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Harry hearing first about Andromeda’s death.

Harry sitting Teddy down and breaking the news to him.

But, then Teddy surprisingly stays stoic the whole time (Harry understands he’s trying to put up a façade to prevent Harry from worrying).

So, Teddy officially moves into the Potter household.

It’s the first Christmas since Andromeda’s death and Victoire finds him alone at the fireplace after everyone else goes to bed. And when she sits down next to him, he speaks first.

“I‘m the last of my family. I‘m alone now.“

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hey, sorry I missed your post when it happened, hope this isn't too late! ship = Jared/Richard, first sentence = "His eyes are on him whenever he looks - just always, always on him."

Not too late at all, thank you! Sorry this is some weird nonsense.

His eyes are on him whenever he looks - just always, always on him. An ever-vigilant watchdog, anticipating his every need and desire, Jared never lets Richard out of his sight.

Richard feels that gaze upon him, cold and blue and electric, and he goes hot under the collar. The pulse in his throat is a ticking clock. Jared has been there, always, at his heel under the table, waiting with superhuman patience for a scrap of affection to fall his way. Waiting to be needed, waiting to be wanted. It’s so easy, Richard almost misses it. A love like a trust exercise. Richard falls over backward, and Jared is just there.

Update, and an announcement...

Alright, folks, this is gonna be a big’un, so strap in.

First off, the update, because it’s much lighter and positive! I’m happy to say that soon I’ll be ready to open up prompts again! I have about four fics left from the last batch, but if all goes well, I should be able to get ahead enough that I feel up to taking some new fic requests for the next batch! I’ll probably open my inbox again on Friday or Saturday, so if you want something written, get your ideas ready for the end of the week and you’ll be able to send them my way! And since by the time I start writing and posting those fics, it’ll be December, and this batch will likely take me into January, I’ll be down for any Christmas/New Years themed ideas that you may have!

Now, onto the less fun news. Basically…this next time I open up prompts will be the last time I take requests for a while.

There’s a ton of reasons why I’ve decided to take a little break from taking prompts, but I’ll try to explain the main two without rambling too much. The first is that I’ve been doing this for a while now - this blog is over a year old and I’ve been posting 2-3 fics a week as part of my schedule for about that long too. That’s…a long time and a lot of fics. And it’s been a ton of fun - really, I can’t describe how much running this blog and writing fics for all of you has enriched my life. But it is starting to weigh on me a bit. Having to always have fics ready to post every week can be a lot of work, especially when I’m not feeling 100% and sometimes it’s been stressful to keep up. Hell, I barely have time to read other people’s fics as much as I used to! I feel like I ought to take a little break, just to recharge my batteries and make sure I don’t burn myself out.

The second reason is more personal. I don’t go into a lot of detail about my personal life on here, but to be vague about it - there’s some adult-ing that I’ve needed to do for a long time now and I can’t allow myself to ignore it anymore. As much as I genuinely love writing fics, I think I’ve been using prompts as an excuse/distraction to keep me from focusing on important IRL stuff. And I can’t afford to keep doing that. So, I think a break is in order to get to me to concentrate on Really Real Life.

I want to make one thing clear though - I am NOT abandoning this blog. Not by a long shot! While I won’t be taking requests after this next week, I will still likely be writing some original fics and putting them up here. Additionally, since I love getting ideas from you guys, I might try and do more shorter/tsfs or ask memes that allow me to take smaller requests from you all! I don’t want to stop writing completely and that might be a good way for me to keep active and not neglect you lovely followers out there! And I’m sure I’ll still find the time to post random rambles about my various faves (COUGH COUGH Dan the DM COUGH COUGH). You have been warned…

So yeah. TLDR - I’m opening up prompts later this week, but it’ll be the last time I do that for a while. I can’t say how long it’ll be before I do decide to take prompts from you guys again, but I guarantee you that I will be back to taking requests at some point. I cannot overstate how much I enjoy getting to hear from folks and write them the fics they wanna read. It is so much fun and it’s helped me get through some tough times in the past year or so. I am incredibly thankful to all of you out there who follow this blog and read my fics, and I wanna reassure you again that this is not the end and that I’m still gonna be around and doing my best to improve as a writer and enterain you folks!

