and the first one of the season

Since Katie was supposed to appear only in few episodes of Supergirl at first, if Lena was played by someone else she wouldn’t probaly get the same kind of support as Katie the queen of lesbians got, meaning no chemistry with Kara, therefore Supercorp would not exist, Lena would be written off after few episodes and there would be no one who could yeet Mon-El into space. Katie McGrath? Single handedly saved this season.

John Madden Narrates Touhou: Hidden Star in Four Seasons Edition

Been a while since I made one of these, so I decided to do a four-parter.

“We’re back, Bob, and what an amazing third down we have here. Aya Shammymammy is no stranger to fans, but this is the first time we’ve seen her on the offensive line. She has the speed, and that’s gonna help her as she’s up against Lilywhite, who came outta retirement just for this game. Just a simple zigging and zagging and she should break on through!“

“I gotta say, Bob, I don’t know what kinda interference Kamminy On is trying to run here, but a star runner like Aya should have no problem with this. It’s a classic fade and roll maneuver. I mean what is this? Is the defense slacking? This should be a cakewalk for Aya.“

“It looks like I spoke too soon, Bob! The defense has unleashed the dreaded Curvy Lasers play! That’s a gut buster right there. A seasoned player like Aya should know how to run this: it’s a classic column maneuver. You can’t let yourself get dazzled. You gotta stay focused on the front line and use some nimble footwork. Although I gotta say the defense must be pretty rattled to break out a play this old and-“

“HOLY SMOKES BOB! THEY’RE RUNNING THE PHANTOM AGAIN! We haven’t seen this defense in MANY seasons now. It’s pandemonium in the stands, Bob, listen to that crowd roar! Good thing Aya knows what she’s doing here - you can’t fake her out that easy. She’s gonna have to see the holes as she gets to ‘em, but wow. Just WOW, Bob! If this is what the defense has been throwing out in the first half, we are set for an AMAZING second half. Back to you, Bob!





It’s most obvious in the scant milisecond before Magnus raises his arm and his body blocks his hand from view.

Am I the only one who never noticed this?

How to write a hit cartoon in the 2010′s

The first thing you are going to want to do is make an energetic, innocent little cinnamon roll of a character who views the world with rose colored glasses.

I’m talking about just the cutest, sweetest, most huggable little munchkin you can think of. This character needs to be someone you want to daaaw at and protect because they are just too pure for this mortal coil.

Think of their personality like the equivalent of an energetic puppy. 

Like an energetic puppy they are going to get into some life endangering mischief, because these characters do NOT come equipped with a functional sense of self preservation for at least the first season.

Why should they have a sense of self preservation, when they have the Straight Laced Co star to make sure they do not stick a fork into the proverbial electrical outlet?

The straight laced co star is just as important as our hyper little lamb. This supporting character is the more serious one that is actually aware that the world has consequences, and they can usually be seen having a heart attack over the energetic characters antics.

The straight laced characters mission is to keep our hyper lamb alive, while simultaneously preserving their innocence.

Much of the comedy is going to come from serious character freaking out over how in danger the blissfully unaware hyper puppy character is, and how this serious character is going to help this innocent yet suicidal cinnamon roll not die for the majority of season 1.

Aside from this straight laced character, everyone else in the supporting cast needs to be delightfully quirky in one way or another.

However, unlike our innocent little lamb co main character, these supporting characters are quirky in a decidedly cynical and jaded way. They are world weary, wry, self deprecating, lovable assholes, or they are some kind of buffoon who is surprisingly wise.

It doesn’t matter how they are eccentric, just make sure they are more jaded than our innocent little lamb character, it’s very important for later.

This formula of Straight laced character/characters helping the hyper puppy character through the proverbial mine field of life is going to comprise of most of season 1. This season needs to be fairly happy and upbeat, with lots of lighthearted comedy and heartwarming feel good moments.

Once you have lulled the audience into a false sense of security, that is when you pull the rug out from under them in the season 1 finale and move onto stage two.

Traumatize the innocent one.

I mean like, really scar the happy puppy character for life.

