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With him being in Sense8 and it being such a hit I would have never imaginened a Free Fall 2, like??? but it's great news so I hope they get the founds they need because I need a happier ending lol (or maybe just seeing them happy together even if it's for a minute lol)

That might actually be part of the reason why we might be getting a sequel, that, and, moreover, Freier Fall (Free Fall) was a cult foreign-film hit, worldwide, and was instant art-film classic in Deutschland (Germany). The fact they’re even doing this (people, if you can, please pitch in!) is so generous of all of those involved, but, yes, it’ll be awesome when the last thing that we canonically see of them is no longer Marc walking around that track alone by himself, and I can hardly wait!

Just got more news about ASOUE filming from What’sFilmingVancouver. They’re filming at the Cultch Theatre for a few days at the start of May, which looks like this:

It looks like the set is going to be exclusively filming inside the theatre, so I’m not sure how much, if anything, I’ll be able to see. That said, I think we can be pretty sure from the location they’re filming the Marvellous Marriage scenes, which is awesome! 

I’m kind of getting the impression they might be filming the series in order? Everything so far seems to be from the Bad Beginning. What do you guys think?

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor to feature in Doctor Who

Slipknot star Corey Taylor’s been helping Doctor Who make their latest monster that little bit scarier. He’s lent his voice (well, scream) to a new alien warlord called Fisher King.

The band were invited for a set visit when they toured Cardiff, where the show is filmed, in January.

“We needed an awesome roar for the Fisher King,” Doctor Who producer Derek Ritchie explained. “We asked Corey if he might like to do the honours. He was completely up for it.”

“He has one of the most well-known screams in the history of music,” Derek added. “We now have the most incredible roar for our incredible monster! He now sounds as terrifying as he looks!”

Taylor will be making his vocal appearance in episode four of the new season, airing on October 10.

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We got our groups today!!!!!

I am with amazing people and…. i got chosen to be on production……..

So I’ll have to keep the group organized and happy and akwjhrakjhsdjkahjksdhkaswd LEADERSHIP POSITIONS ARE HARD