know I am, but you’re wearing that dress, so?” He grins. 

“Shawn.” You whine quietly, catching his gaze that had moved back to the awards. “I want you.”


“I want you.” 


You couldn’t help it. With your hormones and him in his white button up and fluffy curls. You were needy and horny and needed him.


“I mean, I’m not gonna say no to that. Where?”


“Get the fuck up.” He growls in your ear. 

The locks behind you and it gets a little steamy during your time in the bathroom. He’s smiling at you like a mad man when he buttons his shirt back up. You’re fixing yourself in the mirror, making sure you’re good to go. 

“Stop smiling like you just got lucky.” You tease as he can’t stop smirking.

“But I did just get lucky.” He says kissing your cheek. You giggle and have him zip up your dress again. 

“Take a picture with me.” You say catching his hand as he tries to leave.

“We literally just had sex and now you want a picture.”

“Pregnancy update.” You shrug. “We’ll hide your ‘just fucked’ face.” You say grabbing your phone. He laughs at your comment and stands next you, grabbing his whiskey. You snap a few pictures and then head back out to your seats. 

He didn’t win, but he’s honored he was nominated. He makes a post anyway, as she falls asleep against his shoulder on the couch. He got her heels off and she begged to cuddle before bed, and he couldn’t say no as she pleaded with her puppy dog look. 

@ shawnmendes: Who needs a Grammy when you have a Trophy Wife.

Time for your maternity pictures. 

Shawn is recording so he couldn’t make it, but Presley could. She promised to step in and take pictures with her Mom since he couldn’t be there.

They were almost finished when you asked to take one on your phone to send to Shawn.

iMessage to Husband: She did great filling in today. Munchkin looked good.

iMessage from Husband: God I am so lucky, my family is the most beautiful one out there, swear to god. 

@ shawnmendes: October 2nd 2021, Raul Issac Mendes. 

We thank you for the love and support. Mom and Son are perfect. My Munchkin made it two days before he was due, had a speedy delivery and came in at 8 pounds 20 inches. So glad my Munchkin is here. I couldn’t be happier to have this family. 

For my little girl, I hope you know that I love you to the moon and back. That I’ll always be here for you and I’ll always believe in you. 

For my Wife, I hope you know that I love you, forever and always. You gave me a family that I can’t ever repay you for, but I hope that my being there and support can be start to. I love you more everyday and you are so beautiful, that I love looking at you.

And now, for my Boy. You are so loved, and gonna be so spoiled. I love and am gonna protect you. You’re my boy and I can’t wait to watch you grow.

 We may be even in the house with two boys and two girls, but our girls come first and they will be protected at all times. I just have an extra set of hands now

When Australia announced that they were going to do that public opinion poll on whether they should allow gay marriage, I was really scared. ‘Cause that’s the one thing where, you know, like, the media, like, young people and social media and all the stuff, there’s a general, you know, in the liberal first world consensus that: yes, there should be gender equality; yes, there should be gay rights; yes, trans people’s existences are valid, etc. But there just… you worry how many people are there that disagree? So I was really scared but then NOPE, majority, boom, silenced everybody. So well done, Australia and obviously it’s not happened yet because the Parliament needs to vote on it, so let’s hope that the politicians of Australia like the people in Australia. But yeah, it’s about time. It’s absolutely insane to think that like Western countries might not even have that yet. It’s just shows you, like, we live in a little socially progressive bubble and we are aware of how terrible the rest of the world is but even like moderate stuff in places you’d expect it to be good, it’s still not far enough.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 21st of November 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (103/?)

Dan’s reaction and opinion on the recent opinion poll in Australia regarding gay marriage.

Summer Rose Theory

So with Raven revealing that Ozpin is the one who gave her and Qrow the ability to turn into birds made me really think about something. It shows that Ozpin has a great amount of powerful magic, and now that we’re learning more about him, we’re getting an idea that Ozpin may have done some shady stuff before or that he will do many things to try and stop Salem. 

And everyone is still asking the big question: what happened to Summer Rose? There’s been many theories tossed around, especially after the reveal of silver-eyed warriors. But with the reveal of Ozpin giving Qrow and Raven the ability to transform I suddenly had a thought and rushed to look this over something again. And that is the very first opening of RWBY.

