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My Beloved is Mine and I am His: 13x02 and Song of Solomon

One of the first things I wrote when I was brand new to the fandom was a short fic with Castiel reading and re-enacting sections from the Song of Songs to Dean. At the time, I thought it was too cheesy and trite to fit within the realm of Supernatural, and I deleted it in a bout of frustration. I am regretting that today like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m a bit of a bible nerd. I took a lot of theology and religion classes in my undergrad. That was nearly a decade ago though, so my current knowledge is a bit shaky. Here’s what I can recall about Song of Solomon that may or may not inform your reading of 13x02 and SPN in general.

A disclaimer: I am sick and drug addled, so please forgive any incoherent rambling. There is a lot of irrelevant gibberish, so I’ve tried to highlight the bits relevant to SPN.

To begin!

Solomon is the heir of King David (whom you may recall had a passionate same-sex relationship with Jonathan.) Solomon’s reign is idealized, much like David’s was, and it was under Solomon that the First Temple was built. Solomon is famous for his wisdom and his large concubine of women. Notably, he settled a dispute between two women who were fighting over a child. He offered to cut it in half, revealing the true mother who could not bring herself to see the child hurt. This bears resemblance to Jack’s situation right now, torn between two fathers.

Song of Solomon (also known as Song of Songs, or the Canticles) is often attributed to Solomon because he is mentioned. However, the text is dated much later, and certain Persian words and influences in the text suggest a post-exilic era as the earliest possible date. Some scholars date it even later.

Song of Solomon is part of the collection in the Hebrew Bible known as The Writings (or the Kethuvim). It’s the third major division in the Hebrew Bible, and one of the last to be adopted into canon. It’s a bit of a catch all category that contains vastly diverse content including poetic works (Psalms, Song of Songs), and wisdom literature (Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes), to name a few.

Most of these writings (including Song of Songs) date to the post-exilic era. That is, after the Babylonian conquest, and during Persian rule. The nation of Judah perished in the fires that were set to Solomon’s temple. Post-exile, Judea was experiencing a theological crisis in the face of the apparent absence of Yahweh, or God. David’s dynasty has collapsed, and we see theological despair reflected in writings like Job and Ecclesiastes that ponder the problem of evil, the absence of God, and undeserved suffering. Song of Solomon, and other writings like it, were written at a time when things felt hopeless and there were fears that God has abandoned his people. It is oddly fitting then, that Jack should open to this particular part of the bible. 

The Kethuvim mark a shift in religious thought. Previous writings centred on an independent kingdom involved in international politics. After the fall of the temple, we see an exiled, diasporic religion now led by priests instead of divinely appointed kings. Religious leaders and writers had to adjust and re-envision their scriptural teachings. Gone was the simplistic thesis that equated prosperity with religious obedience and misery with sin. The authors of the books known as The Writings were questioning conventional scripture of the time and creatively refocusing their theology.

Persian rule also introduced new religious ideas, namely Zoroastrianism, which came to influence later Judeo-Christian ideas. Zoroastrianism viewed the world as dualistic, ruled by two opposing powers of good (light) and evil (dark) and had hierarchies of angels and demons. Until this time, most biblical literature did not give name or ranks to angels, nor did they depict satan as an actual autonomous figure. We have Zoroastrianism to thank for that, and its influence on biblical writings can start to be felt around the post-exile period (i.e. the time during which Song of Solomon was written). The book of Daniel, for example, names the angel Gabriel, and the Book of Tobit names the demon Asmodeus. (In Tobit, Asmodeus is a jealous demon who kills each successive husband of Sarah on her wedding night and is later exorcised. He is someone who keeps lovers apart and keeps them from consummating their love.)

Songs of Songs is essentially a collection of erotic love poems. The book defies any easy interpretation or classification, and it stands out in stark contrast to the rest of biblical canon. It’s a completely unabashed, uninhibited celebration of sex, with little evidence to suggest that the lovers are married. They do not live together, and yearn intensely for one another when apart. It’s the subject of numerous feminist readings, as it’s one of few books of the bible to give a voice to women’s thoughts and feelings. Here, those are romantic and erotic feelings.