OK, OK, that’s enough giant blocks of text. I’ll update y’all again soon - if you have any questions, shoot them my way and I’ll answer. In the mean time, get your ideas ready for Friday/Saturday if you want a fic written and, more importantly, make sure you have a wonderful day!

imma share a few thoughts...

ok so,

there are just a few things i wanna point out that i haven’t seen, and i apologize for the long post, but i love going on tangents and trying to piece things together. however, there will be a lot of unanswered questions.

alright, now…

it’s safe to say that there are clear connections between mark’s ‘don’t remember’ video, darkiplier and wkm.

it’s also been pointed out that it corresponds to a 'series’ of videos that features dark. this series goes back to even the very first appearances of dark, and where he originated.

there are tons of ideas as to what is being said and all but i’ll rely and reference theowlandthefinch’s post.

of course, we haven’t been shown the whole timeline of darkiplier, but we know that there has been communication between us and darkiplier that possibily regards mark.

all we know in the timeline is (with this current “canon” version of dark) wkm, adwm and this recent 'don’t remember’ video.

obviously, dark doesn’t like mark, but we like mark, and we also like dark. so there’s a bit of discourse there.

wkm is backstory and not in the present, so events in adwm will be referenced more. but are events in adwm all that accurate now that dark has had more of a build as for motivation. maybe not everything showcased in adwm might add up to dark’s current plans/doings.

is mark being manipulated by dark? are they manipulating each other? how and why are we being manipulated?

now, i tend to believe dark can jump dimensions, or worlds. in wkm, it’s shown that happens a lot (due to the curse), whether it’s intended or spontaneously. dark has grasped that power to bring people into mark’s upside down as celine had done. it’s also apparent in adwm that dark can still do that with ease.

basically dark can “kill” us whenever he wants.

getting back on point, mark’s van videos. the funny is just filler and/or conveying this mark as an enjoyable character.

most what mark, the one who is making the storyline, (yes there is a difference, and it has to be pointed out cus the marks that call themselves and are refered to as 'mark’ aren’t exactly the same person) has to take a lot of what has already been made, and then make it make sense. and as our mark has stated before, since the character isn’t his, none of this story line has anything to do with or involves the host.

real question is, why does this mark need to continuously have our attention in the van vids?

now a big pointer i’ve been tryin’ to get to.

when dark, in wkm, broke the mirror, there was static. in the van vids, the tv is broken, correct? so therefore, static! refering to theowlandthefinch’s post i mentioned earlier, the words “i hate you” were said and “remained untouched” after they edited the static out.

is there a possibility that dark is able to reach through static and electronics to jump dimensions?

before we leave the topic of the 'don’t remember’ video, i wanna add a few more things.

the van seemed almost silent. the tv didn’t seem to be on. there’s possibly some movement but if we were sleeping before, we could either be turning, tossing or moving in our sleep, or someone else was in the van and turned the tv on.

we come off as confused, frantically looking around. we pick up the temperature reader thing like we’ve never seen it before. we scan the tv and then scan it again. why and how was the tv so hot?

either it was really hot outside or the tv on a very long time before

although, after we scan the tv the first time, the words theowlandthefinch picked up were 'are you sure about that?’. whatkindamemeisthat?? in accordance with our actions, dark seems almost a bit amused. why did we just scan the tv with this odd device? why did we do it twice? does he not realize what it does? does he only recognise it as it doesn’t do him harm?

before we turn the tv off theowlandthefinch hears 'go back to sleep’. and after we look around a bit we do. we’re faling into dark’s plan accordingly

but if dark had access to this rip in dimensions, and wished to talk to us, why not do it sooner? why at night?

does dark not have an understanding of time? has he been through so many he can’t keep the exact time of each and every one? and which 'us’ does he needs to constantly keep in contact with to get his plan to work?

part of me feels like i’m just handing ideas to mark now help

returning to the main topic, with dark being able to jump dimensions, is the mark featured in the van vids the same one we know and love? there’s been the 'actor’ mark in adwm and 'douche/jerk/asshole’ mark in wkm.

is dark able to differentiate the different marks? from what we’ve seen so far, he’s only really interacted with the stupid versions.

but that’s only what our mark has shown us. there is an entire past we need to catch up on. everything between wkm and adwm is an empty space waiting to be filled. what did dark do? what did we do? what did mark do?

in adwm, dark had finally been molded into a sort of 'canon’. dark tells us that he’d been toyed around with before, and he’s made deals with others before. dark could be refering to either wkm or that our mark had been just playing with the idea of darkiplier before molding him into what he is now.

if dark has that kind of knowledge, breaking the fourth wall, what is his real intention?

