and the first one of the season

Actually, one of the only other people who knew early on, who was on set the day Marlene and I first spoke about Alex, was Keegan. So he and I were kind of the secret-keepers. I don’t think the girls knew until well into filming this season. There were a few scenes that I played with them where they didn’t know I was playing a different character. They must have just been like, “Huh. Troian’s off today!” But by the time the finale rolled by, everybody was a part of it.“ - Troian Bellisario

Interview with Troian on the finale reveal-
  • Did anyone else know about the plot?
  • Troian: Actually, one of the only other people who knew early on, who was on set the day Marlene and I first spoke about Alex, was Keegan. So he and I were kind of the secret-keepers. I don't think the girls knew until well into filming this season. There were a few scenes that I played with them where they didn't know I was playing a different character. They must have just been like, "Huh. Troian's off today!" But by the time the finale rolled by, everybody was a part of it.
  • What were their reactions when they found out?
  • Troian: There was a scene in the very beginning of the season where Hanna wakes up to a dream of younger Spencer talking to her in the cell A.D. put her in. When we came out to the cast about Alex, Ashley said, "Wait, you were a different person in that scene and you didn't even tell me?" I said, "I wasn't allowed to tell you!" She was like, "Man, I'm feeling really betrayed right now!"
  • Did you do the English accent?
  • Troian: Oooh, yes. I've never been more nervous—my heart was pounding the whole time. Switching between the accents and the two different personalities, I've never been more exhausted. By the end, I turned to someone else like, "What just happened?"
  • What was it like playing an evil English twin secretly playing her American sister?
  • Troian: At first I had to build the history of this character, her idiosyncrasies, and her movements with Marlene. I got to work with an incredible dialect coach to find the character's rhythm. Once you lock that in, it becomes a game of figuring out how good is she at transitioning her personality into Spencer's. Even if you've been observing somebody for a long time, your ability to imitate them is based a lot on your perception and judgements of them. It's not necessarily just about Alex being an incredible mimic. It's also about what Alex thinks of Spencer.
  • How the hell did Uber A pay for all the surveillance and equipment and bribes, not to mention the subterranean doll house, anyway?
  • Troian: Well, Wren is incredibly wealthy, and Charlotte left Alex everything. Easy! [Laughs] From the very beginning of the show, we've just had the wealthiest villains and they've continuously passed their insane wealth on to the new villains.

Jessica and Mary were twins. Jessica’s actions put Mary in Radley. Jessica had an affair with Peter Hastings. Melissa was born and Jason was born AND GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW, but Charles was born too. I guess Pastor Ted were having sex with his mental high school girlfriend or something. Mary (WHILE BEING RADLEY PATIENT STILL!), pretend she was her sister and she seduced Peter and she had twins. She sold one of her daughters AND THEN SHE GET OUT OF RADLEY… Around this time Jessica and Kenneth send Charles to Radley, so at least we know that Mary and Cece wasn’t in Radley at the same time. At least. But I’m still curious why Jessica took Charles in a first place. But who cares about Charles.. It was only big deal in like two or three seasons, season 7 have nothing to do with previous seasons, let’s make that clear.

Ok, so Charles become Charlotte or Cece or whatever and transforming from boy to a girl haven’t really changed her twisted mind and she was jealous of Alison or Spencer or.. who cares? But it’s fine, she take the game from mona even when mona never had any real motive to start the game with, but let’s forget about this. Wait, no. I won’t forget.

Mona always wanted to be friends with Alison and she was obsessed with her. She even made herself a creepy room in Lost woods resort, and then she helped Alison to run away. And then she was popular and best friends with hannah, and then after a year Aria came back and she started blackmailing them and only explanation we’ve got was that SPENCER, EMILY AND ARIA TOOK HANNA AWAY FROM HER.. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

And then Cece took the game, and we should just ignore all time gaps and wholes, and all unanswered questions we’d ever have about Cece and how she used to kiss her own cousin.

But then she was blamed for Wildens death and she used Alison passport to get away from the country. And as we know now, she did it because Wren called her and told her that she has a sister. And then she met Archer Dunhil on the plane and they fall madly in love. Sure.

And ok, I’m willing to believe it. All of it. Alex as Spencers secret, evil twin, and Cece as transgender older sister. And I can believe that Cece and Alex felt like that because they were having some rough time and were jelaous. I’m willing to believe that all the clues were there only to hide the biggest secret what was left till the very end.