Don’t believe me? Read this:

My beloved thrust his hand into the opening,
and my inmost being yearned for him.
I arose to open to my beloved,
and my hands dripped with myrrh,
my fingers with liquid myrrh,
upon the handles of the bolt.
(Song of Solomon 5: 4-5)

This is some raunchy stuff for the bible! And all of this is sharply contrasted with the sexual ethos elsewhere in the bible which imposes harsh penalties for sexual misconduct, and places great emphasis on the institution of marriage. Deuteronomy (a book of the bible about sexual and social control) calls for the death penalty in many cases

There was understandably some debate as to whether this particular bit of writing warranted inclusion in the biblical canon of scripture. Rabbi Akiba was a key figure in the development of the Hebrew canon. While he argued strongly against the inclusion of certain books of the Apocrypha, he advocated for the Song of Songs, calling it the Holy of Holies. Its sanctity was preserved by interpreting it as an allegory for the love between Yahweh and Israel, and later by Christians as the love between Christ and the Church. Interestingly, God is not mentioned once in the entire book. (The only other book of the Bible where God is not mentioned even once is Esther.)

And yet, this book was called the Holiest of Holies. Love is championed here above all else.

I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chuck. Someone (I’m sorry, I can’t remember who!) pointed out the rainbow glare that happened in 13x01 when Dean was praying as a sign of God’s promise. (Edit: I’m an idiot. I reblogged the damn thing and it was just a couple posts down. It was @gneisscastiel who made the beautiful post about lens flares and pointed out the rainbow as God’s promise.)  The inclusion of Song of Solomon in 13x02, besides being a blatant callout to Dean and Cas, suggests this is also about God and his people. I’d also like to suggest that Song of Solomon is a book that asks us to think broadly about canon. What constitutes canon? How is it formed? And I do mean canon here in the sense not just of biblical canon, but of fandom canon. Who decides what canon is? Is there room in canon for outliers like the Song of Solomon? The answer, as the show has just demonstrated, should be a resounding yes.

Onto the destiel side of things, which I’m sure has been discussed already. Song of Solomon contains some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible. It is full of similes and references to nature (and arguably Eden/Paradise). It is deeply rural and pastoral, with an appreciation of agriculture, nature, and animal life. The multiple reference to sheep in 13x02 were no coincidence, I’m sure. Castiel has long been associated with natural, rural things: flowers, bees, goats, fish, etc. (If the Void is depicted as a garden and Cas has been spending his time under apple trees, I’m going to lose my freaking mind.) Is he being associated with sheep now? As someone who has been led by God, other angels, duty, Dean, Jack… perhaps this is time for Cas to choose a direction for himself. Sheep and lambs in the bible are also frequently marked for sacrifice. They represent symbolic innocence, and in the New Testament, Christ is called the “Lamb of God.” I definitely think Cas is being set up as a Christ-like figure with his death and anticipated resurrection. If 13x02 made anything clear, it’s that Cas is the answer the whatever problem faces Dean, Sam, and Jack alike.  

Lamentations might have been a more appropriate choice for the episode. It’s also a book of poetry, but one that evokes pain and loss. But they chose instead to give us the book that celebrates love and hope amidst despair. That’s a choice that feel very deliberate, and makes me cautiously optimistic for Dean and Cas.

 In closing, here are some passages from Song of Solomon, and the ones I feel are most closely tied to a destiel narrative.

“You have ravished my heart with a glance of your eyes.”
(Song of Solomon 4:9)

“Set me a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm…”  
(Song of Solomon 8:6)

“… For love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame.”
(Song of Solomon 8:6)

“I will seek him whom my soul loves. I sought him, but found him not.” (Song of Solomon 3:2)

“My beloved is mine and I am his.” 
(Song of Solomon 2:16)

Being Human... Almost

Summary: Sam and Dean finally return, bringing more drama to Jack and you while he was finally getting used to his powers.