This scene right here

Ruby’s silver eyes have been foreshadowed since the very first episode, so this scene suddenly tipped me as possibly more important than we realize. 

First, Summer Rose is there in front of Ruby. But then in the next shot she’s disappearing. 

And then we have this shot. Summer is gone and it’s the moon that’s shattering.

And now lyrics from Summer’s part in Red Like Roses Part 2

“I didn’t have a choice.

I did what I had to do.

I made a sacrifice, but forced a bigger sacrifice on you.” And “Want you to know that for eternity i’m shattered”

And Summer’s key phrase we know her by: Thus Kindly I Scatter

And now i want to point out more hidden emphasis on Ruby and the moon from the openings and her trailer even:

So a big question and theory now is: Because of something with Ozpin, did Summer Rose become the moon we have now in Remnant and is why it shatters the way it does?

popgoes! man, i kinda missed this game… i’m kinda sad it’s over, haha

but the last episode has given us some… hints, shall we say. more like little easter eggs, but still. it’s something.

first off, the red and blue distortion on the main menu is actually not mark’s doing; i’ve checked other videos from other channels, and it is just the main menu. that’s not dark’s doing, unfortunately.

also can i just say that mark is fuckin amazing at this game good lord dude i can’t keep up

one thing that stood out to me, though, was what happens when you change your view of the security cameras: there’s a brief flash of static as the channel changes. where else have we seen static recently…?

food for thought, perhaps.

the biggest thing we got from this video, though, is that weird voice towards the end. not only can we hear it, but mark can too. 

that’s pretty concerning if you ask me. what’s interesting, though, is who the voice might belong to. and from what i’ve seen, i’m in agreement with everyone else - based off of the tone of voice, i think it’s wilford. it’s too “peppy” for it to be dark.

on top of all of that, the facecam briefly distorts right after the voice is finished speaking? 

now this is something that we’ve all seen before - that is a very clear indication that dark is either about to show up, or is already there. maybe we should be questioning if we’re even watching mark any more…

intp on intellect

INTJ: Is there anyone you consider as intelligent as you? This might seem like banter but I am completely serious. 

INTP: Appart from lacking modesty, yeah, I think it is a very serious thing and I’ve thought of it way more times than a normal person should.

INTJ: Any conclusions?

INTP: Well I consider ENFP as intelligent as me, but only because her train of thought and deduction is similar to mine. When I first met you, I thought the same happened to me with you, but then I realised that our way of analysing is quite different, as much as our conclusions are often alike. 

INTJ: What about ISTJ?

INTP: Well, yeah, I consider ISTJ intelligent, but in a different way. Practical, very pragmatic intelligence. Not so interesting. 


INTP: Oh no, let’s not talk about emotional intelligence. Makes me feel dizzy. 

I still don’t think Raven and Yang will stay on bad terms.

A story arc is about change. About developement. As a writer that’s one of the first things you learn. Stagnation is boredom’s best friend. We want to watch relationships develope, characters grow, people fail. 

In Volume 2 Yang still seemed eager to find out what happened to her mother. She didn’t seem mad at her, not bitter, not even when she talked about her to Qrow in Volume 3 and to Taiyang in Volume 4. That changed in Volume 5. Yang still wants to know why she left her, but she’s still traumatised and incredibly bitter towards Raven. 

When the Volume 5 Trailer came out I suspected Yang would start off hopeful until Raven disappoints her and Yang has to realise her mother is not worth it. That would have been a good arc for her, Yang having to let go of her hope to find a mother in Raven, progression from Maybe we can have a fresh start to I will leave now because you’re a bitch. Yang having to make a painful choice against her mother at the end of it. 

The interesting thing of an arc is the moment of change. The heartbreaking moment when Yang has to realise her true mother is dead and that she has to let Raven go if she wants to move forward. That change in the arc between Yang and Raven now happened off screen and picking her sister (and Qrow) above Raven was an easy decision for Yang. 