dark has the motivation to kill/destroy/dispose of mark. the good has been ripped out of the 2 people that make dark. his motivation is primarily revenge, from what i can tell.

dark seems to be a kid who doesn’t want to be like his parents, who he oh so hates, but ultimately starts acting like.

dark was manipulated, and he hates that. but he’ll do whatever it takes even if it is manipulating others.

and back to the point, did mark know that there could be a possible connection between the static on the tv, and dark? does this mark know about darkiplier? does this mark wish to confront dark? if so, why?

yes, dark wants to see the end of every markiplier he comes in contact with. he manipulates to get what he wants, and he’s doing it right now.

but what is dark’s end game?

is our mark really in the picture?

is our mark dark’s end game?

but alas, it is only a question. if anyone else has ideas, please feel free to add on!

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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Kaito Nii-Chan and Miku moved out of the big house to the house they bought this afternoon. They decided that they wanted to have a house of their own after they got married. Pfft, i guess a married couple need their privacy.

But, now with them gone, the big house is gonna be even emptier and lonelier. First Meiko-Nee, then Luka-Nee, now them. There’s only me and Lenlen living in the big house now.  I just wish that we can all still live here together like how we used to years ago, but like Lenlen told me, life goes on. 

It’s just the two of us now….


Ok so a while ago I hit 500 followers (thanks guys!!!) and I’d promise I’d do a writing raffle but I kinda stopped writing lol

But anyway. Here goes:

RULES: You must be following me to be eligible to enter. (You can certainly follow me then reblog to enter, that’s fine) To enter you simply reblog this post with the tag ‘Fraser’s writing raffle’ tagged. Obviously I will only accept one reblog per person, but if you could reblog this heaps of times so people will see that would be great.

I will also not write any smut/pornography. First off I’m terrible at writing it and I can’t stand it, writing or reading. Sorry. My raffle, my rules.

1st Prize: 25k-50k word fic. This can be about any fandom (that I know about lol) and/or any ship (as long as it’s appropriate. I’m not writing abuse, paedophilia or incest)

2nd Prize: 1k-5k word short story. About anything. Original or fanworks.

3rd Prize: A poem no greater than 30 lines. Original or fanworks.

4th and 5th Prize: <1k word background story about your OC or an existing character of your choice. If it is an OC please send artwork and a small bit of information about them.

Entries close on 1st December and prizes will be drawn randomly.

Thanks everyone! And good luck!

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He posted a video of his thoughts on justice league using a face cam so it's either very well faked, I haven't watched it all besides the first few seconds with no volume bc I'm on a bus so it might be a troll, but I don't think he's a troll

i’ll take very well faked over believing anything that guy says. he might be convincing the rest of you but if he comes out and goes “you fuckin idiots you believed all this shit hahaha i said my birth was the greatest occasion since the fall of rome and that there was farmland in antarctica how could you believe this shit” i’m gonna be laughin WITH him

also speaking of people who can’t tell when people are trolling it’s so lame to see those kinds of people realize they’re being trolled and then go and post the “i was just pretending to be retarded” image or parrot that kind of argument. that shit has a place but when someone is fooling you you can’t just turn that around and say “yeah well you were saying stupid shit so it doesn’t matter if i believed you”

Things that are canon because of the Final Fantasy 7 Extended Universe
  • A best-selling epic based on the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless
  • Cloud hoarded all of the master materia after the first game
  • Reeve still uses Cait Sith years after his cover is blown
  • Cait Sith talks in a Scottish accent but Reeve doesn’t (???)
  • Everyone with a voice actor goes out of their way to never say Aerith’s name because it’s apparently still up in the air how her name is spelled?
  • It’s entirely possible that Vincent actually was coming to Midgar just to buy a phone and decided to help fight Bahamut just because
  • The entire party has enough upper body strength to each throw Cloud 80 feet into the air
  • Rude keeps at least two pairs of sunglasses on him no matter where he is or what time of day
  • The Turks are all probably immortal?
  • Literally everyone is apparently good enough for SOLDIER except for Cloud
  • Zack was reincarnated as a wolf, but also he’s still a man ghost sometimes
  • Aerith wrote 90 letters to her boyfriend without any response for four years and never assumed something went wrong until his parents said he was probably dead
  • Japanese pop idol Gackt is a Sephiroth clone and also possibly immortal?
  • Every time Sephiroth is reincarnated his sword gets two feet longer
  • Sometimes Hojo is Sephiroth’s father but sometimes it might be Vincent? And we never get a clear definite answer one way or the other??

feel free to add on or correct me because I’m sure there’s a lot I’m missing

Keith Kogan: A Portrayal of Homosexuality Done Right

I always tell people that Voltron is a lot more clever than it gets credit for. It can spin a cliche/trope on it’s head beautifully, and while all the characters are easily digestible archetypes (i.e: the nerd, the loner), the creators add layers to them that not only make them feel like real people, but also makes social commentary on those very archetypes.