Words: 1350

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Originally posted by godshipsit

Warnings: Angsty, Season 13 Spoilers

A/N: So, I felt like writing a second part to this. maybe there will be a third even. We will see how this goes.

Becoming Human… Almost (You should probably read this first)

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“For seven seasons now, Mulder and Scully have remained suspended in the intoxicating pre-kiss rapture that is the essence of story-book romance.”

- excerpts from “An X-Rated Kiss,” by Stephen Cole, front page story, The National Post (Canada), November 24, 1999.

Hanyu Yuzuru: CoR Post-SP interview

Facing the judges table, how did you feel?

Yes well, there were various bad parts, even just watching you could tell there were a lot of them, but to me, first of all, well, I was aiming able to time all the jumps well so first of all that, I think that’s one problem that I overcame.

Seeing your expression at the end, it seemed like you received some form of feedback (from your performance)?

Yes. It’s like the whole…(the performance) came apart just a little, just a little, and with that I made mistakes…um, yes..well, as feedback I think it’s not a bad thing.

It’s the first GPS in the Olympic season, how do you feel about your own performance?

Well (my first GP competition) finishes earlier than usual (for me) so um, not missing (an element) in the SP is a big improvement for me I think, so… Um of course it’s totally different from the layout with the salchow and the stamina required is totally different so there’s no way to compare the two programs, but, right now, to me, this performance, while bad, still is a good form of feedback for me.

And then, tomorrow you will be fighting from 2nd place in the FS. How do you feel about it?

Well it’s not like the lead (in points) is that far away, what’s most important above all else is that this time I’m in a position to be able to go all out and challenge this so whilst bringing out all my strength in my own way, I really want to do this all the way to the end, from the very start to the very end.

In that FS too, there will be a new, big challenge, won’t there? (t/n: probably referring to the 4Lz)

Well, that too, is nothing but one jump, nothing but one element so um, in order to complete the whole program itself, I will continue to accumulate the things that I can do one by one.

I think he’s in quite a good position for the FS :)

//Edit:: Video replaced, just the interview now.
//Edit 2:: Changed “was aiming to” to “was able to” in the first answer.

ML Season 2: Ep 1&2 Summaries

I’m not even fully alive yet. I’m writing this from the afterlife. My goodness.

Warning 2: My stream froze halfway through episode one, so I can’t give a full summary of the fight scene, but the important stuff… omg…

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There will be a mini-”event” called Clarion Call that will activate towards the end of Season One! This will double your XP when playing activities with clanmates! If I heard correctly, this will stack with the 3x XP you get for your first three level ups at weekly reset.

I actually really really love the new season of Mr. Robot. The way it picks up the story lines and the drama and guides us through it with so much suspense, it thrills me right to my bones. And yes we lost Joana, an amazing Character but this is not the first time we lost a Character in this Series. Let’s think back to Gideon for a second. But it suddenly is much more critical, because it is a woman? Her being gone is going to have a huge impact on the story and not everything can be downplayed to “She was in disadvantage for being a woman”.
Sometimes it is just: This is the story we want to tell.

Not everything is immediately an attack.

2 days to the returning of The Walking Dead Season 8 !!!
Daryl & Carol will hug again on this first episode of the season 8 ( ep. 100 ) ❤
Can’t wait to see them together again!
They belong together ❤ Two souls in one ❤

“The Rising Son” coda

(on AO3)

It was hard not to think of it as “he.” Hard not to think of it as a kid.

And Sam didn’t make it any easier, calling it by name. “Jack said you told him you’d be the one to kill him.”

“Yeah,” Dean said.  Took a swallow from his coffee cup and grimaced—the pot had been left on too long; it managed to be burned and tasteless at the same time.

“Why’d you tell him that?” Sam asked.

“Because it’s the truth,” Dean said. “I figure, Prince of Lies’ spawn, why not go with honesty.” Sam was frowning at him. Dean got up, took his coffee over to the liquor shelf and added a splash of bourbon for flavor. “He”—it—“He’s a big…whatever. He can handle it.”