This only makes sense if the change in this arc is still ahead of us. Otherwise this would have been the dumbest writing decision ever, because why would they tease the Raven arc for years only to let the most interesting part of it happen off screen? Some in this fandom might believe the writers are that bad but honestly, no. That would be nothing but wasted potential.

The change still being ahead of us can only mean that their relationship gets better, because how could it get any worse? Every step downwards from here doesn’t feel like real change or a resolution of an arc because it wasn’t earned, it would only feel like more of the status quo. What is the point in an arc that goes from Yang hates Raven to Yang hates Raven even more? There is none. 

One way to approach writing is to come up with the ending and to make the beginning the opposite of that. If my character will end up learning to be independent I will have them start off as really dependent on someone. If my character will end up finally trusting the love of their life they should start off as someone who doesn’t easily trust people. If Yang is supposed to let go of Raven and to stop caring about her, to realise she doesn’t need her in her life and that other things are more important, I probably should start off with her being hopeful towards Raven and to want a relationship with her. If I want the arc to end with Yang and Raven working hard to build a relationship they never had I will probably start off with them being on really bad terms and Yang not being interested in that sort of relationship. 

Also we’re not at the end of the Volume. It would make sense for the change in their arc to happen later on in the Volume, not as the final resolution, but as some kind of resolution for this Volume on which they can build up later on when Yang and Raven have to work hard to have some kind of relationship, however that might look like. 

It won’t be easy for both of them. Raven clearly seems to want a relationship with Yang, but she won’t get that if she doesn’t change as well. She has made many mistakes and with the way she acted around Yang it’s no surprise Yang left as soon as she could. Raven has to stop acting like it was always just up to Yang and finally make a step towards her. A very big step.

But as a writer I am very sure it will happen. 

mikamarguerite  asked:

Hey! I am pretty new to MBTI(especially the cognitive functions part) and was wondering how does a shift in a dom and aux function change someones behaviour. Like for example with an ESTJ and ISTJ, How does Te-Si and Si-Te make a very big difference in them perceiving their surroundings?Thanks!

Extroverts have a continual focus outside themselves on the world, which means if they introspect too long they become imbalanced or depressed. Introverts filter the world through a dominant introverted function, which makes them more inclined to be detached from the external world / “in their head.” (My ISTJ mother is a classic case in point; she says she “wasn’t paying attention” for the first three decades of her life; she was lost in her head.)

I have weekly proof of the difference between an ESTJ and an ISTJ, since my mom’s close friend happens to be an ESTJ.

ESTJ has much less emotional awareness / emotional intelligence – she buys things for people, because she knows she cannot give them the emotional closeness they need from her; she is also much more firm on handing out solid advice – when she heard her grandchildren were opting out of college, she threw a conniption fit because to a Te-dom, something that makes your future ‘secure’ is the most important thing in the world. She was a CEO of a company her entire professional life, she was aggressive / extroverted in the workplace (she dealt, literally, with a construction dude not listening to her, by sitting on one desk, putting her feet on the other, and shoving it away, ripping out all his wires, because he ignored her instructions on where to hard-wire in the desks). She has no real social filter and will say anything to anyone at any time; she has that classic ‘inappropriate’ sense of humor that comes with Te-dom/Ne users and is the first one to admit she doesn’t know something and tell other people to take credit for it, even if she intends it as a gift for someone else. She has had about a thousand hobbies (tert Ne) and produces insane amounts of products via her hobbies, to the point where her house is over-populated with painted birdhouses, lawn ornaments, and other decor … but it wasn’t until she met my mom that she started thinking about organizing her house for herselfFor her own pleasure. She was too busy running the world, so to speak.

That’s how TeSi works; personal sensory comforts are secondary to Te-dom’s desire to engage, interact, influence, and shape the external world, and sometimes it disappears altogether when Ne comes on strong; with the result that personal sensory comforts and memory data-banks are neglected.