In no better way do they do this than with the character of Keith.

Before I get into how and why Keith deviates from you’re typical gay male protagonist, I want to establish as a fact that Keith is homosexual.

If you don’t see - what I consider to be - blatant evidence that Keith’s gay, well, I can’t say I blame you. Most people have ingrained heteronormative lenses, meaning they’ll miss the subtext of homosexual characters. Us in the LGBT community are much more attuned to seeing these because, well, for one, we’re queer, and two, because up until around the 1960s, the portrayal of gay characters in the media was illegal and could only be shown subtextually.

So it makes sense that people overlook the very nuanced portrayal of Keith’s sexuality, but if you’re willing to take off those lenses, it’s certainly there.

The first standout appearance of this is in season 1 episode 6: Taking Flight. Or as I like to call it, the day the shows name officially changed to Gaytron: Legendary Homosexuals

I think one of the disconnects for some viewers is that they don’t completely grasp the saying, “Show don’t tell,” the mantra of pretty much every writer. Not always, but typically, showing is better than telling. Or more accurately, telling needs to be used at the correct times and for the right reasons.

So how do they show us that Keith’s gay in this episode? Through three things, body language, actions, and juxtaposition.

You don’t have to be a body language specialist to understand the clear meaning behind Keith’s posture. Leaning, looking someone up and down, and a small, lingering smile/smirk are all subconscious signs of attraction. They’re also common ways of depicting male attraction in the media.

Speaking of depicting male attraction, lets look at how Lance’s flirts in the same episode.

Leaning. Check. Lingering smile. Check. Engaged eye contact. Check. The biggest difference is how blatant they are in their intentions, but that comes down to pure character difference. Keith is self assured and more genuinely confident. He also has a lot of walls up and isn’t so open. While Lance puts on a show/over compensates so that he might appear cool. You can also see this in their respective ‘I’m-checking-you-out’ postures. Lance’s body is open, he’s engaged and his eyes are on Nyma’s eyes. While Keith’s posture is interested, but more in an appreciative way. His body is closed off, and instead of looking Rolo in the eyes, he looks at his - um - physique. This is really fitting for Keith’s character, who again, has walls, and who also puts this mission first, and most likely has no intention of letting this attraction lead to anything other than having a nice piece of eye candy around for a couple of hours.

This is textbook juxtaposition. So moving along now.

I don’t want this to be a shippy post, so I won’t add all the times I think Keith shows attraction towards Lance, but I do want to mention this scene.

The use of the rainbow(the most recognizable symbol in the gay community) over lapping the bi flag colors is relevant for the same reason why the use of purple to symbolize the Galra is relevant. Purple represents royalty, imperialism, but also gloom and danger. The use of these colors and symbols are conscious choices.

While the above scene shows that Keith is attracted to men, this scene shows that Keith is also not attracted to woman.

What I love about this scene is that it’s such a cliche, and like I said up above, Voltron is good at turning those on their head. Here they utilize the tiered and true trope of accidentally falling into each others arms. If this was a hetero-centric Romcom than this moment would’ve been obviously meant to establish attraction, but instead, it does the opposite. Rather Keith personally likes Allura or not, she’s a knock out. So, if he’s attracted to women at all, and isn’t use to having that contact- which hes not - he should be at least somewhat shocked/flustered. If it had been an attractive guy that fell into Keith’s arms, I have no doubt that his reactions would be something beyond that blank stare. Considering he literally gasps every time Lance touches him

The last piece of “evidence” I want to show isn’t as blatant and may just be my perspective, but it’s worth mentioning.

The themes of Keith’s Galra arc are very reminiscent to coming out. He’s discovering parts of himself. He’s internalizing and hiding away said parts. He’s scared of what the people he cares about will think of him when they find out. If this is intentional, it’s brilliant, because while Voltron is set in a futurist world where sexuality is supposedly not an Issue, it still is for the youth of today. Meaning by having these similar themes, Keith becomes more relatable to LGBT people.