When he turned back, Sam was still frowning. “What, you think I was gonna change my mind about him, after he opened up a gate to Hell?” Dean said. “I get that you’ve got hope. But what part of dangerous are you not seeing here?”

“Why does it have to be you?” Sam said.


“If Jack does turn out to be too dangerous,” and Sam glanced at the door, as if checking for listeners. As if they had any idea what a nephilim’s hearing range actually was. “If we have to take him down—why would you be the one to do it? I’m the one advocating for him—if it goes sideways, it’s my mistake to fix.”

“No,” Dean said.

“Why not? I did with the Men of Letters, didn’t I?”

“That was different,” Dean said. “You didn’t ever like those douchebags—you just thought they could be useful.”

“I think Jack could be useful,” Sam said, and maybe didn’t even hear the guilt in his voice as he said it, that proved the point.

Dean took another gulp of coffee—better, though not by much. “Either way, it’s gonna be me.”

“Why?” Sam’s voice got an edge, but it wasn’t real anger, just testing. “You think I can’t handle it? That I’m not strong enough?”

“No,” Dean said. “You could do it, if you had to. But you wouldn’t enjoy it.”

Sam blanched, not ready for that. “You—you wouldn’t either.”

“You really think I wouldn’t?”

“You’ve seen enough of him to know,” Sam said. “However powerful—however dangerous Jack is, he’s just a kid. It’s not his fault—“

“—that he’s a monster? Doesn’t mean he’s not one,” Dean said. “And taking out monsters, that’s what I do—that’s what I’m good at.”

“You hunt things to save people—” Sam started, then cut himself off.

Too late. Dean could’ve listed off all the people they hadn’t saved, but no point; he could see that tally unscrolling in Sam’s eyes, as soon as he said it.

But Sam wasn’t one to give up. The darker things got, the harder he blew on whatever embers of hope he had left. That was part of this, Dean knew. Sam not giving up on Mom. Not giving up on the nephilim, either, even knowing what it was. “Even if you do have to kill Jack,” Sam said, sure and certain, “it’d be because you have to. Not because you want to.”

And yeah, it was cruel, to stamp on those embers; but kindness only got you dead, in the end. “You really think I don’t want to end the thing that got Mom killed? That got Cas killed?” Dean thought of that anger, that pain. Thought of narrowing it down into a knife blade, a bullet, and sending it home, letting it go.

The Mark of Cain wasn’t howling its bloodlust on his arm anymore, but he remembered every kill he’d made with the First Blade. Sometimes, late at night when even a bottle of whisky wasn’t enough to chase down sleep, he’d let himself remember them. Let himself remember the release, the ecstasy, the first time he’d climbed down from Alistair’s rack.

He let himself remember now, and let himself smile, and Sam flinched. Sam who loved the adrenaline of a hunt, more than he’d ever openly admit; Sam who knew what it was to want vengeance, to want blood—but not like this; Sam never wanted this. Dean went for that opening like this was a knife fight, “You think, when we do find the weapon that can kill this thing, that I’m gonna let you have it? I’d fight you for it, Sam, if I had to. This is my kill.”

“Because you don’t want me to have to do it,” Sam said quietly. Not parrying, not ducking. “Because you know how much it’ll hurt, and you don’t want me to be hurt more than I already will be. Than I already am.”

“Sure.” Dean dropped the smile. Drank the rest of his coffee and said, “If that’s what you want to tell yourself, sure.”

“If you really want to kill him, then why won’t you use his name?” Sam said. “You’re trying to keep your distance, and I get it, Dean. And I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Because it’s going to hurt you, too. Even if you want to kill a monster, you’ve seen too much of him already. You’ve seen the human in him, too, and you want to save him.  And if the only way to do that turns out to be by killing him…” Like me, he didn’t say, but that was what Sam thought the problem was, thinking this nephilim was like he’d been once, an innocent human poisoned by unholy power. “Maybe you’ll do it, if you have to, so I won’t. Or maybe you won’t be able to, and I’ll have to. But if it comes to that, we’ll figure it out, together.”