SiTe is another story entirely; my mom is a meticulous person, extremely good with details (when she chooses to focus on them; her Si gives her a tendency to get lost in her head, so she counters it through Te behaviors: giving herself charts – all decorated to her taste – deadlines, reminders, etc). You go into her office and she has her shelves organized and labeled, and she becomes irritated if anyone fails to put something back where she can find it. She can go-go-go on hobbies and projects for long periods of time, but also moves ‘slow’ because she wants to ensure maximum aesthetic pleasure for herself in whatever she is doing. She delights in spending hours by herself, especially if she can organize something – she has rearranged exterior storage sheds, she is a continual queen at de-cluttering (and always reading more books on how to do it), she has a schematic of her kitchen cabinets so she doesn’t have to help the rest of her intuitive (read: clueless) family FIND ANYTHING (”Where’s…?” “It is LITERALLY IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.”).

She struggles often with her emotions and in knowing how to relate to people; she becomes offended if others are not professional, do not respond to her in a timely manner, or show up chronically late to somewhere. She knows how to relax – often with a book or a television show (marathoned, when she has nothing else to do) and has, in her words, “never been bored a day in my life.”

She can be oblivious to her surroundings if she’s thinking about something – and says the thing she likes most about ESTJ is traveling with her, since, to her amazement, “ESTJ notices EVERYTHING! She will point off into a field and talk about the shed falling apart at the back and how splendid it is, and I would never have even NOTICED it!” She also avoids conflict like the plague, because any kind of intense / busy situation drains her. I went with them both to a craft fair last week and my mother was instantly overwhelmed by the booths and people; she went around the room and then went to wait outside, while ESTJ stopped and talked to people, examined details on things, and drank in the sights and sounds.

She said once she got outside, another woman looked at her and said, “You may get cold out here.”

“Better cold than overwhelmed,” Mom said. “Introverts unite!”

The woman looked relieved and said, “It’s too much in there, isn’t it?” =P

- ENFP Mod

Reylo is not anti-Finn, JFC

I usually stay out of the drama but I’m seeing so much Kylo-hate lately and it’s pissing me off.

FIRST of all, Finn was and still is very central to the story. But HIS OWN story, now. The first movie was the birth of our characters; Finn leaving the FO behind and Rey leaving her life as a scavenger on Jakku. Both of them are going on to bigger things. As it happens, those big things are different things. Rey’s found the Force and needs to learn…well, everything. So off she goes.

Finn’s story is about fighting back at the organization that stole his life and his family, that took away his identity and made him a pawn in a cause he didn’t believe in.

Finn isn’t being replaced as a main character, he’s coming into his own as the young man who said “fuck the Order.” When we met him all he wanted to do was run away. Now he wants to fight back. So if you ask me, his character is about to shine in a way he couldn’t have alongside Rey. His character doesn’t need a sidekick or a companion because his story is compelling enough on its own.

Most successful movies have several plots going on at the same time. Just like in the original 3 SW movies, their stories veer off and then intersect later. They’re all fighting for the same cause, but in a different way.

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Listen I agree with you on Dean and want him to win a feud with Seth REAL BAD ALSO but I think we both know it's gonna be Seth winning if/when it happens to complete his """redemption arc""" that has barely been a thing but I guess he redeems himself by learning nothing and then winning matches against heels

“i guess he redeems himself by learning nothing and then winning matches against heels”

first of all that line…..i’m still recovering holy shit thank you for my LIFE anon. and i’m with you 100% unfortunately //: that’s my biggest fear for this feud because as much as i want dean to turn, i really doubt they’re gonna have him come out on top in the end which is infuriating to me because it’s the least they could do for him as a character. they’re once again gonna make it seem like dean is the one at fault when…..that could literally not be further from the truth.

My 10 Biggest Questions Regarding Runaways (BIG SPOILERS!!!!)

1. What was Amy Minoru like, and how did she die??? (because you know something shady probably went down with that)

2. When/Why did the Robert Minoru and Janet Stein thing start?

3. Is the Destiny that emerges from the coffin/cocoon thing (yeah I know it’s got a name, bleh!) real, or still in Victor’s head like the later scene when he is in the lab and she begs him to let her go?

4. What is the Pride’s main goal???

5. What happened to the Hernandezes??? What did the Yorkes tell them that put them all in danger in the first place, and what did Tina Minoru, as Geoff suspects, have to do with it???