I’m going to forget about Maya, Ian, Garrett and Wilden.

I’m not going to ask why they never explained what was Jenna doing, I’m not going to ask about Lucas, Paige, Melissa and Jason anymore. NAT club? Forget about this! It was never important. I won’t ask why Archer was flirting with Alison and having an affair with her even when he was in love with Charlotte. Alison wanted to get Cece out, so he never had to persuade her to help her. I don’t care why you can’t turn your back on a Hastings, or what happened to Tippi the bird. I won’t even bother to ask for how long Mary was with Alex, was she with her while she was living in London? Or was it actually Alex dressed up as a guy in a dollhouse? That’s why spencer felt like she knew this person?

But tell me just one thing. Only one thing I need to know now..




I’d like to think that this show was special for me, and all journey was just great.

But let me say this, that since season 4 it was just different. It was tiring, because all we could get out of it is more questions.

And this whole Addison story was like a slap for me.

There were s omany ways to end this show. With Ezra, Melissa, Lucas and Cece together, even with Jason. But it’s not only the finale I’m pissed at. I’m pissed on whole last 3 seasons. It was like in season 4 all the writers decided they don’t give a fuck anymore. They were like:

Oh shit, look what all the fans are doing on Tumblr, all these theories and how they pick up the smallest things (WHICH WERE TOLD US TO BE IMPORTANT! JUST HAVE A LOOK ON ALL MARLENE PLL TWEETS AND CLUES………….) and making bad ass theories.

You know what, I’m just …



Thank you all theorists here and fans who made this pll journey so great. You guys are the only reason that this show was special. Ok, you and Troian.

Thank you,

S .

At first, I thought she had gotten Marco’s hoodie when he came to Mewni, but I guess she “borrowed” one before she left?

I guess it didn’t take Ludo too long to get used to “his” new wand arm. Or some really top-notch manipulation from Toffee, considering Ludo’s probably aware of whose hand it is.

Oh hey, Rhombulus and Heckapoo are okay? I was assuming they’d be revived, but I’m a little surprised that they’re possibly gonna be revived sometime during the special. (I assumed later on in the season.) Unless that takes place in the past, given Mina’s attire from the previous gif.

Ludo also captures River and takes his crown, as well as Marco:

We also get a pretty big reveal in the trailer: Toffee murdered Moon’s mother. No wonder she had tried so hard to kill him with that dark spell in the past…

Dude, tho, past Toffee surrounded by all those Mewman skulls…

Also, we get a really unsettling shot of Eclipsa smiling from her crystal prison as Moon states she made a deal with her. So, we’ll be seeing you for the finale, then?

#FannibalSelfRecs: Season One - July 14th-16th

We’re changing things up this month and asking you to rec one of YOUR OWN works. Self-promo can be hard and awkward at times, but without it we would all miss out on a lot of utterly wonderful works. So we’d like to invite you to recommend to us your favorite work for our inaugural #FannibalSelfRecs event!


Rec ONE of your own pieces that fits this month’s theme : HANNIBAL SEASON ONE.

  • The timeline of your chosen fic must be set in the first season of Hannibal, while canon divergent fics are all welcomed, too.

  • Tag @hannibalficwriters so we can promote your work!

  • Use the tag #FannibalSelfRecs so others can find and love on your story, too.

  • Tell us about the journey to publication. We love peeking behind the curtain since everyone’s process is unique! Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

1. What does the piece mean to you?
2. What was your favorite line in your piece/what was your favourite comment that you’ve received on the work?
3. Did you research for the piece extensively when you wrote it? Did you learn anything new and unusual from writing it? Tell us something unique about the process.

And that’s it. Easy! We hope you’ll participate because we’re looking forward to reading your work!

- The Mod Team

Teen Wolf rewatch

So tonight, at the sleepover I had foisted on me (“Hey, Aunty Winter, we told Mum we’re sleeping over at your house tonight!”) the nephew and the niece and I watched the first three episodes of Teen Wolf, Season 1.

We watched “Wolf Moon”, “Second Chance at First Line” and “Pack Mentality”. Which plot-wise, takes us up to the death of the bus driver, and Scott discovering that Derek is not the one who bit him and that there’s something called an alpha in town…

The nephew is 13 and has chosen the codename Alpha 06.

The niece is 10 and has chosen the codename The Shrug. Well, she shrugged when I asked her what she wanted her code name to be.

And these are their impressions:

Alpha 06 liked the opening sequence. “Very suspenseful. Like a crime movie.”