Dean shrugged, turned to leave, but Sam got up fast enough to get in his way, blocking the kitchen doorway, looking Dean square in the eyes. “If I’m wrong, Dean, then say his name.”

“Jack,” Dean said. “His name’s Jack.”

But Dean let his eyes drop from Sam’s as he said it. Like he couldn’t face his brother, because in the end Dean was a coward after all; in the end he couldn’t let Sam see the truth.

That this was Sam’s real problem: that Sam was way too used to loving monsters.

“Best friends, Besties, BFFs, Peas in a Pod, Sisters who would share traveling pants” - Amy ´s bestie - Scene 11x04 💕 

Dedicated to @linda6788,  she told me to do it and even that I said I would only do one scene per episode, I loved this scene so much with Amy and Leonard that I couldn´t resit myself. 

First, because it is not so common to see them alone in a scene, and I love their chemistry together, and second because it was hilarious, Amy has always been very sure of her friendship with Penny, and neither Berverly can get in between them!. I hope to see more interactions of Leonard and Amy, and show us that they have a friendship separate of their significant other. 

Hope you like it and have a wonderful Friday!! 😘😘,

“Because she’s hot.”: When you talk GoT with your ‘casual viewer’ friends...

So last night I was at a dinner with a few friends and aquaintances some of whom have either just started watching GoT and are still trying to “get into it” and some have been long time viewers. 

I wouldn’t blame anyone, especially not the people who are new to the show, to not remember all the names or not to get confused about things. It’s a complex show with a shitload of characters and fantasy names to keep track of so…

What I did find simultaneously ridiculous and also really telling about how D&D’s vision of the show seems to be working out so far is when the same people are asked which characters are their favourites and the answers are: 

“The blonde one” - “The blonde haired girl” or “the one with the dragons” 

Fair enough. I’ve liked her and found her story interesting for the first couple of seasons (approx. until she got to Mereen) so this is not out of the ordinary. 

HOWEVER, when asked “why” exactly they like “the blonde one with the dragons” and you expect them to say something like ‘she’s a badass’ or ‘she went through so much and managed to fight her way up’ or at least ‘she freed the slaves and would be a good choice for queen’…anything approaching a character analysis really (however little I may agree with it, but that wasn’t the point then)….

“She’s hot.” - “Yeah, she’s gorgeous.” - “She’s the hottest of all the women.” 

“I like her style.” (the only blonde haired girl at the table, jokingly)

I realize that my circle of friends or aquaintances is by no means a standard that measures what people really think of the show or characters in it, but even so I thought it incredibly ridiculous if not disturbing that viewers who profess to love the character of Daenerys can not cite one single reason why she is so very interesting or great or the “best” character other than her being the most “attractive” and “desirable” and “stylish” character on the show - which makes men fantasize about her and women trying to emulate her style to look as “hot” as she does. 

And NO this is of course not a “fault” of the character. Outward appearance whether attractive or plain is NEVER and should NEVER be a point of criticism. (I’m in love with the costumes in the show and have salivated over some of the concoctions she wore and loved her hairstyle etc.) And of course it is not actually “wrong” to like a character based on their looks – 

However, if my friends’ opinion WERE an indicator as to what a mass of ‘casual viewers’ perceive to be the most important character for the sole reason that she is the “hottest” - this does bother me. 

Game of Thrones IS a show that viewed on its shallowest level basically functions on the principles of spectacle: blood shed, gore, amazing settings, big crowd scenes and of course naked women left, right and center. The nudity on the show (and explicit scenes) may have been toned down in later seasons, but the objectification of characters, especially female ones is still rampant. 

And the centeral spectacle is most definitely “the hot blonde one” who cannot be shown naked often enough - which appears to make her the most popular girl in town. Viewers are supposed to “look” at her, not to necessarily “understand” her or “relate” to her. Male viewers “want her” and female viewers “want to be her” not because she is a badass queen who is “the best chance for the realm” but because she is hot - at least that seems to be the impression I gathered last night. 