Take their rosy outlook on the world and just murder it in front of their sparkling eyes a little bit at a time as the second season goes on. Give them a periodic reprieve of course, we don’t want it to be too jarring a tone shift, but have it happen just frequently enough that you watch this happy little munchkins innocence get snuffed out by the time the season 2 finale rolls around.

They will still be the happiest, most innocent character in the show of course, but it will be tempered with the new world weary outlook that your second season has scarred into their soul. You could see it as them maturing, but in actuality they are just in need of a shit ton of therapy after the crap they’ve gone through in the second season.

If this show goes beyond season 2, then you repeat the traumatizing process season 2 started,  but make it even MORE traumatic for the innocent character. Even better if you make their innocent antics from previous seasons bite them in the ass later on, just to hammer it home in their minds how much the world is a terrible, terrible place.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll make a hit cartoon fandoms will adore!

honestly lately i’ve been wondering if i really liked season 1 as much as i did–season 2 has just been so bad overall, with a few shining moments but overrall: tedious

and then we had that scene, with cat and kara.

(and yes i’m still dying at “it just feels like this pain isn’t going to go away” “well, that’s what i said about childbirth” i’ve found a quip that beats should i call your mother a car? no, she can take her broom)

talking about emotions, talking about how kara has been feeling, how one of the reasons she started dating mon-el was because everyone in her life was in a relationship and she wanted that, for the first time all fucking season we got to hear kara, the protagonist’s view, on her relationship and why she was ever in one when she never seemed to like her boyfriend in the first place

and making a very profound moment, about emotion, about vulnerability, going into depth why this can be a strength, with something that isn’t just a cheesy line–this was something that i had to think about after hearing. and the entire time it was about kara, about dealing with pain and loss and for once this season something that i would want young girls to consider, to think about, great advice for anyone getting out of a relationship, especially with someone they maybe dont even really like, but just don’t want to be single, and all delivered so very well by the brilliant calista flockhart

this scene was all about kara. and so very little this season has been about the titular character. sure, cat talked about her own life–but that was to give kara context for what she was experiencing, to know that she wasn’t alone–the exact opposite of the isolation they’ve had kara go through the majority this season, with only monel to turn to even if she didnt really want to.

this scene reminded me of why i would stay awake until 3 am last semester abroad in ireland to watch this show, why i loved it in the first place–all with only a day and a half of filming from calista.

tl;dr calista your husband is a pilot please have him fly to you to filming every other week for a day trip or two we love you and miss you and melissa probably misses you more she got to be a protagonist again for the first time in ages

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Rose, Belina and Olivia Model Sheets (From S01E11 “Step Right Up”)

Here are the designs of our three favourite orphans : Rose (a.k.a “Lil Iris”), Belina (a.k.a “Lil Talia”) and Olivia (a.k.a “Lil Auriana”). It was kind of fun creating these three characters, and making the three of them different from their “favourite LoliRock”. 

Ah, and as a bonus, the model sheet of Talia without her jacket and shoes, as it was asked a few times. :)

This episode was the first one to be storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, who’ll also storyboard episodes 15 “Stitches”, 24 “Smart”, and in second season episode 24 “Forget You” and music video 10 “Never Give Up”.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet so thought I’d highlight

I’ve noticed a few parallels between the trailer imagery and this first scene of the new ep. And its kind of scaring me cos it makes me think we might see the other imagery from the trailer in clips yet to come if thats a running trend.

First one is the blond hair falling in the trailer. This parallels to Noora fixing her hair in the clip:

The next is Sara. In the trailer we see her smiling:

In the clip, she’s not smiling, but the colour of her jacket is the same and the greenery in the background:

And last but not least the most obvious one is Isak and his black eye:

Which we get a full view of in the clip:

So the imagery we’re left with from the trailer are these two:

The ominous carrot biting, and the hands in (Mikael’s?) hair. 