The Shrug said, “Scott is a normal boy.”

Enter Stiles:

Alpha 06: “He’s sarcastic.”

The Shrug: “He’s awesome!” That may have been because he was hanging upside down at the time.

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But the truth is: when I saw him standing across from me in the arena and I knew only one of us could live…I wanted it to be me.

Here is my entry for @touhoushipcollab!! A 13-page comic featuring one of my favourite ships, Yuuka and Reimu, with a seasonal theme of late spring.  I’m afraid only the first page is in colour though.
You can read the rest under the cut here or on pixiv. 

Art belongs to me, do not trace, copy, alter or repost anywhere and in any fashion, and please do not remove this text

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Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people. Thank you, Dolly @iceintheattic for the tag! :-)

Name: Shelia
Nicknames: Sis, Shelee
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn but doesn’t mean anything to me.
Height: The other day a lady in the grocery store said to me “Oh, you’re a tall one, aren’t you?”  5′ 10″
Orientation: heterosexual, liberal, atheist female
Nationality: from the U.S.
Favorite Fruit: peach and strawberry
Favorite Season: Spring and Fall
Favorite Book: The Book Thief, Angela’s Ashes and To Kill A Mockingbird are a few favorites.
Favorite Flower: bachelor button and sweet pea
Favorite Scent: zest of lemon, coffee beans, coffee shop, popcorn when I  first walk into a movie theater, clothes that have been drying in a breeze on the line, clean sheets, fresh cut grass, watermelon when you cut it, the scent of cold weather clinging to the clothes, skin and hair of someone when they come inside to a warm house, lemon thyme, fresh picked morel mushrooms, lichen on a soft maple….
Favorite Color:  cornflower blue
Favorite Animal: all baby animals 
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Coffee 
Average sleep hours: 6, I think or 7
Cat or dog person: dog
Favorite fictional character: Anne Shirley and Frank N. Furter
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1
Blog Created: 2015
Number of followers: let me check…11,040 but maybe 100 of them actually look at my photos. :-)

I tag anyone who would like to do this. :) Wait… I’ll tag @grelicks and  @snowghoul because they love doing these tag things and @petitgrimoire because he might like it.  :)

“At a dinner get-together with the Joker Game team, Director Nomura said "If we’re gonna do a continuation of the anime, it absolutely must have the same core members as the first season!” but immediately everyone retorted back at him “You’re the one with the busiest schedule!!” It was really cute.

I’m ready to do it whenever you are.“ - Miwa Shirow

anonymous asked:

Do you know who got roomed with who in the first episode of BV season 2?? I think they were talking about it??? But then the video like buffered and started skipping around a little so I completely missed that part

There were 2 rooms in the house they were staying at. One room has one big bed and the other room has two separate single beds. Then three couches in the living room. Sugamon ended up staying in the one bed, jimin and seokjin in the single beds and JK, V and Jhope gets the couches.

Belle French Appreciation Week - Day 4 Favourite Outfit(s)

I have several!

Season one

Season two

Season three

Season four

Have to use the “Secrets of Storybrooke” image of Belle’s “Best Laid Plans” outfit because you can hardly see it in the episode.

Season five

Two green Camelot dresses, because when I went looking for a good image, I noticed that they were slightly different. There are more pearls and beading around the second one. Not sure whether they made Emilie two dresses because of her pregnancy, or whether they didn’t like the decoration on the neck and cuffs of the first dress. The second one is more embellished, like Regina’s dress.

Season six

My favourite season for Belle’s wardrobe, I have to say. There are other outfits I liked that I didn’t include here. I loved her hair in season six as well (and five). I think the wig was a more consistent colour, and the hairstyles were simpler.

(some) things I still don't understand about skam season 4:

- why did vilde add elias on facebook
- or did elias add her first
- who else were facebook friends
- why didn’t yousef had mutual friends with sana
- why did yousef use one single heart emoji instead of a row of heart eyes emojis when sana sent that selfie with the girls
- when did eskild date that turkish boy if a year ago noora said he was single/not seeing anyone
- why weren’t chris and vilde closer to sana
- who was playing I feel it coming in the clip magrib if the boys weren’t home
- why did we get all this useless information about yousef
- why did yousef get redeemed through his texts with noora instead of giving him the opportunity to explain himself
- when did sana send william the email
- more important, why did sana only get 9 episodes instead of 10

and honestly it’s more than them saying “i love you” to each other, because let’s be real as much as i want those two to smush their faces together it was meant as a (while still very sweet) platonic moment though i’ll pretend otherwise from now til forever

but guys, we have ravi back again

the real ravi, well-written, heartfelt, caring, the guy that hooked me into season one in the first place, the guy who cracks a joke in the middle of talking about how much he wants to help, the guy who’s totally 100% down to risk his own life if it means maybe making a difference

i just

i was almost ready to quit the show and now here i am, dragged right back in because of the love of my life Dr. Ravi Heart-of-Gold Chakrabarti