6. What’s gonna explain Molly’s powers? Inhuman? Alien? Hybrid?

7. What the hell happened to Frank Dean???

8. Is there even a need for Alex to be the Mole anymore??? I mean, the Pride isn’t exactly loyal to each other (even as far as their own marriages go) and then there is this Jonah guy who has yet to make an appearance)

9. Who the heck are they sacrificing to now? Like, is that crispy bed-ridden guys supposed to be Leslie’s dad? How does that tie into the Giborrium, or the Church of Giborrium, now?

10. Is there gonna be time travel or something in the show, because it’s been name-dropped (more as a joke) a few times in the show and we gotta explain Old Lace one way or the other???

I know all will be revealed as the show progresses. This is just my way of getting out my biggest questions and what I’m most excited to see answered when the next episodes drop!

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Do you have tips to survive a first meeting to the gynecologist as a closeted trans boy?? Or any idea of what happens durin those? It's really stressing me out and I really don't wanna go but I think my mom wants me to go and thinks it's important even just for health check

One thing that can be surprisingly helpful when you gotta be closeted is to make it a game of make-belief. For example, pretend to be an undercover spy. You can’t let them know about your real identity, your real gender, so for now you have to pretend to be a woman. And this will be one of the more challenging parts of your mission, so you gotta give it your best.

It sounds silly, but putting your mind into that “it’s a game” mode can be really helpful when it comes to dealing with dysphoric situations.

As for what happens, googling something along the lines of “what happens during a gynecologist visit” should bring up plenty of results that explains it far better than I could.

A Thousand - Junhui scenario (1k milestone!!)

Genre: angst and mentions of blood + plus death so be careful!!
Word Count: 1091
A/N: I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted any scenarios but I’m here with this!! I thought of a selfie tutorial blog at first but this seemed like a new and exciting type of story to write. I thought of things that was related to a thousand and I got the old Japanese legend (what is happening to my English) soooo here it is!! I personally love this a lot because thanks to this, I can write like how I used to. Idk, it just felt easier to write after I made this and I’m happy about that. I swear to god the next one I’m posting will really be the Hoshi fic!! (The first part is so cute and aww it’s just a rollercoaster of emotions istg) and thank you guys for your love and support!! We’ve reavhed 1k and I still can’t believe it asfghjkl Me and Lani are very happy and proud about this because we’ve put or blood, sweat, and tears into this blog and we’re glad that people have been liking our stuff of lot :D!! Idk I’m just so so sooo soft and giggly rn, forgive me! -Clar

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“Do you believe in miracles?”

You caught him off guard with such a trivial question that night. He laughed a cheery laugh and said there was no such thing as miracles. You, on the other hand thought otherwise. However Jun was a man who stuck to his belief despite all the convincing you tried to do.

Now, he was willing to renounce that belief.

The soft crinkling sound of papers folded into beautiful paper cranes by thin and sluggish hands was the only noise made inside the room. Not a word has been uttered ever since the day you left. It was only him in his silence, folding those papers ceaselessly as if he was possessed. His eyes were sunken, matching the hollow features of his face while he folded and folded and folded. That was the only thing he could bring himself to do.

Nothing else mattered after you left.

When he wasn’t folding paper cranes, he’d have his back against a wall near him while he stared at nothing. He could remember how many times he called your name, begging you to wake up from whatever horrible curse you were under. “(Y/n),” he whispers to himself as if you’d hear him and comfort him. You weren’t there anymore to do any of that.

“Come back.”

“I need you.”

“I don’t want to be alone.”

Bitter tears followed words that would never reach you as he’d sob quietly in the corner of the room. “Miracles don’t exist,” those words he said to you not long ago turned into self hatred and pity as he continued his desperate attempt to fold a thousand paper cranes just for one wish was the only hope he had of ever getting you back now. He was praying for a miracle. Not every illness had a cure after all. Would a wish change the bitter fate you were to face? The boy could only dream. He could only hope.

What else could he do?