Casual viewers often can not even remember her name or fully understand who she actually is (”Wait, she is his AUNT???”)

Yes, it’s entirely ok to watch GoT on a shallow level and not care about character complexities and only enjoy the spectacle without thinking about what the show is actually telling us about human nature, love, family, power, politics, good and evil…..

BUT: What disturbs me is that unless there is something far more complex planned for S8 like some kind of plot twist – I fear that this is all D&D are going to sell to us: the hot naked lady is the star of the show and wins all the thrones because she is the most popular girl and we pair her up with the hottest, most popular boy and EVERYONE will be happy. 

I think not. 

Because in that case all Game of Thrones will ever be remembered for is its spectacle - and perhaps how an intricate and “surprising” story became nothing more than background noise and a canvass to display the hotness of the “ice and fire” couple. 



Yesterday I saw the Norwegian production of the book of mormon and I just have to say I love it. Here is some thoughts on the production and some of the actors:


  • First of all I just want to say I was really excited for the show because its reviews have been all positive. Oslo’s biggest newspaper ranked it as the best show of the season and a must see. The show is sold out until May and it has been commercials all over Oslo  for it. It was the directing debut of Vider Magnusson who plays the main character in one of my favorite sitcoms.  One thing I will complain about when it comes to the marketing is that it has been zero marketing stuff with ANY of the African villagers my mom didn’t even know it was going to be set in Africa because she hadn’t seen any pics of the non-white actors. 

General stuff:

  • I just to say right of the bat that my favorite actor in this was Preben Hodneland who plays Elder McKinley he was honestly the best thing about the entire production they had this thing were they made him walk slightly to the right on the stage (right in front of were I was sitting) and react to stuff it was hilarious. He splits the roll with another guy because he also plays in Romeo and Juliet in the same theater this season. I am seeing him and Romeo and Juliet this spring as well so he got me really geared up for that.
  • I sat on the second row and it felt like I could reach out and touch the stage I was insanely close. 

Hallo! (Hello!)

  • My mom’s favorite number 
  • All of the elders were really good and they all looked like clones. 
  • Frank Kjolsås who plays Kevin is SO TINY like he is smaller then all of the elders and all of the villagers (including the woman) it was just so  cute and was illustrated a lot during Hello!

To og to (Two by two)

  • Price pretended to not like how all the guys were calling him the best and then when he stopped he did this clicking thing that made them continue 
  • Instead of Norway being the land of trolls and gnomes it was the land of trolls and trolls. (My mom didn’t believe me when I told her they do actually mention Norway in the original English version)
  • Japan was the country go soy sauce and Pokemon Go ´, the audience lost it.
  • Arnold (played by the amazing Kristoffer Olsen who was actually in the last rounds of audition for Cunnigham on West ham as well) covered Kevin’s face all the time with his hand and it was extra cute because of the size difference. Here is a good pic I know he is crouching but he even when he was standing straight he was so much smaller then everyone else.

Du og eg (You and me)

  • I loved this part, the set did a really cool thing when everything turned and revealed the airport. 
  • Kevin’s sited couldn’t care less about her brother leaving btw she looked down the entire time. 
  • During “something incredible” Arnold was dragged off stage on a bench and he looked really surprised. 
  • At the end of the song the climbed up a ramp and stood there while Arnold tried to do a Titanic thing but every time he tried to hug Kevin he was pushed a little away. Also it reminded me of the lion king.
  • The whole stealing the bags thing was just amazing and funny 

Hasa Diga Eebowai 

  • Also a woman (played by Kim Fairchild) had a chicken the entire show which she never let go off and it dropped an egg and she picked it up and shoved it into her mouth. Then she showed it off to Nabalungi really proudly inside her mouth. 
  • Nabalungi is and will always be my favorite character. She was played by Anette Amalia Hoff Larsen.
  • When she showed of her typewriter she asked “where is the emojis” and started doing impressions of the different emojis to show her father what she meant
  • Kevin’s highpitch “Hva er det vi sier?” (what are we saying) was amazing, also when Arnold was dancing in the background singing Hasa DIga Eebowai he just had the best time in his life shaking around.