-“So you’re like, one of those, beautiful mind, genius guys”
- “Yeah” 💜 

This hiatus is killing me, I started to re-watch the all series again waiting for the new season and I didn´t remember how cutes some of the moments were. Last night I started with the first ones and in this exact moment, omg, Sheldon couldn´t be more cuter, I think is that the moment I fall in love with him! 💕💕.

I will re-watch and draw scenes until september because without my dosis of tbbt I can´t live! I hope you like it and have a wonderful day!! 😘😘

Can we just talk about Riverdale for a sec. Like it’s one thing that everything in that first season happened within a few months. Like what???? I barely figure out my best friends been dating someone after two months went by, let alone solve a murder mystery, go through like 4 girlfriends, and deal with my dad being in jail. And that’s like the tip of the iceberg on what goes on in that show. Not only this, but they r all somehow only sophmores?????? At the beginning of my sophomore year I was still kinda that awkward not a freshman anymore kid. Not some super hot jock and no one wore heels???? They should at least be juniors. If BELIEVE betty was a sophomore if not for how she acts. They r all way to mature. Also, does no other grade exist in the school? What grade was Polly in? Like she got knocked up by a sophomore?! Was literally the only social hierarchy in the sophomore class. Man, I’m pretty sure all the seniors were like duck this shit I’m going to avoid anything with the sophomores as much as possible because obvi they r all fucking crazy. I know I’m hating, but I actually do really love the show. And I love Cole sprouse specifically the most, sorry other cast members. But like cmon, is no one else talking about this shit.

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name: emily

nickname: midge / andy

zodiac sign: aries

height: 5′8"

orientation: bi

nationality + ethnicity (these two get mixed up so i put both lol): canadian/white (scottish)

favourite fruit: raspberries

favourite season: winter

favourite book: i dont really have one

favourite flower: lilacs

favourite scent: coffee grounds or how subway
restaurants smell when u first walk in

favourite colour: light pink and blue

favourite animal: manatees

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea

average hours of sleep: 4 hours if my insomnia is acting up, 7 if its not

cats or dogs: dogs

number of blankets you sleep with: one in summer, two or three in winter

dream trip: japan

blog created: this accounts been around since 2012 but i turned into a hockey blog around 2014

number of followers: 1391

i tag: @yammermoto @davidpasta @stadiumghost @seguins @csheary @jungmoney @cptrielly @shortstopped @knoxbrindles @thirdjersey @seimoneaugustus @nazemkadri @johnnyhckey @kevinhayes @stepmom @torontostpats @crocby @afterthefair @red3ds @konecny

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What anime do you watch ?

oh boy here we go, 

I’ve watched a lot of anime in my time so here’s a list of the ones I liked (in no order):

Full metal alchemist (brotherhood and the previous one)

Attack on titan 

ginga nagreboshi gin/ginga densetsu weed

Princess Tutu

kimi ni no souja erin


Wolfs rain

soul eater

Death parade

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

ao no exorcist

Berserk (1997/2016)


Blood blockade battlefront

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

kabaneri and the iron fortress

zombie loan

Your lie in april

Boku no hero academia 

Hunter X hunter (old and new)

Death Note

Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Neon genesis evangelion (+ the movies)

Psycho Pass

Black butler

Digimon (the first 3 seasons in sub are such a treat) (+ digimon tri)

Pokemon (litterally all of it I’m up to date with sun and moon in sub)


Tokyo ghoul

91 days

-anime im currently watching-

jojos bizarre adventure (old + new)

shingeki no bahamut: genesis 


little witch academia


I bolded the ones I exceptionally loved or am exceptionally loving so far! and also did not include movies or anime I didn’t like lol there’s probably one or two missing sine I cant remember everything but this is my main lot!

if you have any recommendations you can totally drop em my way 

91 days, noragami, tokyo ghoul and durarara! are some of my faves so anything with that flavour would be tight