Jun was close to his goal, pushing himself to reach it even faster. Sleep wasn’t important as he exhausted himself to his limits day and night. He could’t sleep well anyways, the nightmares would haunt him and chase him even after he woke up. All he would dream of was your corpse, with lifeless eyes that stared at him with fiery rage and hatred like they were alive. Sometimes the corpse would move, wrapping its hands around his neck in an attempt to suffocate him. He’d wake up in a cold sweat, trembling and hysterical. His dreams were always so vivid that he felt like they were real.

Was he willing to bet everything he had on this false miracle?

“Nine hundred ninety seven,” he counted, folding a paper crane and setting it aside. He didn’t think he could feel anymore until that very moment. “Nine hundred and ninety eight,” his lips quivered as excitement and anxiousness rushed throughout his body. His hands were shaking tremendously, folding the paper cranes in a haste. Jun watched the paper form into cranes with wide, unblinking eyes that could only perceive information from the single piece of paper. “Nine hundred and ninety nine,” he whispers, not wasting another moment to grab the last paper. As the crane neared its completion, the boy was ready to jump off the floor and onto his feet.

There it was. “A thousand,” he exclaims with a hoarse voice.

He waited with anticipation, not really knowing whether his wish would be granted or not. The boy didn’t know that what he wished for could no longer be granted.

“(Y/n)!” Minghao and several other members rushed to either side of your bed. Someone ran to call the nurses, doctors, or anyone that could help. They were desperate to hold onto you so much that they almost pulled you away from your fated demise.


Tears were shed, smiles were broken, hearts were shattered; and you were gone. You were there, right in front of all of them just minutes ago. In that one fleeting moment when your eyes closed and your breathing stopped, you were gone. What they saw now was a hollow shell of who you used to be, lifeless and sunken. No one could stay in the room for more than seconds after you passed away, it was too much for any of them.

Some members sat in silence, shocked and unable to process that they lost you right in front of them. Others tried to call Jun. He was the only one who wasn’t there to witness it, and he was lucky. “Pick up,” Minghao mumbles with worry. It was the tenth time he’s called Jun and he still hasn’t picked up.

His phone rang incessantly. He ignored call after call for he didn’t feel like speaking. His body simply felt empty and the increasing pain in his throat made him practically mute for the time being. Jun took a few paper cranes and played with them, watching them with pressed lips and swollen eyes.

It wasn’t numbness anymore.

It was sadness in its purest and rawest form.

“I don’t want to live without her.”

Every breath felt more painful than the last. Like his lungs were twisted and crushed, it was hard to get a hold of himself. The iron taste of blood lingered in his mouth as he coughed up red petals onto the bedroom floor. His body began trembling, but this time was different. This sudden overwhelming wave of fatigue hit him hard and he doubled over in a coughing fit. Pools of crimson red formed around the boy that was still coughing his lungs out, drenching the thousand paper cranes he had piled up. He could barely make a fist in the state he was in, using his palm to support himself off the floor. His eyelids grew heavy as if lead was closing them shut. Maybe he was just overthinking, maybe he was wrong, but he felt like he was dying.

Did this mean the wish worked?

Were you no longer in this world?

The ceasesless ringing of the phone was muffled but he could still hear it. His head was pounding as tried to reach out to his phone, grabbing it to answer it. “Jun?” Minghao’s worried voice practically yelled over the phone, “something happened.”

There was no reply.

“Jun?” he called out to him once more. Still no answer. No matter how many times Minghao called out to him, there was no response.

Of course, corpses could never talk.

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Not a what if but "first conversation between Robert and Aaron after finding out ONS did not happen.

 “So, have you heard?” Robert asked cautiously.

“I did,” Aaron said. “I always said you should have stayed away from her.”

 “I know,” Robert said, head hanging low.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron said lowly.

“What? For what?” Robert asked surprised.

“Seb, us, everything,” Aaron said, biting his lip.

“It doesn’t change anything, in the end,” Robert said. “The intention was there, I still fucked up majorly after, so….”

“Still, things could have been different now,” Aaron said. “They still can,” he added carefully.

“Yeah?” Robert asked, not allowing himself to be hopeful.

“Yeah,” Aaron said. “Let’s go grab a pint together.”