Skru det av!

  • The Elders first appearance in Africa. 
  • Everything was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Seriosuly when Arnold said “THAT IS ALMOST NO ONE” he looked ready to jump onto Elder McKinley who took a step back. 
  • The song was amazing the dancing and everything 
  • McKinely said “LOL NO!” when Kevin said it was okay to have gay thoughts.
  • Also Preben is really tall and lanky so him standing next to Frank was really funny he had to lean down. 
  • During the dancing bit at the end McKinley twerked. ( he did that every time he was supposed to dance it  was hilarious)
  • So when McKinley leads the boys to the room he tries to kiss Kevin and then he goes to the right side of the stage and mounts to the audience “OH MY GOSH HE IS SO HANDSOME” while crouching down really excited. Before pretending to hide a boner.
  • As said Preben killed it. 

Eg er her for deg (I am here for you)

  • I don’t know if it was intentional but sometimes Kevin actually smiled quite a lot during this number. Also Arnold kissed his cheek.

Den amerikanske profeten

  • Real fun and good
  • All of the elders really rocked this one
  • AND THE RÆV FUCKINGS NAKEN SHOWS Up (played by Markus Bailey )
  • and he was played by Onkel Markus from BarneTV  like what?? (barnetv is a tv show for kids between 2-8 that goes on the state channel before the news) 
  • Frank was covered in blood more then anyone else I have ever seen in any bootleg

Sal Tlay Ka Citi

  • Anette is amazing and deserves all the love for playing Nabulungi so well
  • It was this really cool blue lighting that made her seem really sad
  • The translation of this song was really good
  • She sort of clutched her typewriter for a while during this song. 
  • She went up on the roof on her house and sat down on her knees and it sort of looked like she was praying. 

Back to the elders

  • THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KEVIN AND MCKINELeY. Like Mckinley was trying to stop Kevin from leaving and Kevin looked like a ball of rage and McKinley tried to kiss him again. 
  • Arnonld almost started screaming screaming when Kevin left it was funny. 

Man up

  • “Kva gjorde Jesus da han ble dømt til å døy / Ble han redd og fikk panikk, sa han ‘dette e'kkje gøy’”
  • Arnold gets a lightsaber he uses to ‘slay’ Boba Fett and Darth Vader
  • All of the elders except McKinley was dressed up as toy soldiers
  • McKinley turns up behind Kevin in and started dancing. He was tweaking and having the time of his life and sometimes he would stop like he just realized what he was doing and stand there for a while before starting again
  • He was dancing naked on stage 
  • it was insane I died
  • Also a light fell down, this was not on purpose and shocked some of the actors. Nobody got hurt thankfully

Act 2

It starts with Joseph Smith coming onstage and dancing to a short instrumental of Man Up with disco lights

No finn du på ting igjen (Making things up again)

  • The people that showed up were two Hobbits, Moroni, Darth Vader, Cunningham Sr, Joseph Smith, Uhura from Start trek and Yoda (Yoda was played Elder McKinley)

Skikk’leg skikk’leg skummelt (Spooky mormon hell dream)

  • This was the number I liked the least
  • Monstly because of the translation
  • Once again Elder McKinley stole the show
  • He was wearing a pink glitter suit without a shirt and slid over the stage before blowing Hitler and having sex with Kevin’s dad
  • And the terrible vision that I had that night” was translated into “og eg drøymde forferdeleg natt etter natt” (“and I dreamt terribly night after night”) which implies that Kevin had the hell dream for like a weak at the minimum
  • Kevin didn’t wake up before McKinley slapped his ass 

Eg trur (I belive) 

  • 20/10 
  • The general’s license plate was RØV 1 or ASS 1 

Døpe meg (baptize me)

