and the first gif looks like shit because the kiss was so hard to color

Genre: Smutty!Smut, Slight!Fluff
Shipping: Punk!Dan X Reader
Warnings: Smut, swearing, sexual content
Summary: Y/N and punk Dan get wild in “study”
Keywords: Y/N= Your Name

Title: He’s Too Punk For You

I sighed as I pressed my books against my chest, caressing all my textbooks together. I blinked the tears away, after the sudden pang of anxiety struck me. I was anxious and nervous about my family, because of family problems. I didn’t know why my parents were constantly fighting, and I fear that their relationship may come to an end. I was walking incautiously, so I collided against a stone-hard figure. All my books scattered on the floor, leaving a loud thud.

I glanced up to see that punk-rocker, Dan Howell. He held a glaring pose, eying me with fury. “Do you have a problem?” He thundered, causing me to leave my mouth gaped open. “N-no” I stammered shakily. “Good, ‘cause that’s what I thought” he grumbled, harshly crashing his shoulders against mines’. I winced from the pain, and rubbed my shoulders in circular motion. I knelt down to pick up my books, and sighed. English class, here I come…

I had a best friend, Y/B/F/N, but she sadly moved away to Canada. Since I’m a socially-awkward wallflower/loner, I just had to make the best out of the worst things. Alright Y/F/N, enter without feeling stress… I creaked the door open, revealing Mr. Hervelle tapping on his glazed desk. He glanced up at me, flashing me a soft smile.

“Hi Y/N” he greeted, zeal quivering in his voice. “Hi, Mr. Hollister” I replied, firmer. the bell rang, and students squeezed through the door. “Settle down, settle down” he silenced the class. “Alright” he breathed, walking up to the front of the desks at ease.

“Pull out your planners, because I’ll be assigning you something” he instructed. I pulled out my notebook that was covered with random stickers that were sealed in a rush. “I’ll let you pull out a name out from a hat, so let’s divide the class into half” the teacher informed, as we divided ourselves. He extended his arms out to me, gesturing me to pull out a name.

“Please let that person be someone decent” I chanted to myself. As I lifted a paper up, my eyes enlarged when I found out who it was. Daniel James Howell. Just about when I outnumbered the reasons to keep my sanity, I just lost a reason to not be insane.

I’m with Dan— a heavily tattooed boy with permanent illustrations inked on his arms, a boy with tacky taste of clothing with snakebites and piercings— assigned with me? I’m a harmless wallflower who gets panicky very easily. Mr. Hollister assumed it was “fate” that brought the following students to be assigned with the others. If that was really my fate, I’d be damned.

“Your assignment is due on Friday. I advise you to plan your layout now” he simply said. I glanced from the brink of my eye, an infuriated Dan,coho gritted his teeth. “Fuck you” he mouthed at me, still glaring at me. I frowned, and looked away from him.

+ + +

“Come here” he instructed, gesturing me into his room. He creaked his door open, and I was instantly greeted by his posters that pinned every inch of his walls. His bedsheets were checkered, with the color black and grey. It looked decent, despite the fact that he’s a prick and I expected less from him.

“Darling, take a seat” he motioned to the edge of his bed, so I slowly nodded my head. I sighed, as I pulled out my pencil case from my bag. “Uh, we should focus on what we should write our first paragraph like” I mumbled, catching sight of Dan starring at my chest. He didn’t answer, and he pursed his lips.

I felt really shy, so I fiddled with my nails. Dan was snapped out from his mid- daydream, and smirked. “You must be teasing me” he grumbled with a smirk. My eyes enlarged— what? “W-what do you mean?” I questioned nervously. “I mean, you are wearing that shirt to tease me, clearly” he said cockily. I gulped loudly as he approached.


He grasped my chest, causing me to let outa soft moan out from my lips. “D-Dan..” I whimpered. “Shh” I hissed, placing his fingers on my lips, silencing me. “I get what I want, got that?” He growled. To be deadly honest, it kind of made me frustrated, even more.

He forced his lips on mine’s as my hands lowered, stroking his member through his jeans. I heard him moan through our kiss that lingered for a while. “Fuck Y/N” he groaned, enjoying that. I pulled his zipper down, leaving wet kisses on his shaft, as I felt it harden under my touch. By teasing it, m tongue dragged itself up to the tip, and I rolled my tongue around it, making my throat to be filled with his pre-cum.

“Daniel!” His mother called out, as her footsteps grew louder by every thud. “Shit!” He whisper-yelled, pulling his member inside his jeans. I rubbed my mouth, and tried to act as casual as possible.

“I’m going to the shop, you need anything?” She chirped sweetly. “No, mum” he grumbled, crossing his arms. She shut the door behind her, and Dan locked the door with a smirk.

“Let’s finish what we’ve started, sweetheart” he cooed, pushing my chin up with his finger as a sly smirk was drawn on his face.