This is the part where, if you still don’t think Keith’s gay, I’ll have to calmly yet firmly ask you to get off my fucking lawn. For the rest of you, onward to victory!!!

LGBT individuals have a history of being badly represented in the media, especially now that gay characters have become a marketing strategy for a more progressive consumer base. Their whole character is often reduced to stereotypes or used as a giant walking gay pride flag that reads: look at us, we’re hip and with the times. Meaning, the majority of these characters plots and personalities are based solely on their sexuality. Which is a problem, because not only does it not help to normalize homosexuality, but it’s just not relatable to LGBT people.

I’ll give you an example. My mom’s a lesbian. She married to a woman and has two daughters, one who is trans and one who is bi. But despite how “gay"her life may seem, she very rarely describes herself as that way. She’s not active in LGBT issues. She doesn’t involve herself in the community. Shes not lesbian first and everything else afterward, and she is certainly not alone in that experience. Don’t get me wrong, LGBT individuals are more aware of their sexuality than cishet people, but it’s typically only because others point it out and remind us that its not "normal.” Still, for a lot of LGBT people, our sexuality is just one part of our personal narrative, not the whole damn book.

Another problem with LGBT representations is that their often just built off of stereotypes. Gay men are feminized and their sexuality is typically made the butt of a joke. They are shown as being promiscuous and having commitment issues. These are the standards.

But Keith abolishes all of those, and in such a seamless way too.

While Keith’s character is in no way excessively macho, he’s certainly not feminine either. He doesn’t mind getting sweaty. He’s temperamental and has anger issue. He lived a pretty low maintenance life in a desert shack, sleeps in his jeans like a heathen, and probably uses a dagger to peel oranges. Keith is a masculine character. He’s confident and self assured, but not vain. He’s emotional, but in a very private way. Whereas many other portrayal of gay men depict them as almost theatrically sensitive, confident, but only in their sexual prowess, and self absorbed, but only when it come to their looks and not when it comes to their skills.

This is already an impressive deviation, but what really makes Keith’s portrayal stand out is the way his sexuality is but a mere footnote in what makes his character his character, and how that fits into his personality and story arc so well.

The first thing you have to realize about Keith is that, while he certainly wants to connect with people, it’s not his number one priority. He has barriers. He fears rejection, and despite wanting to feel as if he belongs, its not hard to see how Keith has been conditioned to assume he’ll inevitability be left behind, and therefore places personal relationships low on his list of priorities. Meaning, yes, he was checking out Rolo, and yes, I believe that he’s very very fond of Lance, but I can’t imagine that Keith really sees these relationships becoming something substantial or romantic, and thus doesn’t put too much effort into perusing them. You can really tell what’s important to a character by what they focus their time on. Take Lance for instance, he’s a character who blatantly cares about friendships and has no problem openly flirting. That’s not to say Lance doesn’t care about the war, just like Keith’s reluctance to pursue meaningful bonds doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them. It just means that relationships and love obviously mean a lot to Lance.

So what does Keith focus on? Well, he shows the most focus on relationships in season one, when the connections he had with his makeshift family was the post pressing thing going on. (You cant really form Voltron if you don’t connect with the other members) But after season one, with all the changes Keith goes through, we see a big shift in his priorities. First he finds out about his heritage, then Shiro disappears and he is thrust into leadership, and then most recently, he joins the Blade.

By framing Keith’s character like this, it allows the creators to make his sexuality natural and relatable in a very interesting way. Because as LGBT people know, our sexuality isn’t the most important part of our lives. Just like Keith, we have more to focus on.

That’s not to say that his sexuality will never be shown explicitly. Like I said, I don’t want to get too shippy, but I truly believe that Laith is endgame. So if and when that happens, his sexuality will naturally come into play. Sadly, their will be a lot of people who call it forced because they missed the subtext and are use to seeing gay characters depicted more as spectacles than real people.

Voltron has really done something special here. They’ve create a universe where sexuality isn’t an issue, and they make it believable by never bringing it up outside of naturally occurring, unforced, appropriate context. Even better, because the Voltron universe is so vastly different than our own, it would’ve been easy to make LGBT characters that we couldn’t relate to, but they don’t. They manage this so well that I honestly can’t phantom Keith’s sexuality being anything but homosexual despite the fact it’s never been explicitly shown.

But most importantly, they’re creating a higher standard for LGBT representation. They are normalizing it on a show aimed towards children who are heavily influenced by the media they consume.

That, my friends, is worth applauding.


Oakmere Manor: Sandy’s Simblreen Special

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