  • Nabulungi had put her hair up in this really cool bun that she ripped out when she started dancing
  • Arnold tried to lie really sexy on the roof on one of the houses and then he almost fell down and Nabulungi looked terrified 

Vi er Afrika (We are Afrika) 

  • Great number

Joseph Smith Amerikas Moses (Joseph Smith American Moses)

  • This pictures sums up everything:

I Morgon Er Ein Siste Dag (Tomorrow is a Latter day)

  • McKinley’s suitcase is blue with fake diamonds around the edges

If anyone gets a hold of an audio I will trade anything for it

i don’t really remember watching the first two seasons of b99 bc i wasn’t obsessed yet but i did watch every episode live and i really loved it and for some reason i have one very vivid memory of coming downstairs after charges and specs aired and seeing my parents watching a recording of it and they were on the thrift store part and i was like “oh my god just WAIT until the end of the episode it’s so good” and it was so exciting

“This is all your fault. I could have taken European folklore to cover my sociology requirement, but no, you said, “Take journalism, Iris. Reporters have all of the fun”. Guess what, Barry? Reporters have none of the fun. Journalism is boring. I’m bored. I blame you.”

This is what Iris tells Barry in episode two of season one. So, not only does she hate journalism and later gets a job in it like she loves it suddenly, but there is no way that she suddenly had a journalism degree by the middle of the season. A year wouldn’t have even passed. There’s no way she could have taken all the required classes when she was only taking journalism in the first place to cover a sociology requirement. Her major had to have been something else and that was just general ed. So, that means Iris literally only got her job by blogging about the Flash and has absolutely no qualifications for it what so ever. But, then again, Iris tends to take on jobs she has zero qualifications for. After all, she appointed herself Team Leader after three years of uselessness.

This Step is Hard Too Part 6 Scene A

Winchester Brothers x Sister Reader, reader is 15 and 16 years old

So this Part is really long and I’m not done with it, so it’s going to have two parts to itself. Part 6 Scene A and Part 6 Scene B.

Summary: The reader is going through some rough challenges with her sexuality, and Charlie is gone. Maybe some new friends in her life will help her be more open.

Warnings: swearing, bullying, some depression but it doesn’t go into detail, also there will be some picture (one is a piece of paper with names on it, and the others are text messages) nothing extreme but the paper with names is from a bully. The names on the paper are just names I thought of. I even used my own first name so you guys can know I’m not putting anyone on the list. It’s just a visual for my series. Also I have used lines from different episodes. One is Season 9 Episode 6 “Heaven Can’t Wait” and Season 9 Episode 8 “Rock and a Hard Place”

Word Count: 5,850 (I still can’t believe this)

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sowmya-deshpande  asked:

Hey aly you used to post dvr rating every week. This season we never got to see one is ther no time for you??( P. S I understand) I would love to see people still caring about this show as much as i do!

Hey Sowmya - I’ve still been following the ratings generally but you’re right, I haven’t been posting them.  I guess I hadn’t prioritized them as something to post this season (not for lack of caring!).  Here are links to the L+7 comparisons for the first couple of weeks.

And here’s NBC’s spin from the most recent week of Oct 9-15:

“The Blacklist” (1.0/4 in 18-49, 5.8 million viewers overall from 8-9 p.m. ET) retained 100% week to week in 18-49 (1.0 vs. 1.0), to equal the show’s second-highest 18-49 rating since Nov. 10, 2016 (1.2 Thursday at 10 p.m.), trailing over that span only the show’s Sept. 27 season premiere (1.1). L+3: “Blacklist” increased by +49% in 18-49 (0.97 to 1.45) and +2.1 million viewers overall (5.8 million to 7.9 million) going from L+SD to L+3 Nielsens. L+7: “Blacklist” is growing by +69% in 18-49 rating this season going from L+SD to L+7 (1.13 to a 1.91) and +3.3 million viewers overall (6.4 million to 9.7 million). Upscale: “Blacklist” is delivering a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 125 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (with 100 representing an average concentration of those homes).