I don’t know what these parallels represent, so if you’ve got ideas reblog this with your theories! I wanna speculate but i can’t think of anything coherent right now.

the worry of season 3

So many people are worried that Gero is going to pull a ‘hahaha KIDDING KURT’S NOT MARRIED TO JANE IT’S SOMEONE ELSE’ bullshit move, so I thought I’d just make a list of reasons why he wouldn’t:

  • We’ve literally already lived the season long arc of Jane and Kurt finding their way back to each other and there’s no chance in hell the fanbase has time for that again.

  • Clearly, Jane knows Kurt’s married. If it’s not to her then why would she even mention he’s wearing a wedding ring, because obviously?

  • Jane hasn’t been gone for two years, it’s just been two years since the event of first-time sexin’. So. No one will ever be able to convince me in just TWO YEARS, Kurt and Jane fell in love. Got engaged. Planned a wedding. Got married. Got divorced. And the man who was TOO CHOOSY met someone else and got engaged/married super fast. There’s no believable way, lol.

  • (This isn’t a reason why not but I’ve seen people floating he married Allie which lmao, she’s in Colorado with Connor and they very much presented that relationship with Kurt as ‘great at being fuck buddies, not so much anything else.’)

  • Martin Gero is very aware of the fanbase and he’d have to be some kind of bag of dicks to promise all of this, deliver, and take it away. I don’t think that’s a risk he’s willing to take at this point when the ratings slipped, the show got moved, and he’s honestly pretty lucky to have a season three. I’m never going to be the person who says the ratings dropped because of a relationship because that’s generally an untrue statement, but I will say that he knows his audience. Well. He sees the tweets and comments. A lot of people are hung up on ‘that would be a good assumption’ in regards to what he said about people assuming Jane and Kurt are married. You want him to spoil his own show? lol okay. If he really wanted to fuck with us he very well could have said something along the lines of ‘Well, I can see why people would assume that.’ THAT would have me much more worried.

IN SUMMATION, I’m not going to assume Jane and Kurt aren’t married until or unless the show completely jumps off that mountain Jane was climbing. It’s a problem for future me if it happens, lol.

I just rewatched the first episode of the fourth season of Glee, it’s not at all my favorite one, but I remember why I fell in love with Klaine - and they have like two scenes in this episode - and with Chris and Darren. And mostly important I remember why after two years after Glee ended I’m still here, supporting them and loving them like never.

I miss my Klaine and I need so bad a spin-off. So bad.

Sana's Make Up

Idk if someone’s pointed it out already but in the beginning of season one (actually the whole of that season) Sana was wearing really dark and actually kind of colorless make-up. We can assume that she didn’t have a lot of friends before. Maybe non. Because she was/is different and didn’t feel accepted.

During seasons 2 and 3 and the first half of the 4th season she’s not only wearing lighter clothing but also way lighter make-up. She’s not wearing as dark eyeshadow and even puts light red lip stick on! This could stand for her not feeling alone anymore, she has true friends (or thought so), she’s accepted. People actually like her.

And now, after all that shit went down, she’s back to the dark make-up. Plus as we’ve seen in the clip she feels alone again and as though she lost all her friends.

Julie and her symbolism I s2g

Fic-a-thon idea

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Does anyone remember the 50 First Hamburger Dates ficathon we had back in season 2?

We should do that again. We know Belle wants to see the world. We know Rumple wants to be the one to show it to her. Now they have their happy ending with their baby, and can leave town without worrying that everything will be on fire when they get back, it’s safe to assume travel might be in their future.

Would anyone be interested in an event over the summer with stories about those travels? There’s the whole world to choose from, and any kind of adventure you want.

How about the time they went to Rome and accidentally ended up solving a murder? The time they went to Thailand and discovered dragons also made it to the Land Without Magic? The time they went to the Bahamas and spent a solid week on the beach, and Belle discovered that where logic and reason fail, the promise of her in a red string bikini, Gideon wanting to paddle, and a private beach, is enough to tempt Rumple into slightly more casual clothing?

…I also kind of want to call it Rumbelle Happy Trails but that might be misinterpreted xD So how about Rumbelle See The World?


E! Online || Will a Twisted Ankle Impact Normani Kordei’s Dancing With the Stars Finale Redemption?

Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy are out for redemption, but could an injury sideline their plans for the top prize? The Dancing With the Stars pair are going into the season 24 finale in second place after a stumble during the semi-finals.

“Last week we had one of our most challenging dances,” Normani says in the exclusive clip above. “The judges saw a stumble…it just shows anything can set me back. Any little thing can be the reason why I don’t get the mirrorball.”

For their redemption dance, the pair are taking on the quickstep again, their first dance of the competition. “Watching the quickstep back, honestly, it didn’t seem so quick,” Val says.

Val and Normani are just one point behind Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater on the leaderboard, so their performances in the finals are even more important. And that makes the injury Normani suffers in the clip above even more stressful.

“All of my body weight came down on it really hard and it just…,” Normani says about her ankle.

“This couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” Val says. “I just feel terrible. This is a week that’s already really intense and she’s never going to admit that she’s hurt.”

But Normani gets back up. “I’m good,” she says.

Is she?

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.



Cooper thinks upcoming story lines “are by far more extreme,” and the seemingly comfortable, trusting and happy atmosphere on the road between Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy may fall apart in dramatic fashion at any time.

“You have this one guy in the middle who’s very determined and has one very specific and pointed goal that the other two might not be as equally seduced by but are actually probably doing it just to avoid their own existence,” Cooper says. “Each of their neuroses and problems that we’ve had a hint about from the first season all come to the forefront, and it makes for an explosive combination.” [SOURCE]

a theory: so we know sana got bullied/threatened at her last school and when she first met the girl squad, she wore dark makeup. but throughout the seasons it’s been getting not as heavy??

like if you look from her first appearance in season 1 and “imagine all the people living in peace” where she’s been talking to her friends more, she’s talking to yousef, everything is generally happy- it’s definitely lighter.

but then it happens. boy squad & balloon squad fight, her crush kisses her best friend, she hears that shit about the bus all in one night. and then she shows up in “ikke snakk till meg” with dark eyes, dark lips

i’m just saying that Sana’s makeup definitely reveals her emotions.

reylochanblog  asked:

Hello, I'm new to your blog and luckily, I am now one of your new "Zutara" followers in tumblr and in this fandom:3 When I first watch the Avatar up till the end of season 3 as a kid, I honestly ship kataang, maybe it's because due to my usual love for fairy tales with no angst whatsover, but when I rewatched them again this year, it made me realize that Zutara has more depth in romance than kataang. As for my question... Does Zutara have similarities with "beauty and the beast" ? just a trivia?

Yes and no. Zuko and the Beast have similar characteristics, as do Katara and Belle, but their dynamics (I assume we are talking about the Disney version) are very different.

Zuko and the Beast are either cursed, or think themselves cursed:

Zuko: It’s ok. I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I’ve realized I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark. 

As a result of their disfigurement, they become temperamental and isolated, seeing no way out of their circumstances even though they are royalty. Only by changing themselves on the inside can they transform their outer lives as well.

Katara and Belle both grew up in constrained circumstances, Belle in a “poor provincial town” that doesn’t have the intellectual stimulation she is looking for; Katara in the war-ravaged South Pole where her people are living at a subsistence level. Belle wants adventure in the wide world; Katara wants to travel across the globe to master waterbending. Katara, I would argue, develops quite a bit more, not just in mastery of her craft but in maturing as a person. Belle is already pretty much the person she wants to be at the beginning of the movie.

“Beauty and the Beast” is about Belle finding adventure and the Beast learning from Belle how to be an unselfish, compassionate, even social human being. While Zuko certainly undergoes an arc of that kind, said arc is helped by, but does not hinge on, Katara’s presence in his life. It is his uncle who is the most important factor in Zuko’s development besides Zuko himself. Katara doesn’t “save” or redeem Zuko. Also, there is a lot more reciprocity in Avatar; during “The Southern Raiders”, Zuko was there for Katara when she was angry and confused, whereas the Beast’s aid to Belle is based on brute strength, e.g. rescuing her from the wolves. Most telling of all, while Zuko captures Katara for a single evening, later they are imprisoned together, and later still, Katara and the rest of the GAang are ready to attack and imprison Zuko, the only thing stopping them being Zuko’s aid in defeating Combustion Man. Zuko is not the master of the house Katara is dwelling in; he has no authority over her or her family. If anything, in Season 3 it is Katara who has authority over Zuko, since Aang won’t let him join the GAang until all of his friends are on board.