Summary: Dan Howell has been able to see ghosts his whole life. Things have gone from bad to worse now that his mother remarried and he finds himself sharing his new room with Phil, avery good looking guy. A guy, who happens to be dead. 

Words: 22.7k

Rating: Mature

Read it on AO3

A/N: I’m not even sure what I’m going to say. I wrote the first few paragraphs of this story back in December 2016. I was going to post it for one of the days of the 25 days of christmas but I started getting so many ideas that I knew it would be too long for that. It took me months to get it completely done. I stressed, I panicked and I cried because I wasn’t sure I was going to finish it in time. Somehow, I did it. This story is like my little baby and I’m so, so proud of it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

(Btw, don’t let the title get to you. I promise the story is much better than the title I came up with in five minutes)

Big thank you goes to @findmeinthekingdm. She was the best beta I could have asked for. From rewording sentences that made no sense to pitching me new ideas, she was essential for this story to be posted today. Thank you for dealing with my procrastination. 

Thank you also to @gay-lizard-dads for the amazing art. You’ll get to see it soon, I promise. 

Warnings: Mentions of death. There is a short mention of homophobia in the beginning of the story. It’s nothing too bad but you should be aware it’s there. 

Dan was ruined. His mother obviously hated him, his father wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, and his friends had lost interest in him the second he said he was moving to a different school. It’s not as if it was something he chose himself. He couldn’t be blamed for his mother choosing to remarry someone who lived two hours away from his school.

If you asked him, the obvious choice would have been to drop this guy and find someone more accessible who wouldn’t ask for them to pack up their whole lives and move two hours away from their home. His mum clearly disagreed, judging by the dark stare she gave him when he dared to share his opinion.

Confronting his mum had resulted in an hour long rant from his mother about the beauty of falling in love, which only made Dan roll his eyes. “Falling in love is a beautiful experience that makes you do the craziest thing, the most thrilling things, no matter how stupid it may seem,” she said.

“Even if it means packing up everything and going to a place you’ve never been to?” Dan replied in the most monotonous way he could manage. Dan bit his tongue in order for him not to blurt out a sassier reply. All that coming from a woman who divorced twice, with one marriage that didn’t last a year. Hilarious.

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I feel someone was force Ohataka to finish magi faster.I mean she thinks about fans she reply for the white day and post weekly in her BS. final arc show main issues ignoring details about other characters.I don’t think she wants to disappoint them.I love Ohataka’s story,Sumomom ending was satisfying.I hope she get chance to cover the missing part.If she could take character showing how the world looks after magi gone.Judar is good choose, he was magi,that how he lives,How is he live(I dreaming

There definitely was a significant amount of executive meddling, probably courtesy of the new editor. That said, it’s unlikely we will ever know exactly what happened.

On happier things, even though it seems vol.37′s omake was quite disappointing, I still have not fully despaired of eventually seeing extra material. There is her blog and Sinbad no Bouken for one, and it wouldn’t be the first time extra material comes out after the series ending - for example, Shaman King featured the actual ending of the story in the kanzenban edition, after the series ended early.

(Speaking of which, I’d absolutely love a kanzenban edition).

Sado + Zero's Home - Tuesday, 1pm

“She’s too precious for words.”

“I said the same thing when she was first born.”

Now that Zero had fully gotten used to having a sister, he couldn’t see moments like this without her. Of course, when Nalla was born, the first thoughts in his head were of his mother and younger brother. How he wished they’d still been alive to experience Nalla’s birth. To meet her. Considering he believed in the afterlife, he knew that probably still happened. Especially considering certain events that had happened. “What’s wrong?”

Xana must’ve read the look on his face. No matter how much of a poker face he tried to have. “….Do you believe in the afterlife?”

“Of course I do. It would be a little strange for any Supernatural NOT to believe since a lot of us die before we are reborn into a different species.”

Very true. “So, you believe humans go to the afterlife too?”

“Yes. Why?”

“….Things have been happening…around Nalla. I haven’t told Sado because she’s quick to worry. Anxiety and all.”