Katara and Zuko’s character arcs in A:TLA are about two individuals making their lives whole again, sometimes with each other’s help, sometimes with the help of friends and family. “Beauty and the Beast” is about two people making one life together, and only realizing how much that means once the mutual life is threatened.

Can y'all just...chill

Guys, listen, Jasper and Bismuth ARE coming back. Maybe you got so carried away with complaining about their absence that you forgot that there is literally no chance in hell that they aren’t coming back. It’s just obvious.

Reason #1: NO ONE gets swept under the rug for long, especially significant characters. Even when Peridot and Lapis got sent to the barn, they still show up now and again - heck, we even got an episode damn near all about Lapis’ difficulties settling down on earth. Not to mention that the Crewniverse remembered to bring back Centi after 30 episode and whole season intervals. No character has been introduced and then packed away forever.

Reason #2: Crewniverse addresses everything (in the end). Remember how they casually addressed Stevonnie’s hallucinations two whole seasons after they first appeared? It’s what SU does, you’ve just gotta accept that Steven’s life goes on in between solving mysteries. If you’re gonna attack the show’s filler stuff, remember that SU is trying to show Steven as a real kid with a life outside of the hideously depressing mess his mother has left him in.

Reason #3: Steven’s involvement with the plot (and gems) gets deeper the more he uses and improves his powers (as seen in Chille Tid and Earthlings), so unless you wanna see Steven get OP overnight, you’ve gotta wait a bit for another character arc because this show is ABOUT Steven, Jasper and Bismuth won’t reappear until he’s figured out his healing and negotiating skills, but they WILL reappear.

Reason #4: About Jasper specifically. The theme of corruption has gradually been getting closer to Steven - first Centi, who’s already mostly beyond help, then Jasper, who gets corrupted right in front of him. And the fact that Steven couldn’t help her is clearly on his mind a lot (as seen in Mindful Education). That’s build-up, and it’s not build up for nothing. Especially how Jasper’s hatred for Rose has been validated by That Will Be All. Not to mention the show is focusing pretty heavy on morality right now, which concerns Bismuth’s situation.

I’m not saying that what happened to these characters is fair, but I guarantee you that they will be revived and get the redemption arcs they deserve. So you’re gonna have to wait a bit? That’s nothing new, pal. Steven Universe, spacing all the cool stuff out since 2013. But I’ll bet my soul on both of them making a comeback in season 5. So just chill ‘til then

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I just wanted to let you know that I hope you have a great day today because you deserve the best! ~ ❤️ Congrats on reaching 13k btw! And for a question... I don't know if you've answered this already (I'm really sorry for being repetitive if you have) but what are your thoughts on the animation for season two so far? 😁

Thank you very much! I think the animation this season is okay. I know it will get better with the blu ray releases and it’s very well for TV. I really like the cinematography this season as well as the one in the first season.

(2x17 spoilers)

So I know there have been theories of Trixie being important in some way, and the more I think about it the more it seems plausible (if not this season, the next one). It’s rather interesting to see how she interacts with people - she becomes Maze’s first friend when Maze is alone, constantly affirms to Lucifer that she adores him, lets Amenadiel know in their first interaction that he’s good. And, it makes sense that it’s not Chloe who’s special as the miracle, but that Trixie is, since she’s the child of both a miracle baby and a man who could somehow resist the pull of the blade. 

And what stood out to me on a rewatch of that scene with Amenadiel - one of the first few things she says to Amenadiel is that she likes his necklace. She’s the first one who ever brings attention to it (to the best of my memory), and lot and behold, his necklace is the final piece. It’s pretty cool to me that she immediately notices the piece; I’m interested in what other people’s thoughts on it are - if she has powers (or some intuition, or is important in some way), if it was just clever foreshadowing on the writers’ part, if she’s just a normal kid, etc.