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Do you have any advice for writers on tumblr trying to get their work out there? I will always love writing regardless of who sees it, but I do get discouraged at times when I post something I'm proud of and it seems to not matter. :( however, I also literally just began here on tumblr, so I know I can't expect the followers to come rolling in right away. Thank you in advance if you do happen to have any tips. ♡♡♡

For people starting, tags are important! When I first started using this blog I gained a lot of followers because I tagged things so much. It seems like instagram is a good place to post poems too because people check the tags there so often. Follow other writers and connect with them. You will end up in a really wonderful community and it feels so good to support each other. There’s no competition. We’re all rooting for each other. But I think the most important thing is to not fall into fads too much, to be genuine with your work and people will feel that and connect with it. I’m not saying to go completely against what’s popular, but just be genuine about your work. Don’t write in a certain style because it will get attention. Write in a way that fits your message. The one sentence poems with drawings next to them, everybody is doing it. Be yourself. Don’t feel the need to fall into that if it doesn’t genuinely resonate with you. Write ugly. Experiment with it. Push yourself. It takes time for followers to come but write just for the sake of writing. Don’t write to gain followers or sell a million copies. Write because you have to. If you don’t have to write, then why do it at all? People will feel the genuine truth in what you have to say and they will come to you. 

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i have days where i feel needy and have days where i dont even want to hear about sex at all. so i thought im demisexual at first, but due to the latter occurrence maybe im actualy aceflux... right? like you cant have one day be one thing and the next the other, so im probs aceflux then...?

You know how some days some food is just vomit inducing for you? Like, one time I had salad twice a day for two straight weeks and the idea of putting spinach in my mouth after than made me want to vomit. Same thing can happen to sex. Maybe everyone around you is constantly talking about getting laid or going on dates and making dirty jokes. And then your mom calls you and is pressuring you to bring home a date for the holidays and your boss is teasing you about how you haven’t had a date in forever. All of it is meant in good fun, but man, does it get on your nerves. And so you just sit up and go “If I never have to hear about sex again, it’ll be too soon” because all the talk is grating on your nerves. Maybe you’re just saturated in sex and dating and you just want to spit the damn spinach leaf out of your mouth and scream “I NEED A FUCKING BREAK.” It’s okay. It happens to me too. Especially when I’m with people and I’m not necessarily out to yet and I have to keep all my ace comments on the inside. It gets tiring. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re aceflux.

Alternatively, if the aceflux label makes you feel better about your off days or tendency to not want to hear about sex at all, then go for it! If you want to be aceflux, then be aceflux. If you don’t want to be, then don’t. See, you’re not really changing anything about your feelings or thoughts or actions, just how you describe those feelings. You aren’t changing at all (as you shouldn’t), your label is. So go for what feels right! 

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so I heard what happened with the author of rurouni kenshin and since I know it's one of your fav mangas just wanted to drop an ask and give my sympaties *hugs*

Thank you Mary, I really need them.

Originally posted by andthensuddenlycats

I’m just devastated. Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite manga of all time, and it was one of my beloved series of my teenage years. I got into Japanese History thanks to Rurouni Kenshin, heck, I learned about the Shinsengumi for the first time thanks to Rurouni Kenshin. It was also the first time I read a story so focused in redemption and forgiveness, to the point it left me many precious lessons about looking foward and learning to forgive one self. Kenshin Himura became my favorite manga character for that very reason, and Kenshin x Kaoru is one of my beloved manga OTPs of all time. The whole story was awesome, with it’s characters, historical accuracy, it’s moments….

….and now, Watsuki is charged by doing such a gross thing.

I’ll still separate the work from the author. While it doesn’t make it any less wrong, is a bit of a comfort to learn that he wasn’t into CP while he was drawing Kenshin, back in the 90s. I want to think that all the themes and lessons he put in his manga were honest, and that the Watsuki who wrote Rurouni Kenshin isn’t the same Watsuki of today. And that Kenshin and the rest of the characters don’t belong only to him: they also belong in all the series’ fans hearts. I will not buy anymore RK merch or anything that gives Watsuki profit, and I hope he goes to jail and pays for what he did, but the series will always have a place on my heart and I’ll forever support the fans, even if I’m not active anymore in the fandom.

So yeah, Watsuki may rot, but Kenshin will always live in my heart.